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A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality


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《A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality》 Book 1: The Seven Mysteries Sect
Chapter 1: The Village by the Fores
Chapter 2: Green Ox Village
Chapter 3: Seven Mysteries Sec
Chapter 4: Bone Refining Cliff
Chapter 5: Doctor Mo
Chapter 6: Nameless Oracular Formula
Chapter 7: The Difficulties of Cultivating
Chapter 8: Entering the Sect as a Disciple
Chapter 9: Way of the Armored Elephan
Chapter 10: Mysterious Bottle
Chapter 11: Difficult to Open Bottle
Chapter 12: Breaking the Bottle
Chapter 13: Strange Phenomenons
Chapter 14: Mysterious Liquid
Chapter 15: Four Years Later
Chapter 16: Little Abacus
Chapter 17: Senior Disciple Li 1
Chapter 18: Senior Disciple Li 2
Chapter 19: Battle in Jiang Hu
Chapter 20: Essence Extraction Pill
Chapter 21: Painkilling Medicine
Chapter 22: Qigong Deviation
Chapter 23: Tests
Chapter 24: A Panicked Decision
Chapter 25: Interference of Success
Chapter 26: Medicinal Studen
Chapter 27: Creating Legendary Elixirs
Chapter 28: Doctor Mo Returns
Chapter 29: Rising Conflic
Chapter 30: A Hero’s Final Road
Chapter 31: Insect Corpse Pill
Chapter 32: Heroic Spiri
Chapter 33: Private Exchange
Chapter 34: Blinking Sword Ar
Chapter 35: Theft of Secret Manuals
Chapter 36: Shocked
Chapter 37: Three Restrictions for Cultivation
Chapter 38: Encountering a Midnight Spy
Chapter 39: Abnormal Requirements
Chapter 40: Origin of the Secret Technique
Chapter 41: Leaving a Message on a Night’s Departure
Chapter 42: Cloudwing Bird
Chapter 43: Fully Prepared
Chapter 44: Antidote
Chapter 45: Sneak Attack and Bared Teeth
Chapter 46: Cleaving a Body with One Blow
Chapter 47: Demonic Silver Hand vs Shifting Smoke Steps
Chapter 48: Lies
Chapter 49: Hidden Within Concealmen
Chapter 50: Aromatic Coiling Silk
Chapter 51: Giant Man Displays his Migh
Chapter 52: Seven Ghost Devouring the Soul
Chapter 53: Handsome Man
Chapter 54: Soul-Lock Talisman
Chapter 55: The Third Person
Chapter 56: Battle of the Light Globes
Chapter 57: Body Awakening, Enemy Perishing
Chapter 58: Immortal Cultivator
Chapter 59: The Three Big Inviolable Rules
Chapter 60: Poison Tes
Chapter 61: Destroying the Spiri
Chapter 62: Deal
Chapter 63: True Appearance
Chapter 64: Crooked Soul
Chapter 65: Medicinal God Han Li
Chapter 66: Eccentric Rule
Chapter 67: Fireball Technique
Chapter 68: Poisoned
Chapter 69: Li Feiyu and the Young Lady
Chapter 70: Instigation
Chapter 71: Pure Spirit Powder
Chapter 72: Removing Poison
Chapter 73: Li Feiyu’s Thoughts
Chapter 74: Imperial Flight Technique
Chapter 75: Using Magic Techniques
Chapter 76: Negotiations and Eruptions
Chapter 77: Countermeasure
Chapter 78: Forest Massacre
Chapter 79: Questioning
Chapter 80: Encountering the Enemy
Chapter 81: Jia Tianlong
Chapter 82: Monk Golden Ligh
Chapter 83: A Huge Pitfall
Chapter 84: A Tremendous Battle
Chapter 85: Bloody Battle, Death Contrac
Chapter 86: A Sudden Change
Chapter 87: Prominent Skill
Chapter 88: Golden Light Barrier
Chapter 89: Spear and Shield
Chapter 90 Flying Sword?
Chapter 91: Stealing Treasure
Chapter 92: Sword Talisman
Chapter 93: Raging Flames Burning the Enemy
Chapter 94: Complete Victory
Chapter 95: Demonic Name Resounding Famously
Chapter 96: Flaw
Chapter 97: Backhand Transaction
Chapter 98: Returnto the Village
Chapter 99: Departure
《A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality》 Book 2: First Steps on the Journey of Immortality
Chapter 100: Jia Yuan City
Chapter 101: Troubles Brought Upon by Riches
Chapter 102: Murder on Arrival
Chapter 103: Subdue
Chapter 104: Information
Chapter 105: Shocking News
Chapter 106: Blue-Clothed Man
Chapter 107: Mo Yuzhu
Chapter 108: Entering the Mo Estate at Nigh
Chapter 109: A Visi
Chapter 110: Fox
Chapter 111: Beautiful Woman
Chapter 112: Hidden Message
Chapter 113: Winding Fragrance Pill
Chapter 114: Yan Ge’s Infatuation
Chapter 115: A Startling Change
Chapter 116: Falling Ou
Chapter 117: Reconciliation
Chapter 118: Choose One
Chapter 119: Unexpected Information
Chapter 120: Scheming to Seize a Gang
Chapter 121: Clear River Brothel
Chapter 122: Kill by Poison
Chapter 123: Business Deal
Chapter 124: Fengwu
Chapter 125: Plans
Chapter 126: Great South Mountain, Great South Valley, and a Youth
Chapter 127: Knowledge on Spiritual Roots
Chapter 128: Great South Meeting
Chapter 129: Daoist Master Qingyan
Chapter 130: Becoming a Member
Chapter 131: Spirit Stones and Spirit Talisman
Chapter 132: The Harves
Chapter 133: Thieving Skills
Chapter 134: Great Immortal Ascension Assembly
Chapter 135: Frightening News
Chapter 136: Yan Clan
Chapter 137: Golden Sincerity Brush
Chapter 138: The Skill of Creating Talismans
Chapter 139: Destroyed Magic Treasure Fragmen
Chapter 140: Determination to Win
Chapter 141: Writ of Immortal Ascension
Chapter 142: Attack to Kill
Chapter 143: Beheading
Chapter 144: Dispute over a Foundation Establishment Pill
Chapter 145: The Unexpected Gues
Chapter 146: Closing a Deal
Chapter 147: The Particulars Within The Valley
Chapter 148: Old Man in Gray
Chapter 149: Chores
Chapter 150: Reluctant Consen
Chapter 151: Hundred Medicine Garden
Chapter 152: Two Years Later
Chapter 153: Yue Lu Hall
Chapter 154: Elder Xu and the Scripture Storage
Chapter 155: Depression
Chapter 156: Earth Lung Fire
Chapter 157: Murong Brothers
Chapter 158: Blue-clothed Woman
Chapter 159: Spiritual Medicines of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 160: Trial by Blood and Fire
Chapter 161: Market City
Chapter 162: Myriad Treasures Store
Chapter 163: Brocade Treasure Box
Chapter 164: The Secret of the Treasure Talisman
Chapter 165: Night Encounter
Chapter 166: Savage
Chapter 167: Fierce Battle 1
Chapter 168: Fierce Battle 2
Chapter 169: Fierce Battle 3
Chapter 170: Spoils of the Battle
Chapter 171: Return
Chapter 172: Choice
Chapter 173: The Gathering
Chapter 174: Martial Ancestor Li
Chapter 175: Clear Void Sec
Chapter 176: Making a Be
Chapter 177: Righteous and Evil of the Cultivation World
Chapter 178: Masked Moon Sec
Chapter 179: Breaking the Barrier
Chapter 180: Black Dragon Pond
Chapter 181: A Fight to the Death and Rainbow Moths
Chapter 182: A Young Woman and Thread
Chapter 183: Harmonic Spiritual Talisman
Chapter 184: Might of the Golden Light Brick
Chapter 185: The Strong
Chapter 186: Making a Move
Chapter 187: Yellow Freckled Feng Yue
Chapter 188: A Bad Reputation
Chapter 189: Extermination By Lightning
Chapter 190: Black Boots
Chapter 191: Disloyalty and Solitude
Chapter 192: Flying Snakes
Chapter 193: Division Between Enemy and Friends
Chapter 194: The Secret Information of the Central Area
Chapter 195: The Strength of the “Precious Moon Sun Pearl”.
Chapter 196: Han Li’s Plan
Chapter 197: Demonic Beast – Giant Centipede
Chapter 198: Conflic
Chapter 199: Brother and Sister Chen
Chapter 200: Young Women
Chapter 201: Martial Idio
Chapter 202: Silence
Chapter 203: Worry-free Needle and Forgetful Dust Pill
Chapter 204: The Stone Temple and the Underground Passageway
Chapter 205: Watching the battle
Chapter 206: Acciden
Chapter 207: Slaughtering a Flood Dragon and Victory Spoils
Chapter 208: Joyous Meeting
Chapter 209: Return
Chapter 210: The Gamble
Chapter 211: The Winner
Chapter 212: A Sudden Understanding
Chapter 213: Preparation
Chapter 214: Earth Fire Room
《A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality》 Book 3: Invasion of the Devil Dao
Chapter 215: Refining Pills and Foundation Establishmen
Chapter 216: Medicinal Power
Chapter 217: Sword Ar
Chapter 218: Pros and Cons
Chapter 219: Discussions
Chapter 220: Spirit Well Spring
Chapter 221: The Heavenly Star Sect and Spell Formations
Chapter 222: Tool-Refining Exper
Chapter 223: Secret Store, Auction
Chapter 224: Mechanical Puppet Beasts
Chapter 225: Iron Essence, Spiritual Medicines
Chapter 226: Five Elements Reversal Formation
Chapter 227: Making Friends
Chapter 228: Puppet Cultivator
Chapter 229: Huge Tiger
Chapter 230: Trap
Chapter 231: Disaster Knocking on the Door
Chapter 232: Great Development Technique
Chapter 233: Lei Wanhe
Chapter 234: Restrictions and Spiritual Medicine
Chapter 235: Han Li’s Intentions
Chapter 236: Ancient Formula
Chapter 237: Paying Respects
Chapter 238: Yu Kun's Fearsomeness.
Chapter 239: Choice
Chapter 240: Pages of a Book
Chapter 241: Three Essence Revolutions Technique
Chapter 242: Making Talismans
Chapter 243: Medical Efficacy
Chapter 244: Dual Cultivation
Chapter 245: A Long Journey and Mishaps
Chapter 246: Dong Xuan’er
Chapter 247: Yan Siblings
Chapter 248: Rivals
Chapter 249: Competition
Chapter 250: Meeting an Old Friend
Chapter 251: Destruction
Chapter 252: Separation
Chapter 253: Ghost Spirit Sec
Chapter 254: Yan Clan Ancestor
Chapter 255: Secret Meeting
Chapter 256: Conspiracy
Chapter 257: Blood Sacrifices and a Glamorous Male
Chapter 258: Bewitchmen
Chapter 259: Movement of the Wind
Chapter 260: Trap
Chapter 261: Great Blood Spirit Arts
Chapter 262: Escape
Chapter 263: True Strength
Chapter 264: Mechanical Puppets and the Great Development Technique
Chapter 265: War Situation
Chapter 266: Fierce Battle
Chapter 267: Flaunting the Power of Devil Fire
Chapter 268: White Spider
Chapter 269: Blood Red
Chapter 270: Beheading
Chapter 271: The Greater Displacement Medallion and an Ancient Transportation Formation
Chapter 272: One Year
Chapter 273: A Timely Encounter
Chapter 274: Appointmen
Chapter 275: Fragrant Tea
Chapter 276: Taking Action
Chapter 277: Xin Ruyin
Chapter 278: Half-Year Appointmen
Chapter 279: The Great Wealthy Qin Residence
Chapter 280: Interview
Chapter 281: The Qin Residence and Young Madam Biao
Chapter 282: Transformation
Chapter 283: Old Affections
Chapter 284: Whispered Discussion
Chapter 285: Disregard and Rumors
Chapter 286: Prince's Residence.
