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Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief

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Qiao Nan: Crap! I am your biological daughter, yet I am treated as if I was picked up from the streets. In fact, you treat me worse than that!

Mother Qiao: Qiao Nan, you are not as pretty or smart as your elder sister. You are not as blessed as her. You have no right to study, marry, or to have your happiness!
《Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief》 Volume 1
1 Driven to the Grave
2 Fever
3 Enlightenmen
4 Favoritism
5 Nutrition
6 Deficiency
7 Drumsticks
8 Cry Hard
9 Guilty Conscience
10 Drastic Measures
11 Hate Them All
12 Inside Story
13 ‘Studious’
14 Continue Her Studies
15 Fumble the Ball
16 Shot in the Foo
17 Guerilla Warfare
18 Valued
19 Body Search
20 Taking It Out On Others
21 Quarrel
22 Exams
23 Change of Room
24 Setbacks
25 Mixed Emotions
26 How's Your Resul
27 Set Ground Rules
28 Class Committee
29 Take In Hand One Each
30 Shameless
31 Trus
32 Is She the Biological Child?
33 Broken Relationships
34 You Must Be Nan Nan
35 Boastful Dad
36 Saved A Life
37 Self-Recommendation
38 Find a Job
39 Dare Not Want I
40 Did You Do I
《Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief》 Volume 2
41 Refuse To Admi
42 Self Reflection
43 Qiao Zijin Wants To Borrow Money
44 Your Plot, My Strategy
45 Plotted Against Again
46 No One Sleeps
47 Grades Are the Achilles Heel
48 Won't Back Down Anymore
49 Won't Be Nice To You
50 Warning
51 Da Qiao Made ‘Tremendous’ Improvements
52 A Biased Agreemen
53 You Are Xiao Qiao
54 I Will Protect You In Future
55 To Be Supervised or No
56 Brother Zhai Is Back
57 Qiao Nan Is A Crazy Fan
58 Elder Lee Came To Visi
59 Harsh Criticisms
60 Learn If You Want To
61 Sensitive
62 Small Chat During Dinnertime
63 The Biased Father
64 You Had An Express Delivery
65 Shared My Mother With You
66 Did Well or Did Badly
67 Results Are Coming Ou
68 Got Back On Track
69 ‘Thrilled’ to ‘Death’
70 Better Treatmen
71 Essay Competition
72 "Praise to Fail"
