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My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily

Author:Feelings of South

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UpdateTime:6/19/2022 10:13:50 AM

Updates:1097 Humiliated! Lu Guixin Part 21

Young Master Lu says, “My wife knows nothing at all and has a bad temper. You“d better not bully her.“ Gu Mang watches silently as this man warns everyone who comes his way.
Young Master Lu says, “Read properly. How can you remember anything if you flip the pages so quickly?“ Gu Mang takes up another book and reads it speedily.
Young Master Lu complains, “What should I do when my babe hat...
《My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily》 Text
1 A Menace!
2 Let's Go to Ming City
3 Two Big Bosses
4 Tian Que
5 Bring Your Son to the Bar
6 Competition at the Auction
7 Holding a Grudge
8 Big Shot is in a Bad Mood, and to Provoke Her Is A Death Wish
9 It’s That Mother and Child Again
10 Turns Out They're Brother and Sister
11 His Sister Has a Temper
12 The Capital
13 Nothing Worth Her Notice
14 The First Shot!
15 The Leading Brain Exper
16 Gu Mang was God!
17 Practically Absurd
18 The Bunch of Fools
19 The Old Grandmother Was Awake?
20 Shadow League’s Core Member, Arctic Fox
21 I Know How to Figh
22 Gu Mang's Viciousness
23 Xiwei's Medical Skills Are Improving
24 The Big Boss Wants to Go to School
25 Try Not to Stir Things Up
26 Seal Palace
27 The Big Shot Taking Action
28 All Zeros
29 Class One, Class Twenty
30 Flipping Ou
31 How I Got Zeroes
32 Add My WeChat?
33 Humph! You'll All Regret This!
34 She Obviously Ranks Higher, Duh!
35 Did Something Happen in School Today?
36 Profiting From Her Misfortune
37 The Appearance of Arctic Fox
38 Most Skilled at Doing Another Villain Dirty
39 A Competition in Year Three
40 Unwelcome Comments From Outsiders
41 A Be
42 Gu Mang, Don't Be Rash
43 Gu Mang Will Bring Ming City High School Back to Its Former Glory
44 The Nation's Best Revision Materials
45 Their Invigilator is Luo Songhua
46 Blank Answer Shee
47 I'll Treat You to Milk Tea
48 They're Indeed From Class One, For They Run Even If It's to Court Death
49 The Top Student of The Cohort Is From Our Class
50 Year Three Department's Emergency Meeting
51 They Have to be Expelled!
52 Shut Her Up With Her Ability
53 Unnatural Results
54 Surpassing the Top Student of Your Class By Acciden
55 Yinyin, She's Your Sister?
56 Critically Ill Again
57 Lu Residence
58 Pushing the Blame to Gu Mang
59 Unfortunate Tutorship
60 Have a Sleep in My Room for a While?
61 You're No Longer My Studen
62 The Bearing of a Big Sho
63 Consultation Fee
64 A Reminder For Certain People
65 How Is That Person Doing?
66 Dangerous Yet Fascinating
67 Ruthlessly Dragged Into a Blind Alley
68 Sowing Discord
69 Just a Random Answer?
70 I'm the Last. Is There Anything Wrong With That?
71 You Have the Face to Come to Such a Place?
72 Don't Ever Let Me Hear You Scold Her Again
73 Luo Songhua Ate Her Words!
74 Doub
75 The Powerpoint for the Assembly
76 The Slides Changed
77 Exposed
78 Stopping the Internet for an Hour
79 I Can't Let Her Suffer the Unfair Treatmen
80 I'll Give Them The Answer They Wan
81 The Truth of What Happened When She Was Five
82 Gu Mang Was My Goddess
83 Find Out Who Did I
84 Scared To Death
85 It Was Gu Yin Who Tried To Hurt You And Meng Jinyang
86 Shooting Herself in the Foot!
87 They Didn't Do Anything to Gu Mang, But She Just Wouldn't Let Them Go
88 The Infuriating Manners of the Big Boss
89 A Second Exposure! The Founding Queen of the Shadow League!
90 F*ck! What a Damaging Blow!
91 You Were Responsible For Everything
92 Ming City High School's Respected Figure
93 You're Looking for Death, Gu Yin!
94 Gu Mang is Really Awesome at Fighting
95 Jiang Shenyuan: I Suffered Defeat Under Her Hands
96 Seal Palace's Second Black Card
97 Give the Lei Family a Lesson
98 The Person Nurtured By the Big Boss
99 Your Apprentice Fired His Apprentice
100 The Big Boss Is at the Bank Entrance
101 Granny Lu Intervenes
102 Hacking Into Her Computer
103 Gu Mang, A God They Could Only Look Up To
104 The Meng Family Wants to Recognize Their Daughter
105 Are you disowning your parents once you have become promising?!
106 Irritable Big Boss
107 Unbelievable Results
108 Brother Cheng, See if that person was Gu Mang
109 Crossing of Swords at the Hotel Room's Entrance
110 What, Are You Looking Down on Traditional Chinese Physicians?
111 The Third Exposure! The Top Choreographer of the Showbiz!
112 Who on Earth is This Godly Big Boss?
113 Beautiful and Cool! Deadly for Both Men and Women!
114 Whose Call was Brother Cheng Waiting For?
115 Poking the Paper Window Separating the Two?
116 What a Typical Rich Girl, Unworthy of a Second Glance
117 Super High IQ! Super Siblings!
118 They Thought that Filming Sheng Ting's MV was just a Dream?
119 Sister Mang, Do You Want Sheng Ting's Autograph?
120 Chose Only the Foreign Books
121 What, You Wanna Fight?
122 A Card Suddenly Fell To The Ground
123 Identity Exposed?
124 It Turned Out to be Gu Mang!
125 Pronouncing a Diagnosis Effortlessly
126 You Are the Female Lead in Sheng Ting's MV?!
127 Does Things that She Dislikes on Purpose
128 Everybody is Looking for that Miracle Doctor
129 Ah, She Had Been Spotted
130 Sister Mang: Do I Have to Teach You About Abuses of Power?
131 Being Humble Online
132 You will have the Qin Family's Backing
