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I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Author:Bright Moonlight Frost On The Ground

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On modern-day Earth, An Lin seems to have been abandoned by God.

When his father suddenly disappears, An Lin is left with his father“s immense debt, putting his life at risk.

After being forced to a rooftop by his pursuing creditors, An Lin is unexpectedly swept off his feet and brought to the ground safely.


After learning that he was saved by an Immorta...
《I Might Be A Fake Cultivator》 Volume 1
1 Why Is This Immortal So Happy?
2 Most Networked Backdoor Entran
3 The Loveable and Detestable System
4 A Class of Prodigies Plus One Loser
5 Don't Cultivate in Your Dreams
6 An Indeclinable Declaration of Battle
7 Weakest of Class One VS Strongest of Class One-Hundred
8 The Three Musketeers and a Dog
9 There Is Springtime Even for Losers
10 An Lin's Fortune in Love
11 An Lin's Disaster in Love
12 Ranking up in Leaps and Bounds
13 No Zuo No Die
14 I Apologize, I Wronged You
15 Mountain Soul-Essence
16 Such Terrifying Diarrhea
17 Free-For-All Battle
18 Sensational Opening Ceremony Speech
19 You're Very Famous, You Also Need a Spanking
20 The Reprehensible An Lin
21 The Little White Rabbit's Counterattack
22 Lining Up to be Defeated
23 Young Sorceress
24 Let's Solo!
25 The Frightening Final Spark
26 Chen Chen
27 Cultivating While Gaming
28 Thanks for Letting Me Win
29 The Battle Triggered By a Dog
30 Breakthrough!
31 Let's go, PipiDog!
32 The Stupefied Earth Immortal Yue Ying
33 Battle of the Immortal Rankings Board Prodigies
34 Enigmatic An Lin
35 The Gallant Human and Dog Duo
36 The Upright Xuanyuan Cheng
37 Wang Xuanzhan VS Xuanyuan Cheng
38 Formidable Entrance
39 Finger of the Heavenly Dao
40 Stupefied Wang Xuanzhan
41 An Lin Exploded
42 Final Battle
43 Call from the Soul
44 Congratulations, You've Won a Big Prize!
45 Dear, Need Daigou?
46 Descending into the Mortal World!
47 First Spirit Pet!
48 Cultivators Enter Town
49 The Immortal Ambassadors Have Arrived!
50 Encounter
51 God of Automobiles, Xu Xiaolan
52 A Day In the Life of A Tycoon
53 A Slap to the Face
54 Screwed Over By Drugged Wine
55 Legal Age Loli
56 All Cultivators of The World Unite Together to Protect Earth
57 Transference of Troublesome Duties
58 The Human Is More Frightening Than the Ghos
59 The Human Is More Frightening Than the Ghos
60 My Acting Skills Are Flawless!
61 Request for Reinforcements!
62 Come, Strike Me to Death!
63 Crushing the Evil Spirit King
64 Haha, You've All Been Surrounded!
65 King of Acting—Demon King of Wisdom
66 Sword Immortal An Lin
67 The Demon Kings’ Pitiful End
68 One-Hundred-and-Eight Ways of Interrogation
69 Great Bewitching Technique!
70 Yielding to the Cross-Dressing Male
71 Demon Emperor's Plan
72 The Final Bout of Shopping
73 Obtaining the Signature!
74 I'm Your Loyal Fan!
75 I Want to Sing!
76 Bringing A Song From the Heavens to the Mortal World
77 Divine Inspection Technique
78 Father's Gambling Deb
79 Dad, I'll Care for You in the Future
80 Let's Cultivate Together!
81 Rest In Peace, Green River Sword Immortal
82 Counterattack
83 I Don't Want to be Your Sparring Partner!
84 You Actually Poisoned Your Blood?!
85 Donating Blood For the Peace and Love of the World
86 New Title, Poison Lord
87 Ancient Jade Pond of Tibe
88 Ominous Signs
89 Reflections and Illusions
90 Army of Beautiful Women
91 Sudden Change in the Mystic Realm
92 Because I'm Your Teacher
93 Are You Willing to Sacrifice Your Life?
94 Extreme Power
95 Gain and Loss
96 A Plethora of Treasures!
97 Gifting Clothes and Departure
98 Return to the Beautiful Schoolyard
99 Beginning of the End of Year Exams!
100 Flexing Unintentionally
101 Not A Single Worthy Opponen
102 The King Has Told Me to Patrol the Mountain
103 I'll Take Care of This Battle!
104 I'll Let You Taste the Terror of Facing a 'Whale'
105 Big Brother An and Xiao Chou
106 New Team Member
107 Monkey Brother!
108 Beast Tide
109 Dear, Your Beast Tide Has Almost Arrived
110 Truly Dealing With Wild Beasts
111 Counter-Attacking from a Hopeless Situation
112 Starry Night Monarch
113 The Male Who Swallows Beast Cores Raw
114 Successful Breakthrough...
115 I Might Be A Fake Cultivator
116 I Have A Special Flight Technique
117 Battle for The Bird Eggs
118 An Unwelcome Gues
119 When A Graceful Woman Encounters A Ruffian
120 Cultivate Hard and Improve Everyday
121 What Is Your Wish
122 A Special Set of Ruins
123 Trial of the Five Elements
124 Turns Out It Was All A Trap
125 The Despair of Being Hard Sold
126 Dire Straits of Destruction
127 The Solution to The Impasse
128 Receiving the Final Inheritance
129 I'm Screwed
130 What A Coincidence to See You Again
131 Lin Junjun's Nightmare
132 A Bountiful Return for Everyone
133 Finally Graduated
134 Dou Shuai Palace
135 Binge Eating Immortal Pills
136 The Price of An Lin's Deb
137 Come Tour Around the Mythological Beast Sec
138 An Lin's Emotional Strategy
139 Meeting Da Bai’s Parents
140 Six Strikes of the War God
141 Moonlit Night Monarch's Decision
142 I've Come to Tour Around Vermilion Bird Sec
143 Burn Me to Your Heart's Content!
144 Xu Xiaolan's Embarrassmen
145 Abyss of Evil
146 Xiao Chou's Deadly Weapon
147 Disheartening News
148 Chased By Twin Dragons
149 This Clan Was A Little Special
150 A Traitor Amongst The Sinister Devils
151 A Fight To The Death
152 Searching For Him Countless Times
153 Origin Energy of the Netherworld
154 Who Knows The Pains of The Male Dragon
155 Extortion?
156 An Abrupt Mission
《I Might Be A Fake Cultivator》 Volume 2
157 The Battle of The Prodigies
158 There Aren't Any Problems That Can't Be Resolved With Spirit Stones
159 A Twisted Strand of Fate
160 Flirting in The Bamboo Fores
161 A Blue Ice Flower
162 A Bunch of Beautiful Intruders
163 A Mysterious Assis
164 He Really Self-Detonated
165 Are You A Friend Or Foe?
166 The Stolen Toy
167 The Toy's Choice
168 Where Had Da Bai Gone
169 Let's Have Fun Together
170 Princess Yun Le
171 Great Scientist Professor Yang
172 Reaching a Deal
173 Kick-Ass Sword Grand Master
174 Let Me Flex Properly
175 I Really Didn't Do It on Purpose
176 Mecha Are the True Love of Men
177 Su Xin's Small Gif
178 Your Brother Is Just a Legend
179 Frightening Retarded Superfan
180 An Lin's Self-Created Immortal Spell
181 Dao Exchange Conference of the Four Powers
182 The Girl and the Monk
183 Defending Your Honor
184 An Idol's Ethics and Manners
185 How To Enrage An Opponen
186 A Misunderstanding
187 A Younger Brother For Everyone
188 How Are You, My Younger Brother?
189 They Really Ate I
190 The Meeting of The Prodigies
191 I Have A Trump Card
192 The Terrifying Trump Card
193 The Three Severely Injured Representatives.
194 Escapade In The Starry Maze
195 The Legendary Useless Teammate
196 Don't Give Up, We Can Still Turn The Tables!
197 Turning The Tables Through A Sword
198 Finally Not Useless Anymore
199 Hong Dou Number One
200 Long Live The God of Agriculture
201 Battle For The Holy Grail
202 Let’s Get Carried By Senior Wang
203 I Think We Can Exchange Holy Grails
204 Sufferers Of The Same Fate
205 Hong Dou's Pagoda Exploded
206 Cooperation with Good Friends
207 Relying on My Power to Hack
208 Selling out Teammates
209 Wind and Thunder Geminis
210 I Really Didn't Do It on Purpose
211 Fighting the Formation
212 The Pitiful Hall of Creation
213 It's Over For Us
214 Please Call Me Queen
215 Foreign Secretary, Liu Qianhuan
216 I'll Insta-Kill Whoever Comes
217 Becoming Lackeys
218 Day-to-Day Life of The Queen
219 Decisive Battle
220 Ace In The Hole
221 The Insanely Powerful Gundam Number One And Gundam Number Two
222 Heavenly Flames of Judgemen
223 The Final Decision
224 Come Critique My Artwork
225 An Artwork of A White Crane
226 Another Encounter With Yi Xi
227 When Your Enemy Runs Their Mouth
228 Another Year Passes
229 Senior An Lin
230 Doing God's Work
231 The Powerful Beast Pet Team
232 Demonic Blood Lotus
233 Farewell And A Sword Gif
234 A Nuclear Day
235 The Battle of The A*shole
236 Pursuit And Counter-attack
237 Breaking Barriers Yet Again
238 The Human Resistance
239 The Failure of The Ant Tribe
240 Riding A Dog Together
241 Tycoon An
242 Heart of the Ocean
243 The Ancient Artifacts Are Climaxing
244 Treasure Hunting
245 Lonely Tomb Keeper
246 Men Can't Say No
247 Sword Master's Defea
248 Xu Xiaolan Has Become the Biggest Winner
249 I'm Afraid That This Fortune Teller Is a Fake
250 There Will Eventually Be a Battle
251 Commander
252 I'm Fired Up
253 Below the Return to Void Stage, My Attack Is Without Rival!
254 Water Clone Technique
255 Strategic Battle of The Immortal Sword
256 Heed My Call
257 Overwhelming Power
258 Bowing To An Ancient Relative
259 Listen As I Tell A Story
260 Falling In Love With Dongfang Ming
261 Murder and Robbery
262 Hunter And Prey
263 Tallying The Spoils Of War
264 Farewell Wang Xuanzhan
265 I'm Here To Repay My Debt!
