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Man Huang Feng Bao

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Updates:Chapter 695: The Conclusion of Wilderness

Heaven Concealing Great Sage Xie Chuan was plotted against by his enemy. Trapped within the God Burial Valley, he found a supreme martial technique hidden in a tomb called Demon Refining Heaven Swallowing technique. Millions of years after the betrayal, reincarnated in a direct disciple’s body belonging to a small sect named Cloud Mist Sect, Xie Chuan finally...
《Man Huang Feng Bao》 Text
Chapter 01: Big Senior Apprentice Brother
Chapter 02: Spanking buttocks if not obedien
Chapter 03: This broom is not bad
Chapter 04: You really spanked?
Chapter 05: One night is too long for woman to take her revenge
Chapter 06: Hoodlum Big Senior Apprentice-Brother
Chapter 07: You are in trouble already
Chapter 08: Inch Ligh
Chapter 09: Evil Dragon Abyss
Chapter 10: This pit is a little deep
Chapter 11: This time lost big already
Chapter 12: Nan Tiandu
Chapter 13: Millennium Genius
Chapter 14: When a flood encounters Dragon King’s Temple
Chapter 15: Stand Impressively
Chapter 16: Nightwalking
Chapter 17: Must Endure
Chapter 18: Accept deferentially than to decline courteously
Chapter 19: I leave my hope on you
Chapter 20: I’m still young
Chapter 21: Sister Xiaoniao falling from sky
Chapter 22: Junior apprentice-sister, don’t go
Chapter 23: Junior apprentice-brother, how did this happen?
Chapter 24: Swatting to death with a broom
Chapter 25: Wedding Nigh
Chapter 26: Sister Xiaoniao, don’t be scary
Chapter 27: Wife, don’t go
Chapter 28: Villain as if Ghos
Chapter 29: Golden Cicada King
Chapter 30: Uninvited Gues
Chapter 31: Paradise Realm
Chapter 32: The rule of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother
Chapter 33: If junior apprentice-sister has any matter then remember to look for me
Chapter 34: In a plight with no way ou
Chapter 35: Divine Yang Body
Chapter 36: Ghost Marke
Chapter 37: Fatty don’t you have a swollen face
Chapter 38: Flame Devil
Chapter 39: Checkmated person
Chapter 40: What’s with your expression?
Chapter 41: Pitiful woman
Chapter 42: White Furred Pig
Chapter 43: Unexpected harves
Chapter 44: Strange blazing person
Chapter 45: I don’t want this treasure
Chapter 46: Medicine Slave
Chapter 47: Again exploring Ghost Marke
Chapter 48: This person is sick in the head
Chapter 49: Bluestone Field
Chapter 50: Feng Ren
Chapter 51: Swallow Water Bay
Chapter 52: Lady White
Chapter 53: Old Monster Tong Bi
Chapter 54: Wife, don’t worry
Chapter 55: Flame Devil’s tears
Chapter 56: Inheritance
Chapter 57: Yi Suo
Chapter 58: Big trouble
Chapter 59: This is only a rat without penis
Chapter 60: Qianyang pill
Chapter 61: Dilemma
Chapter 62: Dark Underworld Envoy
Chapter 63: Hating iron for not becoming steel
Chapter 64: Junior apprentice-brother, I’m sorry
Chapter 65: Horned Demon
Chapter 66: Ghost Talisman
Chapter 67: Senior apprentice-brother, I love you to death
Chapter 68: Who is fisher, who is bait?
Chapter 69: You are not that skilled
Chapter 70: If not played dirty, then it’s abnormal
Chapter 71: Junior apprentice-brother cause you great inconvenience
Chapter 72: Be
Chapter 73: Super class girl’s voice
Chapter 74: Is it okay like this too?
Chapter 75: Haunting Vixen
Chapter 76: Not enduring at all
Chapter 77: Please eat a sumptuous meal
Chapter 78: This person is very shameless
Chapter 79: It won’t hurt to hug
Chapter 80: Heaven Shaking Sword
Chapter 81: Transmitting technique
Chapter 82: Three moves
Chapter 83: God King Armor
Chapter 84: Dream of a swan
Chapter 85: Toad’s life
Chapter 86: A cornered dog would jump over a wall
Chapter 87: Self-renewal cockroach
Chapter 88: Na Gusi
Chapter 89: Nine Transformation Demonic Technique
Chapter 90: Sect Master, you must not hesitate ah
Chapter 91: Angry Bear Xiong
Chapter 92: Betting pac
Chapter 93: Final battle
Chapter 94: A master hand’s first small display of skill
Chapter 95: Careful, Sect Master become Eunuch?
