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Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss


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The aristocratic Lu family has produced a joke, a beautiful one, but a joke nonetheless. The daughter they have been rearing all this while turns out to be an imposter! With the real heiress returning to take her rightful place, everyone is eager to know the outcome of the imposter...
Will she be able to survive in poverty after living a life of riches?
《Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss》 Text
1 Are You In Trouble?
2 The Real And The Fake Daughter
3 She Is Not My Daughter
4 Falling
5 A Chance For You To Return The Favor
6 Departure
7 Something Unexpected About Her
8 Village Girl Huo Yao?
9 Flaunting Her Fame
10 Frustrated
11 She Enrolled In No.1 Municipal Middle School?
12 Unfair
13 What Are Your Interests?
14 Just A Trophy Girl!
15 Rich Family?
16 What Kind Of Medicine?
17 The Invigorator
18 Her Brothers’ Duty To Keep Up The Appearance Of The Family
19 Fake Acceptance Letter?
20 Ask Xiaxia To Take Care Of You
21 Any Experience In Transmigrating?
22 Is She Hercules?
23 I Shouldn't Have Come Back
24 I Heard It Wrong
25 Keeping The Promise
26 Is The Lu Family The Wealthiest Family In The World?
27 Careless Brother
28 Spend All You Want!
29 Missing Acceptance Letter
30 Do I Not Look Good?
31 Proud And Arrogan
32 Hates People Pulling Strings
33 Welcome To No.1 Middle School
34 Don’t Regret Your Decision!
35 Anything Wrong With The Transfer Student?
36 The Beautiful And Chic New Classmate!
37 Huo Yao Is Not Like Tha
38 What Is With The Good-Girl Act?
39 Are You A Bodyguard?
40 Bring Lu Xia And Huo Yao Closer
41 Dispirited Grandma
42 Scared Of Her
43 Grandma Thrashing People
44 Is Three Hundred Thousand Enough?
45 Unidentified People?
46 Deb
47 Be Careful Not To Scare Her
48 Two Large Transfers Of Money
49 Do You Trust Me?
50 Huo Yao's Extraordinary Ability?
51 Nerve Soothing Incense Sticks
52 The Icy Eye Candy, Huo Yao
53 Pulling Strings
54 Quiz Contest And Recommendation
55 Huo Yao’s Name Must Go!
56 Sister Big Shot, Have You Offended Anyone?
57 Strive For A Prize At The Provincial Level
58 Did Sister Big Shot Come From A Mountain Village?
59 Troublesome Baby Sister
60 Why Sign Up For The Contest?
61 Is The Education Association That Mind Blowing?
62 Was Miss Big Shot A Student?
63 A Stupid Quiz Without Any Prize
64 The Preliminary Tes
65 Was She Secretly A Genius?
66 Slander?
67 Remove Your Daughter From School!
68 She Had Such An Attitude!
69 Coming First In The Preliminary Test With Full Marks
70 Huo Yao, You Are Quite The Character
71 Did She Cheat?
72 The Only One With Full Marks
73 Did She Get It Right By Coincidence?
74 So You Are His Baby Sister
75 Wasn't That Your Fourth Elder Brother?
76 I Am Useless
77 Wasn't Huo Xiang Famous?
78 Everyone Had Secrets Of Their Own
79 Grandmother's Hospitalization
80 She Can't Be Agitated Anymore
81 Are You Hoping Huo Yao Will Come?
82 Genuinely Hated Huo Yao
83 Acting Like The Loving Sister
84 Isn't Min Yu Your Tutor?
85 Do You Know How Much My Pills Are Worth?
86 Seriously Damaged
87 Genius Doctor Lin
88 Definitely Be a Hi
89 Truly A Straight-A Student And The Goddess Of Studying
