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Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You

Author:Jiong Jiong You Yao

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Lin Yan is a professional car racer who fell from grace after her sister set her up. She becomes an actress for the sake of her boyfriend, who later cheats on her with her sister. Her life, career and relationships reach a slump.
Enter Pei Yucheng, the president of the JM corporation—a multinational conglomerate. He is unfathomable, cold and aloof. At random, he would mysteriously lose contro...
《Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You》 Volume 1
1 Is This How You Repay Me?
2 Who Dares to Bully You?
3 Don't Do Anything Foolish, Or You Will Get Hur
4 Only She Could Save Our Boss
5 Instant Recovery
6 He Lost Control Again
7 The Consequences of Lying to Me
8 I Still Have You, Don't I?
9 An Instinctive Fear
10 Consciousness Taking Over Her Body
11 I Almost Had a Heart Attack
12 I Can't Stay Calm With You Like This
13 You Are Already Disrespectful
14 Huge Misfortune
15 It Is Too Hard to Suppress
16 She Was the One Who Had Taken Advantage of Him
17 I Really Don’t Care About Worldly Temptations, I Only Want to Earn Money
18 This Role Is Definitely Mine
19 The Boss Came Personally
20 For the Supporting Actress
21 Treat Her With All Due Respec
22 Shut the Door
23 Your Acting Is Excellen
24 Please Begin Your Performance
25 Way Beyond Her Ability
26 Duplicate of a Domineering Presiden
27 This Person Is Eliminated
28 Dismissed Immediately
29 It Was a Mistake
30 Interlocked Hands
31 This is a Killer Question
32 That Would Be Grea
33 Young Man, I'm Advising You to Be Kinder!
34 Miss Lin, I Hope That You Will Succeed
35 Never Been Better
36 I Have a Mental Disorder!
37 Drink More Warm Water
38 Was His Big Brother So Cheap?
39 As Long As He Was Happy
40 Amateurs Racing Each Other
41 Intense Aura
42 Amazing Racing Techniques
43 A Supreme Ruler Who Just Walloped Him Without Mercy
44 Please Teach Me
45 I Am a Man of Principles
46 A Sister-In-Law Is Akin to a Mother
47 Southern Spring Green Tree
48 You Have a Girlfriend?
49 Because I'm Earning Money
50 Completely Heartless And Emotionless
51 Her Luck Was Bursting
52 You've Gone Crazy!
53 Was She Really Possessed?
54 Deadly Production
55 Think of How to Save Your Life
56 Wishing You Luck!
57 I Shall Get Lost Now
58 The Photo Is Quite Well-Taken
59 He Overestimated Her IQ
60 Being Fickle-Minded Is a Woman's Privilege
61 Let Me Take Another Look
62 Good Afternoon, Miss Lin
63 There Is a Way to Avoid Compensation
《Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You》 Volume 2
64 I'm Really Overjoyed!
65 Stay Calm, Don't Shatter the Persona!
66 Misty City Amid the Setting Sun
67 What Kind of Celestial Boyfriend Was He?
68 Going Home For a Meal
69 She Would Make Sure Her Mother Led a Good Life
70 Do You Understand?
71 A Man Who Loses Influence May Be Subjected to Indignity
72 Parting on Bad Terms
73 I Can Be Your Navigator
74 Start Thinking For Yourself
75 A Racer Who Was Clueless About Romance
76 He Did Nothing
77 He Rendered Her Effort Futile!
78 Wishing You Conjugal Bliss
79 Angel's Shelter
80 A Brand New World
81 Something Huge Happened
82 The Most Popular Celebrity
83 Salvaging Her Image
84 Let Me Be Myself
85 Your Name Is Nice
86 Give Us an Answer
87 Topping Sales Again
88 Building an Empire
89 Let Me Drive
90 I Am Me, A Firework of A Different Color
91 She Has Fans?
92 The Meaning of This Profession
93 The Technique of Breaking Up
94 His First Relationship
95 All External Help Failed
96 Good Evening, Miss Lin
