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I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

Author:Low-Key Youth

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UpdateTime:1/22/2021 12:44:53 AM

Updates:Chapter 53 Dinner in Yuelai Inn

Upon arriving in another world, I found myself become a weed that people casually stepped on.

The system finally activates.

I’ll teach those people the meaning of life, I’m not just some weed they can step on
《I Got Reincarnated as a Weed》 Text
Chapter 1 One Weeds Hanging Around the Body
Chapter 2 Choose 1 from 3
Chapter 3 Don’t come here!
Chapter 4 Bloodline Enhancement, Spiritual Weed
Chapter 5 I was bitten by one bite, and the cultivation base has been improved
Chapter 6 Planting Zhou Ye into the Spiritual Field
Chapter 7 800,000 Birthday
Chapter 8 Outing
Chapter 9 A Golden Feathered Birds
Chapter 10 My name is Zhou Ye, I am a spiritual weed
Chapter 11 A new skill acquired
Chapter 12 Damn, deceive feelings
Chapter 13 A Red Spider Demon Beas
Chapter 14 The crime will certainly be exposed
Chapter 15 The Punishment to White Deer
Chapter 16 The White Deer of Physical and Mental Pleasure
Chapter 17 You Are a Real White Deer
Chapter 18 My Deer Is Really Smar
Chapter 19 Drunkenness
Chapter 20 Blonde Beauty Woman
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24
Chapter 25
Chapter 26 An Evil Vines and The White Rabbi
Chapter 27 The White Rabbit’s Breakthrough
Chapter 28 Two Little Loli
Chapter 29 Sister Lu, she is saying that you have a big face
Chapter 30 My God, it’s so fragran
Chapter 31 The Hard Life of the Spider Demon Beas
Chapter 32 Lu Xiaoyuan Who Cannot Tie Her Own Hair
Chapter 33 The Human World
Chapter 34 The Big Sister Is the Big Sister
Chapter 35 Do you want to be Uncle Deer
Chapter 36 On The Way
Chapter 37 The Sunset Abyss
Chapter 38 Can’t Figh
Chapter 39 A fight between two high cultivator
Chapter 40 The Old Dog
Chapter 41 Out of Bounds
Chapter 42 Arrived
Chapter 43 Sister Deer, how do you use chopsticks
Chapter 44 The Greedy Cultivator
Chapter 45 Jin Xiaoer
Chapter 46 I miss the Spiritual Field
Chapter 47 This grass As Hard as Steel
Chapter 48 Transcendental Realm
Chapter 49 Buying Zhou Ye for healing
Chapter 50 Saving People
Chapter 51 They Were The Great Cultivators. Just leave it to them
Chapter 52 Zhenhai City
Chapter 53 Dinner in Yuelai Inn
Chapter 54 Master Lu, You Are Awesome