90 Huo Yanxi Got His Face Slapped
91 I Feel Optimistic About You!
92 If You Get Headhunted By The Major Associations In The Capital
93 Huo Yao, Is Pretty Good Now
94 It's Almost Like Watching The Birth Of A Genius
95 Hate Being Compared To Huo Yao!
96 No Intention Of Telling Their Daughter The Truth About Their Family
97 Second Older Brother Now Online!
98 An Incredible Baby Sister!
99 Huo Yao Must Have Said Something!
100 These Meds Are Amazing!
101 A Little Sister With A Lot Of Unknown Talen
102 Results For The City Level Heats
103 It's Not A Question Of Ranking
104 She Was Here To Irritate Them
105 Self-sabotage
106 Her? Join The International Quiz Contest?
107 An Encounter!
108 Where Did The Medicine Come From?
109 I Didn't Want To Say It, But There's A Problem With The Meds
110 Are You Feeling Proud Now?
111 Anyone With Conscience Wouldn’t Be Able To Do I
112 The Best Granddaughter
113 Incapable Of Seeing Through Her Second Older Brother
114 Must Outshine Huo Yao In Every Aspec
115 Clear Differential Treatmen
116 Stressed Over Her Language Tes
117 Granny Went Missing
118 Didn't Come Home
119 A Thief Shouting “Thief”
120 Grandma’s Letter
121 A Pure Misunderstanding
122 Check It If You Don't Believe Me
123 Figure Out Who Your Real Family Is
124 Futile To Explain
125 Min Yu Is A Good Guy
126 Are You Teaching Me How To Conduct Myself?
127 I Apologized To Her
128 Probably Overthinking I
129 No One Is As Two-Faced As You
130 How Could She Cheat?
131 Do You Have A Problem With Me?
132 Sort Out Huo Yao’s Language Grades
133 I Don’t Know Her Well, So This Has Nothing To Do With Me
134 Beat You Up Each Time I See You
135 You’re Retarded
136 He Sounded Harsh, But Probably Felt Bad
137 Fantastic Memory
138 A Very Special Prescription
139 The Legendary Shangguan Clan
140 Is The Apartment Too Small?
141 Third Older Brother's Certificates Of Honor
142 Did He Fly Into A Drunken Rage?
143 Do You Know How To Make Incense?
144 He Must Help
145 This Is Authentic Nerve-Soothing Incense
146 Priceless
147 How Can Master's Tea Compare To Miss Huo's Incense Box?
148 Topping The Monthly Tes
149 Become Number One Foe
150 Can't Be Easily Instigated
151 Is There A Misunderstanding?
152 Did Huo Yao Bully You?
153 A World-Class Little Brother!
154 Your Package
155 Feels Like You're Hiding Something From Me
156 Have You Ever Seen Such A Young Physician?
157 Feels Fake
158 A World With High Technology
159 Missing Notes
160 I'll Never Disgrace Myself!
161 Act Graceful
162 An Ignorant Couple
163 A Worthy Opponen
164 Did You Get Bullied?
165 Let's See If You Can
166 Only A True Connoisseur Would Know
167 Food Therapy
168 What Would A Little Girl Like You Know About Medicinal Dishes?
169 Apologize To Her
170 Will You Be My Disciple?
171 A Token Of His Identity
172 A Chance Meeting!
173 Suspicious Of The Tuition Teacher's Motives
174 Revision Notes By Courier
175 His Injury Isn't That Serious
176 Trust Me, A Miracle Will Happen
177 Foiling Huo Tingrui's Plans
178 The Worst Failure
179 You Don't Look Well. Are You Sick?
180 Heartless Younger Siblings
181 Never Seen Such An Advanced Poison
182 The Right Diagnosis
183 His Daughter Sounded Like A Charlatan
184 This Car Really Isn't Worth Much!
185 Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?
