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The Avalon Of Five Elements

Author:Fang Xiang

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Updates:Chapter 715: The End

The tens of thousands of universes have merged. The disintegration of spiritual force led to the momentous collapse of the great Cultivation World, a mighty era that had endured through millions of years of history. In the wake of the large-scale invasion of the Wilderness, the Avalon of Five Elements has become the practitioners’ last stand. After a thousa...
《The Avalon Of Five Elements》 Text
Chapter 1: The Decision
Chapter 2: The Arrival
Chapter 3: Anger
Chapter 4: Sand Puppet Lou Lan
Chapter 5: Blind Battle
Chapter 6: Success
Chapter 7: Resolution
Chapter 8: The Sword Embryo
Chapter 9: Introduction
Chapter 10: The Society of Excellence
Chapter 11: Ai Hui’s Hypothesis
Chapter 12: The Gifted and the Garbage
Chapter 13: Wind of the Suspending Golden Pagoda
Chapter 14: Harder than Iron, Stronger than Steel
Chapter 15: Replenishing Elemental Energy with Soup
Chapter 16: Meeting of Rivals
Chapter 17: Conveniently
Chapter 18: Fumbling
Chapter 19: Possessing The Arching Fish Back
Chapter 20: A Sudden Turnaround
Chapter 21: Target: the Heart!
Chapter 22: Duanmu Huanghun’s Roar
Chapter 23: The Backless Armor
Chapter 24: Friends
Chapter 25: How Kind!
Chapter 26: The First Win
Chapter 27: My Sand Puppet
Chapter 28: Lou Lan’s suspicion
Chapter 29: Zu Yan
Chapter 30: Adviser-type Sand Puppet
Chapter 31: Hellfire Spider Web
Chapter 32: Secret Signal
Chapter 33: Repercussions
Chapter 34: To Split The Cash
Chapter 35: Harvest and Explode
Chapter 36: Nightmare
Chapter 37: Noodle House
Chapter 38: The Inner Demon
Chapter 39: Sword Dance
Chapter 40: Eighty Million Worth Of Rage
Chapter 41: One Slash
Chapter 42: Calmly
Chapter 43: The Pervert and the Message Tree
Chapter 44: First Generation Message Tree
Chapter 45: Unlocking the Natal Residence
Chapter 46: The Opening of the Natal Residence
Chapter 47: The Adorable Teacher Xu
Chapter 48: Attending Class
Chapter 49: To Take a Disciple
Chapter 50: Overwhelmed
Chapter 51: Picked Up A Gem
Chapter 52: Seven Word Name
Chapter 53: Hegemon of the Palaces
Chapter 54: Twinkle Twinkle
Chapter 55: Old Friend
Chapter 56: Dai Gang
Chapter 57: Embroidery
Chapter 58: Threading a Needle
Chapter 59: Requirement
Chapter 60: The Sword Embryo’s Change
Chapter 61: Vigilance
Chapter 62: A Good Person!
Chapter 63: A Lousy Joke
Chapter 64: A Future Paved With Riches
Chapter 65: Invisible Thread
Chapter 66: Progress
Chapter 67: Duanmu’s Self-Abasement
Chapter 68: Reveal
Chapter 69: Cunning Fox
Chapter 70: Mingxiu
Chapter 71: Simplifying The [Twin Weaving Technique]
Chapter 72: Danger
Chapter 73: Seeking Survival
Chapter 74: An Unforeseen Event
Chapter 75: An Old Friend
Chapter 76: Discovery and Astonishment
Chapter 77: The Awakening
Chapter 78: The Teacher’s Faith
Chapter 79: Teacher’s Instructions
Chapter 80: Gloves and Blood Bandage
Chapter 81: Three-minute Hero
Chapter 82: Lou Lan’s Medical Care
Chapter 83: Zu Yan And The Young Girl
Chapter 84: Le Buleng
Chapter 85: Reunion
Chapter 86: A Familiar Feeling
Chapter 87: Silver Hair
Chapter 88: Silk Extraction and the Grass Hollow
Chapter 89: Twilight Silk
Chapter 90: Movie Bean
Chapter 91: Discussion
Chapter 92: Experience
Chapter 93: Li Wei’s Treat
Chapter 94: Midnight
Chapter 95: Changes To The Blood Bandage
Chapter 96: The Discussion Between the Old and the Young
Chapter 97: Embroidery Genius
Chapter 98: Bold And Imaginative
Chapter 99: That Expression
Chapter 100: God Damn It!
