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Pocket Hunting Dimension

Author:Blue Sky Washing Rain

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Lu Ze transmigrated to the interstellar era two thousand years later.
The previous owner of this body had lovey-dovey parents and a cute little sister. Although his cultivation talent was ordinary, his life was fulfilling. It could be said to be a dream start. Lu Ze was very happy.
However, as soon as he slept, he came to a strange dimension.
He almost got taken out trying to fight an...
《Pocket Hunting Dimension》 Volume 1
1 Edible with the Head Removed?
2 This is a Rabbit?!
3 Blood Spewing Like Crazy
4 This Person Is Definitely Black When Cut Open
5 This person is definitely a demon
6 How Do You Like The Surprise?
7 Don’t These People Go Cultivate?
8 Such Evil Intention!
9 This Is the Right Way to Open, Right?
10 Finally Know How I Died Yesterday
11 This Isn’t Righ
12 Unbelievable
13 Huge Loo
14 This is a Rabbit Monster
15 The End of Lu Li’s Good Days
16 Lu Ze: Sh*t!!
17 Seed Battle
18 We Agreed To Go Together But You Were A Dog
19 This Little Thing Looks Really Exquisite
20 God Art?!
21 You Know Nothing
22 I’m Not That Sort of Person
23 Although a bit old
24 I’m First Every Time Anyways… Shit!
25 Was He That Sort of Person?!
26 I Will Personally Cook For Senior Schoolmate
27 Let Dad Take The First Bite
28 Naughtiness is a Nature
29 Don’t not think of yourselves as dogs!
30 Died So Much That I’m Almost Used To I
31 Daily Commodities
32 Plan Succeeds!
33 Fearless Idea
34 Just What Is This?
35 Starting From Today Be A Happy Youth
36 How About I Spar With You?
37 Li Liang: A Prodigy Died In My Hands
38 This Palm is Toxic…
39 I, Lu Ze, Food Hunter
40 I am different to you guys now!
41 Wasn’t it drawing chi into the body after level nine?
42 Let Me Put My Hands on My Waist Firs
43 Special Effect, Explosion!
44 I want to make a bet with you
45 Has This Got Anything To Do With Him Being A Merciless Jungler?
46 Region of the abstruse beasts
47 Resort to the second best choice
48 Did this student do something?
49 Does this kid lack cultivation resources?
50 Can’t you be more mature like them?!
51 I seem to have found a bright spot!
52 Ying Ying Ying?
53 An extremely bad viewing experience
54 Boss CEO style is cool!
55 This Bastard is Just Lucky!
56 Perhaps, Ferocious Beasts are Given Better Education
57 Snake Boss, Don’t Swim Over to Me!
58 Don’t Worry, Let Me Think!
59 Is This Some New Trending Mental Torture?
60 Opened Wallhacks?
61 Time To Show Some Real Skills
62 Two Uncles, Do You Want To Come Into The Sky?
63 Is It Loo Late to Show Off Properly?
64 Young Duke is Unparalleled
65 This Guy Wants to ‘Backdoor’!
66 Keep Chasing, Now You’re Dead
67 Owe You Half a Life
68 Even I Didn’t Know I’m This Strong
69 Live Broadcast Star Wars
70 Take a gamble
71 Special Mingling Program
72 Only Kids Choose
73 Special Competition
74 One glance charms a city, Qiuyue Hesha
75 Guessed the start but not the entirety of i
76 Life Has Lost Its Meaning…
77 I Found a Very Lively Lu Ze
78 Wait! What is This??
79 Did I cultivate fake martial arts?
80 Come To My Room Later
81 Even You Would Fall Into Such Circumstances
82 Just attacking a few cities, an old tradition
83 Don’t talk, I want to be alone…
84 This Is Insane!
85 That’s It?!
86 I Seem to Have Seen This Script Somewhere Before?
87 About Calibre and Coolness
88 Is that You? Fire Emperor??
89 Really Don’t Like This
90 All Those Who Play Tactics
91 The Door Seems to Have Been Ironed Shu
92 Lucky Player
93 What it Feels Like to Eat Fire
94 I’ll Marry You When I Grow Up
95 Dusk, So Beautiful
96 Born As Human
97 Secrets of Alice Hephaestus
98 You Deserve This Bow
99 Troubles of youth
100 Open Hacks
101 Go Hand in Hand
102 Li, I’ve Come to Go to School with You~
103 The Joy of Wealthy People
104 Lu Wen Has an Idea
《Pocket Hunting Dimension》 Volume 2
105 Thus, Merlin Felt Heart Ache
106 The Authors of History
107 The Usual Actions of the Two
108 Understanding Oneself
109 I Will Be Back!!
110 Hunting isn’t limited to what is within your sigh
111 Tables Have Turned
112 This Person is So Shameless
113 Doing Something Significan
114 Feeling a little confiden
115 Causing Extreme Discomfor
116 Kid, I’m Here
117 Gifts
118 Don’t Act Too Cocky and You Can Live Long
119 Teacher Nangong is Indeed a Magnificent Woman
120 This Person Has No Hopes
121 Our Path of Conquest is the Stars and Seas
122 Fire Tree and Flame
123 Put Down Your Fist, Life Needs Calmness