133 Sheng Ting's New Album is Released Today
134 Identity Exposed
135 Ming City High School's Poster Girl
136 Becoming a Sensation in School
137 The Big Boss Leaving a Lifeline
138 The Ultimate Existence
139 Just How Many People Is The Big Boss Acquainted With?!
140 Studying How To Fight Civilly
141 Lei Xiao Eating His Words
142 Seal Palace, A Little Swee
143 Zero Points was the Goal
144 The Lei Family was Trying to Play Up to Us
145 The Ruthlessness that Sent Shivers Down Their Spines
146 Your Uncle's Family is Related to You by Blood
147 The "Best" Relatives Got Slapped in the Face
148 He Touched His Sister's Hand?!
149 He Would Be Able to Retaliate; He Meant It!
150 His Young Master Brought His Wife and Son Back?
151 There is Nothing that Sister Mang Doesn't Know
152 A Wild Way to Play, Design Draft.
153 A Sleazy Move By The School
154 Teaching Sister Mang a Lesson?
155 Very Famous Talented Designer?
156 The Big Boss At Work Once Again
157 The Design
158 Do You Know Who is Zhou Xintang's Master?
159 The Best Design
160 I Like the Type Who is Rich
161 I Specially Designed the Costume
162 Unprecedented Bustle in Ming City Opera House with the Gathering of Big Bosses
163 Uncouth Words
164 Other Performances Avoided Clashing with Big Boss' Dance
165 The Audience Shocked Again
166 My Student, Zhou Xintang's New Design
167 Identity Exposed Again
168 Of Course She Would Crash the Scene
169 Sister Mang Getting Into I
170 Experimental High School's Siege
171 Qin Fang: I Exposed the Big Boss' Identity?
172 Making False Counter-charges
173 The Fourth Exposure! Lan Ting's Super Mysterious Designer!
174 First Round of Humiliation
175 Second Round of Humiliation
176 The Big Boss Eating at a Roadside Stall
177 Placing the Tables Side-by-Side
178 Coincidentally, I'm Not a Such a Good Person Either
179 Identity Revealed and Now They're Anxious
180 The Gift Arrived, But Not the Person
181 I'll Hit You Wherever I wan
182 Riding the Fiercest Horse
183 Trying to Put Down Gu Mang with a Show of Strength
184 Shoot I
185 She Knows How to Tame Horses Too?
186 Cheating
187 Gunshots
188 Eating Crow! Can You Treat Her So She Becomes Permanently Disabled?
189 She Can Really Ac
190 Sister Mang: Quite Impressive That You Can Even Lose a Sports Car
191 It's Not Expensive If It's For You
192 Year Three Has Turned Into A Foul Environment Because Of Her
193 Chapter193: Gu Mang is not Cut Out for Studies
194 Ming City is Thrown into Chaos
195 Fearful Female God is Too D*mn Savage
196 How Should Fights Be
197 Better Not Mess With Her
198 Roses Delivered to Seal Palace
199 Getting Rich Overnigh
200 Gu Mang Was Jealous Of Gu Yin.
201 I'll Do Better In The Next Exam
202 You Wrote the Answers on the Paper?
203 Fortune God Sister Mang
204 An Exceptional Forensic Pathologis
205 They were Overwrought for Days but Sister Mang Solved It In Under Ten Minutes
206 Sister Mang said to Brother Cheng, "What Do You Want?"
207 I've Passed The Homework To You, Sweety
208 You Don't Mind Your Parents Giving All Their Inheritance to Gu Yin?
209 A Whole Year's Service. Sister Mang: Deal
210 First in the Nation; Even the Capital University is Begging Her to Join
211 Your Goddess Scores Zeros for Everything; Ranked First From the Back
212 Creating Trouble at Experimental High School's Entrance
213 Going Up Onto The Trending Topics Again
214 Eating Crow
215 Second Round of Humiliation
216 When the Immortals Fight, the Mortals Suffer
217 Lu Shangjin: Calm Down, Don't Act Rashly
218 Who Dares to Mess With Sister Mang
219 They are Geniuses
220 Brother Cheng: When Will You Return?
221 A Comparison Between the Sisters
222 Gu Mang: I'm Not Done Choosing
223 He's a Boy Who Is Not Even as Cool as a Girl!
224 You Know My Price
225 Gu Mang's Boyfriend?
226 How Do the Big Bosses Speak?
227 Brother Cheng is Busy Dating and Has No Time for Us
228 If She Wants to Head Up to the Sky, I will Carry the Ladder for Her
229 You're Asking For Death!
230 Gu Mang Is A Very Well-Known Name
231 They Tried to Attack Me but were Not My Match
232 Xi Yan's Interrogation
233 Why Apologize? Why Compensate?
234 Natural Investigator
235 Sister Mang: What a Nonsensical Lawyer's Letter
236 What a Way to Handle Matters
237 Evidence Found
238 No One Knew Criminal Law Better than Sister Mang
239 The One Time When She Scored Full Marks For All Subjects Ten Years Ago
240 Stopped Pretending?
241 They are Here to Look for You
242 Staying Here Hinders Gu Mang's Ability to Shine
243 I'll Show You What Daylight Robbery Is
244 I'm Impatient, Don't Make Me Wai
245 They are So Narrow-Minded and Revengeful
246 The Long-Awaited National Exams
247 They Met At the Exam Hall
248 Sister Mang: Seems Like I Was Too Soft On You
249 Submit The Paper Early to Game
250 Aren't You Afraid of Being Barred from Taking the Examinations for the Next Three Years?
251 Predicted Scores; Who will be the First?
252 Results
253 Get Gu Mang Over
254 Gu Yin was Controlling the Scores?
255 Finding Fault?
256 Perfect Score for the Second Time in History. Which Province is the Student From?
257 First! First in the Nation!
258 Just What Happened With The Examination This Time!
259 Top in the Nation, Ming City High School, Gu Mang
260 On the Trending Topic Again
261 Something's Up
262 Surveillance Cameras in the Exam Hall, Insufficient Evidence
263 My Scores Depend on My Mood
264 10 Years Ago; Seven Years Old? Year Three?