Chapter 96: Literary Competition
Chapter 97: Heaven and earth chessboard
Chapter 98: Great Divine Yin
Chapter 99: Bai
Chapter 100: Little cockroach also has big capabilities
Chapter 101: Great Yan Refining Magic Technique
Chapter 102: Wily old fox
Chapter 103: White Tiger Mountain
Chapter 104: Really little time
Chapter 105: The mountain road twists around each new peak
Chapter 106: Evil Eyed Cow Demon
Chapter 107: Grabbing a Big Cow
Chapter 108: Don’t force me to make a move
Chapter 109: War Nation
Chapter 110: Yu Han
Chapter 111: Rain Demon’s Migh
Chapter 112: Dark Raven Demon King
Chapter 113: Accept me as a disciple
Chapter 114: I want to kill him
Chapter 114: I want to kill him
Chapter 116: Eccentric people
Chapter 117: I don’t want money
Chapter 118: Heavenly Dragon Rice
Chapter 119: Dark Tree Monarch
Chapter 120: Peerless style technique
Chapter 121: Yao’s song
Chapter 122: Opening up land for agriculture
Chapter 123: Seventh Elder
Chapter 124: Heavenly Dragon Peak
Chapter 125: Stupid bird
Chapter 126: Surprising changes
Chapter 127: Old dog’s sinister move
Chapter 128: Then I will not be polite
Chapter 129: Grand Medicinal Liquid
Chapter 130: I want millennium disaster
Chapter 131: War Sacrificial Altar
Chapter 132: Heavenly Yao Sec
Chapter 133: Like this, you are asking to be beheaded
Chapter 134: Junior apprentice-brother, hello
Chapter 135: Kumu Warrior
Chapter 136: Grandpa Hou came
Chapter 137: A gentleman reasons things out and does not resort to force
Chapter 138: Lady White
Chapter 139: Really had to decapitate
Chapter 140: One Sword Hou
Chapter 141: His Excellency Tian Ku
Chapter 142: Your weight is a bit insufficien
Chapter 143: Bedeviled
Chapter 144: Lady showing her prowess and prestige
Chapter 145: Heavenly Maiden
Chapter 146: Heavenly Yao Great Formation
Chapter 147: White Haired Heavenly Empress
Chapter 148: Return to the pinnacle
Chapter 149: Mountains and Rivers Restriction
Chapter 150: Be careful, I will swallow you in one bite
Chapter 151: I still like my junior apprentice-sister a bit more
Chapter 152: Heaven Burning Furnace
Chapter 153: Girl, don’t go
Chapter 154: Millennium disaster
Chapter 155: Heaven Burning Fury
Chapter 156: Don’t tremble before my fury
Chapter 157: Hei Fu
Chapter 158: His blood boils
Chapter 159: Demonic Voice
Chapter 160: Return of Elder
Chapter 161: Extreme joy begets sorrow
Chapter 162: Red Beauty
Chapter 163: Don’t compare backer with me
Chapter 164: Ultimately inevitable
Chapter 165: Spitting blood until no return
Chapter 166: Release your hand
Chapter 167: Scouting Evil Dragon Abyss at nigh
Chapter 168: Beneath the abyss
Chapter 169: Puppet Sec
Chapter 170: Waiting for you for a long time
Chapter 171: Ancient Restriction
Chapter 172: Colored Glaze Vajra Hand
Chapter 173: This doll is a present for you
Chapter 174: Sea Demon’s song
Chapter 175: This person is too rogue
Chapter 176: Take her in?