Chapter 101: A New Situation
Chapter 102: Reflection
Chapter 103: Hall of Nine Tones
Chapter 104: Demon King
Chapter 105: Brother Huanghun’s Bet
Chapter 106: Scraps
Chapter 107: The Usage of Twilight Silk
Chapter 108: New Twilight Silk
Chapter 109: Bunny Hair Arrows
Chapter 110: Mingxiu’s Concern
Chapter 111: Unique Hand Palaces
Chapter 112: Unification of the Average Minds
Chapter 113: A Strange Message
Chapter 114: Practicum Far From Home
Chapter 115: The Detached Bystander
Chapter 116: Barrier
Chapter 117: Dark Red
Chapter 118: Interweave
Chapter 119: The Garden of Life
Chapter 120: Strange Phenomenon
Chapter 121: Poisoned
Chapter 122: Duanmu’s Absolute Art
Chapter 123: Zhou Xiaoxi’s Decision
Chapter 124: Ai Hui’s Conjecture
Chapter 125: Solution
Chapter 126: I am the Wind of the North Sea
Chapter 127: Si Nan’s Journal
Chapter 128: The Fatty’s Unique Skill
Chapter 129: As Seen by Duanmu
Chapter 130: A Flash
Chapter 131: Elemental Energy of the Sword
Chapter 132: The Premature Disappearance of Elemental Energy
Chapter 133: Danger Arrives
Chapter 134: Sword Ray!
Chapter 135: Insects
Chapter 136: Back to the City
Chapter 137: To Get Rich!
Chapter 138: Dragonspine Inferno
Chapter 139: Chime of the Sword and Weapons
Chapter 140: Team Leader Shi Xueman
Chapter 141: New Arrows
Chapter 142: Sang Zhijun
Chapter 143: Money Losing Deal
Chapter 144: Ambush And Oversight
Chapter 145: Bring It On!
Chapter 146: Unleash The Sword
Chapter 147: Who’s Ai Hui?
Chapter 148: Mayor Wang Zheng
Chapter 149: Crescent Moon
Chapter 150: Blood-red Ripple
Chapter 151: Reward
Chapter 152: The Dangerous Young Lady
Chapter 153: The Original Inheritance and the Pact
Chapter 154: Recruiting Members
Chapter 155: Message Tree
Chapter 156: Conflicts
Chapter 157: Beat Down
Chapter 158: Ai Hui’s Way
Chapter 159: The Warehouse of the Magistrate Court
Chapter 160: Red Dust Sword Box
Chapter 161: Encountering Danger
Chapter 162: Bitter Battle
Chapter 163: Returning to the Training Hall
Chapter 164: The Coming Of The Blood Tsunami
Chapter 165: The Mantis Vest
Chapter 166: Panic in the Blood Forest
Chapter 167: Reunion
Chapter 168: Blood Refinement
Chapter 169: Go to Hell!
Chapter 170: The Sword Embryo and the Bandage
Chapter 171: The [Big Dipper] Predicament
Chapter 172: A Giant’s Back
Chapter 173: The So-Called Master
Chapter 174: The Blaze Of The Winter
Chapter 175: Seven Palaces!
Chapter 176: The Danger from Beneath
Chapter 177: [Big Dipper]
Chapter 178: You Do It
Chapter 179: The Brave One Wins!
