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Dominating Sword Immortal

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Dominating Sword Immortal is one of the top ten books in China. The main character Ye Chen, was a university student in the 21st century before dying in an explosion of a failed experiment. His soul wandered the universe before entering another world. A world of martial arts. There he fused his soul with another’s soul and body. Using the memories of his past li...
《Dominating Sword Immortal》 Volume1
1 Ye Chen
2 The Pavilion of Martial Arts
3 The Lone Peak of Thirteen Swords
4 The First Figh
5 Teenage Sword Artis
6 Silent Hills
7 The Poisonous Sawed Tooth Tiger
8 The Spider King Plan
9 Fighting Back
10 Body Refining Ointmen
11 The Number One Outer Disciple
12 Genius vs Genius
13 The Wooden Guardians
14 Ruling the Ranking
15 I Will Ruin You
16 Tiger Dragon Roaring Fis
17 Third Place
18 Choosing A New Martial Ar
19 Pure Yuan Ar
20 Emerald Martial Palace
21 Childe Hanshan
22 Blue Murderous Qi
23 Dragons don't live with snakes
24 The Union of Six Senses
25 Scorpion Tail Demon Wolf
26 Mysterious Queen
27 Magic Rings Magic Stone and The Manual
28 The Weird Fish
29 Heavenly Strength Achieved!
30 Li Bu
31 The Yuan Qi Pelle
32 The Martial Plaza
33 A New Power Arise
34 Ten Thousand Pounds Punch
35 Mortal Realm Stage 10
36 Ye Tang
37 Luo City The Family of Ye
38 The Winning Chance
39 The Beginning of the Family Meeting
40 The Top Three
41 Ghost Flame Eighteen Kicks
42 Thousands Mountain Thousands Snow!
43 Beyond Expectations
44 Point Star Sword Spell
45 Arrows and Shields
46 The End of the Family Tournamen
47 Break Through
48 The Hidden Struggle in The Dining Room
49 Broken Sword
50 Cui Shiming
51 The Secret Skill of Shadow Cuts
52 Before Heading Back to the Sky Cloud Martial School
53 The Inner Disciple Entrance Test Part One
54 The Inner Disciple Entrance Test Part Two
55 The Inner Disciple Entrance Test Part Three
56 The Ranking Jade Wall
57 Top Rank Mortal Realm Art Manuals
58 Pure Jun Zhen Qi Ar
59 The Crane Shadow Steps
60 Killing Mission
61 The Bloody Butcher
62 I Am Here to Take Your Head
63 Sword Out Head down
64 The Evil Blood Martial School
65 Ghos
66 Five Ghosts and A Coffin
67 The Tragedy of a Fallen Institute
68 Five Powerful Disciples
69 Reborn
70 Two-Star Gray Rank Mission
71 The Mixed Battles Begin
72 Three Punches
73 Flying Dragon in the Air
74 Dangerous Red Blood Fores
75 The Basin Full of Yuan Qi
76 The Appearance of the Spirit Fountain
77 Low Rank Ghost Guard
78 Ghost Corpse Zhen Qi
79 Vacuum Killing Blade
80 The Best among the Younger Generation
81 Breakthrough
82 Happy Town
83 Family Backgrounds
84 One Punch
85 The Godly Legs and The North Snow Fast Blade
86 The Beginning of the Auction
87 Half of the Blade
88 Low Rank Earth Realm Martial Skill
89 Who is richer
90 Xu Jing
91 Blown away in a single step
92 Intercepted midway
93 Highly Condensed Sword Qi
94 The Broken Jade Reborn
95 Ancient Water Lake
96 Ancient Water Python
97 The Curse of Qu Family
98 Winding Path
99 Sea Serpent Part One
100 Sea Serpent Part Two
101 In June
102 Blood Shadow Sword
103 Halfway to Sword Inten
104 The Beginning of the Ranking Competition
105 Easy Wins
106 The Weird Battle
107 Finals
