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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Author:Bath Robey

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Wealthy, powerful and handsome; Gu Jingze is the cream of the crop in the entire country. Every guy wants to be him and every girl wants to be with him. His life is perfect... except that he has one tiny secret that keeps him from getting close to any woman—apparent impotency.

That is, until he wakes up in bed with a total stranger one day. The next thing he knows, he is forced...
《The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage》 Volume 1
1 Did You Sleep with the Wrong Person?
2 She’s Just a Stranger Who Suddenly Appeared
3 We Brought You Up. Shouldn’t You Repay Us?
4 I’m Not Marrying You
5 Let’s Get Married
6 Marriage Life
7 Madam Gu, You Do Not Need to be Frugal
8 This Chance Encounter is Flustering
9 Madam is Auditioning for a Role
10 So This is the Type of Woman He Likes
11 Don’t Vent Your Anger On Me
12 Mo Huiling Makes a Visi
13 I’m Afraid That Miss Mo Might Misunderstand
14 I Don’t Like You Two Being Together
15 You Want Me to Move Out So Badly?
16 Being With His Younger Brother is so Uncomfortable
17 You Can’t Afford to Offend Those With the Surname Gu
18 Hubby, I’m Drunk
19 Why Aren’t You Calling Me Hubby Anymore?
20 So Are You Moving Out or Not?
21 I Will Definitely Fulfill My Promises to You
22 You’re So Stupid. How Did You Survive Until Now?
23 I’m Your Husband. It’s Only Right That I Should Look After You
24 This Lass is Really Very Lucky
25 It’s Mine Since I Wiped My Drool On I
26 Someone’s Sleeping Position is Really Ugly
27 I Won’t Let You Die
28 There’s No Answer to Why I Love You
29 I Don’t Want Scars On Your Body
30 I’ve Gotten Used to Her Poor Sleeping Posture
31 Why Are You Eating This Junk Food?
32 Seriously. You Do So Many Unnecessary Things
33 She Was On The News For The First Time
34 Didn’t We Agree That You Wouldn’t Get Angry?
35 Gu Jingze, My Leg Hurts
36 Sorry, I Forgot That You Have an Illness
37 The Small Anticipation of Sleeping on the Same Bed
38 Unexpectedly, He Felt Disappointed
39 She Was Actually Grieving Over Another Man
40 How Could You Just Provoke Gu Jingyu?
41 I Am Lin Che's Man
42 You Are My Wife
43 Clothes Tangled Up
44 My Wife Does Not Concern You
45 The Hotel Brings About a Different Atmosphere
46 She is the Key Grooming Subject of the Company
47 Gu Jingyu Said it has Nothing to do with me
48 I Need to go Back and Settle This
49 We Can Use a More Direct Method
50 Did you Fall in Love at First Sight With Me?
51 Don't Say Those Words to any Man
52 Take Off Your Pants and Let Me Take a Look
53 Closing Party
54 Come Over and Massage Me
55 He Bit Her Lip
《The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage》 Volume 2
56 I Don't Want You to Have a Boyfriend
57 This Lass is so Likable
58 Gu Jingze Was Angered
59 He Really Left Home
60 He Was Slightly Fed Up With Mo Huiling
61 We're Going Back Now
62 I Need Someone to be Responsible for This
63 The Power of Jealousy
64 I Only Know How to Bully You
65 I Won't Trouble You
66 I'm Willing to Trust You
67 Feeding You in Extreme Ways
68 If You Don't Tell Me, I'm Going to Kiss You
69 You Actually Came to Pick Me Up
70 The Two of Them are Really Well-suited to Each Other
71 What is Your Face Getting Red For?
72 An Accident Occurred During Filming
73 My Clothes Have All Been Ripped
74 Don't Move, Keep Still In Your Sleep
75 I'll Go Shopping Together With You
76 Mo Huiling Was Purposely Clinging To Him
77 You Definitely Misunderstood Her
78 I'll Do Whatever I Want To Do
79 It's Nothing, Go To Sleep
80 It Feels Good to be Worshipped
81 This is to Carry On Future Generations
82 It Felt Disgusting
83 Was it Too Intense?
84 I Hope This is a Good Memory
85 Deeply Infected by Her
86 The So-called Enemies on a Narrow Road
87 Seeing Her Unhappy Made Him Unhappy
88 Helping You Teach These People a Lesson
89 He Wanted to Give Her More Happiness