Chapter 180: Why isn’t it a Treasure Chest!
Chapter 181: Target Locked!
Chapter 182: Heavy Losses
Chapter 183: Communication
Chapter 184: City-wide Mobilization Order
Chapter 185: Huo Yuanlong
Chapter 186: Minute Arc Stab and Hilt Mist Combined
Chapter 187: Manager Li and Bunny Hair Arrow
Chapter 188: Attack
Chapter 189: Ai Hui’s Method
Chapter 190: The A-1 Unit
Chapter 191: War Trophy
Chapter 192: Shouchuan, Can You Help Me?
Chapter 193: Rewards
Chapter 194: Casualties And Hidden Dangers
Chapter 195: Fire Enhancing Soup
Chapter 196: Blood-traced Ant
Chapter 197: Blood Crystal
Chapter 198: Ordinary and Brilliant
Chapter 199: Yan Hai
Chapter 200: Painful Truth
Chapter 201: Dragonspine Inferno’s Change
Chapter 202: Yan Hai’s Losses
Chapter 203: New Blood Fiends
Chapter 204: The Blood Worm
Chapter 205: [Viridescent Flower, Icy Fissure]
Chapter 206: Yu Mingqiu
Chapter 207: The Discussion on Blood Crystals
Chapter 208: Weak Aura
Chapter 209: New Sword Moves and Elemental Energy Soup
Chapter 210: A Strange Outcome
Chapter 211: Blood-traced Cat
Chapter 212: Danger
Chapter 213: Contrast and Standstill
Chapter 214: Attack and Kill
Chapter 215: A Frightened Tian Kuan
Chapter 216: Monstrously Powerful
Chapter 217: One Man Against Countless Numbers
Chapter 218: A Magnificent Performance
Chapter 219: Blood Birds in the City
Chapter 220: Mini Lou Lan
Chapter 221: Protecting Ai Hui!
Chapter 222: Symmetry Is Also A Form Of Beauty
Chapter 223: The Rupture Of The Sword Embryo
Chapter 224: The Lightning Blade
Chapter 225: Various Remnants
Chapter 226: Sword Pill
Chapter 227: Bad News and Good News
Chapter 228: Tian Kuan’s Operation
Chapter 229: Opening the Palace Door
Chapter 230: The Remaining Problems
Chapter 231: Sandworms
Chapter 232: Fatty’s Confidence
Chapter 233: Take My Sword Attack
Chapter 234: Flaming Ape
Chapter 235: The Blood Snake Vertebrae
Chapter 236: Run
Chapter 237: Calm
Chapter 238: A New Sword
Chapter 239: Perennial Lock and Elemental Energy Pills
Chapter 240: The Deadly Weakness
Chapter 241: Dragonspine
Chapter 242: The Transformation Of The Blazing Corals
Chapter 243: Lava Spider
Chapter 244: A Psychic Attack
Chapter 245: Wanna Be Human?
Chapter 246: The Invulnerable Reason
Chapter 247: Reunion of Old Friends
Chapter 248: Tree Spirit’s Blood
Chapter 249: An Overlooked Question
Chapter 250: Fallen Defenses
Chapter 251: The Heat of Battle
Chapter 252: Disappearance
Chapter 253: Fierce Fighting in the Tunnel
Chapter 254: Ai Hui’s Rage
Chapter 255: Liao Nan
Chapter 256: Liao Nan Beheaded
Chapter 257: A Handsome Guy Cannot Be Made An Enemy
Chapter 258: Dividing The Troops
Chapter 259: The So-called Path
Chapter 260: Dilemma
Chapter 261: Ai Hui’s Discovery
Chapter 262: Protect Ai Hui!