97 I Have Something Important to Tell You
98 Low Blood Pressure
99 I Don't Need a Reason
100 You Can Interfere
101 Do More Than Just Watch Me
102 I'm Not That Kind of Person
103 Don't Make Things Difficult For Yourself
104 Leading Actress
105 Making a Big Show of Your Strength
106 I Am Lin Yan
107 Powerful Figure
108 Reborn From Fire
109 Retaliation
110 Traitor
111 Hiding Her Skills And Wits
112 She Wouldn't Be
113 Forced Forgiveness
114 Earth-Shattering News!
115 Vanished Completely
116 Did You Leave Your Brains At Home?
117 Based on Acting Skills
118 Such Immense Courage
119 She Was Hooked on Earning Money, Unable to Extricate Herself
120 Bull's Eye
121 Could Pei Nanxu Be Blind?
122 Relatives
123 It is Incredible?
124 Becoming Rich Instantly
125 A Major Car Collision
126 Miss Lin, You Flatter Me
127 He Certainly Would Mind
128 His Girlfriend Has to Be the Bes
129 Wasn't She Pretending to Be In Love?
130 Physiotherapy
131 The Most Unlikely Couple
132 A Female Lead With a Crown
133 Getting a Swollen Face After Being Slapped
134 I Don't Have Money
135 Are You Really a Woman?
136 I’ll Show You What True Beauty Means
137 He Isn't the Only One
138 Not Easily Coaxed
139 You Will Know Once You Have Tested It Personally
140 Give Up
141 Get Both of Them to Withdraw
142 Photos Were Deceiving!
143 Changing Something Rotten Into Something Magical
144 Ahhh, He Is a Man
145 I Don't Think There Will Be a Problem
146 Wasn't His Pride Hurt?
147 Something Was Wrong With the Scrip
148 Pretend That She Is His Goddess
149 An Unfeeling Machine Who Is Focused on Money
150 I Like You
151 She Is a Real Actress
152 The Atmosphere Was Weird
153 Abrupt Change of Attitude Without Warning
154 As Long As Everyone Was Happy
155 I Won't Give Up
156 Getting Anxious on Your Behalf
157 Should Be Able to Fetch a Good Price
158 Buried Memories
159 Not Up to Standard
160 Seeking Treatment Together
161 Steal More Next Time
162 Dilemma
163 She Really Knew
164 Good Luck, Kid
165 What Was That?
166 Big Brother Will Kill Me!
167 Not an Undeserved Reputation
168 The Winner Hasn't Been Determined Ye
169 Crushing Defea
《Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You》 Text
170 A Comeback Against the Wind
171 Are You Fit To?
172 Don't Beg Me When the Time Comes
173 I Was Wrong! I Want to Get Out!
174 Nothing Could Stop I
175 This Lunatic!
176 Car And Driver Merged As One
177 I Shall Wait For Your Captain
178 That Would Be Too Frightening
179 Found an Exper
180 Did He Learn From Her in His Dreams?
181 Severe Humiliation
182 You Knew Yeva?
183 What An International Joke!
184 Can't You Reconsider?
185 Then I Shall Admit Defea
186 Who Is That Woman?
187 He Wouldn't Figh
188 Is That Woman a Monster?
189 Where Are My Engines?
190 After All, I Am a Frail And Delicate Girl
191 Clear Your Name
192 It Was Really Me
193 Beaten Up
194 Daddy, You're Awesome
195 Her Idol Addressed Her As Sister-In-Law
196 Jealousy Changes Everything
197 We Are Differen
198 What Should I Do?
199 This Meal Could Kill!
200 Staying Overnigh
201 Do You Feel So Safe With Me?
202 Embarrassing Herself Once More!
203 This Is to Thank You
204 Billowing Emotions
205 New Clues
206 You Have to Give Us An Answer
207 That Man Has Returned
208 How Could He Dare to?
209 Boss Is Really Gentle
210 I Have Crossed the Boundaries
211 More Terrifying When He Is Quie
212 Her Idol's Reques
213 Do I Have to Listen When You Want to Talk?
214 Miss Me?
215 Forced to Stop Working For the Day
216 I Want to Be Honest With You
217 Let's Break Up
218 Where There Is Light, There Will Be Darkness
219 Dangerous State
220 The Day Has Finally Come
