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When trying to communicate with the Dalki, no words were spoken at all. Dalki could talk and have conversations with each other and humans. However, when Quinn had left his own body, he had never expected it to speak, but right now, not only was it talking, but it sounded like it was a completely different person.

This led him to think back to when Shiro had seen inside Quinn's mind to talk to Oscar. That his body currently contained two conciseness. He didn't exactly know how it worked, especially with the system, but that could only mean that the person talking now was…

"Vincent?" Quinn called out, a bit unsure if it was the case or not.

Quinn's body smiled back. "Look, I know I'm usefully more handsome than this, but it's the best I could do." Soon he was walking up to Quinn and looked up, placing his hands on his abs.

"How? How are you able to use my body? Aren't you stuck in the system? I thought it was linked. Is it because of the Amulet? I mean, it has to be." Quinn continued to ask multiple questions as he was stunned. Honestly, more than anything, he was unprepared for a meeting like so.

"Does that even matter?" Vincent asked as he continued to weirdly touch the Dalki's body. He didn't say anything but Vincent was actually trying to analyse what the creature was like. Stuck in the system, he had heard and learnt so much about them but had never met one in person. He felt like a baby who was experiencing senses for the first time again.

Although Quinn was mostly ignoring this. "The Dalki are quite tall, or maybe this body is short?" Vincent placed his finger on his chin before looking into Quinn's eyes.

"Honestly, I wanted to tell you something for a long time now, Quinn, and I was waiting until we were face to face. However, this might be the best chance I ever get to say it. So I'm going to say it now. I'm proud of you.

"When I created that book, I never thought anything like this would happen. I left it for our family. I wasn't sure if it would ever be needed. Of course, I thought something might happen far off into the future, but being on this journey along with you and everything you have been through, I never wished for it. Still, you were able to take everything on in your full stride, and I think more than anything I need to tell you how much of a good job you have done."

This wasn't the first time that Vincent had given Quinn praise. He had heard it numerous times as a voice in his head. Every time he did hear them, there was an overwhelming warm feeling inside him. This was why he was wondering this time, why there was a different feeling. He was trying the best he could to hold down the lump in his throat.

"Vincent…I hated you." Quinn said.

Hearing this, Vincent took a step back and tilted his head, looking at him strangely.

"At first, I mean. I hated your cocky attitude, how you would keep secrets from me when you could have helped out more. There were times where I didn't even completely trust you, thinking you were working for your own goal rather than mine, but I slowly realised that honestly, throughout all of this, there was one person who was always by my side and who had been dragged into this just as much as I was. Thank you."

After expressing their feelings, there was an awkward moment between the two of them. They had even turned both ways to face each other. Until Vincent, being the older one, turned back around.

"Why don't you give your grandpa a hug, huh?"

Before Quinn could do anything, the ground started to shake. More pods were shot out from the mothership and were landing. Interrupting the moment and they knew what they both needed to do.

Now knowing that Quinn was able to control his body while he was in another, Quinn had a few more questions he needed to do to find out what exactly was different. After asking a series of questions, Quinn found that his body was still mostly controlled by the Amulet more than he thought.

Whenever Quinn would give a command, Vincent claimed that the body would allow him to only do so much. Controlling it based on the restrictions set from the command itself. Based on the instructions given, it would also allow him to use the system, which was why Vincent, even with no prior knowledge of using the shadow powers, was able to.

There was a simple fix to this though, Quinn would simply command his body that it was free to do as he wished, and now Vincent could control it how he liked with full access to the system, also taking it away whenever he wanted as well.

"Wow, this is really a cheat. You don't have to think about doing anything. You can just access the system and use whatever you like. If any of the vampires knew about this, they would all want their own system." Vincent said after testing out a few skills. To a certain extent, Vincent knew what it was like, but knowing about it and experiencing it were two different things.

The last thing Quinn wanted to check was if there was anything that could be done with the Amulet to allow Vincent to control the Dalki body. However, no matter what they tried, it just wasn't possible. When Quinn would return to his own body, Vincent would return to the system, back to how he was.