108 One leg moves the wind and the clouds
109 Fight against Ghost Sword Li Kuang
110 Comparing Sword Skill
111 The Rising Reputation
112 Ancient Beast Martial Ar
113 Half-step Sword Intent against Major Aura
114 Fighting for the Championship Part One
115 Fighting for the Championship Part Two
116 Rewards
117 Shocking Cloud Sword Ar
118 The Horrible Dark Ligh
119 The Wind Vulture
120 Hurrying along the journey
121 Numerous mountains and lakes lingering fragrance of the emerald
122 Shi Potian
123 The Sword Law
124 The Emerald Childe
125 The Battling Performances
126 The Purple Sun Fire Sword
《Dominating Sword Immortal》 Volume2
127 Breakthrough
128 Duel
129 The Purple Qi in the Eas
130 Dragon Beheading Kick and Great Monument Kingly Punch
131 Fast Blade and Stone Man
132 Heart-Refining
133 Four-Winged Black Devil Bug
134 Silver Light Thunderbolt Bomb
135 Injured severely in an explosion
136 Blood Devil Disassemble Magic
137 Defeating Meng Chong again
138 Attained the Sword Inten
139 Thunder Freer Scorching Ancient Deser
140 The Gathering of the Geniuses from the Nine Nations
141 The Opening of the Heavenly Dream Ancient Region
142 Killing in the Marshland
143 The Tomb Part one
144 The Tomb Part Two
145 Martial Zombies
146 Flame suppression
147 Kill three with one move
148 Eradicating magical ligh
149 Ancient cannibal fish
150 Battle in the water
151 Killingl Hong Qianjun Part one
152 Killing Hong Qianjun part two
153 Black Gold Serpent and the Pure white ligh
154 Trial and opportunity
155 Breaking into the Clasping Yuan Realm Part One
156 Breaking into the Clasping Yuan Realm part two
157 Three treasures
158 Seventy-three Thousand Low Rank Soulstones
159 Another Manual
160 Using The spear Instead of the Sword
161 Coming Ou
162 Fight!
163 Becoming Famous After One Battle
164 Young Azure Dragon Table
165 Return
166 Deciding to Strengthen Himself
167 Take Off
168 Track
169 Exposed
170 Heavenly Great Thunder Ar
171 The Might of Zhen Yuan
172 Five Poison Mountain Range
173 Old Lu
174 A Map Fragmen
175 The Power of Astral Reaching Realm
176 Five Hundred Years Old Sword Inten
177 Unexpected Reunion
178 Provocation
179 Break It with a Single Move
180 A Small Success of the Sword Intent, Great Sky Devil Force Field
181 Head To The Grey Mystery Nation
182 Bone-Corroding Miasma
183 Terrifying Flesh-Eating Vines
184 Goat Head Mountain
185 Void Shattering Finger
186 The Parent of The Man Eatting Vines
187 Emperor’s Tomb, Aries
188 The mountain of falling
189 The Martial City
190 The Trading Hall
191 The Star Scar Sword
192 The Mid Rank Training Room
193 Power Increases
194 Fighting Yuan Zongbo
195 The Great Use of the Void Shattering Finger Ar
196 The Pretentious Mr. Jin
197 Training in the Cave
198 The Beast Wave Part One
199 The Beast Wave Part Two
200 Horn Dragon Snake Beas
201 Escape!
202 Sword Attacks Combined
203 Breakthrough to Mid Clasping Yuan Realm
204 The New Generation
205 Competitions Part One
206 Competition Part Two
207 Competitions Part Three
208 The New Lone Peak Kill
209 Fighting Together
210 Combining the Eleventh Movemen
211 Blood Demon
212 Mastered Half Sword Inten
213 Sword-Shaped Plan
214 One Thousand and Five Hundred Million
215 Fire Dragon Frui
216 Reaching Peak Level of Mid Clasping Yuan Realm