Chapter 263: Excitement
Chapter 264: Impossible to Stop Halfway
Chapter 265: The Reappearance of [Dust Fall]
Chapter 266: Success
Chapter 267: Shattered Blood Traces
Chapter 268: Counterattack
Chapter 269: A Devastating Ending
Chapter 270: Three Years Later
Chapter 271: The Lost Time
Chapter 272: See You Later
Chapter 273: King of Anglers
Chapter 274: Demonic Remnant and Unyielding Bamboos
Chapter 275: Visitor
Chapter 276: Work Completed
Chapter 277: Target
Chapter 278: The Youth in the Cold Palace
Chapter 279: Starry Gem Swordwings
Chapter 280: Chapter 280 - The Auspicious
Chapter 281: Karakorum
Chapter 282: Meridian Sand
Chapter 283: Alighting
Chapter 284: Ambush
Chapter 285: Panicked State
Chapter 286: Woman in Red, She Yu
Chapter 287: What Happened?
Chapter 288: Sand Compass And Bad Reputation
Chapter 289: A Turn of Events
Chapter 290: Back Home
Chapter 291: I Don’t Like Your Face
Chapter 292: Life and Death Flower Sacrificial Art
Chapter 293: The Sha Family
Chapter 294: Rising Storm
Chapter 295: The Three Smalls
Chapter 296: Probe
Chapter 297: Silent Strike
Chapter 298: Sha Wuyuan’s Death
Chapter 299: God-subduing Peak
Chapter 300: The Allure of Red Muslin
Chapter 301: Caught Off Guard
Chapter 302: The Society of Excellence
Chapter 303: The Sha Guards
Chapter 304: Sword Chime And Swirling Sandstorm
Chapter 305: “See You Later” Sword Formation
Chapter 306: Break Even
Chapter 307: Troubles Lie Ahead
Chapter 308: The Pagoda of Hidden Edge
Chapter 309: Skyheart Flaming Lotus Lamp
Chapter 310: Lou Lan’s Upgrade
Chapter 311: Fervor
Chapter 312: A Group of People
Chapter 313: Dragonrise Training Hall
Chapter 314: A Jinai
Chapter 315: Aristocratic Families and New Citizens
Chapter 316: Gale Bat Slash
Chapter 317: Defeating the Hellfire
Chapter 318: Coming!
Chapter 319: A Belated Reunion
Chapter 320: Five Elemental Eight Treasures Porridge
Chapter 321: Same Boat
Chapter 322: Call Me Sister
Chapter 323: Watch the Door
Chapter 324: Impossible To Understand
Chapter 325: Porridge Almost Done
Chapter 326: Lesser Tribulation
Chapter 327: Distributing the Porridge
Chapter 328: Discussion
Chapter 329: The Fall Of Cloud Ridge
Chapter 330: The Four Seasons of the God Nation
Chapter 331: City Expansion Order
Chapter 332: Clues
Chapter 333: A Test
Chapter 334: Karakorum Sword League
Chapter 335: Sword Formations
Chapter 336: Madam Ling’s Guess
Chapter 337: Uninvited Guests
Chapter 338: Yin Yang Sword Formation
Chapter 339: Elemental Energy Suffocation
Chapter 340: Where Are They?
Chapter 341: Patriarch Grass, Silverfold Plum
Chapter 342: Fusion Elemental Energy
Chapter 343: Grass Hall
Chapter 344: Night Attack On Karakorum
Chapter 345: Sword Glint And Tranquil Night Breeze
Chapter 346: A Shameless Person
Chapter 347: [Six Moons]
Chapter 348: To Hell With It!
Chapter 349: I Will Give The Sky To You
Chapter 350: What Tier?
Chapter 351: Sincerity
Chapter 352: Madam Ye’s Background
Chapter 353: The Ye Residence’s Origin
Chapter 354: Life Is A Performance
Chapter 355: Off Guard
Chapter 356: Gift Him A Blow
Chapter 357: Are You Willing?