Chapter 177: Too beautiful to be unimaginable
Chapter 178: Paradise Realm
Chapter 179: Seize the initiative
Chapter 180: Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm
Chapter 181: Myriad Beast Fores
Chapter 182: A dog-headed golem
Chapter 183: Innately super strong
Chapter 184: Frenzied Golem
Chapter 185: Lend you a thigh to hug
Chapter 186: What a vixen
Chapter 187: My courage is very small
Chapter 188: Do not pretend to be thighs without skill
Chapter 189: Small Crystal Man
Chapter 190: Lesson still not enough
Chapter 191: Hidden Treasure Fores
Chapter 192: Human-faced snake
Chapter 193: Give you a feas
Chapter 194: Demonic Snake Guard
Chapter 195: A large Small Crystal Man
Chapter 196: Cyan Feather Technique
Chapter 197: How about accompanying me for the nigh
Chapter 197: Gifting you a string of char siu
Chapter 197: This insane woman
Chapter 197: Tyrannical Bird
Chapter 197: Tyrannical restriction
Chapter 197: Anxious broken leg
Chapter 203: She-devil’s road to ruin
Chapter 204: Demonic Dragon Guard
Chapter 205: A drop of Demonic Dragon blood
Chapter 206: Bedeviled
Chapter 207: This butt, it’s a pity
Chapter 208: Xiaoniao’s delicate fragrance
Chapter 209: Want to exterminate someone, exterminate them
Chapter 210: The strongest attack
Chapter 211: We have already done tha
Chapter 212: The poisonous woman’s hear
Chapter 213: Feng Ren
Chapter 214: Auxiliary Palace
Chapter 215: Ghost King Chessboard
Chapter 216: Nihility World
Chapter 217: Imperfect Earth
Chapter 218: Fragment of Heaven
Chapter 219: Breakthrough
Chapter 220: People Die Young
Chapter 221: Poisonous mis
Chapter 222: Purple Gowned Youth
Chapter 223: Noble son Zhuifeng
Chapter 224: Murong aristocratic family
Chapter 225: Noble son Zhuiniao
Chapter 226: Blade Domain
Chapter 227: Mist Bamboo
Chapter 228: I waited for you for a long time
Chapter 229: Although the formation is insignificant, its might however is big
Chapter 230: Shocking at every step
Chapter 231: Zhuifeng becomes a reminiscence
Chapter 232: Demonic Dragon Path
Chapter 233: Demonic Dragon’s descendan
Chapter 234: Quaint and attractive Skeleton
Chapter 235: Light of life
Chapter 236: Demonic Dragon Ring
Chapter 237: Dragon Kingdom
Chapter 238: Dragon Crystal Stone
Chapter 239: Miniature Paradise Realm
Chapter 240: Paradise Realm guardians
Chapter 241: Enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road
Chapter 242: What I want is not treasure but your life
Chapter 243: Old dragon doesn’t eat young grass
Chapter 244: Not die without doing
Chapter 245: Third gate
Chapter 246: Da Qin Crown Prince
Chapter 247: Julong Pagoda
Chapter 248: Formidable opponen
Chapter 249: Domineering air
Chapter 250: Give you this treasure
Chapter 251: So unbearable, so sore straits
Chapter 252: Dare to take one punch
Chapter 253: Beauty’s statue
Chapter 254: Ruthless
Chapter 255: Demonic Dragon Horn
Chapter 256: Golden Dragon King
Chapter 257: Dragging down others with him even when dying
Chapter 258: Demonic Dragon Hall
Chapter 259: The battle of experts
Chapter 260: Wifey, save me
Chapter 261: Stone Coffin Restriction
Chapter 262: Truly unintentional
Chapter 263: Demonic Dragon Wheel
Chapter 264: Make a wish
Chapter 265: My glacier melts only for you
Chapter 266: My heart has a regre
Chapter 267: Demonic Dragon’s descendan
Chapter 268: Demonic Dragon Scripture
Chapter 269: Distinctive pair cultivation style
Chapter 270: Dragon Slaughtering Calamity
Chapter 271: Heaven Swallowing Daoist Master
Chapter 272: Chaos is approaching
Chapter 273: Half Dragon State
Chapter 274: Heaven Concealing Great Formation
Chapter 275: Entering the mountain
Chapter 276: Yao beasts combat team
Chapter 277: Old Demon of Mount Yin
Chapter 278: Yang Rune
Chapter 279: Chunqiu Sage
Chapter 280: Bragging
Chapter 281: Thousand Hands Vine
Chapter 282: Five Fingered Mount Yin
Chapter 283: Are you okay?