266 Hipster Disease
267 Sexual Orientation Correction
268 Turns Out I Have A Mighty Backer
269 To Strengthen Oneself Is a Constant Journey
270 The East Sea
271 The Hero of Bo Lan City
272 The Dragon Princess
273 Slaying the Crimson Demonic Emperor
274 Who Dares to Stand Against the Sword Immortal
275 The Savior
276 Tree That Will Never Be Injured Again
277 Running Away After Flexing
278 The Passage Has Closed, What're We Gonna Do?
279 Shattered Dreams
280 Hero Saving Damsel in Distress Doesn't Exis
281 Bumper Harvest of Treasures
282 Golden Ginseng
283 Slaying the Demonic Dragon
284 Mission Accomplished
285 He's Called An Lin
286 Battling Against the Holy Demon
287 Reappearance of the Nuclear Explosion
288 Almost a Cripple
289 I've Come to Pay a Debt of Gratitude
290 The Dragon Princess' Decision
291 Exploring the Dragon Cour
292 Time to Flex
293 New Semester, New Me
294 The Path to Soul Formation Stage
295 The Opportunity Was Finally Here
296 Return to Earth
297 The Overwhelmingly Powerful Reinforcements
298 Giving Dad Some Love
299 Too Much Love
300 The Lost Su Qianyun
301 Rumbling Divine Lightning
302 This Team Leader Gig Sure Is Exhausting
303 Going to Idol's House
304 Deciding On The Candidates
305 Where Did Dad Go
306 The Zombie Goddess Appears
307 To Kiss or Not to Kiss
308 Be a Man, Do the Right Thing
309 The Miserable Ice Man
310 Late Night Conversation
311 I'm Definitely Going to Eat Dog Meat Today!
312 Catching a Big Fish
313 The Team Was Complete
314 Shou Yang Tomb
315 Time for the Tiger to Roar
316 How the F*ck Is This Spirit Nurturing Stage?
317 Don't Mess with Hua Nation Cultivators
318 The Befuddled An Lin
319 This Really Was A Surprise
320 A Lonesome Person
321 Let's Go Start Something
322 Renowned Across the Continen
323 Appearance of the Divine Flame
324 Is There Any Left, I'm Still Hungry
325 Big Brother Cheng's Trump Card
326 The Heroic Death of An Lin
327 The Tragedy of Battle God Zi Yang
328 Interrogation and Leads
329 The Aftermath of The Battle
330 Battle Goddess Bi Qiong
331 Setting Moon Flame
332 My Acting Skills Are God-Like
333 Change in Zhan Qi Continen
334 Journey Through the Ancient Barren Realm
335 Hanging on to the Great Battle Gods Coattails
336 Completing the Mission
337 Finding the Tomb!
338 The Tomb with Many Realms
339 Free Pass Trials
340 The Green-Haired Male Can't Be Called the Green-Haired Male Anymore
341 Huan Huan
342 A Tragedy Caused by a Sword
343 My New Friends
344 Why Are You Chasing Me
345 So We Really Do Need to Protect the World?
346 Ruler of the Flames
347 Demons of Hell
348 The Might of the Poison Lord
349 Why Was It Them?
350 The Fearsome Baldie
351 Bringing Out All The Trump Cards
352 Endless Nigh
353 A Bunch of Disabled People
354 So Many Prizes!!
355 A Strange World
356 Accept or Abandon
357 Winning at Life
358 The Miserable Unacclimatized Man
359 The Greatly Moved Da Bai
360 The Concerns of Black Spirit Snake
361 What Are Your Views On Maintaining World Peace?
362 Memory Loss Doesn't Exis
363 I’m Back!
364 I'm Taking This Whole Set of Ruins
365 Battle with the Mechanical Beas
366 Xiao Hong Saves The Day
367 Teaching Xiao Hong to Establish a Correct Outlook on Life
368 Transformation of The Ambassadors of The Sun
369 Request for External Suppor
370 Human Service
371 The Hundred-Beast Demon of the Purple Star Bloodline
372 The Correct Usage of the Realm-Piercing Nail
373 Inheritance Bonanza
374 Come With Me
375 The Dumbstruck Jiang Anlan
376 Traveling The World
377 Make You Cry
378 Progression to Soul Formation
379 The Much-Anticipated Tribulation Transcendence
380 I Didn't Expect Your Lightning Tribulations to be Like This
381 What Did I Just Give Birth To
382 An Lin and An Kirin
383 I Think My Soul Formation Stage is Fake
384 Chang'e's Mooncakes
385 Weight Loss and Weight Gain
386 The Power of The Mooncakes
387 Fat Discussion
388 The Powerful Oral Cannon
389 Feeding An Kirin
390 More Enlightenment for Yi Xi
391 Bankruptcy
392 The Threat of Becoming A Eunuch
393 Killing With A Borrowed Sword
394 Forming An Alliance
395 The Perilous Situation of Xu Xiaolan
396 Perhaps This is the Will of God
397 Big Brother Cheng Is A Little Baffled
398 Liu Qianhuan vs Xuanyuan Cheng
399 You Watch Me Explode!
400 I Only Bully Others, Not You
401 I Apologize, Please Forgive Me!
402 Let Me Be The Chef
403 Chef God An Lin
404 The Chicken of Reconciliation
405 The Joy of Giving Stuffed Buns
406 Earning Money Was So Easy
407 Returning to The Vermilion Bird Sec
408 Backdoor Entran
409 Constructing a Harmonious Society
410 The Prodigy Disciples of the Vermilion Bird Sec
411 Slaying a Python with One Slash
412 The Heavenly Fire Mutant Beas
413 Focusing on Cooking and Ignoring Everything Else
414 An Important Decision
415 Terrifyingly Lousy Luck
416 Learning the Ancient Man Language
417 Force You to Surrender
418 Successful Completion of the Trial
419 Intel on the Divine Leader
420 Unstoppable Attack
421 Flex King Black Phoenix
422 An Lin vs Black Phoenix
423 Three Strike Killing Combo!
424 My Secret Weapon
425 The Two Phoenixes
426 The Demonic Moon
427 I Need Someone to Warm My Bed
428 The Legend of An Lin
429 A Big Presen
430 The Holy Flame Ceremony
431 I Really Am Very Sad
432 It's Hard to Be Inconspicuous
433 Reaching the Pinnacle of Life
434 Why Am I Always The One Getting Hur
435 Disaster Strikes from the Sky
436 Invasion Addicts
437 Battle to Protect the Holy Flame
438 The Dumbstruck Meng Zhi
439 The Stolen Holy Flame
440 The Counterattack
441 An Extremely Dire Situation
442 Fight For Your Life
443 Lifespan Sacrifice
444 The Leftover Power of Qing Li
445 Strangers
446 Even If You've Fled to the Ends of the World, I'll Still Find You
447 Life-Consuming Pursui
448 Meeting
449 You're My Eternal Dao Partner
450 Dao Partner Probation Period End... End my f*cking ass!
451 Emotional Abuse
452 What a Beautiful Moon We Have Tonigh
453 Searching For a Way to Rectify Dao Foundations
454 Lan Lin Medical Clinic
455 The Arrival of the Beast Pets
456 Arrival of the Heavenly Lord of Dao and Virtue
457 Welcome Back, Xu Xiaolan
458 A Quiet Nigh
459 The Return of the Heroes
460 Da Bai's Dog Food
461 Mo Hai's Relationship Woes
462 The Vermilion Bird Origin Treasures
463 Mirror Mirror on The Wall
464 The Treasure Box of The Snow Maidens
465 Return to Youth
466 The Decision of the Moonlit Night Monarch
467 Reunion of Friends
468 The Grand Integration of Physics and Immortal Spells
469 Beautiful Scenery
470 Xu Xiaolan's Judgemen
471 Life in Jail
472 Impending Disaster
473 Ancient Tai Chu Realm
474 The Unavoidable Disaster
475 I'm Entering The Ancient Tai Chu Realm No Matter What!
476 Mobilization of the Most Powerful Cultivators on the Continen
477 Giant Godfiend An Lin
478 The Army Descending From The Heavens
479 The Power to Destroy Heaven and Earth
480 All The Realm Essence Crystals Are Mine!
481 One-Man Demolition Job
482 The Holy Fairy Maiden
483 How to Make A Good Impression
484 Crushing Wealth!
485 Negotiating A Deal
486 The World is so Big
487 Reaching The Real Continen
488 The Fearsome Crumbling Continen
489 I Didn't Expect to Meet You Here
490 Battling The West Sea sea monsters
491 Murder and Robbery Squad Assembled
492 The Hunting Operation on Pan Long Mountain
493 The Nightmare of The Blood Tribe
494 The Monster Within The White Lake Realm
495 The Terrifying Thousand-Eyed Demonic Dragon
496 Reunion of Friends
497 Hong Dou's Assistance
498 The Might of the Vermilion Bird Mirror
499 Successfully Acquiring the Divine Plunder Technique
500 Hong Dou Concedes to No One
501 Sluggish Mystic Realm
502 Ray of Neglected Ligh
503 Tina's Display of Migh
504 Battle for Realm Essence Crystals
505 Essence Crystal Tycoon
506 Please Grant Me Death
507 Discussing How to Kill the Enemy Boss
508 The Indestructible Opponen
509 Do It Yourself
510 He Really Committed Suicide
511 Thanking the Human Race
512 Searching For Snow Soul Beasts
513 The Ruthless Yet Adorable Snow Soul Beasts
514 My Little Cutie
515 Bowing to Evil Forces
516 To Help or Not to Help
517 Meeting Shangguan Yi Again
518 Communicating With the Snow Maidens
519 The Sky Has Collapsed
520 Huge Starry Mountain
521 Little Stars Can Crush You to Death
522 Poltergeist on the Stardust Tree!
523 Stumbling Upon the Void Star Section
524 Master's Terrifying Aura
525 Body of the War God
526 The Accursed System
527 How to Rouse the Beauty From Her Slumber
528 My Blood is Poisonous
529 Fall of the Title of Poison Lord
530 Getting Rid of His Stalker
531 One More Lackey
532 Encounter at the White Jade Mountain
533 To Purify All the Sins of This World
534 A Sword Smeared With Lethal Poison
535 Building A Blood Tribe Army
536 Battle for the Golden Realm Essence Crystals
537 The Most Badass Person on the Scene
538 Hunting The Jade Beasts
539 The Realm of Dead Souls
540 The Weird Black Tower Guardians
541 The Gentle Township
542 Is This Illusion or Reality
543 Breaking Through the Illusion
544 Rousing His Lackeys
