Wuxiaworld > Meeting again > 102 Epilogue
(A short summary on the lives of all)

( 5 months after the events of chap 98)

Tony and Robbie happily married with the blessing of Ashley and his well-wishers. Tony sent the wedding invitation to his parents too against Robbie's wishes. Tony simply said,

"They are the reason, I am in this world, they are the reason I met you, so no matter how much they despise me, I still want them to be part of my happiness"

Robbie acknowledged that he could never win Tony with words! Tony was even prepared to forgive Mr. Walker's horrid deed, as he didn't want Robbie to be deprived of his father, however, Robbie straight off refused it.

"He had never been much of a father to me. He treated Roger more dearly than me" Robbie said with a slight tinge of despair.

Tony never raised the topic again. He didn't want to see Robbie hurting. Twen and Robbie finally got time to bond. Twen, though very reserved in the beginning, slowly started opening up to Robbie's constant trying. Robbie made a fixed time for Twen and no matter what work he had, he wouldn't miss that time to come to Twen even if he is late.

Life was finally starting to settle for both of them.

Fred and Tony's months of hard work finally came to fruition as they opened the restaurant. To Ashley's (Robbie's mother) immense surprise, Tony named the restaurant after her, "Ashley's Couch". Though the name sounded a bit goofy, Ashley was overwhelmed. Tony, even gave her the honor of doing the inauguration.

Samuel wanted to spend more time with his daughter so, he too started planning for taking a license and open his own place. While Jenny started a guitar class where she would teach guitar with Amare on her side.

Fred went back to La Costa to his beach restaurant but would visit often to take care of his dad's restaurants. In his journey back, he would never fail to meet Tony, Twen, Tanya, and Robbie (begrudgingly).

To Tony's surprise, Fred and Tanya suddenly became very close. They would be hanging out often and Tony also couldn't fail to notice the couple bracelets they were wearing. On enquiring, both denied having been dating. However, Tony could tell it wouldn't be long before they start to. He thought, there was nothing more joyful than having both of his closest friends dating.

Mr. Walker went full-on recluse for a matter of few months leaving all his work to Rogers for handling. He visited Ashley once, and both had some private conversation. However, after the conversation, neither Ashley nor Ricardo spoke of it again, and neither did they ever met. From some source, Robbie got to know that Ricardo was planning to go to Germany, though, he couldn't fathom the reason.

Ashley got more involved with her jewelry work and would often be absent for days at a time. Robbie had been trying to get to take a vacation but she wouldn't agree. Robbie had been worried about her for some time now and would be taking reports on her health from Alice from time to time.

Robbie himself was now busy planning the next step in his career. He told Tony that he can't keep relying on his mother and have to see what he can do. He wanted to take a place of his own as well as he wanted to fulfill Twen's wish of having a place with a beautiful view (something he expressed on Tanya's birthday).

No one got the news of what happened to Sarah after she went to Germany to search for her mother's family. Robbie once expressed concern about it but immediately dismissed it saying she needs to open up to the world. None of them in the house ever talk about Mr. Olsen. It was like an unspoken rule to not mention his name again. However, Tony got to know from Jane (Robbie's previous assistant) that he and Fred are still onto something about Olsen. Tony couldn't bring himself to ask as the name itself triggered terrible memories of his but he could guess what they were up to. He felt happy and sad at the same time thinking that two of his closest people were so concerned about him and were actually taking time out of their schedule to do some probing about Olsen's past deeds.

However, life goes on....so do Tony and Robbie. Love can overcome anything, and they were living proof of it. Tony's years of struggle and pain and Robbie's years of suppression from his father and conflict with his own feelings, they both overcame it and fought it together. They met, fell in love, separated, struggled years with their own feelings, met again, fought with misfortunes, and now they are married and settled. Tony looked at his small family, something that he never had, and wished for it to last, till death do them apart!