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Divine Card Creator

Author:90 Degrees Celsius

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《Divine Card Creator》 Volume 1
1 Hello, World
2 The Magical Card Creating Process
3 New Card!
4 Debut!
5 Business Is Ho
6 Pirated Goods Everywhere
7 Emotional Meltdown
8 Crazy Popularity
9 The Legendary Card
10 The Ancient Presence
11 The Price of Stroking the Ca
12 Internship
13 The Strange Card Face
14 Lightning Original Card
15 The New Mysterious Card!
16 Mining Youths
17 Rumors Are Flying
18 Exploitation Site
19 Shocking Transformation
20 Mystic Realm!
21 The Strong Smell Of Blood
22 Do You Know How Strong My Energy Shield Is?
23 Where Has It Been Teleported to?
24 You Said So!
25 Brother, What Have You Been Through In The Past?
26 One Hundred Million!
27 Lu Yan
28 Damn Her Who Helps Her Brother At No Cost!
29 I Am Your Father!
30 Integration! Integration!
31 Where Were The Bulls?!
32 The Man Who Occupied Two Urinals!
33 One Can Lose in Team Fights But One Cannot Be A Scapegoat!
34 It Is My Turn Now
35 Did the Card Creator Eat Your Rice?
36 D Encryption
37 The Colors Could Change Now!
38 Strong Surviving Ability
39 Mysterious Technique!
40 Can't Afford to Provoke! Can't Afford to Provoke!
41 New Game Card!
42 The Child Is Still Growing
43 The Second Game Card Is Out!
44 The Small Uproar At The Card Creators Association
45 You Can Delete To Your Deligh
46 The Fear of Being Dominated By The Leviathan!
47 Unable To Copy!
48 Such a Dumb Encryption Method
49 The Background of the Internet Water Army Did Not Matter!
50 Mysterious Small Gif
51 To Freeload, But Not Join In
52 Have You Heard Of The Krypton Gold Cultivators Vocation?
53 Overtaken On A Bend!
54 The Things About Burial Mounds
55 Damn!!!
56 The Lu Ming Who Had His First Service Experience
57 The Poetic and Picturesque Zhang Xueyao
58 Qualified Gatekeepers
59 The Taste of Love
60 Delay Time to Get More Understanding?
61 You Were The Ones Who Forced Me
62 Hell... What Kind of a Testimony Was This?
63 The Frantic Wang Tianjun
64 Sword Plunge
65 It Is Actually Soft?
66 My Chief and My Regimen
67 Are You Misunderstood about Card Creator?
68 The Burial Mound Card In This World!
69 The Uncanny Fog
70 The World's Inverted Reflection!
71 A Furious Fan Ze
72 I Think We Can Salvage I
73 The Birth of TikTok Master
74 Why Is The Situation Getting Stranger?
75 The Mysterious Gues
76 The Most Powerful Scene of the Burial Mound Card!
77 It Turned Greener and More Powerful
78 What Kind Of name Was This!
79 Brother, That Should Be My Line
80 Don't Think I Can't Recognize You With A Vest On!
81 You Have Grown Up!
82 Black Technology!
83 Master Is Very Attractive
84 A Bunch Of Con-men!
85 Eye of Insigh
86 Didn't He Say That He Was Too Weak?!
87 The Greatest Difference
88 He Who Has Wealth Speaks Louder Than Others
89 Are All of Them So Complacent?
90 You Have to Edit Like Tha
91 Very Unflustered
92 Discovered A Sleeping Big Shot, Might As Well...
93 Done For, About To Be Silenced
94 Did I Seem Naive To You?
95 I Shall Wait For You!
96 Was This A Plug-in?
97 Come, Let Master Bring You To Look At Goldfish!
98 So What If Four-star Was Formidable?
99 Have You Considered the Oriole's Feelings?
100 Xiaoqing's Choice
101 Elder Brother and Younger Sister vs. Elder Sister and Younger Brother!
102 Who Didn't You Go to Heaven?!
103 Shameless People Are Ever-victorious!
104 Who Is The Protagonist?
《Divine Card Creator》 Volume 2
105 Wait While I Stroke The Ca
106 Circular Ecology Structure
107 Rule-changing Threa
108 How To Increase Combat Effectiveness Correctly?
109 To Become Stronger...
110 This Was Bullying!
111 Let's Go To Look For Him!
112 The Brother Who Had An Extensive Appetite
113 Exasperating!
114 A Rather Zen Legacy...
115 One Day Legacy Tour
116 If There Is No Legacy, I Will Create My Own