124 The Smell of Powerful Beings? Is it Good?
125 Super, Super Saiya Jing?!
126 So, I was looked down on?
127 Planted Neatly
128 Level Two Soldier Lu Ze
129 It Must Be Due to the Wrong Way of Opening the Door
130 Chain of Martial Artists’ Contemp
131 Who Doesn’t Have A First Time
132 Just this level of skill?
133 Is there anything special about this kid?
134 The Feeling of Being Left Behind by the Times
135 Ah, I’m about to die!
136 Keep Acting Tough
137 That’s Your Misperception
138 Mission Assignmen
139 A Father Smacking His Son
140 Crushed
141 Second Grade Soldier and Sergeant Major
142 This Beast’s Name isn’t too friendly
143 The wind is too big I can’t hear
144 Just How Far Ahead Of Us Do You Want To Be?
145 You Don’t Know True Despair
146 Don’t Worry, Catch a Blade Demon Firs
《Pocket Hunting Dimension》 Text
147 His Path of Conquest Has Become Differen
148 Heavy Beating From the Boss
149 Very Envious
150 Like an Abandoned Kid
151 Growth Diary of Big Boss
152 Listen to My Explanation, Boss
153 New Mission
154 I Like Young People Like You
155 Cut Into Mosaics
156 Don’t? You’ll Be Buried Alive
157 Sorry for Disturbing, We’ll Leave Immediately!
158 How About We Chill?
159 The Great Search
160 Were they surrounded?
161 The Baby Human Young Duke
162 Suddenly, I Don’t Want to Play
163 Mine Base and Human Powerful Beings
164 I am Burning Myself!
165 This Kid Isn’t Picky?
166 I’ll Blast Firs
167 Little Heart Can’t Handle I
168 Not Very Envious
169 Improvement is so slow, so disappointed
170 They Must Have a Father-Son Relationship
171 Freedom-Loving Boss
172 This isn’t simple
173 Chapter 173
174 The Script with a Little Detour
175 Not a Sliver of Joy
176 Three Choices
177 Those Who Enjoy Peace Should Firmly Remember This
178 The Idea is Plausible
179 Good Luck and Bad Luck
180 Fight for the Human Race!!
181 Don’t Be Afraid, I’m Not Some Good Person
182 Isn’t It Good to Be Alive
183 He Looks Very Nice
184 Lu Ze Instantly Became Arrogan
185 Run to the Sides! Run to the Sides!
186 You Can Do That?
187 Silent Battlefield
188 Wind, Fire, and Ruins
189 Just How Many God Arts Does This Guy Have??
190 Don’t Let Him Eat!
191 He Can Do What He Wants!
192 If No Accidents Occur…
193 Cheeky People Usually Don’t Have Bad Luck
194 Disappointed
195 What Do You Want to Do?
196 How Dare They Go For His Waist!?
197 He Was an Ambitious Youth
198 This Blue Cat Seems to Be Suffering From Depression
199 This Two-Legged Animal Is Very Evil!
200 How Does a Flying Dragon Lose?
201 Dead Young Duke
202 The Corner of Federal Times
203 Worse Than Nangong Jing
204 The Golden Sun
205 Latest News
206 Three Assassination Lis
207 Surpass You at Entry
208 New Milestone
209 Nangong Jing’s Wealth
210 War and Reward
211 Extremely Abundant Reward
212 The Position of a Young Duke Can Be Expected
213 Power of Divine Ar
214 Blade Demon’s Dawn Blade
215 The Only Bit of Ligh
216 Heavenly Light Pillar
217 Unexpected Entry
218 Terrifying Divine Ar
219 Harvest Season Again
220 Scared by His Own Power
221 Can’t Even Stop
222 You’re Done :
223 The Daily Life of the Three
224 Set a Small Target Firs
225 Drop to Ordinary Class
226 Precious Artefacts in the Universe
227 I’ve Lost This Time
228 Be Less Inflated Like Me
229 This Fella Is Really Mean
230 This Loss of Blood
231 Teacher, You Need to Listen to My Explanation!
232 Divine Art Is Actually Learned This Way??
233 Cheating Also Needs to Follow the Rules, Ok?!
234 Giving Money
235 Lu Ze’s Performance
236 Wonderful Experience
237 Couldn’t Continue With the Ac
238 Undertake a Huge Responsibility
239 The Privilege of the Elite Class
240 This Wasn’t the Future He Planned!
241 Bo Yibo’s Hundred Times Profi
242 Previous Sage
243 Impossible Question
244 It’s So Nice to Not Play Yourself to Death
245 Double the Joy, Double the Price
246 First on Martial Leader Board
247 Life Is Too Hard!
248 Star of the Show
249 The Customer Experience Is Really Bad!
250 Ordinary Elf Warrior
251 Elf Cosmic Realm
252 My Family Is the Stars
253 Being Mistaken as a Child Trafficker by the Little Lolita?!
254 Lu Ze, That Lu Ze Again?
255 I Suddenly Have a Bad Guess About This
256 Big Foodie and Little Foodie
257 How Could This Drunkard Do This?!
258 God Let Us Save the Milky Way Galaxy
259 The Sorrow of a Weak Race
260 My Name is Ying Aotian
261 Excellent Youth
262 After One Night, Your Kid Is So Old Already?
263 About to Become Invincible
264 Picking Up So Many Bosses
265 Four Overlords
266 Greet Jinyao Sage
267 The Origin of Sage
268 Unexpected Gain
269 Acting Like a Tiger to Eat a Dragon
