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Chapter 15: Screwed Up!

Dixie, this fat cat slipped away again.

To be specific, the wise soul in his body has slipped away, leaving behind him a big yellow stupid cat, who only knows how to eat dried fish all day long.

Frank put the Stun-Gun Wristwatch on his wrist, and then unpacked the small fish that the cat will eat and gave it to him.

After eating the small fish, Dixie wanted to get another one, rubbed his body on Frank’s legs wishing to have a second small fish. Frank’s face became serious and said.

“No! No more.”

“Meow?” Dixie couldn’t understand what Frank meant. He grabbed Frank’s trouser and climbed into Frank’s arms. Then he looked at Frank’s hand. Frank stretched his hand and said to Dixie. “Really, I’m not lying to you.”

Since Frank just got the two thousand Yuan from Dixie, it is reasonable to give a good meal to Dixie, he had to wait for him to buy dried fish at the supermarket because there was no stock of dried fish at home.

Dixie glanced at Frank’s two rough hands and smelled it. He smelled the residual fish in the finger’s of Frank, so he opened his mouth and licked Frank’s fingers.

At this time, Frank’s doorbell rang, and Frank quickly put the big cat down and went to open the door.

Conan has just left, who has come now? Frank was puzzled and stood by the door, looking at the peephole viewer, only to find that the peephole has been blocked by something.

So Frank’s asked, “Who is it?”

“It’s me.” A girl’s voice came from the door.

“Who are you, what’s your name.” Frank has lifted the Stun-Gun Wristwatch on his wrist. Is it possible that this watch will be used as soon as he got it?

Frank wasn’t nervous for no reason.

Although Luchen’s case has been completed, there was still a great doubt.

Although this suspicion has nothing to do with the case itself, it is likely to involve other illegal activities.

That was, the Pfizer clinic where Luchen was working, so what on earth is it?

Before checking the evidence, Frank and Conan discovered that the Pfizer clinic’s web page had been stopped for maintenance four years ago and on that period Luchen starts earning money.

That is to say, from four years ago, Pfizer clinic’s business has actually shifted from treating diseases to selling medicine because Pfizer clinic was stopped for maintenance. How could it give Luchen enough salary to buy a house?

In these Four years, Luchen worked for three years at the Pfizer Clinic and in just three years, the Pfizer clinic was completely impossible to give Luchen more than 500,000 Yuan for buying a house in Haiping City.

Not to mention that Frank and Conan went to the Pfizer Clinic, the Pfizer Clinic was just a small clinic with only two nurses and one doctor and said that Luchen went abroad.

Doctor in a small clinic is invited to attend academic seminars in India? Is this a joke?

There must be some illegal business behind the Pfizer clinic, to pay so much money to hire Luchen, but it’s hard to tell exactly what it was. Before going to the police station, Frank gave his brother Xin these remarks, at that time, he didn’t know what the result of the follow-up investigation would be. So, if the person outside the door was one person of Pfizer Clinic and wanted to retaliate against Frank. Frank would not be surprised at all.

Seeing the person outside the door did not report his name, Frank went on to say, “I won’t open the door without you saying your name.”

Seeing Frank’s resolute attitude, the person on outside helplessly said, “My name is Angela.”

‘Angela? I don’t know this name.’

Frank was preparing to continue asking about her, while he heard the girl outside the door said, “Do you remember the girl who was dragged by you the day before yesterday, the girl who gave you the water bottle and was treated as your partner by the police.”

Angela was impressed by Frank. She handed that bottle to Conan, so he had a chance to stop Luchen from boarding the plane. In this way, this girl was a hero.

But why did she block the peephole?

“Don’t block the peephole. I want to see your true identity.” Frank shouted inside the door.

“I’m not blocking the peephole. There is an advertisement on your door.” The girl talked as if she had taken something away.

Frank could see the outside through the peephole viewer. He looked out and saw the girl. Frank was impressed by the girl who was caught by the civil aviation police with Conan, so he recognized her.

Frank opened the door, and the girl smiled awkwardly, waved, and said, “Hello.”

“Hello.” Frank stood at the door, not letting the girl come in. “Can I help you with something.”

“Nothing, it was the day I saw you at the airport that you were very handsome, so I wanted to come over and meet you.”

“Sister.” Frank looked at the girl and said, “You’re too fake, you know.”

Frank saw that the girl had just told a lie. It was not that Frank had no confidence in himself. But, that at the airport the day before yesterday, Frank was wiped on the ground by the civil aviation police. He was arrested as a suspect who disturbed the order of the airport. There was no way that after all of that he was still handsome. Did Conan play it handsome alone?

You’re here now to tell me that I was handsome that day, I can only say that she was a good girl. How could I be blind?
“Really.” The girl blinked to Frank earnestly and said. “You let me in first. I’ll tell you more about it. It’s not good for us to stand here.”

“No, there is nothing wrong with staying here. It is not good for you to come in.” Frank decisively refused the girl’s request.

“I mean, in case someone else sees it,” the girl whispered as if she was a timid girl.

All of this is disguise!

Frank told himself that no shy girl would ask to enter a man’s room on her own initiative. The fact, that Frank is not handsome, so it’s even more impossible.

Looking at Frank’s innocence, Angela finally couldn’t help it. She pushed Frank and said, “You are still a man, I said so, you still do not leave me outside!”

Frank’s frowned, just wanting to ignore this strange girl. When the door closes, this girl’s foot slipped, her whole body slid towards Frank, Frank subconsciously reached out and held the girl in his arms, so she would not directly hit her head on his chest.

Just then, the sound of a clicking boot hitting the ground came from a girl with horsetails, looking like a 13-year-old junior high school student, Lolita, carrying a small bag When she came up the stair, she just saw Frank’s holding Angela in his arms.

When Frank saw this little ponytail little girl, there was only one sentence left in his mind.

“I’m screwed!”