545 A Dire Situation
546 The Powerful Red-Robed Elderly Men
547 Savior Tina
548 An Lin's Powerful Brigade
549 The Holy Maiden's Redemption
550 A New Addition to the Blood Tribe Army
551 The Involuntary Flex
552 The Astonished Dao Ye
553 Battling the Black Dragon
554 The Mighty Ancient Dragon Projection
555 The Treasure Cave
556 Clearing Out the Treasure Cave
557 The Three Ancient Treasures
558 Accepting a Disciple
559 Realm of Boundless Emotion
560 Terrifying Emotional Explosions
561 The Pillar of the Team, An Lin
562 Encounter
563 Fury of the Long Shang
564 SJW An's Choice
565 Ordering of An Lin's Brigade
566 Formidable Hindrance
567 Great Savior An Lin
568 Great Senior An Lin
569 Battling the Body of Chaotic Essence
570 An Kirin the Whale-Conqueror
571 The Enraged Heavenly Void Beas
572 The Despairing Heavenly Void Beas
573 The Compromising Heavenly Void Beas
574 Escaping From the Whale's Mouth
575 Becoming a Father
576 You Are the Father!
577 The Incomplete Mission
578 Bidding Farewell to the Little Whale
579 Returning to the Heavenly Cour
580 Saving An Lin's D*ck
581 The Speechless Emperor Ziwei
582 The Reactions of All the Powers
583 Reporting to Xu Xiaolan
584 Meeting of the Beast Pets
585 The Joyous and Harmonious Beast Pet Team
586 Distribution of Benefits From Filthy Rich An
587 Big Gathering of Friends
588 I'm Invincible!
589 Senior Student Tang and the Immortal Spirit Tower
590 Venturing into the Immortal Spirit Tower
591 The Boring Immortal Spirit Tower Trials
592 The Accidental Assis
593 Tang Ximen's Blood and Tears
594 The Eightieth Level Battle for Honor
595 Big Brother Cheng's Domain
596 You Finished Too Fas
597 I'll Make You Happy
598 See You in the Next Life
599 The Exhausted Bai Zhong
600 How to Transcend the Lightning Tribulation
601 Liu Qianhuan's Tribulation Transcendence
602 Unable to Give Up
603 I'll Be Your Heavenly Tribulation
604 Liu Qianhuan's Choice
605 War God Xing Tian
606 The Endless Flex
607 Clash of the War Gods First Par
608 Clash of the War Gods Second Par
609 The Neverending Brawl
610 Xing Tian's Defea
611 The Healed Bai Zhong
612 An Unimaginable Opponen
613 My Opponent Is a True God
614 Counterattack from Dire Straits
615 The Unacceptable Victory
616 Breaking the Body of the War God
617 I Will Grind Your Face into the Ground
618 The Birth of a King
619 Make You Poo
620 The World Within the Mirror
621 Let's Create a New World Together
622 Creating Life
623 The Age of Dinosaurs
624 Creating Highly-Intelligent Life forms
625 Creating a Future for All the Living Beings
626 Let's Create Some Stars
627 Let's Create Humans Together
628 The New Humans
629 The Studious Adam and Eve
630 This Is a Very Pure and Innocent Chapter
631 Let's Create Some Antagonists
632 Creations Born From Imagination
633 Dark Marshlands
634 Holy Disciple Nomination Ceremony of the Blood Tribe
635 Is There Something Wrong?
636 New Generation Holy Disciples
637 Crushing Weakened Enemies
638 I'll Just Accept Another Underling
639 An Lin's True Strength
640 Too Weak?
641 Why Did He Die?
642 Flexing with No Sense of Accomplishmen
643 The Aftermath of the Battle
644 Mundane Days
645 The Dumbest Antagonists in History
646 The Second Batch of Antagonists
647 The Nightmarish Antagonists
648 What is True Tribulation Transcendence
649 The Worldwide Upgrade
650 Transferring Matter Between Two Worlds
651 An Extremely Powerful Intruder
652 Step Up
653 Master's Battle
654 Turning the Tables
655 The Most Powerful Reinforcemen
656 Pursuit to Kill
657 Battle of the Dao Integration Stage Super Mighty Figures
658 God's Spokesperson
659 The Conquest of God's Spokesperson First Par
660 The Conquest of God's Spokesperson Second Par
661 The Conquest of God's Spokesperson Third Par
662 Playing With A Ball
663 The Development of the Blood Tribe Underlings
664 Sparring with Big Brother Cheng
665 The Arrival of the Underlings
666 The Present from Afar
667 Assassination on the Purple Snow Mountain
668 The Might of the Holy Blood
669 There’s Soap There
670 Combo Attack
671 Flipping the Tables
672 I Heard You Were Going to Transcend a Tribulation?
673 The Enraged Lightning Tribulation
674 Returning to Huang Quan City
675 The Yin Yang Domain
676 Teaching Adam and Eve a Lesson
677 A True Man
678 Double Tribulation Transcendence
679 Domain Mutation
680 The Eleventh Highly Intelligence Tribe
681 What Should We Teach?
682 There is Something I Can Teach You
683 Reinforcements
684 Complete Annihilation!
685 The Earth-Shattering Finger
686 Would You like to Learn About the Heaven Crushing Sec
687 I Only Want a Safe, Happy Life
688 The Path of the Upperclasswoman
689 A New Sec
690 A Rising New Star
691 The Age of Technology
692 The Criminal on the Execution Platform
693 Wei Ji's Trip to the New World
694 Little Na’s Hacks
695 The Terrifying World
696 The Human Piggy Bank Was Here
697 Being Forced to the Brink of Tears Again
698 Treasure That Can't Be Bough
699 Deal!
700 My Most Powerful Treasure
701 Choosing a Site for the Four Nine Immortal Sec
702 Realm of the Fallen Phoenix
703 A Massive Opportunity
704 Saving the Damsel in Distress
705 Battle for the Golden Egg
706 The Mighty Four Nine Immortal Sec
707 The Real Realm of the Fallen Phoenix
708 The Might of the Comical Sky
709 I Suddenly Want to Try This Spell technique
710 Da Bai's Dire Situation
711 The Ever Reliable An Lin
712 Dong Guo's Resolution
713 A Crushing Experience
714 A Series of Abuse
715 Attacked From Both Sides
716 A Mad Rush for Survival
717 The Fearsome Silver Gundam
718 Battling Celestial Maiden Fei Ying
719 Finally Gaining Entry
720 Tina's Adventures
721 To Cross or Not to Cross
722 The Phoenix Egg Crisis
723 Battling the Demonic Baby
724 The Tycoon Attack
725 The Three Minutes Between Life and Death First Par
726 The Three Minutes Between Life and Death Second Par
727 The Battle for This World
728 Making the Phoenix Egg Accept a Master
729 Mysterious Life Form
730 So This is the Exi
731 The Divine Barrier Breaking Finger
732 The Mountain Exploded
733 The Holy Trinity Fiendcelestial
734 Decision to Become an Underling
735 Why Me Again
736 An Earth-Shattering Sword Strike
737 Building a Team to Fight the Boss
738 Being Crushed by the Boss
739 The Dumbstruck Holy Trinity Fiendcelestial
740 Terrifyingly Stupid
741 The Thousand Arm Attack
742 The Terrifying After-Effec
743 Flexing is Extremely Satisfying
744 The Domineering Black Spirit Snake
745 What a Travesty
746 The Aftermath of the Battle
747 Benefits from Bai Ling
748 Location for the Sec
749 Constructing the Sect!
750 The Domineering Construction Cultivator
751 Holy Lord Tian Wo
752 Terrifying Construction Abilities.
753 Struggling Finances
754 The Beautiful Four Nine Immortal Sec
755 Abandoning the Old in Preference for the New
756 A Grand Opening Anticipated by the Entire World
757 The Arrival of the Four Great Sects
758 Liu Qianhuan and Her Dad
759 Conflict Escalation
760 My Sect, My Rules!
761 The Ninety-Nine-Fold Extreme Heavenly Spell Formation
762 A Fated Person
763 Speech at the Sect Founding Ceremony
764 Old Friends
765 The Feeling of Making a Fortune Overnigh
766 Four Nine Immortal Sect's Directions of Developmen
767 Becoming Famous Throughout the World
768 An Lin's Major Obstacle
769 Da Bai Ranked Up
770 First Group of Disciples
771 Terrifying Trial
772 I'm the Champion?
773 Disciples Wanted by the Four Nine Immortal Sec
774 Core Disciples
775 What's Wrong with Da Bai?
776 Heavenly Court's Entrustmen
777 The Sinister Spirit Beast Cesspool
778 It Feels like There's Something Wrong
779 Inexplicable Battles to the Death
780 Cooking with Local Ingredients
781 The Beast Sky Patrol
782 The Mighty Figure from the Opposite Shore Realm
《I Might Be A Fake Cultivator》 Text
783 The Truth Behind the Sinister Spirit Beast Cesspool's Unres
784 Battling the Jade Bone Immortal Bug
785 Subjugating the Jade Bone Immortal Butterfly
786 Little Gu
787 Jumping into a Vortex
788 A Land Oppressed by Stars
789 Subduing Ao Niu
790 The Grief-Stricken Ao Niu
791 Xiaolan's Battle
792 An Unexpected Item
793 The Sigil Crisis
794 A Combined Strike
795 Heavenly Judgemen
796 Continue Onward with No Fear
797 Encountering the Divine Guardian Squad
798 Battling the Divine Guardian Squad
799 The Gluten Lord's Undying Body
800 The Pattern to the Oppressive Stars
801 Gluten Lord Leading the Way
802 The Peerless Saber Demon
803 Almighty Reversal
804 The Path of Starligh
805 The Price of Being Carried
806 The Real Vast Land of Blood?
807 Battling the Demonic Blood Beasts
808 Guess How Many Strikes I Have
809 The Four Great Ferocious Beasts of the Tai Chu Continen
810 The Despairing Lus
811 The Groundhog's Plea for Help
812 The Frenzied Groundhog
813 Praise And Escape
814 The Demonic Blood Kirin
815 The Perfect Kirin Blood Jade
816 The Broken Middle-Aged Man
817 Soul Formation Final Stage
818 The Demonic Blood Kirin's Decision
819 The Key to Getting Ou
820 Breaking Pangu's Sigil
821 Triumphant Return
