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1777 Invitation From Young Master Hai

Chapter 1777: Invitation From Young Master Hai


The onlookers all roared with laughter. After causing so much commotion and giving them such high hopes for the ensuing battle, Fu Zhengtong had immediately become limp and uncompetitive just like that?

Meanwhile, Fu Siyuan’s expression was as dark as could be. What in the world was going on?

Perhaps Fu Zhengtong had released the Southern Cup Rock Sun Water for too long, so it was “leaking air”?

“Humph!” He flicked his sleeves in frustration. If he directly interfered and suppressed Ling Han, others would accuse him of picking on the weak. Sure, there were Dividing Soul Tier elites in Fu Tonghai’s branch, but were there no Dividing Soul Tier elites in Fu Gaoyun’s branch?

The Fu Clan had their rules—battles between the followers of different potential leaders were strictly limited to those at the Severing Mundane Tier. If elites above this cultivation level participated, they would be severely punished by the clan.

“Let’s go!” Fu Siyuan said as he turned around.

Fu Zhengtong hurriedly followed behind him. He was no stronger than Ling Han, and if he took Ling Han’s Pseudo-Celestial Tool into account, he could only hope to achieve victory if he used the Southern Cup Rock Sun Water. Otherwise, how could he avenge his defeat?

He dejectedly left with Fu Siyuan.

A smile spread across Ling Han’s face. He had obtained a huge yield!

He returned to his courtyard and immediately entered the Black Tower. He then channeled his cultivation technique under the Reincarnation Tree, refining the brimming Origin Power into his flesh and bones. Right now, his accumulation of Origin Power had already reached the peak stage of the second severance. However, his comprehension of Regulations was slightly inferior. As such, he was still unable to advance, meaning that he could only patiently wait.

Three different Source Powers intertwined inside his body.

Water, fire, and lightning. The water- and fire-element Source Powers were both nurtured and birthed by heaven and earth. Meanwhile, the lightning-element Source Power was obtained from Heavenly Tribulation Fluid. As such, it was fundamentally weaker than the two other Source Powers. That being the case, the fire- and water-element Source Powers occupied 90 percent of the territory, while the lightning-element Source Power only occupied 10 percent of the territory.

Ling Han observed the water-element Source Power. After absorbing most of the essence of the Southern Cup Rock Sun Water, this water-element Source Power had also grown larger by a tiny bit. However, because its level was already so high, this growth seemed to be relatively insignificant.

Anyhow, a tiny bit of growth was better than nothing. Perhaps it had only been able to help him reach the first heaven of the Celestial King Tier before, yet it was now able to help him reach the second heaven of the Celestial King Tier?

Of course, this was thinking too far ahead.

Ling Han continued to refine the brimming Origin Power into his blood, flesh, and bones. This was the process of cultivating and tempering his body. Accumulation of Origin Power would become relatively unimportant after reaching the Severing Mundane Tier, so those who were at this cultivation level would often use their Origin Power to temper their body.

After advancing to the Severing Mundane Tier, it could be said that everyone would become someone who practiced Body Arts. The only difference was how powerful their physique was.

Ling Han stopped and shook his head after refining his Origin Power for a few hours. Even though there were two Source Powers of heaven and earth within his body, and even though he had the help of the Reincarnation Tree, it was still incredibly difficult to obtain enough comprehension to advance to the third severance. He would need to wait for at least 1000 more years.

Was this slow?

Not at all! For example, Mao Dai was a renowned prodigy, yet it had still taken him a whopping 300 million years to advance from the early stage of the first severance to the peak stage of the third severance!

Was it possible to advance faster? Of course! One could ingest Celestial medicines! Otherwise, one could also enter Celestial Bath Pools like the one in the Han Clan. By doing so, one would naturally obtain a steady flow of comprehension. As long as they weren’t a fool, their cultivation would naturally rise at an explosive rate.

Ling Han sighed with emotion. He already owned numerous paramount treasures, yet if he wanted to rapidly increase his cultivation, he would still need to enter all kinds of ancient sites to look for rare opportunities.

He was under far too much pressure. Otherwise, advancing by one minor level every 1000 years was something that even young king tiers like Changsun Liang and Fu Gaoyun would accept with glee. They definitely wouldn’t view this speed as slow.

Meanwhile, Zhao Pang had sought help from a powerful figure of the Zhao Clan, and they had desired to heap pressure onto Ling Han. However, Situ Xiaozhen informed the two three-star alchemists about this, and they both became incredibly displeased. They immediately complained to the clan leader of the Fu Clan, and as a result, the Zhao Clan was treated as an example and severely admonished by him.

Only at this moment did everyone come to a sudden realization. It was untrue that Ling Han didn’t have a powerful background. Instead, he had the support of two three-star alchemists!