73 Double Happiness
74 All The Pens Were Broken
75 Clash of the Garments
76 Who Is the Copycat?
77 Confrontation
78 The Joy of Some, The Sorrow Of Others
79 Invitation By The School
80 Too Lazy
81 Do You Think That Way Too
82 Would Not Compromise
83 Use Another Method To Persuade
84 Tell the Teachers
85 Exposed Her Own Deed
86 Who Did It On Purpose
87 New Clothes
88 To Give An Ultimatum
89 Negotiate To Swap
90 Build Good Relations
91 You Can Ask Me Too
92 What Did She Mean
93 Tactless
94 Asked for I
95 Have A Good Year Ahead
96 Appreciation
97 The Murder Weapon On Earth
98 Reward
99 Number One In The Grade
100 Gone Crazy
101 Not Gullible Anymore
102 Thigh to Thigh
103 Embarrassed
104 Not Puppy Love
105 It's Payback Time
106 Distribution of Red Packe
107 Hijacked
108 As Long As You Are Simple
109 Backing
110 Who Will Be Subdued
111 One of a Kind
112 Determined Not To Interfere
113 Relented Again
114 Done Themselves In
115 Gif
116 Middle School Exams
117 Reached in Time
118 Settle Scores
119 Rebellious Little Devil
120 What’s the Situation?
121 Unwilling
122 Not the Same School
123 As Long As You Know What You Are Doing
124 A Heartwarming Little Jacke
125 Should They Be Swapped
126 Negotiation
127 Reversed
128 No Eggs Can Remain Unbroken When the Nest Is Upse
129 Top Female Scorer
130 Love-Hate Emotions
131 Sister-in-Law
132 Scholarship
133 Blessing and Misfortune Go Hand in Hand
134 Aggravating Situations
135 Futile Attempts in Seeking Help
136 Hoping for May–December Romance
137 Pay Us Back
138 Shameless Schemes
139 Zhai Sheng Arrived in Time
140 Itch
141 Wept Out Her Grief
142 Time Reveals a Person’s Hear
143 Do You Have the Final Say?
144 Little Warm Jacke
145 Change of Attitude
146 ‘No One’ at Home
147 Parents Always Have Good Intentions
148 Brain Damaged by Acciden
149 A Belly of Evil Fury
150 Brother Zhai was Angry
151 Brother Zhai was Differen
152 Something Was Happening
153 I’m Going Back with You
154 Good Seedling
155 This Is a Bomb
156 The Male Charisma That Caused Irrationality
157 The Boiling Frog
158 Have You Made up Your Mind
159 Let’s Be In-Laws
160 Daughter Is Better Than Son
161 Fate
162 Embarrassed to Look at the Dimwi
163 Differential Treatmen
164 Murderous Aura
165 What’s the Difference?
166 Don’t Waste Your Breath, Just Figh
167 A Bad-Tempered Old Master
168 Unreliable
169 Being Treated as a Young Nanny
170 Public Display of Affection
171 Obviously Unreliable
172 Both Ability and Status Are Importan
173 Mature Lady and Silly Girl
174 You Will Definitely Like I
175 His Grandson is Amazing
176 Qiao Dongliang Stood Up for Her
177 Don’t You Feel Shameful
178 So Rare That She Was Well-Behaved
179 Your Mom and I Go Our Separate...
180 Do as You Wish
181 A Life of Her Own
182 You Are Hiding Something from Us
183 Not Worth I
184 Stood in the Way Home
185 Report to the Police
186 Honest Confession
187 Someone We Know Committed the Crime
188 Will Be Imprisoned
189 Truly a Pea-Brain
190 Could No Longer Tolerate
191 Regain Economic Authority
192 Do You Look Down on Me
193 Discovering What Was Wrong With Qiao Zijin
194 Brainwashed
195 You Were a Good Father
196 Have a Discussion
197 Split in Half
198 Clothes Were Stolen
199 My Turn to Call the Police
200 Self-Reflection
201 Bent on Stealing
202 You Are Not Afraid, I Am
203 Damned Fate
204 The Arrogant ‘Puppy Love’
205 The Odd One Out in Class
206 Putting Aside Prejudices
207 Harmonious Relationship
208 Good Influence
209 You Are Too Annoying
210 Handsome Instructor
211 Who Are You Looking At?
212 Not Behaving Like a Woman
213 Canvassing
214 They Know Each Other
215 This Sounds Very Familiar
216 Punished to Run
217 New Instructor
218 Sharing a Dormitory with You
219 The New Instructor Was Angry
220 ‘Embraced’ by the New Instructor
221 Zhai Sheng’s Pettiness
222 Fallen into the Garbage Dump
223 The Teachings of Father Qiao
224 The Zhai Family Was Targeted
225 She Must Have Stolen I
226 Not Taking the Rap
227 Sever Ties
228 There Must Be Something Strange When Things Were Abnormal
229 Who Was in A Hurry?
230 The Appearance of ‘Qiao Nan’
231 Caught Red-Handed
232 Nothing Was Los
233 Damn, Who’s Qiao Nan?
234 Where the Hell Did You Go?
235 Faking an Accident for Extortion
236 Truly Shameless
237 Qiao Nan Was in Utter Despair
238 Whose Key Was That?
239 I Will Return the Key
240 Extraordinarily Generous
241 Moving Ou
242 Would Not Change
243 Give the Both of You a Chance
244 Dependent on Your Performance
245 Fatherly Love
246 The Same Quiet Temperamen
247 Saving the ‘Damsel in Distress’
248 Bandaged Like a Dumpling
249 The Suave Senior Is Here
250 I Changed My Habi
251 Spitball
252 From Whom to Whom
253 I Liked Spicy Food
254 In What Ways Were You Good to Me
255 An ‘Unbelievable’ Ding Jiayi
256 The Unlikable Spicy Fish
257 Don’t Be a Loose Woman
258 For the ‘Interests’ of Nan Nan
259 On What Grounds
260 It Was Useless to Swear
261 Qiao Nan Is a Big Swindler
262 Fake Swindler and Real Perver
263 The Broken 2B Pencil
264 Her Feet Stink
265 ‘Share Weal and Woe’
266 Consensus to Disagree
267 The Mail to the Army
268 Wish to Marry a Wife
269 The Mother and Daughter-In-Law Problem
270 Rejected
271 You Can’t Go
272 Other People’s Children
273 The Perfect Daughter
274 The Commendation Ceremony
275 Join the Clique of Good Students
276 True Colors
277 Biological Daughter
278 Out of Their Minds
279 Would Not Be Tolerated
280 The School’s Solution
281 Thanks to You
282 Who Rendered Assistance Secretly
283 Had a Terrible Time
284 Serve You Right That Your Husband Left You
285 I Am Qiao Nan’s Mom
286 Call 110
287 Celebrate Too Soon
288 Refused to Go to the Police Station
289 Terrible Teammate
290 I Did Not Provoke Qiao Nan
291 Did Not Treat Me as a Mother
292 Not Bailing Out?
293 Give Me the Money
294 Brother Zhai, Was it You?
295 No One Is Willing to Lend You Money
296 The Left Eyelid Kept Twitching
297 Qiao Zijin Was Sent to the Hospital
298 Met Her ‘Mother-In-Law’
299 Who Was That Warrior?
300 Did Not Want Me to Do Well
301 Teach With Own Examples
302 Fallen into Her ‘Trap’
303 Qiao Nan Was Mad
304 Would Not Marry Her
305 The Adults’ Affairs
306 Quarrel between Father and Daughter
307 Shocking Schizophrenia Behavior
308 Negative Outlook
309 See the Results
310 ‘Surprise’
