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MMORPG: The Elementalist

Author:Internet“s Dark Knight

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Updates:632 Selling Out the Top Ten Seats; "Promise"

A salaryman by day and an Aquamancer by night. Qin Ruo might be a newbie in the popular, immersive MMORPG, “Honor and Glory“. However, that did not stop him from using his wits and battle instincts to raise money for a beloved friend“s medical fees, which eventually led him to become an elite player in the game. As Qin Ruo and his comrades progress further into the game, the trials and tribulatio...
《MMORPG: The Elementalist》 Volume 1
1 Misty Kane Jungle
2 Not Fated to Die
3 The Heart of an Adventurer
4 The Cunning Bandi
5 The Lurking Cayman
6 Trick and Trapped
7 Savis Town
8 Gold Equipmen
9 The Dream to Be a Small Raw Material Supplier
10 The Seven Great Leagues
11 Taking Care of One's Troubles after Accepting One’s Gold
12 Can I Get a Reimbursement?
13 Designated Leveling Site
14 The Limit of Psychological Endurance
15 The Disharmony Among Lower Ranking League Members
16 Gorefiend Spider Demon
17 At Stake
18 Silence
19 Provoked, It Will Shake the World
20 Twelve Frostramparts Formation VS Netherspirits
21 The Unspoken Rules of Aricus Underground Ruins
22 Party Rules—Internal Sales
23 Fatty Brother Da and Citadel.ne
24 The Giant Panda and the Rumor
25 The Vampire’s Castle
26 The Vampire Demons
27 Dimensional Portal
28 Generation Gap
29 The Little Devil, Brother-in-law
30 Domino
31 Maverick Genius
32 Gentleman Frandy
33 True Appearance
34 Let It Explode
35 Crazy Frandy
36 Elderly Elf
37 The Legendary Demon
38 No Tier 6 Skill for Me!
39 Aquamorph—Hidden Attributes
40 Violet Orchid the Pries
41 Conflic
42 Do You Want a Fight?
43 Enraged
44 The Beginning of a Dispute
45 The Miraculous Effect of Aquamorph
46 Poaching
47 Field Commander
48 What Is This Smell…
49 Livor Mortis, Deathfiend Spider
50 Water to Ice; It Finally Expands
51 Moldy Little Buns
52 Explosive Venomspiders
53 Death Without a Corpse
54 Reaching for the Olive Branch of the Resurrection Gallery
55 A Risky Operation
56 Supreme Champions
57 Secret Chamber? No! It's an Underground Palace!
58 Suicide Engagemen
59 Fight Crazily
60 Leaving?
61 Wealth in the Secret Chamber
62 Champion's Restauran
63 A Huge Sum of Money and Sharing the Spoils
64 Personal Training
65 Double Overlords!
《MMORPG: The Elementalist》 Volume 2
66 A Unique Skeleton
67 A Peculiar Recruitmen
68 Failure
69 Curiosity
70 Elemental Perception: Water
71 A Surprise Discovery
72 Violet Frui
73 Deal In the Dark
74 Such Prowess! I'm Touched!
75 The One Who Slipped Away
76 The Boss Was Also Cunning!
77 Meat Vendor
78 Bounty Ques
79 Someone Came
80 Enemies on a Narrow Road
81 Until the End of the Performance
82 Pick the Flower!
83 Everchanging Temper
84 Unsheathe the Blade
85 You Firs
86 Frostrampart, The Grave
87 Intrusion! A Sudden Change!
88 An Unfair Duel!
89 Viridian Giantflame Wolf Defeated
90 Bloodstained King
91 Black Market Trader
92 Big Brother Qin
93 Powerful Girl
94 Ice Queen's Sister
95 The Wretched-looking Chemis
96 MP Potion—The Bottom Line
97 The Harsh Life of Being a Chemis
98 Accident?
99 It Really Went Wrong
100 Red Tagged
101 Infamy Points—Godslayer
102 Ambush—Counter Ambush
103 How Many Aquamancers Are There?
104 Dinosaurcerer
105 Troublesome—Turnaround
106 Intense Battle—Bad Situation
107 Beastform Fusion—Deadly Strike
108 Way Beyond One’s Reach
109 Of the Gargantuan Demoncroc and Eight Gods