221 The Stabilizer Refused to Work
222 A Storm Is Brewing
223 What Happens If the Wife Explodes
224 Why Wouldn't I Dare to?
225 You Are In No Position to Refuse
226 Don't Force Me
227 This Place Is Going to Be Torn Apar
228 Something Huge Is About to Happen
229 The Stabilizer Transformed Into Explosives
230 I Know I Am At Fault!
231 Indeed, She Was the Strongest Stabilizer!
232 Father And Son Linked As One!
233 This Will Do
234 Destroyed Image
235 She Had Such a Huge Influence On Him?
236 Interested In Investing
237 Lin Yan Will Be the Navigator?
238 Knowing One's Limits
239 A Huge Gap
240 So Capable?
241 Too Terrifying!
242 A Hater?
243 You Are Valuable
244 She Doesn't Seem Like Grade A
245 Grade SSS?
246 Do You Despise Us?
247 A Wicked Person Will Meet Their Own Kind
248 How Could There Be Such a Terrifying Woman?
249 Don't Come Near Me!
250 We Will Apologize to You!
251 Really Quite Good
252 Your Wish Will Come True
253 Striking Resemblance
254 Not Interested
255 Silver-Colored Racing Uniform
256 What a Lousy Car
257 Why Would She Be Interested In Such A Competition?
258 A Presence Like a System Bug
259 She Could Win With Her Eyes Closed
260 Weren't They Looking For Trouble?
261 Navigator's License
262 I Have an International Navigator's License
263 License Holder's Name: Yeva, Chinese Name: Lin Yan
264 She Was His Idol!
265 Not Even a Tiny Wave
266 Can You Give Me Your Autograph?
267 I Want to Apply For Leave to Watch the Competition
268 Way Too Much Alike!
269 Constantly Comparing Oneself to Others Will Only Make One Angry
270 A Fight Between the Fans!
271 It Will Be Mine Soon
272 Listen to My Commands
273 He Will Be Revived!
274 Do You Dare To?
275 He Will Do Whatever It Takes
276 The Technique That Propelled Him to Fame
277 Hinting Frantically
278 You Are the Worst Racer I Have Ever Coached
279 That Lucky?
280 Back to Square One
281 You Will See All Sorts of Things At a Ripe Old Age
282 About to Explode at Any Momen
283 Only Results Matter
284 I Choose Her
285 Landing an Acting Offer
286 Absolutely Fitting!
287 Accept Or Decline?
288 Rise to Fame!
289 Gone Mad Trying to Boost Their Fame
290 A Glimmer of Hope
291 She Helped the He Family Team Clinch Their First Victory
292 Fake Fan!
293 Magical Assistance
294 Big Brother's Health Is Fragile
295 Amazing Magical Needle
296 An Awakening Slap For All of Them
297 She Was the One Who Had Led the He Family to Victory
298 This Woman Is That Capable?
299 Putting on a Pretense After Getting a Bargain
300 Sister Yan's Fan Forever
301 Afraid That Her Boyfriend Would Get Jealous
302 Looking At My Own Boyfriend
303 Unable to Crush Her Aura
304 My Idol's Acting Was Brilliant!
305 One Person Who Could Crush His Aura
306 Miss Lin, I Have Fallen Ill Because I Miss You
307 Do I Look Okay to You?
308 A Soul That Misses Her
309 The Real Show Had Begun!
310 Since This Was Her Wish
311 Did I Do Anything to You?
312 Death Car
313 If I Am Bound to Die
314 My Boyfriend Will Be Jealous
315 Please Be Human
316 Deliberately Creating Scandals
317 A Place Suitable For a Rendezvous
318 Come Here
319 Missing Someone Excessively
320 I Couldn't Bear to
321 A Lie Becoming the Truth
322 I Can't Stay Calm! Impossible!
323 Who Had Sworn to Focus On Her Career?
324 A Way We Can Meet Openly
325 Her Boyfriend's Real Identity
326 The Right Person in a Crisis
327 The Essence of This Movie
328 She Came Uninvited
329 Disregard
330 I Wouldn't Pick Anyone At Random
331 Possessing the Ability to Be a Professional Navigator
332 Legendary Rank
333 Are You Qualified to Race With Them?
334 As Long As We Win
335 I Will Be Racing
336 Mr. Pei's Older Brother