90 Overwhelmed By Her Gentleness
91 Could Not Bear For Her to Shed a Single Tear
92 The Whole Company Was Happy
93 You Promised to Cook For Me
94 Clumsily Cut Her Hand
95 Do You Feel Disappointed?
96 Gu Jingze is Extraordinary
97 Should Just Sleep Together in the Future
98 Gu Jingyu Did Not Play His Cards According to the Rules Again
99 Was She Not Supposed to Treat?
100 I Like to Share My Things With You
101 It Turned Out That They Were Eating Together
102 What If I Don't Divorce?
103 Old Illness Warrants a Visit to the Doctor
104 I Still Remember What Happened That Day
105 I Already Moved Here, What Can You Do About It?
106 She Can't Possibly Die Here
107 How Can You Say That About A Life?
108 No More Driving in the Future
109 You Definitely Knocked Her By Acciden
110 I Am Dearest Hubby
111 Doing Things I Should Do To Dearest Wifey
112 If You Don't Come Back in Twenty Minutes, Then Don't Come Back At All
113 A Jealous Man is Really Cold
114 This is Your Punishmen
115 Gu Jingze is Too Vicious
116 Unreasonable Woman
117 Angry For Being Stood Up
118 Was She Tired of Him?
119 Any More Movement and He Will Explode
120 No Other Man As Good As You
121 You Have to Move Away
122 She Was Not in a Good Mood
123 The Long Chat Ended Up Being Relaxing
124 Did Not Expect it to Turn Out So Well
125 Mo Huiling Was Chased Off
126 I'd Like You to Wear it For Me
127 You Two Should Quickly Have Kids
128 I Got A Sickness That Only You Can Cure
129 I Have A Dream
130 Our Whole Family Hates That Mo Person
131 Your Only Good Point Is That You're Lucky
132 A Simple, Beautiful Love
133 I Want You To Feed Me
134 Hugging Will Do
135 The Call Interrupted Their Conversation
136 Look At The Friends You Make
137 Taking You Into The Limeligh
138 How Could You Harm Gu Jingze Like This?
139 This Was Shining With Pride
140 You Can Do Whatever You Like
141 The Gift She Gave Him
142 Take This Woman Away
143 I'm Not Letting You Leave
144 You Will Only Hurt Yourself By Caring Too Much
145 A Man I Can't Afford To Wan
146 I Broke Up With Her Long Ago
147 Shen Youran, Just You Wai
148 The Reason For Coming
149 Shameless Father And Daughter
150 Just Get Them Taken Care Of
151 Did You Ever Like Me?
152 He Threw Himself On Her
153 You Don't Need To Explain
154 That's Precisely What Being Jealous Is
155 If You're Ill, You Must Eat Something
156 I'll Lie With You To Warm You Up
157 Embarrassing Situations
158 Don't Over-Exert Yourself
159 Quick, Go and Res
160 I'm Looking For Lin Che, Alright?
161 Lin Che, You Really Found A Good Husband
162 I'm Most Familiar With This Scene
163 There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
164 I Don't Want You To Be Mistreated
165 A Carefree Girl
166 This Little Girl Felt Slightly Jealous
167 He Had Actually Slapped Her
168 Lin Che, Towards You, I...
169 The Sudden Crisis Was Vexing
170 Looks Like He Still Loves Me Dearly
171 Why Would A Woman Suddenly Get Angry?
172 Can You Leave Me Alone From Now On?
173 Who Else Should I Concern Myself With, If Not You?
174 Why Did It Have To Happen Now?
175 Who Picked Up Your Phone Yesterday?
176 So, You Two Are Really A Pair?
177 Happiness on Christmas Eve
178 Her Words Seem To Have Magic To Them
179 I'll Rub Your Stomach For You
180 Husband And Wife Joined Forces
181 Can't Be Such A Nuisance Anymore
182 I Won't Make You Worry Again
183 The Enemies On A Narrow Road
184 Where Did This Stinky Old Lady Come From?
185 Driven Out With An Ashen Face
186 There's Nothing To Be Jealous of Your Own Mother
187 Perpetually Having A Bad Premonition
188 Was Lin Che Disfigured?
189 Whatever You Want Is Available Here
190 Make Use Of This Matter By Playing It Off As A Mistake
191 Uninvited Guests Are Not Welcomed
192 Is Gu Jingze's Illness Cured?
193 Jingze I Want To Be With You
194 Give Up, I'm Yours Anyway
195 He Got Sick All Because Of You
196 He Pressed Her Down Hard
197 I'm Not Treating You With Respect This Way
198 It's Alright I'll Help You
199 He's Only Like This Probably Because He Cares About Her