822 The Tense Standoff
823 The Nightmare Mud Man's Nightmare
824 Don't Go, Let's Fight till Dawn
825 The Proud and Powerful Yao Ji
826 Slaying Immortal Beasts
827 Explosions are an Ar
828 Deceived
829 Divine Bat Emperor's Wrath
830 Soaring Power
831 Return to Void Stage
832 Journey through the Opposite Shore Realm
833 The Danger of Buying, Buying, and Buying
834 Shocked Uncle
835 Scolded by a Youth
836 Profitable Competition Rules
837 Unexpected Resul
838 Super Hard Tes
839 A Call from the Sea of Vital Energy
840 Who Is the Real Dark Horse?
841 The Painstaking Master
842 Competition of Flames?
843 The Final Competition
844 The Dumbstruck Spectators
845 Why Are You Kneeling While Watching the Competition?
846 It Made No Difference Who Became Champion
847 A Huge Present From Master
848 Xiao Ze's Quest For Love
849 The Depressed Dominic
850 In-Laws
851 Snow Maidens of the Opposite Shore Realm
852 The Philosophical Discussion Between Spectators
853 The Stare of the Death God
854 You Keep Fighting, I'm Just Passing Through
855 Battling the Ghost Tribe Mighty Figure
856 Escape and Counterattack
857 The Emergence of the Evil Dragon
858 Invincible An Lin
859 Arrival of Ghost Emperor Po Jun
860 This Is a Mighty Figure in Disguise Who We Can't Mess With
861 Making a Break
862 Consciousness That Transcends the Limits
863 The Infuriated Divine Bat Emperor
864 The Frantic Escape
865 The Arrival of the Heavenly Court Top Dog
866 Forcing the Enemy Back
867 Being Forced to Listen
868 Would You like to Learn About the Heaven Mending Sec
869 Big Brother Bai
870 Restored Confidence
871 Dongfang Zhuangshi's Road to Recovery
872 The True Appearance of the Vast Land of Blood
873 The Terrifying Roleplay
874 I Miss Your Slap
875 The Injured Middle-Aged Man
876 I Don't Like Tea
877 Slaughter and Punishmen
878 Fourth Year
879 Journey for the Immortal Pill
880 Anger Transference Technique
881 A Deal Sealed with a Joke
882 An Lin's Path to Riches
883 The Path to Becoming Chef God
884 The New Shop in the Heavenly Cour
885 The Eight Immortals
886 Competing for Food Through Whatever Means Necessary
887 Astronomically-Priced Divine Dishes
888 A Showdown Invitation from the Chef God
889 A Mundane Entrance
890 Cooking Skills That Stunned the Entire Audience
891 Immortals Appraising the Moon
892 The Birth of the Phoenix
893 Extreme Profits
894 Feel the Despair
895 The Nightmare of the Free-For-All-Battle, An Lin
896 Tang Ximen's Determination
897 The Enlightened Students
898 Operation to Kill the Demon King
899 The Most Powerful Member of the Team
900 Showdown Between Lovers
901 Love and War
902 The Final Victor
903 Tang Ximen’s Attraction
904 The Might of the Lollipop
905 Xue Zhantian's Mental State
906 Therapy God
907 Suicidal Tribulation Transcendence
908 A New Era of Cultivation
909 The Decision of the Seven Celestial Maidens
910 An Ingenious Money-Making Method
911 Known Across the Entire Continen
912 Lord of Transcendence
913 A Lonely Person
914 I Believe You
915 A Sect of Justice?
916 Crime and Punishmen
917 Life of Zuixiang
918 The Enlightenment Crystal of Life and Death
919 The Southern Heavenly Wing Nation
920 Information Regarding the Sun Tree's Guardian
921 The Beautiful Sun Tree
922 Gold-Tier Tour Guide Cow
923 Arena of Deadly Battles
924 The Mysterious Powerful Being of the Arena
925 Confrontation and a Small Show of Ability
926 The Sun Tree War God, Vermilion Bird Princess
927 Fist God Lin An
928 The Vermilion Bird Princess' Semifinal
929 An Lin vs Vermilion Bird Princess
930 The Final Showdown First Par
931 The Final Showdown Second Par
932 The Final Showdown Third Par
933 Double Kill
934 The Final Champion
935 The Glory of Fist God Lin An
936 Exploring the Seventh Level of the Sun Tree
937 The Technique of Answering Questions
938 Mythological Beast Kun Peng's Gif
939 Inheritance Spree
940 Kneeling Down before An Lin
941 Bai Xingge's Challenge
942 Battle of Dao Hearts
943 Spotless Dao Hear
944 An Unexpected Encounter
945 Getting Pummeled Again
946 Helping Each Other as Friends
947 The Most Unexpected Encounter
948 An Unforgettable Kiss
949 The Horror of Explosions
950 Farewell and Separation
951 This Chapter Is Very Interesting
952 Xiaolan's Money-Making Escapade
953 Big Brother Cheng's Return
954 Tycoon Inheritance
955 Arrival of the Bad*ss Son
956 Earth's Spiritual Energy Renaissance?
957 Peculiar Cultivator Group Cha
958 Chance Encounter on the Grasslands
959 The Truth Behind Earth's Unusual Phenomena
960 I Feel Like I've Entered the Wrong Cha
961 Live Streaming the Heavenly Tribulation
962 Earth's Most Powerful Cultivator
963 Mending the Realm's Flaw
964 Battling the Snake Monster
965 Big Brother Cheng's Soul Formation Stage Domain
966 Arrival of the Heavenly Disciple!
967 The Dark Wing Tribe's Nightmare
968 Black Spirit Snake's Reward
969 The Infuriated Black Spirit Snake
970 Exploring the New Earth
971 Parting Waves With One Sword
972 Monarch of the Ocean
973 The Mysterious Ball
974 Unfinished Business
975 Lying in Wai
976 Similar Situation, Different Resul
977 The Aurora Australis
978 The Dragon King's Wrath
979 Make Xiao Ze a Slave?
980 Battling the Dragon King of the East Sea
981 Battling the Dragon King of the East Sea Second Par
982 Crushing Ao Meng
983 We Can Have a Good Chat Now
984 Laying Out Some Facts
985 Surrendering for the Dragon Court's Future
986 Have You Attained Enlightenment?
987 Visiting the Sec
988 An Lin’s Disciple
989 A Grand Vision
990 The Invincible Divine Mirror Enforcement Team
991 A Plan to Redeem the Void Spirit Tribe
992 A Question with No Right Answer
993 Explosive News
994 Xiao Chou's Touching Love Story
995 The Glorious Creation Realm
996 The Fox Tribe's Most Important Industries
997 Forced or No
998 Sneaking in and Observing
999 Xiao Chou’s Unrequited Love
1000 I’ll Spend the Night with Whoever Kisses Me
1001 The Wedding
1002 The Ugly Duckling and the White Swan
1003 Abducting the Bride!
1004 The Romantic Kiss
1005 Let's Elope
1006 The Infuriated An Lin
1007 More In-Laws
1008 Revenge
1009 Moment of Happiness
1010 Love Her or Save Her
1011 Another Wedding
1012 The Second Cause for Celebration for the Four Nine Immortal Sec
1013 Xiao Chou's Wedding
1014 Battle Between Opposing Forces
1015 Battling the Eight-Tailed Divine Fox
1016 The Heartbroken Chen Nan
1017 Battle Between the Couples
1018 You Want to Know My Name?
1019 The Pinnacle of Tang Ximen's Life
1020 The Faux Nine-Tailed Divine Fox
1021 Battling the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox
1022 Master of Darkness
1023 The Detonation of the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox
1024 Eightfold Darkness Holy Flame Mountain Quaking Lightning Fis
1025 Fireworks for Xiao Chou's Wedding
1026 Wedding Nigh
1027 A Strange Map
1028 The Western Paradise
1029 The Sea Monsters of the West Sea
1030 The Location of the Moving Heavenly Star Island
1031 The Blue Whale
1032 Do You Do Fortune Telling Here?
1033 Fortune-Telling Results
1034 A Happy Partnership
1035 The Petrified Lan Xiaoni
1036 The Fallen God Seabed Tomb
1037 The Sword Burial Necklace
1038 A Choice Between Two Doors
1039 Two People With Tacit Understanding
1040 Fireworks for Big Boss An Lin
1041 The Glorious Scenery Within the Fores
1042 Why Am I Here?
1043 The Ever Reliable Man
1044 Flipping the Tables
1045 The Rise of Lan Xiaoni
1046 Papa, Save Me!
1047 Sacrifice and Return
1048 Xi Haizi and Tian Chenji's Love Story
1049 Secret of the Cloudy Sky
1050 The Terror of “Eat My Attack Again”
1051 Vicious Revenge
1052 Xi Haizi
1053 Lan Xiaoni's Choice
1054 Running Without Any Regard for Oneself
1055 I've Got Your Back
1056 Rage and Apology
1057 Rules Are Made to Be Broken
1058 Battle and Escape
1059 Ancient Sea Seabed Battleship
1060 Star Dancer
1061 Fusion Between Mermaid and Battleship
1062 The Starfire Battleship's Terrifying Salvo
1063 Trapped in This World
1064 The Star Dancer's Boudoir
1065 A God from an Alternate Realm
1066 Unanswered Mysteries
1067 A Bold Plan
1068 Meeting the Mysterious Being
1069 Frantic Interjection
1070 So That's The Case, I Understand Now
1071 God Lan Xiaoni
1072 The Sudden Inheritances
1073 Triumphant Return
1074 Competition Between the Two Tribes
1075 The Earth-Shattering Secrets
1076 The Master of the Ocean
1077 An Lin's Retaliation
1078 Are You Scared or What?
1079 We're Not the Same
1080 An Lin's Irrefutable Story
1081 Bidding Farewell to the Gorgeous Mermaid Princess
1082 Don't Worry, It's All Taken Care Of
1083 The Astonished Xiao Chou and Bai Yao
1084 Bai Ling and the Battleship
1085 Money-Making Plan
1086 Happy Schoolyard Cultivation Life
1087 The Fourth End-Of-Term Examinations
1088 Wiping out the Opponent by Acciden
1089 Blood Tasting Festival
1090 Blood Tribe Version Partners
1091 Strongest Paragon Treasure!
1092 A Whole New Way to Make Money
1093 Two vs One Thousand
1094 Why Aren't I Detested Enough?
1095 How to Deal with a Masochis
1096 God of War Heaven Blasting Cannon
