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Book 16 Chapter 47 - Gazing North

Heaven Ascension Mountain Range’s ice and snow never melted throughout the ages. Green Luan Academy was also beautiful and secluded like before.

Gu Xinyin was sitting on a rattan chair with a blanket around himself, currently looking at Xiao Mingxuan sitting across from him.

He looked at Xiao Mingxuan’s black robes that didn’t have a single crease on them, saying with a chuckle, “You’ve always been a fan of standing rather than sitting, so how did you end up so fat?”

Xiao Mingxuan shot Gu Xinyin a look, immediately unable to hold back his berating. “What kind of times are we already in now? Yet you can still tell this type of joke? Also, your joke isn’t funny at all.”

Gu Xinyin didn’t get upset, his smile instead growing wider. “You were never an excitable person to begin with, a guy with quite the poor temper. If my memory serves me right, you were definitely the one who scolded me the most. However, recently, you’ve always had this gloomy look on your face, not even scolding me anymore, so I really couldn’t get used to it.”

“If I don’t get angry and don’t scold you, you will instead feel strange?” Xiao Mingxuan pushed up his brass rimmed crystal glasses, saying angrily, “You’ll only feel happy if I scold you?”

“Some people, when they are by your side, you don’t really feel anything, yet when they’re gone, you instead feel weird.” Gu Xinyin didn’t reply to his words, instead looking at the small courtyard he was in and saying this quietly with a sigh.

Xiao Mingxuan became silent for some reason.

Ever since Principal Zhang left Green Luan Academy, Vice Principal Xia rarely left Green Luan Academy. He spent most of his time seated in this small courtyard, only listening to some analysis and opinions Rear Ailao Peak sent him. Oftentimes, he didn’t even interfere, as if it didn’t even matter if he wasn’t here. However, when he was truly no longer in this little courtyard, when he would never appear in this courtyard again, no one could get used to it.

It was as if everything here had his imprint left on them. He should be sitting right there on the other rattan chair. However, he was already gone.

“Sometimes, one will feel like living is rather meaningless. Many things don’t seem to be all that worth doing.”

Gu Xinyin gave the downcast Xiao Mingxuan a look, saying with a slight smile, “But he said that regardless of what one does, regardless of whether it has meaning or not, in the end, it is for the sake of being able to leave this world peacefully. To be honest, I am actually quite fond of these words.”

“I also agree with these words.” Xiao Mingxuan said in irritation, “I just don’t understand why you are saying these things now.”

“Actually, giving will always be a bit more joyful than receiving.” Gu Xinyin still didn’t reply to his question. He chuckled and said, “You feel rather annoyed while looking at me right now. If I no longer appear in front of you, would you feel strange as well?”

Xiao Mingxuan suddenly raised his head, the brass rims sliding a bit from his nose.

He was one of Green Luan Academy’s members who loved to analyze various data the most. In this instant, he also carried out countless analysis regarding Gu Xinyin’s words, and then he reached a certain possibility.

“There was actually no need for you to tell me the result of Rear Ailao Peak’s analysis. Just from your current look, I already know that the situation is beyond terrible.” Gu Xinyin looked at him with a smile and continued, “Zhang Ping’s movements are fast, we can even say that they are extremely fast. If we look at things from his perspective, his tactics are completely correct. He also understands clearly that if Yunqin calms down right now, then endless local armies would march towards Central Continent City and wipe out the military force he controls. That is why regardless of which side we look at it from, he will attack Green Luan Academy soon. The only thing I wish to know right now is, with our current strength, will we be able to defend this place?”

Xiao Mingxuan was no longer annoyed. His obese body began to tremble slightly. “As long as he can continue fighting, with our current analysis, our chances of stopping a sudden attack from him are below thirty percent.”

“Someone with ordinary aptitude suddenly had a fortuitous encounter, becoming the ruler of the world in a single leap. This type of story sounds a bit laughable, yet regardless of whether it is Thousand Devil Nest or Purgatory Mountain, the legendary figures from the ancient stories, which one of them didn’t have a similar fortuitous encounter?” Gu Xinyin shook his head and said, “Principal Zhang was also our Green Luan Academy’s fortuitous encounter… so using a stroke of fortune to deal with Zhang Ping’s stroke of fortune, what could be more fitting?”

Xiao Mingxuan became even more certain of the suspicion he reached just now. His eyes swept over Gu Xinyin’s body, and then he looked beyond the distant Heaven Ascension Mountain Range. He couldn’t help but ask, “You wish to head beyond Heaven Ascension Mountain Range?”

“When I went to Tangcang previously, Principal Zhang wasn’t in Tangcang. After Lin Xi headed into Great Desolate Swamp, Principal Zhang wasn’t in Great Desolate Swamp either, nor did he head to Sky Devil Prison Plains. This means that even if all of the following events didn’t take place, Principal Zhang could have only headed beyond Heaven Ascension Mountain Range.” Gu Xinyin didn’t deny it. He said with a smile, “I reckon Lin Xi will want to head beyond that mountain range as well. Regardless of whether we will make it in time, I can look around first, see if there are any great dangers, if we’ll die as soon as we enter.”

Xiao Mingxuan was now certain that the strange words Gu Xinyin spoke in the beginning only served as a farewell. His complexion paled a bit. He didn’t voice any objections, only asking, “Has your strength already more or less recovered?”

“Lin Xi helped us push through Thousand Leaf Pass’ great tragedy, buying me some time.” Gu Xinyin nodded, saying in self-mockery. “I really have remained a cripple for long enough. Now that I’ve finally recovered to this point and feel like I can go all out, I instead find out that there’s not much I can do to this Zhang Ping. Just a few Flame Titans are enough to give me an endless headache.”

