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In a Different World with a Smartphone

Author:Fuyuhara Patora

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After a freak accident involving some lightning winds up zapping him dead, 15-year-old Mochizuki Touya wakes up to find himself face-to-face with God. “I am afraid to say that I have made a bit of a blunder…” laments the old coot. But all is not lost! God says that he can reincarnate Touya into a world of fantasy, and as a bonus, he gets to bring his smartphon...
《In a Different World with a Smartphone》 Text
Chapter 1: Death and Revival
Chapter 2: Awaken and a Different World
Chapter 3: A Change of Clothes and Ten Gold Coins
Chapter 4: The inn and the first meal
Chapter 5: Twins and the end of the day
Chapter 6: The guild and the weapon shop
Chapter 7: The first battle and the first reward
Chapter 8: Magic and Aptitude
Chapter 9: Attribute and movement magic
Chapter 10: Stirring and vanilla ice cream
Chapter 11: The first trip and samurai.
Chapter 12: Hairpin and Attraction
Chapter 13: Summoning and Healing Magic
Chapter 14: A daughter and escort request.
Chapter 15: Royal capital and Duke Mansion
Chapter 16: Medal and Viscount Residence
Chapter 17: A match and Recording Playback
Chapter 18: Shopping and Imperfect Produc
Chapter 19: Changing and Then Returning
Chapter 20: Trust and Completing the Reques
Chapter 21: Rain and the Shougi board
Chapter 22: The Headless Knight and the Ruins
Chapter 23: The Underground Ruins and the Crystal Demon
Chapter 24: The Demi-human Country, and the Attempted Assassination of the King
Chapter 25: Detoxification and Posion Retrival
Chapter 26: Solving the Mystery and Securing the Criminal
Chapter 27: Ancient Language, and the Explosive Statemen
Chapter 28: Engagement and the Uninvited Gues
Chapter 29: Silver Wolf and The Great Ape
Chapter 30: Summoning and the Byakko
Chapter 31: The Lost Child and the New Feature
Chapter 32: Guilty Feelings and Ancient Magic
Chapter 33: Gauntlets and Goth Loli
Chatper 34: Receiving a Title and People of the Royal Palace
Chapter 35: A New Home, and Moving
Chapter 36: Butler and servant employmen
Chapter 37: The Duke’s visit, and the Personal Request.
Chapter 38: the country of beastmen and surprise attack
Chapter 39: Great River Gau and Accessories
Chapter 40: The Jungle and Invasion Threa
Chapter 41: Village of Eldo, and the Black Dragon
Chapter 42: Dragon’s Horn and the Guardian
Chapter 43: The Capital of Misumido and the Beast King Match
Chapter 44: Acceleration magic and the Party
Chapter 45: Polaroid, and the Fairy Master
Chapter 46: Gun Production, and a new Kind of Weapon
Chapter 47: Ultra Spicy, and a White Mask
Chapter 48: The Maids’ Circumstances, and the Summi
Chapter 49: Return Home, and the Happening
Chapter 50: Title Acquisition, and Bicycles.
Chapter 51: Storage Magic and Thef
Chapter 52: The New Employee and the Pendan
Chapter 53: The Visitors and the Bad News
Chapter 54: Fraze and to Ishen
Chapter 55: Oedo, and Takeda’s Grand March
Chapter 56: The Demon Mask and Complete Recovery Magic
Chapter 57: Rain of Light and the Secret Message
Chapter 58: Takeda’s Circumstances and Infiltration
Chapter 59: The Four Kings and the Rescue
Chapter 60: Immortal Jewel, and a Prayer
Chapter 61: The Sea and a Vacation
Chapter 62: Beach Paradise and Ruins on the bottom the ocean
Chapter 63: Black Tortoise and Infinite loop
Chapter 64: Transfer Formation and Sky Garden
Chapter 65: Compatible Person and Babylon
Chapter 66: A Kiss, and then A Kiss
Chapter 67: Wife’s Anger and the Second Person
Chapter 68: The Duel for Some Reason, and Magic Prohibition
Chapter 69: Discussion and The Love God
Chapter 70: Decision and Message
Chapter 71: The Professor and the Monotone Boy
Chapter 72: Rings and Paruteno silver coin
Chapter 73: The Mithril Golem, and The Spiciness
Chapter 74: The Fall, and The Mithril Collection
Chapter 75: The Search for Babylon, and The Katana Production Commission
Chapter 76: The Electric Fan, and The Scuffle