265 Sister Mang: Specialized Font Type for Scoring Full Marks
266 Eating Crow
267 Second Round of Humiliation
268 Why Do You Enjoy Scoring Zeros?
269 Teacher from Medical School's Admission Office
270 Monster at 'Spoiling the Market'
271 Big Boss Said, "No Special Treatment"
272 Had Not Taught a Student with a Perfect Score and Did Not Know How
273 Remove My Name from the Interview Lis
274 Letter of Intent From Many Schools
275 A Bunch of People Came to Ming City
276 Medical Organization in Ming City
277 I am Here for Fun
278 Interviews Officially Began
279 Confirming on a Major
280 Giving You Senior Member Status
281 Are You Rejecting Us?
282 Come Back With Us In The Afternoon
283 Finding Them an Eyesore
284 Wanting to Train a Child Better Than Gu Mang?
285 Huh? Are You Intending to Hold a Birthday Celebration for Me?
286 It Is Too Late to Say Anything Now
287 That Looks So Much Like Love!
288 Brother Cheng Getting Aroused
289 No wonder people look down on medical organizations
290 So This Is What It Is Like To Be Blinded By Lust!
291 It Didn’t Look Like the First Time
292 The Big Shots Gather at World Restaurant for the Birthday Celebration
293 Love Me, Love My Dog: Elder Tan's Status Has Risen to Teacher of the Empress
294 Gu Si: Suddenly wanting to take the university entrance exams...
295 The Top Student's Support Group
296 Are There Any More Friends Coming?
297 Rich Lady
298 The Principal of Capital University Came Personally
299 An Unparalleled Status
300 At Midnight She Turns Eighteen While the Doorbell Rings
301 A Handwritten Letter. You Can Go Back Now.
302 I Never Want to See Ms. Gu Blow Up a Second Time
303 There Is No Place For Me
304 If You Have Time, Come and Visit the Research Lab
305 Big Boss Is Always One Step Ahead
306 Taking One Month Leave
307 Check On Lin Shuang
308 Pick Up Point, Stir Things Up
309 The Two Groups Are About to Get Into a Figh
310 Big Boss Has Went Berserk For Her Partner
311 Whose Arms Did You Say You Would Cripple?
312 Brother Cheng, It's Sister-in-Law!
313 I Wonder When These Two Will Stop Wasting Time
314 This Is Hard to Explain
315 Ah, It Seems like She Played with Fire
316 Big Boss Seemed to Be Psychotically Formidable in All Aspects
317 You're Still Playing? Aren't You Afraid of Not Being Able to Leave Today?
318 Big Boss Arrives in Country K
319 They Despise Being Boys Who Help to Carry Bags
320 Leaked News. The Whole City Is Looking for Big Boss.
321 Everyone Has Been Fooled
322 Be Serious, It Isn't Child's Play This Time Round
323 Suspicion. The Older One Is The Better His Medical Skills Are?
324 I Knew It, The President Feels Uneasy
325 Exposed in Front of Everyone
326 Erroneous Treatment Damages Yang
327 Your Big Boss is Still Your Big Boss
328 Standing Before the Pure White Healthcare Bed Dressed in All Black
329 They Will Tarnish the Miracle Doctor's Reputation Personally!
330 Big Boss is More Valuable than the Top Assassin 'Silence'
331 Really Wanted to Meet Arctic Fox in Person
332 She is the Real Big Boss
333 Fighting Over Becoming her 'Younger Brother'
334 She is The Student that Master Bi Wanted To Have Back Then
335 Wanna Form a Team?
336 Hemoptysis Coma
337 Are You Doing It or Am I?
338 The Big Boss Could Show Off so Easily
339 What does the most mysterious master of Chinese medicine look like?
340 The Collaboration Has Ended One-Sidedly
341 Someone Just Wants to Act Recklessly
342 Miracle Doctor, Today Was Just a Misunderstanding
343 Go Die!
344 First Round of Humiliation
345 Second Round of Humiliation
346 I'm My Own Substitute
347 Look for Lu Family
348 Gu Mang is Still Young. You Need to Know Your Limits
349 Are You Conning Your Father?
350 Cold on The Outside, Passionate on The Inside. Brother Cheng, This Time I'm Serious
351 All Information Has Been Erased
352 This is Simply Humiliating Country K
353 Doubting Gu Mang?
354 Has The World Really Gone Mad...
355 Gu Yin is Thinking About the Doctors Trained in Chinese Medicine at the Capital
356 The Power of Seven Billion Dollars
357 Sister Mang Is Very Innocent:
358 A Tight Slap Across An An's Face
359 Why Haven't You Learned to be Obedien
360 If No Blood is Shed, You Won't Learn the Lesson by Hear
361 Aim Properly and Fire
362 Only Five Words Under Personal Information...
363 Hugging Her Wais
364 How Seriously Were You Going to Bite Me?
365 Have You Played to Your Heart's Content? It's My Turn Now
366 If You Continue to Laugh, I Will Kick You Out of My Room
367 The Fifth Exposure! Mercenaries's Mortal Weapon!
368 His Young Master's Skills Seemed to be Outstanding
369 The Big Boss is Here
370 Some Things are More Fun at Nigh
371 She Just Wanted to Make Him Mad.
372 Your Big Boss...
373 Recognizable With a Glance
374 Being Invincible is so Lonely
375 Who Is The Stupid Pervert Who Deceived His Sister
376 Has Silence Gone Crazy?!
377 Take a Look at the Training Surveillance Room
378 This Was Truly Perverse!
379 It Would Really Be Unlike Him to Not Stir Trouble Within Red Flame
380 Brother-in-Law? Wait Till He Marries my Sister Firs
381 Inexplicably Familiar
382 An Immortal Had Come?
383 Prodigy with Terrifying IQ
384 Lu Chengzhou was Dead Meat!
385 Why Not Just Kill Him
386 Since We Can't Fight Him Openly, I Don't Believe that We Can't if We Play Dirty
387 Acting Battle with Master Si
388 All Men Mobilized.The Matter Got Out of Hand!
389 Dug A Bigger Trap
390 What A Job Well Done!
391 The First Wave of Assassins: On The Way Back to The Small Villa
392 Second Wave of Assassins
393 There Aren't Many People Who Can Do This Internationally