217 The Best Assassination
218 Purple Zombie Demon Ar
219 A Tough Kill
220 Going Back to the Martial City
221 Fist Art – Dragon Elephan
222 One Kill Wonder
223 The Thousand Year Old Blood Ganoderma Lucidum
224 Sky Shattering Clouds
225 Training Five Mountain Godly Fist Ar
226 The Teenager with the Snake Skin
227 Blood Sun Flower
228 Wang Juan
229 The Snake Island, Dark Night with Killing Inten
230 The Horrifying Shadow of the Three Headed Snake
231 The Twelfth Movement, Infused
232 Seventy Percent Sword Inten
233 Scared Away!
234 Three Thousand Year Old Blood Sun Flower
235 Breakthrough After Breakthrough
236 Expert Level Mentality
237 The Epiphany From the Lightning
238 Sky Demon Flower
239 The storm is coming
240 The Hidden Dragon Ancient City
241 The Three Challenges of the Dragon Door
242 Jumping Dragon Door
243 Dramas
244 Attacking Power Testing Column
245 Sixty-one Stones
246 The Official Beginning of the Competitions
247 The First Battle
248 Starfire Burning Sword
249 K.O. Yuanheng Ying
250 Top Ten New Stars
251 Genius versus Genius
252 Sword Intent? I Can Do It Too
253 A New Generation
254 Blue Stone Godly Ar
255 The Unstoppable Wins Part One
256 The Unstoppable Wins Part Two
257 The Unstoppable Wins Part Three
258 Ice Break Fist versus Sky Shattering Clouds Part One
259 Ice Break Fist Versus Sky Shattering Clouds Part Two
260 Fast Sword Poetic Perspective
261 The Best Defense
262 The Qi of the Dragon Fountain Part One
263 The Qi of the Dragon Fountain Part two
264 The Seeded Contestan
265 Fighting for the Qi of the Dragon Fountain
266 Twenty-one Meters
267 The Last Nine Rounds of Competitions
268 The Awesome Two
269 Sword and Blade
270 Who is controlling who
271 Sky Tyrant Fis
272 Sixty Percent Sword Intent Attacks Part One
273 Sixty Percent Sword Intent Attack Part Two
274 Power Field Cu
275 The No.1 Sword Artist Part One
276 The No.1 Sword Artist Part Two
277 The No.1 Sword Artist Part Three
278 Tricky
279 When Trickiness Meets Trickiness
280 Knocked out Gold Flame Cu
281 Unstoppable
282 Poetic Perspective of Clouds and Thunders
283 Half-Step Zhen Yuan, Seventy Percent Sword Inten
284 The Epic Battle
285 The Sky Shattering Cloud with the Immortal Mentality
286 The Kill Heart Attack
287 The Hidden Dragon Secret Realm
288 Martial Art Treasure Land
289 The Young Lotus in the Lake - Sword Qi
290 The Green Lotus Sword Spell
291 Green Lotus Sword Qi - The End of the Competition
292 The Dangerous Intruders
293 Killing An Astral Reaching Realm Warrior
294 Fighting Together, The Heaven Thunder Great Attack
295 The News that Shocked the Sky Cloud Martial School
296 Be A Great Master
297 Proud of You
298 The Close-up Training
299 The Arrival of Sikong Sheng
300 Sword Qi From the Finger
301 Yuan Magnet Battle Body
302 Madness
303 Blood Battle, Eighty Percent Sword Intent, The Sky Covering Hand
304 His Life Will Be Yours To Take
305 Six Months Later Part One
306 Six Months Later Part Two
307 Six Months Later Part Three
308 Ye Chen's Power
309 The Long Battle
310 The Black Flower With A Heartbea
311 Old Acquaintances
312 The Thirteen Realm of the Green Lotus Sword Spell
313 The Nature Five
314 Who said that you can leave?
315 Killing You in Three Movements
316 I can reach the Astral Reaching Realm any time
317 The Powerful Gathering