186 Would You Do It for $100,000?
187 Would You Like To Change Classes?
188 Major Change In The Plotline
189 It Will Destroy Your Prospects
190 A Gift From My Little Sister
191 Check If The Medicine Is Safe For Consumption
192 Pitifully Abandoned Fourth Older Brother
193 Tell Your Fourth Older Brother To Make Himself Scarce!
194 Are You Really A Delivery Man?
195 Surprisingly Afraid Of His Little Sister
196 She Got Full Marks Again
197 Get Your Older Brother To Help You Join the Show
198 Battle Of The Gods
199 Are You A Girl? How Can You Keep Picking Fights?
200 Does This Medicine Have Any Side Effects?
201 S+ Grade Medicine
202 Not For Sale
203 A Genius Doctor?
204 She Couldn’t Even Compare To Huo Yao
205 She Took Only One Night To Solve The Question
206 Cheating During The National Quiz Contes
207 Anyone Could Have Done It But Not Huo Yao
208 Were These The Notes You Were Talking About?
209 Counterattack
210 Was She Unaware Or Acting Dumb?
211 I Posted Anonymously
212 Made Plans
213 She Had Passed Up The Perfect Opportunity
214 She Wasn't Interested In Selling Medicine Or Cooking
215 Sometimes, You Shouldn’t Know Too Much
216 Old Mr. Pei Would Like To Have Your Number
217 Guarantee Full Recovery
218 Don't Be Biased
219 What The Principal Had To Say
220 Courting Disaster!
221 Lu Xia Apologizes
222 My Foster Daughter Is A Bad Studen
223 Are These Grades Considered Lousy?
224 She Would Accomplish Nothing If She Couldn't Keep Her Cool
225 Was Huo Yao Acquainted With The Min Family?
226 Does He Want To Attract The Enemy?
227 Why Say No To Money?
228 An Unknown Singer Who Only Sang Covers
229 Appear On A Variety Show With His Little Sister
230 All Kinds Of Strange Dudes With Peculiar Dressing Sense
231 An Awkward Encounter
232 Did You Get Into A Fight?
233 His Little Sister Saw Through Him
234 Tell Me When It's Time To Shoo
235 Saw A Dog And Comforted I
236 Huo Tingrui Feels Fine
237 Don't Disappoint Our Sister
238 Huo Yao Makes A Move
239 He Wanted To Let His Little Sister Listen To His Music
240 A Medical Miracle
241 The Collapse Of His Cool Image
242 This Was Not The Outcome He Had Imagined!
243 Want To Say Hi To Miss Huo?
244 Unusual Cars!
245 Who Was Miss Huo?
246 Are You Still A Student?
247 Cloud Realm Online Trading
248 Level A Mission
249 The National Quiz Contest Begins
250 Phenomenal Speed
251 Submitting The Script In Early
252 No One Could Be An All-Rounded Talent Like Her
253 She Was Only A Teenager Three Years Ago
254 Are You Interested In Accepting Disciples?
255 Lei Xiao Felt Like A Smart Robo
256 Giving The Data Sheet As A Favor
257 Glory Belonged To The Strong
258 How Can Boss Go To Such A Place?
259 Might Scare Huo Yao
260 Miss, Is He Your Boyfriend?
261 An Acciden
262 Someone Wiped The CCTV Footage Clean
263 How Well Do You Know Huo Yao?
264 The CCTV Was Hacked
265 National Quiz Contest Finals
266 A Mistake
267 What Are You Going To Major In?
268 Most Influential Professors
269 Oh, It's Huo Yao
270 The Forgotten Professor Zhao
271 The Cultural Relic Exhibition
272 The World's Top Seventh Hacker
273 An Unexpected Encounter
274 Complete Chaos
275 Find Out Who This Is
276 Leaving Successfully
277 The Principal Looking For Her Urgently
278 Huo Yao Wasn't A No.1 Middle School Student Last Year
279 Two Influential Professors Scrambling For Her
280 Papa Will Teach You How To Be An Upright Person One Day
281 Don't Piss Off Huo Tingrui
282 The Huo Family's Straight-A Studen
283 Hated The Gods For This Injustice
284 Huo Xiang Takes The Antidote
285 Get Another Checkup 1
286 Get Another Checkup 2
287 My Little Sister Is A Lucky Masco
288 Blacklist Lu Xia
289 Your Brother Is Hur
290 An Encounter
291 We Aren't Related By Blood
292 Beat Him At His Own Game
293 Huo Yao’s Brother Complex
294 How Was His Daughter So Fluent In English?
295 Is The Genius Doctor Here To Cure His Relapse?
296 I Trust Miss Huo
297 Huo Yao Is More Skilled in Medicine Than Old Mr. Pei
298 Apologize Sincerely
299 Where On Earth Was Miss Huo From?
300 Is Your Little Sister's High IQ Contagious?
301 A Slap On The Face
302 Sounding Her Ou
303 The Little Monster Was A Consummate Apothecary
304 Couldn't Min Yu Compare To A Box of Pills?