110 AoE Gravity
111 Death Meteor
《MMORPG: The Elementalist》 Volume 3
112 Tier 5 AoE Attack
113 The Beginning of Chaos
114 The Appearance of Black Jail!
115 The Might of a League
116 Some Balls You Got There
117 The True Champion, Dark Annihilator
118 Come and Kill Me If You’ve Got the Balls to Do It!
119 Dinosaurcerer’s Plan
120 Frostburst Staff
121 The Mythical Battlefield
122 Unexpected Person, Unexpected Good News
123 Monster Slayers
124 The Goblin King
125 Tacit Cooperation—Bandit Obliterated
126 When the Soldiers Attack, the General Defends—The Brat Finally Takes Action
127 You Feel Great Having More People on Your Side, Huh?
128 The System—Mithril Ore
129 The Goblin King's Ring
130 A Selective Advancement Quest—Random Encounter
131 The Insane Judgement of the System—the Quest of Death
132 The Choice on the Battlefield, Force it Through
133 The Accident in the First Part of the Ques
134 Scarlet Bauhinia's Keen Sense
135 Rolling Off the Cliff!
136 The Scenery by the Cliff
137 Impatient Yeti
138 The Warp Portal in Snow Giant's Cave
139 S-Shaped Passage—The Grave of the Ice Python
140 Ice Pythons’ Nest—Ice Formation
141 Fell Down from the Cliff—Again
142 So Your Weakness Is Water!
143 Deepblue Frostsoul, Advancement, and Honor
144 Hog Pen—High Affinity for Water Elementalism?
145 Aquabarrier—Snow Eagle Dive Kill!
146 A Failed Attempt on Transfiguration and a Gold Accessory
147 An Unusual Quest—Ron’s Mistress
148 Chestnut Hair and Blue Eyes—A Murder Case Caused by a Ques
149 Change of Perspective and Wargod's Canyon of Trials
150 Materialized Fire Dragon’s Combat Aura
151 Hidden Swordsman’s Skill. A Fall Out!
152 Getting Away—Trailing
153 Shadowfox and Clones
154 The Change on the Platform!
155 Left and Returned! "Item Bound!"
156 The New Page Two chapters in one
157 Violetmoon Devilite’s Baby
158 Frustrated Cayman
159 Not on the Same Level
160 The Consciousness to Hold Up Against the Monster
161 Eager Beaver—Start to Train
《MMORPG: The Elementalist》 Volume 4
162 Monster Uproar in Snow Domain
163 Dreamy Blue Ice Chrysanthemum and the Rookies Who Courted Death
164 Snow Domain’s Wintry Vajra Again—A Fall Ou
165 Qin Ruo Is a Bad Guy!
166 We Cannot be Too Greedy
167 Snowball
168 Don’t Kill Him!
169 The Activity at Nigh
170 The Destination—The Mythical Battlefield
171 The Ten-Man Party on the Mythical Battlefield
172 Silentdeath Jungle
173 An Unordinary Day in an Ordinary Small Valley
174 The Evolution of the Malevolent Archdemon
175 Darkshadow Archdemon—Another Side to Slayer’s Hear
176 Enemy Trace! The Demon Faction!
177 Change of Plans! We’ll Make Our Move Immediately!
178 Triple Darkfrost Sting—Outrageous Party
179 The Unique Aquamancer
180 The Pathetic Drop Rate
181 Ventured Too Deep… The Border of Demon Faction
182 Twelve Zodiacs—Saga
183 The Final Retaliation and Ambush
184 The Requiem of Twelve Zodiacs and the Annihilation of All Priests
185 Mysterious Aquamancer and Cunning Archdemon
186 The Deadly Gamble in Silentdeath Jungle
187 Saga's Destiny—One Wave Rush
188 The Wolf—Mutant Darkshadow Archdemon’s Turn
189 The Clan Leader of Twelve Zodiacs—Shaka
190 Explosion! Mana Drain!
191 Even More Surprises
192 Bauhinia Clan’s Invitation
193 Killer Bee Valley—Temptation
194 Explosion! An Amazing Self-Created Skill
195 Homme Fatale’s Discovery
196 The Advantages of Mana Drain
197 Unwelcomed Troubles
198 The Quiet Chamber of the Alchemist Guild
199 Fence Sitters
200 As Resilient as Cockroaches
201 Mana Drain VS Darkshadow Archdemon
202 The Terramancer—Camus