270 Decision
271 The Huge Change in the Pocket Hunting Dimension
272 The Tutelage of Two Young Dukes
273 Teacher Luo is a Great Person
274 Scarcity of Resources
275 Lu Iron Head Ze
276 What Was That??
277 Power After a Month
278 The Rabbit Who Feared Lu Ze
279 Why Are You So Familiar With It?
280 4328th Duel, Draw
281 Who Can Handle This?
282 What Happened to His Brain?
283 Brother Is Coming Back?
284 Annihilation Mission
285 Bloody Nigh
286 He Really Didn’t Want to Hurt Their Feelings
287 He Who Touches Pitch Shall Be Defiled
288 One Brasher Than the Other
289 The Greatest Difference Between You and Me
290 Can His Heart Get Some Rest?!
291 What Happens When the One Acting Cool Gets Eaten?
292 How About We Try Being Together Too?
293 Sleeping Yingying
294 This Is Definitely the Worst Slander in History!
295 Good Thing I Learned Acting Skills
296 Let’s Turn Off the Lights
297 You Have Me Here
298 Why Can You Touch Yingying?
299 This Kid Is Not bad
300 This Doesn’t Seem Too Right?
301 It Was Time to Display His Real Skills!
302 You Again! Lu Ze 2!
303 Arranged by the Boss of the Universe
304 Evil Deal
305 Being Made a Fool by the Old Man
306 Ze Is the Most Handsome Guy in the World!
307 Going Through the Backdoor?
308 The Only One
309 Must Be Infected
310 God and Demon
311 Create a Fable on the Way
312 Is This Young Duke a Young Boy?
313 What Sin Have They Committed?
314 Things Happened So Quickly
315 Unregistered Ship
316 So Embarrassing, You Might As Well Leave
317 How Is This Possible??
318 The Qian Beis Misled Me!!
319 Who Isn’t a Man?
320 Won Another Time
321 Is It a Luck King?
322 I Must Be Shi Lezhi
323 This Is Real Jungling!
324 No One Will Be Able to Make Him Move!
325 There’s No Use in Finding Trouble With Him
326 Rabbit Boss, Where Is Your Pride?
327 Wait, Leave Me the Last Sip…
328 You Always Chase What You Can’t Ge
329 This Is an Insul
330 Yingying Is Really Powerful!
331 Beaten Like a Boss
332 Acting Cool Behind His Back?!
333 Third Natural Wormhole
334 I Have to Battle
335 Captain… Are We Still Charging?
336 Can You Guys Die for Me?
337 Persuading You to Be Nice
338 Have You Eaten, Sister?
339 Narcissist!
340 Someone Wants to Start Trouble?
341 Fleeing Planetary State Void Beas
342 Deserve the Title of Unparalleled
343 Instantly Full of Hate
344 Alcoholic, Stop!
345 Arranged by Fate
346 You’re the Devil
347 Must Hold On!
348 I’m Going to Have It All!
349 Something Seems to Be Missing
350 This Really Hurts the Head
351 Isn’t It a Bit Too Good?!
352 Let’s Upgrade First and Then Figh
353 Damned Fox Demon!
354 Saw What One Shouldn’t Have
355 Mouth Is Quite Swee
356 Experienced Mastery Lightning Spear
357 Don’t Run!
358 Hahaha! I’m Still Not Dead Yet!
359 Benefit? What Benefit?
360 There Was Only One Explanation!
361 Attack the Eternal Life Palace
362 The Truth He Had Always Believed In
363 Numb
364 Missed Something Out?
365 Rectify This Wrong Life of Yours
366 The True Colors of Lu Ze 2
367 A Jungler Without Weapons Is Soulless
368 Who Are You?
369 Her Brain Spasmed From Anger?
370 The Difference of Space Transmission
371 So I Have Special Privilege Too!
372 Which Powerful Figure Came to the Gracious System?
373 What Retarded Idea Was It This Time?!
374 You’re Really a Nice Husband
375 Famous Again?!
376 What Atrocity Is This!
377 How Are They Here?
378 This Way of Entering the Scene Is Very Popular?
379 Is It a Hard Choice?
380 Order-Weakening Space Bomb
381 What Luck Is This?!
382 I’ll Only Kill One
383 Whatever You Say
384 This Is Really Exciting
385 Isn’t It a Bit Too Cruel?
386 What Would You Guys Do?
387 I Just Came In to Have a Casual Glance
388 No Time to Explain
389 Unusual Move
390 Hmm? So weak
391 Why Are You Fine?
392 Again?!
393 People Seem to Be Calling Me Strong?
394 All Gone?!
395 The Brain of a Prodigy Was Different?
396 Where Are My Allies?!
397 So You’re Like This, Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze?
398 The Federation Has a Monster
399 How Did Those Demon Bastards Dare to Come?!
400 What Can They Do?
401 The Entry Point to Dealing With the Rio
402 Betray the Race
403 Lord of Eternal Life’s Remedy Measures
404 Can Still Be Saved
405 This Is Planning to Cut the Backline?
406 I Didn’t Intentionally Become a Perfect Spirit Body
407 Flirt Once and Run
408 Backlash From God Art?
409 Play Along With I
410 How Unfortunate I’m Not a Girl
411 From Great Joy to Great Sorrow
412 Pity, There’s Too Little Miracles
413 Even the Heavens Didn’t Allow Him to Unleash His Power
414 All Must Die!!
415 Sweeping Victory!