On top of that, Vincent didn't have control of the Amulet's abilities. Only Quinn did. So whenever he wished, he could take energy from his own body, making him stronger.

"With all the tests done, I guess it's time for us to get to work", Quinn said.

"What do you want me to do? We've gotten this far mostly due to your own judgment, so I'll listen to whatever plan you have." Vincent said.


With Vincent in full control, Quinn, still in the Dalki body, they both went along to the mothership. Vincent was still having fun using the shadow skills and was currently heading straight towards the mothership. When they were getting close, Vincent would stay on standby a little distance away, and now Quinn in the Dalki body was ready to do what he had planned.

Just like with the last mothership, there was a camp that was being built underneath the mother ship. It looked to be more along the way compared to the last one. As if a fortress was to be made to stay there long term if need be.

Quinn's plan was to disguise himself within the Dalki group, hoping he could deal with the problem a lot easier while fighting as little as possible and losing as few lives as possible as well. After telling Vincent to give him a few scratches here and there, Quinn could feel the power of the Dalki blood energising him; it was different to the power he would take for himself with the Amulet. It was more of a raw energy.

Next he was off and heading straight for the camp. With his injuries on his body, the Dalki immediately came running towards him.

'This is good. This Dalki was from the scout team, so they should ask me what I saw if I'm like this.' Quinn thought. When the first Dalki reached him, he soon saw a fist coming towards his face, and the next second, his back was planted on the floor.

'What just happened? Did the Dalki just hit me? Could they tell it wasn't one of them?' Quinn thought.

"How could you come back alive!" The Dalki yelled. "We do not retreat!"

The Dalki had a significantly different culture compared to the humans, and Quinn needed to come up with a pretty good reason why he had returned.

"I need to make a report. All of our squads were wiped out, and it was by a vampire!" Quinn said, hoping this would be enough. "They said if we ran into them, we needed to head to the mothership."

Of course, Quinn didn't know if this was true or not. He didn't even know if the Dalki knew about other vampires, but he did know that the Dalki were working with vampires. To find out a vampire was killing their kind had to be big news.

After huffing and panting, it looked like some Dalki took the initial one away. Although most of them were hot-headed, it didn't seem that all of them were. Quinn was thankful for this. Eventually, another Dalki had approached him.

"It's good you came back alive. I heard that one of our Dalki ships was destroyed. Graham thinks that it couldn't have just been done by the humans alone and told us to report on everything. Head to the mother ship and inform them."

This was what Quinn was hoping for. After entering one of the smaller ships, Quinn was allowed to enter the mother ship. Once he was on board, he knew the place's layout relatively well due to being on the last one. However, he needed to travel by foot, and he had made a couple of wrong turns at some point, but he had eventually found the room he was looking for, the room where the jamming devices were located.

"What are you doing here!" A guard shouted.

Last time, Quinn had made a distraction, and the guards had run all over the place, but this time two one spiked Dalki stood by the door.

There could be no survivors knowing what Quinn was doing. Using the power of the Amulet, he started to transfer energy to himself. He grew stronger, and then when he walked up close to the guards, he grabbed both of them by the head and smashed them together as hard as he could. The skulls could be felt cracking, and green blood spilt from their foreheads.

The Dalki were caught completely off guard, never expecting such a thing. The next second, while dazed, Quinn lifted up both of his elbows, slamming down as hard as he could on top of their heads once again. It was a deadly blow.

'With the increase of my own body's power, I raised it to the same strength as a two spiked Dalki. We can do this. With Vincent in my body, he will be able to fight as well. He can protect the Shelters while I go off and destroy the motherships.'

Not long after, and the mother ship was seen falling from the sky once again.


Back at the Shelter where Linda and Wevil had been busy taking care of the injured fighters and resting themselves, they currently all had their eyes glued on a world event, and they weren't the only ones. They were watching a fight, which was about to occur between Hilston and a Dalki that they had never seen before, which had five spikes on its back.


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