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Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain

Author:His Majesty the King

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The Spirit Blade Sect was founded in the year 4233. After thousands of years of producing first rate Xiuxian geniuses, it had become one of the five biggest sects in the Ten Thousand Celestial Alliance. The head elder, Immortal Feng Yin is one of the seven Executive Elders of the Ten Thousand Celestial Alliance, with a cultivation that can shake the whole worl...
《Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain》 Volume 1
1 Warm Inn Woodshed
2 Local Specialty From Hometown
3 My Spirit Root is as Big as a Radish
4 The Radishes of the Lady Boss
5 Junior Martial Brother's Counterattack
6 Little Hai
7 We Don't Want This Kind of Disciple
8 Junior Martial Brother You Know Me So Well
9 An Intellectually Physically and Spiritually Balanced Excellent Disciple...
10 Believe It Or Not but I Your Father Will Report You?
11 Even If We Play with Him Until He Broke We Wouldn't Feel Too Sad
12 Adoptive Grandmother and Adoptive Grandmother No. 2...
13 The Perfect Solution to Settle the Family Dispute
14 The Aspiring Youngster Who Endure the Heavy Breasts
15 The Idiot Whose Daughter Eloped with a Man...
16 The Perfect Chain of Quests Completion Strategy
17 The Importance of Compulsory Education
18 Victory for the Hoarder
19 Brave Little Hai You Can Do This
20 More People Means More Power
21 Oh Sht!
22 What My Twenty Years in the Future...
23 When Large Harvest Incurs Losses
24 This is What You Call...
25 Do Not Look Down On Antique...
26 You Did It On Purpose! I Want To Impeach You!
27 To the Pleasant Surprise of Everyone!
28 My Master Could Not Possibly...
29 Stronger, Straighter, Harder
《Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain》 Volume 2
30 Cultivation Is Important, but Education Is Even More Important!
31 We Love You, Teacher Hua!
32 Master, Please Accept My Respect!
33 Sleeping with a Stunning Beauty, but Only Spending Time Touching Oneself...
34 My Master Is A Meat Toile
35 The Progressive Non-Phase Sword Bone
36 Three Thousand Spirit Stones!?
37 Experiential Learning at the Clear Sky Peak
38 Wen Yin and her Little Friends Are Shocked...
39 Watch the Battle Between Us
40 Watch Me Fight with You Again
41 Shoot! Senior Brother, Where Did You Buy That?
42 Hahaha! They Really Believed I
43 New Pe
44 The Proper Method For Wen Bao
45 Endoscope
46 Difficult Accessibility, Unfriendly Look, and Difficult Handling of Affairs
47 Cling on the Thigh of Someone Powerful
48 Clearance Artifac
49 Wang Lu Sashimi
50 Junior Brothers and Sisters Are Promising Youth
51 Don't Do Shameful Things and You Don't Need to Worry That Happiness Won't Come Knocking at the Door
52 Junior Brother Is a Frank and Straightforward Person
53 How to Persuade Others to Do Your Bidding
54 Emperor Bone
55 The First Theory of Rape
56 The Second Theory of Rape
57 Into the Mountain
58 I Heard That Your Diamond Body Is Not Bad?
59 Damn! Lady Boss, How Did You Do That?
60 Uzumaki Ling
61 Uz*maki Ling Sucks
62 The Magical Black Martial Uncle
63 I am Proficient in the Art of Reading People
64 Please Drink the Tea
65 Honored Master Really Knows How To Hide Something
66 Non-Phase Three Generations Poor; The Void Spirit Ruined for the Entire Life
67 I Believe Her
68 Jindan vs Yuanying
69 Still Jindan vs Yuanying
70 Winner Takes All
71 The Record of a Happy Encounter of Ambition Turned Into A Donkey 1
72 Brave Youngster, Quickly Create Strange Foundation
73 Damn!
《Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain》 Volume 3
74 Master, Please Accept Your Disciples Respect!
75 Young Lady, What Is Your Name?
76 Hey! Boss, We Are Friends, Right!?
77 The Sword Spirit Autumn Beam
78 Major Change in the Village
79 Hello, Do You Know About the Product of the Seven Stars Sect?
80 The Sinister Look Up At The Starry Sky
81 Impossibly Stupid
82 Never Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You