203 The First Demonstration of Compressed Frost Bullet’s Prowess
204 Wasteland Ruins Cannibal
205 When Enemies Meet, Swords Are Drawn
206 Pitiful Mu, The Battle Reaching Its Climax
207 The Vice ‘Tiger Cub’ and Restless Slayer’s Hear
208 Legendary Master—the Fuse of War
209 The Power of Mana Drain
210 Simple Tricks—Big Surprise
211 Changing Routes
212 Solar Eclipse—Graveyard Of The Gods
213 Divinity
214 Sudden Encounter!
215 Hard Mode
216 Ahead of Schedule
217 Mission Impossible
218 Dauntless Spiri
219 Quest for Divinity
220 Rumble from Below
221 Steel Hedgehog or Earth-Enchanted Spider?
222 Summoning Surprise
223 We Won’t Lose for Sure!
224 Qin Ruo's Discovery
225 Can We Earn Money by Collecting Spirit Orbs?
226 Blacksmithing—Gold and Dark Gold
227 Loli Girl—Blacksmith
228 Old Man? Granddaughter? Sacred Potion
229 The Woman Behind a Successful Man
230 Overwhelming Fury
231 Combined-Attack Technique: Elementalist Transfer
232 Silver-Winged Killer Bee—The Secret Within The Pet Egg
233 Highway Robbery
234 Avalanche Burial
235 A Conspiracy Brewing
236 Now You Die!
237 Friend of My Enemy!
238 Kill the Devil!
239 Violet Orchid's True Face!
240 The Head Crushing Machine and Fatale
241 Do You Have a Hormonal Imbalance for Real?
242 The Consequences of Blabbering—Head Exploded!
243 Killer Bee Valley—Site-Clearing
244 Bad News—Good News
245 Assembly of Champions!
246 Here at Las
247 Feisty Little Thing
248 Debut of the Little Scamp
249 New Skills; No Breaks
250 The Hunt for Poochie
251 Traitor
252 Qin Ruo the Hermi
253 Kicking the Hornets’ Nes
《MMORPG: The Elementalist》 Volume 5
254 Into the Graveyard of the Gods
255 Great Tree Forest! The Goddamn Graveyard of the Gods
256 A Miraculous Hope, No Choice
257 Team Up With the Devil, Ambushed!
258 Earning Honor Points
259 Graveyard of the Gods
260 The Box
261 Battle Between Champions
262 Red Tag Revealed
263 Big Misunderstanding
264 Fury Provoked
265 Counter-Attack!
266 Bloodthirsty Trees
267 Don’t Break Anything
268 Redemption and Divinity
269 An Offering of White Wine
270 There’s a Map?
271 Continuous Offensive Magic Skill, Brilliant Suggestion!
272 Frost Vampire Bats, Warp Portal to Level 2
273 Tiger Cub’s First Taste of…
274 Death
275 First Dark Gold Equipment—Water Dragon’s Staff
276 Villain's Sword
277 Walking on the Street Alone with Millions of Cash
278 Young People These Days Are Really Bad-tempered
279 The Burial Ground of Aquamancers? Death Desert!
280 Dual Lycan Barrage, An Easy Win
281 Maverick Vatican… Field Commander?
282 Initiative! Unsettled Cruz
283 Sword Unsheathed, Blood Spilled
284 Subversion—Purge
285 The Aura that the Vampire Leech Fears
286 Aquamancer Versus Water-Type Boss… Game On!
287 A Future Champion in the Making
288 The Devilish Aquamancer! Vampire Demon Core
289 An Old Man Fishes no Fish, A Hidden Quest?
290 Living God's Tomb—Reaper's Pe
291 No Fish? I'll Feed Them With My Own Body
292 A Compromised Reward, A Compromised Solution
293 Cerberus? The Underworld?
294 The Cost of Negligence: Five Died and Only One Survived
295 Who Called Me a Mouse Just Now?! Step Forward!
296 From Passive to Aggressive and Brony's Compromise
297 Intermediate Aquamorph Transformation
298 Tarzan the Ape Man, Whose Nose Was Hi
299 You Should Not Be Here
300 Damn You, Monster!
301 The Battle of the Strong!
302 The Overpowered Cerberus
303 Nightstar—Identity Revealed
304 Unexpected Fortune! Treasure Chest~
305 Life-and-Death Situation—The Great Escape
306 A Plundered Tomb, A Plea for Help