337 Not Much Self-Control When I Am With You
338 Who Gave Her the Courage?
339 Uninterested
340 They Are Nobodies to Us
341 Not Here For You
342 A Great Honor
343 Such Huge Potential?
344 News About Boss
345 She Could Win This Race With Her Eyes Closed
346 Too Terrifying
347 That Lunatic Charged Ahead
348 What Does She Want to Do?
349 What a Performance
350 They Couldn't Bother to Explain
351 Why Did He Have to Pander to Her to This Extent?
352 It Was Too Obvious
353 What Do You Want As a Reward?
354 You Were Beautiful on the Track
355 I Have Good Foresigh
356 The One In Danger Wouldn't Be Her
357 You Will Only Have One Son
358 I Left You Behind
359 The First Time She Took the Initiative
360 Can't I Have a Boyfriend?
361 Have You Changed Your Mind?
362 Sending Pei Yucheng to the Tiger's Den
363 What Can You Do to Me?
364 What a Clever Plan
365 You Have No Right to Command Me
366 You Are Fortunate
367 She Had a Backer Supporting Her
368 She’ll Come Back Crying To Beg Me
369 Join Summit Entertainment With Me
370 They Probably Saw My Potential
371 A New Strong, Powerful Backer
372 I'm In Charge of Fetching You
373 It's Indeed Special
374 Kid, That Is a Dangerous Assumption
375 Would She Be Staying in the Same Room With Pei Yucheng?
376 How Could They Brake Now?
377 She Wouldn't Die From Eating the Food
378 Your Job Is Just to Ea
379 If You're Afraid of Sleeping Alone
380 The Stabilizer Had Failed?
381 Although They Are Staying Together
382 How Could You Not Have Medicine When You're Sick?
383 Is There Another Available Method?
384 This Relationship Was Too Dangerous!
385 Exchange of Emotions
386 Without a Doubt, Natural Is the Bes
387 His Gentleness Was a Pretense
388 Admitting Defea
389 Well Done!
390 Someone Needs to Bear the Responsibility
391 I'm Here to Relay News
392 Which Brother Are You Referring to?
393 Granny, You're Here!
394 Be Mentally Prepared
395 We Would Rather Die Than Watch the Movie
396 Brilliant!
397 From Hater to Fan
398 Praising Lin Yan's Acting
399 You Are Famous!
400 Why Would a Cushion Provoke Him?
401 How Was She Supposed to Know That She Wasn't Supposed to Touch It?
402 Don't You Court Death!
403 Devoid of Emotion
404 How Could She Prioritize Money Over Her Life?
405 Don't Make Such a Scary Conjecture
406 It's Swee
407 Racing Track Legend
408 Gaining Fame And Popularity In Such An Absurd Way
409 Lusting After Young Master Wei's Body
410 What Kind of Magical Couple Is This?
411 It Would Be More Convenient To Escape
412 My Boyfriend Is Watching Too
413 She Is the Person I Idolize the Mos
414 Do You Have a Boyfriend?
415 I Don't Like Men Who Are Too Materialistic
416 Marry Me
417 Filled With Regrets
418 Did I Become Rich Today?
419 Unable to Agree
420 We Have Signed With Another Company
421 I'm Trending Again!
422 The Rumors Would Disintegrate Instantly
423 Let's Admire Your Big Brother's Cooking
424 Doesn't Your Conscience Hurt?
425 Did You Smear Honey On Your Lips?
426 Helping Her in a Thoughtful and Considerate Manner
427 Too Amazing!
428 I Don't Have Any Reason to Do Tha
429 One Final Question
430 I Heard That Someone Is Putting Us Down?
431 The Final Nail Hammered Into the Truth!
432 The Truth Had Come to Ligh
433 The Public Opinion Changed Sides
434 Are the Two of You in a Relationship?
435 Newlyweds
436 You're the First in My Heart!
437 When Had She Exposed Herself?
438 Imposter
439 It Was Nothing
440 You Really Dote On Your Fans!
441 A Secret Between Boss and Me
442 Fake Competition?
443 Lost Any Prestige and Dignity
444 The Summit of the World Is Wherever I Am
445 A Brand New Start!
446 Someone Owed Her a Million Yuan
