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Updates:424 I am pregnant.

“These are my conditions. You have to agree upon them before we can get married.“

“Accepted. Each one of them is accepted. Any more conditions, soon to be wife?“

“Yes, I want your help to destroy my jerk of an ex-boyfriend.“

A sly smile appeared on the lips of the men sitting opposite her.
《Handsome CEO“S Bewitching wife》 Volume 0
-1 Introduction
《Handsome CEO“S Bewitching wife》 Volume 1
1 Pregnant with this baby
2 Dream??
3 Father can't die
4 They love me. They can't cheat me.
5 Gege, What are your true views about Qian Fan?
6 Why was her love story incomplete?
7 Why was his love story incomplete?
8 I want to try my hand in acting.
9 Why did they cheat on me??
10 You will see my Revenge.
11 How dare of you to stop me?
12 I have seen my future in my dreams??
13 Didn't get the role.
14 Ruyi.
15 Maybe you are destined to be with him.
16 Chen, I love you.
17 My sister is a witch!
18 Do you want me to cut off your family jewels?
19 Wasn't your dress sponsored by me??
20 Suffering of Zhou Mingyu.
21 Mother's right to cry.
22 Face to face.
23 If possible, I will love to marry a man like him.
24 Who are you?
25 Oh, how he wished if she was her!
26 she was going to shut every mouth.
27 Hypnotizing everyone.
28 Tit for tat.
29 Is she her or not??
30 Troublemaker actress.
31 A slap on the face of Zhou Mingyu!!
32 Hey, Mr. ABCD whatever your name is?
33 Horror House
34 Su Yuchen, my name
35 Crush???
36 Again a face slap??
37 Swimming or ogling?
38 Coincidences??
39 I am returning home.
40 Accident or planning?
41 Stealing the limelight!
42 Interview!
43 You wear pink boxers with cartoon prints.
44 Small investor, Qian Fan....
45 Crush on business tycoon...?
46 Singing a song together
47 His first kiss ?
48 Shining star.
49 A stranger.
50 Love you 3000...!
51 Crazy admirer.
52 Interrogation.
53 I love you....my foot!
54 Who can be inside the car?
55 I want to visit the orphanage.
56 The man to whom you have proposed for marriage!
《Handsome CEO“S Bewitching wife》 Volume 2
57 I have a crush on you.
58 Their first kiss!!
59 Erotic Dreams
60 You love Xin Mei!
61 Visiting the orphanage.
62 I want to do a lot for these kids.
63 Tea treat.
64 Xin Mei was progressing without any care to the world!
65 Did you find out the identity of SZ?
66 Demon of her life is returning back.
67 Chen Bai and his wives!!
68 You....Xiao Mei, I will kill you..!
69 Who can it be except your Romeo?
70 A heavy burden was left on shoulders.
71 Should I marry or not???
72 Her grandson is Tang Min!!!
73 Heart to heart talk.
74 This girl was going to fill the emptiness in his heart!
75 The answer was no.
76 Farewell to Mian.
77 Again jealous.
78 Are you the president of this country?
79 Lunch for him!
80 Let's get married.
《Handsome CEO“S Bewitching wife》 Volume 3
81 The girl sleeping on his bed was his wife!!
82 They were finally married!!
83 You were adopted in the orphanage!!
84 We will be also like them.
85 Glad to be his wife!
86 Beautiful Dream!
87 I will leave you for her.
88 I was teasing you.
89 Tour of his, no their house.
90 First Fan.
91 What more did he need?
92 Soon her career was going to receive the needed boost!
93 Working under TingTing!
94 They are rumours wife!
95 Shopping!!
96 Again meeting love rival!
97 He wished to earn more for her.
98 Will he get angry on me?
99 Was he craving with needs for her?
100 She liked to taste his love-filled food!
101 *Have you fought with your husband?
102 *Now she could die in peace!
103 *You know how to spoil my mood.
104 *How to mollify him?
105 *Two red evil horns.
106 *Flop date!
107 *Now it was the turn of Su Yuchen.
108 *Now how to mollify her?
109 *What happens always happens for good.
110 *What should I do about your playfulness!
111 *No, I will not miss you.
112 *Give me a kiss as a reward!
113 *Planned a honeymoon.
114 *Looking ravishing for date.
115 *I am already addicted to your lips.
116 *Wifey, I will miss you.
117 *Where is your ring?
118 *And she heard the knock on her room door.
119 *Who is my second male lead?
120 *Why God why? Why him?