311 Secret Agreemen
312 As Long As You Are Happy
313 Argued Directly
314 Father-and-Son Competition for Affection
315 Wrecking the Little Brain
316 Wolfish Years
317 Dumb and Dumber
318 In What Capacity Did You Say This
319 I Accept This Reason
320 I Apologized to You
321 Let Us Bury the Hatche
322 I Was the Veteran
323 Perfect Unison
324 Difficult Situation
325 Family ‘Reunion’
326 Let Us Confron
327 Don’t Talk to Me about Kinship
328 Stabbing Lungs and Piercing Hear
329 File a Marriage Repor
330 Discuss and Resolve the Areas of Incompatibility
331 Zhai Sheng, the Silly Fool
332 Zhai Sheng, the Mr. Nice Guy
333 Who Did the Washing
334 From Today Onward, You Are a Military Wife
335 The Brutish Old Master Zhai
336 Is Your Liking More Important Than That of Ours
337 Qiao Nan, I Have Something to Ask You
338 Be Selfish Once for the Sake of Her Happiness
339 The Karma of Kidnapping Other People’s Son
340 The Game of Go Between Mother and Son
341 Emboldened With the Backing of the Daughter-In-Law
342 Retribution for ‘Abducting’ Someone Else’s Daughter
343 Daughter and Son-In-Law Stood United
344 Father-In-Law and Son-In-Law Stood United
345 Disliked the Qiao Family’s Residence
346 Dad, Sister Was Not As Good As What You Though
347 Keep Up Appearances
348 Draw the Line
349 You Were Linked By Ties of Fate with the Zhai Family
350 Who Are You?
351 Wang Yang Asked for Advice
352 Do Both of You Know Each Other?
353 I Was Your ‘Bridge’
354 Intentional or Unintentional
355 Lying to Her Right from the Star
356 Only Worth Four Bags Weighing Half a Kilogram Each
357 Take the Four Bags and Leave
358 He Who Understood the Times Was a Wise Man
359 Rest Assured. Mom Would Help You
360 Being Looked Down Upon
361 Let Qiao Nan Be My Daughter
362 Uncle Zhu, Are You Serious?
363 It’s a Misfortune to Be Well-Liked Too
364 What Is so Good about Qiao Nan
365 There Are Improvements Finally
366 If You Can’t, I’ll Get Someone Else to Do I
367 The More, The Merrier
368 Let Us Cha
369 Please Shut Up
370 I Don’t Know You Well
371 Dismantle the Television and Bring It Home
372 Let’s Divorce
373 Write an IOU for Divorce
374 You Make the Choice Whether to Divorce
375 Why Didn’t You Tell Me?
376 Absolute Loyalty
377 Climbing Over the Wall to Kidnap Other People’s Daughter
378 She Nearly Let the Cat Out Of the Bag
379 Mrs. Regiment Commander
380 Zhai Sheng Took Actions
381 Punished to Sleep in Study Room
382 Someone Confessed to Qiao Nan
383 Powerful Rejection
384 Someone Helped Provide for Her
385 A Tough Call
386 Did Not Have the Cheek to Do Tha
387 Problem with Being Cooped Up at Home
388 Became Military Wife for No Reason
389 Discovered by Acciden
390 I Am on the Phone with Nan Nan
391 When Will Your Mother Come to Her Senses?
392 Zhou Jun Wants to Confess His Love
393 I Already Have a Boyfriend
394 Rejection
395 A Daughter That Was Sought After by Many Families
396 One Man’s Meat Was Another’s Poison
397 Is That Person a ‘He’ or a ‘She’?
398 Do You Already Have the Answer?
399 The Ultimate Tactic
400 A Child That Was Not Weaned
401 Not Allowed to Smile in This Way at Other Women
402 Zhai Sheng’s Plan
403 Qiu Chenxi Came to Show Off
404 Got the Wrong Person?
405 Qiao Nan Was Cleared of Suspicion
406 Qiu Chenxi’s Assumption
407 Breaking Up with Me?
408 You Are Indeed My Biological Mother
409 Miao Jing’s Reminder
410 Childhood Sweethear
411 The Wang Family Was in Trouble
412 Cozy Up to Someone Powerful
413 Boyfriend from Nowhere
414 Confrontation
415 Get Everyone Here
416 The Issue of Puppy Love Can Be Discussed
417 Wishful Thinking!
418 Qiao Zijin Is Guilty-Conscious
419 A Noob Ally All the Way
420 She Cheated
421 Left with His Face Covered
422 Dad Believes in You
423 A Slap Each
424 French Windows That Were Larger Than Doors
425 Phoned Someone for Help
426 The School’s Decision
427 Perish Together
428 All of Them Have Gone Crazy
429 Zhai Sheng Took Action
430 Banned from Ping Cheng before High School Graduation
431 Asking for Too Much
432 They Had Really Moved Ou
433 The Stress of Being a Soldier’s Wife
434 Hinting about the Relationship
435 Never Be a Soldier’s Wife
436 Difficulty of Divorce in Army Marriage
437 Qiao Nan’s ‘First Time’
438 Father and Son of the Zhai Family Arrived
439 Take Your Wife Away
440 Sister Miao Miao, You Have Misunderstood
441 Punished Himself to Sleep in Study Room
442 Exchange Information
443 Chief Zhai Is Here
444 Please Break Up
445 Both Have ‘Old Lovers’
446 Not Against I
447 Found His Way into Her House
448 A Face Full of Disdain
449 The Mighty Miao Jing
450 Would Not Hold Up the Lady in Your Family
451 Qiu Chenxi Settled Scores with Qiao Nan
452 A Crazy Qiu Chenxi
453 Nan Nan Was Better Than You
454 Anyone but You
455 A Contradictory Miao Jing
456 Did You Regret It?
457 The First Intimate Contac
458 Escape from the Mouth of the ‘Wolf’
459 Suggestion
460 Backup Plan
461 Transfer Studen
462 Show Some Concern for Your Classmate and Let Me Have Your Sea
463 How Many ‘Close Sisters’ Do You Have?
464 Last-Minute Preparations
465 Skip a Grade and Recommended for Admission
466 Do Not Give Yourself Too Much Pressure
467 Give Up on Oneself
468 It Was Hard to Say Who Was the Fool
469 Are You Not Afraid That I Would Be a Threat?
470 The Son-In-Law Bought I
471 It Is Only Right to Support Your Wife Financially
472 Listen to Your Wife
473 Inviting and Sending Off Someone
474 No Longer Close after Adoption
475 A Step Late
476 Already Agreed Upon
477 A Girl Would Doll Herself Up for Him Who Loved Her
478 First Place in the Level
479 Improved Beyond Imagination
480 Brooding Over Being the Second Place
481 A Beautiful Misunderstanding
482 One-Sided Love Affair
483 ‘The Child’s Father’ Is Back
484 ‘Gun’ Going Off by Acciden
485 One Has to Be Thick-skinned to Get a Wife
486 Have Not Reconciled
487 A Knack for Coaxing His Mother
488 A Special Way of Getting Along
489 Are You Really Giving Up?
490 Scram, Sister
491 I Am That Woman
492 No One Believes in the Truth
493 Backstabbed by His Son
494 Support the Army Events
495 Protecting His Calf
496 Go Home and Ask Your Son
497 Bribing the Hearts of Others
498 Who Dares to Teach Her?
499 A Powerful Figure
500 The Unleash of Qiao Nan’s Power
501 Zhai Yaohui Had a Change of Opinion
502 Requirements Should Not Be Too High
503 Why Would I Not Agree to It?
504 To Challenge Her
505 Wanted to ‘Eat’ You
506 Lesson Plans Were ‘Taken’ Away
507 Shortsighted
508 Gave an Explanation
509 Could Not Match Up to Her
510 Disappointed in Qiu Chenxi
511 Ludicrous
512 Qiao Nan’s Retaliation
513 Accept the Father-In-Law’s Tes
514 Accepting the ‘Leader’s’ Tes
515 Teacher Xiao Qiao
516 Out of Her Mind
517 Our Inner Beauty
518 Vie with Each Other for Talen
519 Failed to Get the Talen
520 Wet Temptation
521 Go Back and Look in the Mirror
522 Utterly Disgraced
523 My Sense of Judgment Is Better Than Yours
524 Did Not Hope for the Reversed Situation
525 Help Me Explain
526 Expelled from the Army
527 The Matter Has Blown Up
528 Believe in Qiao Nan’ Brainpower
529 Putting Yourself in Others’ Shoes
530 Great Praise
531 Both of You Are Too Outstanding
532 Don’t Be Unconvinced
533 Second Round of PK
534 Hamper Students’ Progress