307 What a Great Feeling to Be on the Giant’s Shoulder
308 Three Bosses Flirting with Death
309 Greenstone Demon, Deception
310 Escorting People to Level 5
311 Lethal Balrog Pet Egg
312 Withdraw from An Elementalist’s Nightmare—The Barren Domain
313 Amethyst Orc with Successive Strikes, Encounter!
314 Combo Skill, Deadwood Cage, Terra Shockwave!
315 Survived the Great Adversity! Save Them!
316 With the Potion, the World is Mine!
317 A Trick, A Breakthrough
318 The Boss Has Learned to Be Cunning
319 A Failed Trick, Fateless’ Real Identity
320 A Strong Lineup! That was A Good Business!
321 Top Secret! Keep Your Lips Sealed!
322 Blinding Light vs Petrify! Doomsday!
323 Dark Battle!
324 Fifth Floor of the Graveyard of the Gods, Overwhelming Force from Supreme Champions!
325 White Tiger Shaman!
326 Holy Purification, Three Monsters Converged
327 Male Intimacy
328 Black Sun
329 Tier-5 Boss, Get!
330 Party or Solo?
331 High Ground
332 Who’s Ambushing Whom?
333 Game Over
334 Farewell, Friend
335 Death Mountain, A Simple Map
336 Fifteen-Seconds Strategy
337 Time to Show Off
338 Treasure! Divinity! Lightning!
339 Undead Sovereign
340 Turnaround!
341 Tidal Roar!
342 Vengeance Before Death
343 Entering the Appraisal Shop Half-Naked
344 Secretive
345 Insane Replication—Outrageous Rumors
346 Imbuing Divinity Does Not Mean Invincibility
347 The Disappearing Fishing Rod Embroidery
《MMORPG: The Elementalist》 Volume 6
348 The Graveyard of the Gods… Closed
349 Reunion
350 Casanova
351 News about Divinity, Leaked?
352 Water-element Divinity Crystal—A Win-Win Agreemen
353 The Broken Ring
354 Hunters—Gas-form Pe
355 A Taste of His Own Medicine
356 Instant Kill! Victory!
357 Personal Choice
358 The Very First Power Showcase—Farming in the Dungeon
359 Formation Destroyed By Mannequin Spiders
360 Has the Captain Been Driven Mad?
361 You Attack! I’ll Defend!
362 Dark Gold Key
363 The Legendary Buried City?
364 A “Lady” Ravaged by Three Men
365 The Attack of the Lord
366 The Giant Beetle that got Tipped Over—Uninvited Guests
367 Teleport to the Buried City—Countdown
368 Entrance! -Uproar!
369 Rescue Quest Activated—Trial
370 The Land Devastated by Underworld Creatures—The Buried City
371 Elemental Shard—Angelic Wings Activated
372 Aerial Comba
373 Poochie Advances
374 Wonderful Idea
375 The Eight High Lords
376 Fortunate Firs
377 The Eye of Hades
378 The Magicians' Ring
379 Restoring the Ring
380 Rampant Advancemen
381 Familiar Face
382 Second Chance
383 Property: Echo!
384 Test of Worth
385 Hellfire Trial
386 Playing With Fire
387 Cunning Fox
388 Dragon’s Roar
389 Not What You Expected
390 Playful Poochie
391 The Value of Divinity
392 Elemental Ring—Divinity
393 Better to Introduce Yourself
394 An Acquaintance... Fusion!
395 Against One’s Wish—Expedition Team
396 Killing Blow—Lizard Bandi
397 The Tide was Turned! Interrogation
398 Tier 1? Should be Tier 1…
399 Majestic Hero—Black God
400 Darkspirit Archer
401 Chance Meeting
402 Do Not Compete with Me!
403 Five-Man Raid
404 Thunder Hawk and Blink Strike
405 Elemental Array
406 Small Fate—Top Dogs
407 Demotion—Cleanse the Shame
408 Undead—Liches
409 The Real Tier 5 Supreme Champion
410 Nightstar—Black Hole
411 Hundred Year Torment—Ring of Vengeance
412 Something Big is Afoot—Spreading Wings and Fly into the Clouds
413 Undercurrents, Dripping Blood
414 Running to Survive—Surrounded and Seized
415 Encircling the City—Wipeou
416 The Fifth League—Established!
417 Chase Me off? You?
418 Massacre—Blunder!
419 The Perfect Kill from a Cornered Counterattack
