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“Ms. Li Xue, you are pregnant!” said the doctor as she handed the pregnancy report that has clearly come positive.

Li Xue don’t know how to react to the news. She has come all prepared to take virginity test and prove the world that all their accusations are false. She was all sure that of her virginity being intact then how her pregnancy was even possible.
《Mama“s Princess is Daddy“s Beloved》 Her Little Fairy
1 The sweet little daughter.
2 Her level of obedience.
3 Promoted to work at the best city : City that brought her worst dreams.
4 Devilic - Angel.
5 Her adorable innocent face.
6 She was really innocent.
7 She will never let anyone criticize her daughter.
8 Possessiveness was in her blood
9 Curious to know how her father looked?
10 Care for the things that belongs to you.
11 Tall-careless Uncle
12 Mama's lighthouse.
13 Li Xue, is that really you?
14 She has changed.
15 Don't waste your tears.
16 Her precious gem.
17 Feng Internationals
18 Brother, please help me!!
19 My EQ is far better than your IQ.
20 Mama goes crazy shopping for her little devilic - angle.
21 Feeling of meeting a lost family.
22 Would make the best soft toy in the whole world.
23 Xue, do you know my brother?
24 Little Li Wei does not want a father.
25 Not a hope in the hell.
26 Dear God, send an angel to save me!!
27 Taken him as some genie.
28 Satan for the whole world, but Handsome Angel for her.
29 God gift me an Angel, like he gifted me to you!!
30 Get yourself a man and Li Wei a loving father.
31 Beauty destined to suite beside him.
32 First woman to caught his interest hard.
33 Was it a dream?
34 Little Blue Bunny!!
35 Those eyes has been the reason for all her happiness in all these years.
36 A trend setter instead of a trend follower.
37 Prove your sincerity with your actions.
38 This particular pair was going to change him inside out.
39 Fate can neither be changed nor can be controlled.
40 All the preparations is for Lady Boss's arrival.
41 A smile can be the best reply anyone could have.
42 Offending her is no different from offending him.
43 Mr. Beelzebub
44 Treasure that he has started to cherish.
45 She can't get attracted to him.
46 I will never let you go.
47 Some Empress's arrival
48 His eyes compels her to reveal her honest side to him.
49 I have found the special one in my life.
50 Distanced himself mercilessly.
51 Feng Shufen's nonchalance irked her.
52 What does she have to deserve all this treatment.
53 Was President Feng waiting for her arrival?
54 She is the woman, I am planning to marry.
55 Aesthetic Standards
56 A Satisfaction!
57 Can't let the heart go deep.
58 Her efforts came out beautifully.
59 No trust, No Heartbreak.
60 Make you change your mind.
61 Her smile was precious.
62 Traces of strong homogeneity.
63 Mr. Beelzebub's girlfriend
64 His shoulders held big responsibilities.
65 Was he planning to come to her house now?
66 Bringing one's own pair of slippers.
67 Truly devil in his tricks
68 Charms of Simplicity can never be belittled.
69 Sometimes coincidences don’t happen, they are created!
70 Uncomfortable in crowds.
71 A beautiful white flower.
72 Chance to get inside some romantic, adventurous love story.
73 Quality life of righteousness.
74 Dessert dishes are for Ms. Li Xue.
75 Lost Crown.
76 Her Fiancée.
77 Ashamed to introduce her boyfriend.
78 A bitter feeling of regret.
79 Dreadful murderous aura around.
80 This man is really impressive.
81 The Principal has called him to school!
82 Signatures of both parents were needed.
83 Commendable way to bring up a child.
84 Deserves to be spoiled.
85 Let him be a good father.
86 My wife.
87 So adorable.
88 Overdramatic Qi Shuai!!
89 Capturing the Kalon: Romance Serendipity of Lucifer.
90 Preparing his grave.
91 Don't meet Tall, Careless Uncle.
92 Oblivious to the dangerous fact.
93 WeiWei is a beautiful part of Li Xue.
94 Her Devil brother was not a devil for them.
95 Charming traps of Handsome men.
96 Her meaning of perfection in midst of all imperfection of the world.
97 Charms that can easily ruin people's eyes.
98 Big webs of traps for her.
99 Gratefulness should not be conveyed on the piece of note.
100 Complexion getting awful.
《Mama“s Princess is Daddy“s Beloved》 No need to dwell in the Past.
