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Chapter 100 : Voyeur

Frank and Chen Hao talked until 4 o’clock in the morning, and they did not know how much time they had spoken.

Frank would have fallen asleep he is not having to stay up all the night because he has to present his medical thesis the other day when he comes back at home.

On the other side of Chen Hao, she also tired, and she dozed like a dog on Frank’s chest.

Because of the sultry heat, she even took off her coat she wore a small black vest, but she did not sleep.

It seems to be the same as to kill Frank’s flowers.

Frank almost wanted to kneel down for the beautiful girl.

He is male, and he could be so embarrassed.

He must don’t stay here with her.

But at this time, Frank saw that the little white tiger who had been squatting at his feet to refresh himself suddenly stood up and watched the direction of the door with vigilance.

Is someone outside the door?

Frank looked at the outside in a confused way and found that there was a dark shadow with a mobile phone in his hand.

Frank initially thought it was Mei Jie or one of the villa’s staff members saw that Frank’s door was not closed and come to make sure.

He did not feel relieved that someone was coming to watch him, especially with a mobile phone.

He gently shakes the little white tiger and said:

“Give me a hand.”

The little white tiger with animal nature heard the voice of Frank, immediately gave a low roar, and then flew toward the door.

Frank picked up the cup placed on the coffee table poured water on his face.

Then he reached up and touched the face to be waking up.

At the same time, the person outside the door saw the little white tiger that had been running towards him, he thought it was a big white dog.

The person who was outside turned to run, but as soon as he started running, the little white tiger sprang up like an arrow and jumped high, then he fell on the voyeur for not to let him escape.

With only one pounce, the voyeur was immediately fallen brutally to the ground.

However, the voyeur who is nailed to the ground did not lose his mind control he waved with his mobile phone, in an attempt to drive away the little white tiger.

The voyeur’s actions angered the little white tiger, and the white tiger’s front legs claws was directly pressed on the voyeur’s chest, and then his mouth opens on his hideous teeth close to the voyeur’s face, and he roar.

Even though the little white tiger is only a half-large tiger, his shouting is very strong like an adult one.

At the end, the decibels are enough to turn on the lights throughout the modern village that has awakened by the roar of the little white tiger.

Frank also walked out of the room at this time and saw the voyeur who was held down by the little white tiger.

The voyeur originally thought it was a big dog, but the little white tiger’s roar almost did scare his heart and lay down.

He didn’t move, he was nailed down on the ground.

He can’t think of it anyway, there is a tiger in this place.

Because the voice control lights in the corridor were already lit at this time, Frank saw the appearance of the man who was subdued by the little white tiger.

At first glance, he was quite familiar.

Frank thought carefully, yes he’s the man with the woman who had a sports camera at the cable car room two days ago.

When Frank walked past, the man shook his head with a guilty conscience.

Frank kicked the man gently on the cheek with his foot and forced him to turn his head to him.

“A few days ago, it was a sneak shot, and today it has become a steal.”

“No, I’m an independent journalist. I came here to film legally.”

The man looked at Frank and whispered with force.

The reason why he didn’t make such an aloud and vigorous noise like the last time, it’s because the little tiger still presses on his chest.

“You are reporter, your press card please.”

Frank said to the man.

“I did not bring the reporter card.”


Frank can be manly sure that this guy is never a independent journalist, and if he really is a journalist, he would not dare to use this word at that time.

It is common for reporters to sneak around everywhere, but in this kind of private place.

He was discovered by people in the middle of the night.

He dares to say that he is a independent journalist.

I’m afraid he will not hold his press card too long in his hands.

At this time, the guards on duty in the modern village rushed over-under the responsible leadership of Mei Jie, who was only wearing a long coat.

“What’s happen dear Mr. Frank?”

Mei Jie looked at Frank.

“Don’t ask what’s going on.”

Frank said to Mei Jie:

“Is there a camera in this corridor?”

“In order to protect the privacy of the guests, the villa has only installed cameras on the external fence of the village, there is no camera inside.”

Mei Jie said.

“Oh, I see.”

Frank glanced at the voyeur who was pressed by the little white tiger on the ground.

The voyeur heard that there was no camera on his face he immediately recovered a little, and then shouted.

“I am only curious about this place I entered in, and I had a look. You are not allowed to hit me, otherwise I’ll go in the police station to condemn you and in the end you will be sentenced.”


Frank sneered, then wave to the near guard to him to say something, the guard walked downstairs, and go to the kitchen and came with a new big boning knife and a pair of plastic gloves.

Frank put on a plastic glove, holding the boning knife and squat down near the voyeur.

Frank’s move suddenly frightened the man in the ground and immediately shouted with the fear:

“What are you doing? Don’t cut my hand.”

“Who wants chops your hand.”

Frank said as he reached out and grabbed the wrist of the voyeuristic man, and put the boning knife in his hand, to leave a fingerprint of the voyeur.

After that, Frank pulled out the knife.

“Knife burglary, more than ten years in prison, you are caught in the fire.”

Frank patted the man’s face, and then said:

“I am too lazy to talk to you, I will call the police immediately. In a moment, the police will pick you up, and we see if you or I will be sentenced.”

When Frank finished, he turned to Mei Jie in front of the man and said:

“Mei Jie, look for a few clever staff to string a confession, that this man turned into the village, picked up the boning knife that the chef had forgot to retrieve on the grass outside, and ran towards my room to rob me using this knife.”

“No problem, Mr. Frank.”

Mei Jie nodded and promised.

“No, don’t.”

The voyeur who was caught by the little white tiger immediately collapsed.

With a runny nose and tears in eyes, he said:

“I just want to come in to see what is in this village, ah I was wrong, ah I am wrong. Would you let me go?”

“This time I know it is wrong.”

Frank looked at the voyeur and said slowly:

“You must first give me the phone and the camera and then follow the guards to explain.”

The voyeur heard Frank’s words threw his mobile phone to Frank, as if he had been pardoned and then cried:

“There is only a mobile phone no camera, as long as you don’t call the police I will cooperate with whatever you say.”

“Only the mobile phone.”

Frank opened the voyeur’s mobile phone easily because there was no password, looked at the album photos.

He found that the voyeur took at least five photos of Frank both with Chen Hao’s.

The photos are clear because the room is light enough.

In addition, when the photos were taken, they were shot from the rear of Frank.

So, these photos look very warm.