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Chapter 81; Preparation

“We are indeed taking pictures.” Hannibal first glanced at Frank and then slowly opened his mouth.

Indeed, time is too short now.

Hannibal really can’t do anything.

Although he can attack everyone and then run away, leaving Frank with a pile of mess, although this is a little self-contained and this is not in line with Hannibal.

The practice is too rough.

The two policemen saw the matter resolved, and they grabbed Yan Yucai and went out, but Xiao Hei and Gan Xuan stayed in the room, looking at Frank and Hannibal.

Just taking pictures is as simple as that?

“Little man was really bothering this time.”

Frank said to Xiao Hei, and said to Gan Xuan,

“Gan Xuan does not go back quickly… Whoever says that he wants the key, you will give it, is this logic, you must consult me first, I do not know if I have to call him back in advance from now on. Notice it.”

“Don’t be fierce to me, I don’t have your call.” Gan Xuan said, took out her mobile phone and said to Frank.

“Only if Frank gives me a WeChat, I will inform you next time.”

“And next time?” Frank looked at Gan Xuan and raised his eyebrows.

“Oh, I’m wrong.” Gan Xuan pretended to be shy, then took a look at Hannibal and looked at Frank again.

“Give me a WeChat, you can find me directly afterward. Don’t look for my mom.”

“Gan Xuan, you shouldn’t look at the top, why are you so anxious to have WeChat.” Xiao Hei was on the side.

“If it’s okay, then let’s go back first.” Xiao Hei secretly took Hannibal’s eyes and walked with Gan Xuan, and Frank finally breathed a sigh of relief and took a few red wrapped things in his pocket.

Come out and put it on the table.

These are inflatable balloons, and Frank bought them from the self-service vending machines on the side of the community walkway.

Frank plans that once the reason for the photo is not convincing a few people, he will take out the inflatable balloons, explain that he and Hannibal have a kind of holiday, and they want to decorate the living room with inflatable balloons just went out to buy inflatable balloons.

Of course, this kind of practice is not to be done by Frank.

This kind of anecdote spreads faster than the Shenzhou spacecraft.

Frank doesn’t want to be a celebrity between nights, maybe he will be Arranged into segments and sent to the Internet.

“There are still eight minutes, I think I still have time to count the problems between us.”

Hannibal elegantly picked up his cuffs, then walked out of bed, moved his wrist, and looked at Frank.

“Qiao bean sacks.” Frank waved in front of Hannibal.

However, Hannibal is not a person who has something to say.

Five minutes later, Frank’s hands and feet were trapped by Hannibal on the chair.

Although this posture is much more comfortable than the Frank bundle Hannibal’s posture, but!

Frank was tied here, and who is the special one to untie him!

After Hannibal tied Frank, it was almost time to go.

He looked at Frank and used a towel to plug Frank’s mouth.

Then he lowered his head to Frank’s cheek, using a slow Said in tone: “I hope I can come to your house next time.”

When Hannibal finished speaking, he left, leaving Frank, who was crying without tears. Is this the last time to be killed?

Just after Hannibal’s departure, Frank twitched his wrist and tried to break off the nylon rope that was tied up as soon as possible.

Because the nylon rope was tied to the chair, Frank is constantly rubbing, and there is still a chance to break away.

However, Frank’s movement accompanied an orange.

The color cat gracefully jumped onto the bed and stopped pulling down.

At this moment, Frank suddenly felt that he was very mentally retarded.

He actually forgot that after the guests left, Dixie would come over.

The big cock jumped on Frank’s shoulder and came over to help Frank bite the towel group, and then gently broke the nylon rope with his claws.

Although the rope is logically made of nylon, yet the preaching vocal cords can’t make people’s voices.

So the ghost knows what the orange cat is.

Fortunately, Frank is not a student.

Otherwise, the first time he will speak, he will be pulled into the lab and dissected to see how magical changes have taken place in the vocal cords.

Dixie untied the rope for Frank, but Frank did not seem to be grateful, but immediately grabbed the back neck of Dixie, then took the big cat all the way to the bathroom, opened the faucet, and washed his face.

The basin was filled with water, and then the big cat was smashed in.

As everyone knows, cats are afraid of water, and they are especially afraid.

Therefore, after Dixie was thrown into the water by Frank, he began to struggle, but how could Frank let him out!

“I don’t want to die today, I am a big man, and I wrote it in a square.”

Under the watering of the faucet, the cat be all wet, and the fur was close to the skin, so the cat looked a lot thinner.

However, this also increased the difficulty of Frank’s grasp.

When Frank was not careful, Dixie slid out of the basin and madly ran into the bed of Frank.

“You come over.” Frank chased Dixie to the bedroom, hooked his fingers, and gestured to the past.

The big hoe and the rattle expressed the meaning of rejection.

“If I come, I will give you a hunger strike.”

“Hungry hunger strike.” Dixie used his head to smash the quilt of the lower Frank, and then said to Frank, “Don’t you want to spend two thousand dollars a week?”

“I want you to be like a squat, I almost lost my life.”

“Well?!” Dixie looked at Frank with a shocked look. “Don’t you guess that the guest and the owner’s life are connected?”

“No matter how fierce the sinister guests will not hurt you. I am so intimate. Hey master, how could you not do this preparation?”

“Is there only cat food left in your head?” Frank said to Dixie.

“If he killed people here. Can I take off the relationship?”

“Oh, it’s also.” Dixie stuffed his paw into his mouth and made a surprise, then thoughtfully said:

“I seem like that, to be thinking about it.”

“The contract is lifted, I will not do it.”

“After signing, we can’t lift it. We signed the overlord contract.”

Dixie said with shamelessly, “You originally agreed to do so.”

“Voluntary.” Frank sneered. “You don’t need me to tell me about your hypnosis.”

“Don’t you already say it?” Dixie said to Frank.

“There is no evidence of doubt, that is, the paper in the toilet, not counting.”

“You want evidence.” Frank no longer tried to grab a big fight.

Sitting on the edge of the bed and watching Dixie say, “I will tell you the evidence now.”

“You still remember, on the day you left Conan, what did you say to me?” Frank asked.