200 Actually Lin Che And I Already Had A Relationship Long Ago
201 Husband And Wife Got Along Very Well
202 Gu Jingze Actually Changed A Lo
203 Shen Youran Was Incredulous
204 This Is Your Reward, Little Drunkard
205 How Can You Do This
206 Gu Jingze You Can't Leave Me
《The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage》 Volume 3
207 I Give Everything To You
208 Waking Up The Next Day Feeling Shameful
209 All These Marks Were Left By You
210 Husband And Wife Are Getting Along Better
211 Gu Jingze Almost Died That Day
212 Gu Jingze Prepared Everything For You
213 Mr. President Has Been Going On Blind Dates Recently
214 Why Did She Suddenly Appear Here?
215 He Only Likes Your Body
216 What Are You Doing To Lin Che
217 He Wanted To See How The Male Lead Looked Like
218 Proved His Ability With His Strength
219 You Will Be Gu Family's House Mistress
220 This Circle Is That Complicated
221 Gu Jingyu Said That I'm Close To Her
222 He Couldn't Bear For Her To Be Compromised
223 I'm Sorry I Can't Be A Better Wife
224 What Is Sweet-Talking For?
225 A Lifetime Actually Sounded Nice
226 Really Outrageous Once Fired Up
227 Won't Let Them Live Peacefully
228 Talk About Our Breakup
229 She Is Only A Desire For You
230 He's Obviously Not In Too Good A Mood
231 Actually, Would You Want To Hold A Wedding?
232 What Do You Feel Towards Me?
233 Who Sent Her The Video That She Received?
234 She Unexpectedly Met Her During An Interview
235 Did I Get Set Up?
236 She's Simply Like Treasure
237 Mo Huiling Brought A Man Along?
238 He Was Disappointed and Upset With Her
239 I Don't Understand Why Either
240 Lin Che is So Good, Mo Huiling is So Bad
241 Extreme And Irreparable Hatred For Mo Huiling
242 Her Name Was Crazily Smeared On The Interne
243 We Shouldn't Carry On Like This
244 Too Bad They Only Had A Contractual Marriage
245 Gu Jingze Was Actually Very Angry
246 Couldn't Be Ruthless To Her No Matter How Angry He Was
247 I'll Show You If You Dare To Go Missing Like This Again
248 Gu Jingze, I Want You To Love Me
249 He Said That He Already Didn't Have Feelings For Mo Huiling
250 Do You Want Me To Show You My Heart?
251 I'm Doing The Work Every Time...
252 Next Time It's Your Turn
253 Hello, This Is The Hospital
254 Keep It Together, I'll Make It Up To You
255 One Who Is Unaccountably Solicitous Is Hiding Evil Intentions
256 What's Your Relation To Shen Youran?
257 This Is My Girlfriend. Why?
258 Her Outstanding Moment At The TV Festival
259 She Walked Alongside The Frontliners
260 The Unexpected Award Made Others Envious
261 He Liked To Hear Her Beg And Call Hubby
262 My Little Passion With You In The Cinema
263 Her Coverage That Day Turned Out To Be Huge
264 The President's Birthday Banque
265 We Didn't Take Fancy To Each Other, We Took It To Bed Firs
266 She Was Taken Away By The President's Guards
267 His Sister Was Also So Capable
268 Someone Came Here To Cause A Ruckus
269 Why Did I Ever Love A Woman Like That?
270 Want You To Be Happy Because Of Me
271 I Have A Way To Deal With Him
272 Mr. President Please Let Me Go
273 Something Cropped Up When Lin Che Was At The Lin House
274 My Woman Can Do Whatever She Wants
275 He Was That Formidable To Begin With
276 Gu Jingze Really Doted On Her More
277 Sent Her Off To Filming And Couldn't Bear To Par
278 This Time She Was Definitely Not Giving In
279 Most Gorgeous Uniformed Beauty
280 Hard To Resist Her
281 My Sister Wants To See You Again
282 Stay Here For The Nigh
283 Who Is Living Locked Upstairs
284 Having High Aims But A Total Failure
285 What Should I Wear To See The Sister
286 Gu Jingze I Want To Chase After You
287 You're My Hubby Why Would I Be Curious About You
288 Why Are You Dawdling About Treating A Meal
289 This Antique Gu Jingze Actually Had Suitors
290 Could Not Bear Seeing Him Tolerate For Her
291 A Passionate Moment Leading To The Hospital
292 He Endured So Much For Her
293 Falling Sick Because Of Another Woman
294 All Men Are Indeed No Good
295 What Kind Of Marriage Is This