394 Which Psycho Lacks Morals?!
395 Freaking Gone Out Of Hand!
396 Video Invitation
397 First Suspec
398 Yun Ling’s Mentality Has F*cking Collapsed
399 M’s Second Appearance.
400 Any News?
401 Using Oneself as Bai
402 Capture
403 Who gave out the mission?
404 Gu Mang and the assassination attemp
405 Restoring the conversation record
406 I did all that, so what can you do to me!
407 Pick Up, He's Getting Angry
408 Red Flame, Exposed Identity?
409 It's Over, It's Really Over Now.
410 Mingyu Island. Everyone Is Here To See The Big Boss
411 The Two Big Bosses Have Me
412 Sister Mang: Don't Be Nervous
413 I've Deeply Offended My Girlfriend
414 You'll Accept It Even if I Kill You?
415 They All Went Crazy As They Looked at Gu Mang
416 Brother Cheng, Do You Have To?
417 Upse
418 Xingzhi's high blood pressure
419 How Much Money are You Preparing to Use to Court the Girl?
420 Seven Days. Is It Over Between Him and Her?
421 Look For Gu Mang. Now!
422 Sister Mang: Would He Even Die?
423 Enforcement Hall Rescue
424 Alright. Cremate him.
425 Lunatic!
426 All The Subordinates Were Dumbfounded
427 Identity Revealed. Xing Zhi: I'm Too Freaking Scared
428 Qin Fang: I Don't Care About My Pride Anymore!
429 The Nation's Excellent Doctor
430 There Are After-Effects
431 Are You Thinking Of Looking For Someone Else?!
432 What's The Hurry?
433 Our Big Boss is not a Lustful Person
434 Top 3 Tycoons
435 Tough Question, the Big Boss is Interested Now
436 Call Gu Mang Out For A Figh
437 Leaving After Flirting
438 How Many Wicked Things did Lu Chengzhou Exactly Do?
439 Who Is Helping Them?
440 His Sister Is Too Cool!
441 I Didn't Hack Their System Recently
442 Sister-In-Law, Do You Still Have Any Other Persona?
443 You Haven't Recovered But You Are Already Thinking A Lo
444 Everyone Seated Here Is Trash!
445 No Answer and No Return Call
446 Something Happened to the BESE
447 The Big Shot Taking Action
448 I'm Too Lazy to Play With Them
449 A Humiliation Tip a Day
450 A Slap For You!
451 Enemies Often Cross Paths
452 Brother Cheng: I Have A Rather Weak Mentality
453 The Little Bro Who Shocked Everyone
454 Instant Victory, Believe It or No
455 Cozying Up To Someone Powerful Badly
456 I Have A Friend
457 In Seconds, They Became Trash
458 Quota. The Juniors Are Ready To Begin
459 Isn't It Good To Be Your Sister? Must I Be Your Apprentice?
460 Big Boss Is Too Cool, I Don't Dare To Watch Her
461 Nice. The Reply Is Very Much Something That Would Come From 'Big Boss'
462 The Assessment Ends
463 Sis, Did You Do This?
464 Returning To Ming City High School
465 That Face Was A Proper Pass
466 Blocked
467 Take Your Sister's Things Along, We Are Returning
468 Sis, Brother-in-law Is Calling.
469 Is Ms. Gu Really Just Toying With His Master?!
470 No Man Could Bear That!
471 Think before Speaking
472 Ms. Yu is Well-Informed
473 F*ck...
474 The Annual Recruitmen
475 Being A Third Wheel
476 Young Doctor Took The Money and Shirked Responsibility?
477 I Won With Sexual Attractiveness?
478 It's Better This Way
479 A Rather Big Case
480 Would A 'Gold Medal Lawyer' Like Him Need Gu Mang's Help?
481 Big Boss Lost Thrice In A Row, Everyone Was Shocked
482 If I'm Not Doubting My Existence, I Am About To
483 Big Boss's "It's Alright"
484 Saying This With a Deadpan Expression...
485 Why Don't You Major in Law?
486 The Real Big Boss, Bai Ye
487 Big Boss Is Trending Again!
488 Who Dared to Do This to His Young Master?!
489 A Formidable Person Came for the Interview
490 Intense Competition. Letting Gu Mang in through the Back Door?
491 How Can The Two Compete With Me?
492 Eliminate Both Of Them
493 Where Is Gu Mang?
494 How Long Have They Been Standing Behind Her?
495 Interviews Begin
496 You've been Set Up!
497 Search Everyone
498 Identity Exposed, Fools! She's your boss!
499 Time For Excitement! It's So Crazy that He Wants To Cry...
500 Let's Compare Our Backups
501 Exceptionally Obnoxious Explanation
502 You're Rather Suave, Huh?
503 Little Grandmaster, Don't Be Rash...
504 I Have Saved Some Face For You!
505 Offended At First Encounter
506 Ruined Yourself
507 Brother Cheng: Let Me... Hear You Do Dubbing Next Time
508 How Are You Recovering From The After-Effects?
509 It's Good to be Alive and He was Not Looking to Die
510 Are You that Happy that I've Recovered?
511 Disguises Are Dropped Every Day
512 The Salon Membership Card was The Real Black Platinum Card!
513 Humiliated! The Person That He Looked Down on Most Became Someone That He Could Never Match Up To!
514 Only Better
515 Trying to Get Gu Si's Custody?
516 Will He Be Angered to Death
517 Spit Them All Ou
518 Handing Out an Eight Figure Sum!
519 Meeting the Family
520 Is Brother Cheng that Good at Setting Up Traps Everyone
521 You Look so Adoring, No Wonder Someone Fell for Your Beauty
522 Brother Cheng: What is Good about Me?
523 After Messing With Me For Three Months, It's Time For You To Pay Up
524 Scared? Not Even When I Was Ten.
525 Very Flagrant!
526 Does One Get Addicted To Being a Parent?
527 Explain Your Chat History
528 Can't Make It? Me?
529 You Are Not Allowed To Take The Exams Because You Are Too Intelligent.
530 All The Disguises Shattered On The Ground!
531 Brother Cheng, Shall I Buy You A Hot Search?
532 She Cannot Compare to Me
533 The Most Precious Notes
534 Exam Results Release Date
535 Don't Tell Me It's Another Perfect Score
536 An Honor to Have Her on I
537 Wrong, All Wrong...
538 Play Along With Him
539 The Gathering of Shadow League and Red Flame at the Graduation Party