318 Water Mirror
319 Silver Shell Corpses
320 Are you kidding me?
321 The Extreme Power
322 Fighting Against the Corpse Man
323 Fight Off
324 Natural Moat Gorge - Learning Sword Inten
325 Fighting for the Sword Shaped Plan
326 Ninety Percent Sword Inten
327 Lock Down
328 Top Ten Astral Reaching Realm Sword Artists
329 Earth Astral Pelle
330 Soul Seeking Bird
331 Blood Demon Battlefield
332 Two Mid Grade Artifacts
333 Demon Defiance For
334 Am I worthy?
335 Jin Huang’s Arrival
336 Bravery, Ice Blade
337 Blossom Through Ice
338 The Goal of Ruling the Astral Reaching Realm
339 Breakthrough, Mid Astral Reaching Realm
340 The Mud That Was Full of Treatures
341 Speed Mentality
342 One Scabbard, Three Swords Part One
343 One Sheath Three Swords part 2
344 One Sheath Three Swords part 3
345 Thrilling Kill
346 Bad Consequences
347 Surprising Sky
348 Extreme Astral Reaching Realm Warriors Arrive
349 Sword Intent Completion, Martial Spirit Formation
350 Less Than Ten Percent of Confidence
351 The Power of Nascent Sword Spiri
352 White Bone's Cage
353 Robbery in Broad Dayligh
354 Dragon Elephant Power Spell
355 Snatching Food From Tiger's Den
356 Thirty Thousand Li Bewilderement Forbidden Zone
357 Tempering Will
358 Tempering Will 2
359 Foggy Island
360 Exploi
361 Recovery, One Step Closer
362 Becoming Grand Elder 1
363 Becoming Grand Elder 2
364 Becoming Grand Elder 3
365 Commanding Bewilderment Fog Boa
366 Big Secret, Huge Whirlpool
367 Critical Momen
368 The Breakthrough Underground
369 Nine Twist Spirit Plan
370 Eleven Mental Power Statues
371 Slaughter! Destruction! Immortal!
372 Paragon
373 The Island Master's Threa
374 Unrivaled Strength 1
375 Unrivaled Strength 2
376 Will, The Key to Leave
377 Tempering Mental State, Exit!
378 Ice Snow Sword Domain, Bone-Deep Hatred
379 Feng Yanrou in Shock
380 The Forever Shining Will Power
381 The Arrival of the Prince
382 Profound Sense Skill, Black Dragon Tyrant Fis
383 Floating Mountain Moves
384 A Pack Of Barking Dogs
385 The Hand Covering the Sky Appears Again
386 Sea Of Soul Level Battle
387 Dragon King Takes Disciple
388 Visitors From the Dragon God Celestial Palace
389 Dragon King Bestows A Talisman
390 Blue Mountain Island, Puppet Chicken
391 Astral Reaching Realm Elimination Tournamen
392 Nine Wins In A Row
393 Shattering the Ice Snow Sword Realm
394 Which is faster, the blade or the sword?
395 Wheel battle
396 One Sword Cleaves The Stage
397 Hundred Percent Assurance
398 The Powerful Wheel Battle Strategy Lineup
399 Three Sword Spirit, Battling Techniques
400 Sword Step, Mirror Flower Water Moon Attack
401 The Glory of One Hundred Wins
402 Oblivion Bone Disappearing Qi
403 Puppet Warrior
404 Puppet Storage Rooms
405 Passing the Test and the Flying Puppets
406 Leaving, Learning Session on a Island
407 Heaven Thunder Cu
408 Daoist Six Fingers, Two Senior Brothers
409 Extreme Yin Place and the Earth Dragons
410 Get Out of Here
411 Evil Power's World
412 Seeing her again
413 Break Soul Godly Eye
414 Undying Body, Map
415 Auction Begins, Demonic Evil Stone
416 Bodhi Pearl, Huge Demonic Evil Stone
417 A Million
418 Three Hundred Copies
419 Sword Soul Embryo
420 Ghost Moon
421 Three Swords As One
422 Sky Thunder Cut vs. The Spell of Yin
423 The Appearance of the Sand Bug and Sun Palace