416 New Boss Entering the Scene
417 Three Young Dukes
418 In a Dilemma?
419 The Power of One Strike
420 Didn’t He Say That He Wasn’t Going to Die?
421 Who Was Going to Bear His Pain?!
422 He Felt That He Knew This Person?!
423 I Have a Very Serious Suggestion!
424 When Is an Auspicious Date to Get Married?
425 A Young Duke’s Reward
426 Now It’s Three Against Two?
427 Sorting Ou
428 This Person Is a Great Guy!
429 Do You Not Know What Sort of Person I Am?
430 Males’ Public Enemy
431 There’s a Problem With This Map!
432 Abused by Rabbits Again
433 How Can One Be Scared Without Fighting?
434 Bosses Everywhere
435 A Different Orb
436 Did I Encounter a Ghost?
437 Don’t Believe Her Words Anymore
438 This Isn’t Being Scared!
439 Scared Into a Ball
440 Opportunity
441 Yingying Who Dreamed of Eating Drumsticks
442 Unfair
443 Earth
444 I Want It All
445 Palace of Heroes
446 Protect the Human Roots, Expand the Authority of the Human Race
447 Above Young Dukes
448 What Is Your Name Girl?
449 Bountiful Reward
450 Went in Just Like That?
451 Is This Lord Primordial Sun’s Talent?
452 Feels a Little Good?
453 What Is This Voting??
454 He’s a Good Person After All
455 This Is Very Strong
456 What Happened Just Then?
457 Remember This
458 This Is Probably a Fake Old Man
459 Testing a New Divine Ar
460 Strength and Weakness
461 Body and Psychological Pain
462 Not Important if I Can Beat It or No
463 You First, You Firs
464 Our Jing Jing Is Gentle and Caring
465 Don’t Want More Pancakes, Want More Wives
466 Obsessed With Feeding
467 What Is This?
468 Almost Didn’t Beat I
469 Doesn’t Include Lu Ze and Lin Ling
470 This Mental Fortitude Needs Practice
471 I’m Not Surprised at All
472 Legendary Figure
473 An Innocent Heart Got Tricked
474 Everyone, Get Hurt Together
475 Poor Little Thing
476 It Hurts
477 Sad Topic
478 Bosses Are Bosses
479 My Disguise Is Perfec
480 Different Leagues
481 Deliver a Speech
482 It’s... Senior Lu Ze?
483 Taken Pride?
484 I’ll Help You Hammer That Kid!
485 A Heavy Sense of Duty!
486 A Little Chilly All of a Sudden?
487 Flowers in the Greenhouse
488 Something to Eat??
489 Strange Smell, Golden Fores
490 See if It’s Tasty
491 This Is Wine?!
492 A Many Fold Increase
493 Accidentally Famous Again
494 Admiration Is the Right Reaction
495 Path to Planetary State
496 She’s No Traitor!
497 Extremely Hard Thing
498 What Monsters Were These Bosses??
499 Rapidly Growing Earth God Ar
500 Why Is This Bastard So Confident?
501 A Very Nice Brother
502 Sister Jing?
503 Can He Not Understand Human Language?
504 It Was His Misperception, Indeed?
505 It Got Away?
506 Caught the Wrong Person?
507 Trial
508 Not Human?
509 A Different Notion
510 Weak and Pitiful Little Bug
511 In the Next Millennium, Let Destruction Sweep This Piece of Cosmos!
512 Wait! What Am I Worried About?
513 Burried Ying Ying
514 Who Do You Choose?
515 If This Punch Goes Down, Lu Ze Would Die
516 Necessity for Crime
517 Is This the Beginning of a New Era?
518 What Did They Take Him For?
519 Barely Planetary State Combat Power
520 This Seems to Be Quite a Nice God Art?
521 Real Planetary State Power
522 Does the Monarch Celebration Need to Be This Exaggerated?
523 There’s Something Wrong With What He’s Caring Abou
524 Let Him See How Many People Were Itching
525 Rely on Women
526 Who Is Fully Ready?
527 Monarch of the New Dawn Asserting Dominance?
528 That Guy Is Actually a Maniac, Right?!
529 There Doesn’t Seem to Be Anything Wrong With That?
530 Try Your Best to Crush Me
531 Little Brother Lu Ze Is Really Strong
532 I Just Want to Eat a Good Meal
533 Where Did The Courage to Take On the World Go?
534 It’s the Drumstick’s Fault!
535 Elliot’s Visi
536 That Guy Is So Cunning!
537 Can Still Live After Tha
538 Great Harvest!
539 A Violent Storm
540 Accuse an Innocent Man?
541 I Don’t Have a Son Like You
542 Creations in the Void Universe
543 A Bad Point About Him
544 This Is the Void Border
545 You’re Becoming More Thick-Skinned
546 Enemy Attack!
547 Foolish and Weak Human Race!
548 A Prodigy Like You
549 Keep Running!
550 What… Monster Are You?!
551 Insectoid Egg
552 You Have Some Self-Realization?!
553 That Works?!
554 They’re Actually Called Terry Amon!
555 Does Lady Luck Have Another Favorite?
556 Do You Think There’s No One Strong Left in the Human Race?!
557 I Want Him to Be My Master
558 This Is a Fake Boss
559 Little Heart Pumping Fas
560 They’re Injured?
561 I Really Didn’t Want to Either
562 The Face of the First Monarch
563 Perhaps He’s Dumb
564 If I Survive the First Time… Leave the Squad