101 No problem with him by her side.
102 Henpecked husband in creation !!
103 Building castles with the help of other's names.
104 Like brother, like sister.
105 Seeing her dearest friend at her lowest.
106 Like you killed your sister.
107 Pity that she was living a good life.
108 Only hope of light and happiness was lost.
109 Shufen! Is that really you?
110 Mr Beelzebub! Are you ignoring me?
111 Sense of déjà vu.
112 Wait for that day to arrive.
113 Keeping the Devil in oblivion.
114 Making breakfast for you.
115 A possessive father.
116 Right to know his rivals.
117 Time has change to get in favour of Li Xue.
118 It's nothing, sweetheart!!
119 Is it because I am being hard to get?
120 You did well, Li Xue!!
121 Li Xue, you were really cruel!
122 Finding a friend at the new place.
123 My Xena!!
124 Ms. Li Xue, Chen Yujian will be under your care.
125 Life of a single child is really tough.
126 Five simple mantras to follow.
127 Lead her to her own grave.
128 Call our saviour now.
129 Sister-in-law, please save us.
130 Cage the Devil back
131 Hail Sister-in-law! Hail Xiao Xue!
132 Let things unfold in its own happy pace.
133 Curse you to have line of love rivals in your life.
134 Not too severe but neither any less.
135 Look down on your Head Chef.
136 One's confidence should be confident on its own existence.
137 Won't accept my trainees to be so impudent.
138 Would not have treated us the same.
139 Stay by his Aunt's side!!
140 Waiting to see her crumble on the ground.
141 Choice of flowers.
142 Possessive just like her Daddy Angel.
143 Let her live in the lie a little longer.
144 Her ray of hope.
145 Sing praises of Deliciousness
146 Was there no way to win over the devil.
147 Stories of glories and bloodstains.
148 Don't have any little princess in my family, except WeiWei.
149 Little Li Wei's Princess room
150 Wrecked self-control.
151 Claim of possession.
152 Won't want my WeiWei sick and my wife troubled.
153 Mama will become your assistant.
154 This man ... He trapped her again.
155 It's finally progressing now.
156 Could make her run a marathon.
157 More limits to be crossed.
158 The house is all yours and so is the host.
159 Order from the lady of the house.
160 Coveting Devil's Kalon.
161 Your confused face is for me to see.
162 Daddy Angel's little princess.
163 Not to prove their love, but the proofs to make you realize their love.
164 Uncle Cutiee, I need your help!
165 Why is Li Wei has not taken her father's family name?
166 A line she has drawn for no one to cross.
167 When a person is blind, he should not take everyone around to be blind.
168 Ms. Kim, why do I feel you are duping me?
169 Second initiative of the day.
170 Even in your bad, my heart will find its reasons to love you.
171 Become an apprentice of Li Xue.
172 Was he a kid to pick on vegetables?
173 Win over Mr. Beelzebub
174 Vow of celibacy.
175 Most mischievous question of the era.
176 Mischievous witch in the cover of an innocent fairy.
177 Thinking to clear out your misconceptions about my strengths.
178 Heaven will give to their chosen ones.
179 Nobody will be able to seperate us.
180 There was something missing inside her.
181 His ignorance made her insecure.
182 Baby loves her Mama the most.
183 Hope things get back well soon!!
184 Where are your manners, Young boy?
185 She was attractive like fire to moths.
186 Sudden change in the schedule.
187 Letting her wait here could bring destruction.
188 Fear the Devil, you people!
189 Announce Ryan as his fiancée.
190 She can never blame him.
191 Sorry and Congratulations!!
192 Word never been sincere enough to capture her heart.
193 Compensate them.
194 Something better than that.
195 A lifelong trap with no escape.
196 Yes, I got the answers.
197 Won't he think her to be a desperate woman.
198 Too savage for his own good.
199 Try believing that pigs can fly.
200 No other women had this affect on him before.
201 Own kind of stubborness and arrogance.
《Mama“s Princess is Daddy“s Beloved》 One step at a time: Our sweet Love!!
