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Chapter 42: Forcibly

Frank thought at first that the longhair girl was just passing by chance, so he dodged her. How could he know that the long hair girl raised her foot and blocked them?

“Two handsome guys, can you help me, add me on WeChat, and I’ll give you two lovely Totoro dolls?” The girl with long hair took out two half palm-sized Totoro dolls from her hand.


Frank was instantly stunned because he did see many people who scanned the code to send gifts. After all, it’s the mainstream marketing method now. Frank did see many people who scanned the code to send gifts. Or directly back to cash and so on, but Frank is very disgusted with these things because many are deceptive.

It is impossible to give you a pie in the sky. If you have a free lunch, then the person who gives you the meal must want to earn a week’s meal from your hand.

Frank has a friend named Wang in front of him also Frank did not know what his psychology is, Wang used to sweep code to extract things when you fill out the form, you will sell your personal information, but still, the things to get, according to the model that you fulfills it.

Only occasionally, one day, he will receive a text message or call Mr. Wang, recommend xxx to you. Mr. Wang, there is an xxx wealth management product. Mr. Wang Insurance, some commercial real estate opening, and so on. Then He will know who sold this personal information.

But this is already a trick of the past, now the company will not play such violent means, sell your personal information to sell quietly, just let you occasionally one day wonder why someone has been introducing you to commercial buildings and so on recently.

Frank wanted to refuse directly, but looking at the girl’s good looks, he asked, “What company are you from?”

“I am not in a company.” The long-hair girl smiled sweetly at Frank and Bruce. “My friends want a message from both of you, but they’re afraid you won’t give it, so they sent me over. that’s it.”

The long-hair girl said that she would put the rings of the two dolls in his fingers then she started to shook them in front of Frank and Bruce.

“How about it? Look at how beautiful these two dolls are. Do you want to sweep the price friends of WeChat?”

What a fucking god!

Frank did not expect that he would be vigorously attacked on the road one day. Although Frank thought that he was not ugly, his face value was not so high.

Looking at the smiling long-hair girl, Frank looked at Bruce again. Bruce was quite handsome, but the look of the long-hair girl was watching both Frank and Bruce at the same time, so the long-hair girl did not have a single heart-water to Bruce.

Therefore, it should be true that long-hair girl wants to WeChat for others. If we infer it again, that long-hair girl wants to WeChat with both of them at the same time.

If it’s a normal girl who’s obsessed with sex, it will certainly not require the two people’s micro-signals at the same time, because the usual brothers are very jealous between this, to pull one, the two will cause the brothers to exchange information, and then infer whether the girl really want to pull or just play.

Frank widened his eyebrows and felt that he had only lived with Conan for a week, and his thinking became somewhat abnormal. However, he said to the long-hair sister according to his own inference, “Are you a friend of Han Zhenzhen?”

“Good guess.” The long-hair girl was stunned, then smiled and said, “Yes, she’s in that compartment over there. She just went out to the bathroom and saw you.”

After the long hair girl finished, she took out her mobile phone, opened WeChat, and sent a voice message. “Zhenzhen, they guessed it is you, now what to do, I can’t get the micro signal.”

Han Zhenzhen answered in voice in the second. “You must let the two handsome guys come over. I want to thank them to their care, I want to thank them face to face.”

“I heard you.” The long-haired girl waved her cell phone and said to Frank. “If you don’t want to go back, the Totoro will still be for you.”

The long-hair girl began to shake the two Totoro in her hand again.

Although idle is also idle, it is good to digest a meal to relax. Frank had Bruce at his side, he doesn’t worry about safety. And since Frank and Lin Xiaoxin fell in love, the connection with the girls who used to play well has basically broken down.

Now there is such a stranger invite, after playing, pull out the punk and leave, bah, leave the situation, in fact, temptation, confusion is quite big.

But Frank thought about it and shook his head and said, “We still have something to do.”

Men must not be confused at the critical moment. They just find an excuse to get out of Lao Sha’s restaurant and catch up with this group here, in case they come out and meet some Lao Sha people.

It doesn’t look good on the face.

Although several people of Lao Sha know that Frank and Bruce are completely looking for reasons, the Chinese people generally pay more attention to the face, when the time comes, the lies are debunked. If you don’t get a good face, you won’t be too optimistic.

Frank and Bruce said that they were about to leave. They only saw the long-hair girl sister replying Frank’s words to Han Zhenzhen. Han Zhenzhen immediately shouted, “Help me hold them, I’ll come out right away.”

After listening to Han Zhenzhen’s words, the girl blocked Frank and then opened her hands and looked at Frank. “Zhenzhen tell me to drag you down. Whose arms do you want to let me hold you?”

“I think holding big legs is more useful,” Frank said stretching his right leg to the girl. “You can also help people to drag the ground when you arrive.”

“Big. Legs too thin to hold.” The girl rolled her eyes.

“Why don’t I put my three legs together, and you hug them?” Frank looked at the long-hair girl who was also a playful person, so he said jokingly.

The girl listened to Frank’s words, and suddenly a faint red crept onto her cheeks. She turned her eyes white with vigor.

“Miaomeow, are you digging my corner!” A familiar voice sounded behind Frank and Bruce, and they turned their heads and looked, as expected, and saw that it was Han Zhenzhen.

Although it only took a day and a half, the dress of this girl is completely different, and now she looks like a rich girl.

“If you dig, I will also dig the corner of Hui Huige, and I will dig you.” The long-haired sister distorted Han Zhenzhen’s words.

“Hui Huige’s corner is gay, meow, you might as well dig mine.” Han Zhenzhen came over and put her arms around long-haired girl shoulders boldly. Then she said to Frank and Bruce, “This is Lin Miaomeow. You can call her meow.

“Um.” Frank nodded and said hello.

“The attitude is a bit cold.” Han Zhenzhen pointed at Frank with a joking discontent on her finger and said to Frank and Bruce, “I haven’t thanked you for what happened last night. Give me a micro-signal, and I’ll ask you next time.”