296 Granny I'm Going To Visit You
297 Who Is Here With A Row Of Cars Outside
298 Really Such A Slut To Chase Her All The Way Here
299 Gu Jingze, Granny Is Still Outside
300 Do You Not Want Me To Stay So Badly
301 Aren't You Going To Wipe Off My Sweat Caused By You
302 A Good-Looking Person Will Find An Equally Good-Looking Person
303 Gu Jingze Was Really Attentive
304 He Always Knew Lin Che's Kindness
305 I Want To See Where Saint Lin Che Is From
306 Didn't Expect Lin Che To Be Like This
307 Seems Like You Don't Know Gu Jingze Well
308 A Wedding Of The Filthy Rich Is Indeed Awe-Inspiring
309 Taking Sides
310 Dispute Rumors
311 Her Photo With Gu Jingze Was Exposed
312 It Really Doesn't Pay To Be Kind
313 Lin Che Is My Woman
314 Attending Sister's Wedding Together
315 The Wedding Was So Grand
316 Their Two Colors Unexpectedly Clashed
317 Gu Jingze's Woman Is Much Better Looking Than Lu Chuxia
318 Not Everyone Can Enter Here
319 Pleasing Old Master Made Everyone Surprised
320 How Can Anyone Dare To Speak To Old Master Like This?
321 He Had Seen Gu Jingyu's Watch Before
322 He Stuffed Her Into The Elevator And Took Her Away
323 The Rationality He Lost Out Of Anger
324 He Should Not Have Treated Her This Way
325 He Simply Felt A Raging Jealousy
326 If They Had Never Gotten Together
327 She Had Never Thought That It Would Bother Him So Much
328 Gu Jingze Could Only Watch From Where He Was
329 What A Vexing Fool Of A Girl
330 I Don't Need Your Help Nor Do I Want You To Touch Me
331 At A Time Like This, Something Bad Unexpectedly Happened All Of A Sudden
332 The Explosion That Shocked The Entire Nation
333 Are Gu Jingze's Whereabouts Unknown?
334 The Watch Was Merely Chosen By Yu Minmin. I Didn't Know About I
335 How Could You Have Gone Through Such A Terrifying Thing?
336 There's Really Nothing Going On Between You and Gu Jingyu, Right?
337 Sorry, I Shouldn't Have Hurt You Like This
338 People Were Already Going Mad Outside
339 What Is That Lu Chuxia Up To?
340 Why Are There So Many Wounds On Your Body
341 What Did You Feel Towards Me In The Beginning
342 Lu Chuxia Suddenly Had Confidence Out Of Nowhere
343 How Shameless To Display Affection In Public
344 The President's Affair Was Exposed
345 He Already Decided To Make Good Use Of This Matter
346 Mr. President Actually Has A Fiancée
347 Because Someone Wanted To Tackle The Gu Family
348 Gu Jingze And Lin Che Wore Couple Clothes
349 The Runaway Horse Was Heading Towards Lin Che
350 She Fell Into The Water and Screamed For Help
351 Lu Chuxia Said That She Pushed Her Into The Water
352 Gu Jingze Said So What If She Did I
353 He Trusted Her All The Time
354 Mr. President Is So Shocking
355 You Actually Really Had An Affair With Mr. President?
356 Yang Lingxin Said That Some Documents Were Missing
357 Being Disturbed Made The Heart Upse
358 Why Did She Suddenly Come Here
359 He Was Cold And Indifferent To People On The Yach
360 The Ordinary Her And The Extraordinary Her
361 Sister-in-law and Brother's Relationship Is Not That Good
362 Bumping Into Someone At The Washroom
363 Must Find A Way To Make Lin Che Leave Him For A While
364 Stomach Hurts A Little
365 Why Didn't You Say So, Dummy?
366 Why Don't You Dare To Touch Me
367 If Not, I'll Just Tie You Up
368 The Dancing Queen Will Be Chosen During The Dance
369 She Stepped On Her Ankle
370 You Actually Dared To Step On My Foo
371 Dancing On Tiptoe Is Too Romantic
372 That Man Turned Out To Be Lu Family's Old Sir
373 Why Must You Stand On Her Side!
374 I Want To Be With You Here
375 Better Help Shen Youran Solve This
376 There Is Actually Such An Outrageous Thing
377 I Didn't Expect Him To Change Like This Too
378 Meeting An Old Friend In Paris
379 Someone Stole The Spotlight On The Opening Of Paris Fashion Week
380 The Situation Turned Around So Shockingly
381 She Was Sitting Beside Royalty
382 He Had Feelings For Her
383 They Were Already Married
384 I Want Detailed Information on Lin Che
385 Lu Chuxia Found Out That She Had Not Told Gu Jingyu