Chapter 287: Immortal Master
Chapter 288: Enchanting Confrontation
Chapter 289: Immortal’s Technique
Chapter 290: Young Prince
Chapter 291: Xiao Clan
Chapter 292: The Powerful
Chapter 293: Infiltration
Chapter 294: Flame Handling Arts
Chapter 295: Keeping an Appointmen
Chapter 296: Formal Apprenticeship
Chapter 297: The Breaking of Bad News
Chapter 298: Captured Alive
Chapter 299: Harboring Thoughts
Chapter 300: Blood Curse
Chapter 301: Poison Expulsion and Breaking Incantations
Chapter 302: Countermeasures
Chapter 303: Astonishmen
Chapter 304: Heavenly Lightning Seed
Chapter 305: Last Resor
Chapter 306: Crisis
Chapter 307: Blood Servan
Chapter 308: A Display of Skill
Chapter 309: Demonic Transformation
Chapter 310: Royal Family
Chapter 311: Secrets of Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 312: Reinforcements and Peace
Chapter 313: Decision
Chapter 314: Meeting Together
Chapter 315: Preparations for the Unexpected
Chapter 316: Disappearance
Chapter 317: Four Symbols Formation
Chapter 318: Qing Wen’s Reappearance
Chapter 319: The Four Great Blood Servants
Chapter 320: Broken Cocoon
Chapter 321: Unseen Battle
Chapter 322: Liu Jing’s “Treasure Seal”
Chapter 323: Demon Execution
Chapter 324: The Black Fiend School Master
Chapter 325: Peculiarity
Chapter 326: Blood Spirit Drill
Chapter 327: Entering the Formation
Chapter 328: Black Blood Saber
Chapter 329: Exterminating the Enemy
Chapter 330: Fiend Core
Chapter 331: Orders
Chapter 332: A Once Familiar Place
Chapter 333: Gang Leader Sun
Chapter 334: A Strange Change
Chapter 335: Astonishmen
Chapter 336: Yingning
Chapter 337: A Concealed Expert, Crooked Soul
Chapter 338: A Forced Confession
Chapter 339: Astonishmen
Chapter 340: Trap
Chapter 341: A Difficult Situation
Chapter 342: Bewildermen
Chapter 343: Green Brilliance Dagger
Chapter 344: Exterminating a Demon in a Formation
Chapter 345: A Small Old Man and Bell Tolls
Chapter 346: Venerable Ancestor Ling Hu
Chapter 347: Evacuation
Chapter 348: Heavenfire Technique
Chapter 349: Fleeing to Yuanwu
Chapter 350: Instant Kill
Chapter 351: Qi Yunxiao’s Death
Chapter 352: Promise
Chapter 353: The Stardust Pavilion
Chapter 354: Madam Lan
Chapter 355: The Redthread Shadowchaser Needles
Chapter 356: Disaster and Fortune Come Hand in Hand
Chapter 357: White Pond Mountain
Chapter 358: Endless Sea, Moulan
Chapter 359: A Surprising Encounter
Chapter 360: Halfway to Calamity
Chapter 361: Mishap
Chapter 362: Nangong Bing
Chapter 363: Transfer
《A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality》 Book 4: Across the Sea
Chapter 364: An Isolated Island
Chapter 365: Wang Changqing
Chapter 366: Master Gu’s Business
Chapter 367: Settling Down with a Guarantor
Chapter 368: Farmstead
Chapter 369: Challenge 1
Chapter 370: Challenge 2
Chapter 371: Immortal Records Pavilion
Chapter 372: Minor Expanse Island
Chapter 373: External Reincarnation
Chapter 374: Cultivation is Timeless
Chapter 375: Pair of Beauties
Chapter 376: Spirit Snow Water and Liquid Heavenfire
Chapter 377: Pill Formulas and Demon Cores
Chapter 378: Going out to Sea 1
Chapter 379: Going out to Sea 2
Chapter 380: Infant Carp Beas
Chapter 381: Rare Treasures Conquer the Demon
Chapter 382: Wu Chou
Chapter 383: Fighting Against Core Formation
Chapter 384: Beheading the Superior
Chapter 385: Sea Ape Island
Chapter 386: Core Formation in Four Years
Chapter 387: Gold Devouring Beetles
Chapter 388: Crooked Soul’s Devilish Migh
Chapter 389: Heavenly Star City and the Star Palace
Chapter 390: Huge City
Chapter 391: A New Home
Chapter 392: Raising Bugs
Chapter 393: Deep Jade Island
Chapter 394: Cultivators and Demon Beasts on a Small Island
Chapter 395: Rainbow Skirt Grass
Chapter 396: Hunting Demon Beasts for Cores
Chapter 397: Bitter, Secluded Cultivation
Chapter 398: Core Formation and Magic Treasures
Chapter 399: Exquisite Sound Sec
Chapter 400: Dignified
Chapter 401: Heaven Lightning Bamboo
Chapter 402: Envoys of the Left and Righ
Chapter 403: Eccentric Scarletflame
Chapter 404: A Deceptive Situation
Chapter 405: Greater Possession Technique
Chapter 406: Heavenwide Corpsefire
Chapter 407: Betrayal
Chapter 408: Demon Corpse
Chapter 409: True Appearance
Chapter 410: Elder
Chapter 411: Cultivating Bamboo
Chapter 412: Small Green Bamboo Pavilion
Chapter 413: Refinemen
Chapter 414: Shaping
Chapter 415: Inside a Pearl
Chapter 416: Sand Mountain
Chapter 417: Using One Formation to Break Another
Chapter 418: Breaking Through the Formation
Chapter 419: Ancient Treasure
Chapter 420: The Might of the Gold Devouring Beetles
Chapter 421: Spirit Sealing Pillar
Chapter 422: Sevenglow Lotus
Chapter 423: Extreme Poison
Chapter 424: Demon Serpen
Chapter 425: Congealed Yang Birds
Chapter 426: Treachery
Chapter 427: Profound Soul Demonification
Chapter 428: Xiao Cha
Chapter 429: Ruined Map Reconstruction
Chapter 430: Wen Siyue
Chapter 431: Heavenvoid Hall
Chapter 432: Grandmaster Zenith Yin
Chapter 433: Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng
Chapter 434: Gathering
Chapter 435: The Heavenvoid Cauldron and the Heavenmend Pill
Chapter 436: Another Encounter with Fairy Violet Spiri
Chapter 437: Weeping Soul Beas
Chapter 438: Remains in the Ghost Fog
Chapter 439: Ghost King 1
Chapter 440: Ghost King 2
Chapter 441: Ghost King 3
Chapter 442: Ghost King 4
Chapter 443: Ghost King 5
Chapter 444: Black Robes
Chapter 445: Yuan Yao
Chapter 446: Regrouping
Chapter 447: Different World
Chapter 448: Small Mountain
Chapter 449: Ruse
Chapter 450: Revealing One’s True Nature
Chapter 451: Two-Faced
Chapter 452: Thunderous Strike
Chapter 453: Zenith Yin’s Intrusion
Chapter 454: Enticemen
Chapter 455: Another Surprise
Chapter 456: Becoming Zenith Yin’s Disciple
Chapter 457: Heavenbearing Devil Arts
Chapter 458: Paths of Ice and Fire
Chapter 459: Trek
Chapter 460: The Path of Life and Death
Chapter 461: Black Deser
Chapter 462: Ironfire Ants
Chapter 463: An Opportune Encounter
Chapter 464: Weeping Soul Pearl
Chapter 465: Surging Undercurrents
Chapter 466: Refined Crystal
Chapter 467: More Treasures
Chapter 468: Treasure Light Pavilion
Chapter 469: Acquiring Treasure
Chapter 470: Strange Black Armor
Chapter 471: An Odd Treasure
Chapter 472: Black Palace
Chapter 473: Opening of the Inner Halls
Chapter 474: The Mantis and the Oriole
Chapter 475: Wolf Head Puppets
Chapter 476: The Second Floor
Chapter 477: An Unexpected Discovery
Chapter 478: Gold Threaded Silkworms Acquiring the Treasure
Chapter 479: The Sky Blue Flower
Chapter 480: Seizing the Treasure
Chapter 481: Return
Chapter 482: The Battle Begins
Chapter 483: Transformed Treasure
Chapter 484: Battling Over Treasure
Chapter 485: Freezing Over
Chapter 486: Incarnation Talisman
Chapter 487: Appearance of a Nascent Soul
Chapter 488: Battle for the Medicine Pill
Chapter 489: Killing Wu Chou
Chapter 490: The Cauldron’s Reappearance
Chapter 491: Acquiring the Cauldron
Chapter 492: Divine Devilbane Lightning vs. the Sacred Asura Flame
Chapter 493: The Bone Sage's Death
Chapter 494: Celestial Ice Pearl
Chapter 495: Mysterious Scroll Painting
Chapter 496: A Gorgeous Woman and a Spirit Well
Chapter 497: Myriad Year Spirit Milk and Soul Nurturing Tree
Chapter 498: Distinguishing the Truth
Chapter 499: Wolf Artifact Spiri
Chapter 500: The Starfall Coalition
Chapter 501: Southclear Island
Chapter 502: Questioning
Chapter 503: Another Clash
Chapter 504: The Might of Ancient Treasures
Chapter 505: Ling Yuling
Chapter 506: Requirements for Access
Chapter 507: Light in the Darkest Hour
Chapter 508: Deciding on a Plan
Chapter 509: Infiltration
Chapter 510: Blackmail
Chapter 511: Out to Sea Again
Chapter 512: Blackrock City
Chapter 513: Demon Beasts of the Depths
Chapter 514: Female Cultivation Vessels
Chapter 515: Golden Thumb Pavilion
Chapter 516: Demon Echo Grass
Chapter 517: Island in the Mis
Chapter 518: Flame Mirage Moth
Chapter 519: Profound Yin Arts
Chapter 520: Metamorphosis Tribulation
Chapter 521: Savage Flood Dragon
Chapter 522: Rainbow Beads and New Gold Devouring Beetles
Chapter 523: Extracting Souls and Seizing Cores
Chapter 524: Spying
Chapter 525: A Fearsome and Resounding Reputation
Chapter 526: Interrogation
Chapter 527: The True Insect Devil
Chapter 528: Flowing Undercurrents
Chapter 529: Uninvited Guests
Chapter 530: Azure Spirit Sec
Chapter 531: Indifference to a Pleading Reques
Chapter 532: Cultivation Vessel
Chapter 533: A Gif
Chapter 534: Rescue from Demon Beasts
Chapter 535: Trade Gathering
Chapter 536: A Display of Women
Chapter 537: Information
Chapter 538: The Might of New Swords
Chapter 539: Provoking Awe
Chapter 540: Concubine
Chapter 541: Six Arms and Three Heads
Chapter 542: Grade Nine Demon Cultivator
Chapter 543: Jadefire Wine
Chapter 544: Progression
Chapter 545: Thunderstorm Wings
Chapter 546: Sacred Provenance Plate
Chapter 547: Lightning Roc Bones
Chapter 548: Combining Wind and Lightning
Chapter 549: Intrigue
Chapter 550: Helplessness in a Crisis
Chapter 551: Devouring the Flood Dragon
Chapter 552: Escaping Pursui
Chapter 553: Lightning Movemen
Chapter 554: Rush to the Exquisite Sound Sec
Chapter 555: Exposed
Chapter 556: Request and Exchange
Chapter 557: Securing the Transportation Formation
Chapter 558: Enticemen
Chapter 559: Sudden Developments
Chapter 560: The Return of Feng Xi
Chapter 561: A Mistaken Identity
Chapter 562: Yuan Yao and the Azure Yang Sec
Chapter 563: Getting Ahead
Chapter 564: A Gif
Chapter 565: The Other Side of the Story
Chapter 566: Soulrise Technique
Chapter 567: Heavenly Omen
Chapter 568: A Frightful Retrea
Chapter 569: Infiltration
Chapter 570: A Powerful Enemy Appears
Chapter 571: Disciple of Archsaint Six Paths
Chapter 572: Bitter Battle
Chapter 573: Yin Devil Execution vs the Six Apex Devils