565 I’m Going to Fight a Few Hundred
566 They’ve Never Even Seen a Real Boss
567 Loo
568 Military Rules
569 So It’s You…
570 Dark Metal Demon Race and Four Symbol Crystal
571 Why Should We Give Them What Belongs to the Human Race?
572 Even If We Don’t Want It, We Can’t Give It to the Human Race
573 Kid, There’s Something Wrong With Your Thoughts
574 Take It Away
575 Another Bold Idea
576 Smart Maomao
577 Which Race Is This Idiot From?
578 I, Blade Demon Race, Kakarro
579 I Want To Kill Him
580 These Dark Metal Demons Are Idiots, Right?!
581 Terrifying
582 The Light of the Human Race
583 How About… Come One by One?
584 Blue Sky Above Your Head
585 Flexed Like Crazy
586 More and More Shameless
587 Why Do Their Names Sound Familiar?
588 I Can Only Do Some Supplementary Work
589 This Is So Amazing
590 He Seems to Have Been Abandoned
591 Wail for the Monarch of the New Dawn
592 Who Could Take This Hit?
593 If This Continues, He’s Really Going to Get Cocky
594 Did This Guy Discover His Conscience?
595 They’re All Living in a Dream?
596 This Twisted Aesthetic View Doesn’t Seem Righ
597 Unbelievable!
598 Egg Inheritance
599 Must’ve Drunk Too Much
600 Famous
601 We’re Just Doing Menial Jobs At Planet Zhihuo
602 Zhihuo Shooting Stars
603 Dish Sold Once Every Five Years
604 The Difference Became Apparent Real Quick
605 Zhihuo Bird
606 A Traitor
607 This Guy Wants to Eat Him?
608 Take It Back As Guardian Beas
609 Just What Happened to the Human Controlled Region?
610 God-Given Gift!
611 How He Wanted to Attack Once!!
612 Hug Me Tightly!
613 Want to Start Trouble Again!
614 Are There Such Good Things?
615 You’re the Devil, Right?
616 Looks Painful
617 We Have To Send News of Monarch of the New Dawn Back
618 Star State Reinforcemen
619 Without Comparison, There’s No Injury
620 Did He Save the Universe in His Past Life?
621 White Light Pillar
622 Special Spirit Body
623 He Felt He Was Looked Down On
624 What Scene Haven’t We Seen?
625 Fake Cultivation
626 Monster Amongst Monsters
627 Heart Pierced
628 One Month of Improvemen
629 On the Border of Getting Bashed Up
630 These Idiots Aren’t As Smart As Him
631 Pretend To Lose
632 You Did Great!
633 Where Is My Spirit Force?
634 Fishing
635 I Suspect I Heard Wrong
636 As Long As He Ran Fast Enough, Bosses Can’t Catch Up With Him.
637 This Guy Is a Range Rover Turtle
638 The First Divine Art Rune!
639 Solitary Cultivation Might Be Addictive
640 You’re Not in the Right State Today?
641 This Scene Seems Familiar
642 Please Stop Talking
643 Take You To See My Master
644 Is There a Problem?
645 Beast Pack Migration
646 The Human Race Shall Trial in Fire and Blood
647 Atmosphere was awkward
648 Unity Is Power
649 Secure
650 What Just Happened?
651 That Simple?
652 Really Scared of Them Dying From Exhaustion
653 Third Metal Box
654 A Pierced Heart Receiving Comfor
655 His Fault for Being Unlucky
656 Looks Like Me Back in the Days
657 Always Finding Weak Overlords
658 Harves
659 You Guys Dare To Leave the Controlled Region?
660 Hang This Bastard Up and Beat Him!
661 Lu Ze, How Dare You!
662 You Will Regret It!
663 Didn’t Expect It, Did You?
664 Surveillance
665 Same Type of Void Beas
666 Broke Through Again
667 I Feel Like I Can Have You As My Son
668 It’s A Star State Being?!
669 I Will Remember You!!
670 What Are You So Worried About?
671 The Promise Won’t Count If We Can’t Win
672 Blade Demon Disappearance Ar
673 He Was a Bit Scared
674 We Seem To Have Been Surrounded
675 How Can You Be So Timid?
676 Why Didn’t He Realize His Teammates Were This Dumb?
677 Thousand Mile of Dam Ruined by Ants’ Nests
678 Elf Realm Prodigy Ranking
679 Broken Crystal Race Ship
680 I Don’t Know Where I Died Too
681 She Was Clearly First!
682 Heritage Crystal
683 Low-Grade Divine Ar
684 What Feud Is This?
685 Overlord With Dual Divine Ar
686 Can’t Feel Any Warmth Anymore
687 The More and More Worried Nangong Jing
688 After I Surpass You, You Understand What Happens, Right?
689 Level-9 Mortal Evolution State
690 You Have a Fever?
691 He Can Protect the Human Race for a Million Years
692 I’ll Talk to the Old Man Once I Return
693 Even the Heavenly Monarch Can’t Protect It!
694 I Was Very Cool!
695 Who Can Withstand This?!
696 She Thinks There’s Still Hope for Her?
697 Hmm? What Did You Say, Brother?
698 Don’t Tell Me It’s Monarch of the New Dawn Again!
699 Just This Sort of Minor Thing?
700 Other People Would Be Hurt by Such Words
701 Lu Ze’s Combat Power
702 Oh My! That Scared Me!
703 This Guy Is a Traitor?!
704 The Terrifying Defense of Perfect Earth Shield