540 I'm Feeling Happy. I Want To Celebrate With You.
541 Asking For It Again
542 Be A Human
543 He Just Has To Break The Rules
544 That Big Boss Has Such Special Likings
545 All Parties Are Investigating You
546 They Are Special!
547 The Highest Position in Jijing Continen
548 Would the Lu family choose Gu Mang, someone who has no strong background?
549 She Has Never Attended a Fancy Party Before
550 The Person In Control of Lan Ting
551 Is She Your Fiancée?
552 It Turned Out That Everyone Was Completely Wrong About Them
553 First Round of Humiliation
554 Second Round of Humiliation
555 Humiliated So Much that Her Face is Already Swollen
556 You Can't Mention a Single Word
557 Full On Surprise From the Star
558 She Pressed Her Hat Down Once Got In The Car.
559 Stop Womanizing Out There
560 The Gu Family of Jijing Island
561 Don't Back Out, Go Ahead Firs
562 My Stamina... Is a Little Poor
563 I Have This Sudden Feeling That I’m a Beas
564 The Big Boss Wants to Keep a Low Profile on Her First Day of School
565 Unparalleled
566 Asking for Trouble
567 Pissed Off Sister Mang at The Entrance of Capital University
568 I Don't Hit Harshly or Lightly
569 There Would Be a Ruckus at Capital University
570 There Are People Who Want to Meet Her in Person
571 Professor Yang Is Afraid to Be Turned Down Again
572 Becoming Popular On the First Day Of School
573 I'll Try My Best Not to Make Others Question Their Existence
574 It Was Not Easy to Get Hold Of Them, so You Better Be Careful
575 You Will Not Be Staying In the Dorms Forever, Gu Mang
576 Who Do We Nominate For The Class Committee?
577 The Big Boss Behind Yu Zhongjing
578 People Are Always Jealous Of the Big Boss
579 The Meeting Of the Two Big Bosses at Military Training
580 Getting Set Up at the Assembly
581 Nation-Wide Humiliation
582 The Big Boss Is About to Give a Speech on Stage
583 The Speech Ended Well But She Did Not Step Down
584 Control The Audience. The Way The Big Boss Lectures Others.
585 I'll Let You Know Who's The Boss
586 Evidence
587 Everyone Heard That!
588 Not You? Then Explain This Document.
589 How Much Longer Are You Going To Sling Mud at Gu Mang?
590 Bring It On! Let's See Whose Background Is Better!
591 I'll Let You Know That You're Messing With the Wrong Person
592 Want To Slap Me?
593 Charging Straight to the Reserve Base
594 Could You Be a Lost Daughter of a Prestigious Family?
595 Let Gu Mang and Su Jiaying Reconcile
596 No Party Can Bully The Weak In Front of Gu Mang
597 In Terms of Family History and Background
598 About Gu Mang's Origins
599 Yu Zhongjing Slapping Others in the Face Over the Phone
600 Do You Want To Lose Your Money or Be S*xually Assaulted?
601 Tingling Sensations
602 Returning to the Dorm With Redder Lips Than Usual
603 I Am Your Grandfather
604 When Big Boss Isn't Here, They Are Worried Sick
605 I Don't Know How to Teach the Big Boss
606 Big Boss's Results Are Too Poor
607 You Have Been Muted By The Admin For A Month
608 Outrageous Assessmen
609 The Relationship Between the Chief Instructor and Gu Mang Is Exposed
610 Unexpected Inciden
611 The Big Boss Takes Part in the Competition
612 Shocking Name
613 Big Boss Is Here To Play
614 Don't Worry, I'll Take It More Seriously
615 Last To Run
616 The Competition Officially Begins!
617 Big Boss' Crushing Victory
618 Breaking Records
619 Asking For Humiliation
620 Sister Mang: I Will Carry You!
621 No Evidence Needed
622 Her Humiliation Has Begun
623 Move It More Quickly. It’ll Save Time.
624 Big Boss Shows Off and Breaks Another Record
625 First! First for Everything!
626 I Like Setting Records
627 Can You Be Any More Flirtatious?
628 Is There Any News About the Miracle Doctor?
629 Raise the Price! Keep Raising It Until They Accept Our Mission!
630 Tsk. What a Jealous Lover He Is.
631 Checking Each Other Ou
632 Playing a Very Familiar Piano Piece
633 I Hope You’ll Reconsider Your Decision
634 10,000 Ways To Make a Killing
635 Fighting Over Someone
636 The Special Pass to Join the Student Union and Clubs! The Treatment A Big Boss Receives!
637 A Meal at World Restaurant, Sister Mang Controls the Situation
638 Invited Together, but Sister Mang Chose A Second Major
639 Junior Seems To Be Very Clever
640 Another Godlike Figure is Coming to The Dormitory
641 Fans Go Crazy As Long As He Dances! Trending Page Blows Up!
642 There's Nothing Sister Mang Can't Do.
643 You Look Like A F*ckgirl
644 Homework Keeps Getting Neglected
645 Dream Come True! Talk About the Importance of Cozying Up to Someone Powerful!
646 Gu Mang the Human Cheat Code
647 Jijing Island's Four Major Clans
648 The Big Boss Has the Rich Lady's Contact Number
649 Piano Piece's Face-Slapping Aler
650 Welcome Night's Highlight and Big Shots
651 The Performance Put On By The Medical School Hyped Everyone Up
652 First From The Top or The Bottom! Sending the Master Mix
653 Rumors Are Spreading All Around School!
654 Sky-High Price Copyright! Top Three Hits on Trending!
655 Lu Family vs Bi Family. Gu Mang Selling The Rights on Gu Yin’s Behalf?!
656 No One’s Ever Dared To Lay Claim on My Things
657 The First Wave of Humiliation
658 The Second Wave of Humiliation
659 Flight Restriction Order and an Apology From Country K’s President!
660 Are You Happy Now?!
661 Gu Si Likes To Play Dark Tricks
662 Cashing In
663 Latest Examination Report! There Is a Good Prospect!
664 Big Boss Disconnected
665 Progress of The Blood Institute. Abnormal Data
666 The Highest Honor in the Academic Field
667 Scram!
668 Serious Emotion Management Issues. Disappeared for Two Years