Chapter 574: The Golden Mirrors of Eight Gates
Chapter 575: Divine Golden Flames
Chapter 576: The Ghost Mist Appears
Chapter 577: Indescribable Danger
Chapter 578: Encounter in the Dark
Chapter 579: A Place With No Name
Chapter 580: Tall Walls
Chapters 581: A Huge Beast Attacks
Chapter 582: The Umbra Realm
Chapter 583: Stomach of the Rahu
Chapter 584: Stone Talismans and Beast Crystals
Chapter 585: Reappearance of Demon Scrip
Chapter 586: An Eye for an Eye
Chapter 587: Transient Spirit Qi
Chapter 588: Sensual Kiss
Chapter 589: Guests
Chapter 590: Bone Case
Chapter 591: Spirit Subjugation Talisman
Chapter 592: Absorbing Souls
Chapter 593: Stormwind Mountain
Chapter 594: Yin Yang Revolution Arts
Chapter 595: Breaking Away
《A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality》 Book 5: Reputation Shaking the Land
Chapter 596: Marriage to a Concubine
Chapter 597: Drifting Cloud Sec
Chapter 598: The Four Great Powers
Chapter 599: Entering the Sect 1
Chapter 600: Entering the Sect 2
Chapter 601: Entering the Sect 3
Chapter 602: Gold Forged Constitution
Chapter 603: Affiliation
Chapter 604: Removing Potential Problems
Chapter 605: Bloodshadow Evasion
Chapter 606: Snowcloud Fox
Chapter 607: The Greentrack Marsh
Chapter 608: The Fox's Appearance
Chapter 609: The Chase
Chapter 610: Black-clothed Young Woman
Chapter 611: A Golden Talisman
Chapter 612: Cadaver Demon
Chapter 613: Transformation
Chapter 614: The Wolf's Appearance
Chapter 615: Silvermoon Wolf
Chapter 616: Master of an Artifact Spiri
Chapter 617: Return
Chapter 618: Sword Trial Assembly
Chapter 619: Brightsight Spirit Water
Chapter 620: An Unexpected Encounter
Chapter 621: Paying Audience
Chapter 622: Preliminary Selection
Chapter 623: Overwhelming Supremacy
Chapter 624: Discussion
Chapter 625: The Weeping Soul Beast’s Reappearance
Chapter 626: Harmonic Mind
Chapter 627: Sword Trial Battles 1
Chapter 628: Sword Trial Battles 2
Chapter 629: The Restricted Area
Chapter 630: A Boy
Chapter 631: Spirit Well Tree
Chapter 632: A Plot Unfolds
Chapter 633: The Greater Sifting Mirage Technique vs the Fox Enrapturing Arts
Chapter 634: A Plot Revealed
Chapter 635: Acquiring Roots
Chapter 636: Return
Chapter 637: Nascent Soul 1
Chapter 638: Nascent Soul 2
Chapter 639: Nascent Soul 3
Chapter 640: Invitation
Chapter 641: Heavenvoid Cauldron and the Small Bottle
Chapter 642: Sect Elder
Chapter 643: Making Fiction a Reality
Chapter 644: Thirty Year Agreemen
Chapter 645: Copulative Essence Arts
Chapter 646: Aureate Sword Formation
Chapter 647: Setting off on a Journey
Chapter 648: A Party of Three
Chapter 649: Harboring Sinister Designs
Chapter 650: Demon Nascen
Chapter 651: Wood Spirit Nascen
Chapter 652: Omen
Chapter 653: Clan Extermination 1
Chapter 654: Clan Extermination 2
Chapter 655: Descendan
Chapter 656: A Parting Gif
Chapter 657: Profound Nascent Formation Arts
Chapter 658: Former Residence’s Spirit Well
Chapter 659: The Disciples of Splintered Soul
Chapter 660: Hometown
Chapter 661: Han Family Shrine
Chapter 662: Fourth Great Uncle
Chapter 663: Gold Devouring Spirit Sword
Chapter 664: Exposed Tracks
Chapter 665: Alarmed Escape
Chapter 666: Sweeping Wind
Chapter 667: Six-Winged Frost Centipede
Chapter 668: Five Element Spirit Nascents
Chapter 669: Liu Yu
Chapter 670: Frost and Blue Flame
Chapter 671: Insect Shell Technique
Chapter 672: Second Nascent Soul
Chapter 673: Trade Mee
Chapter 674: Marquis Nanlong
Chapter 675: Forceful Exchange
Chapter 676: Spiritual Sense Formation
Chapter 677: Meeting the Boy
Chapter 678: Nascent Soul Meeting
Chapter 679: Scarlet Essence Herb
Chapter 680: Devilfall Valley
Chapter 681: Soul Stone
Chapter 682: Torn Talisman
Chapter 683: Two Choices
Chapter 684: Ancient Puppets
Chapter 685: Meeting the Marquis
Chapter 686: Secret Meeting
Chapter 687: Cang Kun’s Buried Treasure
Chapter 688: Danger in the Wildlands
Chapter 689: The Appearance of Spell Warriors
Chapter 690: Grand Sage
Chapter 691: Wind Riding Chario
Chapter 692: A Measure of Skill
Chapter 693: Ice Crystals and a Black Mountain
Chapter 694: Frozen Over
Chapter 695: Gathering Together
Chapter 696: Alarmed Retrea
Chapter 697: Lightning Fire Spike
Chapter 698: Taking Action
Chapter 699: Breaking the Formation
Chapter 700: Splitting the Treasure
Chapter 701: Scheme
Chapter 702: Spreading Misfortune
Chapter 703: The First to Ac
Chapter 704: Mileshed Line
Chapter 705: Nascent Soul Combustion
Chapter 706: The Jade Box's Treasure
Chapter 707: Encountering Old Acquaintances
Chapter 708: Constrained Spirit Earth Dragons
Chapter 709: Lei Wanhe’s Shock
Chapter 710: Information on Nangong Wan
Chapter 711: Han Li’s Determination
Chapter 712: Entering Disguised
Chapter 713: Nangong Wan
Chapter 714: Thoughts of the Pas
Chapter 715: Heart Restraint Technique
Chapter 716: Preparing an Ambush
Chapter 717: Ambush
Chapter 718: The Light Stasis Mirror
Chapter 719: Blood Devil Sword
Chapter 720: Another Ring
Chapter 721: Return to Soaring Heavens City
Chapter 722: The Heavenpeak Sec
Chapter 723: Discussion
Chapter 724: Linghu's Reques
Chapter 725: Jade Talisman
Chapter 726: Heaven-Earth Rings
Chapter 727: Ancient Flame Toad
Chapter 728: Providing Assistance
Chapter 729: Yellow Dragon Mountain
Chapter 730: Reappearance of Yingning
Chapter 731: Purple Apex Flames
Chapter 732: Fire Spirit Flood Dragon
Chapter 733: Supreme Eight Trigrams Diagram
Chapter 734: Heavenflash Devil Arts
Chapter 735: Two Tailed Serpen
Chapter 736: Exposure
Chapter 737: Spiritfuse Serpent Monster
Chapter 738: Beaten at Their Own Game
Chapter 739: Battle to Break the Formation 1
Chapter 740: Battle to Break the Formation 2
Chapter 741: Battle to Break the Formation 3
Chapter 742: Battle to Break the Formation 4
Chapter 743: Battle to Break the Formation 5
Chapter 744: Battle to Break the Formation 6
Chapter 745: Battle to Break the Formation 7
Chapter 746: Battle the Break the Formation 8
Chapter 747: Reputation Rising
Chapter 748: Return
Chapter 749: An Adopted Sister
Chapter 750: Conditions
Chapter 751: A Surprise Meeting
Chapter 752: Spirit Kindle Fruit and Nature Origin Pill
Chapter 753: Making an Appointmen
Chapter 754: Transforming Flames
Chapter 755: Lightning Bead
Chapter 756: Old Devil Cloudpar
Chapter 757: A Meeting of Eccentrics
Chapter 758: A Fatal Wager
Chapter 759: A Lure
Chapter 760: The Icefrost Silkworms and Auric Essence
Chapter 761: The Profound Goddess Palm
Chapter 762: Spirit Talisman
Chapter 763: The Arrival of Battle
Chapter 764: Martial Niece Xiao
Chapter 765: Enemies
Chapter 766: Hidden Plans
Chapter 767: Battle at the Border 1
Chapter 768: Battle at the Border 2
Chapter 769: Battle at the Border 3
Chapter 770: Battle at the Border 4
Chapter 771: Battle at the Border 5
Chapter 772: Battle at the Border 6
Chapter 773: Battle at the Border 7
Chapter 774: Battle at the Border 8
Chapter 775: The Seven Great Truths Cultivators vs the Sacred Bird
Chapter 776: Might of the Spirit Subjugation Taliman
Chapter 777: Yin Yang Corpse Devil
Chapter 778: A Huge Ape
Chapter 779: A Ruthless Attack
Chapter 780: The Blood Ghost vs the Stone Gian
Chapter 781: Fight for the Lantern
Chapter 782: A Distant Message
Chapter 783: Aftermath of the Battle
Chapter 784: Nangong Involved
Chapter 785: Sword Refinemen
Chapter 786: Sword Formation - Minor Completion
Chapter 787: A Black-Robed Youth
Chapter 788: Sword Formation Revealed
Chapter 789: Ghost Sifting Banner
Chapter 790: Devouring Devils and Ghosts
Chapter 791: Along the Way
Chapter 792: The Far Wes
Chapter 793: Conquer
Chapter 794: Sovereign Devil Corpse
Chapter 795: Before the Journey
《A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality》 Book 6: Divine Spirit Treasures
Chapter 796: The Devilfall Domain
Chapter 797: Han Li’s Return
Chapter 798: The Monarch of Soul Divergence
Chapter 799: The Soul Attachment Technique
Chapter 800: Elder Devil Realm
Chapter 801: Chen Qiaotian
Chapter 802: Core Formation Grade Puppets
Chapter 803: Search
Chapter 804: Appearance of the Valley
Chapter 805: Cultivators Gathering
Chapter 806: One-Way Transportation Formation
Chapter 807: Entering the Valley
Chapter 808: Death in the Valley
Chapter 809: Matters Unfolding
Chapter 810: Into the Valley
Chapter 811: Grey Mis
Chapter 812: The Ancient Python
Chapter 813: Beheading the Python
Chapter 814: Tailsilver Powder
Chapter 815: Greatnorth Essence Lights
Chapter 816: The Valley Depths
Chapter 817: Ten Supreme Poisons
Chapter 818: Lava
Chapter 819: Lure
Chapter 820: Beast Slaying
Chapter 821: Ancient Cultivator Remains
Chapter 822: The Sevenflame Fan
Chapter 823: Blood Curse Gate
Chapter 824: Deep Pool
Chapter 825: Spirit Ether Garden
Chapter 826: Blood Curse Restriction
Chapter 827: Minor Sanctuary Guardian Formation
Chapter 828: Joining Together
Chapter 829: Portrai
Chapter 830: Thousand Strands of Spiritual Sense
Chapter 831: Transforming the Mountain
Chapter 832: Stirring Devils
Chapter 833: Consuming Souls
Chapter 834: An Odd Beas
Chapter 835: Acquiring Frui
Chapter 836: The Altar
Chapter 837: Opening the Passage
Chapter 838: Devil Corpse
Chapter 839: Decay Transformation
Chapter 840: A Startling Change
Chapter 841: First Devil Sighting
Chapter 842: Sneak Attack
Chapter 843: Battle with the Devil Soul
Chapter 844: A United Fron
Chapter 845: Two Heads, Four Arms
Chapter 846: Moths to the Flame
Chapter 847: Two Devils Mee
Chapter 848: Devil Light Screen
Chapter 849: The Battle Begins
Chapter 850: Reappearance of the Devil Sword
Chapter 851: Black Blade
Chapter 852: Wreaking Havoc
Chapter 853: Trapping the Devil
Chapter 854: An Alarming Surprise
Chapter 855: Silver Flame
Chapter 856: The Fuchsia Cloud Pill and the Soul Snow Pill
Chapter 857: Detention
Chapter 858: Escape
Chapter 859: Devil in the Heavenly South
