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2094 The Heavenly Yin Yang God“s Final Moment of Enlightenmen

Chapter 2094: The Heavenly Yin Yang God’s Final Moment of Enlightenment

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The exposure of An Lin’s identity affected not just the Heaven Crushing United Army; the Heavenly Human Tribe United Army was also severely impacted.

“I knew it! I knew he was Darkness, hahaha… He is the darkness of the Heavenly Dao!”

Within the Blood Tribe Army, the disheveled Emperor An Mang chortled like a deranged man. “All that stuff about the future of the Blood Tribe and the Blood Patriarch is all bullsh*t! His blood purifies living beings through the power of the Heavenly Dao, and the fit will survive while the unfit will perish, hahaha…”

Emperor Fu Tian’s brows were furrowed in deep thought as he mused, “Our Blood Tribe is the most sensitive tribe to blood, and it’s exactly because of this that we experience such powerful reactions to An Lin’s blood… After all, the Heavenly Darkness God is a perfect life form, so his blood will naturally provide a lot of inspiration for us… In other words, is the path of evolution related to Heavenly Dao life forms?”

He had been stuck at the Dao Integration Pinnacle Stage for countless years, and he suddenly felt a little thirsty as he looked at the Heavenly Human Tribe powerful beings around him…

Aside from that, the powers that had pledged their allegiance to the Heavenly Gods, like the Void Spirit Tribe and Creation Realm, were beginning to feel a little remorseful.

Why had they decided to join the Heavenly Gods in the first place?

It was obviously because they thought the Heavenly Human Tribe was too powerful and that the paramount Heavenly Gods were too invincible. As such, they had no choice but to suck up to the Heavenly Human Tribe, in the hope that the paramount Heavenly Gods would spare them after destroying the human race.

But what was happening now?

Their comrades were falling in massive hordes, and their mighty figures were being killed relentlessly.

They had held a crushing advantage over their enemies, but that advantage had since been wiped away… They had anticipated that they would get carried to victory, but instead, they were constantly in danger of meeting their demise!

Furthermore, even the Heavenly Darkness God was on the Heaven Crushing United Army’s side!

“Sigh, Hong Dou, do you think it’s too late for us to switch sides?” Yue Dou spread open his arms to block the countless oncoming cannon blasts and heaved a resigned sigh.

Hong Dou stood beside him with a bitter expression and replied, “How can we switch? The battle has already progressed to such an extent; even if we pledge our allegiance to them, will they believe us? Why would they believe us?”

“You fought An Lin and stayed in the same prison cell as him! Surely that counts for something?” Yue Dou was desperately grasping at straws.

Hong Dou: “…”

He turned his attention to the epic battle taking place in the distance and sighed with emotion. “An Lin, who would have thought that you would become so powerful in such a short time? I had thought that there was no way you would be able to decide the direction of this war, but now… you really do have that power…”

Hong Dou felt like he had been reduced to a mere cheerleader for An Lin.

Wait, he was still different from a cheerleader as cheerleading was a relatively safe occupation, whereas he could die at any moment…

“Sigh… I brought this upon myself…” Hong Dou lamented.

At that moment, at the center of the earthquake.

An almighty god was staring at a white-robed man.

Just the auras emanating from their bodies was enough to crush a Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure into dust.

An Lin’s expression changed drastically at the sight of the massive god standing before him.

His opponent was very powerful!

“Is this the Heavenly Earth God’s true dao form?” An Lin gripped his Evil-Slaying Sword tightly as darkness spread from beneath his feet. The Heavenly Sea God had told him that paramount Heavenly Gods had a one-time buff technique that they could use when forced into a dire situation. However, he hadn’t told him that the buff would be such a massive one!

Even after unleashing his darkness divine dao, he was still struck by an indescribable sense of asphyxiation!

An Lin turned toward the Heavenly Sea God.

He was making his intentions quite clear; how long are you going to keep spectating for?

Prior to the battle, the Heavenly Sea God had told An Lin that he would join forces with him when the Heavenly Earth God was forced into a dire situation.

The Heavenly Sea God blinked as he racked his brain for a viable course of action.

The Heavenly Earth God had been forced to use his true dao form, so he had completed his most important objective.

An Lin’s combat prowess had become drastically more powerful, and he was able to use heavenly darkness power, thereby indicating that he had already been forced to unleash his lifespan-sacrificial mystic technique…

Thus, his second hidden objective had also been accomplished.

An Lin couldn’t be allowed to die; the Heavenly Sea God required his help to combat the other paramount Heavenly Gods.

With that in mind, the Heavenly Sea God turned a benevolent gaze toward the Heavenly Yin Yang God. “Yin Yang, it’s time for us to strike.”

“What?” The Heavenly Yin Yang God was given a fright upon hearing that. “The Heavenly Earth God has just unleashed his true dao form, shouldn’t we be keeping our distance?”

“You fool!” the Heavenly Sea God yelled. “Do you know how perilous a situation the Heavenly Earth God is in? A paramount Heavenly God will only use their true dao form in truly dire situations. At such a critical juncture, we cannot afford to keep standing around and spectating!”

The Heavenly Yin Yang God stroked his divine halo, which was riddled with cracks, and he murmured uneasily, “Didn’t you say that interfering with the battle would be an insult to the Heavenly Earth God?”

“Are you retarded? He has already unleashed his true dao form! Do you think he’ll still refuse our help in such a desperate situation?!” The Heavenly Sea God’s words struck the Heavenly Yin Yang God with a sense of enlightenment.

“Alright, Heavenly Sea God, I’ll come with you!” The Heavenly Yin Yang God’s battle intent had been ignited.

Thump thump!

Two bursts of devastating auras clashed against one another.

The Heavenly Sea God rushed toward An Lin atop a gargantuan wave.

The Heavenly Yin Yang God also spread open his Yin Yang wings and flew into the air. He wielded his Divine Yin Saber in one hand and his Extreme Yang Sword in the other as he threw himself at An Lin.

“An Lin, I’m going to kill you!” the Heavenly Yin Yang God let loose a thunderous roar as he slashed his saber and sword toward An Lin. What he didn’t realize was that the Heavenly Sea God was rushing in far slower than him and had been left behind. He was then greeted by the sight of a smile on An Lin’s face.

That smile sent chills running down his spine.

“You don’t learn, do you?”

A black sword projection suddenly appeared between heaven and earth. It was imbued with the purest power of darkness, and it tore through the Heavenly Yin Yang God’s attacks like a bolt of black lightning.

The Heavenly Yin Yang God finally recalled just how terrifying his opponent was.

“Save me, Heavenly Sea God!” the Heavenly Yin Yang God yelled in shock and horror.

The Heavenly Sea God unleashed a blade of water, which hurtled toward An Lin’s black sword projection.


The two powers clashed violently, causing the black sword projection to falter momentarily, but it quickly engulfed the blade of water.

“What?!” The Heavenly Sea God’s expression changed drastically, as if he weren’t expecting An Lin to be that powerful.

At that moment, the black sword projection had already struck the Heavenly Yin Yang God, who didn’t have enough time to evade.

“No…” The Heavenly Yin Yang God’s eyes widened with remorse as his body was sliced in half.

He shouldn’t have attacked An Lin! Why did he suddenly decide to attack him? Only a deranged person would attack An Lin in his current state!

However, that moment of enlightenment came too late. A crisp crack rang out from his divine light, and it shattered into countless particles of light as his body was inundated by the boundless darkness.

The Heavenly Yin Yang God had been insta-killed!