705 Things Didn’t Seem Too Righ
706 Huge Loo
707 Hell Mode
708 Break Through to Planetary State, Endless Bright Lights
709 Feels Like Something Is Missing
710 What Did I Do When I Broke Through?
711 I Actually Learned God Art?!
712 Why Am I So Fierce?
713 Want To See the Advanced Version of the Dance
714 Scared Into a Ball
715 Immersed in Great Wine
716 Bite You to Death!
717 You Guys Weren’t Like This Last Night!
718 Can’t Mess With
719 Honor and Responsibility
720 Where’s the Basic Trust Between People?
721 New Drop
722 Lu Ze Was a Bit Autistic
723 Beginner Mastery in One Day
724 Pain and Joy at the Same Time
725 Almost Forgot He Was a First-Year University Studen
726 The Old Man’s Shock
727 We’ll Be Quick
728 Dao Enlightenment Room Permanent Access
729 The Power of the Golden Fist Art at Perfect Mastery
730 Enjoy Life, Die with Honor
731 What Is This Kid Saying?
732 Go Easy On Them
733 The Round Race Were All Shocked
734 Why Are Your Expressions Synced?!
735 I Feel You Seem Very Strong?
736 Dream, Reality, and Staying at Home
737 I’ll Go Out and Eat a Lemon
738 Secret Deal
739 Tournament Begins
740 You Can Lead the Way This Time
741 My Brother Ze Is a Real Prodigy!
742 That Little Guy Is Quite Capable
743 Secret Realm
744 What’s the Situation With This Year’s Human Prodigies?!
745 Always Standing Next to Lu Ze
746 Cultivation Is Really Bitter
747 Prodigy With Hopes of Reaching Planetary State Prodigy Ranking
748 Doubt Life
749 Lost Like That?
750 Technical Work
751 Far From I
752 Most Precious Talen
753 Firs
754 Intense Hinting
755 Bloated
756 Level-2 Planetary State, Perfect Mastery of Light Beam
757 Level-2 Planetary State Combat Power
758 Heaven, Protect the Human Race!
759 Old Man, You Set Me Up!
760 Another New Drop
761 Treasure Close At Hand
762 Huge Improvement and Bold Guess
763 Super Black Metal Bug
764 Huge Harvest, Phenomenon Reappearance
765 Sensed Wrong?
766 This Is a Little Progress?!
767 Space Vortex
768 Humans Are Usually Weak?
769 He’s A Good Person
770 Proper Death
771 Human, You’re Asking to Die!
772 Play Yourself
773 Secret Realm Ruins
774 Sure Enough, Good People Have Good Karma
775 It’s Humans, Prepare To Attack!
776 Everyone Here Has a Share
777 I’m Practical
778 The Secret Realm Wouldn’t Have Been Destroyed, Would It?
779 This Guy Is Hacking, Right?
780 Why Don’t You Go Up into the Sky?
781 The Treasure in the Ruins
782 The Secret Realm Collapsed?!
783 Brain Capacity Is Not Enough
784 What Misunderstanding Do They Have Towards Him?
785 This Was Different From What He Though
786 Assist Upon Arrival
787 Cosmic System State Technological Civilization
788 Found Human Ship!
789 Those Who Play Tactics Have Dirty Hearts!
790 Am I Dumb?
791 Why Are You So Experienced?
792 Federal Defense Army Marshal Lin?
793 This Turn Is Too Fast?!
794 I Miss You So Much
795 Don’t Really Understand Their Perception of Beauty
796 Ying Ying Thinking About Life
797 I’m Merciless
798 Master Lu Ze and His Five Little Maids
799 Old Friend
800 Non-stop Super Beasts
801 Easy Oscar
802 You’re the Strongest, You Decide
803 Space Pirates
804 Let’s Cancel the Small Goal, Right?
805 Is That Really Suitable?
806 Death of a Cosmic System State
807 The Mysterious Master Behind Lu Ze
808 Number One Feeder
809 Rich!
810 Being Arrogant Is the Mission Statemen
811 Amos: Need to Think of a Way to Keep Him!
812 Encounter Human Race?
813 Just Because I Took an Extra Look at You in the Crowd…
814 I’m Back
815 Suddenly Feel Neck Is a Bit Cold
816 Have to Think of a Way and Do Something
817 Golden Spear Race Prodigy
818 Kneel!
819 The Human Race Has Prodigies
820 I, Yi Lei, Am Indeed Favored By the Heavens!
821 So I’m This Wealthy!
822 Lu, Net Worth of a Few Cosmic Clouds, Ze
823 Blood and Fire
824 Die!
825 He’s Our Dad
826 Their Unique Honor
827 Real Prime
828 Are You Very Disappointed?
829 Call Me Hesha
830 Do You Want a Lollipop?
831 I Will Protect You From Now On!
832 How Did You Become So Strong?!
833 Why Am I Not a Pretty Young Girl?
834 Idol!
835 Change in the Pocket Hunting Dimension
836 We Can Go Out By Dying
837 Work Is Easy When Man And Woman Team Up
838 Hold It In! Don’t Cry!
839 Where Are the Other Star States?
840 Let the Old Man Start Streaming?
841 What Are You Proud Of?
842 Surprise
843 Huge Harves
844 Star State Anomaly, Mutation
845 That Direction Seems To Be The Milky Way Galaxy?
846 Lu Ze Hugging The Big Thighs
847 What Sort Of 'No Problem' Is This?!
848 By The Way, Where Is Ying Ying?
849 Insectoid Lair
850 We Can Pretty Much Consider Waging A War