424 The Undead Monsters
425 The Element Sword Inten
426 Undying Altar 1
427 Undying Altar 2
428 Ten Thousand Li Underground
429 The Underground Humans
430 Will Power
431 Holy Snakes
432 Goldwind Saint Son
433 Martial Soul Grade Psyche
434 Saint Lands Conveyor Gate
435 Saintlands Trial 1
436 Saintland Trial 2
437 Saintlands Trial 3
438 The Undying Rock Wall
439 Undying Body Scroll
440 Time Ancestor, Space King
441 Southern Elites, Martial Tea Gathering
442 He is Ye Chen?!
443 South Rudra Region's Twin Stars
444 First Time Training The Undying Body Ar
445 Poison Attack
446 Resisting Beast Prince, Mo Xiang
447 Eat The Table
448 Martial Tea Gathering Begins
449 Sikong Sheng
450 Pointers Exchange
451 Seems Like A Tough One
452 Ye Chen’s Battle Part One
453 Ye Chen’s Battle Part 2
454 Ye Chen’s Battle Part Three
455 Ye Chen’s Battle Part Four
456 Reverse Sky Thunder Cu
457 Southern Sector's Number One Sword Artis
458 Flying Assassination Strike
459 Huge Lizard Figure
460 The Path to Sword King
461 Satifying Ranking
462 Ye Chen vs. Mo Xiang
463 Double Sword Style is “Scary”
464 Edict Prince, One Fan Defying Nine Heavens
465 Ye Chen VS Astral Spirit son
466 Fierce Battle In The Sky
467 Astral Constitution And Sword Intent Radiance
468 Amaranthine Nature
469 Winner
470 A Sword Artist Without Flaws
471 The Next Host of the Tea Gathering
472 Something is happening
473 The Soldiers of the King Warriors
474 The Bone-filled Battlefield
475 Spirit Power Crystal Stones
476 Martial Art Breakthrough to the Fourteenth Level
477 Killing With A Scabbard
478 The King Warriors' Battle Part One
479 The King Warriors' Battle Part Two
480 The Ancient Demon King
481 The Demon Power Essence
482 One of the Main Characters of the Era
483 Gold Profound Sword Ar
484 Cultivating The Gold Resonant Radiance Sword Ar
485 A Secret Family
486 Five Poison Spell
487 Utilizing His Immortal Body For the First Time
488 Sword Light Flying Ar
489 Wang Family’s Forbidden Place
490 Blue Eye Trackers
491 This Brat!
492 Snow Sword Master
493 Human Shaped Ape
494 Sun Xiaojin
495 Half Step Demonic King
496 Improvements
497 Undersea Spinning Tunnel
498 The True Advantage of Soul Power
499 The Undersea Meadow War Part One
500 The Undersea Meadow War Part Two
501 The Formation Of Killing Sword Spiri
502 Supreme Elder Ye Chen Returns
503 Past Like Dream, Dragon Qi Manifestation
504 Determining The Fifty Candidates part 1
505 Determining Fifty Candidates part 2
506 The Extreme Void
507 The Pressure Ye Chen Brought With Him
508 A Slight Difference
509 The Uninvited Guests
510 The Challenges Part One
511 The Challenges Part Two
512 Unable To Withstand A Single Blow
513 Demonic Qi Ten Power Secrets
514 Void Shattering Finger's Godly Migh
515 Reaching The Sea of Souls Realm Part One
516 Reaching The Sea Of Souls Realm Part Two
517 Reaching Sea Of Souls Realm Part Three
518 Surprising Learning Speed
519 Ghost Cry and Ink Wolf
520 Cut Through Dream World
521 Training the Dream Eating Wolf
522 Treasury River Island
523 Dragon Blood Plant and Blood Dragon Snake
524 A Replica
525 The Golden Needle Bee
526 The Sudden Appearance of a Master Level Warrior
527 The Moment of Life and Death
528 Half-step Extreme Rank Great Sword
529 Thunder Disaster Sword