83 People That Deserved To Be Killed
84 My Family's Wang Lu Isn't So Easy to Be Brokenhearted
《Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain》 Volume 4
85 My Family’s Fatty Couldn’t Possibly Be Ridiculed
86 Tracking the Eighteen Touches Clue
87 Wang Lu Enters the Marquis County; Wen Bao's First Test on Sexual Intercourse Situation
88 My Family's Little Ling'Er Has Never Been This Lovely
89 You're Dead! No One in Heaven and Earth Can Save You!
90 All of You Perverts Must Die!
91 All of You Homosexuals Must Die!
92 Wang Lu Made A Difficult Decision
93 This Is a Memorable Moment of History!
94 Condolences to the Performance of the Comrades Intelligence Revenue Service Troupe
95 Ascension!!!
96 You Don't Understand the World of a Top Studen
97 Warmly Welcoming the Arrival of the Intelligence Revenue Service Demolition Team
98 The Altar Is Not Built in One Day
99 Primal Chaos Altar
100 A Million Forerunners
101 Fully Display the Advantage of Low-Cost Labor
102 A Small Foundation Establishment Arrived at the Wang Family Village...
103 The Unlucky Holy Maiden
104 Professional Level of Anti-Harassment Prevention
105 I Was Wrong, It Was Just an Erotic Dream
106 I Am Not the Person That You Think I Am
107 Apparently, You and I Are Going to Fight One on One
108 Congratulations to You on Crawling before Me
109 The Same Trick Won’t Work On Me...
110 Kneel Before the Immortal
111 I Give You One Day, Think About It Carefully
112 The Diplomat Wen Bao
113 The Goddam Second Generation!
114 Today I Come To Take Away My Love!
115 Sure Enough, The Awakening Type Is Doomed To Be Short-Lived...
116 Get Out of The Way, Let The Professional Handle It!
117 What to Do If People See Through the Scam?
118 I Heard You Are Going to Snitch?
119 Can You Still Keep Your Words?
120 Dead Fatty's Extreme Joy Turns to Sorrow
121 If Disciple Might Be So Bold, Uncle, Please Bestow the Sword
122 The Sword of Truth
123 Having a Clear Conscience
124 Upright and Frank
125 How To Become A Member Of The Union Of Ten Thousand Immortals
《Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain》 Volume 5
126 Wisdom Sect Disciple
127 Measurement Standardization
128 A Report Written in Blood
129 On Correctly Handling the Relationship Between Immortal and Mortal
130 Why Serve The People?
131 I Want to Practice Brilliant Sword Hear
132 I Want To Practice Non-Phase Sword Qi
133 Honey, Quickly Enter My Bowl
134 The Most Delicious in the World
135 Energetic Reaction Ahead, Strong and Powerful
136 Innate Non-Phase Sword Qi
137 A Deep Feeling of Master and Disciple
138 A Letter With Ten Thousand Kilos Pressure
139 Huahua is a Dog
140 Dumb Dog’s Struggle
141 You Are The Most Beautiful Cloud In The Sky
142 My Girlfriend Is A Skeleton
143 I Am a Lolicon out of the Pureness of My Heart!
144 Misty Peak’s Little Housekeeper
145 Man Who Relies on Face to Ea
146 Secret Card
147 Oh No, the Sect's Immortal Treasure Will Finish!
148 I Know That He Will Never Be Hones
149 Back Against The Wall
150 Big Debate
151 Damn! Go Back and Fetch My Torch!
152 Sect’s Lead Representative
153 The Correct Method of Using the Fatty
154 What She Need Is Platinum Brain
155 A Fair and Aboveboard Showdown!
156 Never Trust A Woman
157 Cuteness Is Power!
158 My Name Is Bitter Tears
159 Forever Original Soldier
160 There Is Already Nothing To Be Afraid Of
161 It’s My Best Friend!
162 Oh, You Want to Be Friends with Me?
163 Unfortunately, This Is Not a Financial Leverage
164 So That Math Could Not Go out of the Spirit Sword Mountain
165 A Gentleman Loves Money and Marries the Proper Way
166 Are You Willing... To Be Rich or Poor
167 Green Is Born of Blue 1
168 Four Times a Day
169 Although I Am Sorry, but I Have to Say
170 Wang Lu Is Super Awesome
171 Deal Your Moral Integrity and Pocke
《Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain》 Volume 6
172 My Two Best Friends
173 Therefore Those So-Called Sufferings of the World of Mortals Are All Lies
174 Liu Li's Loved One at Cloud Region!