Chapter 860: Whirlpool
Chapter 861: Return to the Drifting Cloud Sec
Chapter 862: Feeding the Core
Chapter 863: Open Words
Chapter 864: An Invitation
Chapter 865: Flying Sword and Puppets
Chapter 866: The Yin Yang Pagoda
Chapter 867: Attending the Ceremony
Chapter 868: An Unexpected Gues
Chapter 869: Sunreach’s Invitation
Chapter 870: Outcome of the Battle
Chapter 871: Refinemen
Chapter 872: Artifact Imprint Techniques
Chapter 873: Endless Devilish Qi
Chapter 874: Exploring the Whirlpool
Chapter 875: Devilish Qi Depths
Chapter 876: Acquiring An Island
Chapter 877: Ruined Stone Table
Chapter 878: Restoring the Banner
Chapter 879: Journey
Chapter 880: The Grey Heron Tribe
Chapter 881: Pestilence Demons Soullock
Chapter 882: Wanton Calamity
Chapter 883: Another Perspective
Chapter 884: Insect Demon Corpse
Chapter 885: Simian Vultures
Chapter 886: Indifference
Chapter 887: The Temple Encampmen
Chapter 888: Agony Poison
Chapter 889: The Vast Essence Pill
Chapter 890: The Feng Clan’s Secret Cave
Chapter 891: Crisis
Chapter 892: A Huge Ba
Chapter 893: Goldflame Stone
Chapter 894: The Attack
Chapter 895: The Endless Sky Saintess
Chapter 896: The Holy Beast’s Cast Body
Chapter 897: Splitting the Enemy
Chapter 898: Silver Silkworm
Chapter 899: Two Cauldrons
Chapter 900: A Startling Change
Chapter 901: On the Boa
Chapter 902: Cao Mengrong
Chapter 903: Hostile Visitors
Chapter 904: The Grand Assembly
Chapter 905: The Coffin
Chapter 906: Hidden Fortune Room
Chapter 907: An Ancient Tomb
Chapter 908: Three Corpses
Chapter 909: Scheme
Chapter 910: Firesmelt Crystals
Chapter 911: Crystalized Demon Core
Chapter 912: A Small Town Inn
Chapter 913: Killing Inten
Chapter 914: Entering the Secret Cave
Chapter 915: The Brightjade Arts
Chapter 916: A Sudden Approach
Chapter 917: Waging Battle
Chapter 918: Shock the Wicked
Chapter 919: Forced Retrea
Chapter 920: Two Pearls
Chapter 921: Treasure Possession
Chapter 922: The Gan Clan
Chapter 923: Pure Revelations Academy
Chapter 924: Royal Serenity Monastery
Chapter 925: Essencejoin Devouring Arts
Chapter 926: The Tool Refinement Hall
Chapter 927: County Lord Luxiu
Chapter 928: The Great Jin’s Royal Clan
Chapter 929: Blackwind Plume
Chapter 930: Shifting Winds
Chapter 931: The High Sun Palace
Chapter 932: Vast Yang Bird
Chapter 933: Gathering Feathers
Chapter 934: Undercurrents
Chapter 935: Unexpected Encounter
Chapter 936: Sword Cry
Chapter 937: Scoundrels
Chapter 938: The Three Corpses
Chapter 939: Hidden Fortune Pavilion
Chapter 940: Hidden Fortune Mansions
Chapter 941: Underground Trade Fair
Chapter 942: Spatial Pocke
Chapter 943: A Chance Encounter
Chapter 944: Threaten
Chapter 945: Jade Pendan
Chapter 946: Extortion
Chapter 947: Glacial Quintessence
Chapter 948: Returning Sun Water and Puresun Flame Essence
Chapter 949: Elder Han
Chapter 950: The Grand Auction
Chapter 951: Ebony Gold
Chapter 952: The Clearsound Mirror
Chapter 953: The Nine Serenities Sec
Chapter 954: Talismans and Spell Formations
Chapter 955: An Uproar
Chapter 956: Unexpected Profi
Chapter 957: The Mountain Crushing Seal
Chapter 958: Encountering the Elder Devil
Chapter 959: Raging Devil Flames
Chapter 960: The Heavenly Talisman Sec
Chapter 961: Martial Nephew Li
Chapter 962: Rumors of Deity Transformation
Chapter 963: Secret Talisman
Chapter 964: Fierce Flood Dragons
Chapter 965: Fighting Flood Dragons
Chapter 966: Exterminating the Flood Dragon
Chapter 967: Soul Division
Chapter 968: Success
Chapter 969: Bitter Bamboo Island
Chapter 970: Old Man Bitter Bamboo
Chapter 971: The Thunderfire Bow
Chapter 972: Taming a Beas
Chapter 973: Twin Scorpion Mountain
Chapter 974: Visitors
Chapter 975: The Nascent Cultivating Pill
Chapter 976: The Underworld River Page
Chapter 977: An Eccentric
Chapter 978: A Half Year Later
Chapter 979: Kunwu Mountain
Chapter 980: Splitting Up
Chapter 981: Calamity Ape
Chapter 982: Unbroken Cinque Devils
Chapter 983: Black Crystals
Chapter 984: Corpse Wolf
Chapter 985: Ghostfiend Threads
Chapter 986: Silver-winged Nightfiend
Chapter 987: Silver Eye Bewitchmen
Chapter 988: The Evil Moon Mirror
Chapter 989: Breaking the Ligh
Chapter 990: Obscuring Windflow
Chapter 991: Ice Flame Essence
Chapter 992: The Triflame Fan’s Power
Chapter 993: Change in the Sky
Chapter 994: Heaven Reaching Mountain
Chapter 995: Purple Mis
Chapter 996: The Sacred Poison Sec
Chapter 997: Splitting the Pills
Chapter 998: Stone Stele
Chapter 999: A Crystal Slab
Chapter 1000: Phantasmic Air
Chapter 1001: Master Scatterwind
Chapter 1002: A Chance Encounter
Chapter 1003: Hostilities
Chapter 1004: Stone Puppets
Chapter 1005: The Devil Suppressing Pagoda and the Spirit Treasure Pavilion
Chapter 1006: A Horned Woman
Chapter 1007: The Beasts Plo
Chapter 1008: Master Sable
Chapter 1009: Splitting Up
Chapter 1010: Spirit Metal Hall
Chapter 1011: A Huge Cauldron
Chapter 1012: Great Yin Trueflame.
Chapter 1013: Yin Soul Condensation
Chapter 1014: Elemental Sanctuary Wall
Chapter 1015: A Fan Inspiring Fear
Chapter 1016: Bronze Lion
Chapter 1017: Colossal Pressure
Chapter 1018: The Immortal Form Sect Elders
Chapter 1019: Goldweight Spirit Wood
Chapter 1020: Sacred Ancestor Yuan Cha
Chapter 1021: Spiritfuse
Chapter 1022: Reappearance of Essence Ligh
Chapter 1023: An Ambush
Chapter 1024: Seizing Treasure
Chapter 1025: The Might of the Yang Ring
Chapter 1026: Subjugation
Chapter 1027: An Ambush
Chapter 1028: The Unbroken Cinque Devils Combined
Chapter 1029: Blood Devil Pearl
Chapter 1030: Destruction
Chapter 1031: Devouring Backlash
Chapter 1032: The Appearance of Divine Spirit Treasures
Chapter 1033: Devil Blade
Chapter 1034: A Blood Saber
Chapter 1035: The Eight Spirit Ruler
Chapter 1036: Joining Hands
Chapter 1037: Breaking the Formation
Chapter 1038: Devil Restricting Ring
Chapter 1039: Deity Transformation Cultivators
Chapter 1040: Long Meng and Ling Long
Chapter 1041: Ninetruths Devil Suppression Formation
Chapter 1042: Appearance of the Devil
Chapter 1043: The Black Wind Flag
Chapter 1044: Protection
Chapter 1045: Ambush
Chapter 1046: Devil Slaying
Chapter 1047: Sword Recovery
Chapter 1048: Falling Ou
Chapter 1049: Devouring Nascent Souls
Chapter 1050: Reappearance of the Blood Blade
Chapter 1051: Broken Seal
Chapter 1052: Raising Conditions
Chapter 1053: Nascent Soul Convergence
Chapter 1054: The Holy Beast’s Marking
Chapter 1055: Soulburn Mine
Chapter 1056: Spatial Destruction
Chapter 1057: The Ninth Floor
Chapter 1058: Devil Restriction
Chapter 1059: The Scarlet Cry Drum
Chapter 1060: Perfect Devil Qi
Chapter 1061: Three Treasures United
Chapter 1062: Devil Gian
Chapter 1063: Devil’s Migh
Chapter 1064: Ancestor Ao Xiao
Chapter 1065: The Battle Continued
Chapter 1066: Jialun War Devil
Chapter 1067: Vortex
Chapter 1068: Black Hole
Chapter 1069: Escape
Chapter 1070: Reverse Spirit Stream
Chapter 1071: Greater Spirit Sealing Formation
Chapter 1072: Seal
Chapter 1073: Soul Devouring
Chapter 1074: Escape
Chapter 1075: Icy Region
Chapter 1076: Pill Refinemen
Chapter 1077: The Treasures Gained
Chapter 1078: Taking the Devils
Chapter 1079: North Night Island
Chapter 1080: City of Ice
Chapter 1081: The Black Dragon Border
Chapter 1082: Ice Spirit Frui
Chapter 1083: Goldwind Racoon
Chapter 1084: Master Arctic Dragon
Chapter 1085: The Three Great Ice Flames
Chapter 1086: Ice Sea Demon Beasts
Chapter 1087: Ice Fiend
Chapter 1088: Two Demons
Chapter 1089: Ice Sea Demons
Chapter 1090: Cultivators of Ice Flames
Chapter 1091: Spirit Void Hall
Chapter 1092: Frigid Soulfreeze Formation
Chapter 1093: The Profound Jade Cave
Chapter 1094: Yin Spirit Ice and Great Yang Essence Stone
Chapter 1095: Demon Flocking
Chapter 1096: The Three Grand Demon Cultivators
Chapter 1097: The Sea Calming Bell
Chapter 1098: Cleansing Essence with Glacial Flames
Chapter 1099: Suspicions
Chapter 1100: Demon Soul
Chapter 1101: The Powerful Demon Beasts
Chapter 1102: Breakthrough to Deity Transformation Stage
Chapter 1103: Turning on One Another
Chapter 1104: Commencement of the Battle
Chapter 1105: Intense Battle In the Cave
Chapter 1106: Twin-Tailed Human Face Scorpion
Chapter 1107: Facing Multiple Enemies
Chapter 1108: Using the Puppet to Vanquish the Enemy
Chapter 1109: Capturing the Nascent Soul
Chapter 1110: Obtaining the Flame
Chapter 1111: Reappearance of the Sword Formation
Chapter 1112: Seizing the Treasure
Chapter 1113: Dark Water and Profound Jade
Chapter 1114: Encountering the Demon Beasts Again
Chapter 1115: Demon Beast Invasion
Chapter 1116: The Three-Eyed Demon Beas
Chapter 1117: Astonishing Demonic Qi
Chapter 1118: The Myriad Demon Flag and Old Devil Che
Chapter 1119: Displays of Power
Chapter 1120: Evenly-Matched
Chapter 1121: Might of the Ice Phoenix
Chapter 1122: Spatial Powers
Chapter 1123: The Infernal Ghost Mother
Chapter 1124: Battle for the Teleportation Formation
《A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality》 Book 7: Dominating the Mortal Realm
Chapter 1125: Revisiting a Familiar Place
Chapter 1126: Joining Forces
Chapter 1127: Cultivation in Confinemen
Chapter 1128: Heavenly Premonition
Chapter 1129: Late-Nascent Soul Stage
Chapter 1130: The Yellow Sand Sec
Chapter 1131: Rumors
Chapter 1132: Secret Message
Chapter 1133: Divine Essencefused Ligh
Chapter 1134: Interception
Chapter 1135: Wariness
Chapter 1136: A Helping Hand
Chapter 1137: Familiar
Chapter 1138: The Reincarnation Mystery
Chapter 1139: Agreemen
Chapter 1140: The Giant Beas
Chapter 1141: The Azure Feather
Chapter 1142: Lightning Sky Island
Chapter 1143: Imbuing Spiritual Sense
Chapter 1144: Waiting for an Opportunity
Chapter 1145: Unannounced Assaul
Chapter 1146: News About Zenith Yin
Chapter 1147: Sinister Yin Blood Corpse
Chapter 1148: Encountering Zenith Yin Again
Chapter 1149: Capturing the Devil!
