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Chapter 23: Wuling Hongguang s5 Batmobile

“Don’t rush to make a phone call, it might act rashly and alert the enemy. Our chance is only this time.” Batman said to Frank, “Go to my Batmobile, there is a signal tracking device on the car, we can track the phone signal to find your sister if she is really kidnapped.”

‘On my way, Batman. Not only you come by yourself, but also brought your Batmobile?’

God knows how long Frank has watched the cool Batmobile, but it is the ultimate form of the sports car.

“Where did you park your car?” Frank asked.

“It’s downstairs,” Batman said as he walked downstairs with Frank.

Frank took a few steps with Batman before he remembered one thing.

It seems that China doesn’t allow to modify the vehicles in the streets, the cool shape of the Batmobile, it is estimated that just on the road, the traffic police should chase it.

So Frank told Bruce about his concerns, but Bruce waved his hand and said, “That’s all right, the person who sent me give me a car doesn’t look like the Batmobile.”

Pretending to look like it? Frank looked at Bruce, who was purely Asian and wondered what a Batmobile would look like.

Which super sports car? Or a classic luxury car??

Frank followed Bruce downstairs and scanned around. He found that there was no special car under the building. The most expensive one was the 500,000 Cadillac SRX downstairs.

“This is the car.” Bruce patted the cover of a car and said to Frank.


Frank glanced at the car next to Batman for a long time, and it took him a long time to recover.

Isn’t that a Wuling Hongguang? Although it is the exclusive car, it is not much than a Wuling Hongguang.

Just when Frank was standing, Bruce had already got on the car, opened the door and waved to Frank to come in.

Frank had no choice but to follow Bruce into the car.

There was no relationship between the exterior and the interior because. The appearance of the car has nothing to do with Wuling Hongguang’s half-dime money, all kinds of cool high-tech were everywhere, all kinds of virtual projection screens were everywhere.

At this moment, Frank knew that he had mistaken this Wuling Hongguang, after all, it was the designated vehicles for the mountain in autumn, ah it was really different.

Batman opened an electronic device, and then connected Frank’s mobile phone to the device, indicating Frank to called Fan Xuejie.

Frank backhanded the car’s door, after sitting in Wuling Hongguang Batmobile, and started calling the phone of Fan Xuejie.

The first call, no one answered, but it was hung up. Frank immediately called the second time, and she did not answer.

Then there was the third time. The third one was about to reach the maximum dialing time. Fan Xuejie finally answered the phone.

“Hello!” Fan Xuejie’s voice came, it sounded normal.

Frank looked at Bruce, and Bruce gestured to Frank to continue speaking.

“It’s me, Fan Xuejie.” Frank deliberately said in a loud voice. “The last time we had dinner, your share of the money hasn’t been paid yet.”

“Oh, that.” Fan Xuejie’s voice was very normal. She slowly opened her mouth and said, “I gave the money to Katie. You can go to Katie and ask for it.”

‘There is a slight echo, which is a call in the hands-free state.’ ‘Batman wrote this sentence on the convenience sticker with pen and then put it in front of Frank.

Frank heard Fan Xuejie’s phone call and continue to say. “That’s all right, I’m going to find Katie. Ah, Fan Xuejie. It’s about my internship. See if you can find someone to give me an internship and let me go to a better hospital.”

Frank began to procrastinate, making it easier for Bruce to locate Fan Xuejie’s mobile phone.

But, Fan Xuejie didn’t understand the words, but said in a hurry, “I have something else to do at this moment. We’ll talk about it when I get back.”

Frank listened to Fan Xuejie’s words and wanted to confirm whether Bruce had tracked the phone of Fan Xuejie, but had not waited for Bruce could confirm, Fan Xuejie had already hung up the phone.

“The location has been confirmed, Wait till I connect your satellite positioning in China.” Bruce took out a computer and began to input various instructions.

“Fan Xuejie must have been kidnapped. Katie has passed away, and she asked me to go to Katie.”

“The kidnapping can be confirmed, but your sister is not in danger at the present.”

Bruce said to Frank as he entered the instructions. “Your sister, as a woman, was able to stay calm at this time and did not have a vibrato when she spoke, indicating that she had not encountered beatings and extreme intimidation.”

“It is also possible that the kidnappers have not yet had time.”

“There is this possibility.” Bruce completed the instruction input, and then said to Frank, “Hold on, we’re going to speed up.”

Frank looked up and did not seem to find any grippers, so he had to buckle his seat belt honestly.

Fortunately, this is Wuling Hongguang version of the Batmobile, so it could only take two people.

The Batmobile was launched after a roar, and Fan Xuejie’s position was also marked on the car’s electronic screen.

At this time, Fan Xuejie was moving fast. Frank looked at the map and found that Fan Xuejie should be on the highway leading to the ghost town.

The so-called ghost town is actually a new district, but this new district is the product of the provincial leaders gathering hot spots and catching up with the trend. After the construction, only real estate businessmen flocked in and circled a lot of buildings and built many skyscrapers and residential areas.

However, after the new district was built, because no company was willing to move in, even if the facilities were good, few people moved in, which made it a ghost town.

Haiping City has only one road to the new district, and Fan Xuejie is on this road. It seems that those people want to take her to the ghost town. Indeed, once you enter the ghost town, there are many buildings there, but the police are few. To can report the disappearance it is necessary to wait for forty-eight hours. The police are not good enough to conduct a search.

Wuling Hongguang version of the Batmobile found the nearest road to the highway, and then, at just the right pressure, began to drive towards the highway at the standard speed.

Half an hour later, the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile finally came to this road.

Because there is no probe there, Bruce controls the Batmobile like a rocket and starts to fly, quickly approaching the signal source position of Fan Xuejie’s mobile phone!

At this time, there were more than a dozen luxury cars that happened to be on the road. These luxury cars were basically the most famous sports cars, these cars together could buy a high-grade office building.

The owners of these luxury cars were the second rich generation who often raced here. Because the road leads to the ghost city, there were few cars on the road, which is the best place for drag racing.