851 How About, We Annihilate Them?
852 Our Child Isn’t Mature Enough
853 Good At Hurting People’s Hearts
854 News Are Out, Opportunity Feas
855 Hope Monarch Of The New Dawn Is Unparalleled In The World!
856 Use Human Blood To Cleanse The Humiliation!!
857 Consecutive Strikes???
858 What Sort Of Person Do You Think I Am?
859 This Death Was Worth It!
860 Time For Them To Participate
861 Same Kinds Can Understand Each Other The Bes
862 Was This A Match?
863 Let’s Go To School Together
864 He Was Viral!
865 Transformed?
866 Where Is My Comrade?!
867 Need A Change Of Plans
868 This Old Guy!
869 Rare Opportunity
870 What Is He Trying To Do?!
871 Break The Base’s Defense
872 Something Serious Happened!
873 Unreasonable
874 Loot, Door Knock
875 Ze, This Demon!
876 Plans Can’t Keep Up With Change
877 Who Dares To Touch This?
878 I’m Invincible Again?!
879 Lu Li Pondering Life
880 The Standards Are A Bit Differen
881 Report Of Victory
882 Are You Guys Coming For Solitary Cultivation Or What?!
883 So I’m This Strong Already?
884 Did Something Happen To Monarch Of The New Dawn And The Girls?!
885 This Is Not Too Slow?!
886 Pass On Like This Each Generation
887 Cute Overlord Boss
888 Three Divine Ar
889 One More Person To Experience Death Together
890 I Will Get Revenge!
891 I Came To Ask Him A Question
892 Must Not Have Such Thoughts!
893 Try Again
894 It’s Quite Nice To Die And Come Ou
895 A Never-Before-Seen Overlord
896 Seething Killing Inten
897 Strangely-Developing Human Race
898 Almost A Heart Attack From The Scare
899 Underestimated Myself Too Much
900 Enlightened
901 Evolved?
902 Hurry Up And Make The Humans Disappear From The Universe
903 Am I Finally Going To Have A Jungling Item?
904 This Is Cheating!
905 Fifth Map
906 Unwanted Equipmen
907 Holding A Statue To Fight People
908 Stupefied Zhihuang Guild
909 … This Isn’t Too Good, Right?
910 Illusory World, The Sound Of Truth And Basic Laws
911 What Was This?
912 Where Is My Home?
913 Acciden
914 This Isn’t The Same As What We Agreed!
915 Come To My House After School
916 I Seem To Be Missing Two Legs...
917 You Have Fire God Art and You’re Scared Of The Cold?
918 What Mortal Pain Was This?
919 Never Los
920 Was There A Feud Between Them?
921 Change In The Phenomenon
922 This Insectoid Isn’t Bad!
923 Probably The Most Pitiful Insectoid In History?
924 That Youth Is The Monarch Of The New Dawn?
925 Your Monarch Of The New Dawn Is Dead!
926 It Seems I Was Too Careful
927 What Sort Of Monster Is This?
928 Why Are They So Experienced?!
929 Two Cosmic Cloud States?!
930 Stay Low, Stay Low
931 Victory? What Victory?
932 Look At How Caring I Am!
933 Great Star
934 Sharks That Smell Blood
935 Collaboration And Sharing
936 Their Eyes
937 There’s Good Stuff!
938 New Equipmen
939 Peak Cosmic System State?!
940 Imagination Could Be Deadly
941 They’re Actually A Cosmic Realm State Race, Right?
942 The Meaning Of Living
943 Do You Need To Be That Happy About This Little Progress?
944 Familiar God Art?
945 Equipment Set Effec
946 Awake Ying Ying
947 That Could Happen?
948 I Thought There Were No Beasts?
949 This Battleship… Belongs To The Human Race?!
950 Quick! Spread The News!
951 Warrior
952 They Didn’t Know What They Did Wrong
953 Decision
954 Where Is The Defense Force?
955 Nightmare
956 All Those Who Knew About It Are Dead!
957 Cosmic Cloud State Battle?
958 Where Did This Monster Come From?
959 Good Thing They Ran Fast!
960 Seek Reinforcements, Peak Cosmic System State
961 Legend
962 What? You’re Scared?
963 Did She Hear Wrong?
964 He Was Too Handsome
965 Testing The Borders Of Death
966 Heart Achingly Experienced
967 How Are These Guys Running So Fast?
968 Do You Think We’re Idiots?
969 You Didn’t Die?!
970 Heart Gone Cold
971 Awake Ying Ying
972 Didn’t Even Get Any Soup
973 New Drop, Dark Green Ball
974 Means To Mass Produce Cosmic System State Peak
975 He’s A Level-1 Cosmic System State
976 Very Touched
977 Desert Cave
978 Did You Rupture Their Home?
979 How Were They Bad?!
980 Huge Shock
981 Series of Surprises
982 What Sort Of Bullshit Luck Was This?!
983 The Overlord Of The Fifth Map
984 Cosmic System State Level-2
985 Why Is This Too Careless?
986 Oasis
987 Terrifying Learning Speed
988 I Feel I’m Being Discriminated Agains
989 Why Are These Humans’ Glances So Strange?
990 You’re Toxic!
991 You Can’t Play Like That?!
992 Living Is Too Tiring
993 This Is Awkward
994 How Dare They Underestimate Us Like That?!
995 Seem To Have Found The Reason
996 Don’t Even Think About It!
997 “???”