175 Vegetarian Capital
176 Friend, Please Wait. This Thing Has a Fate with My Beast Master School
177 Liu Li Kills Her Own People!?
178 Dog’s Record
179 Liu Li Is a Promising Child
180 Monkey, Please Come and Play
181 His Big Cover Is Broken
182 Commendable Filial Piety
183 To Get Along with Liu Li, One Needs to Be Good at Summarizing
184 She Took out a Big One!
185 Mooncake
186 Summer’s Big Figh
187 Your Generation Is Truly Blessed
188 I Only Have Eyes For You
189 Cat Is Never a Loyal Official
190 Peace and Development Have Never Been My Main Theme
191 Flesh and Blood
192 Liu Li’s Unlicensed Driving
193 Boss Teaches You to Open the Flying Boa
194 Cats Are Good for Physical and Mental Health
195 Cat-Abusing Maniac
196 I Can Do Anything for You!
197 With Her Stubbornness… Liu Li Pierced through the Cat Girl
198 Shouldn’t Honest People Be Rewarded!?
199 Countless Cycles of Sixty Years of Waiting Alone on the Mountain
200 Why?
201 We Need a Foreign Language Exper
202 He Wrongly Assessed Our Relationship!
203 To Crush with Absolute Strength!
204 The Story of Ugly Duckling
205 Absolute Strength
206 Once Again, Energetic Reaction Ahead, Needs Own Supply of Dog's Eye
207 A Tooth for a Tooth, Double the Payback
208 A Tooth for a Tooth, Double the Payback!
209 Liu Li Will Always Live in My Hear
210 Chi Hou Hit a Jackpot!
211 When He Was Young He Did Not Know What Love Is
212 Are You Also a Virgin?
213 Robbing Someone off of Their Treasure!?
214 Although She Robbed It, I Love Her
215 Non-Phase Peak Property Is Sacrosanc
216 Double Cultivation!?
217 Dead Bald Thief, You Dare To Fight Over A Nun With This Poor Taoist!?
218 I Heard You Bought a Pretty Good Flying Boa
219 To Bear The Trus
《Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain》 Volume 7
220 Wang Lu in His Literary Time
221 Wang Lu Regards Unwarranted Reputation as Dus
222 Wang Lu's Loved Daily Routine Is Terminated
223 I Am Not Very Good at Talking
224 Wang Lu Set up a Great Ambition
225 I Am the First Okay!
226 Frustration Makes a Person Stronger
227 I Was a Peer of Great Ancestor Desheng
228 This Is A Serious Inquiry
229 Want Your Sister's Take out in Broad Dayligh
230 I Want to Go to the Spring Festival
231 Big Sister’s Powerful Penetration
232 To Attack the Guardian
233 F*ck—We Need to Resurrect the Corpse and Do It Again
234 Educated and Well Balanced Liu Li
235 Sage of Eight Virtues
236 Of All Virtues Filial Piety Is Most Importan
237 Is This Filial Piety or Fraud?
238 The Wise Liu Li Skillfully Solved The Difficult Problem
239 I Can't Afford to Feed You
240 Although I Am Sorry, but I Have to Say
241 That Salty Look Is Especially Unpleasant...
242 I Am Sorry, I Have Someone Else That I Like
243 I Prefer to See Her Desire Not Satisfied
244 The Correct Solution to Pass the Eight Virtues Trial
245 Is This the Correct Way That You Are Talking About!?
246 I Said No, Then It's No
247 Someone is Always Behind A Capable Person!
248 You Never Doubted the Obvious Clues?
249 Whose Voice Was Tha
250 Incomparably Obscure Justice, Unmatched Shamelessness
251 Bravely Fight the Serious Illness
252 Even My Father Never Scolded Me Like This
253 Brilliant Chess Player
254 To Practice or Not to Practice?
255 My Heart Is For The Bright Moon
256 Fast And Furious
257 The Real Leading Template?
258 Welcome To My World
259 Do You Think You Are the Only One Here?
260 Unfortunately, There Is No Eye on the Back
261 Senior Sword Demon, I Want to Talk to You about a Dream
262 I Am Not Alone in the Figh
263 Big Capacity
264 Big Capacity II
265 Walking down at the Altar of Zhong Shengming
266 I Have Coveted This Fresh and Tender Body for a Long Time
267 Eat Me and the World Will Part!
268 I Have Numerous Mansions with Thousands of Hectares of Fertile Land
269 Unlimited Random Copy
270 It Seems Like an Old Friend Has Arrived
271 Master's Strong and Powerful Penetration
272 Have You Ever Heard of the Stellar Fairy?
273 Want to Deflower but the Bud Would Not Open
274 Special Committee
275 Unsinkable Fortress
《Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain》 Volume 8
276 Let Loose the Old Eigh
277 An Upright and Noble Chef Who Is Separated from Vulgar Interes
278 Even the Beloved Could Not Protect the Chef
279 I Can See the Ending
280 The Annual Event on the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month
281 Graceful Steps upon the Wave, the Lamp Oil Is Completely Dried Up
282 Aya, Do You Value Your Lover over Your Friend
283 Eat First Or...
284 People Seething with Anger at Aya Are Everywhere
285 Beware of Your Back
286 Fight for You, My Queen
287 Holy Light Religion
288 I Am Going to Become Golden Kingsman
289 Keep Me, Feed Me, Please Me
290 Serve the Knight King for the People
291 I Believe There Must Be a Plot behind This
292 Wait a Minute, She Has Descendants?
293 999 Roses Symbolize My Sincerity
294 333 per Person
295 Blind Your Dog Eyes
296 A Good Female Friend
297 The Pride of Brettonia
298 The Noble Bloodline of Wang Lulu
299 We Are Family!
300 Uncommunicative, Ice Cold, Common Tool
301 Things Are Changing
302 You Can’t Be the Knight King
303 Marriage-Problem Solving Exper
304 Thirst For Companion
305 Lofty Ambition
306 The Power of Rumor
307 There Is No Way to Mature
308 The Most Vicious, Extremely Hungry!
309 Unsightly!
310 Express Delivery Little Elder Brother Saves the World
311 Not Afraid to Play
312 Blooming Head
313 Fragrant Skewered Lolita
314 Planted Inside the Mother and Daughter...
315 Glorious Lotus Tongue
316 Blooming Liu Li
317 I Lied to You
318 I Was Once A Knigh
319 The True Identity of the Girl
320 A Child Who Is Not Satisfied with Lollipops
321 Aya’s Mouth Job
322 Flying Head Barbarian
323 My King Likes to Play with Groups of Clients
324 The Power of Premium
325 I Like You
326 I Demand a Competition for the Pos
327 Object Searching
328 Genuine Counterfeit Skill!
329 Deprivation of Human Qualification
330 I Don’t Talk to a Retard
331 You and Aya Are the Same
332 Devour the World
333 I’ll Show You How to Do One Against Hundreds
334 I Have a Special Winning Skill
335 I Am the Pope
336 Sorry for Stepping on Your Pain
337 This Is Different Than Originally Agreed!
338 Liu Li Finds Two Paintings
339 Armored Vehicle to Save the World
340 Everlasting Powerful Armored Vehicle
341 I Have a Special Driving Skill
342 Brave Takeover
343 Is It the Monthly Bleeding Routine?
344 Finger-breaking Mad Devil
345 Eloping
346 The Need for Mental Health Education
347 The Proper Usage Of Liu Li
348 The Magical Short Stick!
349 My Love, I Got You, You Can't Escape
350 Driving Safely
351 Those Are Really, Really Good...
352 Young Man, I Really Think Highly Of You
353 After You Go, Think of Me Whenever You See I
354 I Have a Special Way to Find the Real Killer
355 I Will Eat as Many as There Are!
356 A Truly Simple and Rough Countryman
357 Property Right Expires According to the Law of Recovery
358 I Feel Like I Lost Something Importan
359 The Service Contract Has Expired, Want to Renew?
360 Even the Medicine Could Not Stop the Knight King
361 How Is My Medicine?
362 The Elixir to Cure the People's Hear
363 Experiencing the Vicissitudes of Life Is Really Hard
364 The Sword of Victory
《Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain》 Volume 9
365 Urgen
366 Important Speeches by Relevant Leaders
367 Principles Behind Making Money
368 Get out of the Way, Let the Professional Do It!
369 Do You Think I Am as Stupid as Liu Li?
370 The Reason for Becoming Strong
371 Master's Pointer Is of Course Very Powerful
372 For Jindan, I Will Not Hesitate
373 The Air of the Former Tyran
374 These Are the Rest of My Play
375 The Four Diamonds
376 Rope Play
377 For the next Generation, Help Me!
378 A Woman Can Hold Half of the Sky, so Two Women Would Be Perfec
379 Reproduction Is Just the Beginning
380 Scored Twice
381 Something Too Embarrassing to Mention
382 I Have Two, High and Low, Strategies
383 It Is Already Not Important Whether the Story Is True or False
384 Fiercely Fighting the Tentacle Monster
385 The Emphasize of This Test Is Fighting!?