420 God Is A Woman
421 I Am Not Going to Bully a Woman
422 Landed on the Top of the City Wall
423 Elemental Wave, Violet Orchid's Attack
424 Judah, Jesus, Mysterious Aeromancer
425 Madman—Collision
426 Hold Ground! Aqua Wings!
427 Reunion, Checkmate
428 Light: Devour… A Polished Pearl, Angel Faction’s Last Hope
429 Frozen Burial!
430 I Choose Majestic Hero
431 Don’t Let Them Get Away!
432 Shameless Magic
433 Get Rid of Death Jesus Firs
434 Not the Most Devious
435 Hidden Foe, Heart-stopping Momen
436 Zero Honor Points! Reclaim Your Glory!
437 Late Remedy
438 You’re the One Saying That Tiger Cub Is Nothing, Right?
439 Little Beauty Give Me Your Number. Let's Chat About Life Tonigh
440 What on Earth... Are They Up To?
441 Lightning Strike! Wolfpack!
442 Devour
443 So, You’re Called Flake
444 Someone Has Already Booked You
445 As Long As You Nod
446 Chapter 447 Violet Orchid’s Vision & Chapter 448 How Could They Not Handle A Small Extremity Like This?
447 Fallen Angels—Majestic Hero Returns
448 Black God Ensnared
449 Gone in a Flash
450 Carefree, Is Netherclaw Sobbing Yet?
451 Are you a Soy Boy now?
452 The King of Monsters
453 The King of Monsters Sealed Divinity with Gravity Field
454 Shadow Howl—Pitiful Bear
455 Let’s See Who’s Better
456 Why Are You Here Now?
457 Huh? A Gathering of Spiders?
458 The March of the Spiders—Helpless Electromancer
459 This Guy… What Did He Do?
460 Galbis’ Despair Se
461 God Damn It!
462 Which One Gave You More Sense of Accomplishment?
463 Fate
464 Life is Strange
465 Gravity Field
466 I Will Have a Few Digs
467 Students These Days...
468 I Will Ask Hundreds of My Men to Whack You Within Minutes—Try Me
469 Carrot and Stick
470 Don't Find Excuses for Your Shamelessness
471 The Eye that Stared at the Underworld Creatures
472 The Eerily Murderous Intent of the Buried City
473 A Powerful Stranger
474 Boxing Out The Lich
475 A Brewing Storm at Aricus
476 A Crafted Legendary Weapon
477 Remorseless Warrior's Proposal
478 Xiaoxiao: Let me Try!
479 Elementalism
480 A Trespassing Challenger
481 Psycho Demon VS Winter Demon
482 Just How Many Winged Champions Are There?
483 Look out! Spiders!
484 Metal Plates
485 The Plan of Three Veteran Champions
486 Are you Jealous?
487 The Passionate Tier 5 Bowmaster
488 Get Los
489 Netherspirit's Claw at Its Peak
490 Rakoff, The Dark Knight Commander
491 The First Clash—The Lone Troop
492 Rakoff's Skull
493 The Dark Dragoon
494 The Attack of the Liches
495 Troublemaker
496 The Clan Rules by the Three Belles
《MMORPG: The Elementalist》 Volume 7
497 The Invasion of The Century
498 Garrison from the Underworld
499 Darius’ Concern
500 Underworld’s… The Path Back Home
501 Underworld Mobile Campsite
502 The Winter Demon and Fallen Angels Will Become History
503 Sanctuary—One Thousand and Four Hundred Kilometers
504 Divine Chemist Yaeger
505 Walker Valley—Sacred Frui
506 Drunk
507 The Drunken First Time—Within Darkness
508 Applying for Three Days' Leave
509 Meeting Xin Yu again—A Hostile Mixed-Blood Beauty
510 The Owner of the Galbis Pet Egg
511 Rising Storm
512 A Flapping of Wings—A Case of Murder
513 Windy Groan's Resolve
514 Gathering Place of the Undead, the Heavily Guarded Portal
515 Edgar’s Tip
516 Little Bandit Xin Yu—Hot Pursui
517 Homme Fatale’s Fleeting Worry
518 Violet Orchid’s “Operation Underworld Storm”
519 The Divine Aria—The Fisherman at the Volcano Ven
520 The Winter Demon and the Volcano
521 The Winter Demon, The King of Thieves
522 The Ring of Honor and a "Lone Vampire"