530 Dragon Power
531 The Parents' Joy
532 Murong Zhishui
533 Going To The Murong Family
534 Being Questioned
535 Demonized Arms
536 The Innate King Warrior
537 Destination: Yuwen Family
538 The Second Sword Spirit, Done!
539 Yuwen Ye
540 The Killing Inten
541 Decapitation
542 Two Brother Disciples
543 Yao Yifeng
544 Another Breakthrough
545 The Assasin
546 Unfair Tricks
547 Demon Gold Flash
548 B*stard
549 Defense Enhancemen
550 King Sword Inten
551 Void Shattering Finger Attack
552 Bad Manners
553 Yan Xiner
554 The Ex-Lover
555 Fight Back!
556 Yellow Dragon Palace Master
557 Great Yellow Dragon Sealing Ar
558 Dragon King's Critical Closed Door Cultivation
559 Dragon Ball
560 The Mysterious Queen Yan Qingxuan
561 The Phoenix Descendan
562 Sky Martial Pavilion
563 Name Wall
564 The Seventh Level
565 Three Freaks?
566 Cleared
567 Combining Aura With Profound
568 Defeating Yuwen Jie
569 Top Five Young Warriors
570 Lucky Escape
571 Unsought Truth Pavilion
572 Stealing Bodies
573 Demonic Will?
574 Nowhere To Bite
575 Rank 7 Will Power
576 Destruction Sword Spirit Complete
577 Destruction King
578 Sky Thunder Cut, Complete
579 Dream and Reality
580 Gathering
581 Top Three Sword Master
582 Savage Ruin Locusts
583 Spirit Fountain Mountain
584 The Appearance of the Flood Dragon
585 A Blood Battle
586 The Longevity Tree
587 Right On Time
588 Fighting for the Long Live Frui
589 Wind and Thunder Master Warriors
590 Void Shattering Finger...Too?
591 Nirvana Fire
592 Close-up Training
593 Dragon Cave Remanants
594 Dragon Flame
595 Dragon Bone Narrow! I will kill you!
596 Winning
597 Du Gujue vs. Tai Shichong
598 Despair Blade Inten
599 You and I will battle one day
600 Rank 3 Spirit Body, The Lady In Purple
601 Sweeping Across
602 Body Refiner Exper
603 Demon Tiger Secret Blood Ar
604 Name Stunning The World
605 The Killers From the Ghost Pavillion
606 Gold Pattern, A Shocking News
607 The Ward
608 The Black Bat Wings
609 Nine Dragon Mountain
610 Challenging Ye Chen?
611 Lived Up to the Reputations
612 Attention from Xie Baiting
613 Learning the Power of Space
614 Who had won?
615 The Ranking of Master Level Warriors
616 Xiao Chuhe's True Power
617 Barbaric Mountain Range, Lusting Black Wind Leopard
618 Phoenix Plume Fruit's Information
619 Come out, Dream Eater Wolf
620 Wind Fire Pelle
621 Killing Sky Hunter Master
622 Poison Mountain
623 The Space's Limi
624 Gold Pattern Completion
625 Ranking 48th
626 Master Warrior
627 Beiming Hui Comes to Challenge
628 Spiritual Sword Attack Part One
629 Spiritual Sword Attack Part Two
630 No Shape, No Form
631 Treasure Holy Tower
632 Treasure Qi Creatures
633 Palace Restriction
634 Entering the Palace
635 Defensing Sword Spell
636 "Leave that Ye Chen."
637 Ye Chen Vs. Xia Houzun
638 Ye Chen Vs. Xia Houzun Part Two
639 Ye Chen Vs. Xia Houzun Part Three
640 Three Attacks In A Row
641 Leaving
642 31st On The Master Level Ranking, Duan Binghe
643 Completed Thunder Profound
644 Six Months Part One
645 Six Months Part Two
646 Six Months Part Three
647 Shangguan Fei
648 Moves With Your Mind
649 The Exchange
650 The Powerful Xiao Chuhe
651 Ye Chen Will Lose
652 The Heart Of The Sword Artists
653 Forty, Sixty
654 The Real Ye Chen
655 The Unstoppable
656 Sword Master?
657 "I am the Sword Master!"