386 In a Critical Time, I Have an Alien Teammate!
387 This Chapter Won't Tell You What's Written in I
388 Guess What's the Perfect Method?
389 The Thrill of Walking on a Tightrope
390 I Have a Stick That Could Expel Poison and Nourish the Skin
391 I Am A Saviour
392 Didn't Expect It, Right?
393 Let's Meet Again in a Few Thousand Years
394 I Really Hate Digging a Hole yet Not Filling I
395 I Can't Recognize the Clothes
396 Five Elements Jade Disc
397 No Money, No Men, No IQ
398 Average IQ Suffers Heavy Losses
399 You're A Jerk!
400 Do You Think I Am Handsome?
401 This Precipice Is Bought!
402 An Eminent Person Has a Short Memory
403 Imprisoned
404 In a Harmonious Family, Husband Ranks the Firs
405 Liberal Arts Studen
406 What a Noble Enlightenmen
407 I Am Not Hungry Anymore
408 Doing What I Can
409 We Are Just Meticulously Learning
410 Soaking Naked in Public Bath
411 Human Meat Wholesaler
412 Who Can Turn This Image into 3d?
413 I Have Inexhaustible Lus
414 Thou Have Kept My Wife
415 After Offending Xiang Liang, You Still Want to Go?
416 Decapitating One Hundred People
417 Entrapmen
418 Alliance
419 Your Sister’s Backyard Caught Fire?
420 Just Looking for the Meaning Behind the Intention
421 Being A Responsible Person
422 The Person Behind
423 Receiving the Plate of the Chivalrous Hero
424 The Beginning of the Final Battle
425 I Have the Winning Ticke
426 Watch Me Throw the Universe!
427 I Already Don’t Want My Face
428 I Am Definitely Not Wang Wu’s Dog
429 The Last Card
430 The End of the World
431 After Makeup Removal
432 Teacher Wang Lu Teaches You How To Behave
433 Establishing A United Front?
434 Anger Leads to a Storm!
435 The Sword Refers to Yuanying?
436 Come and Embrace!
437 Into the Bosom
438 It Is Really a Good Star
《Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain》 Volume 10
439 I Do Not Receive Anything Except A Love Letter
440 A Ye Left a Seed in Her Body
441 Even the Loved One Can’t Protect the Cook!
442 Three Thousand Six Hundred Years of Ripple
443 The Wrath of the Intellectual
444 The Passionate Hospitality and Great Kindness of Kunlun Sect Are Difficult to Decline
445 There Are Many Holes In Your Body!
446 Not in a Good Mood Thus Look for Disaster
447 I Am an Open and Above Board Person!
448 A Terrifying Beautiful Girl
449 Melt You With Love
450 Meeting An Old Friend Far From Home
451 I, Disciple of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, Have Great Ambition and Strong Ability
452 I and Ten Thousand Arts Sect Are Very Much Brought Together by Fate
453 Green Environmentalist Zhan Ziye
454 This Is Really an Exciting Journey
455 I Think This Is Probably an Oil Resource
456 Into the Ditch
457 There Is Nothing Sexual Between Me and Her!
458 Rest Assured, I Will Develop This Setting
459 The Truth Is Getting Closer and Closer!
460 In the End, Still Have to Run Away
461 Two People Who Are Destined to Be Alone
462 Just Consider You, A Basket Case, Alright!
463 Forget-Me-No
464 A Vista at the End of the Tunnel
465 Another Branch of History?
466 There Is No Other Way but to Get the Green Card
467 I Don’t Understand “Don’t Trouble Trouble Before Trouble Troubles You”
468 Observer Ward
469 Life Is Motion
470 How Come It’s You Again?
471 The Truth About the World
472 To Succeed in a Big Way Do Not Bother About Trivial Things
473 Lost in the Path of Life
474 Return Home
475 Sinister Plot Put out the Ligh
476 From Now on, Wet Dream Is Forbidden
477 My World
478 Travel Through What!
《Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain》 Volume 11
479 This Encounter Came Too Quickly
480 Happy to Be the Immortal Second Generation
481 The Two of Them Grow Closer a Bit Fas
482 My Chin Falls off When I Find out the Truth
483 I Even Pull Out My Underwear...
484 Overbearing Lead Disciple Falls In Love With Me
485 Let That Evil Creature Experience the Unyielding Character of Spirit Sword Sect’s People!
486 The Family Background Makes People Feel Envy, Jealous, And Regre