117 You Are The Worst Batch That I Have Seen
118 A Walk In The Snowstorm!
119 A Battle of Mental Strength!
120 How Can You Be So Shameless?!
121 Sister, You Will Spoil Me If You Do This!
122 Why Is There Such a Thing at the Assessment?!
123 What Had The Sister And Brother Been Doing?!
124 ▄█▀█●
125 You Must Be Asking For Trouble
126 A Mountain Full Of Sword Auras!
127 Everyone, Please Get Into the Po
128 Volcano's Burst of Lightning!
129 Most Annoyed by Those Who Hit on Girls at Inopportune Times!
130 The Sixth Mountain!
131 Incredible Chase!
132 As Long As You Don't Tear Me Down, I Will Tell You Everything!
133 Legacy - The Terrifying Truth!
134 Would Be Beaten To Death Sooner Or Later!
135 Since One Could Not Fight Back...
136 A Calm and Chill Competition!
137 Everyone, Please Go and Die
138 You Can Demolish This Too?
139 Did All of You Overlook Something?
140 The Legacy Is Coming!
141 Can You Shut Up?
142 Last-gasp Kill!
143 Three Strikes!
144 That's Right, Kneel and Call Father!
145 What Have You Done?!
146 The Unrivaled Swordsman Qiu Shuyi!
147 What Did It Mean By This?!
148 This Dingus Could Also Become That Smart?
149 A Card Creator Who Is Determined to Succeed!
150 What Were These Two People Up To?
151 Brother, Are You Serious?
152 A Brilliant Use Of Words
153 Who Did He Offend?
154 New Skills get √
155 Are You Having...?
156 You Are Too Formidable!
157 What Are You Guys Doing?
158 You Need to Possess Certain Skills When You Are Outside
159 Do All of You Believe in Buddhism?
160 Is There a Problem With Your Plan?
161 I Might Have Been Swindled By Friends?
162 The Damned Sibling Bond!
163 Do Dolls Nowadays Have Such High Moral Values?
164 You Big Shots Are So Cowardly!
165 Wait, Let Me Put My Arms Akimbo
166 There Was Nothing That One Sword Aura Cannot Solve, If There Was...
167 Have You Heard of Something That Fell From the Sky...
168 Help Me Beat Someone Up!
169 Escaping Peril
170 Why Did They Look So Familiar?
171 Please! Please Accept My Good Person Card!
172 Mysterious Men In Black!
173 A Small Train Entering The Cave...
174 Elder Sister! I Want To Re-cultivate!
175 Can I Look At Your Body?
176 Did You Think You Are A Copier?!
177 Did You Have Some Misunderstandings About Card Creators?
178 He Even Beat His Own People When He Was Berserk!
《Divine Card Creator》 Text
179 Are Young Ladies Nowadays that Daring and Playful?
180 The Death of Swordsman Wu Hongfei!
181 The "Battleground" that Disappeared!
182 Were Lines Nowadays that Shameless?
183 I Heard That The Students From The Key College Were Very Powerful...
184 How Did You Manage To Survive Until Now?
185 Brother Lu Ming, You Have Gone Astray...
186 If She Continues to Fight, She May Become Deflated
187 The Amazing Feat of Feng Lin's Team Leader
188 The Expelled Lu Ming
189 I Hope Everyone Will Focus on My Ability and Not My Looks
190 The Legend Of the Water Ghost!
191 As Everyone Knew...
192 Brother Cat Has No Balls?!
193 Who Told You You Couldn't Go In When There Were No Holes?
194 What Kind Of Family Were They?
195 Xiaobai Threw Up This Morning
196 It Felt As If Their Bodies Were Hollowed Out...
197 You Memorized the Rules for College Students Behind My Back?
198 Master, Please Don't Blame Senior Sister
199 Can't Afford to Provoke! Can't Afford to Provoke!
200 I Really Didn't Do You In This Time
201 Have You Seen A Core That Attacked From The Back?
202 Thankfully Brother Cat Did Not Gnaw On The Mosaic...
203 I Can Tell That It Is An Indecent Card at One Glance
204 The Extremely Frantic Lu Ming
205 It's Done For, Dad's Brains Are Damaged
206 The Spectacular Show of a Six-star Assassin
207 Has Been Out of Repair For a Long Time and Is Not Hardy Enough
208 Am I That Kind Of Person?
209 An Extremely Dumbstruck Lu Ming
210 The Master Was Of A Different Level!
211 Why Are Your Tastes Getting Stronger?