Chapter 284: Give you a way ou
Chapter 285: Five Fingered Buddhist Cave
Chapter 286: Buddhist Sect Descendan
Chapter 287: Come from far away to mee
Chapter 288: Cultivating a technique at midnigh
Chapter 289: Devil’s whereabouts
Chapter 290: Have no way ou
Chapter 291: Evil plo
Chapter 292: Who will become the overlord?
Chapter 293: Thunder like attack
Chapter 294: Vine Demon wreaking havoc
Chapter 295: Dark Underworld Ring
Chapter 296: Catching a turtle in a jar
Chapter 297: Behaving too shrewdly
Chapter 298: Why don’t you surrender?
Chapter 299: Thousand years old fox
Chapter 300: It turned out to be you
Chapter 301: Hero past prime
Chapter 302: The identity of Archfiend
Chapter 303: Rogue Bull
Chapter 304: That picture is too beautiful
Chapter 305: The sudden change in the abyss
Chapter 306: Dragon Binding Chain
Chapter 307: Blood Spirit Fungus
Chapter 308: Evil Dragon Shackles
Chapter 309: Dragon Slaying Flying Sword
Chapter 310: Dragon Slaying Talisman
Chapter 311: The rebirth of Nan Tiandu
Chapter 312: The enemy troops pressed on to the border
Chapter 313: Kill or no
Chapter 314: Death is better than life
Chapter 315: Will you wear a mask?
Chapter 316: Extinction Taois
Chapter 317: Jianxuehong
Chapter 318: You are still too inexperienced
Chapter 319: Time to choose
Chapter 320: A villain is poisonous
Chapter 321: Big army training
Chapter 322: Stone fortress
Chapter 323: Second gif
Chapter 324: Must endure
Chapter 325: Come out of seclusion
Chapter 326: Flying Crossbows
Chapter 327: Came precisely at the time
Chapter 328: What a shrewish woman
Chapter 329: Big fish
Chapter 330: Flying Crossbow Squad
Chapter 331: Chase to kill in the wilds
Chapter 332: Self-detonation
Chapter 333: The wrath of Da Qin King
Chapter 334: Storm right around the corner
Chapter 335: The might of State Teacher
Chapter 336: Fall of the entrance gate
Chapter 337: Yao Beast Battle Formation
Chapter 338: The intention of State Teacher
Chapter 339: Ferocious State Teacher
Chapter 340: Tiandu returns
Chapter 341: Heroes assembled
Chapter 342: Heaven-defying true qualities
Chapter 343: Heavenly Empress came in person
Chapter 344: What is love
Chapter 345: Iron Blooded Banner
Chapter 346: General Step
Chapter 347: The battle of brothers
Chapter 348: Bitter cultivating at the summit of a mountain
Chapter 349: Huainanzi
Chapter 350: Heroic Alliance
Chapter 351: Ye Banxian
Chapter 352: Can you feel me up a bit?
Chapter 353: Azure Dragon Hall
Chapter 354: Azure Dragon Blade
Chapter 355: Wyvern in Sky
Chapter 356: Late night bitter cultivation
Chapter 357: Is Banxian real or fake?
