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Mei Gongqing

Author:Lin Jiacheng

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Updates:Chapter 181: You Los

This is a ‘rebirth’ story where Chen Rong, the heroine, finds her second chance at life after burning herself to death. Set in the Eastern Jin era when bureaucrats and their lofty yet equally hypocritical and oppressive ideas once ruled the empire, Chen Rong is made to use her past life’s experience to survive and hopefully find happiness this time around. ...
《Mei Gongqing》 Text
Chapter 1: For what?
Chapter 2: The Knave
Chapter 3: Dispersing Wealth
Chapter 4: Shattered Treasure
Chapter 5: The Famed Qilang from the House of Wang
Chapter 6: Departure
Chapter 7: Refugees 1
Chapter 8: Refugees 2
Chapter 9: Drought 1
Chapter 10: Drought 2
Chapter 11: Drought 3
Chapter 12: Escape
Chapter 13: The Sensational Sonata
Chapter 14: The Young Gentleman from the House of Sun
Chapter 15: Near the Yellow River
Chapter 16: I much prefer you
Chapter 17: Beautiful Still
Chapter 18: The Trap on the Other Side
Chapter 19: That Man
Chapter 20: The State of Affairs
Chapter 21: The Clansmen’s Arrival
Chapter 22: Déja Vu
Chapter 23: A Lifetime Lost Due to a Glance
Chapter 24: Men of Honor
Chapter 25: Purchasing Food
Chapter 26: Change in Status
Chapter 27: Important Affairs
Chapter 28: Uncovered
Chapter 29: Meeting the Elders
Chapter 30: Uncle Chen Shu
Chapter 31: Courtship?
Chapter 32: A Phoenix’s Love Song 1
Chapter 33: A Phoenix’s Love Song 2
Chapter 34: General Ran’s Return
Chapter 35: Ran Min’s Marriage
Chapter 36: Palm Prin
Chapter 37: Invitation
Chapter 38: His Remarks
Chapter 39: Banque
Chapter 40: Questioning
Chapter 41: Mud and Cloud
Chapter 42: Heart-to-hear
Chapter 43: Sisters
Chapter 44: Temporary Peace
Chapter 45: She Is a Double-sided Blade
Chapter 46: The Teenage General
Chapter 47: Custom
Chapter 48: Clarification
Chapter 49: Kiss
Chapter 50: Food
Chapter 51: Gifting Grains
Chapter 52: Undercurren
Chapter 53: Entering the Estate
Chapter 54: The Prince of Nan’yang
Chapter 55: An Inexorable Chen Rong
Chapter 56: Sky Lanterns
Chapter 57: Lament of the Scholar
Chapter 58: Shooting the Lanterns Down
Chapter 59: Attending the Banque
Chapter 60: Drawing Attention
Chapter 61: He Came
Chapter 62: Getting Ou
Chapter 63: Wang Qilang’s “Kindness”?
Chapter 64: Profane or No
Chapter 65: Ran Min and Chen Rong
Chapter 66: Trifled With
Chapter 67: A Sharpened Blade for the Wolf
Chapter 68: Assets
Chapter 69: Rubbing Elbows
Chapter 70: Personality
Chapter 71: He Calls Her Darling
Chapter 72: Sometimes, It’s All Right to be Ruthless
Chapter 73: In the Eye of the Storm
Chapter 74: Tagging Along
Chapter 75: Waltzing in Under the Enemies’ Noses
Chapter 76: Chen Rong’s Good Name
Chapter 77: Young Lover
Chapter 78: Like-minded
Chapter 79: The Way Ou
Chapter 80: Jealousy
Chapter 81: Return to Nan’yang
Chapters 82-88 summary
Chapter 89: Renewing Marriage Talks
Chapter 90: Ran Min’s Reason for Liking Chen Rong
Chapter 91: Wang Qilang Adding Fuel to the Fire
Chapter 92: Honored Concubine
Chapter 93: Promise to Self
Chapter 94: Abducted by Ran Min
Chapter 95: Drinking His Blood
Chapter 96: Who’s Bullying Whom?
Chapter 97: Seeing Qilang Again
Chapter 98: Is Wang Qilang Attached Or Indifferent? 1
Chapter 99: Is Wang Qilang Attached Or Indifferent? 2
Chapter 100: He Is the Culprit; He Is the Savior
Chapter 101: Fallen in Love
Chapter 102: Qilang, Drive a Sword Through Me!
Chapter 103: Who Sent the Gold Coffin?
Chapter 104: Waiting for a Hapless Hare
Chapter 105: The Twists and Turns
Chapter 106: Traveling a Thousand Miles to Seek His Help
Chapter 107: Chen Rong’s Reques
Chapter 108: Getting Along This Time
Chapter 109: Perfectly Frank
Chapter 110: Understanding
Chapter 111: The Chens’ State of Affairs
Chapter 112: My Dear Sir, You Haven’t Changed
Chapter 113: Jealous
Chapter 114: Confrontation
Chapter 115: Machinations
Chapter 116: One Nigh
Chapter 117: Murong Ke
Chapter 118: A Repeat of the Past?
Chapter 119: Drugged
Chapter 120: Bliss
Chapter 121: After Chen Rong Woke Up
Chapter 122: In Front of the Two Armies
Chapter 123: Victorious
Chapter 124: Ran Min’s Woe
Chapter 125: Metamorphosis
Chapter 126: Sharing a Carriage
Chapter 127: Confrontation
Chapter 128: Chen Rong Severed Ties
Chapter 131: Seeing Jiankang’s Scenery and Her Family
Chapter 132: Chen Rong Decisively Cuts Ties
Chapter 133: Right to the Doorstep
Chapter 134: The Rich and Famous
Chapter 135: Seeing Wang Qilang Again
Chapter 136: In the Spotligh
Chapter 137: Your Majesty, Please Make Me a Daoist Nun
Chapter 138: All That’s Needed Has Been Said
Chapter 139: Wang Hong Gives Her a Daoist Name
Chapter 140: Becoming a Nun
Chapter 141: Pie in the Sky
Chapter 142: Who Shot the Arrow for Her?
Chapter 143: Wang Hong Makes a Timely Appearance
Chapter 144: My Qilang
Chapter 145: The Irresistible Sensation
Chapter 146: He Says
Chapter 147: People She Used to Know
Chapter 148: Seeing Ran Min Again
Chapter 149: Ran Min’s Love 1
Chapter 150: Ran Min’s Love 2
Chapter 151: Seeing Chen Wei
Chapter 152: Chen Rong and Wang Hong
Chapter 153: The Imperial Family
Chapter 154: A Joyous Place
Chapter 155: Sincerity or Pretense
Chapter 156: Declaration
Chapter 157: You’re Mine Again
Chapter 158: Wang Hong’s Confession
Chapter 159: Mistress; Ran Min
Chapter 160: Wang Hong Defies the Imperial Edic
Chapter 161: Imperial Edict; Admittance
Chapter 162: Two Gifts
Chapter 163: Worth Crying For
Chapter 164: Boating
Chapter 165: Ascension to Glory
Chapter 166: Wang Hong Issues a Warning
Chapter 167: By My Side
Chapter 168: A Childish Wang Hong
Chapter 169: Do You Dare?
Chapter 170: People’s Reaction
Chapter 171: No Longer the Same
Chapter 172: Precisely a Rogue
Chapter 173: The Dragon’s Inverted Scale
Chapter 175: Meeting Murong Again
Chapter 176: She is worth i
Chapter 177: Replies
Chapter 178: Disheveled
Chapter 179: Rescued
Chapter 180: He’s Here
Chapter 181: You Los