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Aldrin was extremely cautious for a reason. Despite possessing another baffling secret, it was widely accepted and known even among the Energy Refiner circles that rift monsters or dimensional creatures would always be hostile to humans who originally didn't have the ability to harness the everpresent Dimensional Energy. Even if there were those perceived passive or peaceful dimensional creatures, it's only when they're in their habitat.

Although they could also be herded to become livestock like the ones they encountered on their way to the Plainsteed Fortress, those weren't done easily.

And that's why interacting with the Sapphial and understanding it completely was something he thought was not possible.

But that has changed now…

"Accept." He silently muttered, acknowledging the establishment of mental connection with Sapphial.

There's an assurance by the system that he could sever it anytime. The situation became the best time to clear the possible danger near him and with that, he could focus on what he planned to do. Furthermore, there's no reason for him to always keep an eye on Irina.

[Establishing mental connection…]

[Note: A small sense of dissonance will occur upon successful connection. Host has to prepare for it or you can lose your consciousness]




[Connection Established]

Taking into heart the note by the mysterious program, Aldrin braced himself for that sense of dissonance.

As though he was submerged deep in water, Aldrin's five senses shook. But that's only for a moment.

Soon enough, he heard someone whispering inside his mind.

"C-can you hear me?"

It's like a child's voice, stuttering and somewhat scared. But it's coherent and could not really be likened to that of an infant.

"I do. Let's get to the point. Why should I trust you?"

"U-uh… You can't. You can't trust me."

"What do you mean?"

"U-unlike Nana, you're too cautious. Anything I say will only give birth to more doubt."

Upon hearing that, Aldrin appeared to have realized something. The creature was right. He couldn't be convinced with words and he also couldn't be convinced to take an unknown golden ball that couldn't be identified by the IDLE Database.

In short, it's really pointless for the creature to convince him.

Then what's the point of establishing the connection? He said he was going to understand the creature but it was the creature who understood what was on his mind.

"I see… You're exactly right. But it's true that I don't want to worry about my back being stabbed. You're a unique dimensional creature. You have the intelligence to converse and convey your thoughts. Totally different from everything we encountered. Not only that, you own a tiny dimension and that golden crystal."

It took a few seconds before the Sapphial responded. And Aldrin got taken aback by what he heard.

"I-I don't know my origin. I only know that I'm a Sapphial. T-the Tiny Dimension is my home and birthplace. The golden crystal is my Essence Crystal. If it is destroyed, I will perish."

"Your life is tied to it?" He wanted to ask if it was true but Aldrin knew that this was probably the creature's way to gain his trust. To tell him its secret.

"I-indeed. I can extract and impart a part of my Essence to another dimensional entity only once. If the entity dies, it will return to me. Nana received half of it. M-more than what I gave Wolfie. W-when she completely absorbs it, one of her racial traits will awaken."

"Racial Trait?"

"Y-yes. Every dimensional entity will have dormant Racial Traits. I-I have no idea about your race. However, the fact that your kind can harness the Dimensional Energy and use it to strengthen and gradually bring yourself to the cusp of evolution, it's a certainty that you're a dimensional entity."

"That's a lot of new terms but basically, imparting a part of your Essence Crystal will allow anyone to awaken a Racial Trait?"

"T-that should be the case. The smaller golden ball is the same. H-however, it lacked the necessary Dimensional Energy that would smoothly guide her to the first evolutionary path. You can only consume it after that evolution." 

Even though it kept on stuttering, the Sapphial was answering every question by Aldrin. However, the term evolution was foreign to Aldrin. It's not the same evolution that he studied in school, for sure. So, he took note to search for it later.

At this point, the five clones returned from wrapping up the dimensional creatures blotting out the minimap. His IDLE Points refilled a bit but its effort to reward ratio had already been left behind by the point generators – generating at least 225 IDLE Points per minute without the need to do anything.

On his screen, Irina was intently staring at him, waiting for the result of Aldrin's interaction with the fluffy blue creature. However, since they were conversing inside each other's minds, the girl's expression was already warped into confusion. He smiled at her and that made Irina knit her brows.

After doing another quick scan of their surroundings, Aldrin told Irina that they were moving again. With the clones taking up the vanguard again, they only needed to follow behind it.

And while keeping up his vigilance to not be ambushed by the berserk dimensional creatures, Aldrin decided to wrap up his conversation with the Sapphial.

"Let's say everything you said is true. But I have one last question, why didn't you establish this mental connection to her?"

That's right. If the Sapphial could establish a connection with him, why not with Irina? However, the answer he received made him realize his stupidity.

"I-impossible. Nana can't pick up the connection. Tried it from the beginning. Nothing."

"I see…" 

Aldrin also couldn't pick that attempt to establish a connection by himself. It only became possible because of the system message by the IDLE Database. Otherwise, it would be the same with Irina, unnoticed by him so the Sapphial could only give up.

'Really, it once again proved how convenient it is to have. Without it, I will still be worth nothing.' He bitterly smiled.

A few hours later, while the terrain and the trees that filled up their eyes hadn't experienced that much of a change, Aldrin and Irina came into the vicinity of a little hill. Even though the hill's height failed to exceed the trees, Aldrin noticed the flat surface at its top. It's an ideal camping location.

Although their progress to their destination seemed to be slow compared to when Janet and the other Instructors chased after Carlos, it's only because they didn't stop at anything. Moreover, their Metadomes were of superior make. Even if the Buzzhare and Robuster were at least a tier higher than the standard models, the difference wasn't that great.

'I can also buy a new Metadome for us but if we returned with it, there's no way to explain where we got them. Furthermore, the Hangar could only store five. I needed 500,000 points just to add another slot.' Aldrin thought.

"Let's go. We'll camp there for the –" Aldrin failed to finish his words when he suddenly turned into a direction.

Past the trees and out into the open plain he suddenly heard a loud noise from a distance.

"Aldrin, there. In the sky." And with her voice clearly unsettled, Irina pointed upwards.

Following the girl's voice, Aldrin saw how the orange sky that indicated near nightfall turned bloody red. And along with it, flying dimensional creatures flapped their wings as they dotted the blood-red sky.

Their destination.  South.

[Drawyz Domain#5 has experienced a change]

[IDLE Point gain will change from x3 to x5]

[Essence gained from dimensional creatures will be doubled]

[The Fragment Core has started moving]

"T-this dimension is about to lock itself…" The Sapphial's terrified voice warned.