Chapter 358: The Lady of Azure Dragon Sec
Chapter 359: Junior apprentice sister Feihu
Chapter 360: He is truly not a man
Chapter 361: Azure Dragon Secrets
Chapter 362: Plague Archfiend
Chapter 363: Demonic Cave
Chapter 364: Time and Space Demonic Wheel
Chapter 365: I have been waiting for this day for a long time
Chapter 366: I am very weak
Chapter 367: Dragon Slaying War
Chapter 368: Judgment day of Guang Han
Chapter 369: A pitiful person
Chapter 370: Death plague
Chapter 371: Eight towns
Chapter 372: Eight Azure Dragons Formation
Chapter 373: Fierce devil
Chapter 374: Hidden moves are always hard to guard agains
Chapter 375: Joint attack of eight dragons
Chapter 376: Pointer of Seventh Elder
Chapter 377: Sea Demon Clansmen
Chapter 378: Earth Dragon Village
Chapter 379: Archfiend arrives
Chapter 380: Toad in urn
Chapter 381: The might of Sea Demon Clan
Chapter 382: Above the water screen
Chapter 383: Don’t haggle with me
Chapter 384: Go to the sea
Chapter 385: Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 385: Sea Dragon Boa
Chapter 386: Man Huang Feng Bao
Chapter 387: Blacksnake Archfiend
Chapter 388: Icebound Technique
Chapter 389: Cyan Sand Island
Chapter 390: Treasure Gathering House
Chapter 391: Blacksnake
Chapter 392: Blacksnake phantom
Chapter 393: Noble son Blacksnake
Chapter 394: Beauty Reef
Chapter 395: Death Bamboo Fores
Chapter 395: Death Bamboo Fores
Chapter 397: Ghost King Cloak
Chapter 398: Slumbering for millions of years
Chapter 399: The might of Ghost King
Chapter 400: King of Darkness
Chapter 401: Bai Rulong
Chapter 402: Blacksnake Residence
Chapter 403: A big chess game
Chapter 404: Two faced person
Chapter 405: Blacksnake Mansion
Chapter 406: The eve of the fierce battle
Chapter 407: Dragon Tongue Orchids
Chapter 408: Pain
Chapter 409: Daylight robbery
Chapter 410: Drawing a snake out of its hole
Chapter 411: Probe
Chapter 412: Great evil spiri
Chapter 413: Ghost King Sutra
Chapter 414: Life and death battle
Chapter 415: White Dragon
Chapter 416: Junior Apprentice Sister, you are naughty again
Chapter 417: Blacksnake Phantom
Chapter 418: Black Sea
Chapter 419: Tentacle monster
Chapter 420: New Talisman
Chapter 421: The eve of war
Chapter 422: Sacrifice ceremony
Chapter 423: This doll is somewhat strange
Chapter 424: I am the patriarch
Chapter 425: Internal strife
Chapter 426: The battle between snake and ghos
Chapter 427: Ghost Passage
Chapter 428: Ruins
Chapter 429: Dying with grievances
Chapter 430: Ghost aura
Chapter 431: Four Seas Dragon King Formation
Chapter 432: Leaving
Chapter 433: Blue demons
Chapter 434: Super electric eel
Chapter 435: Indescribable danger
Chapter 436: Very ferocious yao beas
Chapter 437: Perfect counter
Chapter 438: Cyan lotus Refining Yao
Chapter 439: Meeting Rain Demon again
Chapter 440: Qing Tainhou
Chapter 441: History of Lost City
Chapter 442: Qing Tian Warship
Chapter 443: Hiding
Chapter 444: Old Friend
Chapter 445: Lord Qi
Chapter 446: Murderous intentions
Chapter 447: Massacring the armored ship
Chapter 448: Cyan robed leader
Chapter 449: The calamity of violent eels
Chapter 450: Coward
Chapter 451: Bellowing Waves Sec
Chapter 452: Rogue senior apprentice brother
Chapter 453: Divide Forces
Chapter 454: Dare to love, dare to hate
Chapter 455: Five Step Fragrance
Chapter 456: Forbidden area
Chapter 457: Divine Thunder Formation
Chapter 458: You are getting married tonigh
Chapter 459: The most poisonous woman’s hear
Chapter 460: I have a husband
Chapter 461: Demon God’s Roar
Chapter 462: Spirit Division Technique
Chapter 463: Escape
Chapter 464: Approaching war
Chapter 465: Heart has a fierce tiger
Chapter 466: Female dancers
Chapter 467: Thunderclap means
Chapter 468: Entrance location