669 Okay, Fine, Daddy Will Help You Realize Your Wish
670 Returning To The Lu Residence For The Mid-Autumn Festival Banque
671 She Thinks She Has The Support of The Lu Family, But She Doesn't Know Her Place
672 I'll Look After Uncle Lu's Family
673 Humiliation. Taught A Lesson On The Spo
674 Brother Cheng Is Mad. I Dare You To Say Another Word
675 All Of You Have To Get Out Of Lu Residence
676 Pulse-Taking
677 Are You Intending To Deal With Her?
678 Brother Cheng Meets Gu Mang's Friends at Zhuque Street's Night Marke
679 Privacy? You Two Are on Good Terms?
680 Condolences
681 All The Elite Personnel Have Secretly Arrived At The Blood Institute
682 Another Big Move
683 Exam with S-Class Level of Difficulty
684 Sister Mang's Sleazy Move
685 The Downfall of the Most Popular Freshman?
686 Mind Your Hands, Don't Touch Them
687 Arrogant Sister Mang! Revision Materials!
688 Strange Activities at Red Flame
689 Professor Yang Apologizes for the Unfair Treatmen
690 Do Gu Mang and Yang Tianming Know Each Other Very Well?
691 Is She Trying To Look Smart by Displaying So Many Books on the Bookshelf?
692 Have Fun on Your Own. I'm Not Free.
693 Checking Results
694 Neat & Tidy
695 Overwhelming Intelligence! Crazy Face Slaps!
696 More Face Slaps & the Forum Blows Up!
697 Never Look Back When She Blow Things Up
698 They Were The Ones Who Coerced Me To Take The Exam
699 Master? My Mentality Is Broken Again
700 Pissed Her Off At The Discussion
701 The Seventh Exposure! The Female Chief Forensic Doctor in The Criminal Division!
702 Secret Information
703 Public Execution on the Forum! Moving Back to the Royal Garden
704 Distress Letter from Mingyu Island
705 Do You Think I Can Still Keep Myself Hidden?
706 I'm Studying. Control Yourself
707 Special Research Project. Big Boss Is Keeping A Very Low Profile
708 Humiliated Everyday! Cannot Coexist With Red Flame!
709 Do I Know Too Much...
710 Are you crazy?! Don't Be Rash!
711 Apology, Invited to Observe the Surgery
712 Zero Error! I Believe in Myself More!
713 The Outside World May Be Fascinating, but Please Remember That You Already Have a Husband
714 Do You Feel Secure Now?
715 There Are Two Sides To Everything. Let's See Who Plays It Better!
716 Getting Even With the Idiots
717 What's Your Rank, Gu Mang?
718 Made A Solemn Vow! Humiliated Right After!
719 Accident! What's The Use Of Apologizing?!
720 Return The Humiliation To Her
721 Eerie! What Happened To Her?
722 Blood Clotting Disorder. On The Verge of Raging.
723 I've Been Holding My Temper All This Time. Now I Can't Hold It In Anymore!
724 All Smashed On The Ground! Not A Single Item Left!
725 No Time To Talk Nonsense With You! Search!
726 Rage! Cracks In The Sofa's Armrest!
727 Bankrupt, Annex!
728 Don't Even Think of Escaping! An Arrest Warrant!
729 Arrest Her! The President of The Lawyers' Association's Signature
730 She Borrowed Her Life. Why Is She in Such a Hurry to Return It?
731 I'm Controlling Myself And Trying My Best Not to Cripple Her
732 Could Lose Control Any Time
733 A Promotion Opportunity For You
734 Apologize! Compensate! Go To Jail!
735 Are You Trying To Disgust Me?
736 First Round of Humiliation
737 Second Round of Humiliation
738 Go Look For It in the Black Marke
739 A Change in the Capital
740 Be Wise and Learn From Her Lesson
741 Cover Up The Shortcomings! Brother Cheng: I'm Marrying Her Next Time!
742 The Lu Residence Seeking Death Again
743 Quickly Leaving Old Madam's Yard Miserably After Being Scolded By Her
744 Watch Your Attitude. Let The Subordinates Do The Rough Work Of Beating Them Up.
745 Lu Qi: I Learned Something
746 Isolated By Everyone, Even If She Begs!
747 I Concede, Let Me Off
748 Tapped The Cup To Her Face
749 The Big Boss Who Is The No. 1 School Beauty and School Hunk
750 Never Waited Overnight For Revenge!
751 Already Dead, Collect The Corpse
752 Yu Group's Private Hospital
753 Medical Manuscripts
754 In a Bad Mood
755 Courting Death, Huh? I'll Play Along.
756 A Score to Settle and a Deal to Strike
757 Does The Professor Treat Her Like Nothing? Non-Disclosure Agreement.
758 Siding With Outsiders So Badly
759 Giving Up a Rare Opportunity to Someone Else
760 Jijing Island, Mysterious Materials
761 If I Don't Wait For You, Who Else Can I Wait For?
762 Leng Xuan and Others Arriving in the Capital
763 Most Confidential Information: Potential Talen
764 On-Site Trading, The First Encounter
765 Visit To The Museum. Do You Not Have Any Legs Or Any Eyes?
766 The Miracle Doctor Appeared!
767 The Ten Wonders Of The Shadow League
768 The Last Step Of The Experimen
769 Leng Xuan Interferes With The Participants Name Lis
770 No Hope Of Being First Place
771 It's Just Gu Mang's First Time And You Let Her Be In Charge Of The Operation?
772 Which Blind Person Triggered The Little Devil?
773 To Murder The Witness Or No
774 I'm Here to Spice up Your Life a Little, Elder Leng
775 Media Outlets Getting Hacked!
776 New Knowledge Learned When Gu Si Strikes Again
777 Mysterious Person Hacks Into Weibo
778 There's an Extra Name on the Lis
779 Group Chat Is Flooded. Big Boss Is Angry.
780 What Is Ms. Gu Going To Do?
781 An Accident At The Lu Residence.
782 Gu Mang Really Ruined It This Time
783 Condition Worsened, She Could... Anytime
784 Arriving at Jijing Island, Superior Connections
785 The First Person the Bai Family Calls
786 Everyone Charges; See, See, See, See My A**, Scram
787 Bottom of the Barrel. I Have Come Across People Who Go to Examinations Unprepared, But I Have Never Come Across Anyone Who Go to Competitions Unprepared
