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Chapter 68: Indirect Suggestion

In the beginning, Frank needs Hannibal to help him explain the English medical language. Because there are many terms and sentences in this language.

If he looks at each word separately, he knows what it means, but when they are together, he looks at the high number of the special, and they can form more than one sense.

Because a lot of information is related to technical terms and many difficult to understand sentences.

This is like giving a medical text written in Chinese to an ordinary person who has never studied medicine.

It is also like reading a book or letting a primary and middle school student see a profound and incomprehensible classical Chinese. Many of them do not understand anything.

While the protagonist looks at the English literature, although every word is known, many incomprehensible questions require Hannibal’s professional explanation to help.

After all, he is just a fast-grading medical student with limited knowledge.

He can interpret some of these interpretive translations as comments in the translation.

This is just as easy as doing his homework if he has a senior school sister who will help him.

Neon’s sound translation system will be mentioned in the text.

Won’t talk about it here, but it is impossible to go to the neon to see the Chinese version.

Because the neon translation is not free, this kind of Translations are all bought by copyright to sell money, the point is that it is very expensive!

Just as Frank walked to the bedside of Hannibal, a burst of music suddenly sounded from Frank’s pocket, and Frank suddenly woke up.

Someone is on the phone.

Seeing Frank’s woke up, Hannibal made an annoyed expression but quickly covered it up.

However, this small movement of Hannibal was discovered by Frank.

Set himself up.

Frank stared at Hannibal and took out his mobile phone from his pocket.

The call comes from Fang Cheng, and Frank chose to answer.

“Frank, if you haven’t anything to do tomorrow, come out for a meal, and by the way, I’ll give you the bonus you should have taken before.”

“My graduation thesis needs to be revised. I have to work on graduation thesis these days, so I must only stay at home.”

“You are so busy that you didn’t have time to eat a meal?”

“The main thing I am too busy to go out.”

“That’s fine.” Fang Cheng said, “I will take a half-day holiday tomorrow and come to see you.”

“OK.” Frank looked at Hannibal in front of him and accepted Fang Cheng’s request.

Fang Cheng is not his own roommates. After he came, Frank will say that he should never squeeze through into his bedroom.

Even if it’s okay to come in, there’s still some tacit understanding between the two brothers for so many years.

As long as Frank explains, Fang Cheng may also lend Frank a sobering chair or something like that to tie up Hannibal.

Of course, the biggest reason that Frank agreed to let Fang Cheng come over is that he needs to talk to other people to offset the influence Hannibal had on himself.

Just now his state is absolutely illogical, even if it is Hannibal unparalleled, but this is not a manga.

Hannibal is not part of the family of whirlpools, the power of the mouth is so great, how can Frank even have an intention that he can let Hannibal talk to him.

(The whirlpool family, mainly refers to Naruto.)

Frank looked at Hannibal in front of him, calmly stuffed his mobile phone back into his pocket, and then said to Hannibal.

“Now you have ten minutes to explain what you will do. I think you are a wise man will cooperate with me. Otherwise, I don’t want to say the consequences, and you won’t want to know.”

“Nothing, just a little trick in small psychology.” Hannibal licked his lips and replied.

As Frank said, refusing to explain that it would not do him any good. This would lead Frank to tie him up in a safer way, such as putting them in the refrigerator or giving him any medication.

It is too easy for people with medical knowledge to want to be a whole person. At this time, Hannibal is still young, and he does not want to suffer.

“Hypnosis induction?” Frank looked at Hannibal, after all, psychology is only the one he can think of.

“Not so high-end, after all, I can’t do it but rely on language to hypnotize a person, it is an indirect suggestion,” Hannibal replied.

“I indirectly hinted at you through the language that I am a safe person, and finally let you gradually relax to me. The vigilance was finally loosened to me.”

“Indirect suggestion can have such a big effect?” Frank did not believe it.

“Generally indirect suggestion is not sure, but today there are two reasons for your success. One is that we are in a semi-closed and quiet room.”

“The conversation involves problems that require the brain to concentrate on thinking, so In this state, it is easy to keep the brain deep into a problem, and ultimately lead to a single thought, not to think of others.”

“So, my suggestion to you begins with a discussion of humanity, the right to life, and ultimately leads back to the question of whether or not what I am doing is worthy of being treated like this.”

“Because of our previous conversations, your brain is easy to control.”

“I have come to the conclusion that what I am doing is problematic, but there is also a way to save.”

“After all, the starting point is good, so that it will make you happen. You should not be so abusive to bind me.”

“Understood.” Frank looked down and knew where the problem was.

There is a word called sleepless nights, although it is not very suitable to take it here although we can also explain it casually.

When a person thinks about a certain problem in a focused way, the brain will automatically block other things.

Of course, this description is not good for people.

It can be explained that there is a lot of circulating news on the Internet, causing the primary school students to die into the fire, even with parents.

Because at that moment parent’s brains were all used about news on the Internet, ignoring how to take care of their child and there are many similar examples.

Hannibal is taking advantage of this.

But the indirect implication is that it usually takes a period of time to accumulate and then to concentrate on the outbreak.

This is the only conversation between Frank and Hannibal.

It is still exaggerated that Frank was suddenly induced into this conversation.

“What is another reason?” Frank asked.

“I believe you also guessed that it is impossible for me to complete indirect hints to you with a conversation, but who made you recently induced by hypnosis, although the mental state seems to be no problem, I just took this advantage.”

“I’m still in a hurry.” Hannibal licked his lips and said.

“I’m too confident about myself. I should wait for two more conversations to hint. I’m afraid the ringing of the telephone won’t save you.”

“Wait, let me explain to you first, what is the meaning of me being hypnotized.” Frank eagerly asked.

“Well? You didn’t know it, I thought you were hypnotized.”

Hannibal said to Frank.

“I don’t know, just inferred from the attitude of your conversation with me, But the degree of hypnosis is low, probably inducing hypnosis that allows your brain to automatically block something, which coincides with my indirect suggestion.”

“Am I hypnotized?”

Frank’s cold sweat suddenly came down from his forehead.

This discovery is even more terrible than the insinuation by Hannibal.

He immediately put on Hannibal’s eye mask and stuffed his towel into his mouth.

Frank went to sit on the living room couch and began thinking about who had hypnotized him for a while!