202 Money and power are not needed to be confident.
203 Becoming someone's ideal without knowing.
204 Tsk...tsk... the world is too naive to understand President Feng.
205 Blaming her for putting Sweet Delicacy in a mess.
206 The lady, she despises most in her life.
207 A darkness that's not easy to push away.
208 A girlfriend can ditch her boyfriend but a wife can't ditch her husband.
209 War against the world even if the failure is decided at the end.
210 Elixir pill for everyone's heart.
211 Strict Mother.
212 In the end, Mr Beelzebub will hunt her down.
213 Most sinful being on this Earth.
214 Can never love a woman like me.
215 Let bygones be bygones.
216 Mama can never be wrong.
217 Surprise for Mama.
218 Mama is my only treasure.
219 My soul leaps to become something I am not.
220 Don't you want to know about Li Wei's father?
221 Li Xue, I believe you.
222 Always dreamt to date her.
223 You can come and date me.
224 Did you have some scene with this old guy?
225 Expected a lot better from you.
226 Damage has already been made and could not be reversed back.
227 You still need me to prove my intentions.
228 Get the evidence of their crimes, not the proof of her innocence.
229 My wife and child have to be my top priority.
230 She wanted her brother to protect her.
231 Being a Feng, of course!
232 Found the woman with whom I want to get married.
233 Shufen's choice can never be imperfect.
234 Making WeiWei understand.
235 Deal with the God.
236 Not a Phoenix from those legends.
237 I can see improvements.
238 Mama knows to carry both her daughter and her dress.
239 A blind date.
240 Air of hostility in her little eyes.
241 A neighbour who has become really dear to us.
242 Snatched her precious doll.
243 Daddy Angel got the corner next to my Mama.
244 Only Handome Angel can be my Daddy Angel.
245 Won the battle with narcissism.
246 Planning to rebel against me?
247 Win the championship at the end.
248 Help you find a suitable match.
249 I don't sympathise rather aims for revenge.
250 Once known mother.
251 Protective instincts.
252 Mama, hold me! I might fall down.
253 Demon in the covers of human.
254 Someone who never keeps favours of anyone.
255 Dominating and Heartless Girlfriend.
256 Since you know you are guilty, you better treat me well in future.
257 She is no angel but a sl*t.
258 An incapable one.
259 Fine! Challenge Accepted!
260 Face deeply engraved in her heart.
261 The woman does not know the meaning of IMPOSSIBLE.
262 Want me to volunteer?
263 More like a habit than a responsibility.
264 Are you stepping back from taking my responsibility?
265 Too busy to save the world today.
266 My head is not an easy price.
267 Queen of tomorrow.
268 Did my brother already get you on his bed?
269 My angels up in the Heaven!
270 Did an Angel ever have a better mate than a Devil?
271 Did our daughter got her lunch on time?
272 An authority, that only you have got over me.
273 You can even sell me off, if you want.
274 Useless game.
275 You were right, Shufen. I am an incapable one.
276 Interesting essence of their friendship.
277 Her seduction to lure him.
278 His patience and strength - Key strength of their relationship.
279 Her devilic - obedient child.
280 His wife and mistress of the household.
281 If you could keep my charms all reserved for you to look then … what would you do?
282 Mine to see... Mine to cherish!
283 Oblivious of your beautiful existence in this world.
284 It was for Li Xue.
285 Will again become a pure flower in his eyes.
286 He is not my guardian.
287 Out of fashion pictures.
288 Their rapport has been great.
289 He is not capable of being your boyfriend.
290 A lone tear of regret.
291 Forgotten title of endearment.
292 We apply make up first, and gets dressed later.
293 Was he really a perverted one to think like that?
294 Catastrophe in the future.
295 Long Forgotten Dessert.
296 Our Memories' Delight.
297 Impeccable Chef's Library of Feng International.
298 Who said Devil can only fall for an innocent Angel?
299 Xena, the papers related to recipes are missing.
300 What if I make you go bankrupt?
《Mama“s Princess is Daddy“s Beloved》 Her Journey Begins: She will be unstoppable this time.