788 Under-the-Table Manipulations During the Ballo
789 The Core Group of The Medical Association! The Siblings Have A Crazy Physique!
790 Pack Up And Get Ready To Leave. Written Test Results
791 No.1, Gu Mang, 100
792 She's Only Qualified And Worthy If I Let Her Win.
793 Chapter 793
794 Who Told You That We'd Be Returning To The Capital Later?
795 Action!
796 Humiliated! Play The Recording And Shock The Audience!
797 You People Really Don’t Cherish Your Lives, Huh?
798 Denying By Making a Counter-Accusation
799 Elder Leng Isn't Someone These People Can Talk About in This Manner
800 Fake Recording
801 Discussing How to Put the Blame on Her Right in Her Presence
802 Add Capital University to the Blacklist.
803 Are You Thinking Of Messing Around With Me With That Brain Of Yours?
804 So True That Leng Xuan Could Not Deal With It!
805 This Is My Granddaughter
806 Jijing Island's Crown Princess and Prince
807 Not Even Someone Who Suffered From Ten Years of Cerebral Thrombosis Would Pull Such a Foolish Stun
808 Everyone Is Scared of Those Who Aren't Afraid to Die
809 Leng Xuan Gets Humiliated
810 Reverse! Gu Mang Isn't Better Than Leng Xuan At Making Someone Else Take The Rap
811 Another Reversal! Refusal To Give In Until Faced With Grim Reality!
812 A Big Win!
813 Bring Little Lu To The Bai Residence For Dinner
814 A Young Lady Surnamed Gu Visits the Bai Family
815 The Difference In Attitude Towards Gu Mang and Gu Yin Was Like Heaven and Earth!
816 Who Exactly Was The One That Was Being Seductive?
817 Chengzhou 817: You’re Making Me Feel Like A Demon Who is Ruining the Country
818 Offending the Big Boss's Friend on Jijing Island’s Black Marke
819 The Eighth Shocking Revelation. Gu Mang Is One of the Five Gods of Killer Alliance: God Ji!
820 I’ve Already Decided Which Coffin to Buy for Myself
821 God Ji is the Signature Member as Well as an Undefeated Legend
822 Here Comes Another Big Shot!
823 You Are Like Trash To Me
824 A Call From Lu Zhan. We're Losing Old Madam
825 Airport, Surrounded By Many!
826 Then Let's See Which One Happens First. My Departure Or Your Deaths
827 Several Big Forces Assembled! Who Dares To Stop Them!?
828 Gu Mang Is the Biggest Suspec
829 New Form of Poison
830 Gu Mang Must Be Found No Matter What!
831 The Truth Is Out!
832 Chaos in the Capital
833 Who The F*ck Is The Young Lady of The Gu Family? I'm Gu Mang!
834 Unknown Call: Meet Ye Junci
835 They Killed My Parents And They Still Want Me To Work My Life Away For Them?
836 Where Did You Put Leng Xuan?
837 Emotional Outburst!
838 The Highest Level Admission Pass! Walk Right Into The Lion's Den?
839 Humiliated! Instantly Became Trash In The Hands Of Sister Mang!
840 We Finally Mee
841 He Makes Her Crazy
842 The Apartment Meant For Cheating Achieved Its Purpose
843 Calm Down, Listen To Me
844 Everyone Is Plotting Against Her
845 Haven't You Been Looking For the Miracle Doctor?
846 Qin Fang And He Yidu Board the Plane!
847 Lu Chengzhou's First Words After Waking Up
848 The Note She Left Behind! Leng Xuan's Trauma Surfaces Again
849 Did I Agree To The Marriage Arrangement?
850 Everyone Was Completely Shaken Up!
851 I Only Listen To My Sister! Clings to Us Like Sh*t To A Shovel!
852 The Funeral
853 The Will! Gu Mang Has To Be Present!
854 An Explosive Will!
855 What is Lu Chengzhou Talking About?
856 The Last Video
857 The Lu Family’s Betrothal Gif
858 Signing of Documents and Lu Chengzhou’s Attitude Toward Gu Mang
859 Add More Fuel To The Fire. Gu Si Maximizes His Output.
860 Sis, Shouldn't You Stay Away From Cold Drinks?
861 Gu Mang Is The Real Owner!
862 I'm Going To Put The Lu Corporation Up For Auction
863 Humiliated! Fooled Everyone!
864 She Doesn't Even Have What It Takes To Be Compared To Leng Xuan
865 The News Reached Red Flame
866 Everyone Was Waiting To See Gu Mang Humiliated
867 You Won't Do Anything Humane!
868 Who Is Up For The First Round of The Competition?
869 Competition! A Race Against Time!
870 Big Boss's Method Of Answering! A Joke In The World of Medicine!
871 The Questions are Beyond the Scope of Any College Syllabus and the Answer is Even More So?!
872 Gu Mang, are You Challenging the Authorities?
873 Sister Mang's Crazy Talent! Shame On Kang Qi!
874 Continued Humiliation!
875 Superb Skills! Competition Plug-In, Gu Mang!
876 Advance to the Next Round With Flawless Victory?
877 My Sis Will Carry You to Victory!
878 God Gu Mang!
879 102 Supermax Prison
880 Premeditated Murder
881 Someone's Tired Of Living! Brother Cheng, Have You Heard All About It?
882 You Can't Take Him Away Today!
883 Seeking Death! Anonymous Mail!
884 Where Did You Go? I Went To Praise Her
885 The Convoy Broke Through The Gates!
886 Okay, Let's Die Together Then.
887 Even If She Does Not Die, She Has To Be Skinned Alive!
888 Buddy, Do You Want to Fight?
889 Did I Agree to Give You Face?
890 I Will Break Her Arms! Ignite the Lighter and Release I
891 Young Master Lu, Young Master Gu And the Rest Are Back
892 I’ll Go In and Check on My Sister
893 Could Not Keep Up the Act Anymore
894 Anonymous Email and Speculation
895 Who Says I Can’t Take Part in the Competition?
896 Good Thing Gu Mang Got Injured Because That Means We Still Have a Chance
897 She Spat The Drugs Into The Toile
898 I'm Going to Send Medicine to the Young Lady
899 Even a Subordinate Can Threaten You Now?
900 Bai Sui Seems Familiar to Her
901 Ripping His Collar
902 The Big Boss’s Shocking Move!
903 Slow and Steady Wins the Race
904 Second Round of Humiliation!
905 Shooting Oneself In The Foo
906 The Big Bosses in Various Industries Assembled. Weibo Has Crashed!
907 Do You Want Another Riot In Jijing Island?
908 Accepting Yourself As A Disciple?
909 The Journalist Who Interviewed Gu Mang Went to See Someone
910 A Life or Death Agreemen
911 I Am Willing to Fuse Into Your Flesh and Blood and Continue Living For You
912 The Powerful Medicine Will Cause Rather Serious Side-Effects
913 Bai Sui, How Many Lives Do You Think You Have? How Dare You Have Impure Intentions Towards Your Big Boss?
914 Why Can’t You Take Medicine?
915 To Hell With That!
916 I’m Going to Kill Lu Chengzhou!
917 Entering Gu Mang’s Room
918 It’s Too Early for You to Rejoice
919 Did You Consume The Sleeping Pills?
920 Stop Putting Up A Tough Front. Go To Lu Chengzhou
921 Special Contac
922 I Want To Do Something. Do I Have An Opportunity To?
923 Bai Sui Takes Action. He's Up To No Good
924 Leng Xuan's Surgery Fails!
925 The God Revered By Every Country's Big Boss
926 The King of Hackers!
927 Upon Comparing Red Flame's Big Boss To Their Own, Shadow League Feels Slightly Better
928 Arctic Fox! What Grudges!
929 Things Are Going to Get Chaotic on Jijing Island!
930 Reaching the Peak
931 Why Are You Guys So Worried When I’m Just Going There to Play?
932 Huo Zhi Gets Suspicious of Gu Mang’s Condition
933 Something Must Be Wrong With Gu Mang and It Must Have Something to Do With Gu Si Flaring up the Other Day
934 If My Sis Is In Danger, I'll Murder Everyone In The Elders' Association!
935 Entering Base 102. Number A001.
936 Sub-Island! Unexpected! International Trading Marke
937 Big Boss's 'Face'
938 Live At The Assessment Venue! Killer Alliance Appears Again!
939 Completely Crushed! All 10 Operating Systems Break Down!
940 Extreme Humiliation! A Figure Pounces on Gu Mang