447 A Pain That Reverberated in His Hear
448 Poaching Racers Personally
449 Recruitmen
450 Activating the Persuasion Mode
451 I Don't Care About Money
452 They Treat Her As a Lunatic
453 You're My Idol!
454 Are You Interested?
455 She Conned Another One
456 I Trust You
457 Could Something That Good Really Happen?
458 A Gif
459 Never Give Money!
460 Absolutely No Way!
461 Who Was This Incredible Person?!
462 Idol, I'm Here!
463 Let Our Skills Talk Instead
464 They Are Too Weak
465 He Was Indeed an Exper
466 Battered and Ashen-Faced
467 Miss Lin, I Was Waiting For You
468 Who Said That I Don't Know How to Date?
469 Flustered
470 It's Okay If You Don't Know, I'll Teach You
471 She Had Acted Up Again?
472 What Has It Got to Do With You?
473 Holding the Team Back
474 Formidable Pair
475 Both Of Them Were So Differen
476 Why Are You So Biased?
477 I Refuse
478 That Was the Difference!
479 They Would Shine One Day
480 Feisty Young Lass
481 Send Us a Red Packet!
482 Why Are You Here?
483 I'm Looking Forward To It As Well
484 They Had Brown-Nosed Her
485 My Brother Is Not Dead Yet!
486 Lacking Intelligence
487 Wicked People Will Meet Their Own Kind
488 Her Fan Indeed
489 He Can Learn From Her, But No Money Should Be Involved!
490 He Had to Mess Around With the King of Hell's Woman
491 Who Was He Exactly?
492 I Don't Know You Either
493 She Wouldn't Be Able To Catch Up Even If I Closed My Eyes
494 What Is Fake Can Never Be Real
495 You're Truly Hopeless!
496 I Don't Want to Be Apart From Her Even For a Second
497 The Greatest Honor
498 Imitation Show
499 Incredible
500 She Isn't Qualified
501 The Real Show Is About to Star
502 President of the Overseas Fan Club
503 A Welcome Gif
504 Truly His Father
505 Ignorance
506 Paying the Price
507 Pretending That You're Invisible
508 Waiting For a Miracle
509 The Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva
510 Brother, Are You an Anti-Fan?
511 Definitely an Imposter
512 The Bet Is Scrapped
513 It's a Matter of Time
514 How Dare You Come Back
515 Excellent Imitation Of the Essence Of Her Style
516 Good Idea
517 The Actual Yeva
518 Blame Me Instead
519 Yeva's Apprentice Appeared
520 Tell Me, Is She Your Coach?
521 Exposed
522 Coach, Forgive Me
523 Lin Yan Was Yeva!
524 Immense Pressure
525 A Horrible Death
526 Coach Is a Fairy
527 Your Coach's Boyfriend Would Be Jealous
528 No Failure Allowed, She Would Fight to Her Death
529 Boyfriend At Work
530 Miss Lin, You Are the Important One
531 I Like Whatever You Like
532 I Want to Go Home With You
533 You Are Too Cheap
534 Happily Indulging Herself
535 Couldn't Fool Himself
536 Can't He Make Your Heart Race?
537 Do You Like Him?
538 It's My Faul
539 You Created the Mess
540 Take Me to a Pub to Dance
541 Dance On My Behalf
542 I Am Telling Your Boyfriend
543 He Is My Grandfather!
544 Such Bad Judgmen
545 Was She Too Upset?
546 Couple’s Nicknames
547 The Lonely Singles Club's Revenge
548 I Missed You Too
549 He Would Believe Everything She Said
550 Fighting For the Role of Yeva
551 Hellish And Difficul
552 Free Expression
553 Perfunctory Audition
554 It's Not That Simple
555 Flowing Passion And Fire
556 No One Else Could Be On Par With Me
557 Stood No Chance At All
558 Coach, Was Your Account Hacked?
559 The Coach Would Select Personally
560 At the Training Ground
561 Welcoming the Beginning With New Talen
562 The Best Cheerleader
563 New Rules and Regulations Targeted at Everyone
564 She Wasn't Deterred at All
565 The Young and Beautiful Coach Will Decide
566 Lin Shuya Isn't Suitable
567 Get Lin Yan to Portray Me
568 Yeva Wouldn't Allow I