487 Men Working With Women Causes Water To Go Into Their Brain
488 Security Measures Must Be Made Before The Hand-To-Hand Comba
489 Unable To Endure The Unendurable
490 Beautiful Girl Dream Factory
491 Ball-Ache
492 This Is True Love
493 Important Letter From Family
494 These Demons Are Too Despicable and Shameless!
495 Forcing Oneself Upon Someone
496 I Suspect They Have Become the Meat Slave of Demons
497 Everything Is Your Responsibility!
498 I Actually Want to Experience the Awesomeness of the Poison-Extracting Physician
499 The People Who Makes Others Shout Impossible
500 Epic Cave Story
501 Wang Lu~ Holy Sh*t 1
502 Unthinkable Announcemen
503 She Is Bare Naked!
504 Beautiful Regardless of Gender, Sexy Regardless of Race
505 This Is Called Punching The Geracomium
506 whosyourdaddy
507 The Puzzle Is Finally Solved!
508 A Chapter Full of Positive Energy
509 A Chapter with Rich Connotation and Numerous Foreshadowing
510 This Grandson Is a Veritable Grade A War Criminal!
511 The Truth Is Once Again Revealed
512 The Emotion Sword Is Really Not for People to Cultivate...
513 Break a Pair of Couples up for Two
514 Another Chapter of Positive Energy!
515 Squeezing the Last Drop of Positive Energy
516 Extracting the Last Drop of Positive Energy
517 To Follow the Path to One’s Own Doom
518 The Search
519 Fishing
520 Rest In Peace
521 You Have New Information, Please Check I
522 Internal Trouble and Outside Aggression
523 Wish Everyone A Happy Mid-Autumn Festival
524 Jumping Ball
525 Great Leap Forward
526 The Best Cook
527 Confused Ethics
528 Two More Years
529 One More Year
530 Blind Date
531 As a Lotus Flower Breaking the Surface
532 So Annoyed That it is Still Wednesday
533 Just Need A Bit More
534 The Person in Heat is Unreliable
535 My Great Spirit Sword Sect Will Never Be Forgotten!
536 That Generation’s Inheritance
537 This Chapter Is So Long...
《Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain》 Volume 12
538 Tough, Tough, Tough!
539 Tough, Tough, Tough, Tough
540 The Trees Long for Peace, but the Wind Will Never Cease
541 How Come It’s You?
542 This Cabbage Is Contracted by Me
543 Give Me a Chance!
544 This Flower is Already Taken
545 Really See the Death Star This Time
546 Some Things Break Down Again
547 A World That People Love To Hear And See
548 Main Plot, Sub Plot, Hidden Plo
549 The Source of Happiness
550 Where Is the Best Place to Learn Telepathic Finger?
551 Never Have That Dark History!
552 This Chapter Is Purely Fictitious, If There Is Any Similarity, Please Do Not Report I
553 There Is No Such Thing as Free Lunch In This World
554 The Subject Suddenly Changed!
555 The Reform and Opening of Moon Capital Harem
556 Reportedly, the People in Beijing Are Going to Celebrate the Long Weekend.
557 Overwhelming IQ
558 The Smog Has Finally Dispersed, Worth Celebrating
559 I Really Suspect That This Is Another Time Travel
560 Touching Reunion Story
561 How to Explain the Meaning of Difficult Birth to Her?
562 The Real Personal Charm Lies In Hands-On Practice
563 The Story Line Dramatically Changed
564 I Think the Ranking System is Imperatively Required
565 I Have An Amazing Spear
566 It Seems There Is No Other Choice Than to Sever the Master and Disciple Relationship
567 Don’t Be Afraid to Go for the Win in One Round!
568 This Is How Unity Is
569 The Right Choice
570 The Hundred Years’ Love
571 About the Future
572 Sorry For Being Late Again
573 Maximum Level Nonsense Talk
574 One Step In Heaven, One Step In Hell
575 I Like I
576 Below
577 Bitter Hardship
578 A Perfect Man
579 The Difficulty of This Test Seems Too High
580 I Dare Pick It!
581 For Love, I Have Already Thrown Caution to the Wind
582 This Guy Can’t Hear the Truth
583 I Feel Like I'll Definitely Die
584 Reprieved
585 The Art of Leadership
586 Young Beauty Turns Old
587 Ask the Heaven
588 Golden Finger
589 Necrophilia
《Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain》 Volume 13
590 Outspoken
591 The Plan
592 Congratulation For Easy Money!
593 10-Million-Spirit-Stone Battle!