Chapter 469: Dead end
Chapter 470: You are a fish, I am a knife
Chapter 471: Heroic return
Chapter 472: You have no choice
Chapter 473: Major inauspicious sign
Chapter 474: Gnu Alligator
Chapter 475: Yao beast wave
Chapter 476: The stupidest plan in history
Chapter 477: Beast King’s rage
Chapter 478: Deadly killing weapon
Chapter 479: Final Destination
Chapter 480: Unexpected disaster
Chapter 481: Valorous and peerless
Chapter 482: Qingtian Wardrum
Chapter 483: Deadly surprise attack
Chapter 484: You are screwed
Chapter 485: Hopeless situation
Chapter 486: Ancient passage
Chapter 487: Monsters and demons
Chapter 488: White Haired Devil
Chapter 489: Qing Tianhou
Chapter 490: Heaven defying migh
Chapter 491: Experts exchanging blows
Chapter 492: Ancient graveyard
Chapter 493: New talisman
Chapter 494: Ancient tomb restriction
Chapter 495: Unexpected discovery
Chapter 496: One grave, one world
Chapter 497: Yellow Sands Ancient City
Chapter 498: Sand Demon
Chapter 499: Arrangemen
Chapter 500: The sound of Conch
Chapter 501: Buddhist prayer beads
Chapter 502: Outlying Islands Sanren
Chapter 503: Whoever plays with fire will perish by fire
Chapter 504: Venerable Thunderbol
Chapter 505: Taishang Elder
Chapter 506: A hint of embarrassment in hear
Chapter 507: The grave of Great Monarch
Chapter 508: Might shaking all directions
Chapter 509: This backer is not too stable
Chapter 510: Flame Mountain
Chapter 511: The calamity of fire snakes
Chapter 512: Blaze Spiri
Chapter 513: The fire poison
Chapter 514: A concubine has a mind, but the husband has no intention
Chapter 515: Blaze Shield
Chapter 516: A sarcophagus restriction
Chapter 517: Unstoppable
Chapter 518: Great Monarch World
Chapter 519: Stick to one’s old way
Chapter 520: The best opportunity
Chapter 521: Innate strength
Chapter 522: Old devil’s sore straits
Chapter 523: Targeted
Chapter 524: Choose
Chapter 525: 18 Demongods Banner
Chapter 526: Gift you this treasure
Chapter 527: Snatching food from tiger’s mouth
Chapter 528: Public enemy
Chapter 529: Conch Sound
Chapter 530: Price
Chapter 531: Sea Demon
Chapter 532: Seven large graves
Chapter 533: Millennium efficacy
Chapter 534: Tracks
Chapter 535: Underground Cave
Chapter 536: Underground Square
Chapter 537: Diamond Apes
Chapter 538: The power of a king
Chapter 539: Put one’s all into the figh
Chapter 540: Golden Stick
Chapter 541: Life is like a cage
Chapter 542: Reunion
Chapter 543: A hard battle
Chapter 544: Abnormal exper
Chapter 545: Experts also has a moment of dejection
Chapter 546: A step too late
Chapter 547: Remex Demon
Chapter 548: Miserable death
Chapter 549: Devils acting violently
Chapter 550: Remex Talisman
Chapter 551: Seven Colored Flying Sword
Chapter 552: Reincarnation Grave
Chapter 553: Hero of the generation
Chapter 554: Reincarnation Path
Chapter 555: One step, one reincarnation
Chapter 556: Wheel of Imprisonmen
Chapter 557: Devilish nature
Chapter 558: Death befall
Chapter 559: Who should I believe?
Chapter 560: A peerless evil spiri
Chapter 561: Octopus Empress
Chapter 562: The fragments of Lost City
Chapter 563: Nothing to ask
Chapter 564: Neptune Horn
Chapter 565: A true man
Chapter 566: Old conscience
Chapter 567: A deadly hidden danger
Chapter 568: Not maintain innocent tonigh
Chapter 569: Old Fox
Chapter 570: Sea Demon Commander
Chapter 571: Dragon King Island
Chapter 572: Demonic Dragon Physique
Chapter 573: The means of evil spirits
Chapter 574: Worries for the future
Chapter 575: White Dragon Crystal
Chapter 576: Another kind of cultivation
Chapter 577: Scheme
Chapter 578: All Heaven Sage Tiandu Sage
Chapter 579: Changes
Chapter 580: Worldly Prison Cage
Chapter 581: You cannot understand my sadness
Chapter 582: How can I save you?
