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Chapter 2332, Ye Chong

The Four Seasons Principles was a type of Principle Strength that the Flowing Time Great Emperor comprehended and mastered. When using this ability, the four seasons would keep changing and fluctuating. This was a Time Principle that was completely different from the Space Principles that Yang Kai studied.

However, the Time Principles and Space Principles were similar in that they were both extremely esoteric powers that were extraordinarily difficult to comprehend. Any cultivator who managed to gain insight into such powers would become a famous powerhouse.

Yang Kai originally thought that Flowing Time Great Emperor had simply created a Divine Ability that was related to the four seasons, but it now seemed that he had been wrong. Flowing Time Great Emperor had understood the essence of Time Principles, a concept that had vastly surpassed Four Seasons Principles.

The Emperor Authority Bead must have been a treasure that the Flowing Time Great Emperor created while he was in the Third-Order Emperor realm. The Emperor Authority Bead’s attack was the equivalent of an attack from the Flowing Time Great Emperor back when he was in that Realm. It would be impossible to survive such a hit.

Time Principles could make a person instantly feel as if an incredibly long period of time had passed. If the attack hit a living person, wouldn’t the Flowing Time Force instantly cause that person to rapidly age?

For instance, in just that one instant, Yang Kai felt as if he had just cultivated for several years. He instantly broke through from Second-Order Dao Source Realm to Third-Order, and not through sudden insight but rather through a kind of solid accumulation gained over time. Although it was only the blink of an eye in real life, several years had already passed in Yang Kai’s consciousness.

Yang Kai couldn’t even begin to imagine just how powerful Flowing Time Great Emperor must have been at his peak.

Yang Kai suddenly became excited as he thought about this.

He had obtained three beads back in the Four Seasons Realm, the Beads of Spring, Summer, and Autumn. His inference back then was that there should also be a Bead of Winter; however, his time in the Four Seasons Realm had ended too fast, and he had no idea where the Bead of Winter was or how to find it.

Now that he looked at them, the three beads all contained some aura of Flowing Time Force. If he could gather all of the Four Seasons Beads, perhaps the Flowing Time Great Emperor’s Divine Ability would appear again and he could obtain the Flowing Time Great Emperor’s inheritance!

The Flowing Time Great Emperor’s inheritance would be different from Heaven Devouring Great Emperor’s inheritance. Yang Kai didn’t even dare to cultivate the latter’s Heaven Devouring Battle Law, so he left it to his Embodiment. It was proven later on that he had made the correct decision. According to the Embodiment, although the Heaven Devouring Battle Law was incomparably powerful, there were also significant drawbacks to cultivating it. If it wasn’t for the Embodiment having a unique body that was capable of refining all sorts of impurities and cleansing negative effects, it likely would have long since been taken over by the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.

However, Yang Kai would benefit significantly if he could obtain the Flowing Time Great Emperor’s inheritance. If he comprehended Time Principles and controlled the Power of Four Seasons, then Yang Kai could use a shorter amount of time to reach a higher realm since, with Time Principles, his cultivating for one year would likely be equivalent to others cultivating for ten or even a hundred years!

Yang Kai felt a fire igniting in his heart.

However, when he thought about how the Bead of Winter’s whereabouts were unknown, it was as if a bucket of cold water had suddenly been poured on him, making Yang Kai feel like ice had flooded in his heart.

It was unknown when the Four Seasons Realm would open up again. Even if it opened up again, Yang Kai definitely would have exceeded the Dao Source Realm by then, so it would be impossible for him to enter.

In other words, it was likely that he would never be able to find the Bead of Winter in his life and gather all four seasons’ powers in order to reconstruct the Flowing Time Great Emperor’s Divine Ability.

“Master, that guy still isn’t dead yet!” Liu Yan’s astonished shout suddenly rang in Yang Kai’s ears.

“Impossible!” Yang Kai was instantly brought back to his senses.

He had used the Annihilation Thunder Bead and Emperor Authority Bead in this battle, two of his biggest trump cards. The Embodiment had also used the Demonic Armament. Even if there really had been a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master here, he wouldn’t even have a corpse remaining. No matter how powerful a Corpse Puppet was, it was impossible for it to still be alive after such an onslaught.

That was why he didn’t believe Liu Yan’s words at all.

However, Yang Kai was instantly stunned when he glanced over.

Not far away, the Corpse Puppet had sat down cross-legged with a wretched appearance at an unknown time. Perhaps due to the influence of the Flowing Time Force, the Corpse Puppet’s originally dry and withered body had now become pale white like flour. When Yang Kai looked over, the Corpse Puppet’s body was constantly losing pieces of flesh that would disintegrate before they hit the ground. In just a few short moments, the Corpse Puppet appeared like half a skeleton that had its white bones exposed.

The Flowing Time Force was truly powerful. Previously, Yang Kai had tried everything that he could, but only the attack from the Annihilation Thunder Bead had managed to damage the Corpse Puppet at all. However, when Yang Kai used the Emperor Authority Bead, it actually destroyed the Corpse Puppet’s body to such an extent. This definitely wasn’t because of its pure power, but rather the influence of Time Principles. Flowing Time Force had quietly flooded the Corpse Puppet’s body, making it experience tens of thousands of years in an instant. Even the strongest physical body would be destroyed without obtaining any nourishment for so long.

Yang Kai could clearly discern that the Spirit Arrays in the Corpse Puppet were all dimming and beginning to shut down.

Still, Liu Yan was correct. The Corpse Puppet had yet to die, since its green ghost-fire-like eyes kept flickering. It seemed as if it was struggling as it constantly growled in a low voice.

Yang Kai instantly felt his hairs standing on end as he remained vigilant out of fear that the Corpse Puppet would try something else right before it died.