Upon learning of this, no one dared to provoke Ling Han anymore. At the same time, it also caused many members of the Fu Clan to think highly of Fu Gaoyun.

By obtaining the support of Ling Han, he had essentially obtained the support of two great alchemists. This was unfathomably important to Fu Gaoyun’s aim of stabilizing his position as a potential successor. In fact, it was also a critical relationship that might help him become the only successor of the Fu Clan.

Several undecided branches and subordinate forces immediately started to lean toward Fu Gaoyun. In turn, this placed huge pressure on the three other potential successors.

Fu Gaoyun was naturally overjoyed. He had only become acquaintances with Ling Han because he appreciated his personality. At that time, he hadn’t known that Ling Han was also a talented alchemist who would bring him such immense help.

In order to thank Ling Han, he became even more enthusiastic as he helped him search for Level 20 Godly metal. At the same time, he also ordered more people to search for the whereabouts of the Roc Palace.

With this significant increase in effort, it wasn’t long before they obtained some results. Godly metal could be obtained as long as one had enough money. Meanwhile, news about the Roc Palace was also delivered over from the distance. This news had come from a city that was located near the boundless sea; it had come from a merchant who had traveled to the Western Celestial Realm.

Indeed, Ling Han was currently located in the Eastern Celestial Realm, while the Roc Palace was situated in the distant Western Celestial Realm.

Ling Han was beside himself with emotion upon hearing this news.

However, crossing the boundless sea was an incredibly dangerous matter. There were countless Immortal Beasts in the sea. In fact, there were even Celestial King Tier Immortal Beasts in the sea. With Ling Han’s current strength, attempting to cross the sea would be equivalent to seeking death.

He had to follow a merchant team. In other words, he had to pay a huge sum of money to cross the sea. However, Ling Han wasn’t worried about this cost. Instead, he was worried that money alone wouldn’t be enough.

No one could guarantee that crossing the sea would be safe. Some powerful forces had opened set routes in the sea, yet even so, they would still tell their passengers that they were liable for their own safety if anything untoward were to happen.

If that were to occur, Ling Han would have no option but to seek refuge in the Black Tower. Perhaps he might even be met with grave dangers when he poked his head out again.

After mulling over this for a long time, Ling Han decided to cross the sea after he reached at least the Dividing Soul Tier.

Doing so would increase his safety by a significant amount. Moreover, he had also received immense help from Fu Gaoyun, so it would be incredibly discourteous of him to leave at this moment. After all, departing at this moment would definitely lead to the collapse of Fu Gaoyun’s newly obtained support.

Ling Han wasn’t someone who would leave things unfinished. Coincidentally, he also wanted to see if he could obtain anything during his trip to the Hidden Dragon Mystery Realm. If he could find a method to rapidly advance to the third severance, advancing to the Dividing Soul Tier wouldn’t be a distant matter anymore.

Right now, he was waiting for the Hidden Dragon Mystery Realm to open.

Meanwhile, elites would occasionally go to the Heavenly Dragon Academy to give lectures on dao. However, most of them were only at the Dividing Soul Tier. It was extremely rare for Immortal Palace Tier elites to give lectures.

Ling Han would occasionally attend these lectures, and this was mainly to gain an understanding of the Dividing Soul Tier.

Similar to the Severing Mundane Tier, one would also need to go to designated locations in the Celestial Realm to advance to the Dividing Soul Tier. Otherwise, it was essentially impossible to advance to the Dividing Soul Tier.

Anyhow, people were forgetful beings, and it wasn’t long before the commotion caused by Ling Han quickly died down. After all, he had kept an extremely low profile afterward. Moreover, no one dared to provoke him anyway. Right now, there was someone else whom people would involuntarily curse when they mentioned him—this was none other than the large black dog that wore a pair of iron underwear!

This large black dog was far too detestable, and he loved to screw people over left and right. He would commit any evils that he could think of. Moreover, he was extremely slippery, and no one could hope to capture him at all. However, it was also because of this that there was an air of mystery about him. He had already become a legend of the academy.

To this, Ling Han could only shed a few drops of cold sweat.

One month later, Ling Han received a visitor.

“Young Master Han, this humble servant is called Liu Huaiyu!” This was a stunningly beautiful woman. Moreover, upon seeing her seductive eyes, Ling Han felt a strong urge to leap over and push her down, and then furiously enter her body…

Ling Han’s heart shuddered. He had a breathtakingly beautiful wife in the Empress, so what woman could still make him lose his control?

This woman… had practiced charm techniques, so each of her movements was as charming and seductive as could be.

“Young Master Hai sends his invitation!” she said in a sweet voice.