1097 Simpson's Last Ditch Efforts
1098 Comparing Gains
1099 Blood Tribe's Reaction
1100 Unexpected Encounter
1101 The Mysteriousness of Fate
1102 There Really Is Someone Like This in This World
1103 Negotiation and Concession
1104 There Was a Lot More An Lin Had to Learn
1105 The Dark Wing Tribe's Discussion Concerning An Lin
1106 The Story of Xu Xiaolan's Parents
1107 Family and Relatives
1108 The Final Day of Boredom
1109 The Terrifying Assailan
1110 Battling the Moonlit Night Monarch
1111 Deep Sea Super Bomb
1112 Retaliation
1113 The Belated Reinforcements
1114 Emperor Ziwei's Reward
1115 An Lin's Divine Tool
1116 Eve of the Wedding
1117 When Xu Xiaolan Encounters Lan Xiaoni
1118 The Mystery of the "East" Ring
1119 The Wild and Joyful Wedding
1120 A Massive Haul
1121 Battle Between the Two Moons
1122 Arriving at the East Sea Again
1123 Encountering a Colossus on the Ocean
1124 Mythological Beast Ba Xia
1125 Don't Go!
1126 Save Me, Daughter!
1127 Number One Spear Technique on the Tai Chu Continen
1128 Battling Ao Xianyu
1129 Forging Strong Relations Between the Dragon Court of the Eastern Seas and the Four Nine Immortal Sec
1130 Some Strange Things
1131 The Power of the Entire Dragon Court of the Eastern Seas
1132 They Entered Just Like That!
1133 Dragon Tribe Ancestors
1134 Ancient Tai Chu Dragon Realm
1135 What the Hell Is This Thing?
1136 Offering Everything for Revenge
1137 Battling the Return to Void Stage Evil Dragon
1138 A Show of Compassion
1139 Only the Weak Land the Killing Blow
1140 Battle Between Two Dragons
1141 Reinforcements for the Frost God
1142 Heavenly Lightning God!
1143 Battling Zeus
1144 An Lin’s Dragon Delivery Service
1145 Xu Xiaolan's presen
1146 What A Coincidence, Same Thing Again
1147 Zeus' God-Like Assis
1148 Xu Xiaolan's Tribulation Transcendence
1149 Unexpected Enemies
1150 Encounter Between Two Great Flex Kings
1151 Return to Void Stage Mighty Figure Xu Xiaolan
1152 Ao Qingyu's Despair
1153 An Lin's Yearning Toward the Return to Void Stage
1154 Searching for Enemies Using a Satellite System
1155 Dark Night Trident's Desperate Escape
1156 Xuan Wu Statue
1157 The End of the World
1158 Dragon Slaying Battle
1159 The Crumbling World
1160 The Frenetic Evil Dragons
1161 Enter a Fake Sea of Vital Energy
1162 Accursed Power of Dragons
1163 The Enraged Ancient Dragon Empress
1164 A Truly Dire Situation
1165 The Final Battle of the Dragon Court War God
1166 The Ancient Dragon Empress and Dark Night Triden
1167 Turtle Shell Impasse
1168 Combined Retaliation
1169 The Cursed Word
1170 The Best Opportunity
1171 The Crazed Pursuit of the Three Evil Dragons
1172 Long Aotian's Retaliation
1173 The Most Powerful Dao of Defense
1174 Resistance of the Alliance
1175 The Final Battle
1176 Clash Between the Two Dragon Tribe Top Dogs
1177 Following the Natural Order and Defying the Natural Order
1178 Noob Allies and God-Like Allies
1179 Passageway Opened, World Crumbling
1180 Search for Hope
1181 The Inevitability of Destruction
1182 Final Act of the Disciple
1183 The Mentally Disabled Hades
1184 An Lin's Heaven Mending Sword
1185 Little Xie's Arrival
1186 Teaching Little Xie a Lesson
1187 The Super Adorable Sword Spiri
1188 Xiao Tu's Predicamen
1189 A Massive Haul
1190 The Grudge Between the Four Nine Immortal Sect and the Dragon Cour
1191 The Four Nine Immortal Sect's Welcoming Dinner Feas
1192 Battle Between the Two Moons
1193 A Never-Ending Loop
1194 An Lin's Divine Pill
1195 An Lin's Divine Tool
1196 None of Them Were Completed
1197 Invitation From the Seven Human Piggy Banks
1198 An Lin's Arduous Path of Cultivation
1199 The Mysterious Gues
1200 The Heaven Crushing Sect's Fourth Heavenly Disciple
1201 The Third Industrial Revolution
1202 Number One Song Immortal of the Human Race
1203 The Power of the Song Immortal
1204 Divine Punishmen
1205 A Vicious Dog
1206 The Unexpected Snow Mountain
1207 Regrets in School Life
1208 The Disdain of the Four-Legged Whale Monster
1209 Battling the Four-Legged Whale Monster
1210 I Really Am Your Principal
1211 The Principal's Tragic Experiences
1212 The Divine Mirror Enforcement Team Mission
1213 Battle For the Dark Essence Crystal
1214 Stormy Situation in the Auction House
1215 First Confrontation
1216 Murder and Robbery?
1217 Revelation
1218 Don't Provoke the Four Nine Immortal Sect in your Next Life
1219 Secret of the Divine Dark Dao Sec
1220 Flying Dog and Flying Sword
1221 An Lin's Fan
1222 The Dead Spirit Demonic Land
1223 Sun Yuluo's Awakening
1224 The Endless Wai
1225 Encountering Heavenly Sword Sect Cultivators
1226 That's Right, I'm Exactly That Sort of Man
1227 Let Me Show You What A Real Sword Immortal Looks Like
1228 Savior An Lin
1229 The Mysterious Little Boy
1230 Don't Mess With Sword Spirit Little Xie
1231 The Blood Erupting Mountain
1232 Little Xie Wants a Harem
1233 The Truth About the Little Boy
1234 The Man of My Dreams
1235 No Longer a Member of the Heavenly Sword Sec
1236 Different Circumstances
1237 The Newest Member of the Sec
1238 Autopilot Mode
1239 The Evil Dragon Lord
1240 Little Xie Became Even More Adorable
1241 The King of the Sinister Devils
1242 Getting Beaten Silly
1243 Emotion Type Power of the Divine Dao
1244 The Despairing Dong Yang
1245 The Secret of the Sinister Devil
1246 Tian Ming Dao Physique
1247 Little Xie's Breakthrough
1248 The Might of a Divine Tool
1249 Disciplining Little Xie
1250 The Single Royal
1251 Saving Da Bai From Marriage
1252 Another Encounter
1253 The Thrilling Lightning
1254 Initiating the Plan
1255 A True Warrior
1256 On the Brink of Death
1257 The Might of the Tamer of Divine Lightning
1258 The Protected Vermilion Bird Princess
1259 The Final Dark Bead
1260 Bai Xian's Relationship Analysis
1261 North Cang Mountain Realm
1262 The Rock Golem's Question
1263 Anything Is Possible
1264 The Dark Depravity Monarch's New Harem Concubine
1265 A Glimmer of Ligh
1266 Two Gods of Slaughter
1267 The New Sect Leader of the Divine Dark Dao Sec
1268 The Harem
1269 Cleaning out the Treasure Vaul
1270 The Divine Dark Dao Sect Experimentation Venue
1271 Commit Suicide
1272 The Fall of the Divine Dark Dao Sec
1273 Role Model Immortal Sect of the Kingdom of the Nine States
1274 The Heavenly Peach Banque
1275 Meeting Some Familiar People
1276 The Leader of the West Sea Alliance
1277 Gathering of Super Mighty Figures
1278 The Delicious Heavenly Peaches
1279 Battle for the Heavenly Peaches
1280 The Hundred Sect Battle
1281 Don't Run, Brother Hong Dou
1282 Quintuple Kill
1283 Taking the Heavenly Peach Tree
1284 The Question of How to Distribute the Heavenly Peaches
1285 Battling Holy Angel Michael
1286 The True Power of the Holy Angel
1287 Invincible
1288 The Epic Insta-Kill
1289 Battle Between the Powers
1290 Final Breath
1291 A Massive Opportunity
1292 Hong Dou's Choice
1293 I Feel Like She's Trying to Screw Him Over
1294 The Beginning of a Mass Brawl
1295 A Crushing Lineup
1296 A True Gang Bang
1297 An Lin on Standby Mode
1298 Is That An Lin?
1299 A Series of Misfortune
1300 Don't Worry, I'll Be Gentle
1301 Getting Carried by Little Xie
1302 Simple Extermination Job
1303 Flower Lust Formation
1304 Should I Get Rid of All of Them?
1305 Who's Next?
1306 Threatened With Hostages
1307 Hugging Little Xie
1308 The Biggest Winners
1309 Distributing the Heavenly Peaches
1310 A Discerning Eye
1311 Plundering Immortal Peaches
1312 The Depressed Celestial Thearch
1313 An Lin's Money-Making Plan
1314 The Incredibly Delicious Immortal-Rank Heavenly Peaches
1315 Sparring With Fellow Students
1316 A Barrage of Snow Mountains
1317 Destroying a Snow Mountain With One Sword Strike
1318 I Am Wind, I Am God
1319 Representative of the Heavenly Dao
1320 Five Emperors vs One God
1321 The Heavenly Court's Fight for Survival
1322 Invincible Guardian An Lin
1323 Celestial Thearch vs Heavenly Wind God
1324 Step Up!
1325 Wind Demons vs Teachers and Students
1326 The Final Hope
1327 The Insurmountable Power Gap
1328 Lifespan Sacrifice
1329 An Lin vs Heavenly Dao
1330 Explosion of the Spatial Gate
1331 Ah, I'm Going to Die
1332 The System's Huge Secre
1333 Benefits From the Heavenly Cour
1334 Inheritances From the Five Emperors
1335 An Lin's Mending of the Heavens and Slicing of the Heavens
1336 Meeting the Construction Cultivator Again
1337 Magnificent Rainbow Clouds
1338 Chang'e's Presen
1339 An Lin's Tribulation Transcendence to the Return to Void Stage
1340 A Mundane Tribulation Transcendence
1341 The Final Bolt of Divine Lightning
1342 The Living Golden Void Lightning
1343 The Conclusion of the Rescue Trial
1344 Whose Fault Is It?
1345 The Lightning Representative of the Heavenly Dao
1346 Swallowing the Heavenly God Power!
1347 Shattering the Heavens!
1348 How Strong am I?
1349 Return to Void Stage
1350 An Lin's Speech
1351 Time to Repay a Favor
1352 Fragment of the Heavenly Dao
1353 Divine Source Continen
1354 Strange Custom
1355 Paragon Immortal King
1356 The Immortal King is Trash
1357 Inferior to an Animal
