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Chapter 26: Yuhua Warehouse

“It doesn’t matter who I am, what is important is where you tied the girl?” Batman looked at the man in front of him and asked, “As a dad with a family, if you go to prison, that does not bother me. I think your family may become fragmented from now on, which is something we don’t want to see.”

Even though the defense of the man has been broken, he still shook his head and refused to cooperate.

Bruce gave up on this man, and then looked another man that he brought out of the car, and then continued to say to him, “If you don’t tell me where to go now, there are only two solutions, one is your leakage. The boss will retaliate against your family after you leak it. Another solution is that you think that your offense is not so serious, then you make yourself stop by the police, the god only knows for how long time you go to prison.”

Bruce looked at the man, took out his bat dart, and said, “I will give you another ten seconds. If you don’t cooperate, I will kill your other companions and then disguise the scene as if you did it. Then you can bet that we can find someone without your help and we can find her.”

Bruce looked at the man and showed an evil smile. “Then, both the police and your employer will think that you have leaked the secret, and both of them will think that you are trying to keep one secret by killing him, then you will probably face the police and gangsters so while escaping them, they pursue you at the same time and your family will not be safe.”

“Now, it’s your choice.” Bruce’s voice was cold and ruthless. He slowly walked to the side of a man who had fallen to the ground, and then he pointed the bat dart at the man’s throat and began to count down. “Five, four…”

“Wait, didn’t you say ten seconds!” The man hurriedly shouted.

“Three, two.” Bruce ignored the man’s scream and continued to count down.

“I will talk! I will talk!” The man’s defense finally collapsed. He handed over the address of a ghost town named “Yuhua Warehouse” to Bruce.

“The woman was in the other car, and because the boss was anxious to see the woman, the car took the first step.”

“What does your boss do?” Frank asked the man.

“I don’t know exactly, it seems to be selling something.” The man licked his lips and said.

Will it be a drug? Frank shuddered. After all, those who dared to do this kind of business were basically destroyers. If they were careless, Fan Xuejie’s life would be gone.

Frank quickly turned to Bruce and said, “Let’s go over now. I’m afraid something will happen if we come late.”

Bruce stood up and looked at the man who had fallen to the ground. “If your boss really did something against the law, the only end for him is to get arrested, so don’t worry about retaliation.”

Bruce took a few nylon ropes and a few thick gloves from the Batmobile. Wearing gloves on the hands of these people, Frank and Bruce tied the hands and feet of these people with nylon ropes. Bruce used the binding method in the army, and Frank used the method of bundling animals for experiments in medicine, which confirmed that these people must not be able to break away.

Then Frank took off these men’s socks, kneaded them into a ball, and then stuffed them into their mouths so that they could not scream.

Bruce looked at these people and said, “When we get to the warehouse, we’ll call the police to rescue you. Of course, if you have a special way to escape, do it, I won’t say it.”

While Bruce spoke to the people, Frank searched them for their mobile phones, found them, violently smashed them, and then noticed that the phone cards was broken. Bruce and Frank once again entered the Batmobile. Then they ran at the way in the direction of the ghost town.

Shortly after Frank and Bruce left, several luxury cars came after them.

They saw strange traces of wheels on the road and the Harvard car that could not be moved in the distance. They didn’t care too much but hurried to the direction of the ghost town, They wanted to try to see if they could catch up with Bruce’s Wuling Hongguang before entering ghost city.

Fifteen minutes later, Frank and Bruce came to the ghost town, which is the Haiping New District.

Although the new area has been completed for more than a year, it is as depressing like as under construction.

There was almost no visible person on the street, and the wind rolled up a few pieces of rubbish and then blew it into the distance. Frank and Bruce proceeded according to the warehouse address that the man said before, they started to move forward according to the navigation and quickly found the Yuhua warehouse.

“I’ll investigate outside first.” As he spoke, Bruce flew up the high-rise building on the other side of Yuhua Warehouse with his own grab gun and began to observe the warehouse.

A few minutes later, Bruce climbed from the tall building.

“No one in the warehouse,” Bruce said.

Frank and Bruce thought that the men have been released from the bundle in advance, and their boss got the news and left.

“How did they get in touch with their boss in such a short period of time, Was it luck that saved them?”

“Let’s go see it first,” Bruce said.

Frank and Bruce, sitting in the Batmobile, cautiously arrived at the Yuhua warehouse gate and got off.

This was a small warehouse, and the door was locked with a large iron lock. Frank used to touch the dust on the lock with his finger and immediately made a clear trace.

“It seems that no one has come here for a long time,” Frank said.

Bruce looked around and looked at the window of the warehouse. “This warehouse has been abandoned for at least half a year, and there is no sign of anyone else entering it.”

“Even if these have been released from the bundle in advance and informed their boss, his boss could not make such a scene in a short time.”

Frank said to Bruce. “That is to say, this is not the warehouse that their boss use.”

“Impossible.” Bruce bowed his head and thought, “When the man answered my question, he looked like he was telling the truth. He didn’t make it up temporarily. Otherwise, I would be able to tell it apart.”

“What we doing on now?” Frank looked at the abandoned warehouse in front of him and at Bruce.

“There’s only one possibility. We’re misled.” Bruce said slowly, “That man did not deceive us. Your sister was taken to the Yuhua Warehouse, but this Yuhua Warehouse is not the Yuhua Warehouse displayed on the map.

“So, even though the man was in a hurry and could not fabricate a lie, he knew very well that the Yuhua warehouse they usually said and the Yuhua warehouse on map navigation was not the same one at all, so he told the truth.”