535 Could Understand Each Other
536 A Successful Counterattack
537 Make Up the Numbers for Qiu Chenxi
538 ‘What If’ Did Not Exis
539 Feeling Jealous
540 Made a Bet Using Underpants
541 Spot On
542 Let Me Sort Out My Thoughts
543 Qiao Nan Displayed Her Prowess Again
544 Including the Loved Ones
545 Someone to Suffer with Her
546 Qiao Nan’s Professional Reply
547 The Dictionary Maniac
548 Following the Good Example of Qiao Nan
549 Help Has Arrived
550 Rejection
551 Draw the Line
552 Difficult to Care for Patient with Chronic Illness
553 Spend Lots of Money
554 Have to Spend a Bomb
555 To Put On a Full Show
556 Heart Aches for Qiao Nan
557 Touching
558 Take Over Everything
559 The Ten-Mile Military Song Send-off
560 ‘Fated’ to Mee
561 I Think That I’m a Good Uncle Too
562 A ‘Big’ Surprise
563 Qiao Dongliang’s Anger
564 Be a Good Elder Sister
565 Asked for Her Opinion
566 For Once, They Think Alike
567 Bringing Up ‘Old’ Scores
568 There Was a Shooting Star
569 Forced Marriage
570 Zhai Sheng Was Injured
571 Qiao Nan Was Anxious
572 Dashed to the Army
573 Sponge Bath
574 Just Missed Again
575 How Did You Go In?
576 Arranged by Zhai Yaohui
577 Shi Qing Had No Hopes
578 Refused to Be the Loser
579 No Matter What, I Am Willing
580 Looking for Trouble Early in the Morning
581 Why Are You Here
582 Idea
583 Stop Dreaming
584 Visit Brother Zhai Again
585 Good Things Had to Be Shared
586 Zhai Sheng Had Woken Up
587 Called to Say That He Was Well
588 Had All the Time in the World
589 What’s the Matter
590 Self-Torture Ruse
591 Rage
592 The Frightening Stare
593 Worried For Zhai Sheng
594 Qiao Nan Flares Up
595 There Is No News
596 Dangerous Mission
597 A Bizarre Letter of Commendation
598 Confirmation
599 Miao Jing’s Birthday
600 It Turned Out to Be a Blind Date
601 Hello, Auntie Qian
602 There Was Still a Chance
603 Zhai Hua and Her Harsh Words
604 Come Clean
605 Gave Up
606 Headache
607 Will You Accept Someone Like Qiao Nan?
608 That Was Mean
609 Dad, You’re a Moron
610 Look On the Bright Side of Things
611 Did Not Mind Watching the ‘Fun’ Grow
612 Sick in the Mind
613 Take Revenge
614 Badly Entrapped
615 Shopping with Boyfriend
616 Very Good Taste
617 Bumped into Someone
618 Odd Situation
619 Being Followed
620 Confirmed to Have an Affair
621 Tireless in Destroying People
622 Qiao Nan, The Hardworking Snail Girl
623 Jack of All Trades
624 Love I
625 Test Piece
626 Shi Qing and Zhai Hua in a Quarrel
627 Brother Zhai, the Lucky Man
628 Zhai Hua Felt Guilty
629 Made Her Look Like a Heartless Person
630 Scolded the Wrong Person
631 Zhai Sheng Chased to the Camp
632 Zhai Hua’s Double Standard
633 Self-Reflection
634 Working Hard to Be Worthy of You
635 Regret Skipping Qiao Nan’s Classes
636 Baffled
637 Blind
638 The Qiao Family Was Implicated
639 Shi Peng Appeared
640 Could Not Sympathize
641 You’re the First One Who Discovered I
642 Might As Well Be Neighbors
643 Wish to Be a Stepmother
644 Kids Are So Scary
645 Could Not Pick Up the Skills
646 Invited to a Meal
647 One Never Visits Unless They Need Something
648 Don’t Cause Any Deaths
649 More to Come
650 Considered Nothing
651 Hurry, Give Me a Clear Explanation
652 Half-Truths
653 Unsuitable to Jump Down
654 Behaved Like a Hooligan
655 Continued to Being a Hooligan
656 Saved from Disaster
657 Lodged Complain
658 What’s the Motive?
659 Teacher Xiao Qiao Was Beaten Up
660 The ‘Flowers’ Bloomed so Well
661 The Phone Could Not Get Through
662 Did Not See Anyone
663 ‘Invited to Tea’ by the Police Officer
664 Bristled with Anger for a Beauty
665 One-Track Mind
666 Teacher Xiao Qiao’s Reputation Rose Again
667 Poor But Generous
668 Over-Emphasis on Trivial Matters
669 Heaven’s Wish to Perish Him at the School
670 Discerning Sense of Judgmen
671 Tit-for-Tat Competition
672 Comparison Drives One to the Grave
673 Not Nervous
674 Influence
675 Contentment Is Happiness
676 Be Steady
677 You Celebrate Too Soon
678 The House Had to be Taken Back?
679 A Big Reward
680 Utter Anguish
681 Queasy
682 What a Capable Young Lady
683 She Has Good Character
684 Settling the Administrative Matters
685 Poor Judgment of Character
686 A Light Bulb’s Self-Awareness
687 A Special Way of Cooling Down in Summer
688 Made Her Stand Clear
689 Little Bra
690 Aren’t You Going to Address Your Master?
691 The Cross Fire Between the Men
692 Held a Grudge On Behalf of Qiao Nan
693 Poor Personal Qualities
694 Beg Someone Else Instead
695 To Persuade or No
696 My Little Devil
697 What Was Your Boyfriend Lacking In?
698 Understood the Changes in Zhai Hua
699 Upse
700 Zhai Sheng’s Disappointmen
701 ‘Potential Stock’ That Was Underperforming
702 Wei De Asked Qiao Nan for Advice
703 Form an Alliance
704 Failure in Forming Alliance
705 Some People Could Not Be Spoiled
706 Not a Good Guy
707 Parent Who Thinks Too Much
708 Teacher Xiao Qiao Who Was Highly Sought After
709 Your Father Was a Good Official
710 Qiao Nan Gave a Good Suggestion
711 Saving Up for College Fees
712 Not Typical of Zhai Sheng
713 All Positions Closed
714 The Good Game of Chess by Zhai Sheng
715 Qiao Nan, Give Me an Idea
716 Qiao Nan’s Brilliant Trick
717 Teacher Xiao Qiao, Double the Fee
718 All of Them Came to Express Gratitude
719 Soldiers Are Handsome
720 Not Afraid of Being Blacklisted
721 Zhai Hua’s Excessive Requests
722 To Everyone’s Delight?
723 Unworthy to Be a Child of the Zhai Family
724 The Zhai Family’s Strength of Character
725 ‘Confirmed’ to Be Awarded Military Achievements
726 Wei De’s ‘Gratitude’
727 Zhai Hua’s ‘Heart of a Princess’
728 Double-Crossing
729 Qiao Nan Gave Herself Away
730 Qiao Nan’s Profound Insights
731 The Zhai Family Wants to Have a Good Daughter-In-Law
732 Shi Peng Was a ‘Spy’
733 Offended Someone
734 Plead for Forgiveness
735 More Precious than Gold
736 Don’t Even Think about I
737 Your Father Worked for a Living under My Father
738 Unintentional Bullying
739 Not a Conspiracy but a Strategy
740 Shi Qing Is Also a Spy
741 Become the Scapegoat Again
742 We Are Pure and Innocen
743 Dad, Seriously, Are You Praising Me?
744 Ideals and Reality
745 The Affectionate Parents of Her Students
746 Bad News and Good News
747 Seek Another Way Ou
748 Makes Lots of Money
749 Full of Admiration for Herself
750 Shi Qing’s Life as a Spy
751 It Is a Matter of Getting Used To I
752 Can You Give Me Some Face?
753 Get Married by Thirty Years Old
754 Shamed
755 Let’s See Who Is More Anxious
756 The Daughter of the Zhai Family Does Not Have to Worry About Marriage
757 Happy Collaboration
758 Stealing of the Exam Admission Ticke
759 Directed at Qiao Nan
760 Send Your Mother to the Hospital
761 Unable to Disperse the Crowd
762 Zhai Sheng Saved the Day
763 Arrived in Time
764 Indeed, It Was Him
765 Has Not Failed Completely
766 Whose Side Are You On?
767 Blood Transfusion at No Cos
768 Zhai Sheng Was the Powerful Assurance
769 Could Not Stand Others Doing Well
770 Must Not Agree Readily
771 There Must Be a Representative from Her Parental Family
772 End of College Entrance Examination
773 Strict Parenting
774 Qiao Nan, You Have to Learn from Your Elder Sister
775 A Sharp-Tongued Qiao Dongliang
776 Creating Gossip
777 Is That Your Mother or Auntie?