121 He is perfect for you.
122 I am not going to leave you.
123 It was my payback!
124 Surprise!!
125 Was he kidnapping her?
126 She is the boss at home.
127 Blessed to have Su Yuchen as his grandson.
128 Chen Bai, my husband saved you today!
129 You....??
130 So, what is your real name?
131 *Su Zixin....???....SZ....??
132 *He peed in his pants in fear!
133 *They were like two troublemaking siblings!
134 *Xin Mei was laying above Su Zixin!
135 *How could big brother betray me like this?
136 *Was he my brother in the kitchen?
137 *Xin Mei, you are good at handling babies.
138 *Why is Mister Su strict regarding Xin Mei?
139 *Oh, my possessive husband! What am I to do about you?
140 *Princess like treatment!!
141 *Warning to Little brother!!
142 *Where is the filter of my mouth?
143 *Some more conditions!
144 *Embarrassing herself.
145 Are you planning a murder plan?
146 What is he doing at home?
147 She will be my death!
148 He had acted carelessly!
149 Why did I drink again?
150 *Last days in film industry!!
151 First Victory!!
152 Another movie in her bag.
153 Are you here to seduce me?
154 Looking after her family.
155 Please be safe!
156 How is she?
157 I want a great-grandchild.
158 Start our journey to our honeymoon.
159 How much he loved to tease her!.
160 His romantic wife!!
161 Not now, not now!
162 Clicking his photos!!
163 Two souls became one PG 13
164 Aftermath of.......
165 Honeymoon continues....
166 Love confession....
《Handsome CEO“S Bewitching wife》 Volume 4
167 Photos and Photos!!
168 Again a jealous hubby!
169 First kiss scene!!
170 I will not stop her.
171 She felt Jealous.
172 Getting slapped.
173 Someone was going to die.
174 Thank you for helping me.
175 Who tampered with the ropes?
176 For how long was I sleeping?
177 Person behind it?
178 Husband who cares for you.
179 It was so embarrassing!
180 He had to let her do whatever she wanted.
181 Playing games.
182 Who is pregnant?
183 Killing two birds with one stone.
184 Save me!!
185 It was a big fire.
186 Please be safe.
187 A warning!
188 A hard push!
189 It was all an act.
190 Her plan for revenge.
191 What is he planning?
192 Feeling jealous!
193 Anyone, but not you.
194 Enjoying the exhibition.
195 Sorry, I can't help you.
196 Getting kicked out.
197 Xin Mei was a queen.
198 Helping others.
199 Reciting a poem for her.
200 Short separation.
201 A scary dream!
202 Playing video games.
203 Don't lie to me.
204 Chen Mei!
205 Huge scandal.
206 Mei, I trust you.
207 Auction ball.
208 Stop false accusing me.
209 Stop slandering Xin Mei!
210 Telepathy.
211 No one will be worse than me.
212 I am leaving my fan clubs.
213 Nightmare.
214 I love him.
215 Want to make it an unforgettable memory.
216 Aunty!
217 Him, dying.
218 Late night call.
219 Acci... Accident!!
220 Please be alright!
221 Panic attack.
222 Best dream of her life!
223 Murder?
224 It was a murder plan.
225 Surprises!
226 You are owner of......
227 Discrimination.
228 Jiang family??
229 His past.
230 Who is this Jiang family?
231 I am sorry.
232 Phobia of dogs!
233 Smooth lie!
234 Are you here to seduce me??
235 She is lying!
236 Again a lie!
237 Surprise!!!
238 Deal of two devils!!
239 I love you, Chen.
240 Feeling naughty!!
《Handsome CEO“S Bewitching wife》 Volume 5
241 Fed up with her stalker!
242 Small injury but best doctor.
243 A stranger in her room.
244 Protecting herself.
245 That man is very smart.
246 What if I give Zhou Mingyu a second chance?
247 I did all this for Xin Mei!
248 Well planned plan!
249 I will attend her birthday party.
250 All ready to spoil her party.
251 Getting all the attention.
252 For our old happy days.
253 Ning Xiao and Su Yuchen.
254 Can I have a dance with you?
255 Getting exposed.
256 Playback time.
257 You are the bestest.
258 Getting drunk!
259 I am your lover!
260 Erotic sounds coming from the room.
261 Last day!
262 Romeo Julie
263 Proposal of Tang Min.
264 This is called Karma!
265 How dare of her to insult his Mei!
266 Angry Mister Su.
267 I am deeaaaaddddd!
268 What happened to you?
269 Please don't cry.
270 She can be evil sometimes.
271 Sigh! brother is not jealous of me.
272 How funny!
273 Tit for tat.
274 Getting pampered!