594 Welcome Everyone to Submit Any Articles to Spirit Sword Briefing
595 This Is the Real Massive-Practice Tactic
596 Get the Money While Standing Up
597 Don’t Marry a Woman Who Treats More Than One Hundred Million Cash as Pocket Money
598 As For You, Don’t Come and Mess Things Up, Okay?!
599 The Speech Spell of Big Sister
600 My Type of Aesthetics
601 The Daily Routine
602 The Food Made With Love Is A Comfort!
603 You Are The Bes
604 Wishing You All a Happy Shopping in Black Friday
605 Sorry, But I Have to Win This Game
606 Sorry, There Is No Possibility Between Us!
607 Can You Face Your Conscience?
608 Major Event In Life
609 Sometimes Once, Sometimes Half
610 I Am Very Curious!
611 Winning While Lying Down
612 Pear Blossom Upon Malus Spectabilis
613 One by One, the Audience Feels Uncomfortable
614 Accurately Grasp the People’s Sensitive Poin
615 The Story of an Inconceivable Mission
616 Today’s Update Is So Early, It Really Seems Unreal.
617 City of Immortals
618 Men’s Comeback Depends On Endurance
619 Continue to Fight Once Again
620 Go M*sturbate Yourself
621 Where Did the Time Go?
622 The Real Start Of The Competition Might Be In Ten Years
623 Our Relationship Is Pure!
624 Opening Ceremony
625 To Do Things Without Looking at the Location Is a Road to Disaster
626 Everything Does Not Go Well
627 Wang Lu's Mouth Job
628 Super Girl Voice
629 Art Must Keep up with the Times
630 A Writer’s Self-Attainmen
631 A Good Woman Can Make a Man Go Ten Times Faster
632 You All Need to Get Electrocuted!
633 Group of Comic Monologues
634 You Still Dare Not to Laugh?
635 Is This Really Still A Group of Comic Monologues...
636 Inside and Outside Show
637 Didn't Expect Someone Would Dare to Ask Me to Solve the Problem
638 Yin and Yang Person!
639 Unhappy If Not Throwing!
640 I Really like This Kind of Childish Boy
641 Do You Treat Me as a Little Love Ingenue?
642 Love Must Last for a Long Time
643 Writing This Kind of Xx Plot at the Night Right Before the New Year as a Single Dog...
644 Whole Process in Mosaic!
645 This Pair of Master and Disciple is Incurable
646 You Always Want to Make Big News and Criticize Me
647 Open Steamroll
648 Sure Enough, It’s the Inevitable Routine of High-Level Crime
649 Don’t Seize Wang Lu’s Leadership Improperly
650 Unconventional Battlefield
651 The Competition Has Entered the Metaphysical Field
652 Wang Lu, You’re Such A Cheap Person!
653 Suffer Losses Due To Having Not Enough Education Background
654 I Am Really Sorry For My Wing
655 Are You Worthy of the Infatuation of Liu Li?
656 Open Your Taste Buds!
657 I Have Supreme General Aya, She Could Chop Your Taste Buds
658 Actually, It's Not Just It Could Be Eaten...
659 I Saw the Signs of Lily
660 Good Luck
661 Can’t Think of I
662 Still Couldn’t Think of the Chapter Title
663 Unfamiliar Dawn
664 Good Female Friend of Seventh Madame
665 Are They All Your Friends?
666 Women
667 Hangover
668 This Hard Advertisement is Well Done!
669 The Main Show Is About to Begin
670 Going out for a Meeting the Day After Tomorrow, Requesting Leave of Absence in Advance
671 Going out for a Meeting Tomorrow, Requesting Leave of Absence in Advance
672 The Meeting Did Not Stop Me
673 Writer’s Block Successfully Blocks Me, Making Amends
674 Witness the Power of Lily
675 Behind the Success of a Lily Is a Man with Silent Dedication
676 It Actually Almost Took Two Lives
677 With All One’s Migh
678 Do Not Doubt Her Food Intake
679 Happy Friday
680 The Situation Is Not Good These Days, Will Surely Make up for I
681 Acrobatics
682 National Mourning Day For DOTA 2
683 Retired Veteran
684 Suddenly There Is More Than One Prop!
685 Turbulent Undercurrents
686 Wishing Everyone Happy Holiday
687 Live Well With Big Tool
688 See the Rod, Know the Man?
689 Unwilling-to-be-Left-Out Little Baldy
690 People Think I Am Targeting Him, That Is So Swee
691 Soup
692 This Chapter Was Written In Leisure Time
693 Daily Overtime
694 Direct and Plainspoken
695 Consider This the Last Chance...
696 Back Then
697 I Don’t Want To Be Healthy Forever
698 Unexpected Casualties
699 It Always Feels Like the Spring Festival Is Not Over Yet...
700 The Dragons Have No Leader
701 Someone Actually Refused My Telephatic Finger
702 Selling Skills, Not Body
703 It’s As If Someone Had Planned I
704 There Is Still Time To Betray Your Teammates!
705 This Woman Most Likely Has Already Fallen Into My Hands
706 Yesterday Late, Now Right On Time
707 More Make Up...
708 Things Develop Beyond Expectation Again
709 Please Give Your Virginity, Boss He Tu
710 He Tu, Why Are You So **
711 She Wants To Have A Threesome?
712 There Is No Friendship Between Women
713 A Fleeting Glance In A Passing
714 Emperor
715 It's Almost Monday