778 The Dumbfounded Ding Jiayi
779 Would Not Relen
780 What a Huge Temper
781 Asking for I
782 Nurtured a Top Student in Middle School Examination
783 Received a Pile of Red Packets
784 Very Harsh on Herself Too
785 Tell Me Nicely. I Will Listen
786 Appeared at the Right Time
787 Could Have Been Someone Else
788 Cause the Downfall of Oneself
789 Outsmart Oneself
790 Zhai Sheng Is a ‘Veteran’
791 Not Too Positive
792 In a Bad Mood
793 You Are Very Pleased
794 Aged in Vain
795 Worried That She Would Be Pregnan
796 Zhai Sheng’s Advice
797 Suspect Wei De
798 Would Not Be So Kind-Hearted
799 Give Her a Thrashing
800 Strive to Maintain the Relationship
801 Don’t Think of Making a Fuss
802 If You Want Food, Give Me the Money
803 Beautiful Retaliation
804 Where Did You Get That Confidence From?
805 Unusual Good Fortune
806 Quickly Marry Her
807 There are only Two Options
808 You... Have Agreed
809 Do Not Deceive Me
810 Made It Clear Right Away
811 Women Should Have Physical Strength
812 An Ineffective Method
813 Did Not Need Someone to Tend to
814 The Newly Announced Top Scholar of the College Entrance Examination
815 Give Me Money If You Want a Divorce
816 Fight for a Man
817 Passed Out from Overwhelming Joy
818 Performances Were Beyond Imagination
819 I Am the Top Scorer’s Mother
820 Miao Jing Blacked Out from Rage
821 Let’s Die Together
822 The Zhai Family Was Mad
823 Divorce!
824 Bring the Patient Back to the Hospital
825 Do Not Poke Your Nose in Other People’s Affairs
826 Fortunately, There Is Zhai Sheng
827 The Biological Mother Double-Crossing Her Own Son
828 Is Qiao Nan a Willing Party?
829 Everyone Has Agreed?
830 Oh No, Something Is Happening
831 Are You That Kindhearted?
832 There Is Still a Brother-in-Law
833 We Are Biological Siblings
834 Seek Help from the Maternal Family
835 Still Dreaming
836 Please Pay Attention to Safety
837 Second Relationship
838 I Have Seen This Person on Television
839 Reminded In Time
840 I Won’t Care About Your Matters Anymore
841 How Dare He Be At Odds?
842 What Kind of Logic Was That?
843 Zhai Hua Came Looking for Qiao Nan Too
844 The Problem Was with Wei De
845 Much Worse Than Qiao Nan
846 Qiao Nan’s Doubts
847 The ‘Great’ Mother
848 Brainwashing Zhai Hua
849 Could Not Bear To Do So
850 ‘Learn’ from You
851 As Humans, Don’t Go Overboard
852 When You Are Tough, I Will Be Sof
853 I Will Definitely Change
854 Finally Engaged
855 Invitation to the Banque
856 Blame Each Other
857 You Can’t Shut Me Off From Your Life
858 The Old Generals Who Could Stop a Child from Crying
859 This Is a Good Lady
860 Call ‘Mom’ Instead
861 What Kind of Taste Is That?
862 Zhai Hua Refused To Get Married
863 Made the Move Too Early
864 Wished to Throw Wei De Ou
865 Don’t Understand What You Are Saying
866 Zhai Sheng Was Without Any Flaws
867 You Would Not Be Smug for Long
868 Did Not Care About I
《Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief》 Text
869 Have Confidence in Qiao Nan
870 Maintain His Pride
871 Cowardly Son
872 An Unexplainable Feeling of Dislike
873 How Could It Be the Same?
874 The Silver Ring That Was Looked Down Upon by Others
875 I Am Taken
876 Ask Qiao Nan for Help
877 Hope That You Can Do I
878 Not Curious At All
879 Are You Not Angry?
880 Let’s Meet Her Next Time
881 Coming for You
882 A Wanton College Life
883 She Was the One Who Caused This
884 Get a Clue
885 Could Not Be Compared to Zhai Sheng in Every Way
886 Eating Out Of Hand
887 Anxious. I Am Old
888 The Innocence That Is Hard to Come By
889 Zhai Sheng’s Long-Term Plan
890 You Are an Old Ruffian
891 Thank You for Your Well-Meaning Advice, I Don’t Need I
892 Caught Red-Handed
893 On the Way to Becoming ‘Close Pals’
894 Climbing the Stairs and Taking the Elevator
895 Had a Bad Fall
896 Feng Family’s Ill Feeling Toward Qiao Nan
897 Pointless
898 Zhai Sheng’s Remarkable Prediction
899 Zhai Sheng Is Craving for ‘Meat’
900 Increasing Dislike
901 Brother Zhai Is the Bes
902 Would Not Relen
903 Will Not Acknowledge the Fictive Kinship
904 The Feng Family’s Wish to Acknowledge Fictive Kinship
905 Qiao Nan’s Value Is at the Zhai Family
906 The Feng Family’s “Sugar Coated Bullets”
907 Everyone Has a Pas
908 Qiao Nan’s Life Plan
909 Could Not Always Help for Nothing
910 Decline to Jump into the Pi
911 Not Easily Bullied
912 It Is All Tang Jiayun’s Faul
913 Silver-Tongued
914 Actions Speak Louder Than Words
915 One Does Not Allow Benefits Created by One’s Own Work to Accrue to Others
916 Who Is Spouting Nonsense?
917 Offer Her Some Favors
918 The Zhai Family Protecting Their Calf
919 Seen by Others Again
920 Qiao Nan Was a Kept Woman
921 Caring For Miao Jing
922 Good Outcome
923 Stay in Sister-In-Law’s Bedroom
924 Brother Zhai, I Am Not Petty
925 Do Not ‘Drive’ Casually
926 Young but of Excellent Quality
927 Very Blessed
928 Kept Woman Scandal 1
929 Kept Woman Scandal 2
930 Kept Woman Scandal 3
931 Who Did It?
932 Did Not Intend to Cause so Much Trouble
933 Must Be Dealt With Immediately
934 Method to Deal with It As Soon As Possible
935 Kick Out the Black Sheep
936 Driven to Tears
937 Refuse to Admi
938 Truly a Big and Silly Fool
939 Soft or Vicious Hear
940 Touched a Wall of Mea
941 Zhai Sheng’s ‘Big Feast’
942 She was Indeed His Biological Mother
943 His Wife Could Not Sleep in Someone Else’s Bedroom
944 Did Not Learn to Be Good At All
945 Changed Real Fas
946 You Are the Secretary
947 Here to Poach Talen
948 Went Head To Head
949 Who Exactly Is Qiao Nan?
950 Ploys Were No Longer Effective
951 Who Was The Female Lead?
952 The Opponent Was Too Formidable
953 Where Did You Get the Ticket?
954 The Amazing Ticke
955 It Was Too Embarrassing To Say I
956 Would Not Fall for Your Trap
957 Had Powerful Backing
958 Turned Out That They Knew Each Other
959 Qiao Nan Played Dumb to Take Advantage of Her
960 Prince Charming Turned Into Boot-Licker
961 The Scary Fiancé
962 The Benefits of Having a Fiancé
963 Discussing Marriage
964 Mom, What Do You Take Your Son For?
965 You Can’t Bite a Man
966 You Are Not Anxious, But I Am
967 Qiao Nan Is the Leading Figure in Limeligh
968 I Can Even Give You Offerings
969 An Angel-Like Junior
970 Not Suitable to Be a Famous Personality
971 Stepping on Your Achilles’ Heel
972 Nearly Relented
973 What Do You Desire from Him?
974 Said Harsh Words
975 Women’s Sixth Sense
976 Go Ahead to Ask
977 What You Said Are Unreliable
978 So What If Wei De Had Been Trampled on by Qiao Nan?
979 Who Is the Sewer?
980 Insisted on Not Changing the Schedule
981 The Spectacular Qiao Nan
982 It Was Useless to Be Envious
983 As Expected, She Had Discerning Sense of Judgmen
984 Be Entrusted With a Mission at a Critical Momen
985 I Am Not Dong Cunrui
986 Force Someone to Put a Square Peg in a Round Hole
987 The ‘Cups’ Song
988 An Amazing Feat that Wowed Everyone
989 Could No Longer Compete and Win
990 I Am Already Engaged
991 Public Display of Affection
992 You Can Join the Party
993 Flesh Only Grew on One Area
994 Not Owing It to Anyone
995 Resolve One’s Own Family Matters
996 Under Huge Pressure
997 Something Terrible Had Happened
998 Full of Hatred That She Felt Like Killing Him
999 Teacher, I Want to Apply for Leave