569 Sister-In-Law, Something Big Happened!
570 Getting Something For Free With a Purchase
571 She Had A Smeared Reputation Since She Had Entered the Entertainment Industry
572 So What If She Compares Against Me?
573 No One Else In the Entire World Would Be More Suitable Than Me
574 I Don't Mean to Attack Anyone
575 On Her Accoun
576 Sharpest Weapons
577 Who Else Could It Be?
578 The Announcement Of The Actress
579 I Like Her Very Much
580 I Only Care About My Opinion
581 This Is the Feast?
582 Crisis
583 He Is So Good-looking
584 A Dog Is a Better Driver Than You
585 Cheering On the Boss
586 Lin Yan As Translator
587 You Crashed Into My Car
588 Appalling Driving Techniques
589 I Don't Like to Take Advantage
590 Listen to Me
591 It Doesn't Fit Your Persona
592 Money Isn't Importan
593 Boss, I'm Here!
594 She Wants to Get Out Of the Car
595 Accepting His Mistake
596 Don't Mess Around
597 Don't You Dare Offend My Boss!
598 You Have Let My Brother Down
599 Could It Be a New Trick?
600 I'll Vanish!
601 Who Was the Genius?
602 Family Wealth
603 2,000 Gold Taels
604 Playing Her Persona Well
605 Was It Fun?
606 It Could Be an Error
607 Because It's Dangerous
608 An Unexpected Call
609 Nothing Going On?
610 A Family?
611 Inheriting His Money?
612 She Was Forced to Get Married
613 Don't Ever Tell Your Brother I Had a Match-Making Session
614 Welcoming an Esteemed And Rare Gues
615 She Didn't Dare To Move
616 She Failed To Slip Away
617 Why Would He Like Her?
618 Her Persona As His Girlfriend Couldn't Be Destroyed
619 An Apology?
620 Boss, Please Calm Down!
621 He Cuckolded President Pei
622 Kneel Down And Apologize
623 Let's Go Home
624 Your Sister-In-Law Is Coming To Pick Me Up
625 How Should She Prevent Others From Seducing Her Boyfriend?
626 Mustn't Get Too Involved!
627 Don't Touch Things That Aren't Yours
628 So What If I Touched Him?
629 Miss Lin, Do You Know The Consequences?
630 Displaying Their Affection In Public
631 She Is My Big Sister-in-law
632 I Thought That You Had Fallen For Me
633 Only Your Brother Can Sit In Your Daddy's Car
634 Prosperous New Year
635 Has Miss Lin Regretted It?
636 Yeva Has Personally Selected the Actress?
637 Are You Confident?
638 Cheerleader
639 Doub
640 She Could Beat Them Using a Hand
641 They Certainly Didn't Have Confidence
642 Boss' Zodiac Sign Is the Scorpio
643 I Thought That Your Sign Was a Husky
644 Gimmick
645 I Feel Sorry For Myself
646 Your Hopes Will Be Dashed
647 As Long As You Admit I
648 I Can Even Beat Them Myself
649 An Easy Opponen
650 This Was Fate!
651 Avoiding Daddy
652 Destroyed Persona
653 What Use Do You Have?
654 Do We Deserve to Be Last?
655 Crossing Paths With the King
656 Lin Yan Again
657 She Would Have to Flaunt Her Skills
658 Winding Curves
659 Does He Think That He Could Block Me?
660 The End Of a Legend And the Start Of a New One
661 Her Era And Legend!
662 He Wished That They Would Get Better!
663 Impregnable Devil!
664 Savage!
665 I Was In a Bad Mood
666 I Will Bite Whoever You Want Me to
667 I Will Only Idolize You
668 Brazen
669 Reasonable Explanation
670 Covered In Injuries
671 If It Barks, It Doesn't Pose a Threa
672 Busy Earning Money!
673 Soaring Together!
674 Does He Occupy a Space in Sister Yan's Heart?
675 Operating At Full Capacity!
676 Special Abilities
677 A Relationship That Would Drive Her to Bankruptcy
678 In Danger Of Exposing Herself
679 Who Was This Consciousness?
680 The Best Presen
681 Something Terrible Happened
682 She Fancies Your Talen
683 She Chose Herself
684 Using Comments As a Weapon
685 Excellent Foresight!
686 Approaching Pei Yucheng To Boost Her Courage