Xiao Mingxuan was already used to Gu Xinyin’s idle way of conversation. He thought quietly to himself, and then asked, “If we go with this plan, if you go beyond Heaven Ascension Mountain Range, then the chances of success are obviously the highest. However, what will the academy do once you leave?”

“Let’s just move.” Gu Xinyin gave the surrounding mountain peaks a look, quietly saying this.

Xiao Mingxuan didn’t hear him clearly the first time. His breathing seemed to have stopped as he looked at Gu Xinyin. “What did you say?”

“Let’s start packing soon.” Gu Xinyin said with a sigh. “If we really destroyed ourselves while trying to protect this place, then we won’t have any chance of making a comeback.”

Xiao Mingxuan removed his brass rimmed glasses, silently wiping them with a cloth.

If they couldn’t win, then they should run; this was quite the simple reasoning. However, this was Green Luan Academy… Abandoning this place really was too hard to accept for him.

There weren’t many pedantic and inflexible people in the academy. Gu Xinyin knew that Xiao Mingxuan and the others would all be able to think it through. That was why he only said quietly, “Have that old man help me prepare something that can release light visible even from far away. Get some men to guard the place I enter from. If they cannot see my signal after I enter, that means that there are tremendous dangers immediately after entering, and that it is best if Lin Xi’s group tries a different way.”

All of Yunqin Empire was still in a state of turmoil.

Through the decree of Central Continent Imperial City’s cabinet that wasn’t approved by the people, the Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators who roamed Yunqin’s various regions clashed endlessly with the common people and the world of cultivation.

The reaction of Yunqin’s people was resolute and intense.

Dao Stone Academy was a well-known cultivation land to Yunqin’s north. Even though this academy that specialized in fighting with a sword and shield had never produced an especially outstanding cultivator in the past few decades, it provided Yunqin’s front lines with large amounts of high ranking officers. As such, it could be considered one of Yunqin’s cornerstone academies.

Dao Stone Academy’s Principal Chen Anshi had always been the most loyal follower of Yunqin Emperor, someone who was even bestowed a hereditary official post. After Yunqin Emperor’s death and the Imperial Princess’ disappearance, he and Dao Stone Academy instead became one of the main forces that opposed Central Continent Imperial City and Purgatory Mountain’s Divine Adjudicators.

For Chen Anshi, he was loyal first and foremost to Changsun Clan. After Yunqin Emperor died, the one he was loyal to became the Imperial Princess Changsun Muyue. If Changsun Muyue didn’t make an appearance, then he naturally wouldn’t approve of the cabinet’s governing.

Beneath this major premise, he naturally wouldn’t bow down to Purgatory Mountain’s strength either.

Most of Dao Stone Academy’s buildings were bestowed by the emperor, which was why the decorations of some palaces were dazzling and glorious. There were large amounts of stone tiles between the buildings, some purple incense burners established on them, giving the entire academy a type of peaceful and transcendent aura. Yet today, Dao Stone Academy seemed to be the legendary sea of blood, the ground littered with the corpses of countless cultivators and soldiers.

There were even broken limbs and innards hanging from the eaves and tree branches. Dried blood stuck to the walls and roofs, even making the walls and roofs lose their original color.

Inside a main hall used for lectures, Chen Anshi looked at the entrance with a pale face.

Today was supposed to be the day several of Northsprout Province’s opposition forces would gather in Dao Stone Academy. After today, Northsprout Province would have completely broken free from Central Continent City’s orders, and some of Leng and Rong Families’ powers would have been completely cleaned out.

However, today’s gathering suffered a surprise attack from Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators, as well as some believers and cultivators that defected to Zhang Ping.

In a situation where they had absolute superiority in numbers and strength, because of the sudden appearance of the ‘Invincible’ armor Zhang Ping used to defeat Lin Xi’s group, Dao Stone Academy suffered a one-sided massacre.

Under Chen Anshi’s horrified gaze, the sapphire armored Zhang Ping already appeared at the entrance of this lecture hall.

“You… you actually came here.”

Even though the previous battle already continued for a long time, the other party’s appearance was already much later than expected. The significance of the other party leaving Central Continent City and appearing here made Chen Anshi unable to help but cry out like this.

Zhang Ping didn’t pay his outburst any attention. He only looked at him while coldly saying, “You should understand that the only reason you are still alive isn’t because your strength is great enough, but rather that I didn’t want you to die. You are already close to the sacred level. Serve me, and I can help you break through quickly.”

Chen Anshi revealed a bitter smile. “Even though I greatly fear death, I fear being cursed endlessly by Yunqin’s later generations more.”

“You still have a bit of time to calmly think things through and change your mind.”

After coldly saying this, he slowly walked towards Chen Anshi.

Chen Anshi’s body couldn’t help but begin to tremble uncontrollably. He already didn’t have much soul force left. However, when Zhang Ping was still a dozen or so steps from him, he still released a scream of despair. He raised the sword and shield in his hands and charged at Zhang Ping.

Zhang Ping didn’t move. The wide long blade and shield crashed into his armor. His hand reached out, grabbing Chen Anshi’s head.

Chen Anshi’s consciousness instantly blurred.

The instant before his consciousness finally disappeared, he felt as if the living aura and his final strength were sucked out and swallowed by Zhang Ping.

With a pa noise, Zhang Ping let go of Chen An’s corpse.

He felt himself becoming even stronger. He slowly turned around.

His eyes gazed further north.

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