523 The Return of the Winter Demon
524 The Same Anticipation
525 Let's See Who'll Die First!
526 The Entrapped Dark Dragon
527 Extreme Arrogance! Lavish Wager!
528 Prince of Scrolls Versus Prince of Potions
529 The Fight between the Tier 5 Veterans and Demon Evasion
530 Eight Gods' Resolution—Gravity Field
531 We Are His Bros Too
532 Double Dragonswing… Let’s Head Home
533 Mercenary Guild Master—Delia
534 Reputation Points—Divine Enchanter
535 Warp Portal’s Bane—Frost Witch’ Rage
536 Returning to the Underworld, Like Moth to a Flame
537 Breaking Through
538 Boundless Grandeur—the Struggle between Leagues
539 The Level 0 Orc Dishing Out Tier 2 Spells
540 The Truth Revealed
541 Where Remorseless Warrior Lies
542 Revisiting The Death Valley
543 Operation: Death Valley
544 This Sound is…
545 The Mutated Lich—Pet Revealed!
546 The Intruding Netherspirit’s Claw
547 The "Three Great Evils" of Netherspirit's Claw—Bypassing to Centipede Cavern?
548 The Consequences of Messing with Fallen Angels
549 Twenty Five Seconds
550 Mutated Lich was slain! The Plot Thickens!
551 End of the World!
552 The Opportunity Behind The Crisis
553 Success and Failure
554 Is Every Babe This Amazing?
555 The Strongest in the Angel Faction?
556 Majestic Hero's Sly Suggestion
557 Fallen Angels League—The Big Picture
558 Unpaid Sabbatical—A Very Talkative Bowmaster
559 Enchantment of Equipmen
560 Flowy "Worm"
561 Extreme Measures
562 Camp Robert Vanished
563 The Hollowed Demon Faction
564 The Demise of The Winter Demon?
565 The Cunning Lich
566 The Thrifty League Leader
567 Before The Siege
568 Battle Cry!
569 The Arrogant Besiege of Sin City!
570 Landing! Count-down!
571 Absolute Suppression
572 Besiege on All Sides; Going All-in
573 The Trigger of Retaliation
574 Sealing Up The Enemies; Sealing Up The Skies
575 A Forceful Push! A Desperate Plan!
576 A Joint Strike! Striking the Resurrection Portal!
577 Opening Pandora’s Box
578 A Tail of Black Ligh
579 Sinistress that Came Late, Honor Points Rese
580 Grand Tournamen
581 Mythical Mirage, Rules and Restrictions
582 Qin Ruo’s Actual Profession
583 Frostburst Blade
584 Spell Upgrade
585 Silence in the Buried City
586 Pet Lich
587 The Two Ultimate Bosses
588 Chimera
589 Mythical Mirage
590 Reconfiguration
591 The New Spell
《MMORPG: The Elementalist》 Volume 8
592 Xiaoxiao’s Concerns
593 A Visit from Casanova
594 Purge Tower
595 The Frost Coffin Within The Purge Tower
596 Calculating Black Rock's Scheme
597 Actually, I Have No Choice Too
598 Game On!
599 Did you think Hiding Will Save You from Trouble?
600 Veteran Champions
601 Xin Yu?
602 Fame in One Battle!
603 Last Man Standing
604 The Jebel Pangolin
605 Showdown
606 The Genteel Monk
607 Qin Ruo’s Epiphany
608 The Monster Knights
609 Number One in “Honor and Glory”
610 The Arrows of The Winter Demon
611 Taking Out The Small Fry Firs
612 Shadow Soldier Ants
613 The Amethyst Orc and Elite Skeletal Wraith
614 The Second Targe
615 The Gale Garuda
616 Forever Second Place
617 A Ruthless Approach
618 Meeting
619 Black Flame Valley
620 No Egg? Don’t Blame Gravity!
621 Nine Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Eight Opponents
622 Golden Battle Flag!
623 Moonwaltz Rimbo’s Failed Products
624 Savior’s Death
625 The Fight with Dictator
626 Don’t Blame Me If You Lose
627 The Eye Opened!
628 Battle of Life and Death! Golden Battle Flag
629 Wretched Hope
630 Ace of Spades
631 Netherclaw's Adventure in the Mythical Sanctuary
632 Selling Out the Top Ten Seats; "Promise"