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Chapter 40: the simplest evaluation

Haiping City is a new XC city. Many wealthy people have been investing in the fields for decades and decades. Later, they make a fortune in working hard, so the style is generally rough.

It’s also common for these people to drive hundreds of thousands of cars as Wuling Hongguang. Of course, it’s not that these bosses are wealthy and careless, but because of the unique environment on the construction site, the expensive things in these people’s hands will look like broken cotton jackets after some time.

After the big man raised his things, he glanced at the bag that had been dyed dirty and simply threw the bag back into the carriage holding the gift box inside directly.

Frank glanced at the bag and found that it was a bag of American ginseng. The big man covered the heavy bag with a piece of cloth and then went out with Frank.

“Did brother is a local?” The older man asked as he walked.

“Yes.” Frank is too lazy to explain that he is not engaged in construction, just nod to promise.

“The locals of Haiping are real.” The old man said as he walked. “I used to possess a pickup truck. It was a good thing, and I had many things. But I married a nice girl from other places, saying that pickups lost face and gave me a face. When she gives me BMW, is not good at all. Now, this Q7 is OK, pulling cement is strong.”

Strong. . .

What Frank can say, this is the simplest evaluation he has ever seen on Q7.

The three men walked all the way to the door of the hotel and saw Xin waiting at the entrance of the hotel.

“Captain Xin.” The old man saw Xin and then said hello. “This is the first time I saw you in this place, you seem to enjoy it.”

Xin hurried down and shook hands with the big man, then said. “Just call me Xin, Boss Lei.”

“How dare you call him that way?” Boss Lei laughed twice, then looked at Frank and Xin. “Do you know each other?”

“My brothers get together for a meal.”

“I thought that this man was a builder. But I didn’t think them to be in your police station.” Boss Lei once misunderstood Frank’s profession. Lei wants to go over to Frank saying you look my powder. Tender face, where is the dry building police!

When Frank used to come home on New Year’s Day, often dressed up as a high school student and went to Lin Xiaoxin’s school to find her. They even went to class together.

After Mr. Lei said that, he went into the hotel. Xin patted Frank on the shoulder and asked, “How did you know Mr. Lei?”

So Frank talked about what happened just now, and he was forced to say as he was in the construction.

“Boss Lei, his surname is Lei Dacheng. He’s a good man. He’s also a good friend. He’s a famous boss in Haiping.”

“I am not in agreement with you.” Frank followed Xin and began to walk inside the hotel. “When the boss Lei is pulled into the operating room, it can be exchanged.”

“Do you doctors bring chat with patients during the operation?” Xin came to the second floor of the hotel with Frank and Bruce.

“You think, brother, if you were injured on business, you went into the operating room. If you hear the surgeons and nurses doing the operation for you while talking about the battle situation of mahjong last night, you can sleep safely, It’s okay to take care of it.”

“If neither the doctor nor the nurse spoke.” Xin opened the door of the hotel compartment with a smile.

“Then what you can leave for me, you can leave me a testament in advance.”

“Curse your brother like that.” Xin knocked on Frank’s skull.

“It hurts.” Frank covered his head. “Brother, now the opposite is popular. I said that you are a man of peace.”

“You young people have so many decorative boards.”

When the three men entered the compartment, and Frank looked around and found that there was no one inside.

“What about the rest?”

“Not yet.” Xin signaled to Frank and Bruce to sit down first. “Let’s be the host this time, they are guests. They have momentum when they meet later. ”

“Isn’t the real finale should be late?” Frank asked a little curiously.

“That’s the axle pressing. What are you doing? It’s not enough to weigh a car’s wheels.” Xin looked at Frank and said, “It’s also half an hour early. In a moment, my leader will come. You say hello, and Fan Xuejie also coming over. I guess Lao Sha and his people will definitely arrive early.”

Frank called Fan Xuejie. In less than a quarter of an hour, Xin’s leader also came. Although he did not say what position he was, he called him Li Kuang at that time. Frank then called Uncle Li, while Bruce was cold-faced all the way without saying a word.

Several other people probably knew that Xin was the man who captured Lao Sha’s team and had no complaints about Bruce’s attitude.

After a while, Fan Xuejie came, and when she just sat down, Lao Sha arrived with a middle-aged man.

“Squad leader.” Li Kuang saw the man Lao Sha brought, and immediately stood up to salute the man.

“I have been retired for so many years, how I can have so much attention, sit down.” The person who is called the squad leader, Li Kuang waved to everyone to sit down.

Li Kuang sat down and said to Xin, “This was the squad leader of the time when I was a soldier. His surname Hao.”

“Captain Hao.” Xin politely said hello.

“Call me Hao Ge.” Captain Hao waved his hand and said, “So many years have I been retired? Now I do a little business.”

Captain Hao said as he patted the shoulders of Lao Sha. “This is my brother. I heard that he had something, so I come over to see what it is.”

“It is not a big deal, it is a misunderstanding, misunderstanding.” Director Li said politely.

Xin’s face was a bit wrong at this time. He did not expect Lao Sha know his squad leader when he was a soldier. This kind of relationship was pulled down. It’s hard to say today when such a relationship comes down.

However, Frank did not care. Anyway, he came mainly for Fan Xuejie’s business. So for other things he was lazy.

These people sat down and ordered the food politely. Then Lao Sha raised his glass and stood up. He bowed to Fan Xuejie politely and said, “Woman, this is Lao Sha who did something wrong. You were shocked. I’ll punish myself by drinking a glass.”

“The boss Lao Sha is very polite,” Fan Xuejie, said that she also poured a small glass of wine for herself, and then drank in the face of Lao Sha. “In the future, I will work for the boss, and I hope to take care of it.”

“Certainly, certainly,” Lao Sha said with a laugh.

“Doing things?” Li Kuang did not know that Fan Xuejie took the initiative to contact Lao Sha and took over Luchen’s work, so he asked some doubts.

Xin talked to Li Kuang about the relationship between Luchen, Fan Xuejie, and the relationship between Lao Sha.

Although Xin was speaking to the Li Kuang, Captain Hao also heard clearly, so he said in a toast. “After that, we are a family. What is the contradiction? After a cup of wine, it will be settled in the past. Li Kuang and Xin take care of my brother.”