Chapter 1150: Exchange
Chapter 1151: Brewing Trouble
Chapter 1152: Golden Wyrm King
Chapter 1153: Malicious Golden Wyrm Flames
Chapter 1154: Snatching the Treasure
Chapter 1155: Top-Grade Spirit Stone
Chapter 1156: Returning to Silver Shark Island
Chapter 1157: Dual Cultivation Proposal
Chapter 1158: The Sages' Conditions
Chapter 1159: Demon Beast Turmoil
Chapter 1160: Devil Lake Island
Chapter 1161: Patriarch Golden Flower
Chapter 1162: Golden Flower, Ghost Dove
Chapter 1163: Slain
Chapter 1164: Beveled Silver Tex
Chapter 1165: Kun Peng Feather
Chapter 1166: Golden Jade Tome
Chapter 1167: Revisiting a Familiar Place
Chapter 1168: Return to Heavenly South
Chapter 1169: Interrogation
Chapter 1170: Wing Transformation Sec
Chapter 1171: Reincarnation
Chapter 1172: Returning to the Sec
Chapter 1173: The Strange State of the Devilfall Valley
Chapter 1174: Arrangements
Chapter 1175: Subduing the Two Sects
Chapter 1176: Detained
Chapter 1177: The Second Nascent Soul and the Sovereign Devil Corpse
Chapter 1178: A Thunderous Reputation Within the Heavenly South Region
Chapter 1179: Refining the Wings
Chapter 1180: Fire Spirit Threads and the Law Destruction Eye
Chapter 1181: News of the Three Women
Chapter 1182: Returning to the Devilfall Valley
Chapter 1183: Blood Moon Spirit Seeking Technique
Chapter 1184: Rescue
Chapter 1185: Returning to the Seven Spirit Islands
Chapter 1186: Entering the Abyss
Chapter 1187: Devilfication
Chapter 1188: Capturing the Nascent Soul
Chapter 1189: Within the Cave Abode
Chapter 1190: Assimilation
Chapter 1191: Tribulation Transcendence
Chapter 1192: Consecutive Heavenly Lightning
Chapter 1193: The Strange Golden Horn
Chapter 1194: Obtaining the Liquid
Chapter 1195: The Realm Transcending Bead and the Nine Gale Transformations
Chapter 1196: Vajra Arts and Imperial Elixir
Chapter 1197: Grand Marriage
Chapter 1198: Spirit Gathering Bead
Chapter 1199: Sinister Ploy
Chapter 1200: Wood Birth Bead
Chapter 1201: The Two Women
Chapter 1202: Seclusion
Chapter 1203: News From the Star Palace
Chapter 1204: Trouble in the Scattered Star Seas
Chapter 1205: Battle at the Star Palace 1
Chapter 1206: Battle at the Star Palace 2
Chapter 1207: Battle at the Star Palace 3
Chapter 1208: Battle at the Star Palace 4
Chapter 1209: Battle at the Star Palace 5
Chapter 1210: Battle at the Star Palace 6
Chapter 1211: Battle at the Star Palace 7
Chapter 1212: Battle at the Star Palace 8
Chapter 1213: Battle at the Star Palace 9
Chapter 1214: Battle at the Star Palace 10
Chapter 1215: Battle at the Star Palace 11
Chapter 1216: Battle at the Star Palace 12
Chapter 1217: Battle at the Star Palace 13
Chapter 1218: Battle at the Star Palace 14
Chapter 1219: Five Elements as One
Chapter 1220: Breaking the Formation
Chapter 1221: The Divine Essencefused Mountain
Chapter 1222: Five-Elemental Power
Chapter 1223: Crimson Soul Flag
Chapter 1224: Attempting a Breakthrough to the Deity Transformation Stage
Chapter 1225: Another Long Journey
Chapter 1226: The Hidden Fortune Palace
Chapter 1227: An Unexpected Gues
Chapter 1228: The Powerful Buddhist Cultivator
Chapter 1229: Clash
Chapter 1230: Angry Eye Vajra
Chapter 1231: Untitled
Chapter 1232: Halfway Interception
Chapter 1233: Slaying a Great Cultivator
Chapter 1234: Plotting Against the Yin Sifting Sec
Chapter 1235: Thunder Bombs and the Immortal Vanquishing Beads
Chapter 1236: Acciden
Chapter 1237: Encountering Xiang Zhili Again
Chapter 1238: Collaboration
Chapter 1239: Devil Cliff Mountain
Chapter 1240: Guests of the Devil Palace
Chapter 1241: Concubine
Chapter 1242: A Helping Hand
Chapter 1243: Han Li's Exchange
Chapter 1244: One Attack
Chapter 1245: Jade Peaks
Chapter 1246: The Eight Spirit Ruler and the Weeping Soul Beas
Chapter 1247: Fiery Hell
Chapter 1248: Formation Spell, Sacrificial Altar, Giant Cauldron
Chapter 1249: Emergence of the Flame Essence
Chapter 1250: Capturing the Flame Essence
Chapter 1251: Revival of the Immortal Palm
Chapter 1252: Profound Heavenly Tree
Chapter 1253: Island Ambush
Chapter 1254: Dragon Scale Frui
Chapter 1255: Suppressing Two Demons
Chapter 1256: Tempered Bone Arts
Chapter 1257: Entering Deity Transformation
Chapter 1258: The Five Dragon Seas
Chapter 1259: Ocean Mis
Chapter 1260: Spatial Node
Chapter 1261: Joining Forces
Chapter 1262: Plundering the Entire World
Chapter 1263: Returning to the Island
Chapter 1264: Six Divine Talisman
Chapter 1265: Entering the Spatial Node
《A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality》 Book 8: First Foray into the Spirit Realm
Chapter 1266: An Unfamiliar Place
Chapter 1267: Blood Curse Contract and Spirit Tools
Chapter 1268: Heavenly East Enterprise
Chapter 1269: Nan Qizi and Old Man Fu
Chapter 1270: Sandbug Beasts
Chapter 1271: Attack of the Insects
Chapter 1272: Demon Serpen
Chapter 1273: An Yuan City
Chapter 1274: Temporary Departure
Chapter 1275: Earth Wyrm Tendon
Chapter 1276: Beast Torren
Chapter 1277: Danger of Tribulation
Chapter 1278: The Gold Jade School
Chapter 1279: Azure Wolf, Crimson Python, Leocon Beas
Chapter 1280: Wild Beast Torrent 1
Chapter 1281: Wild Beast Torrent 2
Chapter 1282: Wild Beast Torrent 3
Chapter 1283: Wild Beast Torrent 4
Chapter 1284: Wild Beast Torrent 5
Chapter 1285: Wild Beast Torrent 6
Chapter 1286: The Little Girl
Chapter 1287: The Hun
Chapter 1288: The Black Phoenix Race
Chapter 1289: Nine Profound Brightjade Pond
Chapter 1290: Slaying the Three Beasts
Chapter 1291: Legacy Pearl
Chapter 1292: Yu Yang City
Chapter 1293: Winged Scorpions
Chapter 1294: Taking Back Treasure
Chapter 1295: Heavenly Origin Martial Equipmen
Chapter 1296: Spirit Lord Huang Liang
Chapter 1297: The Silver Wick Stone and the Skyheart Pill
Chapter 1298: Appearance of the Spirit Clan
Chapter 1299: Moths
Chapter 1300: Ice Arrows, Silver Hand
Chapter 1301: Spirit Tribe Reinforcements
Chapter 1302: Encountering the Little Beast Again
Chapter 1303: Shi Yan
Chapter 1304: Gathering of All Three Races
Chapter 1305: Display of Abilities
Chapter 1306: High Zenith Invisibility Talisman
Chapter 1307: The Scorching Light Pond
Chapter 1308: Primordial Giants
Chapter 1309: Battling the Gian
Chapter 1310: Battle for the Divine Blood
Chapter 1311: Initial Battle with Spatial Tempering
Chapter 1312: The Power of Spirit Devouring
Chapter 1313: Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 1314: Two-colored Lightning Tribulation
Chapter 1315: The Golden Court Boa
Chapter 1316: Dark Azure Guard
Chapter 1317: Ascended Cultivators and Deep Heaven City
Chapter 1318: Zhao Wugui
Chapter 1319: Jade Fault Pavilion
Chapter 1320: Fight for the Spirit Land
Chapter 1321: Unexpected Trouble
Chapter 1322: Leopard Kirin Beas
Chapter 1323: Thousand Soul Bell
Chapter 1324: The Might of a Body Refinement Warrior
Chapter 1325: Obtaining the Spirit Land
Chapter 1326: Cave Abode
Chapter 1327: Profound Heavenly Frui
Chapter 1328: Chaotic Myriad Spirit Roll
Chapter 1329: Minion
Chapter 1330: Floating Dawn Swamp
Chapter 1331: Giant Beast and an Eccentric
Chapter 1332: Savage Beastman
Chapter 1333: Deep Heaven Marke
Chapter 1334: Clear Jade Pills
Chapter 1335: Lightning Turned Wood
Chapter 1336: Mysterious Lightning Marks
Chapter 1337: Hateful Visitor
Chapter 1338: Soul Freezing into the Body
Chapter 1339: Surprise at the Auction
Chapter 1340: Auction
Chapter 1341: True Spirit Scale
Chapter 1342: Securing the Scales
Chapter 1343: The True Spirit Family
Chapter 1344: Master Thousand Treasure and the Myriad Dragon Bead
Chapter 1345: Emergence of the Lightning Robe
Chapter 1346: Probe
Chapter 1347: Strange Space
Chapter 1348: Jadebone Humanoid Devil
Chapter 1349: Spatial Storm
Chapter 1350: Bone Hand
Chapter 1351: Hundred Meridian Refinement Mantra
Chapter 1352: Green Shadow
Chapter 1353: Foreign Tribe Suspicions
Chapter 1354: Deep Heaven Hall
Chapter 1355: Gathering
Chapter 1356: Ascended Cultivators
Chapter 1357: Spirit Insects Completion
《A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality》 Book 9: Races of the Spirit Realm
Chapter 1358: Mission
Chapter 1359: Undercurrents
Chapter 1360: Purple Shadow
Chapter 1361: Lute of Wisdom
Chapter 1362: Lightning Turtle
Chapter 1363: Emergence of the Two Sovereigns
Chapter 1364: Zoysia Dragon Frui
Chapter 1365: Instigation
Chapter 1366: Stealing the Fruits
Chapter 1367: Splitting the Fruits
Chapter 1368: Small Town
Chapter 1369: Reappearance of the Devilish Shadow
Chapter 1370: The Shen Beas
Chapter 1371: Fierce Desert Battle
Chapter 1372: Beetles' Migh
Chapter 1373: Grouping up
Chapter 1374: Dream Sifting Spirit Trees
Chapter 1375: Black Leaves Fores
Chapter 1376: The Wood Tribe
Chapter 1377: Appearance of Six Arms
Chapter 1378: Escaping Pursui
Chapter 1379: Wood Phoenix
Chapter 1380: Mission Complete
Chapter 1381: True Spirit Body
Chapter 1382: Blood Crystal Mohe Sword
Chapter 1383: Crimson Ghos