Chapter 358: Pearblossom Pavilion
Chapter 359: A Renowned Master, A Brilliant Disciple
Chapter 360: Reunion
Chapter 361: Painstaking Investigation
Chapter 362: Finally, Overflowing Inspirations
Chapter 363: Three Huge Yin And Three Huge Yang Sword Rings
Chapter 364: Sir, Can You Open The Door First?
Chapter 365: Treasury
Chapter 366: Selection
Chapter 367: Stone Statue
Chapter 368: Rumors
Chapter 369: Metal Elemental Elixir
Chapter 370: The Will
Chapter 371: Powerful Enemies
Chapter 372: An Enraged Qing Feng
Chapter 373: Lotus-leaf-made Mouths
Chapter 374: [Nether Lotus Glow]
Chapter 375: The Opportunity To Live
Chapter 376: Destiny
Chapter 377: An Old Friend
Chapter 378: The Ancient Treasure
Chapter 379: The Tides Turn
Chapter 380: Leaving
Chapter 381: Recouping Losses
Chapter 382: Seeds
Chapter 383: Choice and Path
Chapter 384: Awkward Silence
Chapter 385: A Small World
Chapter 386: A Free Gift
Chapter 387: A Deal
Chapter 388: Sharpening Skills
Chapter 389: Inquiring Information
Chapter 390: Sky Capital Peak
Chapter 391: An Old Friend
Chapter 392: Blind He
Chapter 393: Excavation
Chapter 394: Success
Chapter 395: Overflowing Elemental Energy
Chapter 396: Bitterstone Seeds
Chapter 397: An Impromptu Trip
Chapter 398: Grass Bandits
Chapter 399: Encounter
Chapter 400: Big Biscuit and Red Muslin
Chapter 401: Killing Numbly
Chapter 402: Fight Till The End
Chapter 403: Great Waves
Chapter 404: Entering The City
Chapter 405: Wintry Jade Blade
Chapter 405: Wintry Jade Blade
Chapter 406: [Fragmented Sword] vs. [Swirling Dragon]
Chapter 407: Cut Some Slack?
Chapter 408: Using a Pretext to Make a Fuss
Chapter 409: Mr Small Ai
Chapter 410: Glimmer of Autumn Moon
Chapter 411: Mingxiu’s Breakthrough
Chapter 412: Two Masters Under One Roof
Chapter 414: Crossing Over
Chapter 415: Lava-spitting Beast
Chapter 416: Nature’s Precious Land
Chapter 417: Difficulties Starting Out
Chapter 418: A Languished Top Student
Chapter 419: An Chouchou
Chapter 420: Energy-stabilizing Pillars
Chapter 421: Elemental Energy Pools, One By One
Chapter 422: Skyheart City
Chapter 423: Are You Looking for a Fight? Come On, Come On
Chapter 424: Central Pine Valley
Chapter 425: Scarletfire Flying Foxes
Chapter 426: Well-coordinated
Chapter 427: Well-coordinated Once Again
Chapter 428: Where’s the Promised Chemistry?
Chapter 429: Victory
Chapter 430: Hellfire Pagoda Cannon
Chapter 431: Snow Lava
Chapter 432: Fairy Devil Palace
Chapter 433: Clearwater City
Chapter 434: Bargain
Chapter 435: Your Mistress
Chapter 436: The Wicked Servant
Chapter 437: Stupefied
Chapter 438: Rules
Chapter 439: A Very Angry Iron Lady
Chapter 440: Mist Cage
Chapter 441: The Bigger the Scene, the Bigger the Earnings
Chapter 442: Old Friend
Chapter 443: The Grief of Balls
Chapter 444: Sold Out
Chapter 445: Conditions And An Unforeseen Event
Chapter 446: Han Li’s Challenge
Chapter 447: The Death Of Great Elder
Chapter 448: As You Wish
Chapter 449: [Red Dust]!
Chapter 450: Han Li’s Transformation
Chapter 451: What Are They Here For?