Chapter 77: The Knight Order’s Affairs, and The Night Raid
Chapter 78: The Mirage, and The Screening Party
Chapter 79: The Hot Spring, and The Peeking
Chapter 80: The Vacant House Remodelling, And The Survivors
Chapter 81: The Emancipation, And The Third Time
Chapter 82: Manta, and The Reunion
Chapter 83: The Investigation, And The Nosebleed
Chapter 84: The Workshop , And The Babylon Linking
Chapter 85: The Book Collection, And The Store
Chapter 86: The Voice Input, and The Gravity Change
Chapter 87: The Opening, and The Rose-Colored Cafe
Chapter 88: The Crab, and The List of Goods
Chapter 89: The Bookstore, and The Author Encounter
Chapter 90: Early Rising, And new Gauntle
Chapter 91: The Empire, and The female knigh
Chapter 92: The Empire’s Princess and the Demon
Chapter 93: Imbibe Demon’s Bracelet and the Defense Bracele
Chapter 94: The Two Princesses, and the Strategy Preparations
Chapter 95: Highest-level Talks, and the Empire’s 12 Swords
Chapter 96: The Rushed Contract and the Declaration of War
Chapter 97: Airtight, and the Chemical Slime
Chapter 98: The Fifth One and Establishment of a New Nation
Chapter 99: Territory, and the Wedding Funds
Chapter 100: Country Foundation, and Castle Construction
Chapter 101: Abandoned Castle and The Ghos
Chapter 102: Abandoned Castle and The Ghos
Chapter 103: Completion and First Vassals
Chapter 104: Mounts and the Emperor
Chapter 105: Game Room and Invitation Preparations
Chapter 106: Friendship Party and the Fireworks
Chapter 107: Spider and Crystal Material
Chapter 108: The women tribe, and the Increase of vassals
Chapter 109: Highway, and Checkpoin
Chapter 110: Talent Scout and Bento
Chapter 111: Arctic region, and Magical Ice
Chapter 112: Alchemy Building , and the maidens qualities
Chapter 113: Nurse Clothes, and the Holy Kingdom
Chapter 114: Spinning Top, and Crystal weapons
Chapter 115: Holy Kingdom messenger, and Descending
Chapter 116: God, and intervention
Chapter 117: The Female Pope, and the denial of god
Chapter 118: Prison, and the truth
Chapter 119: Second Coming, and The Wriggling Objec
Chapter 120: The Spirit of Darkness, and The Fraud Kami-sama
Chapter 121: Divine Message Fake , and Reform
Chapter 122: New Magic, and Flight Magic
Chapter 123: The Knight Order Recruitment, and the Commander Selection
Chapter 124: Selection meeting, and passed candidates
Chapter 125: The Invitations, and The Crystal Knight Order
Chapter 126: The Farm, and A Family Reunion
Chapter 127: The Thunder Bear, and an Unexpected Reunion
Chapter 128: Counterplan, and The King of Birds
Chapter 129: Baseball, and baseball field
Chapter 130: Surprise morning, and the fourth
Chapter 131: Solitary Island, and Pipe Wrench
Chapter 132: Hangar , and frame gear
Chapter 133: Magic stone discovery, and mock experience
Chapter 134: Mass Production, and Marriage Proposal
Chapter 135: First Prince, and the second Prince
Chapter 136: Rynie, and the Alliance Conference
Chapter 137: The Idiot Prince, the Rotten Queen, and the Wicked Prime Minister
Chapter 138: The Rescue, and A Mother and Child Reunion
Chapter 139: The Secret, and an Illustration of the Future
Chapter 140: The Inheritance of the Throne and the Screaming Fool
Chapter 141: Joining the Alliance, and a little fiancee
Chapter 142: Birth, and naming
Chapter 143: The Startup, and The Test Run
Chapter 144: The Guild Master and The Behemoth
Chapter 145: The Scorpion, and The Request for Cooperation
Chapter 146: New Machine Type and Working People
Chapter 147: Train Project and Gathering Raw Materials
Chapter 148: Golden Golem and a Mysterious Girl
Chapter 149: Debut and Memory Loss
Chapter 150: After a long time, and the introduction of characters
Chapter 151: The Dragon Knight, and The Raid
Chapter 152: The Princess Knight and The Presentation
Chapter 153: Rampart , and Tower
Chapter 154: The Babylon Castle, and The Punishmen
Chapter 155: Assassin, and Self-destructing
Chapter 156: Absorption Magic, and Elder Sister’s Visi