1000 Rushed Back to Ping Cheng
1001 As She Had Guessed
1002 Life Was Too Good
1003 Do You Want Him Dead?
1004 She Was Too Blind in the Pas
1005 He May Not Be My Son
1006 Held the Wedding Banquet but Did Not Collect the Marriage Certificate
1007 Too Clever for One’s Own Good
1008 Untitled
1009 Made a Clean Break
1010 Did Not Fancy Him
1011 Drastic Measures
1012 What a Huge Brag
1013 Not Persuading
1014 Can She Not Fancy Him?
1015 You Look Down On Me
1016 Think of Ways for Them to Get Back Together
1017 Create Trouble for Her
1018 Go Ahead to Deceive Yourself
1019 I Would Support Her to Break Up Instead of to Reconcile
1020 The Unfit Theory
1021 Take Revenge on Your Precious Darling
1022 Why Did You Drink?
1023 Find a Man and Get Married
1024 Good Morning, Chief
1025 Give Birth If You Are Pregnan
1026 Biased Toward the Younger One
1027 Mistook the Bright Pearl for Fish Eye
1028 May-December Romance Is Not So Easy
1029 Untitled
1030 Being Taught a Harsh Lesson
1031 She Was So Audacious!
1032 Did You Do That to Your Sister?
1033 A Misunderstanding Due to Overthinking
1034 Went Back Home after Exam for Lunar New Year
1035 Qiao Nan Had No Choice but to Be Shortchanged
1036 110
1037 Merely a Subsidiary
1038 The Elder Son-In-Law’s Visi
1039 Take It as a Compensation for Breaking Up
1040 Made a Wrong Judgmen
1041 Finally ‘Enlightened’
1042 Conflicts Arose
1043 Capricious Love
1044 Affinity Could Not Be Forced
1045 Untitled
1046 Ambitious Plan to Have a Child
1047 Splurging Like A Baller
1048 Act Quickly, Mercilessly, Accurately!
1049 I Don’t Care Anymore
1050 Shun Her Biological Daughter
1051 Sudden and Violent Hur
1052 Came at the Right Time
1053 ‘Borrowing’ of Clothes
1054 The Wealthier, the Pettier
1055 Can You Let It Go Just Like That?
1056 Accidentally Tore Them
1057 Pay for Damages
1058 As If It Was His House
1059 Forgotten about the Dowry
1060 Take It For Granted
1061 Don’t Be Taken Advantage of
1062 If He Doesn’t Want, I Do
1063 Untitled
1064 Don’t Benefit Others If You Don’t Like To
1065 I am the Blessed One
1066 Wedding Photoshoo
1067 Only Ladies Are Allowed
1068 ‘Little Husband’ Is Back
1069 The Domineering Zhai Hua
1070 I Will Marry You
1071 Can’t Get Up
1072 Where to Store the Dowry?
1073 Clueless
1074 Think Too Highly of Herself
1075 Start from the Shi Family
1076 Denied Entry
1077 I Am On Good Terms with Director Shi
1078 Don’t Spread It to Me
1079 Spent a Bomb
1080 Don’t Torture Others
1081 To Be Siblings If Not Husband and Wife
1082 It Turned Out That You Are Also a Fool
1083 Complement Each Other
1084 ‘What If’ Did Not Exis
1085 Which Family Was Marrying Off Their Daughter?
1086 Who Is Less Sensible?
1087 Take the Bride Price to Buy a House
1088 Flaunt Her Wealth
1089 Knew What Was Going On
1090 She Owed Me In The First Place
1091 My Conscience Is Clear
1092 Even the Biological Father Was Afraid
1093 Am I That Scary?
1094 This Was Not Importan
1095 Make Use of the Chance to Benefit from I
1096 Self-Accomplished
1097 Might Would Be Redoubled
1098 Finally Understood
1099 You Could Not Win Against Zhai Sheng
1100 Ask for an Insul
1101 Getting a Wife
1102 Not That Easy to Get a Wife
1103 Father and Son-In-Law Competition
1104 Comparing the Dowry
1105 Comparing Husbands
1106 The Hateful ‘Daughter-in-law’
1107 Don’t Be So Sure
1108 Reject Those Who Are Too Open-Minded
1109 A Good Man on Duty
1110 Singlehood Is Poisonous
1111 Criteria for Choosing a Man
1112 Refuse to Accept This Dowry
1113 Anyway, I Don’t Want I
1114 Congratulations on Receiving First-Prize Scholarship
1115 Are They Blind?
1116 Thank You Gifts
1117 Each Took What One Needed
1118 The Tian Family Was Here
1119 You’re as Beautiful as a Flower. I Will Earn Money to Support the Family Financially
1120 There Is Hope
1121 Wouldn’t That Overwork the Brains?
1122 You Are Choosing Someone, and Vice Versa
1123 Likewise, Congratulations
1124 Help Me. We Are Classmates After All
1125 There Is a Fishy Smell
1126 Great Praise
1127 Eating out of Hand
1128 Be Firm
1129 Apply Leave to Collect Certificate
1130 Qiao Nan Received a Presen
1131 Qiao Nan’s Spring
1132 Given a Harsh Beating
1133 Heartless
1134 Like a Nightmare
1135 Can You Help Me?
1136 Feeling Unwell
1137 It Had Been a Long Time Since She Had Menses
1138 Which of Them Is ‘Sister-In-Law’?
1139 Congratulations on Your Pregnancy
1140 Have More Tonics
1141 To Say or Not to Say
1142 What’s the Problem?
1143 More than One
1144 Qiao Nan Had the Final Say
1145 Don’t Be Afraid
1146 Little Grand Disciples
1147 Take Maternity Leave
1148 ‘I Am Going to School’
1149 Good Handwriting
1150 Only the Tummy Grows
1151 Take Care a Little
1152 Apply Leave to Come Here for a Holiday
1153 Take It That I Have Never Said This Before
1154 Glutton
1155 Change of Strategy
1156 Take Your Time to Leave. I Am Not Sending You Off
1157 Prepare to Go Home
1158 Going Home or No
1159 Get More Money
1160 Turned Bad
1161 Nourish the Pregnancy
1162 Pregnant Lady Had the Final Say
1163 Prepare Gifts
1164 Depend on Her Own Efforts
1165 Give Me All the Money
1166 Double the Earnings
1167 Going to Deliver the Babies
1168 I Will Accompany You throughout Your Labor
1169 The Arrival of the Three Babies
1170 Mass Production
1171 Prepared In Advance
1172 Grandchildren Are the Bosses
1173 Most Wonderful Mother
1174 Became the ‘Milk Bottle’ Henceforth
1175 A Mother’s Concerns
1176 Awful Taste
1177 Hard Work
1178 Mock Her
1179 Embarrassed
1180 Very Promising
1181 Listen to Your Master
1182 The Father of the Children Is Back
1183 It Had Been Hard on Your Wife
1184 The Father of the Children Is Inhumane
1185 A Fierce Bite
1186 Untitled
1187 It’s Better for Me to Do I
1188 Quick Temper
1189 Dissatisfied
1190 Create Hindrances
1191 Becoming a Hero
1192 The Three Babies’ Names
1193 Little Fish
1194 Money That Came From Sudden Riches
1195 Feeding Solids
1196 Move into the House Next Door
1197 Grooming Talents
1198 Reminder
1199 Met a Scum
1200 The Present That Came Late
1201 Back
1202 Precious Darling
1203 Little Gold Ches
1204 Sent Money Back to Her Parents’ Home
1205 The Innate Bonds between Father and Sons
1206 Wishful Thinking
1207 Heartless
1208 Poor But Generous
1209 Compromise
1210 A Vicious Cycle
1211 Teething
1212 Was Back
1213 Nasty Temper
1214 Foolish Child
1215 Be Ready to Receive Punches
1216 Brilliant Learner
1217 Came at the Wrong Time
1218 Fortunately, She Resembles Her Mother
1219 Uncle Is Here
1220 Honest and Forthright Chap
1221 Given a Taste of the Feather Duster
1222 Whipped on the Buttocks
1223 Feigned Politeness
1224 Thankfully They Did Not Get Back Together
1225 ‘Baby Brain’ Effec
1226 Inexperienced
1227 Continue to Put On the Ac
1228 To Dine with Mama’s Photograph
1229 Come and ‘Have Fun’ When You Are Available
1230 Asking for I
1231 Too Many Instances of Crying Wolf
1232 Spring Has Arrived
1233 Impressive Top Studen
1234 Turned from Her Classmate to Her Fan
1235 Jealous
1236 Dirty Little Baby
1237 Second-Prize Scholarship
1238 The Daughter-In-Law Who Made Them Proud
1239 Many Seniors
1240 The Triplets Are Angry
1241 They Know How to Call Mama Now
1242 Only Respect and Listen to Qiao Nan
1243 Nepotism
1244 Would Not Intervene
1245 ‘Strangers’
