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Chapter 108: Roommates

Xiao Hei said this and saw the shoes that Frank is wearing now, he touched his chin and said:
“You really don’t match shoes.”
Frank put his feet near the Xiao Hei and compared them.
The feet of the two were almost the same, so Frank said to Xiao Hei:
“You have extra shoes that you do not wear them.”
“You know, I’m a virgin man. I’m a cleanliness freak.”
“You are a thumb virgin.”
Frank looked at Xiao Hei and said:
“If you are not a sagittarius, you will find me.”
Frank said to Xiao Hei:
“As far as you have such of character, If you are not a shooter, you will find me.”
“You peeked at my ID card.”
Xiao Hei looked at Frank with his eyes wide open:
“When did you sneak into my house and secretly read my ID card, I said I have several original flavors that have recently disappeared.”
Frank wanted to spit out the black and original taste.
Xiao Hei knew that Frank’s mouth was poisonous.
He quickly waved his hand and said:
“Let’s go, I will take you to buy a new one.”
“Isn’t the mall door close at this time?”
Frank asked as he walked down to the floor with Xiao Hei.
“One of my relatives is selling shoes. I called him and asked him to send the keys to the store. We go there and will find him.”
The two walked down the building, because they were close, so they didn’t drive.
After more than ten minutes, they went to a luxury branded shoe store.
At the door of the store, a woman was waiting for Xiao Hei.
After seeing Xiao Hei, she handed a black key and left.
Xiao Hei opened the door and walked into the store with Frank.
Frank glanced at it and found it was the shoes of some big-name manufacturers.
“Xiao Hei, I always feel you are coming through from any film and television drama. You can get what you need.”
“Like you, I am a protagonist in film and television dramas.”
Xiao Hei leaned on the door frame and said to the other:
“You imagine, maybe you can think of me in that TV series.”
Frank saw a pair of Gucci leather shoes in the store very good, and he took it off the shelf and tried it.
It is just at the waist of his feet.
“You can get it, and you are still the protagonist.”
Frank said to Xiao Hei:
“As for your name, if I’m a director, I will not even make you run away, it’s always a name that lives with you.”
“Which director is so embarrassing.”
Xiao Hei picked up his eyebrows and spit.
Frank put the shoes he had tried before into the box and handed it to Xiao Hei.
“I will reply to my thesis in a moment, and you take my shoes with you first. I’ll come back to your house to pick them up.”
“The little one understands.”
Xiao Hei bent down.
Frank knows Xiao Hei is deliberately making troubles.
So, he puts his hands on his head and said with domineering:
“Little man, you drive, let’s go to school.”
“But today, the Princess asked Her Majesty to roll the sheets. Did Your Majesty forget that?”

“Who is the Imperial Princess?”
“The whole earth village can only have one Princess, that is you, dear Frank!”
Xiao Hei said with a bad laugh.
“You get me.”
Frank reacts with a hand saying hat:
“She can’t come back now, and it is estimated that this will be a legend.”
After Xiao Hei left, Frank wore a high-end suit and went to the school.
Unfortunately, he did not receive the admiration of the girls from the primary school on the way.
There are three other people in the dormitory talk for a while.
The time for the reply is coming, Frank went to reply.
After half an hour, the battle was successfully resolved and Frank came out.
The whole teachers did not notice how good the suit worn by Frank was.
But they were a little curious to know how the famous little class fugitive Master Frank had prepared such a high-quality thesis.
However, between the judges, Frank saw there was the President Jiang.
Last time, President Jiang followed Frank all the way.
With this guarantee, Frank felt his reply should be no problem.
After coming out of the teaching building, he will talk to the instructor about the internship hospital next days.
In fact, today, a few roommates are also called to gather.
Frank is too lazy to go back home; he simply went to the dormitory:
Frank lived in the dormitory for almost three years.
In the end, although he moved away, he still leaves his bed there, and it would be fine for a night.
The dormitory is a quadruple room, and the conditions are good, the structure of the bed and the bottom bunk is also very easy for students to transform this into an Internet cafe.
Well, there’s nothing wrong with college dorms being an Internet cafe with a bed.
There is nothing wrong with this.
There are three other roommates in the dormitory.
One is Tang Rui, a Sichuan native who does not eat spicy food.
He is usually called Rigor.
One is a peasant from Shaanxi who looks honest of an old farmer.
In fact, Zhu Longlong nicknamed Pipilong, is a poor skinned peasant.
The last one is the wrong roommate in the dormitory.
Originally, he should be an art student, but the family forced him to learn the medical sorrow of the not able, which is called Sao Wen for short.
Frank supports it for a while.
The three people in the dormitory came back after the reply.
“It’s a bud.”
Rigor came in and left his cell phone casually on the table then said:
“A teacher said I didn’t respect him with my clothes.”
Frank listened to Rigor’s words, looked up and found that Rigor’s half sleeves coming out of his pants.
It was actually pretty good.
But who told him to wear slippers for not to say who do not say to him.
” Frank, you are today, looks very good.”
Sao Wen came in and saw Frank’s suit, swearing.
“Is it robbing you of your thunder?
Frank said to Sao Wen on the computer desk.
“You are still almost close.”
Sao Wen licked his little ponytail, which was so long, and said:
“I am going to reply today. There is a female teacher staring at me for a long time, which is enough to prove I am still an old knife.”
“Don’t you hook it up?”
Frank said to Sao Wen:
“You’re not old, but you can also try it with an old scabbard.”
“Get it, don’t blow him, let him stop for a while, this time ago, this product provoked a primary school girl. The boyfriend of the primary school girl came directly by train and almost broke the dormitory.”
Zhu Longlong threw his casual suit on the bed and looked at the three people.
“Brothers, how do we say, how can we do it tonight?”
“Call a few sisters to swing together at KTV.”
Rui Geer writhed his neck.
The stock said:
“Yes, if you invite me. I’ll pay for it. How about that?”
Sao Wen looked at Rui Geer.
“If you want to call the girls of our class those of dormitory 401, it is okay to play together.”
Sao Wen immediately interrupted:
“We are almost graduated; we also called our own classmates. There is no point of interest, we can’t contact a few primary school girls.”
“As I know so much about you, I want to call you, too.”
Rigor is a good-looking man, he’s just a little fat, he doesn’t have much female affinity.
This boy in the university for three years, successfully put a soft meat in the gym to give the training of porcelain.
But there is still no egg, or look fat.
It feels like it’s evolved from a fake fat to a strong one.