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Five Villain Daddies Are Fighting To Spoil Me

Author:Meeting Jinzhao For The First Time

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Ye Sang’s five daddies were all villains wicked beyond redemption who were doing bad things in the world. Eventually, they were all killed by the male lead!
And so, she had to hug onto their thighs tightly to prevent them from courting disasters and instead rise to the peak of their lives.
《Five Villain Daddies Are Fighting To Spoil Me》 Text
1 This Is Your Daughter, Please Sign Upon Pick Up
2 Don’t Behave Like Huo Yao Too Much
3 Sangsang Is A Troublesome Girl
4 The Evil Daddies Who Could Cover the Sky With One Hand
5 Where Did The Child Come From?
6 Grandpa Huo
7 Who's The Irresponsible Dad?
8 Daddy Huo Yao
9 Because He’s Daddy
10 Making Us Want To Have A Daughter!
11 Be A Human, Will You?
12 Daddy Don’t Want To Be A Decent Human
13 The Little Thing’s Lost Again
14 Don’t Bite Sangsang
15 Shut Up, Don’t Move
16 Goodnight, Daddy
17 Is It Brother?
18 Granddaughter Is The Best In The World
19 “Brodda… Can I Eat That?”
20 Can’t Eat Brother
21 I’ll Give You Candy
22 Who Did This?
23 Defensive Daddy
24 Your Brodda’s Villain Value Is About To Explode!!
25 It’s Not Hide and Seek
26 Not Afraid of the Dark
27 Crying From How Silly She Is
28 I’m Not Scared of You Anymore
29 Sangsang Wants to Go To School Too
30 Che-Cheap Daddy!
31 The Children at Kindergarten
32 Was Daddy Upset?
33 The Second Daddy 1
34 You Definitely Don’t Have A Wife!
35 Jumping on the Verge of Death
36 Duan Jinyan
37 Why Are You Crying?
38 Your Flower Crown is Broken
39 Ye Niannian
40 A Dead Flower Can’t Come Back to Life
41 This Isn’t His Daughter
42 Two-faced Daddy Number Two
43 Only Ten Whips
44 Are You Really Going to not Act Like a Human Being?
45 Uncle Is Grea
46 She Has Five Daddies
47 I’m Going to Sing In Front of Your Room
48 Why Isn’t Brodda Back Yet?
49 Daddy is a Mature Adult Now
50 Ye Sang Doesn’t Wanna Be Human Anymore
51 Did You Catch A Cold?
52 Unreasonable Fatherly Love
53 Huo Yao Daddy Isn’t Human
54 A Villain Went Insane Just Like Tha
55 Too Silly
56 Kindergarten Part 1
57 Kindergarten Part 2
58 Kindergarten Part 3
59 Shen Yan’an Part 1
60 Shen Yan’an Part 2
61 You Are Not Allowed to Like Him
62 Do You Know Who Ye Sang’s Dad Is?
63 Brother Yan’an
64 The Little Girl’s Defensiveness Part 1
65 The Little Girl’s Defensiveness Part 2
66 Why Are You So Mad?
67 Why Didn’t You Dodge It?
68 Calling Parents Part 1
69 Calling Parents Part 2
70 Calling Parents Part 3
71 Look For It Yourself
72 I Feel Sorry For You
73 Paternity Test Result Part 1
74 Paternity Test Result Part 2
75 Older Brother Sticking Up For Her Part 1
76 Older Brother Sticking Up For Her Part 2
77 Angry Daddy Part 1
78 Angry Daddy Part 2
79 Daddy Taking Care of Scums Part 1
80 Daddy Taking Care of Scums Part 2
81 Is Daddy Going Mountain Climbing?
82 I Promise I Won’t Kill Her
83 After You Go Bankrup
84 Sangsang Has Homework Too
85 Because Sangsang Is Our Treasure
86 Amusement Park Part 1
87 Amusement Park Part 2
88 Calling Parents?
89 Sangsang Doesn’t Want Teachers to Call Parents
90 Don’t Mind Other People’s Business
91 Brodda Duan’s Voice Is So Nice
92 Two Little Villains’ Confrontation Part 1
93 Are You Selling Sangsang?
94 I Will Sell You If You Cry More
95 Grandpa Is Number One
96 Beating Up His Cheap Sister
97 Rich Child
98 I’m Sorry
99 Don’t Be Sad
100 Someone Took His Wife
101 Uncle Hasn’t Seen the Diverse Aspects of Society
102 Say That Again?
103 Naughty Children
104 I’m Sangsang’s Father
105 Check The Surveillance
106 I've Never Taken Care of a Child Before
107 Some Random Brat is Coveting His Daughter
108 Shopping Mall