1246 Fallen for the Triplets
1247 Hit Their Father
1248 There is a Bad Guy
1249 Competing for Bed Space
1250 Noun and Verb
1251 Daily Routines of Child-Rearing
1252 Drive the Bad Guy Away
1253 The Overbearing San Bao
1254 Chosen the Right Family to Reincarnate to
1255 Marvel
1256 If Capable, Let’s Compete in All Aspects
1257 A Stab to the Heart and the Eyes
1258 Her Bad Temper Is Getting Worse
1259 Don’t Enter the Blind Alley
1260 Punish Ourselves for Other People’s Mistakes
1261 Can Be Eliminated
1262 Huge Difference between Day and Nigh
1263 Internship
1264 Soybean Milk in the Morning
1265 Well Done
1266 Don’t Make Foolish Remarks
1267 Er Bao Threw Tantrums
1268 A Misunderstanding
1269 Removing the Malignant Tumor
1270 Why the Congratulations?
1271 A Good Chinese Daughter-In-Law
1272 Narrow-Minded
1273 Shameful or Not? Shameful!
1274 There Is a Gues
1275 Asking for Reconciliation or Showing Off?
1276 The Second Man That She Fancied
1277 Do You Want To Take Revenge?
1278 Take Initiative to Visit the Tian family
1279 The Headstrong Da Bao
1280 Different Expectations
1281 A Miracle
1282 Proud for a Lifetime
1283 A Face Full of Saliva
1284 Committed Too Much Sin
1285 Everyone Hates Him
1286 She Has a Good Temper
1287 Uncle-In-Law
1288 ‘Watched Indifferently’
1289 Backed Qiao Nan Up
1290 Genuineness
1291 Affirmation
1292 Deliberate
1293 There Is a Need to Cool Down
1294 Silly Fool
1295 Wooed by Somebody Else
1296 Hopeless
1297 Enlightened
1298 Change of Strategy
1299 Turn into a Wealthy Woman
1300 Love Letter
1301 Bragging
1302 Scare Him Off With Marriage
1303 Confession of Love
1304 Premarital Sex
1305 Pure Love
1306 Who Does San Bao Resemble?
1307 Embarrassed When Trying to Gain Favor
1308 Give You a Moment of Happiness
1309 Trying the Wedding Gown
1310 Sister Is Always Righ
1311 The Qiao Family Is Here Again
1312 Finally Met the Triplets
1313 Busy, No Time
1314 Not Giving Her Anything
1315 Papa Is a Baddie
1316 I Heard That Someone Confessed His Love to You
1317 Went Overboard
1318 Give Bad Father a Beating
1319 Help Introduce a Job
1320 Where Was the Shame?
1321 Noob Ally
1322 Became Smarter
1323 Good Hearing
1324 Experience Counts
1325 Uncle Is a Baddie
1326 Having Meager Benefits Was Better Than Nothing
1327 Not Close At All
1328 Dad, Let’s Have a Good Cha
1329 You Can Make a Choice
1330 Exploded in Anger
1331 Being Beaten Up
1332 Drive One Mad
1333 Resolving the Problem
1334 Sharing the ‘Treasures’
1335 Could Not Feel Happy
1336 Better Mood
1337 Fragrant and Smelly Ones
1338 Seek Help
1339 Rather Miserable
1340 Very Good Taste
1341 Luxury Goods
1342 Setting the Fashion Trend
1343 A Pile of Luxury Goods
1344 Bootlicking
1345 Someone Stopped the Bicycle
1346 Found Something against You
1347 Met a ‘Warrior’
1348 Bluff and Bluster
1349 Keep Them for Yourself
1350 Offended Someone
1351 Impossible to Resolve Harmoniously
1352 Severe Inner Pain
1353 No Time to Cha
1354 Men Were the Source of Trouble
1355 More Men Than Women
1356 Competition Had Begun
1357 What a Pity
1358 Baddie? Hit Him!
1359 Equation That Made One See Red
1360 Sly Little Fox
1361 Special Treatmen
1362 What a Big Fat Lie
1363 Deceiving Oneself Like an Ostrich
1364 The More the Merrier
1365 Indeed Inexperienced
1366 No Status
1367 Three ‘Crazy Little Ones’
1368 Is She a Mistress?
1369 ‘All Red’
