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Chapter 14: His Watch!

On Friday, May 5, the fifth day of Conan’s arrival, there was not a murder case.

Conan finally rushed to finish off Inspector Sherlock’s story before leaving, and then at night, the two went to eat a luxurious hot pot.

“This time is too tight, I will take you to eat better food next time.” Frank took Conan back to the door and opened the door, but Conan did not go in.

“Frank, I am leaving.”

“Ah, so fast!” Frank skipped school classes these days for Conan, apart from that he is jinxed, Conan can be considered a good boy.

“Yes, thank you for these five days of your kind hospitality.” Conan bowed and thanked Frank. Frank embarrassingly touched the back of his head, saying. “If it weren’t for you, Professor Katie might have suffered grievances.”

After Conan and Frank waved goodbye, Conan’s whole person seemed to be a bubble and disappeared at the door of Frank’s house.

He’s really gone. Frank watched Conan leaving. He bit his lips, and then he turned and walked into the house.

Entering the living room, Frank did not even take off his shoes. His phone rang. He took out his phone. It turned out, that his ICBC app (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) had sent him a message when he opened it, his account had been swollen by two thousands of yuan.

This fat sleeping cat gives money quickly.

Frank suddenly remembered that his cat was dizzy these days. He did not manage to meow very much. He just was fed at regular intervals every day, and even he stopped catching cockroaches.

Frank went into the bedroom and saw that cat was lying on the sofa like a grandfather watching TV. He didn’t even have to think about it. It must be that the wise soul came back.

Frank decisively rushed over, then grabbed the big cat, “fat cat, quickly delete the contract, two thousand yuan for sending me the God of Death ‘Conan’, I want to abolish of the contract now.”

“You really want to abolish of the contract!”

“Yeah, is there any problem?” Frank looked at the fat cat, and his face was very angry, he immediately strangled him.

“I don’t dare to have opinions.” Dixie closed his mouth and then opened it again, pretending to be a very sad one. “Did you ever think about my feelings? Have you seen my pictures among others? Have you ever consulted my personality? Maybe we can’t be together? Have you ever thought about what if your future wife doesn’t like cats? Are you willing to throw me away?”

Dixie slammed the table with his claws and said, “Is your left hand bad or your right hand is not good? If you can’t do it, then I can’t help you. You said that it’s embarrassing for you when you go out on a date with your girlfriend and spending her money.”

“You dare to say more? My dinner tonight is a fat cat meal.”

“Well, I am wrong.” Dixie sat on the tea table in the living room and said. “Let’s talk about business, it’s impossible to abolish the contract. It was clear that you agreed voluntarily at the beginning.”

“I was tricked by you at that time.” Frank said. “Have you ever told me about the dangerous people I need to receive, such as the God of Death? Don’t you feel too ashamed to let me die for two thousand Yuan?!”

“So, it is actually a question of money, not a problem of persons.”

“There are the two kinds of problems, but the money problem is more important. Two thousand is too little. You need to add at least one zero.” Frank looked at what Dixie will say.

“Yes.” He glared at his paw and said. “Next time you finish your task, go directly to the bank and ask the tellers inside to transfer the money to you and give them your name, but don’t forget to wear a black stocking and take a fake pistol.”

“Step aside.” Frank said to Dixie, “If you don’t increase my reward, I won’t do it next time.”

“You can try it. Anyway, if the person you need to receive leaves the 300 feet range, you two will blast.”

“Good cat, you are such a good cat.” Frank hugged the Fat cat in his arms. “Hey, you see, when I’m rich, I’ll add ham to your meal. Is that good?”

“Do you think if I can afford to pay 20,000 yuan a week, I’ll come to you again?” Dixie looked at Frank with a big contempt and said, “But although the salary can’t be increased, there are other benefits.”

“What benefits?”

“Conan’s Stun-Gun Wristwatch, his Voice-Changing Bowtie, Power-Enhancing Kick Shoes, Criminal Tracking Glasses. Listener, you can choose one of these four things as this reward.”

“There is still such a good thing.” After listening to the words of Dixie, Frank was a little excited. After all, these four things are all black technology.

Moreover, the first reaction after Frank heard was to ask Dixie.

“Can I sell these things? If I can, I am eager to choose the Power-Enhancing Kick Shoes, and then sell them to the research institute or to the millionaires. Then I will get rich.”

“You can get a little out of it.” Dixie said and hated the cold look on Frank. “It’s good to do for the first time and for the second and third time. It’s you who will be studied by the people of the Institute first, and maybe sliced again.”

“Well, that’s right. I’ll choose the Stun-Gun Wristwatch.” Frank answered decisively.

Because of these four things, only the Stun-Gun Wristwatch is the only offensive type. Although the Power-Enhancing Kick Shoes are very useful, but he needs close combat, and the Stun-Gun Wristwatch is different. It can easily solve the enemy from a short distance.

In particular, Frank did not know what would happen next. If the abnormal character who will come over is not polite to Frank, then Frank can completely stun the guest with an anesthesia needle and then tie him to the bed for five days.

“All right.” Dixie ran out of Frank’s arms, and then clapped the table with his cat’s paw, it was like Grandpa Land jumping out of the ground, and the watch came out of the table.

Frank took the watch, opened the lid of the watch, and found ten anesthesia needles on it.

“Can this needle be supplemented when it’s used up?” Frank asked.

“The anesthesia needle used in the Stun-Gun Wristwatch is specially manufactured for one-time use. You can not use them again after they are used up, but you can find someone to make you other needles, or make them by yourself.”

“All right.” After listening to Dixie’s answer, Frank put the watch on his hand and asked again, “Can you tell me in advance who is the next guest, so that I can have a psychological preparation.”

“I’m sorry, I really don’t know.” Dixie said aloud, and then pretended to be crooked a few times, and said, “It’s time for me to return, what else do you have to say next time?”

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