Chapter 1384: Crushing the Black Phoenix
Chapter 1385: Transformation of the Weeping Soul Beas
Chapter 1386: The Sword Formation and the Blood Sword
Chapter 1387: Heavenly Phoenix Feather
Chapter 1388: Dark Hand
Chapter 1389: Battle Against the Wood Spiri
Chapter 1390: Spirit and Tree as One
Chapter 1391: Escaping
Chapter 1392: Third Refinement of the Thunderstorm Wings
Chapter 1393: Assembling Together
Chapter 1394: Scheming for True Toads
Chapter 1395: Sandalwood Crane Incense and Black Blood Ants
Chapter 1396: Profound Whirlpool Beas
Chapter 1397: An Alarming Change
Chapter 1398: Power to Cleave the Mountain
Chapter 1399: The Yaksha King
Chapter 1400: Demented Minions
Chapter 1401: Setting up an Ambush
Chapter 1402: Light Formation
Chapter 1403: The Pig Demon and the Calf
Chapter 1404: Seaside
Chapter 1405: Black Mist Sea
Chapter 1406: Arduous Cultivation
Chapter 1407: The Tian Peng Race and Worship
Chapter 1408: Golden Marrow Crystal Insects and Golden Coral Sand
Chapter 1409: Stone Block
Chapter 1410: Mutation
Chapter 1411: Gold Marrow Body Refinemen
Chapter 1412: Tian Peng Beings
Chapter 1413: The Chi Rong Race
Chapter 1414: Exposure
Chapter 1415: Forcing Back the Chi Rong
Chapter 1416: Tian Peng Holy City
Chapter 1417: Spiritseal Tower
Chapter 1418: The Tian Peng Holy Disciple and Kun Peng True Blood
Chapter 1419: The Grand Elder
Chapter 1420: The Trade Hall
Chapter 1421: Azure Shifting Frui
Chapter 1422: Three Choices
Chapter 1423: The Kun Peng Relic and the Tian Peng Vow
Chapter 1424: Fusing the True Blood
Chapter 1425: 12 Awakening Transformations
Chapter 1426: Xumi Paradise
Chapter 1427: Lightning Beas
Chapter 1428: Five-Colored Heavenly Lightning
Chapter 1429: Taming the Beas
Chapter 1430: Lightning Drawing Bead
Chapter 1431: Fear of Consequences
Chapter 1432: Tian Peng Holy Disciple
Chapter 1433: Branches of the Flying Spirit Tribe
Chapter 1434: Jade Emperor Peak
Chapter 1435: Zhu Yinzi
Chapter 1436: The Sparring Arena
Chapter 1437: Tes
Chapter 1438: Earth Abyss Guard
Chapter 1439: The Four Fiend Armor Technique
Chapter 1440: Untitled
Chapter 1441: First Level of the Earth Abyss
Chapter 1442: Yin Spider Wasps
Chapter 1443: Untitled
Chapter 1444: Demonic Ape
Chapter 1445: Mysterious Mountain Ranges
Chapter 1446: Green Shadow
Chapter 1447: Crisis
Chapter 1448: Deeper Levels of the Earth Abyss
Chapter 1449: Blitzkrieg Tactics
Chapter 1450: Baleful Glacial Lands and the Myriad Vine Path
Chapter 1451: Small Beast and Ice Fiend
Chapter 1452: Demon King Ice Fiend
Chapter 1453: Advancemen
Chapter 1454: Green Wood Demon
Chapter 1455: Blood Puppe
Chapter 1456: Mu Qing and the Blood Wyrm
Chapter 1457: Heavenly Blood Lightning, Golden Crow Spirit Fire
Chapter 1458: Infernal Flame Fruits and the Rotten Leaf Fores
Chapter 1459: Blood River Infernal Spike
Chapter 1460: Heavenly Blood Lightning
Chapter 1461: Escape
Chapter 1462: Plo
Chapter 1463: The Mystery of the Divine Lightning
Chapter 1464: Encountering Yuan Yao Again
Chapter 1465: The Four Demon Monarchs
Chapter 1466: Evil Dragon Race
Chapter 1467: Wood Essence Cave
Chapter 1468: Capturing Lightning
Chapter 1469: Bloodflame Mountain
Chapter 1470: Spirit Servants
Chapter 1471: Purpleblood Puppe
Chapter 1472: Two Talismans
Chapter 1473: Lightningwield Technique
Chapter 1474: The Infernal River Region
Chapter 1475: Black Tree
Chapter 1476: Unfathomable Thoughts
Chapter 1477: Paying a Visi
Chapter 1478: Blood Feed
Chapter 1479: Voidfright Devil
Chapter 1480: The Infernal River Restriction
Chapter 1481: Joining Forces to Break the Restriction
Chapter 1482: Infernal Spirit Crystal
Chapter 1483: Fierce Battle
Chapter 1484: A Chance for Escape
Chapter 1485: White Shadow
Chapter 1486: Female Ghos
Chapter 1487: The Mayfly Race
Chapter 1488: Reunion
Chapter 1489: Insect Projection
Chapter 1490: The Mayfly Race and the Insect Seas
Chapter 1491: Yin Water Essence and the Five Dragon Chopper
Chapter 1492: Control
Chapter 1493: All-encompassing Flag and Infernal Lightning Beas
Chapter 1494: Bai
Chapter 1495: Five Dragon Chopper
Chapter 1496: Escape Plan
Chapter 1497: Battling the Infernal Lightning Beas
Chapter 1498: Nine Palaces Heavenly Talismans
Chapter 1499: Armor Origin Talismans
Chapter 1500: Divine Infernal River Elixir
Chapter 1501: Opportunity
Chapter 1502: The Last One to Strike
Chapter 1503: Time to Strike
Chapter 1504: Chaotic Battle
Chapter 1505: Unforeseen Circumstances
Chapter 1506: Escape
Chapter 1507: Reincarnation Yin Gathering Formation
Chapter 1508: Eradicating the Tracking Marks
Chapter 1509: Tempered Crystal Brick
Chapter 1510: Han Li's Power
Chapter 1511: Meridian Stone
Chapter 1512: Beginning of More Troubles
Chapter 1513: Wood Domain
Chapter 1514: Reappearance of the Ghostly Mis
Chapter 1515: The Mystery of the Rahu
Chapter 1516: Jade Platform
Chapter 1517: Qing Yuanzi
Chapter 1518: Heavenly Yin Physique
Chapter 1519: Clash in Opinions
Chapter 1520: The New Azure Essence Sword Ar
Chapter 1521: Bamboo Leaves
Chapter 1522: Departure
Chapter 1523: Within the Mis
Chapter 1524: Spring Dawn, Azure Coil
Chapter 1525: Returning to the Cave Abode
Chapter 1526: Refining the Divine Mountain Again
Chapter 1527: Planting Swords
Chapter 1528: Progressing to the Spatial Tempering Stage
Chapter 1529: Refinemen
Chapter 1530: Blood Apricot and Slave Marks
Chapter 1531: Rising Dragon Pill
Chapter 1532: The Jiao Chi Race and the Sea Monarch Race
Chapter 1533: Infernal Nethercorpse
Chapter 1534: Intent to Retrea
Chapter 1535: New Flying Swords
Chapter 1536: Blood Cloud
Chapter 1537: Battle for the Profound Heavenly Frui
Chapter 1538: Emergence of the Spirit Sword
Chapter 1539: Escaping from the Ordeal
Chapter 1540: Humanoid Snake Beings
Chapter 1541: Fire Yang Race
Chapter 1542: High Priestess
Chapter 1543: Scorching Sun Divine Pill
Chapter 1544: Zhu'er and the Black Rakshasa Race
Chapter 1545: Enclosing the Profound Sword Within the Arm
Chapter 1546: Refining the Pill with Flames
Chapter 1547: Black Armor Beasts
Chapter 1548: Emergence of the Enemies
Chapter 1549: Revolving Evil Spirit Ligh
Chapter 1550: Slain
Chapter 1551: Black Veil
Chapter 1552: Spatial Cloud Crystal
Chapter 1553: Blue Lake Island
Chapter 1554: Monstrous Moth
Chapter 1555: Intense Battle
Chapter 1556: Enormous Power
Chapter 1557: Lethal Poison
Chapter 1558: Ancient Deep Sea Lamp
Chapter 1559: Glacial Essence Race
Chapter 1560: The Two Beasts
Chapter 1561: Repairing the Formation
Chapter 1562: Trapped
Chapter 1563: Battle Ark
Chapter 1564: Pursui
Chapter 1565: The Boxes
Chapter 1566: Might of the Illusionary Technique
Chapter 1567: Powerful Foe
Chapter 1568: Profound Heavenshifting Disk
Chapter 1569: Blood Melting Technique
Chapter 1570: Chased Down
Chapter 1571: Battling a Body Integration Cultivator
Chapter 1572: Fire Beats Wood
Chapter 1573: Chaotic Heavenly Pouch and the Gourd
Chapter 1574: Origin Qi Sword
Chapter 1575: Retrea
Chapter 1576: Encounter
Chapter 1577: Embroiling Bystanders
Chapter 1578: Emergence of More Enemies
Chapter 1579: Kun Peng Transformation
Chapter 1580: Consecutive Kills
Chapter 1581: Sense Enhancement Bead
Chapter 1582: Invitation
Chapter 1583: Cloud City
Chapter 1584: The Heavenly Cloud Races
Chapter 1585: Encountering an Acquaintance
Chapter 1586: Crystal Race
Chapter 1587: Heavenly Devilish Armor
Chapter 1588: Golden Devil Mountain Ranges
Chapter 1589: Sentient Puppe
Chapter 1590: New Puppe
Chapter 1591: Doll
Chapter 1592: Vast Glacial Badge
Chapter 1593: Qian Jizi
Chapter 1594: Vast Glacial Realm
Chapter 1595: Invitation
Chapter 1596: Exchange and Backup
Chapter 1597: Four Races Auction
Chapter 1598: Encounter
Chapter 1599: Strange Being
Chapter 1600: Nine Fragrance Spirit Wine
Chapter 1601: Essencefused Body
Chapter 1602: Cai Liuying
Chapter 1603: Appraisal
Chapter 1604: Glazed Heavenly Flame Liquid
Chapter 1605: Flawed Item
Chapter 1606: Strange Beas
Chapter 1607: Startling Turn of Events
Chapter 1608: Human-faced Wyrm
Chapter 1609: Misunderstanding
Chapter 1610: The Earth Spirit Race and the Infernal Earth Battle Carriage
Chapter 1611: Spirit Engulfing Fire Raven and the Glazed Heavenly Flame Liquid
Chapter 1612: Yue Zong
Chapter 1613: Kirin
Chapter 1614: Kirin Projection
Chapter 1615: Immortal Zoysia
Chapter 1616: Provocation
Chapter 1617: Intervention
Chapter 1618: Crushing a Ninth-tier Being
Chapter 1619: Entering the Golden Devil Mountain Ranges
Chapter 1620: Emergence of the Devilish Ravens
Chapter 1621: Myriad Eye Devil
Chapter 1622: Devilish Shadow Rampage
Chapter 1623: Silver Wyrm, Strange Insec
Chapter 1624: Human-faced Vultures
Chapter 1625: Golden Crow True Flames
Chapter 1626: Using the Lethal Poison Again
Chapter 1627: Slaughter
Chapter 1628: Surprise Visitor
Chapter 1629: Different Agendas
Chapter 1630: Sneak Attack
Chapter 1631: Ho"Li" Sh*t, It's Han!
