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Chapter 29: India’s Medicine

In the face of Li Zihao’s simple request, Frank was too embarrassed to refuse, so he could only give his own micro-signal to Li Zihao. Li Zihao saw that Bruce did not intend to take out his mobile phone to add his meaning, nor did he chase Bruce for a micro signal, but waved goodbye directly.

Frank and Bruce went to the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile, and then saw the friend request of Li Zihao on Frank’s mobile phone, clicked the consent, and then set the permissions of the circle of friends so that Li Zihao could not see the circle of friends that Frank had developed before.

After all, like the fascinating life of Frank, the circle of friends was too exposed, to arouse suspicion.

When the Batmobile drove to the North Yuhua warehouse Frank, suddenly remembered a thing something and asked Bruce. “By the way, when you asked the man before, how do you know that he is married and has a family and had a daughter?”

“I saw the wedding ring on his hand and the toy in the car that he bought for his daughter.”

“Well, when he comes out to work, he doesn’t forget to bring his daughter toys, it looks like a good dad.”

“Yes, he did.” Bruce lamented, “When I catch criminals, most criminals actually have two sides, and they just have a bad side in some ways.”

“Is the Joker an exception?” Frank asked, and immediately realized that he had asked the wrong thing.

“The Joker.” Bruce looked up as if he was remembering something, and then he did not say a word.

Frank saw that Bruce did not speak, and he also closed his mouth. After all, any superhero would have a headache when he met a criminal like the joker.

Of course, this is part of the reason. Since then, Batman insists on not killing peoples, so it caused the Joker to do evil repeatedly and replaced it with other mischievous.

A few minutes later, the Batmobile arrived at the side of the North Yuhua warehouse. Bruce took a Batman outfit from the Batmobile and wore it.

“I’ll go in the front and investigate the situation before and then decide what to do,” Bruce said as he pointed the communication device inside the Batmobile to Frank. “We will use this connection for a while.”

“Okay.” Frank agreed.

Just the bat car stopped in a dark corner Bruce grabbed the top of the North Yuhua warehouse Bruce, with a claw gun, grabbed directly above the Yuhua warehouse and then successfully climbed to the top and began to investigate around.

Frank also found in the Batmobile, through the high-tech infrared detection device in the Batmobile, which four people were patrolling around the warehouse. Frank quickly reported the location of these people to Bruce, and Bruce said that he knew.

Then, in the few minutes, the four patrols outside the warehouse had been stunned by Bruce and went straight through the window into the warehouse. After ten minutes, Bruce let Frank come into the warehouse.

Frank took a few bat darts from Bruce to prepare himself for self-defense, and then entered the North Yuhua warehouse. When Frank went in, the entire warehouse was full of people, and occasionally one or two of them were sober, and they were moaning and groaning quietly with their arms in their stomachs.

An amount, how to say it, the degree of power of China’s criminals is indeed not a level with Gotham City. After all, a murder case is a big case, Bruce won’t kill anyone today, and when no one dies in Gotham City, the people will think that today’s sun comes from the west.

When Frank entered the warehouse, he first looked up at the entire warehouse, and then found that the warehouse was full of various medicines, and Fan Xuejie stood on the sidelines, looking at Bruce with astonishment and Frank who came in later.

“Fan Xuejie!” When Frank saw Fan Xuejie immediately ran over and asked with concern. “Did they hurt you?”

“No!” Fan Xuejie shook his head decisively.

Then she pointed to Bruce. “When did the police in Haiping become so cool and wears Batman’s costumes?!”

“Well, that is not the police, it is my friend,” Frank explained.

“Friend?” Fan Xuejie looked at Frank and asked in amazement. “You didn’t call the police!”

“The disappearance will take only forty-eight hours to report, and it is not certain whether you have been kidnapped, so I asked my friend to help me to find you.”

“Now I see.” Fan Xuejie turned her eyes to Bruce wearing his bat helmet again. “You are an excellent friend. You just dropped from the sky and knocked down all the people here in a few minutes.”.”

“Thank you for complimenting.” Bruce nodded and said modestly.

“It’s just a little bit of secondary medicine, for adults, in this dangerous occasion.” Fan Xuejie whispered with a voice that only Frank could hear, and then immediately pointed to medicines in the warehouse. “Yeah! Younger brother call the police, this group of guys is smuggling medicines!”

“Smuggle medicine?” Frank and Bruce listened to Fan Xuejie’s words. And walked to the shelves of medicines in the warehouse, and then took out a box of medicine and began to check.

At first glance, Frank suddenly knew that this must be smuggling medicine.

Because these medicines are all Indian medicine.

Netizens in India’s news generally recommended placing it in the entertainment sector, because the country is really speechless in some things, including the production of medicines.

In the field of medicine, the old developed countries are indeed stronger, so the states that emerged later are generally generic drugs in Western countries.

However, such as Japan and South Korea, China, are just dare to produce generic medicines with expired patents, but India is different.

India blatantly imitates all medicines and ignores patents, and this behavior is legal in India.

You should know that medicines are often expensive in terms of patent fees, and India has saved the patent fees, so the cost of production is not a bit of a problem, made alone the surrounding countries, even some European and American people go to India to buy medicines.

There are even special tour groups in China that take you to pharmacies in India and buy them at will. The prices are often several times lower.

Frank looked at the medicine in this warehouse. Although he did not know the specific drugs, the price of these drugs would definitely exceed hundreds of millions.

However, what for this group of medicine smuggler kidnapped Fan Xuejie?

It’s impossible for Fan Xuejie to provoke trouble with these people, but Fan Xuejie has been caught for so long. She seems to be all right. She does not even have a scratch on the skin.

So Frank turned to ask Fan Xuejie, “Why this group of people kidnapped you?”