301 Does this world have anyone apart from you to consider?
302 Look quite adorable when nervous.
303 Best of the best!
304 Insecurities are doomed to bring disaster sooner or later.
305 Your cooking is awful.
306 Bully and Pervert!!
307 Give me a chance to make amends up to you.
308 You are exactly like him!
309 Part of her life, she wanted to forget for the best.
310 Have we met anywhere before?
311 Mama is sweet, so her baby is sweet!
312 Too innocent to understand Devil's tricks.
313 Fueling the fire intensifies the flames.
314 Learn to lose a battle to win a war!
315 Hence winning the battle, she lost the war.
316 Become an open book, for only you read!
317 Not able to treasure you like any other would.
318 Have always been bias towards Li Xue.
319 Their friendship must be great!
320 Treating everyone meal boxes at Sweet Delicacy.
321 Have some confidence in yourself.
322 The_Sharpest_Arrow
323 Mistakes can never be blamed on others.
324 Arrogance created out from one's own personality.
325 Would always become your fan to enjoy free luxury meals.
326 Thick wall differentiating between arrogance and ignorance.
327 A better person in giving tic for tac.
328 Even tarnished, she was still a better option.
329 I have come to get my Mama.
330 She has become fatal.
332 Sweet Uncle DuDu.
333 Don't you dare be this pervert with me.
334 Want to torture me on your bed? I will make it more fun.
335 It did not require any of my strength.
336 Return you back to her.
337 Want to show my Daddy Angel to everyone.
338 The lady of the house knows the house better.
339 Indeed, I am lucky to have him in my life.
340 Could not afford being saint around you.
341 Li Xue is married.
342 She would need to beg for it.
343 'Grace of morning bliss' -vs- 'Poise frigid air'.
344 Ace in my pack of cards!
345 Love her Daddy Angel, no less than her mother.
346 Let the game officially begin!
347 My duty, loyalty and priority is to serve President Feng.
348 The Devil already knew his plans.
349 Spark of passion that could light the darkest world.
350 We are running late, need to rush now.
351 Solitude in the dessert!
352 Not one to follow his command.
353 No one can care for him better than her.
354 The extent that she cannot dare to fathom.
355 Daddy Angel loves Mama same as me.
356 Are you telling your daughter that any boy could kiss her?
357 As your Daddy Angel.
358 Has to pay hefty amount this time.
359 The greater the risk, the higher will be the profit!
360 Never lose my precious sweet Aunt.
361 Someone there to swindle us on your name.
362 The Royal family of Chiboa.
363 Moment of crisis.
364 Defy the royal command!
365 Things were not favorable between the Fengs and the Royals.
366 Too precicious to lose.
367 It's your genes, Darling!
368 Which husband could take threat like that?
369 Until my men get here!
370 Golden Royal card!
371 Plans to abolish another love rival.
372 In the name of the Royal Queen!
373 Sigh! Daughters are good to have around.
374 Suspicious that the real baby might have swapped in childhood.
375 Li Xue, you have been sued!
376 Did my son create any ruckus here?
377 An old authentic dessert brought me back.
378 Not hesitate in gouging their eyes out.
379 Doubtful of the eternity you always talk about.
380 Morning was not any eventful.
381 Let her revise the definition of disrespect very respectfully.
382 Took away the things I discarded away.
383 Suffering from Xenophobia!
384 Maybe the past will make her pay in hundredfold terms.
385 Me. Beelzebub is tyrant.
386 “Friend, Secretary Gao, The Unbreakable Sword, lend me your efforts; I have come to help President Feng, not to bury myself.”