Chapter 1632: Cave Spiri
Chapter 1633: Body and Soul Division Technique
Chapter 1634: Demonic Ape Spirit Eyes
Chapter 1635: Trapping the Devil with the Sword Formation
Chapter 1636: Mountain True Spiri
Chapter 1637: Re-emergence of the Profound Heavenly Treasure
Chapter 1638: Slaying the Ape
Chapter 1639: Profound Heavenly Tool Refinement Technique
Chapter 1640: Landslide
Chapter 1641: True Kirin Essence
Chapter 1642: Devilish Might of the Spirit Seeds
Chapter 1643: Myriad Manifestation
Chapter 1644: Xing Beas
Chapter 1645: Futile Efforts
Chapter 1646: Discovery
Chapter 1647: Interception
Chapter 1648: Escape
Chapter 1649: Thousand Wasp
Chapter 1650: Instant Kill
Chapter 1651: Obtaining the Mirror
Chapter 1652: Coincidental Acquisition
Chapter 1653: Fierce Battle
Chapter 1654: Killing the Green-haired Being
Chapter 1655: Chased Down by Powerful Enemies
Chapter 1656: Using the Origin Qi Sword Again
Chapter 1657: The Three Devils
Chapter 1658: The Floral Tree and the Sacred Ancestor
Chapter 1659: Profound Heavenly Fortune Blade
Chapter 1660: Leaving the Mountain Ranges
Chapter 1661: The Corpse and the True Blood
Chapter 1662: The Projection and the Blade Segmen
Chapter 1663: The Glazed Water Bead and the Integrated Five Extremes Mountain
Chapter 1664: Missing Out on a Brilliant Opportunity
Chapter 1665: Eccentric Xu
Chapter 1666: Extortion
Chapter 1667: Compromise
Chapter 1668: Repairing the Armor
Chapter 1669: Inter-realm Devilish Inten
Chapter 1670: The Cloud Race
Chapter 1671: Exchange
Chapter 1672: Flame Metal Essence
Chapter 1673: Old Mistress Sha
Chapter 1674: Gues
Chapter 1675: Combination Secret Technique
Chapter 1676: The Nascent Devil and the Spirit Body
Chapter 1677: Heavenly Astral Seal
Chapter 1678: Vast Glacial Apparatus
Chapter 1679: Entering the Realm
Chapter 1680: Small Island, Sea Beasts
Chapter 1681: Displays of Power
Chapter 1682: Sparring
Chapter 1683: Sea Guardian Ape
Chapter 1684: Dark Beast Fores
Chapter 1685: Races of the Vast Glacial Realm
Chapter 1686: Emergence of the Dark Beasts
Chapter 1687: Thousand Transformation Faces
Chapter 1688: Hunting for Beasts
Chapter 1689: Dark Beast Monarch
Chapter 1690: Two Beasts
Chapter 1691: New Divine Essencefused Mountain
Chapter 1692: Initial Display of Powers
Chapter 1693: Combination Secret Technique
Chapter 1694: Pursui
Chapter 1695: Chance Encounter
Chapter 1696: Profound Heavenly Holy Artifac
Chapter 1697: Perilous Situation
Chapter 1698: Battle of the Insects
Chapter 1699: Lightning Bird Puppe
Chapter 1700: Projection Crystal
Chapter 1701: High Zenith Azure Ligh
Chapter 1702: Snow Roar Race
Chapter 1703: Breaking the Restriction
Chapter 1704: Obtaining the Mountain
Chapter 1705: Mountain, Palace, Stone Staircase
Chapter 1706: The Difficult Climb
Chapter 1707: New Ability
Chapter 1708: Purple Lightning
Chapter 1709: Mats, Incense, and a God Statue
Chapter 1710: Golden Sword
Chapter 1711: Medicine Garden
Chapter 1712: Hurling the Mountain
Chapter 1713: Red Silk Immortal Wine, Corrosive Poisonweed
Chapter 1714: Powerless
Chapter 1715: The Silver Lotus Seedpod
Chapter 1716: Balance and Breaking the Gate
Chapter 1717: Screen, Golden Cauldron
Chapter 1718: Securing the Treasures in the Cauldron
Chapter 1719: Golden Gourd and Metamorphosis Spirit Medicine
Chapter 1720: The World Within the Screen
Chapter 1721: Obtaining the Pill
Chapter 1722: Armored Warrior
Chapter 1723: Starry Sky Diagram and Incantation Seal
Chapter 1724: Pillar of Ligh
Chapter 1725: Progression
Chapter 1726: Self-detonation and the Golden Disc
Chapter 1727: Bountiful Rewards
Chapter 1728: Collapse
Chapter 1729: Chased Down
Chapter 1730: Silver Ruler and Golden Body
Chapter 1731: Inverting the Heavens
Chapter 1732: The Ferocious Might of the Giant Ape
Chapter 1733: The Plot of the Jiao Chi Race
Chapter 1734: Flying Rainbow Fish
Chapter 1735: Vanquishing the Enemies Using True Flames
Chapter 1736: Chaotic Origin Ruler
Chapter 1737: The Rong Race
Chapter 1738: Revolving Golden Ligh
Chapter 1739: Nineflame Herb
Chapter 1740: Spirit Refinement Technique
Chapter 1741: The Rong Beings in the Secret Cave
Chapter 1742: Spirit Text on the Stone Wall
Chapter 1743: Fierce Battle Against a Powerful Opponen
Chapter 1744: Crushing All Enemies
Chapter 1745: Obtaining the Cultivation Ar
Chapter 1746: Encountering the Dark Beast Again
Chapter 1747: Return
Chapter 1748: Turmoil in Cloud City
Chapter 1749: Spiritvoid Cauldron
Chapter 1750: Chance Encounter
《A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality》 Book 10: Battle of the Devil Realm
Chapter 1751: Spirit Medicine and Exchange
Chapter 1752: Mutual Benefi
Chapter 1753: Giant Spirit Talisman and Crimson Shadow
Chapter 1754: Departing From the Thunder Continen
Chapter 1755: Lightning Formation
Chapter 1756: Lei Yunzi and the Lightning Formation
Chapter 1757: Returning to Deep Heaven City
Chapter 1758: Entering the City
Chapter 1759: Evicted
Chapter 1760: First Stage of the Spirit Refinement Technique
Chapter 1761: The Gu Family
Chapter 1762: Immortal Areas and Restricted Technique
Chapter 1763: Sword Observation Ar
Chapter 1764: Progressing to the Body Integration Stage 1
Chapter 1765: Progressing to the Body Integration Stage 2
Chapter 1766: Gues
Chapter 1767: Invitation to the Spirit Sovereign Tournamen
Chapter 1768: Potential Hazards of the True Bloods
Chapter 1769: Old Acquaintances
Chapter 1770: Reappearance of the Devilish Shadow
Chapter 1771: Buddhist Monk Jin Yue
Chapter 1772: The Xu Family
Chapter 1773: The Grand Ascension Cultivators of the Two Races
Chapter 1774: The Xu Family
Chapter 1775: Mirage Illusionary Realm
Chapter 1776: Glacial Flame and Golden Talismans
Chapter 1777: Blood Soul
Chapter 1778: Ancestral Shrine of the Xu Family
Chapter 1779: Ceremony
Chapter 1780: Awakening
Chapter 1781: Blood Spiri
Chapter 1782: Returning the Cauldron
Chapter 1783: Young Master Hai and Spirit Artifact Disciple
Chapter 1784: Nine Immortal Mountain
Chapter 1785: Bai Guo'er
Chapter 1786: Three-on-three
Chapter 1787: Frost Poison
Chapter 1788: Heavenly Yuan Holy Sovereign
Chapter 1789: Wine Sovereign?
Chapter 1790: Great Keen Eye Technique and Qi Inspection Technique
Chapter 1791: Ice Essence Body
Chapter 1792: In-name Disciple
Chapter 1793: Immortal Welcome Palace
Chapter 1794: Daoist Master Myriad Bone
Chapter 1795: Black Realm Exchange Convention
Chapter 1796: Heavenly Fox Demonic Maiden
Chapter 1797: Immortal Wine and Mouse Monarch Dong Tian
Chapter 1798: Transport Spiri
Chapter 1799: Offer
Chapter 1800: Grass Soul Pills and the Great Nirvana Holy Spirit Ar
Chapter 1801: Concern
Chapter 1802: Recessive Spiritual Roo
Chapter 1803: The Woman in Purple
Chapter 1804: Dai'er
Chapter 1805: Weeping Spirit Blood Wood
Chapter 1806: Wolf Monarch Clone
Chapter 1807: Myriad Manifestation Formation Plate and Giant Atlas Ark
Chapter 1808: Invitation from Daoist Master Myriad Bone
Chapter 1809: Heart Adherence Thread
Chapter 1810: Pursuing the Enemies
Chapter 1811: Infiltration
Chapter 1812: A Grab, a Punch, a Palm Strike
Chapter 1813: Battling the Long Family Patriarch
Chapter 1814: The Holy Island
Chapter 1815: Heavenly Captivation Pavilion
Chapter 1816: The Qin Sisters
Chapter 1817: Resemblance
Chapter 1818: Guidance Envoy and Entrance
Chapter 1819: Black-veiled Servan
Chapter 1820: Black Bell
Chapter 1821: Heavenmatch Bell
Chapter 1822: Yin Phoenix Herb
Chapter 1823: The Item in the Pouch
Chapter 1824: Encountering Golden Crow True Flames Again
Chapter 1825: Sinful Cloud and Clear Cleansing Pill
Chapter 1826: Three For One
Chapter 1827: Reunited With an Old Acquaintance
Chapter 1828: Spirit Gathering Stakes
Chapter 1829: Rendezvous
Chapter 1830: Demonic Projection on the Bleak Plains
Chapter 1831: Reverse Spirit True Yin Technique
Chapter 1832: Myriad Spirit Platform
Chapter 1833: Calculation
Chapter 1834: Myriad Spirit Beas
Chapter 1835: Sparring Match 1
Chapter 1836: Sparring Match 2
Chapter 1837: Sparring Match 3
Chapter 1838: The Lao Family's Challenge.