941 Bai Sui Attacks! An Unforgettable Scene!
942 Finally Recognized Each Other! Grab You and Tie You Up
943 Gu Si Almost Rushed to Red Flame to Kill Me
944 Sorry To Disappoint All Of You
945 Ye Junci's Prediction. Lu Zhan Is Infuriated!
946 If Sister Mang Says That She's Just Having Fun, Don't Take It Seriously
947 Actually, I’m Not That Close to Him
948 Upheaval
949 Where Is Lu Chengzhou?
950 What Has Brother Cheng Gotten Into?!
951 Tch, He’s Got Some Nerve to Come In Here.
952 No One Is Calmer Than Sister Mang
953 Not In The First Three Months.
954 Send People To Jijing Island Right Away!
955 I Don't Think It'd Be Deformed
956 Ditch The Husband For The Child
957 Gu Si Knocked On The Door. The Situation Blew Up!
958 Lu Chengzhou and I Are Sworn Enemies!
959 Young Lady, Do You Really Not Remember Me Anymore?
960 Next Level Of Showing Off
961 Group Meeting! New Director!
962 Resignation Ceremony. Old Master Gu Has Another Thing To Announce!
963 Money Doesn't Mean Anything, I Would Even Give Up My Life For Her!
964 The Council House! Do Something Big!
965 Gu Mang will be the Head of the Council of Jijing Island
966 The Ye Family Is In Trouble, Even Brother Cheng's Identity Got Exposed
967 Waste of Effort! Humiliated in Public!
968 Nobody Will Be Lenient to a Pile of Trash
969 Prosperity Is Just Around the Corner!
970 A Watch That Was Left Behind Her Parents
971 What’s Mine Is Yours!
972 The Underground Marke
973 Small Villa. A Visit From Lan Sha.
974 Meet Up. Endless Disguises.
975 The Only Thing You Should Blame Is Your Bad Luck For Bumping Into Me.
976 Would I Fail?
977 Leng Xuan: Young Master Lu, I'll Wai
978 Gu Mang: Don't Make Me Do It On My Own
979 Join Hands? Do You Mean Marriage?
980 Solving The Jijing Island Mystery! The Biomedical Core Office!
981 Once They Left The Ye Residence
982 Pay Attention to Prenatal Education
983 Missing
984 Suppress All of God Ji’s Forces!
985 Falling Ou
986 Betrayed!
987 Break! Would You Even Believe The Crap You Just Said?
988 Let's Break Up! Quit The Killer Alliance!
989 It's The Father's Fault For Not Telling His Son To Take Precautions!
990 Gu Si Was The Only One Left In The Villa
991 Fight? That's Fine By Me Too.
992 I Can Take Back Whatever I Gave You In The Same Way
993 A Call From Bai Sui. Gu Si Is Captured.
994 Stop The Car! Aggressive!
995 Do You Really Think That Gu Yin Is A Member Of The Gu Family?
996 Compared To Me? Who Do You Think You Are?
997 Do You Think They'd Choose You If I Died?
998 Escorted Back To The Capital! Gu Yin Is Rendered Useless!
999 Untitled
1000 Playing With Fire! This Move Is Ridiculously Wrong!
1001 I'm Very Disappointed In You
1002 Has The Bi Family Already Struck Up A Relationship With The Shadow League?
1003 Pretty Impressive But Not As Flirty
1004 Auction
1005 Two Groups of Acquaintances
1006 Newly Emerging Force
1007 Fight! Fight!
1008 This Is My Godfather!
1009 There Are Millions Of Big Bosses and Master Gu Is Half Of Them
1010 Gu Mang Covered Her Mouth Suddenly And Dry-Heaved
1011 Mentality Broke Again
1012 Brother Cheng Once Warned Not To Let Arctic Fox And The Miracle Doctor Fall Into His Hands
1013 Renegade! Moving In The Same Direction!
1014 Entering Base 102! Top-Quality Event! All-Inclusive!
1015 All The Families Reversed! Head Straight To Base 102!
1016 If You Don't Want To Die, Then Get Lost!
1017 Gu Mang, I Have Let You Down Back Then
1018 I've Given You Many Chances
1019 The Medical Expert Behind Yu Zhongjing Is Gu Mang.
1020 Everything Happened Too Quickly
1021 Huge Turnaround! Hundred People On Their Knees!
1022 Pressed On Her Wrist During The Fight And Sensed From Her Pulse That She's Pregnant!
1023 It's Time To End Part 1 Of The Ending
1024 Soul-Stirring Part 2 Of The Ending
1025 Ten-Mile Red Dowry, Grand Wedding
1026 Extra: Watch Out, Gu Mang Might Beat You Up!
1027 He Yidu The Gentleman The Refined Rascal
1028 What Other Disguises Do You Have?
1029 You And I Had No Fate. Everything Happened Because I Put In A Lot Of Money
1030 One-Vote Veto! Just A Small Author
1031 Chapter 1031 Not Fitting At All!
1032 Chapter 1032 The Black Sea
1033 Maiden Work! Instant Hit!
1034 Do You Still Not Understand Who Calls the Shots?
1035 Academic Mecca
1036 Reviewing the Documents for the Experimental Class
1037 Here Comes Another Person Who’s Tired of Living
1038 The Miracle Doctor's Manuscripts
1039 Only Deserves to Be Her Assistan
1040 Will Blow Up the Medical Community and the Capital
1041 I Heard That You People Have Been Spreading Rumors Saying That I’m Dead
1042 Exploding News
1043 Turn of the Tide!
1044 Getting Scolded on the Interne
1045 Seven Consecutive Trending Headlines! Humiliating the Queen!
1046 The Big Bosses of the Medical Field Collectively Arrive! It's So Difficult To Meet Them!
1047 Prenatal Education
1048 Escaping on a Plane That Very Nigh
1049 H-He Yidu, What Do You Want?
1050 I Wanted to Woo You, but Now, I Want To...
1051 I Take That as an Invitation. You Have to Take Responsibility for Your Words.
1052 Lust Leads to Bitter Consequences
1053 That Lousy Thing Which Had Its Security System Hacked by Me When I Was 16?
1054 Go to Country D to Meet His Fiancée
1055 I’ll Take On Her Surname if This Wedding Can Go Through
1056 So I’m Her Fiancé?
1057 Is Princess Xixi That Eager to Get Married to Me?
1058 Fists Clenched!
1059 Auspicious Date
1060 You Can’t Escape From Me
1061 I’m Going to Country D
1062 Something Seems Amiss
1063 Identical Face
1064 All the Big Shots Are Mobilized!
1065 Country D’s Political Reshuffle!
1066 Lin Shuang’s Health Repor
1067 Wedding! Coming to Fruition After Much Coaxing and Conning
1068 Dark’s New Work ‘Constant'!
1069 The Opening Ceremony of Two Schools
1070 Twin Sons!
1071 Extra - Yuan Yang Part One
1072 Extra - Yuan Yang Part Two
1073 Extra - Yuan Yang Part Three
1074 Extra: Twins
1075 My Heart Is Yours
1076 Extra: Two Rights Make A Wrong Lu Guixin
1077 Extra: Casino Menace, Black Jacket Lu Guixin Special
1076 Extra - Two Rights Make A Wrong Lu Guixin
1077 Extra - Casino Menace, Black Jacket Lu Guixin Special
1078 Extra - King of Science Stream, The Girls' Dream Lover, Lu Guixin Is Not Interested
1079 Extra - Lu Guixin: Soft Like A Bunny. Why Such A Big Reaction From A Slight Touch?
1080 Boxing King, Z Lu Guixin Part 4
1081 Is She Out of Her Mind Coming to Tian Que? Lu Guixin Part 5
1082 He Took Lu Guixin Away Right in Front of Us? Lu Guixin Part 6
1083 Her Good Girl Image Has Crumbled Lu Guixin Part 7
1084 Don’t Learn From Your Father, Guixin Lu Guixin Part 8
1085 Senior, Your Image Has Crumbled Lu Guixin Part 9
1086 Chaotic Reflection Lu Guixin Part 10
1087 Lu Guixin Ought to Be the One to Scram Lu Guixin Part 11
1088 Want to Meet Lu Guixin’s Parents? Lu Guixin Part 12
1089 An Eye for an Eye Lu Guixin Part 13
1090 Settling in Private Lu Guixin Part 14
1091 I’ll Break His Legs if You Two Turn Out to Be Dating Lu Guixin Part 15
1092 Identity Exposed! Two Big Bosses Lu Guixin Part 16
1093 Zhou Fu, You’ll Surely Make My Dream Come True Lu Guixin Part 17
1094 Lu Guixin Has Deep Tricks Up Her Sleeve. He is Indeed A Male Pixie Who Charms All Beings.
1095 Photos Exposed! Lu Guixin Part 19
1096 It Was Your Fortune That I Was Interested in You Lu Guixin Part 20
1097 Humiliated! Lu Guixin Part 21
1098 I’m Going to Woo Lu Guixin Lu Guixin Part 22