1358 Immortal King Palace
1359 Supreme Green Hat Technique
1360 Plan to Save the Palatial Women
1361 The Immortal King's Well-Kept Secre
1362 No One Can Be Allowed To Live After Finding Out My Secre
1363 I'll Tell Your Secret If You Keep Fighting!
1364 The Peerless White-Robed Exalted Immortal
1365 Take Me Away From Here
1366 The Plan to Conquer Two Thousand Concubines
1367 The Wheel of Fate
1368 What Goes Around Comes Around
1369 The Ultimate Feminis
1370 Immortal King, You've Been Cucked
1371 The Furious Feng Wuya
1372 The Final Battle
1373 The Wounded Immortal King
1374 Lotus of Life and Death!
1375 The True Objective Behind the Challenge
1376 The Might of Yi Xi's Alchemy
1377 Pummeling Feng Wuya
1378 The Heavenly Dao Fragment's Power of Laws
1379 The Rescue Trial All Over Again
1380 I'm Going to Save Both
1381 The Surprise Within the Heavenly Dao Fragmen
1382 Mender of the Sky
1383 Unimaginable Riches
1384 So Many Immortal Tools and Immortal Pills!
1385 Four Nine Immortal Palace
1386 Yan Shuqin's Freedom
1387 Restoring Order
1388 Successful Mission Completion
1389 Meeting Her Majesty Nuwa
1390 The Might of the Heavenly Dao Fragmen
1391 Graduation Ceremony
1392 Taking Photos Together
1393 The Trick to Pleasing Women
1394 Planting the Seed
1395 Feng Wuya's Drastic Transformation
1396 The Divine Mirror World's Massive Upgrade
1397 The Drastically Improved Beast Pets
1398 The Unique Nature of the Divine Mirror World
1399 The Thriving Sec
1400 Disaster for the Divine Disc League
1401 Fall of the Divine Disc
1402 The Peril of the Holy Disciples
1403 The Passenger Rocke
1404 The Holy Leader's Grand Entrance
1405 The Ecstatic Emperor Yi Deng
1406 Holy Blood Cult vs Blood Tribe
1407 Tina's True Power
1408 An Lin vs Emperor Yi Deng
1409 The Arrival of the Four Nine Immortal Sect's Strategic Weapon
1410 Paramount Power
1411 The Strange Skeleton
1412 Deja Vu
1413 The Most Powerful Holy Disciple, Emperor An Mang
1414 Infinite Reincarnation Disaster
1415 Emperor An Mang's Relentless Struggle
1416 The Best Master in the World
1417 The Frenzied Emperor Yi Deng
1418 The Most Powerful Tycoon Attack
1419 Calamity for the Blood Tribe
1420 The Astonished Tai Chu Continen
1421 The Most Powerful Pavilion
1422 Blood Parameter Experimentation
1423 Triplets
1424 I Suddenly Want to Join Our Enemies
1425 Feeding Blood to a Criminal
1426 The Mystery of the Blood
1427 The Insane System Missions
1428 The Eagerly Anticipated Day
1429 A Visit From the Snow Maidens
1430 A Strange Power
1431 Xu Xiaolan's Opinion
1432 The Hope of the Snow Maidens
1433 Astonishing Wealth
1434 Disabling the Death Timer
1435 Arrival of the Heavenly God
1436 The Heavenly Time God
1437 Battle Between the Heavenly Gods
1438 The End of the Road
1439 Sealing the Heavenly Time God!
1440 How to Kill a Representative of the Heavenly Dao
1441 The Most Horrendous Torture in History
1442 The Re-emergence of the Finger of the Heavenly Dao
1443 Thousand-Year Sword
1444 An Lin, Time to Take Your Medicine
1445 Being Killed Over and Over Again by the One You Love the Mos
1446 The Second Heavenly Disciple of the Heaven Crushing Sec
1447 Let Me Teach You How to Fight the Heavens
1448 The Heaven Crushing Package
1449 An Lin's Death
1450 A Strange Space
1451 Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining
1452 How Do You Want to Die?
1453 I'm a Blade of Grass
1454 Counterattack From the Lowest Tier of the Food Chain
1455 Being Eaten
1456 An Lin's Return
1457 A New and Special Spell Technique
1458 Cultivating in the Strange Space
1459 The Residual Heavenly Time Power
1460 Returning to the Tai Chu Continent!
1461 The Kingdom of the Nine States Seems to Have Changed
1462 Celestial Immortal Xi Yue
1463 True Nuclear Celestial Immortal
1464 Missing An
1465 Emergence of the Phoenix
1466 The Divine Phoenix Maiden
1467 Official Identity Verification
1468 Long Time No See
1469 Xiaolan's Hundred Year Story First Par
1470 Xiaolan's Hundred Year Story Second Par
1471 Xiaolan's Hundred Year Story Third Par
1472 Xiaolan's Hundred Year Story Grand Finale
1473 I've Never Been Absen
1474 The Leader of the Five Great Sects
1475 The Sect Newbies
1476 The Sect Leader's Return
1477 The Most Important Event in the Four Nine Immortal Sec
1478 Defending the Kingdom of the Nine States With Our Lives
1479 The Land of Eternal Ligh
1480 Cooperating With the Heaven Crushing Sec
1481 Providing On-Site Service
1482 The Powerful Disciples
1483 Battle Between Master and Disciple
1484 The Sword to Send You Safely on Your Way
1485 Final Sure-Kill Strike
1486 Little Ling Is Awesome
1487 The Obedient Phoenix
1488 Welcome, Teacher!
1489 Six-Winged Archangel
1490 The Depressed Ancient Dragon Empress
1491 Trials of the Heaven Crushing Dao
1492 The Panicked Ancient Dragon Empress
1493 Beginning of the Nightmare
1494 I'm Done
1495 Another Day
1496 An Lin's Journalism Career
1497 Bai Ling's Secre
1498 The Collapsed Southern Front!
1499 Southern Front Extermination Team!
1500 The Kingdom of the Nine States United Army's Dire Situation
1501 Battle Commence
1502 A Dire Battle
1503 Emperor Chang Sheng's Final Stand
1504 Invaders of the Kingdom of the Nine States Must Die
1505 Miraculous Reinforcements!
1506 I'm Back!
1507 The True Meaning of Life
1508 Don't Let Anyone Leave Alive!
1509 Don't Flatter Yourself
1510 Fall of the Dao Integration Stage Super Mighty Figure
1511 Bizarre Tribulation Transcendence
1512 Installing a Hack for the Lightning Tribulation
1513 Emperor Yi Deng's Dire Situation
1514 Chasing Down Emperor Bei Xing
1515 Sky Sealing Technique
1516 A Brutal Beating
1517 Emperor Bei Xing's Demise
1518 An Mingchuan's Situation
1519 Su Jingxiang's Presen
1520 The Spirit Lake Realm
1521 Spirit Lake Realm United Army vs Heavenly Human Tribe United Army
1522 Counterattack
1523 The Fated Meeting
1524 All Grown Up Now
1525 The Century-Long Vendetta
1526 The Surrounded God Engulfing Skeleton
1527 Husband and Wife Combo
1528 Seal and Escape
1529 It Was Dead for Sure
1530 The Hidden Trump Card
1531 Heavenly Goddess Lin Yu
1532 The Might of a Heavenly God
1533 Heaven Crushing Techniques vs Power of the Heavens
1534 Let's See Whose Divine Halos Are Better
1535 A Crushing Victory
1536 The Mysterious Extermination Team
1537 Advance, advance, advance!
1538 The Vermilion Bird Princess Can't Bear it Anymore
1539 Advancing Toward the Southern Heavenly Gate
1540 True Power of the Southern Heavenly Gate
1541 The Most Intense Battle
1542 Slaying Heaven Pioneer Stage Heavenly Humans!
1543 The Despairing Great Generals
1544 The Attacking Tina
1545 Battle Against the Will of the Heavenly Dao
1546 Heavenly Goddess Lin Yu's Arduous Battle
1547 Three Emperors vs One Heavenly God
1548 The Eighth Divine Halo
1549 Severing Karma
1550 Death of Shi Hua
1551 Demise of the Great Generals
1552 Broken Mirror
1553 Karma's Assis
1554 The Might of the Ninth Divine Halo
1555 The Invincible Lin Yu
1556 Humiliating But Effective!
1557 Heaven Crushing Fate Sealing Finger
1558 These Accursed Impulses
1559 The Selfless Vermilion Bird Princess
1560 A Dire Situation!
1561 Will You Be My Friend
1562 Ambush From a Heavenly God
1563 The Arrival of the Trump Card!
1564 Chen Chen's Arrival
1565 The Number One Healer on the Tai Chu Continen
1566 The Paramount Heavenly God!
1567 The Celestial Thearch's Difficult Choice
1568 The Celestial Thearch's Installed Hacks
1569 The Terrifying Mount Buzhou
1570 Battling the Heavenly Metal God
1571 The Mighty Celestial Thearch
1572 The Temptation of Heaven Crushing
1573 The Spontaneous Explosion
1574 Who Am I? Where Am I?
1575 Who to Figh
1576 Combination Attack
1577 The Lava Heavenly Mountain God
1578 The God Slaying Dao Sword
1579 Obtaining the Power of the Heavenly Mountain God
1580 The Accursed System Mission
1581 Heavenly God Jordan's Sacrifice
1582 The Disabled Yet Determined An Lin
1583 The End of the Road for the Heavenly Metal God
1584 Being Crushed to Death
1585 Obtaining the Power of the Heavenly Metal God
1586 Run Run Run!
1587 The Heavenly Earth God Makes His Move
1588 Spotless Realm
1589 Enhanced Finger of the Heavenly Dao
1590 Bury Her
1591 Destroying the Passageway Between Two Worlds.
1592 Closing the Bronze Gates
1593 Fruits of Victory
1594 Heavenly God An Lin
1595 An Lin's Choice
1596 The Astonishment of the Entire World
1597 The Alliance Leader Who Wanted a Break
1598 An Lin’s Disciples
1599 Improved Motivation
1600 An Lin's Sinister Plan
1601 The Super Mighty Figures That Were About to Get Bashed
1602 Infiltrating the Opposite Shore Realm
1603 The Underworld Dao Flower
1604 Patriarch Zhu Yin
1605 The Tragic Relationship History
1606 How to Recover the Cultivation Base
1607 Bending Yiyin!
1608 True Love
1609 Fanning the Flames
1610 Returning to the God of Creation Stage
1611 Disciplining a Flower
1612 The Aggrieved Little Mushroom
1613 The Detached God of Creation
1614 The Final Resor
1615 Disgusting Dark Mea
1616 Meeting the Dark Spirit King
