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Chapter 39: Building Construction

At the beginning of the movie, Iron Man played by Tony Stark appeared in the image of a playboy, and Bruce whispered.

“It’s very similar to when I was young.”

It’s not just like that, as the two big stallions in the United States, Batman and Iron Man are actually quite similar in nature, but Batman seems sadder. In character, Batman is decent, while Iron Man is cynical if you can meet the two.

They’ll be good friends. They will fight together. Believe me.

Batman can be a good friend of Captain America, but it is absolutely impossible to make friends with Iron Man. People looking for friends are looking for a personality to complement each other. They will never find the same personality.

It’s dumbfounded to make a contradiction.

Nearly two hours later, after the movie was finished, Bruce left a proper evaluation. Xiao Hei was about to say something to Frank when suddenly a phone call came.

Xiao Hei looked at the caller ID, and his brow wrinkled a bit. Then he stood up to answer the phone. While talking, he walked toward the outside. Frank faintly heard Xiao He named Chen Jian.

This name is somewhat popular.

Frank held the remote control in his hand and pressed it twice, trying about finding a representative movie from China to let Bruce watch it, but he could not find it.

After all, there aren’t many movies that people in other countries can understand. Most of them are literary and artistic movies. Xiao Hei’s home cinema is a science fiction blockbuster with special effects.

Well, what’s the best movie with special effects in Huaxia, epic rotten film, madness and legend, foreigners saving, defend the Great Wall.

It’s better to show Bruce what the love apartment’s decisive battle on the top of the Forbidden Land.

Just when Frank was tangled, his phone rang, it was Xin’s call, and the place to eat at night was reserved, and Frank was surprised.

Frank looked at the time, five o’clock PM, it was a bit early, but Xin told him that anyway, it was a time to show up.

At this time, Xiao Hei also returned from the phone call. Frank quickly stood up and said that he has to go to the bureau. He had to go, and Xiao Hei did not retain him but pointed to Bruce.

“Your friend will go with you, or stay and drink with me.”

“No, he has to come with me.” Frank was stunned and answered. Although Xiao Hei is not close to Bruce, Frank always feels as if he is interested in Bruce.

Frank and Bruce went downstairs without calling a taxi because they were not going to the police station. They drove away in the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile directly.

On the way, Bruce suddenly spoke to Frank. “What was the name of the superhero in that movie?”

“Iron Man,” Frank replied.

“Oh, is this person a prototype in the real world? I am very interested in the fusion energy on his chest.”

“There is no such thing in reality.” Frank shrugged and replied. But as soon as he finished, he thought that in reality, although not, maybe there is in Bruce’s world.

After all, there are no fewer powerful freaks in the DC comic universe.

“All right,” Bruce said. “I would have tried to try to get a set of such armor. It seems very convenient.”

The poor depend on mutating, and the rich rely on technology.

After hearing to Bruce’s words, Frank suddenly had a superhero in an iron man’s battle suit in his mind who was unilaterally wearing Iron Man’s suit.

But to put it bluntly, Batman’s armor is actually not worse than Iron Man, and Iron Man has heavy armor such as anti-Hulk armor. Batman, on the other hand, has anti-superman armor, a powerful armor made for Superman’s imaginary enemies.

Moreover, several heroes of the Justice Alliance have worked together to build a set of destructive insider armor for Batman.

But that was the content of the comic world. Frank turned his head and curiously looked at Bruce. “Bruce, your inner armor is not worse than Iron Man’s armor. How can you be interested in Iron Man’s armor?”

“What armor? Insider? I don’t have that armor.” Bruce turned his head and looked at Frank.

“What about anti-superman armor?”

“There is that idea, but I haven’t had time to make it yet.”

Frank asked Bruce a few more questions. This was an accurate guess in his mind. This blues was from Batman in the movie. The level of strength was before the formation of the Justice League, and after the Superman fight.

Also, after all, a few big beauties have been serialized for many years, and the content is like the starting point of the Internet text, there is nothing to write, and they are reluctant to stop, so all kinds of superpower, all kinds of chaotic settings They have all been added to it.

And there are several universes, one of the heroes of this universe is dead, but in another universe, the heroes are living well.

Frank was a little curious to think about this. Why did Dixie bring these people to the earth?

The car soon arrived at the bottom of a hotel, This hotel is a well-known restaurant in Haiping City, the least expensive meals have to be more than 5,000 Yuan.

In the city of Haiping, which is sandwiched between the third and fourth lines, it is not bad. The starting price of vehicles is more than 500,000 Yuan.

Yes, except for Bruce’s Wuling Hongguang.

Frank regretted a bit, and Bruce drove in, not because of inferiority, but because he was a bit too conspicuous.

Here, there are two kinds of cars that can show off. One is Wulin Macro, which at first looks like tens of thousands of cars, the other is tens of millions of luxury cars.

However, since the car came, there was no turning around. Frank directed Bruce to drive the car to the underground parking lot. The younger man who was guiding the car parked in the parking lot maintained a very high level of self-cultivation. Besides showing a surprised look, he did not show any contempt for it, which deprived Frank take an excellent outfit forcing him to face the opportunity.

Soon Frank knew why nobody asked him if he had gone wrong because just after Bruce parked the car, a dirty Audi Q7 stopped beside Bruce Wuling Hongguang, then a middle-aged man came down and cast a brutal eye.

The man’s muscles arms are powerful, and at first glance, he has to work and exercise regularly, not because of the gym.

When the man got out of the car, he saw Bruce’s Wuling Hongguang, and his face immediately showed a warm feeling.

“Brother is also engaged in construction? Which company? I haven’t seen you before.”

Frank looked at the rugged elder man. Before he could say anything, he saw that the older man opened the rear compartment of Q7. There were some tools and some building materials packed in sacks.

The big man easily took the bag as if he took of a cement bag and took it out of the trunk.