998 Battle Of The Overlords
999 Scavenging
1000 Golden Crystal Tree
1001 Huge Loo
1002 The Highligh
1003 My Cultivation Speed Is That Fast?!
1004 The Elders Would Be Worried To Death
1005 A Scene They Would Never Forge
1006 Best Used As Scapegoa
1007 Crisp Green Blade
1008 Like A God
1009 Three Cosmic Cloud States?!
1010 Why Are They Here?
1011 No Internet Connection, Amazing
1012 Heart Aches
1013 That Feeling Came Out Immediately
1014 So Keen To Live!
1015 Pursuing Cosmic System State
1016 My Talent Is Too Good
1017 This Old Guy Is Drunk?
1018 Find A Place For The Human Race!
1019 Haven’t Seen Someone This Wealthy!
1020 Sivir Ancient Battle Ruin
1021 Hold Steady
1022 Level 5 Cosmic System State
1023 Really Confusing
1024 This Little Girl Has Advanced Tricks!
1025 Where Did Your Courage Just Then Go?
1026 Not A Single Winner
1027 I Can See The Monarch Of The New Dawn In Person?!
1028 Ambitious
1029 A Law That Won’t Change No Matter The Era
1030 This That Thing?
1031 Easier Than Imagined
1032 Really Want To Know The Final Answer
1033 Counting Their Loo
1034 Freeload Again
1035 Pitiful Death
1036 Feel Embarrassed For I
1037 These People Are Dogs, Right?
1038 Bring Some Trump Cards Before Leaving
1039 This Is So Fun… No! So Meaningful
1040 Sorry For Interrupting, I’ll Leave Now!
1041 The Last Glamor Of Ancestral Soul
1042 Battle To Death!
1043 Concrete Understanding
1044 Pressed A Like For Himself
1045 Mourn Across The Entire Race
1046 The Universe Is Truly Small
1047 Things Don’t Seem Righ
1048 For Convenience Sake
1049 Promise Me, Don’t Be A Sucker, Okay?
1050 Very Simple
1051 Live Elf Race
1052 Terrifying Fire Control
1053 Necessary To Investigate
1054 Medium Grade Spirit Gathering Stone
1055 It’s Them!
1056 Why Are We So Unlucky?!
1057 We’re Not Dreaming, Are We?
1058 How Can We Be That Unlucky?!
1059 Still Fallen
1060 Someone In The Milky Way Galaxy
1061 You’re Joking Right, Brother?
1062 I’m Not With This Guy!
1063 Terrifying Boss!
1064 That Chi Four Years Ago
1065 This Is Intolerable!
1066 Insolent Low-Level Races
1067 Gratitude of The Black Obsidian Race
1068 Really Magnanimous
1069 What Race Is The Human Race?
1070 Who Are You?
1071 Clue Of The Source
1072 Third Overlord Battle
1073 Cosmic Cloud State Super Beas
1074 Why Is This Boss Here?!
1075 Ruby Scorpion Summoning Crystal
1076 Intention To Recrui
1077 Tes
1078 Peak Of The Eastern Region Pyramid
1079 The Magical Use Of Space God Ar
1080 There Are Actually Cosmic System State Insects?
1081 Joy In Their Suffering
1082 Unfathomable Race
1083 To Eat Or Not To Ea
1084 Very Worried
1085 Less Seen More Strange
1086 Tell Death Field
1087 Blood Cocoon
1088 Queen
1089 Where Did Master Go?!
1090 Tree Of Life
1091 Essence Of I
1092 Report The Bill
1093 Big Gif
1094 The East Region Is Changing!
1095 Um, It’s Us
1096 Who Can Handle This?
1097 Worth Keeping For The Entire Life
1098 The Human Race Is Over?!
1099 One Extra Look And The Person Is Gone
1100 Love From The Elders
1101 Medium Grade Spirit Gathering Room Completed
1102 500,000 Light Year Sized Palm
1103 Gathering Of The East Region Bosses
1104 Crazy Insectoids
1105 Teaming Up With The Insectoids
1106 Cosmic Realm State Insectoid Queen
1107 Slay This Insectoid Queen
1108 Clear The Elf Cosmic Realm Insectoid Tide
1109 East Region Guesses
1110 Guard Of The Elf Queen
1111 World Domain Prototype
1112 Potential Increase Of The Entire Race
1113 Face Of The Human Race
1114 Are You Planning On Going To A Blind Date?
1115 Alliance With The Elf Race
1116 Human Race Faith
1117 Prodigy Selection
1118 Combat Power After Breaking Through To The Cosmic Cloud State
1119 The Dumb Bird Flies Firs
1120 Using Source Spirit Frui
1121 Huge Improvemen
1122 Another Giant Red Scorpion
1123 Power Of The God Art Domain
1124 Found Something Good
1125 Deservedly
1126 Limi
1127 Fire Divine Art Rune, Ying Ying Awakening
1128 Finals Speech
1129 Want To Kill Him?!
1130 Elder Lin’s Injury
1131 Head Towards The Demon Realm
1132 New Equipment Crystal
1133 Arrival Of The Elf Race
1134 Elf Princess
1135 News Of The Medium Grade Spirit Gathering Stone
1136 Destroyed Cosmic Lord Civilization Flavored
1137 Realizable Idea
1138 Two Trump Cards
1139 Gues
1140 Who Are They?
1141 Feas
1142 No Longer Hide
1143 Admiring Lily
1144 Reaching The Elf Divine Realm
1145 Teleportation Network
1146 Lived For Hundred Million Years
1147 Heading To The Divine City
1148 A Bit Absurd
1149 Don’t Come Over!!
1150 Lucky King Today
1151 Unlocking A New Way To Die
1152 Did I Go To The Wrong Place?
1153 The Most Prosperous District Of The Elf Cosmic Region
1154 Eternal Song Gallery, Eternal Song Civilization
1155 It’s Yours Now
1156 Indeed, Boss Ying Ying
1157 Green Hill Frui
1158 You Killed My Race?
1159 There Seems To Be A Problem?
1160 Lu Gatlin Ze
1161 Underestimate
1162 Cosmic Lord Civilization Prodigy?
1163 Don’t Look Over!
1164 What Are You Doing?!
1165 Did We Go To The Wrong Scene?
1166 This Isn’t Too Good!
1167 Can’t Stop At All!
1168 Why Doesn’t It Die?
1169 Cosmic Cloud State Peak Super Beas
1170 Divine Art Fusion
1171 Super Treasure
1172 Abyss
1173 Should We Compete?
1174 These Many Things?!
1175 War Domain
1176 Ancient War Race, Tower of War
1177 Poor
1178 Eat Some Pill?!
1179 Hatred
1180 You Guys Don't Want Me Over?