687 Who Do You Want To Accompany You?
688 You Are Like a Python
689 Thousand Bags Of Cash
690 Prince Charming
691 Do You Want To Be With Her?
692 Unable To Threaten Him
693 I’m Here To Have a Chat With You
694 A Trace Of Passion
695 Girlfriend?
696 Did He Damage His Brain?
697 Intentional Provocation
698 Could You Reconsider On My Account?
699 As the Future Mrs. Pei
700 He Is Too Accommodating!
701 I Regretted Not Offending You Even More
702 Alas... Women!
703 Don't Think You Can Do Whatever You Want Because Of Your Looks
704 Who Is the Owner Of This Little Princess?
705 Did Anyone Vote?
706 Aurora's Biggest Shareholder
707 Collusion
708 Ling Yue
709 I Can Help You Earn Money
710 I'm Talented
711 I Go By Another Name
712 She Found A Treasure
713 You Resemble Someone
714 Brother Yu Has Good Foresigh
715 Why Were They So Different?
716 Too Naive
717 Trying Her Utmost To Befriend Her
718 I'll Introduce You To Her
719 She Would Feel Uncomfortable If No One Were To Scold Her
720 How Could She Be That Woman?
721 Super Intelligence Agen
722 He Trusted Her Completely?
723 The Founder of Angel's Shelter
724 Disqualify Her
725 She Is Too Stingy
726 Hitting a Person Who Is Down
727 She Doesn't Need Any Connections
728 She Continued To Be Unaffected
729 Pei Yucheng’s Special Services
730 I Have Decent Self-Control
731 Thank You For Your Patronage
732 VIP Invitation
733 I Admire Both Of You
734 Have You Heard the Rumors?
735 An Extremely Powerful Backer
736 I'm Not Blind
737 Marry Me
738 Invalid Invitation
739 Demanding An Explanation
740 Give It To Me
741 Sister Yan Was Imposing And Formidable That Day
742 Did You Really Think No One Would Be Able To Prove It?
743 Do You Know President Cheng?
744 We Want To Flaunt Our President Too
745 Is Lin Yan Dating?
746 I Am Such a Selfless Person
747 Money Well-Spen
748 A Surprise Marriage Proposal
749 The President Presents The Award Personally
750 Ingot's Attack
751 She Couldn't Be Mistaken
752 One of Angel's Shelter's Founders
753 Protective
754 Her Name Is Lin Yan
755 She Is Obviously a Vicious Beauty
756 She Wouldn't Need To Stop
757 Rock-Solid Evidence
758 They Had Loved a Fake Idol
759 Should We Go Ahead With The Proposal?
760 Fighting to Tame the Animals
761 Humans Could Lie But Animals Wouldn'
762 Flooded With Regre
763 Everyone Will Go To Hell As Well
764 Forced to Reveal Her Identity
765 They Were Finally Able to Flaunt Their Presiden
766 Our President Is In Rome
767 Darling, Rest Early, Goodnigh
768 Pelting Everyone With Affection
769 Unable to Accep
770 Why Did I Fall For You At First Sight?
771 The First Time I Meet A Jerk Like You
772 She Has a Boyfriend?
773 Strengthening Their Hearts
774 It's the Greatest Bliss In Life To Have a Wife And Children
775 I Don't Deserve Big Brother's Boiled Soup
776 I Will Tell the Truth
777 Lin Yan Faked Her Education
778 She Has a Meticulous Plan
779 Redirecting the Attacks
780 Positive Image
781 Friend Request Rejected
782 Odd Creditor
783 She Can't Be That Person
784 Yeva's Uniform
785 Definitely Authentic
786 That's Your Racing Car
787 May The Best Man Win
788 I Don't Deserve I
789 Woof, Woof, Woof
790 Act Like I Never Asked
791 The Commencement of the International Competition
792 Not Qualified To Be a Substitute
793 Explaining More About the Scene
794 You Have Boss' Contact Information?
795 Am I Qualified Now?
796 Fulfilling a Promise
797 Something Major Happened
798 He Was Angered
799 Jinxed Mouth
800 Selling the Shares At A High Price
801 Aren’t You My Sister?
802 Network
803 In What Capacity?
804 Change of Owner
805 Sister, He Hit Me!
806 Who Did He Help?
807 Exiting the He Family Team