Chapter 157: The Yuuron Invasion, and The Quint Village
Chapter 158: Grand moving, and Great Wall
Chapter 159: Written protest and Grand Invasion
Chapter 159: Written protest and Grand Invasion
Chapter 160: Sonorant and Dragon Knight Transfer
Chapter 161: Urgent Meeting and Allied Participation
Chapter 162: Battle preparations and Battle Commencemen
Chapter 163: The Melee and the Appearance of Advanced Class
Chapter 164: Meteor Shower, and Annihilation
Chapter 165: The last days of the Heavenly Kingdom and the New Weapon
Chapter 166: Two Gold-Ranked People, and a Princess in Love
Chapter 167: Dazzling First Love and a Match
Chapter 168: The Bride’s Conference and The String Swimsui
Chapter 169: The Sacred Sword, and the New Knight King
Chapter 170: The Guild Branch, and A Tanned Girl
Chapter 171: The Pruning Ceremony, and a proposal
Chapter 172: The Deity Tree Region and the Start of the Game
Chapter 173: Balum tribe, and the Spirit of the Great Tree
Chapter 174: The Warriors, and A Second Older Sister
Chapter 175: The Tribe of Poison, and Older Sister’s true strength
Chapter 176: The Dragon’s Magic Eye, and A Sign Of Change
Chapter 177: The Boujutsu User, and The Dual Sword’s User
Chapter 178: The Boxing Match and a Nullified Poison
Chapter 179: The Wood Golem, and the Fragarach
Chapter 180: The Winter Comes and A Songstress
Chapter 181: The East-West alliance, and Skating
Chapter 182: The Demon Country and the Puzzle
Chapter 183: The Riddle and 「Library」
Chapter 184: Fairy’s confession and Human Type
Chapter 185: Proposal and Dungeon
Chapter 186: Non-serious exploration, and a Gold Ring
Chapter 188: Reorganization, and a Wyvern
Chapter 189: The Echo Needle of Domination and the Azure Dragon
Chapter 190: The Dragon Rebellion and an Unjustified Resentmen
Chapter 191: The Dragon Raid, and the Knights’ Power
Chapter 192: The Island of Dragons, and the Dragon King
Chapter 193: Fortune Making and the Rookie Adventurers
Chapter 194: Fake Adventurers and Human Trafficking
Chapter 195: The Curse and the Slaver’s Ship
Chapter 196: The Slave Merchant, and Coming Home in the Morning
Chapter 197: The 8th Bride, and the Snow Mouse
Chapter 198: The Cave of the ruins, and an Attribute of Clumsiness
Chapter 199: The New Frame, and Invasion Prophecy
Chapter 200: Again, Profile Introduction 2
Chapter 201: Rodomea and a Mock Battle
Chapter 202: The End of the Mock Battle, and the Hill State Governor
Chapter 203: Completion of the Repairs, and Man’s Romance
Chapter 204: The Rampage, and the Red Deity of Destruction
Chapter 205: Standing by, and the Appearance of Frazes
Chapter 206: The Advantageous War Situation, and the Second Advanced-class
Chapter 207: Gorilla, and the ruling class
Chapter 208: An Interlude, and the Space Between Dimensions
Chapter 209: The Postwar Cleanup and the Robbery
Chapter 210: The Search for an Answer, and a Gentle Change
Chapter 211: The Radar, and the Dark Elf
Chapter 212: The Two New Models and the Shield
Chapter 213: The Sensor Board and Escape
Chapter 214: The Railcar, and an Omen of War
Chapter 215: The Clock Tower, and a Celebration for the Promotion
Chapter 216: The Flying Boat, and the Silver Oni Warrior
Chapter 217: The Running Horseman, and the One-eyed Warrior
Chapter 218: The Golden Gourd, and the Awakening
Chapter 219: The Subordinate God, and the Spirit World
Chapter 220: Nursing, and Divinity
Chapter 221: Ferzen and the Bridge
Chapter 222: The Collection and the Brother-in-law
Chapter 223: Marriage greetings, and the Golden Association
Chapter 224: Completion of the Bridge, Curry and Rice
Chapter 225: Spring, Earth, Wind and Fire
Chapter 226: Farne, and an Extremely Stupid Guy
Chapter 227: Memories, and a Reunion with Mother
Chapter 228: An Attack, and the Second Ruler-class
Chapter 229: The Demon King and Doting Father
Chapter 230: The Mastermind, and the School
Chapter 231: The Theater, and a Starry Sky Confession
Chapter 232: The Blade of Light, and the Cat Knigh
Chapter 233: The Sea Dragon, and 「Laboratory」
