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Chapter 129: you have a real skin

In the original regulations, it is indeed stipulated that as long as the police wear police uniforms, they do not have to show the people’s police card.

Therefore, Frank said half of the truth.

However, this year, the new regulations have been introduced. In the successive police training, it is clearly stipulated that the police will enforce the law. If the police are wearing police uniforms, they can’t show the people’s police cards, but the plainclothes police must show the people’s police cards.

Moreover, if the law enforcement object requires the dressed police to present the documents, they must present their own documents.

Otherwise, once the party reports.

The police’s law enforcement recorder does not record the people’s request to show his police card.

And if the police refuse to show the document, it is an irregular law enforcement act.

Of course, if the police do not wear law enforcement equipment, then the police need to find someone to prove it.

Fortunately, Frank is faced with a group of people who do not know the relevant regulations.

In fact, few people understand the twists and turn in this set of regulations.

So, Frank finally pulled the tiger skin. Although people are still skeptical and suspicious and begin to doubt it, they want to maintain the status quo.

A couple of a man and a woman and a middle-aged woman who are picking up things are finally unable to go.

Seeing the passing of time, Frank knows that he will come without the police, but if he carries the child out, it is estimated that even a fool knows what is going on.

And now many people have already opened cell phone video recordings. If they really take this child away now and estimate the spread on the Internet, even if the police dig three feet, they must find all of them.

The detection rate of Huaxia police in cases with a wide range of influences is really more than 99% per year.

The middle-aged woman and the leading suit man gave a wink, and then the middle-aged woman suddenly shouted, “My head hurts.”

Just when the crowd did not respond, the middle-aged woman suddenly pushed Chen Hao forward, and Chen Hao immediately stumbled and looked down to the ground.

Frank hurriedly walked over and stretched out Chen Hao, and Diana jumped down from the back of Frank while Frank bent over and pulled out people.

“Grandma Li.” Chen Hao was caught up by Frank to not fall down and saw the strong middle-aged woman was gone. Then Chen Hao burst into tears and threw herself on her grandmother who was sitting on the ground.

At this time, robust middle-aged women have been surrounded by several other men and women who have been encouraging the masses before, and rushed to the hospital for the reason of oral pain.

At this time, the strong middle-aged woman has been surrounded by other men and women who have been encouraging the masses before, and the reason why they surround the strong middle-aged woman is for taking a woman with headaches to get medical treatment at the hospital.

Other onlookers have not figured out the form, and no one has stopped them.

Until then, looking at the little Lolita Chen Hao, who was lying with Li’s grandmother, the crowd watched the reaction. The middle-aged woman was the kidnapper!

It was then that the siren sounded and a police car came towards it.

The crowd have an about-turn and left the road. The police car drove to the side of the road. And the two policemen came down. One of the policemen is Li Ge. Frank knew exactly he had seen him a few days ago.

“What is going on here.”

The two policemen saw that the situation was a bit embarrassing. Didn’t they say they had caught an elderly kidnapper? How can there be only a little girl crying on the old grandmother?

Li Ge casually found a passerby and was ready to ask him what was going on. However, because the reversal of what happened just now is really too great, so some of the more spectators who have a lot of dramas will gather together with Li Ge’s mouth-to-mouth to start talking about things.

However, this group of people talked for three or four minutes. Li Ge did not understand what was going on. What old grandmother kidnappers, plainclothes policemen, and the healthy middle-aged women who thought they were the parents of little girls were actually kidnappers.

It’s all about where it goes.

Frank just checked the body of Li’s grandmother at this time.

It was found that even though the face was bleeding, but some skin wounds were visible, they were not serious but soft tissue and visceral lesions, as Frank did not see them, he could not say anything there -above

At this time, Li Ge finally came here through the crowded crowd.

Frank stood up and turned around and looked at Li Ge, knowing he had less explanation for the trouble.

“Li Ge.” Frank waved.

“How is your kid?” When Li Ge just wanted to say something, he saw Frank quietly made a gesture that did not let Li Ge speak.

Li Ge suddenly understood something, he did not say anything about Frank. Instead, he looked at Chen Hao and Ms. Li, who was sitting on the ground and clinging to each other and asked, “What the hell is going on?”

Frank simply talked about the matter with Li Ge, and the passers-by also boasted the real wit of the little policeman.

Only then did Li Ge know that Frank had grabbed the tiger’s skin and he hugged the grandmother and the granddaughter.

Because the suspect had already run, Li Ge had to let most of the onlookers disperse first, and then affected the ambulance, and then asked if anyone would be willing to be a witness and go back to the police office to make a statement.

“I am willing, I am willing.” A tall, man with a briefcase came out. “I am going back to you as a witness. I just recorded the video.”

This thin man took out his big-screen mobile phone.

Although the phone looks a bit worn out, an old-style two or three years ago, but the pixel is OK, he clearly photographed the whole process, including the face of that strong woman.

“Thank you, thank you.” Li Ge thanked the thin man for his willingness to go with them and make a statement.

Because he had just asked this question, the passers-by of the crowd had gone more than half, better than the effect of his rush.

“No thanks.” The thin man said, “You are the people’s police, and I am the people’s teacher, we all serve the people and help each other.”

“How to call you.” Li Ge asked this thin man.

“My name is Sima Pi, and I am a Chinese teacher in Haiping City.” After Sima Pi had answered the words of Li Ge, he turned his head and looked at Frank. “This little policeman was very spiritual. If it weren’t him, we would have been deceived by those bad guys just now.”

“It’s okay.” Frank nodded modestly. He felt this teacher named Sima Pi. Although he was very decent, he was so funny.

“These individuals are really bold and not afraid of death. They dare use this method to rob children. Next time I meet them again, I’ll be the first to go up and grab them up and make them a leather sofa.

Three people were saying the ambulance was coming. Several doctors and nurses carefully carried Li’s grandmother into the ambulance. Li Ge said to Frank, “You both go back to my colleague, to make a statement. I follow this ambulance to the hospital.”

“Yes.” Frank nodded, then followed the teacher Sima Pi to the police car.

After finishing that the policeman takes the statement in the police car, the teacher Sima Pi who knows that Frank was originally a pretending policeman. He looked at Frank with a sigh of relief. He only said a word for a long time: “You have a real skin.”