305 Boss Should Offer Himself To Miss Huo
306 Her Third Older Brother
307 Huo Yao Was A Pretty And Gentle Little Sister
308 Huo Tingrui’s Little Sister Wasn’t Cute At All!
309 Huo Yao, Do You Think You Can Make It Into the Finals?
310 A Slap On The Face
311 Min Yu’s Heart Felt Stifled
312 Do You Know How To Operate Robots, Yao?
313 Automatically Keep A One Meter Distance
314 She Was Everyone's Hope
315 Huo Yao Was The Pride Of The Nation
316 Huo Yao Scared Even Herself When She Got Serious
317 Incomplete Prescriptions
318 Give Me Your Hand
319 The Bill Has Been Settled
320 You'll Certainly Be A Hit With A Face Like Yours
321 No, Huo Yao Needed The Money
322 Are They Creating Hype By Not Showing Their Faces?
323 Ended Up Taking Responsibility For Everything
324 Was The Chicken Fit To Touch Miss Huo's Priceless Hands?
325 Mission Accomplished
326 Don’t Let Her Use Your Older Brother For Hype
327 Sorry For Getting Blood All Over You
328 A Killer Question
329 A Sumptuous Lunch
330 Hurry Up And Take Off Your Mask
331 We Should Keep A Low Profile
332 Aren't We Poor?
333 Did He Look Like He Was Broke??
334 An Unknown Caller? An Online Friend?
335 Failed To Hack
336 Security System From An Unknown Company
337 Their Daughter Had Unusual Friends
338 The Surprise
339 An Authentic Brush Painting!
340 Huo Yulin’s Psychiatris
341 His Little Sister's Incense Worked
342 Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover
343 Huo Yao Was The One Who Made The Incense
344 Did They Live In The Same Estate?
345 Don't Be Fooled By Our Next Door Neighbor
346 We Became Neighbors Again
347 I Heard You Wanted To Buy Our Place
348 Learn From Huo Yao
349 How Could She Surpass An Intermediate Apothecary?
350 An Ancient Prescription
351 Just An Insignificant Girl
352 Caught By Huo Tingrui
353 You Are So Annoying
354 Did She Have To Embarrass Her Brother?
355 Lucky Charm Is Only Capable Of Riding On Her Success
356 Can You Solve A Freshman's Physics Question?
357 She Is about To Slap Her Own Face
358 Do You Want To Show Your Face?
359 Plagiarism
360 A Copycat Will Always Be A Copyca
361 Clearly Huo Xiang's Style
362 The Same Song
363 Security Risks Exist In Your Accoun
364 Could He See The Future Or Was This Some Odd Twist of Fate?
365 Where Did The Audio File Come From?
366 Maybe There Would Be A Surprise Waiting For Him Tomorrow
367 Old Mr. Yi’s Discount Card
368 He Was Swiftly Losing His Status As The Older Sibling
369 Why Did This Guy Seem So Close To His Little Sister?
370 The Top Student Ended Up Being A Chef?
371 The Truth You've Been Waiting For
372 Weibo Exploded
373 An Apology Post And Pushing The Blame On Lu Xia
374 Getting Blacklisted And Boycotted Online
375 What Has It Got To Do With Me Since You Were The One Who Did It?
376 Suddenly Gave Him The Creeps
377 It's Her Nature
378 Huo Yao, Do You Have Two Mothers?
379 It Seems You Want To Do It The Hard Way!
380 If She Isn't Coming To School, She Should Apply For Suspension
381 How Could Those Paupers Afford To Drive A Luxury Car?
382 My Older Brother Is Completely Cold-Hearted
383 He Must Be Having A Bad Year Now That She Was Boycotted After Enjoying A Few Months of Popularity
384 Didn't Your Foster Parents Tell You They Moved?
385 I'm Going Next Door
386 Maybe Huo Yao Could Alleviate His Pain A Little
387 Normal Methods Are Of No Use
388 What's There To Fear With Huo Yao Around?
389 Remember To Transfer The Money To Her
390 He Had Never Seen Anyone As Self-Righteous As Her
391 Are You Happy Now?
392 Utterly Cold
393 Did They Have To Ruin Her?
394 Someone Invited Your Little Sister To Appear In An Ad
395 Conspiracy Theories
396 A Reminder
397 Left Something Behind
398 Genuinely Invite You To Dinner
399 Was He Ever Shy?
400 Did Your Computer Die?
401 Aren't You Visiting Our Next-Door Neighbor?
402 Your Hacking Skills Seem To Be Average
403 Random Threats
404 A Con Man
405 Haven’t Met Someone As Shameless As You
406 Don't Mess With Her
407 Curious About Her Medical Skills
408 A Call From The Scammer
409 What Old Man?
410 Awful Parents
411 Other Than Her Grandmother, Other Old Geezers Were Nothing But Trouble
412 Did She Look Like An Easy Target?
413 A Gues
414 Grandfather? The Blackmailer?
415 Why Are You Here?