808 You Better Leave
809 The Little Brat of the Test Competition
810 Rejection
811 Imprisoned
812 I'm Playing With You
813 This Is Nonsense
814 Sorry For Entering the Wrong Room
815 Only The Two of Us
816 Sleeping Here
817 Are You Curious?
818 Changing
819 My Thick Beautiful Hair
820 I'm So Afraid
821 Does Your Hand Hurt?
822 Misty
823 Change
824 Pei Yucheng's Gaze
825 She Was Not Interested In Money
826 Boss, Are You Here?
827 A White Wolf
828 Which Car Do You Prefer To Drive?
829 Brillian
830 A Tale
831 I'm Too Powerful
832 Too Naive
833 What Is This?
834 Big Brother, Don't Be Rash
835 You Are the Boss?
836 One Could Do It All
837 Who Provoked Who
838 I Am Not Doing Anything
839 Intersection?
840 How Could He Know?
841 Acciden
842 Repor
843 As Long As You Come, His Mood Changes In a Momen
844 Are You Worried About Me?
845 Touching His Forehead...
846 I’m Not Buying The Trick
847 President Pei Had Been Deposed
848 The Right to Reveal the Truth
849 Fearful
850 Not That Kind Of Relationship
851 Secretly Dating?
852 Creating a Racing Team
853 Give Me Some Face
854 Don’t Talk About Kneeling, Or Even I Will Kneel
855 President Pei, You Aren't The Only One Who Can Use A Honeytrap
856 President Pei, You Aren't The Only One Who Can Use A Honeytrap
857 Just Wait For Me to Recover, Okay?
858 Then... Do You Feel Hate?
859 I Don't Want to Lose You Again
860 He Needed to Listen to Madam
861 What Is The Motive?
862 The Power of Love?
863 Her Period Saves the Situation
864 Relationship
865 He Was Left By His Wife
866 Getting Jealous
867 The Headquarters’ Invitation
868 Unfair
869 Substitute?
870 Targeting Her in Secre
871 Respec
872 I Need Your Love
873 The Brat Had Been Exposed
874 Boss, Are You Crazy?
875 Response
876 Let's Recognize Each Other
877 A Tiger Would Rather Die
878 I Am A Ma’am
879 Perfect Men
880 I Will Get Angry
881 Xiao, Your Granny’s *ss
882 A Logical Genius
883 Could You Hurt Me?
884 I’m Coming To Pick You Up From work
885 That’s Not Her
886 Could She Have Fallen For Him?
887 Female Friend?
888 Displaying Affection
889 She’s Suspecting That You Cheated
890 Big Brother, I Was Wrong About You
891 Bad Feeling
892 Honor
893 Borrowing Something
894 I Am Not Your Opponen
895 Big Sister-In-Law Is Not the Type to Get Jealous
896 Asura Arena!
897 Too Shameless
898 Only I Can Eat Your Food
899 Evolution Experimen
900 Ability
901 Just Out Of the Newbie Village
902 Would You Suck Up To Me
903 Not So Cute
904 You Are the Mistress Of This House
905 Eternal Bronze
906 That Evil Woman
907 Reborn Revenge, Jealous King, Smoke
908 Pei Yucheng's Ex-Girlfriend?
909 Because Of That Girl
910 You Are Both the Stunning One of the Times, As Well As the Sweet One of the Years
911 No Childhood Sweetheart, No Childhood Playmate, Only You
912 Shall I Teach You How to Cook?
913 Lin Yan, Have You Fallen For Me?
914 Can't I Do It For Real?
915 Pei Yucheng, Let's Break Up!
916 You Managed To Pursue Me Successfully
917 There Is Such A Way To Flirt?
918 Every Time I Miss You
919 Our Souls Are Connected
920 Exposed
921 Luring the Person In Before Slaughtering Them
922 That Demoness
923 Didn't She Go Missing?
924 Three Possibilities
925 Husky Attribute
926 Because He's Very Rich
927 The Husband Sides With The Wife
928 Precisely Because Of Kinship
929 Are You All Afraid Of Xiao Yao?
930 Choose Me
931 Is That All You Have?
932 I'll Show You What It's Like to Be Beautiful and Wise
933 Unusual
934 I Won This Game
935 Do You Belong to the Hunter’s Guild?
936 Sounds Reasonable
937 Fools Have More Money
938 Be Careful
939 Listen to Me
940 Who Is Closer to You?
941 Pup, Trust Me Again