658 Sword Master
659 Training The Defensive Sword Spell Part One
660 Training The Defensive Sword Spell Part Two
661 No.1 Sword Master
662 Reverse Ambush
663 Master Sky Sword
664 Defensive Sword Wounding the Opponen
665 Master Blood Sword Leaves Frightened
666 Fifth Step Destruction Sword Spiri
667 Arriving Dragon God Celestial Palace
668 Sword Intent Probe
669 Dissuasion
670 Dragon God Command Token, Dragon God Envoy
671 Explosion Orchard, Li Feng
672 You're Cheating
673 Golden Dragon War Chario
674 Setting Off, Azure Dragon Hall
675 Troops Gather
676 Dominating The Scene
677 Blood Battle Ocean Resources
678 Lightning Attribute Transformation
679 Resource Transportation Mission
680 Sudden Attack
681 Head-on Attack
682 Xu Danian's Hope
683 Afraid
683 The Break of Dawn
684 Afraid
685 Astonishing Contributing Points
686 Defense Sword Flying Art and the Secret Pavilion
687 Five Star Scret Martial Ar
688 Cultivating Blood Severing Ghost Finger
689 Declaring The Mole
690 Wei Longtao, Demonic Bull Mountain Crushing Ar
691 High Level Battle
692 Caught Off-Guard, Revealing Sword Control Ar
693 Capturing Wei Longtao
694 Beating Them At Their Own Game
695 Astonishing Battle Accomplishments
696 Astonishing Battle Accomplishments 2
697 Changes In The Masters Ranking
698 Life's First Baptism
699 West Ocean Sword Artis
700 Sword Master Vs Sword Master
701 Emperor Scar Stele
702 Four Extremes Emperor
703 Thousand Li Thread
704 Attendant's Strength
705 Tyrant Blade
706 Dugu Jue's Grandeur
707 Lu Shaoyou Loses, Ye Chen Steps Ou
708 Battle Of Sword Masters
709 Who Can Laugh In The End
710 Numb
711 Super Powerful Defensive Sword Control Ar
712 The Gray Wolf Meadow
712 Curtain Drops, Runic Palm Energy
713 Appearance Of The Forbidden Place
714 All Gathered
715 Entering The Forbidden Place
716 The Gray Wolf Meadow
717 Fighting Against the Half Step Scorpion King
718 Full of Spirit Plants
719 Getting the Fire Pear Tree
720 The Immortal
721 Double Sword
722 Lack of Power
722 Punishing Martial Ar
723 Top Demi King Warrior
724 The Marshland Monster
725 The Aggressive Halo
726 The Unbeatable Marshland King
727 Flawed Extreme Rank Item
728 Lack of Power
729 Predator and the Invisible Spider Strings
730 Ultimate Power
731 Passing Through
732 Natural Martial Spirit Body
733 The Clash
734 Always A Higher Mountain
735 This Guy is Not Simple
736 Hidden Cultivation In The Graveyard
737 Breakthrough Into Late Stage, Great Progress In Profound
738 Killing Gopher King In Two Strikes
739 You Can Leave Your Last Words Behind
740 Killing Wind Storm King
741 Chapter 741: Space Emperor’s Will
742 Disorder
743 Sky Fiend Fire Spirit Frui
744 Offending Another Power
745 Strength Out Of Expectations
746 Sky Scorpio Sword 1
747 Sky Scorpio Sword 2
748 Sky Scorpio Sword 3
749 Kings Move
750 Mysterious Queen Arrives
751 Two Auras
752 Dragon King Arrives
753 Leaving The Continen
754 Wang She's Power
755 The Legend Of The Devouring Island
756 Dongfang Hao and Meng Xiaoling
757 Indeed Powerful
758 Should Not Ask About Things That Should Not Be Asked
759 You look like you are ready to die
760 Devour Island and the Holy Spiri
761 Black Mountain Zone
762 Beating The Tough King
763 More Zhen Yuan Crystal
764 Explosive Fire Profound
765 One Hundred Sventy-five Thousand Pieces
766 Sweep Away
767 It Keeps Increasing
768 Crown Prince Wang Taiyi
769 You're Also...
770 Complete Demonic Transformation
771 Chaotic Demon Ocean
772 Analyzing Space Profound Martial Arts
773 Hidden Fog Enchantemen
774 Defeating White Nightmare
775 Six Half-Step Demonic Human Kings
776 Six Way Cloud Polation
777 Murong Qingcheng’s Breakthrough
778 Breaking The Enchantmen
779 Ancestor
780 Shi Shaobao
781 Heart Nurturing Grass
782 True Water Palace Ruins
783 Bronze Armored Warriors
784 Detonating Fireflies
785 Five Hundred Million Upper Grade Spirit Stones
786 Battle For The Riches
787 Terrifying Bloody Battle
788 Doppelganger Vs Illusion Profound