Chapter 234: The Professor, and Earth
Chapter 235: The King’s Children, and the Analysis
Chapter 236: Mass production, and the Pressure of Work
Chapter 237: The New Heavenly Emperor and the Reclamation Plan
Chapter 238: The Capital Heiron, and a Reunion
Chapter 239: The Grudge, and the Symbolic Mark
Chapter 240: The Obstruction Barrier and the Castle invasion
Chapter 241: The Sovereign Seal and the Iron Machine Soldier
Chapter 242: Escape and the Path of human
Chapter 243: Dealing with aftermath, and 「Sanctuary」
Chapter 244: The Fusion and the Great Golden Deity
Chapter 245: The Cleaning Up, and a Sigh
Chapter 246: Suspicious Person, and the Feedback
Chapter 247: The Monologue, and She
Chapter 248: Everything So far and From now on
Chapter 249: Sacred Treasure, and Heavy weapon equipmen
Chapter 250: Again, Profile Introduction 3
Chapter 251: Start of the Examination, and Survival
Chapter 252: The Oni and the Candidates
Chapter 253: The End of the Survival Test and the Ninjas
Chapter 254: The Interview and the Successful Candidates
Chapter 255: Black and Blue, and the Fishery
Chapter 256: The Secret Phrase, and the Snow Wolf
Chapter 257: The Queen and the Blessing of Life
Chapter 258: The Prize Capsule, and the Third
Chapter 259: The Gods and the Banque
Chapter 260: New Relatives and Song Magic
Chapter 261: The Lunch Box Made by the Beloved Wife, and A Woman on Each Side
Chapter 262: The tortoise, and An Enigmatic Ruler Class
Chapter 263: The Interlude, and the Investigation and the Infiltration
Chapter 264: The Kingdom of Slaves, and the Strangeness of the Deser
Chapter 265: The Burned City, and the Crystal Skeletons
Chapter 266: An Urgent Meeting, and an Island of No Return
Chapter 267: The Ongoing Damage, and an Enigmatic Island
Chapter 268: The Circumstances of the Island, and a Critical Situation
Chapter 269: The King of Slaves, and the Overwrite
Chapter 270: The Takeover, and Suffering the Consequences
Chapter 271: The Release, and the Second Death
Chapter 272: Opening the Beach Season, and the Behemoth Invasion
Chapter 273: The Three Behemoths, and Palerius
Chapter 274: The Mentor, and the Central Temple
Chapter 275: The Invocation, and an Unknown Land
Chapter 276: The Help of God, and Reflecting on one’s actions
Chapter 277: The Evil God, and the Cocoon
Chapter 278: The Barrier Release, and the Second Visit to the Parallel World
Chapter 279: The Capital Alen, and a Golem
Chapter 280: The Chief of the “Red Cats”, and the Curse Removal
Chapter 281: The Personal Machine, and the Pregnancy
Chapter 282: The Discussion, and the Paluf Kingdom
Chapter 283: The Boy King, and the Prodigal Girl
Chapter 284: Battle guidance, and a freefall
Chapter 285: Shogi tournament, and the first festival
Chapter 286: The Additional Participating Nations, and the Opening Announcemen
Chapter 287: The Festival, and the First Day
Chapter 288: The Second day, Morning
Chapter 289: The Second day, Afternoon
Chapter 290: Third day, Morning till noon
Chapter 291: Third day, Afternoon till Evening
Chapter 292: The Third Day, Evening till Nigh
Chapter 293: The Third Day, Nigh
Chapter 294: After the Festival, and a Day Off
Chapter 295: The Dimensional Gate Mark-2 and the Color Red
Chapter 296: The Magic Training, and the Talen
Chapter 297: The Black Market and “Etoile”
Chapter 298: The Purple Crown, and the Lunatic
Chapter 299: The Price of the Crown, and the Activation
Chapter 301: Drakliff Island, and The Silver Dragon
Chapter 302: The world alliance, and the railroad projec
Chapter 303: The Princess Knight’s Feelings, Love 恋 , and Affection 愛 .
Chapter 304: The Maid’s Faith, and the Dwarves
Chapter 305: Two Worlds, and a Point of Contac
Chapter 306: Secret maneuvers, and a magic motor
Chapter 307: Magic automobile, and the signs of unres
Chapter 308: Cold Ramen, and the spirit of sand
Chapter 309: Two advanced classes, and the erosion
Chapter 310: Reginleiv, and the meteor swords army
Chapter 311: An interlude, and various speculations
Chapter 312
Chapter 313
Chapter 314