Chapter 452: Disturbance
Chapter 453: Ai Hui’s Own Path
Chapter 454: Conspiracy
Chapter 455: Lou Lan’s Idea
Chapter 456: Jiu Gui Takes Action
Chapter 457: A Swap Between Master And Slave
Chapter 458: Battles Of Masters (1)
Chapter 459: Battles Of Masters (2)
Chapter 460: Battles Of Masters (3)
Chapter 461: Battles Of Masters (4)
Chapter 462: Victory
Chapter 463: Changing The Name To Thunder City
Chapter 464: Departure
Chapter 465: Guillotines on a Snowy Night
Chapter 466: Three Division Leaders in a Meeting
Chapter 467: Windy Resonant Pagoda
Chapter 468: Hesitation
Chapter 469: Go Left, Or Go Right?
Chapter 470: Ai Hui’s Decision
Chapter 471: Flames
Chapter 472: Guest
Chapter 473: Waiting
Chapter 474: Sword Pagodas
Chapter 475: Decision
Chapter 476: An Old Friend And Yuchuan Embroidery
Chapter 477: Deal!
Chapter 478: Shock
Chapter 479: Madman Le Buleng
Chapter 480: The Secret Mission of The Three Central Divisions
Chapter 481: Getting Rid of The Internal Conflict
Chapter 482: Get Ready! Raise Your Swords!
Chapter 483: Seven Swords As One
Chapter 484: New Sword Embryo
Chapter 485: An Unforeseen Event
Chapter 486: Night Moth Fruit
Chapter 487: Frenzy
Chapter 488: A Giant’s Afterglow
Chapter 489: Chapter 489 - Glorious Footprints
Chapter 490: Grandmaster to Grandmaster
Chapter 491: Us, North Sea
Chapter 492: Dawn of Hope
Chapter 493: Black Cloud
Chapter 494: Dialogue
Chapter 495: Master Shao And Information
Chapter 496: An All-out Attack, Metal Baskets, And Arrogant Words
Chapter 497: A Burst of White Light and A Warm Breeze
Chapter 498: Back View
Chapter 499: Heater In Snow, Heart of God
Chapter 500: There’s No need For You To Apologize
Chapter 501: Sword Cloud
Chapter 502: Decision
Chapter 503: Enemy is Coming
Chapter 504: Villa of Conscience
Chapter 505: A Strike in the Frosted Dawn
Chapter 506: Blazing Shooting Star
Chapter 507: Brewing Storm
Chapter 508: Spirits of the Deceased
Chapter 509: Sounding Out, Footprint
Chapter 510: Pointers
Chapter 511: A Story
Chapter 512: Heavenly God
Chapter 513: Train of Thought
Chapter 514: Sick And Extraordinary
Chapter 515: The Glory of A Master Comes With Blood
Chapter 516: Lou Lan Is Formidable Now, Unity Sword
Chapter 517: It’s A Disgrace To Associate Myself With All Of You
Chapter 518: Creditor And Boss
Chapter 519: Grandmaster Dai’s Decree
Chapter 520: Panda Mummy
Chapter 521: Blank Wooden Tablet
Chapter 522: Pinwheel Sword
Chapter 523: The Boundary of Ring
Chapter 524: Vitality Branches
Chapter 525: Xing Shan’s Target
Chapter 526: Sword Operator
Chapter 527: Courage and Special Training
Chapter 528: Ability of God
Chapter 529: Reconnaissance
Chapter 530: The Bird is in the Net
Chapter 531: Fatty’s Lethal Weapon
Chapter 532: Face to Face
Chapter 533: So Be It
Chapter 534: Fatty’s Talent
Chapter 535: Xing Shan’s Strength
Chapter 536: Netherworld Bestial Ox
Chapter 537: [Axe of Nether River] VS [Iron Flowers Thrust]
Chapter 538: The Enemy Forces Are Arriving!