Chapter 583: A decisive battle
Chapter 584: Heaven Shaking Sword Technique
Chapter 585: Displaying various techniques
Chapter 586: Brothers traveling together
Chapter 587: Meeting an old friend
Chapter 588: The fear of a mole
Chapter 589: Heavenly Yao Competition
Chapter 590: This disciple is pretty good
Chapter 571: Ye Erna
Chapter 592: Exploring Heavenly Yao Peak at nigh
Chapter 593: Infatuated Beauty
Chapter 594: Forbidden Area
Chapter 595: Little Yao Lake
Chapter 596: Quanqing Region
Chapter 597: Taiji Vortex
Chapter 598: Yinyang Life Wheel
Chapter 599: Chained hound
Chapter 600: A behemoth
Chapter 601: Heavenly Yao Cave
Chapter 602: Ancient Cave Dwelling
Chapter 603: Tight Encirclemen
Chapter 604: Black and White Elders
Chapter 605: Ferocious Devil
Chapter 606: Nowhere to escape
Chapter 607: Fall Short of Success for Lack of a Final Effor
Chapter 608: Tianku’s Final Days
Chapter 609: Kumu Technique
Chapter 610: The Tears of Yao Empress
Chapter 611: Heaven Concealing Umbrella
Chapter 612: The Eve of Competition
Chapter 613: The Fragment’s Powerful Ability
Chapter 614: Half Immortal Weapon
Chapter 615: Spirit Weapon
Chapter 616: Grand Competition
Chapter 617: Ouyang Huo
Chapter 618: Bone Crushing Crazy Demon
Chapter 619: Bloody Means
Chapter 620: Puppet Gues
Chapter 621: Ancient Sword Formation
Chapter 622: Nan Batian
Chapter 623: An Explosive Battle
Chapter 624: What a Good Pair of Legs
Chapter 625: The Son of Heaven
Chapter 626: A Tough Battle
Chapter 627: I Am Just a Nobody
Chapter 628: Ancestral System
Chapter 629: Dove Peak
Chapter 630: Doves Also Turned Into Spiri
Chapter 631: Discovered a Mental Case
Chapter 632: A Dangerous Momen
Chapter 633: Arrogant or Stupid?
Chapter 364: I’m a dying person
Chapter 635: Passing on a Technique
Chapter 636: Lie Low
Chapter 637: Ancient Sword Sec
Chapter 638: Like the Sun at Noon
Chapter 639: Teach You How to Behave
Chapter 640: The Difference between an Expert and a Yao Beas
Chapter 641: Too Ferocious
Chapter 642: Rising Arrogance
Chapter 643: Trump Cards
Chapter 644: You Are Screwed
Chapter 645: Critical Momen
Chapter 646: Heaven List Assassin
Chapter 647: Final Momen
Chapter 648: Bai
Chapter 649: Ferocious Beauty
Chapter 650: Heaven Concealing Killing Artifac
Chapter 651: Cruel Torture
Chapter 652: Heavenly Yao Elder
Chapter 653: Triumphant Escape
Chapter 654: Breaking Through a Tight Encirclemen
Chapter 655: The Villain Blocked the Way
Chapter 656: Must Kill Order
Chapter 657: A Gleam of Hope
Chapter 658: You Are Just a Pawn
Chapter 659: Duped
Chapter 660: Extremely Conceited
Chapter 661: Ruthless
Chapter 662: Offer
Chapter 663: Formerly Betrothed to Another Person
Chapter 664: Decisive Battle
Chapter 665: Deal
Chapter 666: Final Move
Chapter 667: The Foundation
Chapter 668: Guardian Beas
Chapter 669: Wilderness Guardian
Chapter 670: Wilderness Era
Chapter 671: End of Life
Chapter 672: Frozen
Chapter 673: Returning to Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm
Chapter 674: Demonization
Chapter 675: Puppet Demonic Sec
Chapter 676: Hun
Chapter 677: Deceased Beauty
Chapter 678: Puppet’s Way
Chapter 679: Scheme
Chapter 680: Fishing
Chapter 681: Demonic Dragon Realm
Chapter 682: Chaos under Heaven
Chapter 683: Eternal City
Chapter 684: Besiege a City
Chapter 685: Puppet Battle God
Chapter 686: Puppet Old Ancestor
Chapter 687: Perfect Surprise Attack
Chapter 688: Meeting Plot with a Plo
Chapter 689: Puppet Battle Squad
Chapter 690: Crazy Mistress
Chapter 691: Mistress’s Scheme
Chapter 692: Last Heavenly Empress
Chapter 693: Wildly Arrogan
Chapter 694: A Killing Move
Chapter 695: The Conclusion of Wilderness