1370 Attitude Is Everything
1371 Became a Dud
1372 A Single Man and a Single Woman Together in a Secluded Setting
1373 Had Some Ideas
1374 Adulterer and Lover
1375 A Man That He Could Not Afford to Provoke
1376 Which Zhai Family Was That?
1377 Invisible Big Boss
1378 It Certainly Would Not Be Qiao Nan
1379 It Is None of Your Business Now
1380 Robbed of Credi
1381 You Stole These, Didn’t You?
1382 It Is a Pigeon Egg, Right?
1383 Graduated
1384 Is the One in Your Family Coming?
1385 The Husband Is Here
1386 The School Belle Was Married
1387 Two Fathers and One Mother
1388 Liked Auntie Bes
1389 Grandson Is the Closest Kin
1390 Made It Sound As If It Was Real
1391 Might Part Ways Eventually
1392 Offer Advice
1393 The Arrival of Xiao Bao
1394 I Am the Big Sister
1395 Qiao Nan Was Well-Liked
1396 Unconvinced
1397 Don’t Blow One’s Own Trumpe
1398 What Kind of Attitude Was That?
1399 Extreme Arrogance Will Cause One’s Suffering
1400 Competing on Patience
1401 Fallacies
1402 Yet Another Business Expansion
1403 Done a Good Deed
1404 Keeping a Watch on the Zhai Family
1405 Who Is the Loser?
1406 Regrets on Wrong Move and Words
1407 They Really Know Each Other
1408 Discerning Judgment That Could Differentiate Greatness from Mediocrity
1409 Celebrate the Victory
1410 No One Is Toasting with You
1411 Old Friend
1412 Unrealistic
1413 Worried
1414 Exchanged Blows
1415 Verbal Confrontation
1416 Successor
1417 Wishful Thinking
1418 Discussion
1419 The Stricken Xiao Bao
1420 Jealous
1421 On Television
1422 The Person on Television Was My Classmate
1423 The Person on Television Was My Classmate 2
1424 The Pride of the Northern Quad
1425 The In-Laws Were Different from One’s Parents
1426 Gave Up on Making Things Difficult for Her
1427 To Marry Her or No
1428 A Brilliant Mother
1429 Attend Wedding Banque
1430 Who Does He Take After?
1431 Who Was the Most Powerful in the Family?
1432 Did Not Inherit the Good Foresigh
1433 Educate Them from a Young Age
1434 Had to Insist on I
1435 Boasted About Her Daughter-In-Law
1436 Did Not Intend for You to Return the Favor
1437 Deliberately Stirring Up Trouble
1438 Stirring Up Trouble? Not Afraid!
1439 You Are This Kind of Person
1440 Let Xiao Bao Stay at Your House
1441 Special Treatmen
1442 Slip of the Tongue
1443 Don’t Give Up Too Soon
1444 Stir Up Matters
1445 Competing for Affection
1446 Sleep in Separate Rooms
1447 School Entrance Examination
1448 Itching for a Beating
1449 The Top Student’s Children Are Also Top Students
1450 Disdain from a Top Studen
1451 A Brilliant Little One
1452 It Was Worrying That the Children Were Sensible As Well
1453 A Newbie That Caused People a Headache
1454 Outstanding Among the Res
1455 Banding Together to Defeat a Newbie
1456 With Comparison Comes Hur
1457 Striving for a Good Performance
1458 Stabbing Back
1459 Saying Strange Words
1460 Intensifying
1461 Something Was Amiss with the Old Master
1462 Death Will Come Eventually
1463 Elder Lin Was Seriously Ill
1464 It’s Too Difficult to Persevere
1465 The Last Perseverance
1466 Couldn’t Persuade Him
1467 The Situation Doesn’t Look Too Good
1468 Everyone Was Weird
1469 Fulfilling the Old Man’s Wishes
1470 The Cruel Truth
1471 Could Not Help but Worry
1472 Mom Is the Bes
1473 It Is Best to Be Conten
1474 Mom, You Are Really Weird
1475 Just Teach It Accordingly
1476 The Old Was Not as Valuable as the Son
1477 Elder Lin Was Here
1478 The Heaviness of a Tear
1479 Old Master Wasn’t Funny
1480 He Had Obviously Made a Wish
1481 You Can Cry Today
1482 Elder Lin’s Will
1483 Not Certain Enough
1484 The Last Thing She Could Do
1485 We Are Still Around
1486 I Haven’t Given Up Ye
1487 What Zhai Sheng Didn’t Wan
1488 Absolutely No
1489 Stopping the Funeral
1490 Getting Really Bold
1491 A Slap to the Face
1492 Congratulations In Advance
1493 Completely Pale
1494 Waiting For You to Take the Initiative
1495 With Comparison Comes Hur
1496 Political Consciousness
1497 Damn Skills
1498 Softhearted Women
1499 Strange Groom
1500 A Different Ending
1501 I Will Hand the Rest Over to You
1502 I’m Twenty-Nine
1503 Confidante Getting Married
1504 A Born Soldier
1505 Who Does Zhu Baoguo Like?
1506 I Raised Zhu Baoguo
1507 ‘Caught’ In the ‘Act’
1508 Pot Calling the Kettle Black
1509 My Child Is the Bes
1510 What Reason Do You Have?
1511 Who’s Your Daughter?
1512 The Zhou Family Is Getting a Divorce
1513 A Mother of High Caliber
1514 Other People’s Children
1515 A Bunch of Children
1516 Cheater
1517 This Couldn’t Be Tolerated
1518 A Poor Man Was More Trustworthy
1519 Utter Disdain
1520 King of Children
1521 Came Knocking on Her Door
1522 Two-Faced
1523 You Have to Provide For Me Too
1524 Don’t Play Anymore
1525 I Can’t Afford To Provide For You
1526 Not Having a Guilty Conscience
1527 Who Was Pettier?
1528 A Slap
1529 Learning by Example
1530 Deng Wenchang, Are You Willing to Accept This?
1531 This Divorce Had Better Proceed Quickly
1532 A Good Case
1533 What Should They Do?
1534 Sense of Superiority
1535 The Adulterer Was Chen Jun
1536 Not Afraid of Settling Scores
1537 Bound to Divorce
1538 In the Progress of Divorce
1539 Breaking It with Actions
1540 Division of Assets
1541 Turning Mute
1542 Don’t Go Overboard
1543 There Is a Preface
1544 Do Not Go Easy On That Bast*rd and His Mistress
1545 Leaving No Room
1546 Your Son Is the Most Importan
1547 An Annoyance
1548 Ruinous Intentions
1549 Eat More Tonics
1550 Actually, I Know Everything
1551 Not Going to Give It to You
1552 An Immediate Buyer
1553 What a Realistic Young Lady
1554 Don’t Watch the News
1555 Rising in Value
1556 Self-Taugh
1557 A Good Man Was Their Relative
1558 Don’t Be Mischievous
1559 Say So If There’s Something Wrong
1560 A Divorce For Real
1561 Shameless
1562 Raising Us Up
1563 She Was Rich
1564 As Good As Nothing
1565 Asking For the Sky
1566 You Can Try
1567 You’re Still Complaining?
1568 There’s No Choice but to Return for the Time Being
1569 I Guessed So
1570 Having the Account Settled
1571 Victory in the Long Run
1572 You Have Heard I
1573 The Money Didn’t Go to Waste
1574 Rarely Polite
1575 A Moment of Foolishness
1576 No Way to Compete
1577 Let Someone Else Do I
1578 See It for Yourself
1579 Being a Scapegoa
1580 The Man’s Turn
1581 Deliberately Biased
1582 Fine for the Time Being
1583 Relaxing With a Holiday
1584 We Are Going Together
1585 All Ready
1586 A Wealthy Elder
1587 Fighting Back
1588 Still a Fool
1589 Father-In-Law’s Move
1590 Can’t Afford To Have Such Relatives
1591 There Was a Recording
1592 Is It That Bad?
1593 Stop with Your Nonsense
1594 Dream Come True
1595 Last Day
1596 Feel Wronged for You
1597 Intergenerational Relationship
1598 Offended Someone
1599 Three Birds with One Stone
1600 Just to Gross Her Ou
1601 Don’t Accuse My Mom
1602 Saving Her Life
1603 No Need for Anyone’s Companionship
1604 You’re Weak, So You Have a Reason
1605 A Deep Impression
1606 Necessary Prevention
1607 It Seems a Little Dangerous
1608 Scram
1609 Dead
1610 Funeral
1611 Feeling Aggrieved
1612 Clashing
1613 Discredited
1614 Caught Red-Handed
1615 What Are You Angry About?
1616 Simply Leaving
1617 Coaxing Mom
1618 Old Man
1619 Strange Old Zhai
1620 Worlds Apar
1621 Guilty Conscience
1622 Letting It Go
1623 What Type of Ending Do You Want?
1624 Acting Like a Young Lady
1625 Children, Don’t Be Silly
1626 Stunned
1627 Sharp-eared
1628 Why Are You Calling?
1629 Going Back Home
1630 Sounding Out One’s Intentions
1631 Remarry?
1632 Uneasy
1633 No Response
1634 Regretful Again
1635 Wishful Thinking
1636 Whose Work?
1637 Divorcing With What?
1638 Ludicrous
1639 Suspicion
1640 I’m the Person You’re Waiting For
1641 Inside Story
1642 The Cheeky Girl
1643 Playing Matchmaker
1644 Why
1645 Acciden
1646 Whose Child
1647 An Awkward Injury
1648 Already Pregnan
1649 Still a Nephew, If Not a Son
1650 Not Going To Be Taken Advantage Of
1651 Capable
1652 Not Going To Be a Solider Anymore
1653 Called Off
1654 Second Relationship
1655 Shameless
1656 At Stake
1657 Impossible
1658 Er Bao Has a Girlfriend
1659 Breaking Up or No
1660 Slip of the Tongue
1661 Lacking
1662 Unable to Tell
1663 Quarreling
1664 Quitting
1665 Time for a Change
1666 Car Acciden
1667 Pitiful
1668 Retribution
1669 Guilty Conscience
1670 Chapter sixteen77: Guessed I
1671 Watching Closely
1672 The Encounter
1673 A Cha
1674 Shocking Relationship
1675 Backing Off Shamefully
1676 Ask Your Grandma
1677 Did You See It Yourself?
1678 Couldn’t Admi
1679 A Marvel
1680 Misjudged
1681 Strong Background
1682 Again
1683 Proof
1684 Proof
1685 Forced to Break Up
1686 Unnecessary
1687 There Was a Premise
1688 Throwing the Burden
1689 No Problem
1690 Not To That Exten
1691 Believing Her Son
1692 Two-Faced
1693 Phobia
1694 Celebrating the New Year
1695 Biological Mom
1696 What Time Did You Go To Bed?
1697 All of Them Have Grown Old
1698 In Another Twenty Years
1699 Warning
1700 Is It Important?
1701 Not Allowed