716 Looking Forward to the Weekend
717 An Eye Opener
718 Write a Chapter on Wednesday to Call for the Weekend
719 Write A Chapter On Thursday To Call For The Weekend
720 Write a Chapter to Celebrate the Weekend on Friday
721 Write Down A Chapter At Weekend Hoping For The Next Weekend
722 Please, God, Give Me Endless Weekend
723 Write A Chapter On Monday Mourning For The Weekend
724 Write A Farewell To Monday On Tuesday
725 Write Down A Chapter Of Looking Through The Limpid Autumn Water On Wednesday
726 Write Down A Festive Chapter At The Dawn
727 Hahaha! It’s the Weekend!
728 The Game of Cat and Mouse
729 Does Anyone Remember The Last Time This Person Appeared?
730 Interpersonal Relationships Are Complicated!
731 April's Fool!
732 On Behalf Of Nine Regions’ Chastity and Virtue, I Punish You!
733 The Hunt For The Source
734 Blind My Dog Eyes
735 Don’t Trust The Fast Ejaculators
736 Righteousness Before Family
737 Master, You Really Are My Good Master!
738 A One Sided Battle
739 Idiots Must Die!
740 Your Noble Sect Indeed Has Many People of Extraordinary Talen
741 The Whole Family Together
742 The Sword and the Beauty
743 What’s Wrong With Cute Girls Being Nice To Black People?
744 Cute Boy Strategy Complete!
745 A Monk Wants To Go Against The Heaven
746 I Repeat...
747 Asking For The PV Vote
748 Sorry, I Do Want To Court Disaster
749 It Was Cool To Add A Complete Ending At The End
750 Walking Monkey
《Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain》 Text
751 Sun Buping
752 Wang Lu Will Soon Tower Over A Huge Ground
753 Vague Feeling Of Being Taken Advantage Of
754 I Will Be You When I Grow Up?
755 Because You Are Stupid Enough
756 Transforming Into Super Sun Buping
757 Charming Widow
758 Ignore the Impropriety
759 Did It Really Happen?
760 Won?
761 A Person's Life Should Be Spent Like This...
762 Third Mutt, Fourth White
763 I F*cked a Dog
764 There’s a Thrill in Being NTR'd
765 Still Wants to Eat the Mea
766 Fighting a Duel With the Great Devil King
767 Fighting Three Females in Succession
768 Being Ruthless is Not Allowed
768 Pulling Out Ruthlessly is Not Allowed
769 My Seed is Already in Your Body
770 It Is You Who Said You Don’t Mind Fighting Against Many
771 Love is Just a Scam
772 Congratulations on Joining the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals Family
773 The World is at Peace
774 Feel Like I
775 Old Chauffeur
776 Don’t Force Me To Become A Calligrapher
777 Sharpen a Sword in Ten Years
778 Untitled
779 Double Negative Means Positive
780 The Book is About to Finish?
781 A Mountain of Paperwork and a Sea of Meetings is the Death of a Man
782 All Who Elope Will Die
783 Room Inspection
784 Added Value of the Land
785 The Loss of a Gay Friend
786 This is Foreshadowing, Does Anyone Believe It?
787 The Unregistered Resident is Exposed
788 I am Upright and Frank
789 There is No Insinuation in this Chapter
790 The Confession of a Crazy Woman
791 Sorry, Just Found Out That There Are Two Chapter Nines In This Volume
792 Caught In the Ac
793 I Suggest You to Have Ligation
794 Fire In The Backyard
795 Break Up
796 Want to Die? Let’s Die Together!
797 I Don’t Want To Be An Absentee Father
798 Real Elopemen
799 Stand Up Bravely For The Truth
800 Death Is The End Of People
801 I Truly Paid a Terrible Price
802 Anyone Who Dares To Touch Me Will Die!
803 Must Never Agree
804 Fox
805 Hole-In-One
806 Making a Deer Out to be a Horse
807 One Man Two Women
808 Agent Xia Yu
809 Don’t Fight Until You Wake Up
810 Overwhelmed
811 Finally, Lunchbox
812 Wholesale Lunchbox
813 There Are Always Crooks Who Want To Throw Up The Lunchbox
814 Hurry Up and Eat the Lunchbox!
815 Enjoy Your Meal
816 The Lunchbox Can’t be Returned
817 International Friends
818 Golden King
819 Suicide Bombing is Also the Tradition of the Two Rivers?
820 The Fall of the Golden King
821 I Don’t Believe It’s Her!
822 Gathering People to Create Trouble
823 This Kind Of Accomplishment Can Go to Hell
824 Sky Tower
825 Academic Mad Dog
826 The Book is Almost Finished, Asking for Gifts
827 Perversion Is A Shortcut to Success
828 It’s Finally Broken
829 Traitors are in the first three rows!
830 Asking For Gifts!
831 Asking For Gifts 2
832 Asking For Gifts 3
833 Not Much To Say, The Stock Market Will Rise!
834 I Didn’t Buy Stocks, I Was Praying For All Of You
835 Sure Enough It’s His Son
836 Accumulating Power
837 Deception
838 And Then She Died?
839 Cool, But Only A Chapter
840 The Book Is About To Finish Soon
841 Refuse To Ea
842 Sorry, Please Insert Coin
843 I Just Want To Increase My Fashion Sense!
844 Time to End
845 I Prefer Late Entry
846 Unwilling to Say Goodbye
847 Endgame
848 Afterward, The Pioneers Of The New World
849 Afterward, Those People
850 Goodbye