387 Dig the details out from it.
388 It must definitely be her!
389 The promise made in their child's play.
390 To keep the essence intact in her dessert restaurant.
391 Magic inside her.
392 When happy, she will make the whole world go crazy with the same.
393 Bees over your sack of sugar.
394 Rare auctioned pendant from Black Market.
395 Spying my ex-girlfriend is not wrong.
396 Immediate guardian in my knowledge
397 Trading to fulfil my wish.
398 The ice of Antarctica learnt how to melt in the fiery passionate fire of love.
399 A tough contender.
400 Alien that could detect your GPS 24×7.
401 I will go and get my wife back.
402 Never let any bee fly over i
403 5 minutes sharp. See you soon!
404 Not a feminist.
405 Seeing your death coming in the last second of your life.
406 Mr. Beelzebub was there to fetch her.
407 Most peace-loving people in the world.
408 The young maiden who saved His Majesty's life is Ms. Liu Hua's daughter.
409 5 years was not a short time. It was half a decade.
410 Get their Madam back!
411 Developed the weakness in life.
412 A pet dog to guard its master's treasure.
《Mama“s Princess is Daddy“s Beloved》 The Depths of the Past.
413 20 minutes to get away from their turf.
414 Soft feather of familiarity in her aura.
415 God could also give men a womb to give birth.
416 Did she not fear to lose him?
417 Invite to the school's annual event.
418 Was there any kid going to school from their family?
419 Shufen, I want to confess something.
420 Saving Devil from the Kalon.
421 Trending on all news channels.
422 Being an angel every time could not help!
423 Torture she gave him last night!
424 Anything but simple and sweet dessert.
425 Undefeatable Tyrant.
426 Accept a whiplash tomorrow.
427 Deserve to know both as my husband and WeiWei's Daddy Angel.
428 A gift gifted to her anonymously.
429 Coax my husband back to the country.
430 It was her lacking in their relationship.
431 Something was definitely fishy.
432 Wait for me to get drunk again.
433 Gotten bored of taking warnings!
434 A card in her hand that could make him back down.
435 CONGRATULATIONS!! You have shattered this frail doll.
436 Might have spilled tge reality out!
437 Savagely Sweet!
438 The stream is getting good fishes now.
439 I am the one in command, so just follow me.
440 Hoaxed the bodyguards around.
441 Last day when his collection will record its existence.
442 You have guts to challenge Shin You Jun.
443 Yes, yes, Master! You helped me improve.
444 Getting on the angel's wrong nerves
445 I will stay back with my sweetheart.
446 Cannot avoid the fact.
447 Blaming others is not something of my interest.
448 Favouring wife over the world.
449 Your last chance.
450 Start the day with a click of photograph!
451 Have to be smarter to make my Mama and Daddy Angel proud.
452 Take Daddy Angel along.
453 Will support her to hide it until the end.
454 Won't be as easy as leaving this car.
455 Which big company has you got to back you up?
456 Were you punishing me?
457 A wave of euphoria.
458 Not have a womb to bear him inside.
459 Did I miss some great interesting show?
460 She would leave you and this palace.
461 Presents for Li Xue.
462 To make happy one, it's not necessary to sacrifice the other.
463 Bridge that brought us together.
464 Transmigrated out from some romantic webtoon.
465 Fear of her breathing life somewhere.
466 There is still time for them to reach their old age.
467 The_Sharpest_Arrow, our great Master.
468 Do you also have me in your wild dreams?
469 Let's create some siblings for our princess.
470 Too late to confess your crimes.
471 Known you for a long back then.
472 Former model of the agency, Li Xue.
473 Losing shine doesn't mean losing value.
474 Will still choose to reject.
475 Be a bystander to motivate me.
476 Obedient wife.
477 Divine Helper and Heavenly Savior!
478 Why are you setting the bars so high?
479 Don't sympathize with conspiracies against me.
480 Revenge will be coming soon, don't worry.
481 Will not able to match him even in the hundredth birth!
482 Don't you already have an intimate relationship with President Feng?
483 Help you in downing your love rivals.
484 You are our Lady Boss and it is only right to hear your orders.
485 Bring her dreams to ruins.
486 Did you trick me?
487 Openly taken advantage of you.
488 Feeling like she was duping him of all his wealth and charms.
489 Bloom like a new leaf.
490 Make the first chance itself to be a splendid one!
491 Is Feng International your backer?
492 My husband has got the top-notched aesthetic designing sense in this world.
493 5 years ago, he has fallen for her grace and features.
