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Rebirth of a Poisonous Woman


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An Jinxiu was the daughter of Grand Preceptor An, married to the current General Shangguan at the age of sixteen. However, she had delusions of fawning over the Fifth Prince whic is now His Majesty Bai Chengze.

She had given him her heart, given him advice, plotted against him, stolen the military talisman from her husband“s hands, helped him turn into a soldier and massacred the entire...
《Rebirth of a Poisonous Woman》 Volume 1
1 Death of the Wicked Woman
2 Rebirth
3 This daugther is willing to marry
4 Mother and Daughter
5 Shangguan Yong's Distress
6 Betrothal gif
7 Rejection
8 Emotion
9 Mother Illness
10 Siblings
11 An Yuanzhi
12 Family Punishmen
13 Under the Moon's Incense
14 The King is in the Fragrant garden
15 The Beautiful Lady
16 Please fix the date of marriage
17 You're not virtuous
18 The Matriarch returns home
19 Repair of new house
20 Monarch's Mind
21 Preparation
22 Married
23 Seeing you again after another lifetime
24 Wedding Nigh
25 The War at the 25th Frontier
26 Separation
27 Bai Chengze Gentleness
28 Bullied again
29 Grand Preceptor's True Meaning
30 Days when Shangguan Yong was away
31 Bloodbath
32 First Son Ping
32 Ping An
33 Full Moon
34 Wang Family
35 Prison
36 Deathsworn fugitives
37 Meeting the Shizong on the road
38 Safe and sound
39 Royal father and son
40 Out of town
41 Could not turn back
42 The King of Conviction Betrayed the Monarch
43 City Broken
44 Human Hearts Unfathomable
45 Crisis
46 Mother and Daughter East Palace
47 Yuanzhi is going to join the army
48 Future
49 Welcome to His Holiness in front of the abbey
50 Retention
51 Return of the General
52 Deer's Blood
53 Doom of doom
54 I'm a lucky woman
55 Makes one stronger
56 Despair
57 A general with a broken family
58 In the arms of an emperor
59 Calculated Favorite
60 Suspicion Growing
61 Even in the same city, we're far away
62 To deliver the coffin to the Residence of An
63 Putting in Well
64 How to feed coal in snow
65 Surprise or bargaining chips
66 Heart Injury