212 Floating on Air!
213 I'm a Cultivator. How Can I Skive?
214 The Lu Ming Who Was Shunned Everyday
215 Did You Have Any Misconceptions About The Original Card?
216 It Was Supposed To Be A Six-star Python!
217 Not Only Dashing But Also Has a Good Personality!
218 The Sudden Scam Call!
219 Is This the Calling of a Hero?
220 The Spirit Bodies Nowadays Are Really Not as Good as Before
221 You Actually Secretly Got a New Hairdo!
222 Breaking-off Other People's Cultivation Is a Huge Feud!
223 The Old Card Was Replaced By A New Generation of Cards...
224 The Mysterious Ancient Legacy!!!
225 Sisters Nowadays Are Really...
226 Wahahahahaha, I Am In Heaven!
227 You Turned Pink and More Powerful.
228 Phantom's Final Attack!
229 Principal, Aren't You Going To Launch An Attack?
230 I Am Just An Innocent Card Creator
231 Lu Ming Is Arrested
232 Come, Let Master Show You a Huge Treasure
233 I Do Not Need A Reason To Beat You.
234 I Wonder What Breed Brother Cat Is...
235 Wow, Master Knows Art~
236 Put Down Old Wang, Come at Me!
237 Rocking the World!
238 Wait for Lu Ming to Blast Your Asshole!
239 Sister-in-law Is Really Pretty!
240 As Everyone Knew...
241 You Can Have Deeper Interactions With Her
242 Scoundrel! You’re Not Considered As Disabled Without A Wrist!
243 Let Master Check Your Body's... Fitness Level
244 Girl, Do You Have a Misconception about Looks?
245 Master, Isn't This a Basic Requirement for a Sword Card Master?
246 Wu Geng Is Dead. Burn Joss Paper If Needed.
247 Since They Were Already There...
248 Why Did You Choose This Out Of So Many Other Abilities?
249 The Ancient Broken Record!
250 His Elder Sister Could Make Up for His Lack of Talent!
251 The Card Spirit from Another Family
252 You're Hentai!
253 I Have Seen All Kinds Of Sizes
254 Have You Seen A Protagonist Who Leads An Idle Life?
255 The Caress Of The Grumpy Big Brothers
256 Why Was He Such A Bully?
257 What Is This Young Brat Doing?
258 Were The Private Lives of Ferocious Beasts Nowadays that Messy?
259 Equal Treatmen
260 Bloom! Moonlight Card!
261 Bloom! Bloom!
262 Son, Are You Interested In Dressing Up In Female Clothing?
263 They Could Not Be Bothered With The Standard Operations. They Went Ahead With Exploding!
264 The Geniuses’ Choice!
265 Breakthrough! Breakthrough!
266 Brother, Want Some Noodles?
267 The Training Of A Sword Card Master Had To Start From A Young Age!
268 You're the Expert. You Call the Shots!
269 I'm a Man Who Has Watched Eighteen Romance Drama Series!
270 This Was an Entire Industry of Peeping Toms!
271 You'll Be Beaten to Death If You Do This
272 Come and Humiliate Me!
273 Love Your Job!
274 Two Of Them Were Hentai!
275 About the School Being Built on Tombs, Sorry...
276 You've Been Given Powers. Get in There!
277 Hahahaha, Equipment Actually Fell Out!
278 Lacked Gou In Life.
279 The Duo Failed To Work...
280 Cut the Crap, Just Drift Along
281 Where Was the Promised One-of-a-Kind Chance Encounter?!
282 Damn Those Who Led A Fulfilling Real Life!
283 Fight A Six-star!!!
284 The Desolation Card!!!
285 Where Is My Wife?
286 Is It the Big Sister Who You've Ravaged Many Times?
287 The Sun Exploded!!!
288 I Took You for a Friend... You Actually... Penetrated Me!
289 An Act Of Provocation.
290 Damn The Shameless Cat!
291 A Small Leather Whip that Can Lash Souls~
292 She Was a Disciple of the Grandmaster, Indeed!
293 You Are Naughty, Xiaobai Is Still Outside.
294 This Damn Sister Complex!
295 Relax, Just Treat Yourself as a Cosplayer
296 Is This Sister of Yours a Fake One?
297 The Sword Came
298 Humans Will Eventually Grow Up!
299 Pardon Me for My Extreme Good Looks~
300 That Was Right. One Could Really Do As One Wished As Long As One Had Great Talent!
299 Pardon Me for My Extremely Good Looks~
300 That’s Right. One Can Really Do As One Wishes As Long As One Has Great Talent!