494 Don't want to make my wife's life go boring.
495 Not a bad choice for her.
496 Were you expecting me here, Ms Wen?
497 Trap her to confess her sins.
498 Committed a sin whose weight you will not be able to take in the coming future.
499 Wen Sying you are quite a time-waster.
500 Not a doorman to greet everyone.
《Mama“s Princess is Daddy“s Beloved》 Viciousness: Dormant function of her character.
501 Truly troublesome in a sweet way.
502 Chaos in the whole city.
503 Evidence to prove her offense.
504 Not her mother to stand by her side like this.
505 Double-edged sword.
506 Unknown to your identity.
507 Kindness -a pretty accessory for every woman to carry.
508 Their banterings were fun.
509 Go insolvent with her spending.
510 None can question her apart from the King.
511 Capable of playing both with his mind and heartstrings.
512 Darkness has never known to remain for always.
513 Complete my unfinished works from the past.
514 Punishment she has declared for herself.
515 Not forgetting the sweetness of her mother.
516 No less than a walking encyclopedia.
517 Best father in the world? Quite not!
518 Strange combination of flowers.
519 Both Heaven and Hell know that the Devil never jokes.
520 Under Daddy Angel's guidance and her Mama's morals.
521 Mama, WeiWei is 5 years and 8 months now.
522 Always has a comical tale to tell.
523 Why? Are you getting jealous?
524 Better to be early than to be late.
525 Inappropriate to receive gift from other women.
526 Symbol of shy and secret love.
527 Match destined to get together, sooner or later.
528 Truly underestimated the things.
529 Me. Beelzebub, can you be quick?
530 Be responsible for me now.
531 Relax and be comfortable!
532 Make her go pregnant every month.
533 In the shiniest dreams and the darkest desires.
534 She wants a dietician? Fine, he will become one for her.
535 You are a mean betrayer, Xena.
536 Her enemies are joining hands.
537 Charms to wrap so many men around her fingers.
538 The negativity remained subservient.
539 Coveting Devil's Kalon? Not a chance.
540 Can't see Director Qi's efforts going waste.
541 Love does make the Devil more devilish.
542 Or would make her become the only exception in this world.
543 Some old folks that they are making the young generation believe.
544 Most beautiful woman any man could eye on.
545 Mama's cooking is the best.
546 Mama is in devil mode! Beware, you might get tricked.
547 Mr Grandpa, are you upset of something?
548 Truly impeccable!
549 Never thought to see in a kid of 5 years old like her.
550 Much alike to President Feng.
550 She is much like President Feng.
551 MY Mama and MY Daddy Angel.
552 Daughter of Yi Lan's scandalous friend.
553 Gotten piercing thorns in disguise.
554 Cold curl of smirk.
555 Rejection has never been on the list of choices.
556 Uncomfortable in the crowds.
557 Favorite hazelnut chocolate bars.
558 One should always take the things that rightfully belong to them.
559 The more you hate them, the more I will like them.
560 Never learnt such foolish act.
561 Eyes of love.
562 Wait to look at the little one's father.
563 Nothing too severe.
564 Cherish your 'good' today and wait for your 'best' tomorrow.
565 Discuss about my love relationship.
566 You still care for the dead.
567 Not as simple as you think.
568 Not a victim to seek anyone's sympathy.
569 Erase her scandalous past.
570 The vice versa is more believable.
571 My only escape in this world.
572 Angel's devilishness in disguise.
573 Let's break up.
573 Let's end the things here.
574 You raped me.
575 Change in the system.