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Chapter 72: Lin Xiaoxin sing

“Acquitted?!” Frank asked Hannibal strangely, “No way, there are only two people on the scene. One of them must be the murderer. Why were they released?”

“Procedural justice.” Hannibal looked at Frank and said, “They can’t find out what is the murderer. They can’t infer the crime scene. They can only acquit them, although they still have doubts about one of them.”

Hannibal continued, “For example, when I was caught, the only crimes that they can sentence me on are the crimes that the prosecution found evidence. As for the other crimes for which the evidence was destroyed by me, they will not be sentenced. This is human. Sadly, the law is not as useful as you think.”

Frank knew what Hannibal had done before he came again.

From the law, he will be acquitted if he does something illegal, so he glanced at the mirror in front of him then turned to Hannibal and said, “Let’s talk about the case.”

“Uh huh.”

“Now it seems that the key to the problem is whether we can infer who is the murderer.”

“Yes,” Hannibal said.

“Yes.” Hannibal Lecter said, “Because I have omitted some little evidence, you just need to deduce from human nature who is most likely to be the murderer, a sentimental reminder, the victim killed very badly.”

“Who is dead and who is the murderer?” Frank did not understand Hannibal’s logic at first, but Hannibal prompts him to focus his attention on his previous description.

“The victim was killed by a baseball bat.”

Baseball is not a popular sport in China, but a baseball bat is very familiar to everyone because it is a weapon of street melee, which can’t be used to hit people easily, but with a baseball bat to kill a person alive.”

“The dead woman is very miserable, then it can only represent a very big contradiction between her and the criminal suspect, and even that it can rise to the point of death by the hatred.”

“Then there is only one possibility.”

Frank finally understood why Hannibal wanted to tell him such a case.

“The killer is the husband of the deceased,” Frank said.

“Yes,” said Hannibal with a pleasant smile. “Only a husband can kill his wife and poison him, and only a husband can hate his wife.”

“This is the tragedy of human nature.”

“Well, it’s not good for you to take this example.” Frank looked at Hannibal and said.

“What’s wrong.”

Frank decided not to waste his tongue in this area to Hannibal, took out the mobile phone directly, opened the phone with Lin Xiaoxin, opened the loudspeaker, and placed the mobile phone on the table.

“Hey, what happened?” Lin Xiaoxin seems to be eating in the cafeteria, and his mouth is full of food.

“If I don’t like you one day after we get married, what should I do?”

“You, why don’t you like me?” Lin Xiaoxin said as she swallowed something in her mouth, “I will Selling Sprouts and singing little stars. How can you possibly not like me?”


“Shouldn’t it be a little love song? What kind of ghost is a little star?”

“You are silly. How did you know the song Little Star?” Lin Xiaoxin finished swallowing the meal in his mouth, and the voice finally sounded clear.

“There seems to be an advertisement or something. Call, Daddy, can you sing Little Stars?”

“Yes, my son, I will sing.”


By Lin Xiaoxin routine.

“Oh, no anger, I sing a little love song to you.” Lin Xiaoxin cleared his throat and then began to sing on the phone.

“This is a simple love song, singing the twists and turns of people’s hearts, I think I am very happy when you have the warmth, the air at your feet turned…”

Frank listened to the song, looking at Hannibal, the meaning in his eyes is: What kind of human nature do you give me to such a lover? !

“You’re not gay?!

“Hannibal was almost angry with Frank’s dog food.

Frank and Lin Xiaoxin got a few words, hung up the phone, and then he looked at Hannibal. “You really thought that I am gay.”

“You are very good at criminal psychology, so you are also good at writ people, inferring a person’s hobbies and personalities, etc.”

“In the process, I constantly use various methods to deepen your misunderstanding that you think I am gay.”

“So after you have initially determined, you have thrown this case, nominally saying that humanity is ugly.”

“Actually, you want to see through my tone what really I am gay or not.”

Frank said crouching in front of Hannibal’s body with curiosity.

“Actually, what I want to know about being able to release you, if you’re sure I’m gay, you will not let me drop, you really meant that…”

“I didn’t.” Hannibal refused to talk with Frank on this issue.

The young Hannibal was misled by a situation set up under Frank’s well-prepared and well-known circumstances.

This was the first victory of the confrontation between Frank and Hannibal.

Frank really wants to sing a little star at this moment, because he can beat the famous Hannibal, even if it is a little bit of the young version, also makes Frank feel happy.

No wonder those in the film and television dramas like to steal taxes, not, please, this feeling is really quite good, and it is fun to play with people

Happy Frank put the small mirror on the table, stuffed the towel in Hannibal’s mouth again, and went back to his bedroom to do his thesis again.

Another safe day has passed. Frank woke up from his sleep.

Today is the third day that Hannibal manifested. If he insists on it for two more days, he would be completely liberated.

Should he take advantage of this time to check the cat meat on the internet?

As a bright future, Lori is in the bosom and living comfortably.

Frank now regrets signing the contract with Dixie.

Our successful personage is obviously not in line with the painting style of the protagonists of the general Internet.

Originally he thought they were all normal guests.

Now, what the hell are you talking about? Conan will forget it. Hannibal, a time bomb character, has come.

You might as well get me a lion and a tiger to live at home.

However, the Tucao has been squandered. Now that the contract has been signed, it is estimated that there is no way to regret it, and the benefits are obvious.

It is Bruce’s mastery of language skills, which makes it easier for Frank to watch the drama.

Moreover, Frank recently found out on the Internet whether there is a subtitle group to take over, exercise, and see if you can get a part-time job after mixing into the translation circle.

The part-time job of translation is still quite profitable.

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