1617 The Alternate Form Projection
1618 The Real God
1619 Battling the Dark Spirit King
1620 Accept Your Judgmen
1621 Hanging on by a Thread
1622 Infiltrating Into the Heavenly Beast Divine Mountain
1623 The Divine Bat Emperor's Mysterious Experimen
1624 The Terrifying Blood Ghost Bats
1625 The Spontaneously Erupting Battle
1626 The Divine Bat Emperor's Nightmare
1627 We're Experts in Mass Brawls
1628 The Divine Bat Emperor's Final Trump Card
1629 An Unexpected Ally
1630 Mass Brawls Are Fun
1631 Heavenly Venerate Yu Qiong's Pill Hacks
1632 A Hundred Mythological Beasts!
1633 Battling a Hundred Mythological Beasts
1634 The Forgotten Trump Card
1635 The Explosive Crystals
1636 Trampling on Heavenly Venerate Yu Qiong
1637 In Order to Celebrate
1638 Divine Lightning Funeral
1639 The Fall of Heavenly Venerate Yu Qiong
1640 Jade Person An Lin
1641 Return to Void Intermediate Stage
1642 The Northern Heavenly Human Tribe United Army
1643 Encounter Between the Two Disks
1644 It's Over, We're Dead
1645 Overwhelmingly Powerful Enemies
1646 The Aghast Grandmaster Construction Cultivator
1647 The Imminent Battle
1648 Just Chill Here
1649 Ultimate Provocation
1650 The Sh*tty Wai
1651 The Heavenly Heaven God
1652 A Bold Idea
1653 The Might of the Two Disks
1654 Thinking Outside the Box
1655 Think About It From a Different Perspective
1656 Who Is the Hunter and Who Is the Prey?
1657 Arrival of the Reinforcements
1658 The Brave Plan
1659 An Lin Was Dead Again
1660 The Northern Heavenly Gate
1661 The Terrifying Death Formation
1662 Breaking Another Gate!
1663 Speculation About the Heavenly Gates
1664 Sect Leader Statue
1665 An Lin Was Alive Again
1666 Reactions of the Mighty Figures
1667 The Sect Leader's Address
1668 Condition to Reach the Return to Void Final Stage
1669 The Red Dress Dancer
1670 First Meeting
1671 Neutron Missile
1672 Suicide Bombing
1673 Let's Go With Red
1674 Two Lives
1675 Big Brother Cheng's Relationship Problem
1676 Jade Person An Lin
1677 Dao Jade
1678 Fake, It's All Fake
1679 Executing Heavenly Gods
1680 Gathering of Powerful Beings
1681 Emperor Ziwei's Gif
1682 Formation of the God Slaying Team
1683 Battling Buddha
1684 Who is Executing Who?
1685 Discussing Victory
1686 Explosive Fis
1687 Death of a Dao Integration Stage Cultivator, Change in the Divine Mirror World
1688 The Dao Integration Stage Cultivators Are All Dead
1689 Stunned Heavenly Gods
1690 Slaying a Heavenly God!
1691 Two Heavenly Gods Flipping the Tables!
1692 Stalling for Time Was the Way to Go!
1693 All Is Well
1694 Even a Cooking Utensil Could Achieve Extraordinary Results
1695 World Creation Sword
1696 Lawless Eight Extremes Desolate Star Realm
1697 The Fall of the Heavenly Goddess!
1698 Divine Mirror World Upgrade Complete
1699 Let Me Install a Hack for You
1700 Insta-Killing a Heavenly God
1701 Dao Integration Intermediate Stage Xiaolan
1702 Three People vs Heavenly Soul God
1703 The Terrifying Chaotic Nightmare Monster
1704 The Mutated Heavenly God
1705 The Final Way to Vanquish the Insurmountable Foe
1706 Conclusion of the Battle
1707 The Chaotic Nightmare Monster's Nightmarish Experience
1708 New Ability, Horror Engulfmen
1709 An Lin's Outlook on Consumption
1710 Creating a Sun
1711 Swallowing the Sun!
1712 Nurturing a Sun Wasn't Bad
1713 Little Ling's Tribulation Transcendence
1714 Turmoil of Time
1715 Time Passes Like a Dream
1716 Did I Transmigrate?
1717 Let's Go Take Revenge
1718 Gathering Powerful Allies
1719 The Mysterious Spirit Realm
1720 The Insult-Hurling System
1721 Extreme Spiritual Bliss
1722 Absorbing the Demigod Carcass
1723 Run Run Run!
1724 Revenge Will Be Taken Sooner or Later
1725 The Most Powerful Tycoon Attack
1726 The Lonely Avenger
1727 An Unexpected Discovery
1728 Thanks!
1729 The Spirit Patriarch Palace
1730 The Spirit Maiden
1731 I Need Time to Adjus
1732 Kill Them
1733 Insta-killing Two At Once
1734 Insane Soul Power!
1735 The Vermilion Bird's Surprise Attack
1736 The Astonishing Transformation of the Divine Flames
1737 Counterattack And Reverse Counterattack
1738 Holy Beast White Tiger
1739 This Is Just for Self-Defense
1740 Another Egg
1741 Reappearance of the Black Dragon
1742 Land of the Spirit Patriarch's Death
1743 Super-Freakish Questions
1744 Surrogate Exam-Taker
1745 The Spirit Patriarch's Core Inheritance
1746 Spirit Patriarch
1747 Join My Sec
1748 Revenge of the Peerless Swordswoman
1749 Fleeing in Panic
1750 Unexpected Encounter
1751 Father and Daughter
1752 Defea
1753 Papa's Here
1754 Let Me Deal the Killing Blow
1755 I Have Nothing to Repay You With
1756 The Three of You Have Been Surrounded by Me
1757 Seven Holy Flames
1758 Surrounding the Super Mighty Beings
1759 Why Is It Different to My Imagination
1760 Successfully Exacting Revenge
1761 The Demonic Frost Star's Desperate Struggle
1762 The Ancient Fiendcelestial
1763 Exploring the Mysterious Ancient Battleground
1764 The Holy Demons
1765 The Spirit Patriarch's Enemy Is My Enemy
1766 Thunderous Rage
1767 Can I Ride You
1768 Battling the Ancient Fiendcelestial
1769 God of Creation Stage Power
1770 An Lin's Most Powerful State
1771 Explosion of Heavenly God Powers
1772 The Terrifying Bone Spike
1773 The Most Tragic Way to Die
1774 The Essential Dao Bone of the Heavenly True Immortal
1775 Indigestion
1776 Hope for the Dark Immortal Transformation
1777 A Chance Encounter
1778 The Top Dog of the Spirit Realm
1779 The Long-Awaited Meeting
1780 The Strange Small World
1781 Selling Out Heavenly Monarch Bei Luo
1782 The Rabbit Maiden's Deal
1783 Destroying This World
1784 Departing From the Spirit Realm
1785 The Rabbit Maiden's Concerns
1786 The World Outside the Tai Chu Continen
1787 Hope Of Getting Ou
1788 The Spirit Maiden and the Rabbit Maiden
1789 Long Time No See, Earth
1790 Familiar Friends and Family
1791 Fake Daoist Priest Little An Is Active
1792 The Enthusiastic Group Friends
1793 The Peace Immortal Sec
1794 Passing Dream
1795 Grief Or Joy
1796 Protecting This Beautiful Place
1797 Heavenly Human Tribe Invasion
1798 Daoist Priest Shooter of the Six Paths
1799 Arrival of the Heaven Pioneer Stage Powerful Being
1800 Unimaginable Power
1801 Cleaning Up After the Battle
1802 Have Some Fun
1803 PUBG After a Hundred Years
1804 Where Did These Gods Come From
1805 Showdown Between Masters
1806 The Invincible Frying Pan
1807 Nuwa's Multiple Choice Question
1808 Galactic Battle
1809 Flowing White Robe
1810 Behind the Crack
1811 The Heavenly Life Goddess' Deal
1812 The Enraged Nuwa
1813 The Way to Save Earth
1814 Xiaolan's Arrival On Earth
1815 To Marry or Not to Marry
1816 The Path to Stardom
1817 Where Did These Immortals Come From
1818 The Mysterious Crystal Skull
1819 Da Bai vs Genetic Alliance
1820 Removing Potential Threats
1821 Viewing Cherry Blossoms On A Moonlit Nigh
1822 The Shocking Room
1823 Missed Ou
1824 Four Noteworthy Things
1825 Xiao Tu's Heroic Feats
1826 Information About the Eastern Heavenly Gate Heavenly Gods
1827 Helping out a Damsel in Distress
1828 An Lin's Sudden Regre
1829 An Lin's Disguise Has Crumbled
1830 Let's Play a Game Together
1831 Game Realm
1832 Unbelievable Luck
1833 Most Effortless Battle
1834 Pitiful Heavenly Fire God
1835 Enraged Heavenly Light Goddess
1836 Sudden Attack by Two Paramount Heavenly Gods
1837 I Don't Regret I
1838 The Vinegar Jar Has Been Knocked Over
1839 Heaven Crushing Sect's Core Power
1840 Sudden Hug
1841 An Lin's Importance
1842 Saving Chen Chen
1843 Dark Immortal Transformation
1844 Three Second True Man
1845 The Principal's Problem
1846 Preparing a Tycoon Attack
1847 Surprise Attack on the West Sea Alliance by Three Heavenly Gods
1848 Battling Lan Xiaoni
1849 Is This a Dream?
1850 Overwhelming Power
1851 A True All-Rounder
1852 The Hidden BOSS
1853 The Powerful Heavenly Weather God
1854 Dark Immortal Strike
1855 Invincible Migh
1856 New Targe
1857 The Secret Assis
1858 Meeting the Heavenly Sea God Again
1859 I Don't Mind
1860 A Traitor Among the Heavenly Gods
1861 The Mysterious Vomiting Man
1862 Battling the Heavenly Poison God
1863 What a Pleasant Surprise
1864 Phenomenal Success Stage Body of the War God
1865 The Loneliness of Invincibility
1866 An Invitation for Battle
1867 Battling the Battling Buddha
1868 Just One Punch
1869 Massive Self-Doub
1870 The Guardian of Earth
1871 Arrival of the Heavenly Mind God
1872 The Might of Heavenly Monarch Xi Ling
1874 Taking No Credi
1875 Goodbye, Earth
1876 Return to Void Final Stage
1877 Collect Four Small Holy Beasts and You Can Summon
1879 Dragon Tribe Battle
1880 I Told You to Be Nice
1881 We're Just Passing Through
1882 The Kun Xu Universe
1883 The Dragon Dao Pond
1884 Releasing Emotions
1885 This Is a Difficult Choice
1886 Becoming a Father Again
1887 The Might of the Dragon Dao Pond
1888 Discovering a New Continen
1889 New Record
1890 Dao Integration Pinnacle Stage Xu Xiaolan
1892 Retarded Dragon Customer Service
1893 The Azure Dragon Heart Essence
1894 Who Stands at the Pinnacle of the Azure Dragon Dao