Chapter 1839: Might of the Golden Body
Chapter 1840: Meeting
Chapter 1841: The Spirit Cleansing Pond and the Clean Spirit Lotus
Chapter 1842: The Elder Devil Realm Agreemen
Chapter 1843: Centuries Pass
Chapter 1844: Bai Guo'er and the Exchange
Chapter 1845: The Small World Within the Mountain
Chapter 1846: Chaotic Myriad Poison Body
Chapter 1847: Newly Mutated Gold Devouring Beetles
Chapter 1848: The Approaching Devilish Shadow
Chapter 1849: Return to the Flying Spirit Race
Chapter 1850: Astonishmen
Chapter 1851: Half a Cultivation Ar
Chapter 1852: Return to the Earth Abyss
Chapter 1853: Sudden Turn of Events in the Earth Abyss
Chapter 1854: Return to the Second Level
Chapter 1855: The Massive Crater and Teleportation
Chapter 1856: Unexpected Troubles
Chapter 1857: Fierce Battle 1
Chapter 1858: Fierce Battle 2
Chapter 1859: Fierce Battle 3
Chapter 1860: The Power of the Lightning Beas
Chapter 1861: Re-emergence of the Xing Beas
Chapter 1862: Vanquishing the Enemy
Chapter 1863: Giant Eye
Chapter 1864: Change
Chapter 1865: Visi
Chapter 1866: Golden Flame Baron
Chapter 1867: Gues
Chapter 1868: Unpredictable Mood Swings
Chapter 1869: Corrosive Immortal Pill
Chapter 1870: Another Fragmen
Chapter 1871: Gold Devouring Beetles and Gold Devouring Beetles
Chapter 1872: Gold Devouring Beetle Monarch
Chapter 1873: Insect Nurturing Secret Technique
Chapter 1874: Disciples
Chapter 1875: Emergence of the Devilish Mark
Chapter 1876: Beetle Monarch Candidates
Chapter 1877: Deep Sea Shadow
Chapter 1878: Grand Ascension Stage Being of the Wood Tribe
Chapter 1879: Reliance
Chapter 1880: The Stronghold of the Major Families
Chapter 1881:
Chapter 1882: Arrival of the Devilish Tribulation
Chapter 1883: The Young Man and the Gian
Chapter 1884: Arrival of the Devilish Beings
Chapter 1885: The Violent Devilish Tide
Chapter 1886: Devilish Invasion
Chapter 1887: Battle Between Humans and Devils 1
Chapter 1888: Battle Between Humans and Devils 2
Chapter 1889: Battle Between Humans and Devils 3
Chapter 1890: Battle Between Humans and Devils 4
Chapter 1891: Battle Between Humans and Devils 5
Chapter 1892: Battle Between Humans and Devils 6
Chapter 1893: Battle Between Humans and Devils 7
Chapter 1894: First Encounter With a Devilish Lord
Chapter 1895: Battling the Three Devils 1
Chapter 1896: Battling the Three Devils 2
Chapter 1897: Battling the Three Devils 3
Chapter 1898: Hierarchical True Devils and the Asura Ghost Monarch
Chapter 1899: Displays of Devilish Power
Chapter 1900: Devilish Formation
Chapter 1901: The Primary Devil
Chapter 1902: Slaying the Devils
Chapter 1903: Thunderous Rage
Chapter 1904: All-encompassing Devilish Cavaliers
Chapter 1905: Stalemate
Chapter 1906: Formidable Foes
Chapter 1907: Arrival of Allies
Chapter 1908: Nine Sun Astral Formation
Chapter 1909: Descendant of the Sacred Ancestor
Chapter 1910: Mysterious Wooden Box
Chapter 1911: The World Within the Box
Chapter 1912: The Devil Sealing Lock and Che Qigong
Chapter 1913: Chaotic Yin Yang Qi
Chapter 1914: The Battle Commences Again
Chapter 1915: The Battle of Heavenlean City 1
Chapter 1916: The Battle of Heavenlean City 2
Chapter 1917: The Battle of Heavenlean City 3
Chapter 1918: The Battle of Heavenlean City 4
Chapter 1919: The Battle of Heavenlean City 5
Chapter 1920: The Battle of Heavenlean City 6
Chapter 1921: The Battle of Heavenlean City 7
Chapter 1922: The Battle of Heavenlean City 8
Chapter 1923: The Battle of Heavenlean City 9
Chapter 1924: The Battle of Heavenlean City 10
Chapter 1925: The Battle of Heavenlean City 11
Chapter 1926: Freezing the Heavens
Chapter 1927: Azure Coil
Chapter 1928: Blood Devilish Shadow
Chapter 1929: Old Man Weng
Chapter 1930: Obstructing the Enemy
Chapter 1931: Asking for Advice
Chapter 1932: Strategy
Chapter 1933: Great Soul Splitting Technique
Chapter 1934: Triggering the Spiritual Sense
Chapter 1935: Sea of Blood
Chapter 1936: Intense Battle
Chapter 1937: Trapping the Enemy
Chapter 1938: Reversal
Chapter 1939: Forcing the Enemy Into Retrea
Chapter 1940: Abandoned City
Chapter 1941: Encountering an Old Acquaintance
Chapter 1942: Void Emperor Cauldron
Chapter 1943: Master Black Rain
Chapter 1944: Earthly Hellish Flames
Chapter 1945: Trap
Chapter 1946: Pipe Dream Stone Spiri
Chapter 1947: Attacking the Stone Spiri
Chapter 1948: Parting Ways
Chapter 1949: Feng Xie and the Great Diversion Technique
Chapter 1950: The Devilish Maiden
Chapter 1951: New Formidable Foe
Chapter 1952: Stone Hall
Chapter 1953: Collaboration Between Formidable Foes
Chapter 1954: Interception
Chapter 1955: Helter-skelter
Chapter 1956: Decoy
Chapter 1957: Diversion
Chapter 1958: Pursuing the Nascent Soul
Chapter 1959: Fleeing
Chapter 1960: Black Coffin
Chapter 1961: Ordeal in the Primordial World
Chapter 1962: Re-emergence of Floral Tree
Chapter 1963: Exposed
Chapter 1964: Great Illusionary Sun Technique
Chapter 1965: Wounding the Enemy With a Divine Bow
Chapter 1966: Escape
Chapter 1967: Refinement Technique
Chapter 1968: Attacking the City
Chapter 1969: Infiltrating the Wood Tribe Again
Chapter 1970: Infiltration
Chapter 1971: Underground Glacier
Chapter 1972: The Return Trip and the Mystery of the Elder Devil Race
Chapter 1973: Arrival of Ao Xiao
Chapter 1974: Discussion
Chapter 1975: Silvermoon and the Seven Star Moon Physique
Chapter 1976: Liao Ying
Chapter 1977: Huo Li Sec
Chapter 1978: Intervention
Chapter 1979: Entering the City
Chapter 1980: Unexpected Trouble
Chapter 1981: Extortion
Chapter 1982: Fury
Chapter 1983: Three Attacks
Chapter 1984: Heavenly Bipolar Formation
Chapter 1985: Crushing Azure Dragon
Chapter 1986: Forced Departure
Chapter 1987: Pull the Weed Out by the Roots
Chapter 1988: Fall of Azure Dragon
Chapter 1989: Repercussions
Chapter 1990: Late-Body Integration Stage 1
Chapter 1991: Late-Body Integration Stage 2
Chapter 1992: Late-Body Integration Stage 3
Chapter 1993: Late-Body Integration Stage 4
Chapter 1994: Number One Devilish Lord
Chapter 1995: Invitation
Chapter 1996: Heavenly Halberd Talisman
Chapter 1997: Battle of Deep Heaven City 1
Chapter 1998: Battle of Deep Heaven City 2
Chapter 1999: Battle of Deep Heaven City 3
Chapter 2000: Battle of Deep Heaven City 4
Chapter 2001: Battle of Deep Heaven City 5
Chapter 2002: Sevenflame Fan and Unbroken Rings
Chapter 2003: Devastating Strike
Chapter 2004: Black Sun
Chapter 2005: Holy Nirvana Physique
Chapter 2006: Vanquishing the Enemy With the Heavenly Halberd
Chapter 2007: Taichi Diagram
Chapter 2008: Might of the Beetles
Chapter 2009: Crushing Victory
Chapter 2010: Unexpected Gues
Chapter 2011: Unforeseen Circumstances
Chapter 2012: Spirit Capturing Heavenly Ne
Chapter 2013: Yellow Cloth Puppe
Chapter 2014: Reques
Chapter 2015: Meeting Between the Two Races
Chapter 2016: Destiny Copper Coin
Chapter 2017: Cauldron Refinemen
Chapter 2018: Heavenly Divination
Chapter 2019: Silenced
Chapter 2020: Barging Through by Force
Chapter 2021: Brilliant Treasured Sacred Flower
Chapter 2022: Tian Qi and He Yan
Chapter 2023: Devilish Origin Sea
Chapter 2024: Eight-Footed Devilish Lizard and Immortal Soul Pill
Chapter 2025: Blooddrop Poria Flower and Celestial Crystal Pagoda
Chapter 2026: Profound Spirit Sealing Talisman
Chapter 2027: Grassland Beast Tide
Chapter 2028: Rescuing the Devils
Chapter 2029: Butterfly Tail Beasts
Chapter 2030: Soul Seal
Chapter 2031: Blood Crow City
Chapter 2032: Foreign Devilish Metal
Chapter 2033: Ball of Light and Green Qi
Chapter 2034: Devilish Auction
Chapter 2035: Dark Blood Five-colored Bells
Chapter 2036: The Holy Brick and the Blood Crow City Lord
Chapter 2037: True Spirit Bone
Chapter 2038: Profound Medicine Spiri
Chapter 2039: Midnight Devilish Shadow
Chapter 2040: Qi Ling's Hidden Treasure
Chapter 2041: Seven Kill Blood Baleful Qi and Blackbone Devilish Insects
Chapter 2042: Taking the Brick
Chapter 2043: Beast Tide and Insect Tide
Chapter 2044: Devouring Devilish Ants
Chapter 2045: Might of the Devouring Devilish Ants
Chapter 2046: Devilish Plains
Chapter 2047: The Four Holy Bricks
Chapter 2048: The Bai Family of Illusion Night City
Chapter 2049: Bai Yunxin
Chapter 2050: Golden Dawn Mouse
Chapter 2051: Illusion Night City
Chapter 2052: Myriad Slave Tower
Chapter 2053: Female Slave
Chapter 2054: Encountering the Maiden Cultivation Art Again
Chapter 2055: Small Spirit Sky
Chapter 2056: Layman Futian
Chapter 2057: Trouble
Chapter 2058: Vast Yin Treasured Mirror
Chapter 2059: Entering the Illusion Howl Deser
Chapter 2060:
Chapter 2061: Bloodtooth Rice
Chapter 2062: Blood Essence Pendan
Chapter 2063: Remains and Lava Lake
Chapter 2064: Devilish Beas
Chapter 2065: Fierce Mine Battle 1
Chapter 2066: Fierce Mine Battle 2
Chapter 2067: Fierce Mine Battle 3
Chapter 2068: Victory
Chapter 2069: Encountering Foreign Devilish Metal Again
Chapter 2070: Golden Whale Bead
Chapter 2071: Arrival of Allies
Chapter 2072: Plan
Chapter 2073: Countermeasures
Chapter 2074: Interception
Chapter 2075: Entering the Illusion Howl Desert Again
Chapter 2076: Beast Lord Palace
Chapter 2077: Azure Luan True Blood
Chapter 2078: Unexpected Assailan
Chapter 2079: Interception
Chapter 2080: Battle
Chapter 2081: Iron Sand Ridge
Chapter 2082: Incense Village
Chapter 2083: Entering by Force
Chapter 2084: Battle
Chapter 2085: Success
Chapter 2086: Devilish Origin Sea
Chapter 2087: Lightning Sea
Chapter 2088: Golden Crab
Chapter 2089: The Three Patriarchs
Chapter 2090: Bitter Spirit Island
Chapter 2091: Spiritual Qi Crystallization
Chapter 2092: Patriarch Yuan Yan
Chapter 2093: Faux Immortal Puppe
Chapter 2094: Profound Heavenly Black Dagger
Chapter 2095: Dire Straits
Chapter 2096: The Spirit Monarch and the Realmfall Stone
Chapter 2097: Nirvana Bead
Chapter 2098: Heavenly Fortune Elixir
Chapter 2099: Close Shave
Chapter 2100: Bao Hua's Arrival
Chapter 2101: Holy Nirvana Physique and Profound Heavenly Sword
Chapter 2102: Heavenvoice Lightning Core
Chapter 2103: Re-emergence of the Silver Seed Pod
Chapter 2104: Spiritvoid Pill
Chapter 2105: The Tribulation of the Elder Devil Realm
Chapter 2106: Entering the Pond
Chapter 2107: Clean Spirit Lotus
Chapter 2108: Complete Transformation
Chapter 2109: Devour
Chapter 2110: Two Vials
Chapter 2111: Escape
Chapter 2112: Encountering the Faux Immortal Elixir Again
Chapter 2113: Might of the Sacred Crab
Chapter 2114: Reversal
Chapter 2115: Daoist Xie
Chapter 2116: Change of Plans
Chapter 2117: Death of Xue Guang
Chapter 2118: Profound Heavenly Sacred Tree
Chapter 2119: Blue Waterfall Lake
Chapter 2120: Entering the Lake
Chapter 2121: The Woman in Black
Chapter 2122: Purchases
Chapter 2123: Wu You
Chapter 2124: Vast Origin House
Chapter 2125: Mysterious Young Woman
Chapter 2126: Reuniting With a Soulmate
Chapter 2127: Disciple to Liu Ji
Chapter 2128: Violet Spirit's Crisis
Chapter 2129: Five Elemental Yin Yang True Ligh
Chapter 2130: Stemborer Queen
Chapter 2131: Private Mine
Chapter 2132: News
Chapter 2133: Mine Slaves
Chapter 2134: Magnetic Light Beas
Chapter 2135: Battling the Beas
Chapter 2136: Obtaining the Crystal
Chapter 2137: Secret Plan
Chapter 2138: Unrest Brewing Beneath the Surface
Chapter 2139: Six Extremes Azure Lightning Formation
Chapter 2140: Battle Within the Formation 1
Chapter 2141: Battle in the Formation 2
Chapter 2142: Re-emergence of the Spirit Domain