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Sword Spirit

Author:Evil Treasure

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Updates:Chapter 174: Sky Blade Market

In the Sky Sword Continent there are thousands of sects and strong cultivators as common as trees. In order to prevent his older sister from being forcefully married off, Lu Xuan had no choice to but to unceasingly cultivate and enter a sect to ask for a favor. By chance, a sword-shaped crystal of mysterious origins entered into Lu Xuan’s body, containing countl...
《Sword Spirit》 Text
Chapter 1: Lu Xuan
Chapter 2: Sword Crystal
Chapter 3: Body Refining Third Level
Chapter 4: Chase to Kill
Chapter 5: Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic
Chapter 6: Martial Skill
Chapter 7: Return To Lin City
Chapter 8: Enchanter
Chapter 9: Meeting Long Yang Again
Chapter 10: Asking For a Fight
Chapter 11: Xia Chen Xi
Chapter 12: Large Foundation Fist vs Dragon Seizing Hand
Chapter 13: Hidden Weapon Sneak Attack
Chapter 14: Skills Surprising Four People
Chapter 15: Meeting Again
Chapter 16: A Book Gift
Chapter 17: Breaking Through Again
Chapter 18: Wild Explosion Scroll
Chapter 19: Sale
Chapter 20: Long Zhi
Chapter 21: Messaging Xia Chen Xi
Chapter 22: Get Out!
Chapter 23: Lovesick Sword
Chapter 24: Ancient Enchantment Technique
Chapter 25: Intimacy
Chapter 26: Inner Sect Disciple
Chapter 27: Assessment Day
Chapter 28: Older Brother Xuan, Sister-in-Law is Here
Chapter 29: Ninth Uncle’s Identity
Chapter 30: Long Tai
Chapter 31: Clash of “Geniuses”
Chapter 32: Defeat Long Tai!
Chapter 33: Bet and Counter-bet
Chapter 34: The Bet is All Yours
Chapter 35: Mental Strength Assessment
Chapter 36: Breaking Through Two Trials in a Row
Chapter 37: Lust Trial
Chapter 38: The Stone Room and The Stone Carving
Chapter 39: Pondering Over Stone Carvings
Chapter 40: Improving Martial Skills
Chapter 41: Amazing Perception
Chapter 42: Shocking the Audience
Chapter 43: Bully
Chapter 44: Outer Sect Disciple
Chapter 45: Sword Tower
Chapter 46: Like Splitting Bamboo
Chapter 47: The Fifth Floor
Chapter 48: The Fight for the Championship!
Chapter 49: Exiting the Sword Tower
Chapter 50: Heaven Defying Results
Chapter 51: Bet Your Life!
Chapter 52:Middle Grade Iron Grade vs Upper Grade Iron Grade
Chapter 53: Killing Long Tai!
Chapter 54: The Hardest Thing to Accept is a Beauty’s Favor
Chapter 55: Going Home
Chapter 56: The Wind Sword Sect’s Situation
Chapter 57: Lu Family’s Crisis
Chapter 58: Ninth Uncle Makes His Move
Chapter 59: Who Dares to Harm My Father!
Chapter 60: Kill
Chapter 61: Long Zhan’s Death!
Chapter 62: After Body Refining is Spirit Refining
Chapter 63: Moving to the Wind Sword Sect
Chapter 64: Parting
Chapter 65: Provocations from the Blade Sect
Chapter 66: Xing Feng
Chapter 67: Reward in Hand
Chapter 68: Body Refining Fifth Level, Breakthrough!
Chapter 69: Sect Entrance Exam
Chapter 70: Ranking Monument
Chapter 71: Xing Feng Goes to Fight
Chapter 72: Defeat
Chapter 73: You’re Unworthy
Chapter 74: Tempering Sword Forest, Perceiving Sword Intent
Chapter 75: Last Place
Chapter 76: Disqualification?
Chapter 77: Lu Xuan Moves!
Chapter 78: Unparalleled Power
Chapter 79: Shocking the Audience
Chapter 80: Killing Into the Overall Standings!
Chapter 81: Crisis
Chapter 82: Sword Intent Small Success