789 Cruel Victory
790 Mysterious Yin Pagoda
791 Four Items
792 The First Appearance of the Mirror Flower Destroy Art Part One
793 The First Appearance of the Mirror Flower Destroy Art Part Two
794 Came Back From The Dead?
795 Everlasting Evil Qi, Everlasting Vessel
796 Soul Sound Wave
797 The Epic Battle
798 Stronger Hear
799 Reaching Half Step King Warrior Level
800 Heaven Realm Martial Ar
801 Glorious Exchanges
802 Audacious
803 Disturbance
804 Mighty Force Field
805 Golden Island Auction
806 Purple Flame Demonic Light Gloves, Sword Forging Ar
807 Sword Forging Art In Hand, Depar
808 Life And Death Chamber
809 Blacklight King's True Strength
810 Repelling Blacklight King In One Sword
811 Absolute Suppression
812 Will Die For Sure
813 One Sword Slashes Throa
814 Life And Death Substitute Lis
815 Forging Sword
816 Demonic Human King Descends
817 第八百一十七章 Sky Scorpio Sword In Hand
818 This Can Beat You
819 Demonic Human Emperor Appears
820 Peaceful Solution
821 50 Robbers
822 Lady in blue and Thunder Spirit King
823 Fifty Rob Gang Met the Three Warriors Part One
824 Fifty Rob Gang Met the Three Warriors Part Two
825 Battle King's Martial School
826 The Information Pavilion Inside Blood Sky Land
827 The Overdue Reward
828 The Vibration in the Zhang Tian Martial School
829 Zhang Shan Martial School's Crisis
830 Top Rank Half Step King Warrior
831 Ling Huyi
832 Mo Xiaotang's Plan
833 Piss off
834 The Battle with Ling Huyi Part One
835 The Battle with Ling Huyi Part Two
836 Eight Beast Warriors
837 Nobody Can Save Eternal Sky Sec
838 Once For All
839 Top Martial Genius
840 Life and Death Challenge Door
841 Life And Death Secret Realm Opens
842 Death Qi Iron
843 Life and Death Bridge
844 The First Level of Life and Death Challenge
845 Who is Ye Chen?
846 Instant Kill
847 Xu Jing Reappears
848 Peak Level Evil Spiri
849 Tearing Space
850 Wind's Sword Realm
851 Defensive Sword Spell vs. Sword Realm
852 Life And Death Palace
853 You Have Life And Death Medal?
854 Vital Qi Rankings
855 Credit Battle
856 You're In For A Surprise
857 Ye Chen's Terror
858 Spatial Teleportation
859 Gorgeous Sword Arts
860 Peak Battle 1
861 Peak Battle 2
862 Sword Rule
863 Second Step Sacred Dragon Fis
864 Sword Domain Appears Again
865 The Ultimate Battle For The Strongest Sword Artist, Begins
866 Sword Domain Against Sword Domain
867 Sword Domain Against Sword Domain 2
868 Life And Death Substitute List Rankings
869 Comprehending Water Profound
870 Autumn Water Sword Ar
871 Congealing Water's Migh
872 Beast King, Giant Wolf King
873 After Three Years, I Will Not Stop You
874 Fifth Step Immortal Sword Soul
875 Limb Regrowth, Death Dao
876 Ye Chen's Guess
877 A Bitter Bloody Battle
878 Fire Poison
879 Star Poison Fire Diamond
880 Great Poison Conversion Ar
881 King Grade Forbidden Zone
882 Blood Demon Crystal
883 High Step King's Consciousness Projection
884 第八百八十四章 六阶毁灭剑意
885 Overworking Sky Scorpio Sword
886 Clouds Of Storm On The Way
887 Mid Level Blood Demon Crystal
888 Life Force Magnetic Field External Projection
889 The Peak Of Sword Domain's First Layer
890 Copper Sword King Kills The Masked Man
891 Dragon King, Fire Emperor
892 Six Star Battle Strength
893 Comprehending Life Dao
《Dominating Sword Immortal》 Text
894 Comprehending Life Dao
895 Large Progress
896 Bloody Battle Against Two Powerful Kings
897 Life And Death Calamity
898 Doomsday Thunder God Palace Calamity
898 Doomsday Dragon Palace Calamity
899 Doomsday Dragon
900 True And False
901 Frightening Heart Demon
902 Godly Yuan Calamity
903 Primordial Slaughter King
904 Hundred Year Cultivation Base
905 Sword Domain Second Layer
906 World Shocking Heavenly Shower
907 Another Huge Cultivation Base Advancemen
908 High Stage Four Star Batte Power
909 Sky Shattering Arts, Second Style
910 Demonic Race Gives Up Ye Chen's Pursui
911 Great Bear Sword Art, Monkey Wine
912 Bestowal King Palace
913 Sky Puncturing Sword 1