1895 Welcoming the Return of Patriarch Azure Dragon
1896 The Secret Behind the Azure Dragon's Demise
1897 The Battle of the Holy Dao
1898 Fall of the God of Creation
1899 The Little Black Dragon's Gratitude
1900 The Might of the Vermilion Bird Tribe
1901 The Aggrieved Heavenly Monarch Bei Luo
1902 I Want to Pluck the Moon Down for You
1903 The Conflicted Heavenly Monarch Bei Luo
1904 Battling a God of Creation
1905 The Might of the Five Elemental Body
1906 The Intense Battle
1907 Pulling out All of the Trump Cards
1908 An Lin's Last Resor
1909 The Frenetic Plane
1910 A Brilliant Victory
1911 The Tragic Mo Hai
1913 Calm Down, I Have to Calm Down
1914 Calm Down My A*s!
1915 Planetary Spell Formation
1916 Six Vermilion Bird Sages
1917 Great Empress Vermilion Bird's Invitation
1918 Friends' Situations
1919 Flame Heart Immortal Realm
1920 Heiress to the Holy Berth
1921 Vermilion Bird Heart Essence
1922 Fury
1923 Battle Against the Great Empress Vermilion Bird
1924 Enraged Great Empress Vermilion Bird
1925 Are You Looking Down on Me?
1926 Azure Dragon vs Vermilion Bird 1
1928 An Lin's Divine Dao Power
1929 Dire Strai
1930 Don't You See That Star?
1931 The Vermilion Bird Isn't Proud Anymore
1932 Dark Immortal Slays Vermilion Bird
1933 Inheriting the Vermilion Bird Heart Essence
1934 One Man Against the World
1935 The Shocked Realm of Stars
1936 To Attack or Not to Attack
1937 An Interview
1938 One Man vs Three Gods of Creation
1939 A New Vermilion Bird!
1940 An Lin's Astonishmen
1942 Ruling Over the Vermilion Bird Tribe
1943 We're Rich!
1944 Speaking With White Tiger
1946 The Psychic Sage
1947 A Surprising Transformation
1949 We Pledge Eternal Loyalty to the Great Empress
1950 A Formidable Force Is Born
1951 Xiao Hong's Tribulation Transcendence
1952 The True Meaning of Ligh
1953 I'm Back
1954 The Invincible Sec
1955 Teacher Ancient Dragon Empress' Arduous Mission
1956 The Return of the Vermilion Bird Mirror
1957 Have You Ever Seen a Tribulation Transcending Weapon
1958 The Invincible Vermilion Bird Mirror
1959 The Nine Life Vital Disc
1960 Becoming More Powerful
1961 The Valiant Teacher
1962 The Arrival of the Heavenly Sea God
1963 The Despair of Black Spirit Snake
1964 The True Might of the Mysterious Weapon
1965 The Outbreaks of Battle
1966 Battle of the Heavenly Disciple Candidates
1967 Ten Suns In the Sky
1968 Unstoppable Migh
1969 The Powerful Vermilion Birds
1970 The Invincible Divine Phoenix Maiden
1971 Relentless Chase
1972 Battling a Paramount Heavenly God
1973 A Crushing Victory
1974 Number One in the Kingdom of the Nine States!
1975 The Feeling of Infatuation
1976 A Super Shocking Even
1977 A Call From the Heavenly Sea God
1978 I Want to Take Responsibility
1979 The Delicious Green Feas
1980 The Secret Operation
1981 Battle on the Eastern Fron
1982 A Good Morning Kiss
1983 God-Tier Consolation
1984 The Two Frenzied Dragons
1985 Carrying out the Plan
1986 Alliance Leader Lan Has Been Ambushed Again
1987 Thunderous Rage
1988 Big Boss An Lin Is Here
1989 Return My Underling
1990 One Billion Eggs...
1991 Furiously Expostulating Heavenly Mirror God
1992 Flawless Acting
1993 Roasting Eggs
1994 Battle to Save the Eggs
1995 Karma Dual Tribulation Weapon
1996 The Astonished Paramount Heavenly Gods
1997 Don't Get Cocky
1998 Taking off the Mask
1999 Commencement of the Final Battle
2000 An Lin's Deception
2001 Joining the Heaven Mending Sec
2002 The Heaven Mending Sect's Plan
2003 The Secret of Darkness
2004 Your Heavenly Disciple Is Here
2005 The Supreme Treasure of the Heaven Crushing Sec
2006 Xu Xiaolan's Choice
2007 Xiaolan Is Back
2008 The Enraged Nuwa
2009 The Uprising of the Demons of Hell
2010 The Ant Tribe's Desperate Crisis
2011 King Who Lurks in the Darkness
2012 Sword of the Heavenly Dao
2013 Attack from Demons
2014 Bloody Battle
2015 The True Power of the New Ant Tribe
2016 What It Means to Be the Number One Sec
2017 The Poison Lord Bomb
2018 The Heavenly Ant God's Dire Situation
2019 Xiao Hong's Guerilla Warfare
2020 Let Me Add Something For You
2021 Fall of the Heavenly Ant God
2022 The Heavenly Light Goddess' Failed Plan
2023 The Arrival of the Immortal King Palace Immortals
2024 The Immortal King Springs Into Action
2025 Completely Surrounded
2026 An Invincible God
2027 The Peerless White-Robed Cultivator
2028 We're All Your Underlings
2029 Four Nine Immortal Palace and Four Nine Immortal Sec
2030 Establishment of the Divine Essence Pavilion
2031 Heavenly Teacher Ancient Dragon Empress
2032 Extraordinary Talen
2033 Little Hong Ling
2034 Growing Up And Regressing
2035 Little Xie Takes the Stage
2036 Blessed By the Heavenly Dao
2037 Picking Her up in Person
2038 Beings Resented by the Heavenly Dao
2039 Doomsday Mode
2040 The Ten-Thousand Spirits Immortal Sect's Crisis
2041 The Fearsome Snow Ghouls
2042 Commencement of the Final Battle
2043 The Assassination Operation
2044 A Special Self-Introduction
2045 The Ten Heavenly Gods
2046 Demonic Emperor Si Yu
2047 The Invincible Xiaolan
2048 Wang Chen's Demise
2049 Might of the Heaven Vanquishing Formation
2050 Ultimate Punishment of Heaven
2051 Shattering the Technique
2052 Dusk of the Gods
2053 Reincarnation
2054 Battle of the Great Sage
2055 Hunting Down the Heavenly Yin Yang God
2056 The Ambush of the Paramount Heavenly Gods
2057 Extreme Gravity
2058 The Heavenly Earth God's True Power
2059 Eternal Guardians of the Earth
2060 Sky Sealing Technique
2061 The Heavenly Earth God's Trump Card
2062 An Extremely Close Battle
2063 The Might of the Darkness Divine Dao
2064 Crisis at the West Sea
2065 The Growth of Alliance Leader Lan
2066 Pinnacle of Water
2067 The Heavenly Gods' Miserable Encounter
2068 Overwhelming Victory in the West Sea
2069 The Male Who Helped Her Mature
2070 The Pinnacle of An Lin's Power
2071 The Awkward Heavenly Yin Yang God
2072 The Faith of the Four Nine Immortal Sec
2073 The Battleship Turns the Tables
2074 The Sun of Four Nine Immortal Sect Will Forever Protect the Nine States
2075 One Man Turns the Tide of Battle
2076 The Final Confession
2077 The Flowers of the Battlefield
2078 Ridicule and Death
2079 Surrounded by Heavenly Gods
2080 The Three Powerful Women
2081 The Celestial Thearch's Peerless Power
2082 The Invincible Celestial Thearch
2083 Battle to the Death
2084 The Frantic Retaliation
2085 The Super Unexpected Reinforcements
2086 Goddess of the Moon
2087 The Red Moon
2088 I Am the Moon
2089 A Battle Between Women
2090 Frightening Duel
2091 Conclusion of Battle on the Western Fron
2092 Collision Between Earth and Darkness
2093 An Lin's Identity, Revealed!
2094 The Heavenly Yin Yang God's Final Moment of Enlightenmen
2095 True Dao Form
2096 A Desperate Battle
2097 Take Every Opportunity!
2098 Darkness Conquers the Continen
2099 The God of Darkness
2100 Resurgence
2101 Ultimate Battle Between the Two Paramount Heavenly Gods
2102 An Insanely Brutal Battle.
2103 A Battle of Extreme Limits
2104 What's Your Trump Card?
2105 The Final Outcome
2106 The Fall of the Paramount Heavenly God
2107 The Astonishing News
2108 Fall of the Vermilion Bird
2109 Wrath of Heavenly Goddess Fei Huang
2110 True Goddess
2111 Retaliation of the Snow Ghouls
2112 Release Her
2113 Warm Snow
2114 The Might of the Ice Matriarch
2115 I'm So Lucky to Have Met All of You
2116 A Crushing Victory!
2117 Stabbing a Brother in the Back
2118 Destroy the Heavenly Gate!
2119 Hang on for a Little Longer
2120 Obliterating the Western Heavenly Gate!
2121 Unleashing the Secret Trump Card
2122 The Most Perfect Being
2123 The Feeling of Invincibility
2124 Crushing Victory
2125 The Furious Heavenly Life Goddess
2126 Collapse of the World Tree!
2127 The Furious Heavenly Life Goddess
2128 The Despairing Heavenly Human Tribe United Army
2129 Xiaolan, Save Me!
2130 Victory
2131 A Glass of Wine for an Old Friend
2132 A Most Difficult Question from the Enlightened Being
2133 All is Well
2134 Dejected An Lin
2135 The Plight of the Supreme Heavenly Gods
2136 An Unexpected Force
2137 Heavenly Master
2138 Unlocking Past Events!
2139 End of a Civilization
2140 Children Who Have Done Wrong
2141 Dusk of a Civilization
2142 Mystery Unraveled
2143 Lifting of the Heavenly Dao's Barrier
2144 An Lin's Heaven Crushing Ability
2145 The Cocky Little Xie
2146 Calm Before the Storm
2147 A Strange Mission
2148 Hurry Up and Hate Me
2149 I Never Thought You Were This Type of Person
2150 Kill the Pig
2151 Divine Flirting Tool
2152 Assassination Mission
2153 I'm His Superior
2154 Little Xie Is So Powerful
2155 A Peculiar World
2156 Predator and Prey
2157 They're Actually Gods of Creation?
2158 Battling Against Gods
2159 You're Asking Us to Seek Death
2160 Crushing Power of Reincarnation
2161 You Actually Dare to Chase After Me?
2162 Furious Counterattack
2163 Visitor in the Nigh
2164 This is a Fake Heavenly God
2165 Resolution of the Heavenly Light Goddess
2166 Battle Between Supreme Heavenly Gods
2167 Battle Between Supreme Heavenly Gods 2
2168 Myriad Radiance