301 Why Did They Provoke Him For No Reason?!
302 Only Sissies Would Participate In This. Real Men Should Fight Head-on!
303 Can You Teach Me This?
304 This Was a Great Millennium Sect, Indeed!
305 I Hate Cheaters the Most!
306 I Am Your Father!
307 Let Us Combine Happily!
308 Bury Him!!!
309 A True Warrior Advances Through Danger!
310 Is This Your Ultimate Limit?
311 Are Sibling Relationships Nowadays Complicated To This Extent?
312 Did You Grow Up Eating Geometry?
313 Lu Ming, I Have Seen Through You.
314 One Glance And He Could Tell They Were From Well-to-do Families!
315 After All, Sister Is Not A Demon
316 It Was Really a Terrible Scrip
317 If You Have Been Kidnapped, Just Blink Your Eyes
318 Beaten to Seclusion...
319 The Carry Card New Series!
320 What Is the Use of Having You?!
321 Mr Jian, Congratulations On Obtaining Advanced Cultivation Skills!
322 A Three-second Lu Ming.
323 Long-lost Passion.
324 A Hardworking Lu Ming!
325 Xiao-Xiaobai Is Amazing!
326 The Upcoming Graduation Season
327 Death of Starry Sky Pavilion!
328 Will You Believe Me If I Tell You That This Was an Accident?
329 The Birth of a Spirit Body!
330 Xiaobai, Regarding The Shower...
331 Did China East Education Set Up A Company Here?
332 Perhaps I Am Too Kind
333 You Were That Elegant in the Past...
334 Hey! A Ball Was Caught Inside His Mouth!
335 Equalization! It Exists In The Universe!
336 Sexy Xiao-Xiaobai Is Teaching online!
337 Are You Sure We Won't Be Beaten Up For This?
338 Xiaobai Was Blessed With Many Children And Grandchildren.
339 Rubbish Original Card! I Won't Learn It!
340 This Is Something That Should Not Appear!
341 Have You Heard of Coffin Vibration?
342 If He Did Not Believe It, He Would Dress Up As A Woman To Prove It To Him!
343 You Have Grown Up
344 I Understand You Too Well
345 The Licentious Zhang Xukun!
346 Fooling Around With Schrödinger's Big Sho
347 The Long Lost Literary Exchange.
348 Xiao-Xiaobai, If Lu Ming and Xiaobai Separated, Who Would You Choose Between Them?
349 Untitled
350 Who Did I Provoke?!
351 Zhong Chu: Please Hail Me As The Person Who Was Slashed Hundred Times!
352 Shocking Change.
353 Xiaobai, Work Hard and Become Stronger
354 The Furious Wardens!
355 The Enemy Is Shy. Please Don’t Remove Their Clothes
356 Come, Let Me Give You a Check Up
357 Wait For Me.
358 The Sword Card Masters Are Invincible!
359 Sister Is Amazing!
360 She Was Indeed A Senior. She Had Powerful Abilities!
361 The Association Is Not A Place For Any Tom, Dick Or Harry...
362 The Looks Could Not Be Compared to Master's!
363 To Stand Out From The Rest, One Needs To Have Stunning Moves.
364 I'm Not Targeting You, I'm Referring to Everyone Who Is Present...
365 Are the Sister and Brother Demons?
366 Lu Ming, Come and Meet Your Death!
367 It Turns Out That This Was What Number Two Meant?
368 All Of You Barely Fulfilled The Minimum Requirements.
369 You Are A Clever And Quick-witted Person
370 You Have No Dating Experience, Am I Right?
371 What I Am Saying Is That Lu Ming Is Handsome...
372 120% Well Done
373 Known Victory and Defeat!
374 Sister Has Finally Agreed to the Matter Between Master and Me!
375 That Small Matter~
376 Master, You Will Be Beaten If You Do This
377 There Was No Hope Of Drifting In Life...
378 Cry, Everyone! Cry!
379 The Admission Program For The College Entrance Examination.
380 Hehe, It Turned Out That We Were Of The Same Trade.
381 Hahaha, There Is Actually Someone That Stupid
382 My Score Was 30 For the College Entrance Examination. Have I Ever Felt Smug About This?!
383 The Disciples Who Graduated From The First Phase
384 The Energy Warriors Association Was Like Locusts!
385 Teacher-Student Romance Is Forbidden!!!
386 The Arrival of a New Disciple!
387 Li Ergou's Dream!
388 *****
389 Tian Du City Has Fallen
390 Damn. This Will Do As Well???
391 Luxury Villas! Move In Right Away!