Chapter 83: Overall Standings, Top Three Hundred
Chapter 84: Guarantee You Becoming A Core Disciple
Chapter 85: Approximately One Year
Chapter 86: Unconvinced
Chapter 87: Only One Sword Stroke Required
Chapter 88: Renewed Suspense
Chapter 89: Humiliation
Chapter 90: End of the Exam
Chapter 91: Going to the Martial Skill Pavilion
Chapter 92: Teaching
Chapter 93: Blocking the Way
Chapter 94: Awe
Chapter 95: Sword Faction’s Number One Person, Lin Tian
Chapter 96: Heaven Grade Cultivation Technique
Chapter 97: Xuan Iron Sword Tactic
Chapter 98: Practicing Heavy Sword
Chapter 99: Equipment Pavilion
Chapter 100: Too Light
Chapter 101: Xuan Iron Sword
Chapter 102: An Unexpected Price
Chapter 103: Five Elements Caves
Chapter 104: Same Faction
Chapter 105: Raise the Difficulty
Chapter 106: Touched
Chapter 107: Rushing Thunder Flash Large Success!
Chapter 108: Waterfall Swordsmanship
Chapter 109: An Alluring Scene
Chapter 110: Impulse
Chapter 111: Changing Clothes
Chapter 112: One Sword Breaks Flow
Chapter 113: Scheduling a Fight
Chapter 114: Xu Wen Yang and Mo Xiao Chen
Chapter 115: Rushing the Sword Forest Again
Chapter 116: Breaking Records
Chapter 117: Killing Body Refining Eighth Level
Chapter 118: Xu Wen Yang at Swordpoint
Chapter 119: Arrange For Three Months
Chapter 120: Seven Star Mission
Chapter 121: Shock Without Danger
Chapter 122: Golden Lightning Marten
Chapter 123: Competition of Speed
Chapter 124: Narrowly Escaping Death
Chapter 125: Despicable Sneak Attack
Chapter 126: Long Family Remnants
Chapter 127: Defeating Mo Chen
Chapter 128: Returning a Mission
Chapter 129: Enormous Reward
Chapter 130: Assaulting Body Refining Sixth Level
Chapter 131: Enchantment Hall
Chapter 132: Enchanter Assessment
Chapter 133: Exceeding The Full Score Evaluation
Chapter 134: Hallmaster Has A Request
Chapter 135: Spirit Runemaster
Chapter 136: Rune Martial
Chapter 137: Honorary Disciple
Chapter 138: One Day One Night
Chapter 139: Astral Rune
Chapter 140: Favorable Impression
Chapter 141: I Like You
Chapter 142: I Already Have A Beauty
Chapter 143: Breaking Through Body Refining Sixth Level
Chapter 144: Thunder Fire Rune
Chapter 145: Give You A Reward
Chapter 146: Leaving Enchantment Hall
Chapter 147: Five Star Spirit Rune Scroll
Chapter 148: Prepare for Battle
Chapter 149: The Day of the Decisive Battle
Chapter 150: The Absent Xu Wen Yang
Chapter 151: Entry Level Sword Intent?
Chapter 152: Sudued
Chapter 153: Xuan Iron Sword Tactic VS Returning Wind
Chapter 154: Upper Huang Grade, Savage Wave Sword Tactic
Chapter 155: Breaks Flow One Sword
Chapter 156: Xin Yi’s Missing
Chapter 157: I’m Going To Kill My Way In The Blade Faction!
Chapter 158: Why Not Slaughter All The Blade Faction?
Chapter 159: Killing Long Tian
Chapter 160: Fighting Xu Wen Yang
Chapter 161: Aftermath
Chapter 162: Potency Outbreak
Chapter 163: Matters Disclosed
Chapter 164: Full Sect Search
Chapter 165: Xuan, Take Me
Chapter 166: Pushed Down?
Chapter 167: The Day Of The Great Sect Competition Is The Time Lu Xuan Will Return
Chapter 168: Xuan Ice Pavilion
Chapter 169: Escorting Back To Faction
Chapter 170: Elder Fan Takes Action
Chapter 171: Warning The Blade And Fist Factions
Chapter 172: Five Star Spirit Rune, Ten Thousand Sword Rune
Chapter 173: Unparalleled Empire
Chapter 174: Sky Blade Market