Yang Kai could tell that even if the Corpse Puppet wasn’t dead yet, it was like an arrow at the end of its flight. As long as Yang Kai stalled for a bit, the Corpse Puppet would definitely die soon.

That was why Yang Kai didn’t try to leave in a hurry. He had suddenly improved to the Third-Order Dao Source Realm and had his Source Qi restored as well as recovered from his injuries. Even if the Corpse Puppet did launch one last attack, he was confident that he could dodge it.

Yang Kai didn’t move, so Liu Yan stood by his side and remained on guard without a word as a vigilant look flashed through her pretty eyes.

Suddenly, the Corpse Puppet’s eyes violently shook as a frantic roar came from its throat, as if it was struggling against something. Soon, its green eyes calmed down as the Corpse Puppet’s vicious and frightening expression also gradually receded.

Its ghost-fire-like eyes were now actually shining with the light of spirituality as it looked around in confusion. When he saw Yang Kai, he focused his attention on him.

“Master!” Liu Yan adopted a posture ready for combat at any time.

Yang Kai on the other hand furrowed his brow as he suddenly met the Corpse Puppet’s eyes. He swiftly realized something, as unimaginable as it seemed, and politely cupped his fists and called out, “Junior Yang Kai greets Senior!”

“Master, you’re…” Liu Yan looked at Yang Kai with confusion, not knowing what he wanted to do. It was obvious to see that the Corpse Puppet was the type with no sentience, knowing only to viciously fight under the urging of the Spirit Arrays in its body. The Corpse Puppet wouldn’t have any self-consciousness at all, so what meaning was there to Yang Kai’s actions?

However, what Liu Yan never expected was that after Yang Kai spoke, the Corpse Puppet sitting cross-legged on the ground actually opened its mouth and uttered some sounds with great difficulty that were hard to understand.

The Corpse Puppet’s body was severely withered and damaged, which was why Liu Yan couldn’t understand his words.

Despite this, Liu Yan was thoroughly astonished.

The Corpse Puppet had actually responded to Yang Kai. Didn’t this mean that the Corpse Puppet had its own sentience? If that was the case, then why hadn’t the Corpse Puppet shown any sentience earlier?

Meanwhile, the Corpse Puppet was still attempting to speak. It tried hard for quite a while before it somewhat managed to succeed, although its voice was raspy and sounded like metallic banging that was incredibly discomforting to hear.

“Are you a Thousand Leaves Sect disciple?”

It was a simple sentence, but it seemed as if the Corpse Puppet used all his strength to speak it. After he asked the question, he actually began to pant heavily, although it was unknown if breathing would be of any use in his current condition.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up as he felt his earlier guess had definitely been correct, “This Junior is not a Thousand Leaves Sect disciple!”

The Corpse Puppet asked, “If you’re not a Thousand Leaves Sect disciple, why are you here?”

Maybe due to succeeding at speaking earlier, the Corpse Puppet’s words became clearer and clearer.

Yang Kai answered honestly, “This Junior was requested by the current Thousand Leaves Sect Master to fix the Space Array located here.”

When the Corpse Puppet heard this, he tried hard to recall distant memories before finally replying, “Yes, this King destroyed the platform back then…” He paused for a moment before asking incredulously, “If you’re able to fix it, does that mean you’re well versed in the Dao of Space?”

“Junior knows a little something,” Yang Kai answered humbly.

However, the Corpse Puppet knew that he was being humble. Nobody who knew only a little something could possibly enter this Sealed World when the array had already been destroyed. It was quite clear that this boy’s achievements in the Dao of Space were incredible.

Still, the Corpse Puppet had no intentions of prying.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up as he asked, “Senior, could you be the past Thousand Leaves Sect Master who entered this place?”

Yang Kai had already guessed it when he discovered that there was some spirituality in the Corpse Puppet’s eyes. When Yang Kai heard the Corpse admitting that he had destroyed the platform himself, Yang Kai instantly became certain.

This Corpse Puppet was definitely the Thousand Leaves Sect Master from that generation.

The Corpse Puppet gently nodded, causing creaking sounds from the white bones on his neck. Yang Kai felt really scared as he watched, worried that the Corpse Puppet’s head would suddenly fall off.

The Corpse Puppet declared, “This King is Ye Chong!”

“Senior has yet to die?” Yang Kai was still incredibly surprised even though he had already guessed it. Ye Chong was a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master who was the last Thousand Leaves Sect Master to enter the Sealed World.

Ye Chong quickly denied, however, “I am just a Remnant Soul. This King used his own body to create this puppet and died while trying to reach the peak of the Dao of Puppetry. Only a sliver of a Remnant Soul remained in this body awaiting a Thousand Leaves Sect descendant’s arrival.”

Yang Kai nodded and was about to ask something when Ye Chong continued, “I don’t have much time left. I was able to wake up thanks to you destroying this body. Although I’m not quite clear on how you managed to do so with your current cultivation, I don’t have the time to ask, as this King wants to ask for your help.”

“Senior, please ask!”

“Since the Ye Family’s current descendant has asked you to come here to fix the Space Array, you must be a trustworthy person. I want to ask you to give this Space Ring to the current generation’s Thousand Leaves Sect Master!” As Ye Chong said this, he shakily removed a ring from his hand and gently flicked it towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai grabbed the ring and instantly felt an ancient aura emanating from his hand.

This was a Space Ring from ten thousand years ago. Yang Kai could also guess at what good things were inside. Ye Hen and his daughter had both mentioned the Thousand Leaves Sect’s various Secret Arts and Secret Techniques, which were definitely inside this ring.

Ye Chong followed up, “This ring has a Soul Brand that this King etched into it. Only someone from my Ye Family’s bloodline can open it safely. Any other forceful method used to open this ring will result in the ring’s destruction.”