392 An Unexpected Battle!
393 People Who Poach Talents Will Suffer The Same Fate
394 Do You Know What It Means To Do Yourself In?
395 Master
396 I'm Not a Kiddie Ride!
397 You're So Annoying~
398 Blow Up The Dagger Spirit!
399 Low-key Title
400 The Failed Debut of the Will-O-Wisp Card
401 This Doesn't Have Anything to Do With Lu Ming
402 Kneel, Call Father!
403 I'll Be Satisfied If He Has One-tenth of Lu Ming's Outstanding Qualities
404 Are You Looking Down On Me?!
405 Senior Qiu's Counseling Session♂♂♂
406 You're Not Allowed To Ride the Original Card!!!
407 Suffered The Harshest Blows And Created The Hottest Sensation! I Am Proud To Be The Head of Publicity!
408 There Is Actually Such A Talented And Dashing Man In This World!
409 A Rare And Ruthless Man!
410 Xiao-Xiaojian: Damn! It Turns Out That I Am That Extraordinary?!
411 A Brand New Card!
412 Maintaining Curiosity In a Pink Street Is a Man's Most Basic Form of Dignity
413 This Dirty Association of You Guys!
414 Your President Is The One And Only Person Who Is That Amazing!
415 A Strange New Card!
416 This Rubbish Card of Yours, I'm Dying of Laughter.
417 Phase Summary Report of the Sword Card Master Association
418 Do You Know What an Unrivaled Swordsman IA?
419 #I Will Help To Boost Senior Qiu's Popularity#
420 The Ancient Excalibur!
421 If You Humiliate and Chide Him, He Will Tear Down Your House!
422 Low-key Title x 2
423 The Revival Of Excalibur!
424 Regardless Of Whether Your Are An Eunuch Cat Or Not In The Future You Will Be My Father!
425 Humph, Mankind.
426 Humph, Bullhead.
427 I Am Wrong, Father
428 Low-key Title x 3
429 The Nine-star Which Is Close At Hand!!!
430 Something Did Not Seem Quite Right.
431 As Everyone Knows, Cleaning Auntie Is Also A Hidden Vocation.
432 I-I Don't Want To Be Cuckolded
433 The Young Lady, Zhou Yun.
434 Young Man, What Kind of Demon Are You?
435 Chapter 437. Low-key Title x 4
436 Low-key 7th July.
437 Lu Ming Keeps Quiet Despite Being Wronged.
438 All Men Are Playboys!
439 The School Belle's Personal Bodyguard *Doge Emoji
440 It Will Do As Long As One of Your Children Bears the Surname Yang
441 Rest Assured, Master, I Understand.
442 Damn Planner! Hurry To Strengthen The Vocation!
443 Can't You Target Another Vocation?!
444 You're Awake
445 The Most Popular Uploader
446 Download Progress 99.9%
447 Phenomenal Swordplay!
448 Phenomenal Swordplay 2
449 Brother Gao Indeed Knows How To Have Fun ̄▽ ̄ ~*
450 The Growing Up Journey of Demigod Wu
451 Damn it! What Kind of People Are In Your Association?!
452 Lu Ming, An Honest Man
453 Chapter 455 Lu Ming, You Have Changed.
453 Lu Ming, You Have Changed.
454 You Jump, I Jump
455 Man's Mutual Good Friend.
456 A Low-key Battle.
457 A Six-star New Card!
458 Like The Rumors Said, Lu Ming Was Kind-hearted And Sincere.
459 Sister's Presen
460 There Had been Some Minor Accidents
461 They Create Their Own Fortuitous Encounter!
462 One of Your Children Must Bear the Surname Qiu
463 We Are Still Young. We Are Only Thirty Years Old. Our Hair Has Not Fallen Out!
464 Philosophical Cookies.
465 If He Was A Woman, He Reckoned That He Would Also Fancy Someone Like Master?
466 The Price of Becoming Stronger
467 Do You Know That You Will Be Beaten to Death If You Do This?!
468 There Are Too Many Jerry-built Building Projects Nowadays!
469 Low-key Title x 5
470 An Angry Li Haoran.
471 Talking Gibberish!
472 The Little Prince Of The Nightclub—Xiao-Xiaoshé.
473 He Had Many Experiences Of Being Assassinated!
474 The Sun Card!
475 The First Day of Cohabitation ~Sob~
476 Master Actually Has An Affair Outside?
477 Relationship Mentor Li Ergou
478 The Fight in the Landlord's Family
479 Don't Worry, Master Is Very Familiar At This
480 A Missing Jiang Feng.
481 Hey, Xiao-Xiaohu.
482 The Middleman That Earns the Margin
483 Master, A Kind Man Is Always Harnessed