275 How to change his brother?
276 Planning a get together!
277 Falling in love with his mansion.
278 Who is Su Zixin?
279 Who is this Da Chun?
280 First love!
281 The flying women.
282 I would become a superstar, only for him.
283 Getting caught.
284 He was changing for good.
285 Her birthday!!
286 Special gift ;
287 Call from Qian Fan.
288 Live.....
289 Lucky her.
290 Her one decision had changed her life.
291 Poster of her first movie.
292 Premier of her first movie.
293 Good reviews!!
294 Getting ignored.
295 What happened to my kitchen?
296 He is also very cruel!
297 Surprise! Surprise!
298 Party all night.
299 A glimpse of his past.
300 Trailer of Revenge.
301 Sinking popularity
302 First ramp walk.
303 A walk with her husband.
304 Where are you Su Zixin?
305 Giving support to his brother.
306 Premier of Revenge.
307 Story of movie 'Revenge.'
308 His birth mother.
309 First anniversary
310 What have you done, Xiao Mei'!!!
311 Bow to Xin Mei.
312 Another success.
313 Her scandals.
314 Next plan.
315 She seduced me.
316 She aborted her child.
317 They are married.
318 Mentally unstable.
319 And the best actress is....?
320 End of Zhou and Qian family.
321 Has taken her revenge.
322 Love making
323 New year
324 New challenges with new year.
《Handsome CEO“S Bewitching wife》 Volume 6
325 First love rival.
326 Being suspicious.
327 His Love rival.
328 Shock of his life.
329 I don't think I will get the role.
330 Hello sweetheart.
331 He is not Su Yuchen.
332 Is he clubbing?
333 Vinegar in the mouth of Xin Mei.
334 Loud wails of Su Zixin.
335 Troubled by a fool
336 Did he touch you?
337 Sick grandma.
338 Greeting caught when calling him father.
339 You look cute when jealous.
340 Meeting her little brother.
341 Talent academy.
342 Get together.
343 Are you really married??
344 She is his wife!!
345 poison in her wine.
346 She was poisoned.
347 I will try my best to protect you.
348 Punishment for her criminals.
349 Zixin, your house is on fire.
350 Her love rival.
351 Her enemy.
352 I love you more than anything.
353 Using Mian to make her jealous.
354 He is mine.
355 And she knew what she was to do.
356 Will you car race against me??
357 An attempt to kill her.
358 Another plan to kill her.
359 She tried to poison me.
360 She is evil.
361 You are nothing to me.
362 How did I fail to see her bad deeds?
363 A meeting with Song Yang.
364 Mian has an important place in your life.
365 If she was to go then what about him?
366 Please never separate us.
367 What are you doing here?
368 Is she using father's card for her shopping??
369 Story of Da Chun.
370 Kicking him out.
371 Getting jealous of her cousins.
372 Truth will never be revealed.
373 Getting slandered again.
374 Another villian.
375 Tomorrow, you are going to die.
376 Bomb blast.
377 Someone kidnapped Su Yuchen.
378 Ediot Su Yuchen.
379 Such a big fool.
380 At last, I will have you for forever.
381 I will not leave that b!tch.
382 One gun shot.
383 Don't worry
384 Looking after him.
385 He is Qian Fan.
386 Punish him brutally.
《Handsome CEO“S Bewitching wife》 Volume 7
387 Best dream of her life.
388 I so want to announce our marriage.
389 Do you want to have a dance with me?
390 Visiting the house of Gu Biyu.
391 What is HIS photo doing at your home??
392 Who was your stepmother?
393 He can go to jail.
394 I am her murderer.
395 I killed her.
396 Who is Gu Biyu?
397 I am Jiang Biyu.
398 I was aware of your plan.
399 He was the one who forced your mother out of this house.
400 Which position will you like?
401 I am pregnant.
402 Gift for the couple.
403 You have a little sister.
404 Accident.
405 Donating blood to her.
406 She is very lucky.
407 How is this possible??
408 Xin Mei.
《Handsome CEO“S Bewitching wife》 Volume 8
409 Did you know the truth?
410 Our marriage is exposed.
411 Now, you have a plenty of free time.
412 Article about his marriage.
413 Press conference.
414 I am the second son of Su family.
415 First public appearance.
416 Public kiss.
417 Wedding of He Ye.
418 Meeting unknown family members.
419 She looks like your mother.
420 She is her sister.
421 Thank You.
422 Our wedding.
423 Wedding vows.
424 I am pregnant.