Chapter 539: Confrontation
Chapter 540: Chapter 540 - 20 Meters Of Life-or-death Experience
Chapter 541: Surviving
Chapter 542: Pale Flames
Chapter 543: Reward
Chapter 544: Central Pine Valley
Chapter 545: Pagoda Cannon Master
Chapter 546: The Popular Pagoda Cannons (1)
Chapter 547: The Popular Pagoda Cannons (2)
Chapter 548: The Deep Conversation With Ugly Elephant
Chapter 549: It’s Coming!
Chapter 550: You’re A New Citizen
Chapter 551: The Purest Sword Lineage
Chapter 552: Knife
Chapter 553: Mirage Craze
Chapter 554: Entering the Camp
Chapter 555: Decoy
Chapter 556: Open Conspiracy
Chapter 557: New Pagoda Cannon
Chapter 558: Improving The Fort
Chapter 559: The Time Has Arrived
Chapter 560: The Central Pine Valley’s Declaration
Chapter 561: The Pagoda Cannon Alliance
Chapter 562: Skyheart City’s Countermeasures
Chapter 563: The Transformation of the Central Pine Valley
Chapter 564: An Chouchou’s Change
Chapter 565: God Wolf Division
Chapter 566: One-versus-One or All-versus-One
Chapter 567: Master’s Glory Selection
Chapter 568: Effect of Reputation
Chapter 569: To Die for a Belief
Chapter 570: Three Bunny Hairs
Chapter 571: Valiant Warriors
Chapter 572: The Utter Defeats At The Front Line
Chapter 573: Fish Bone
Chapter 574: The Yellow Sand Division
Chapter 575: Ai Hui’s Belief
Chapter 576: Lightning Razor
Chapter 577: Camp of the God and Blood Divisions
Chapter 578: Set Off
Chapter 579: The Bloody Battle At The God Encampment (1)
Chapter 580: The Bloody Battle At The God Encampment (2)
Chapter 581: The Bloody Battle At The God Encampment (3)
Chapter 582: Hostage
Chapter 583: Reunion
Chapter 584: Treatment
Chapter 585: The Dread Division’s Plan
Chapter 586: Do It Thoroughly
Chapter 587: Going Steady
Chapter 588: Former Members of the Surveillance Division
Chapter 589: Metal Wind Curtain
Chapter 590: First Confrontation
Chapter 591: The Sword Aura
Chapter 592: Charge!
Chapter 593: Silver Frost’s Resistance
Chapter 594: Helpless
Chapter 595: “The morale of an army is important.”
Chapter 596: Pearl Defensive Line
Chapter 597: The Sick Tiger And The Red-dressed Girl
Chapter 598: Training During Real Battles
Chapter 599: Selection of Sword Operators
Chapter 600: Judgement, Step Forward
Chapter 601: Seal
Chapter 602: The Arrival of The Beast Battalions
Chapter 603: Golden Thread And Blood Plum Blossom
Chapter 604: The Blood Eye On The Bandage
Chapter 605: Life and Death
Chapter 606: Beast Battalions
Chapter 607: Test the Defenses
Chapter 608: 12 Salvos of Heavy Cannon Fire
Chapter 609: The Gamble Paid Off
Chapter 610: Stone Forest, Sand Sea
Chapter 611: The Fantasyland Within Ai Hui’s Body
Chapter 612: Vitality Branches and the Fire Elemental Ring
Chapter 613: Beat Them at Their Own Game
Chapter 614: Frost Locust Grass
Chapter 615: The Invincibility of the Sword Embryo
Chapter 616: 10,000 Swords
Chapter 617: Experimenting With Sword Formations
Chapter 618: Sword Mist
Chapter 619: Ripened
Chapter 620: Flash Kill
Chapter 621: A Strengthening Sword Embryo
Chapter 622: The Arrival of She Yu
Chapter 623: The Change in the Sword Embryo
Chapter 624: God’s Blood and Swords
Chapter 625: Breaking Through the Wind Curtain
Chapter 626: Breeze of Surveillance
Chapter 627: Eating Grass
Chapter 628: Viridescent Flower, Viridescent Flower
Chapter 629: A Desperate Effort
Chapter 630: Confrontation
Chapter 631: The Resonance of Pagoda Cannons
Chapter 632: Victory in Sight
Chapter 633: Continuous Chatter
Chapter 634: Sword Formation Gone Berserk
Chapter 635: Cruel Battlefield
Chapter 636: To Hell
Chapter 637: [Sword Chime]!
