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Chapter 93: Not for Me.

“Wouldn’t the dog run away after he went out without a chain?”

Lin Xiaoxin didn’t understand.

“The medium and large dogs must have a dog leash in a public place with a lot of people, but if it is at home or in the yard, it is not necessary…”

“Of course, I am talking about a dog with a temperament like Husky…”

“If it is a bulldog, it’s aggressive, a naturally grumpy dog. This type of dog has its own character to attack; then it is not included.”

Chen Hao said, while she tickled the head of Husky and said:

“Huskies are a little bit different. The IQ is relatively high in dogs, but more the dog is clever, the more serious the problem is in his heart…”

“If by the time his activity space and the amount of exercise will be limited, he will be anxious and violent, this kind of temper is generally not like other dogs turned into aggressive, attacking others…”

“So, they’ll show it by biting and tearing at the furniture.”

At this time, Husky also felt that the little white tiger who was watching him was not malicious, and he resumed the normal Samoyed.

“It is generally believed that the Siberian Husky’s various guilty actions are actually because the Huskies are too anxious, so it will make people feel very good…”

“Dogs, such a high-intelligence animal, can actually control their behavior…”

“The more, the higher the IQ, the more they know how to control their behavior…”

“For example, when you play with them, put your hand in the mouth, they will not bite you hard, because they know who you are, they can control the behavior of the Lord himself.”

“Then, these two dogs will bite at home?”

Lin Xiaoxin looked at Chen Hao’s dogs and found that they really looked more heroic than the two dogs seen online.

“Before everything else, the IQ of the dog can control his behavior…”

“Generally, he can tell him what can bite and what can’t bite. He can remember…”

“Dogs and cats are different. Cats are independent and are big and proud. Miss.”

“The dog needs to be socially active. You should spend more time with him or find a few companions to accompany him…”

“He usually does not easily destroy the rules you set, and will not bite things…”

“You must know that these guys’ ancestors are pulling the sled in the Antarctic…”

“In that environment, if there is not enough IQ and calm behavior, human beings will not domesticate them as their assistants.”

“How to say it.”

Chen Hao said:

“It is a pity that a good field assistant has been raised into goods in the city.”

“That counts, it seems that I can’t raise dogs.”

Lin Xiaoxin said with regret:

“We don’t have a yard at home, and I don’t have the energy to pull up the dog at six o’clock in the morning.”

“Well, it is good to raise a cat. If you move to the suburb in the future, you can try to raise this kind of dog…”

“I have a lot of friends who are raising huskies in Xinyi and the Northeast…”

“They are especially handsome because they raise dogs…”

“The area is sparsely populated, and they can keep company the people to run around, and as long as they meet their amount of exercise, these guys won’t bother you.”

“Right …”

Chen Hao said with a snap:

“I still have something interesting. It’s too late today. I’ll show you tomorrow.”

“Okay, good.”

Lin Xiaoxin felt that big breasts girl was too kind, so the two soon became familiar.

The dogs were wiped clean because the temperature was just right at the moment, and the three dogs also took advantage of the night breeze to run around and play.

Several people took advantage of stray dogs, rushed to eat barbecue.

The little white tiger is really a feline.

Although the three dogs tentatively asked the little white tiger to play together, the tiger took a few heads and decided to lie on the grass and be lazy.

After all, the tiger is running in the wild every day in the animation, looking for the way home, the sport can no longer exercise, how can he accompany a few dogs to play.

Chen Hao looked at the little white tiger lying on his stomach, and Lin Xiaoxin leans on his flesh to serve it as a cushion.

She asked Frank:

“Such a big animal, even a cat, definitely needs exercise. Why does he usually sleep?”

“He’s for my friend, he comes, and he stays for a few days.”

Frank said at the tiger’s face:

“I can’t give it freedom.”

“Can I take some pictures with him?”

Chen Hao asked.

“Yes, take some.”

Frank nodded.

Anyway, five days later, the little white tiger will be going back without fear of trouble.

Chen Hao walked over and took a few photos with the tiger, and the tiger also cooperated.

After all, they belong to the feline.

Once they feel that human beings are not dangerous, they generally do not start with humans.

Therefore, the owner of the cat who is raising a one is generally not to let the cat hate him.

Otherwise, if he feels that he is in danger, even if he is kneeling on the ground to please him and if you offer a small dried fish, the cat will feel it poisonous.

It’s still reasonable to say that cats are like girlfriends.

If they think you are good, how can they be greasy, if they think you are bad, they will give you a slap if they do not dare to speak.

What is the truth, what is the lie, it doesn’t exist?

Chen Hao took a few photos with the tiger and took a few pictures of the tiger.

Frank realized that Chen Hao should be suspected of the identity of the tiger, but he did not prevent Chen Hao from acting.

After all, she is Chen Jian’s little aunt, and there are people in the circle of this IQ.

They will not be so mentally retarded that they go to the police station to report that Frank keeps a tiger at home.

At 9 o’clock in the evening, the weather has been a bit cold.

Chen Jian explained that Sicheng and Li Zihao would come early in the morning, so everyone plans to go to bed early and get up early tomorrow.

Chen Hao also agreed with Lin Xiaoxin to play the so-called fun things together tomorrow morning.

So, Frank and Lin Xiaoxin went straight back to the house to sleep.

Back in the bedroom, Frank asked Lin Xiaoxin:

“Do you take a bath or do I take a shower first?”

“I wash first, I wash first.”

Lin Xiaoxin quickly raised his hand:

“If you wash first, who knows what you’re going to do with this fellow?”

“I am such a pure person.”

Frank covered the heart and expressed his sadness:

“You don’t believe me.”


Lin Xiaoxin calmly looked at the Frank treasure, gracefully and calmly walked into the bathroom, and then locked the door.

Poor Frank, this bathroom is a separate kind of bathroom, the door is all wood, and there is no frosted glass or something that can make Frank feels some vague and fascinating beauty from the outside.

Bored, Frank had to take out his mobile phone for a while, but once he opened the phone, he found that his WeChat had a friend request.

Frank looked at the other party’s ID called Bai Nian is not smiling, is an id that he has not heard, but Frank looked at the reasons for the application, but later he knows who this is.

The daughter of the landlord’s family, “Ganzi.”

Before, Ganzi wanted the number of Frank and his girlfriend, but she was taken away by the tiger.

Now it seems that she should have got the numbers from Frank and from Frank’s mother, and then added him with her own number.

This little girl should not really be interested in himself.

Frank touched his chin and thought.