Chapter 638: Sword Embryo and Avedha-vasa
Chapter 639: Brand-new Sword Moves
Chapter 640: The Charge
Chapter 641: Helian Tianxiao’s Trump Card
Chapter 642: Chief’s Instructions
Chapter 643: Sky Leaf Division
Chapter 644: Wine and Affection
Chapter 645: Chase
Chapter 646: Girl in Red vs. Sky Leaf Division
Chapter 647: Wind Columns and Mourning
Chapter 648: Changes
Chapter 649: Holy Phoenix
Chapter 650: What Kind Of Swordsmanship Is This?
Chapter 651: Gong Peiyao’s Conjecture
Chapter 652: A Piece of Unexpected News
Chapter 653: Second Sun
Chapter 654: North Sea Ruins
Chapter 655: Fireball
Chapter 656: The Idle Duanmu Huanghun
Chapter 657: The Survivors of North Sea
Chapter 658: The Assembly of Patriarchs’ Plan
Chapter 659: The Sea
Chapter 660: God Tiger
Chapter 661: Assembly
Chapter 662: Out of It
Chapter 663: Successor
Chapter 664: Prey
Chapter 665: Mutual Understanding
Chapter 666: Swords
Chapter 667: Blood-colored Petals
Chapter 668: Destroyed
Chapter 669: Discussion
Chapter 670: Charge
Chapter 671: Green Fog
Chapter 672: Yin Furnace
Chapter 673: Dai Gang’s Secret
Chapter 674: Grey and Green
Chapter 675: The Odd Transformation of The Sword Embryo
Chapter 676: Repercussions
Chapter 677: Assembly of Patriarchs
Chapter 678: The Impatient Demonic God
Chapter 679: The Blood Eye
Chapter 680: The End of the Epic Battle
Chapter 681: The Secret of God’s Blood
Chapter 682: Deathly Seeds of Demonic Consciousness
Chapter 683: Life Slicing Parasite
Chapter 684: Opportunity
Chapter 685: Unforeseen Circumstances
Chapter 686: Collaboration
Chapter 687: The Sudden Attack
Chapter 688: Kill Me
Chapter 689: The Beating Heart
Chapter 690: Commander Red
Chapter 691: Strange Power
Chapter 692: Star Divine Hallucination
Chapter 693: Collapse
Chapter 694: Taking Action
Chapter 695: A True Blood Elementalist
Chapter 696: Blood Elementalists’ Secret Art
Chapter 697: A Dire Beast
Chapter 698: Madam Ye’s Plan
Chapter 699: Awakening and Conflict
Chapter 700: Disturbance
Chapter 701: [Crossed Spinning Top]
Chapter 702: Retreat
Chapter 703: Hong Rongyan Strikes
Chapter 704: Grass Hall
Chapter 705: Chapter 705 - A Strange Place
Chapter 706: Chapter 706 - Golden Ringed Vines
Chapter 707: Chapter 707 - Spirit Swords
Chapter 708: Chapter 708 - Danger from the Sky
Chapter 709: Chapter 709 - Human-faced Marshland
Chapter 710: Trouble
Chapter 711: Snowfall
Chapter 712: Monster
Chapter 713: Village of Rest
Chapter 714: Human-head Tree
Chapter 715: The End