386 Unless You Promise To Leave Gu Jingze For A Period Of Time
387 We'll See How Gu Jingyu Punishes Her
388 Don't You Think That There's Something Going On Between Your Wife and Brother?
389 Lu Chuxia Discovered His Illness
390 Lin Li Humiliated Yu Minmin On The Spo
391 Actually, I'm The One Engaged To Gu Jingming
392 In My Eyes, You're The Wors
393 Was He Lying To Her?
394 She Ran Away From Home!
395 He Came To The Doorstep To Take Her Away
396 How Dare She Kick Him?
397 Qin Qing Said That He Was The One Who Had Secretly Liked Lin Che
398 The Curious Masses Were Always So Nosy
399 Gu Jingze And His Underlings Surrounded The Restauran
400 All Of You Turn Your Heads. You're Not Allowed To Look
401 It's Really Not Easy To Be The First Lady
402 This President Is So Stern
403 The Chairman's Courting Methods
404 This Is A Man With A Wife, Alright?
405 President, Don't Get Fresh With Me, Alright?
406 It's Only Right To Treat His Own Wife A Little Better
407 Scum and Scum Belong Together
408 Let Me Slap You For Gu Jingze's Sake
409 Do I Even Have To Ask For Your Permission To Bring Someone Here?
410 Your Daughter Is Here And You're Still Siding Her
411 You Don't Wish To Expose This Evidence, Right?
412 News Of Madam President Was Announced
413 The Air On Top Is Differen
414 Seeing Someone He Shouldn't See
415 The Happy Little Woman Is Envied By Others
416 Qin Wanwan Actually Signed A Contract Here
417 Having Competition Is A Good Thing
418 Going To School To Continue My Studies
419 Someone Said She Drugged Qin Wanwan
420 Lin Che Was Nominated For An Incredible Award
421 Her Reputation Was Terribly Tarnished
422 Mu Feiran Said I Simply Like Lin Che
423 Her Acting Was Amazing
424 Isn't She Silently Admitting By Backing Out From The Awards
425 Whacked In The Face On Awards Day
426 It Was Difficult To Adjust To The Plot Twis
427 So Suave When Sending Treats
428 The President's Wedding Was Eye-Catching
429 They Got Married
430 Lin Che Actually Attended The Wedding
431 I'm Here To Take Her Big Sister Position
432 The President Goes Back With Madam To Visit Her Family
433 Her Talent Performance Was Barely Minimal
434 What If I Just Can't Get Enough Of You
435 You Can Keep It If You Want To
436 They Got Into A Figh
437 Whoever Loses Will Leave Gu Jingze
438 What Is The So-Called Competition
439 Things Were Actually Very Good Between Them Initially
440 My Daughter Is Really Madam Presiden
441 Let’s Walk The Dog Together
442 There’s Something Prepared For You At Anytime
443 She Didn't Know Any Of These Segments
444 Seems Like This Fencing Instructor Is Hard To Approach
445 Mr. Situ Is Here
446 Okay I Will Teach You
447 Why Must You Work So Hard
448 I’ll Definitely Win You Back
449 Mr. Situ Really Gave Her Special Treatmen
450 Attending WW Party
451 Her Man Was Still Being Peeped A
452 Lin Che Had Special Treatment In The Banque
453 The Man Beside Her Was Her Asse
454 Old Man Lu How Exactly Were You Related To My Mother
455 So They Used To Love Each Other
456 It Was Just 'Love Me, Love My Dog'
457 She Can Forget About Leaving The Horse Riding Competition In One Piece
458 I Will Make Her Wish She Was Dead
459 Is She Going To Lose
460 Mr. Situ Turned Out To Be Her Master
461 Is She Blowing Up In The Socialite Circle
462 You Need to Learn How to Rejec
463 Her Counterattack Made Her Top Socialite
464 Stay Away From Lin Che
465 First, You Need To Have A Husband Who Can Fish
466 Their Couple Dynamics Is Really Strange
467 When She Returned, Everyone Wondered If She Ran Away
468 Young Master Qiong Is Very Happy To Meet You
469 Encounter With An Arrogant Love Rival
470 I'll Make Sure She Can't Survive In This World
471 Shall We Compete?
472 It Seems Like They're About To Have A Showdown
473 Gu Jingze Is Really A Professional At Everything
474 I'll Definitely Punish You If You Dare To Mention Him Again
475 I Just Don't Want Any Other Man To Be Around You
476 You Took Away All That I Had So Easily
477 Someone Has Taken Madam Away
478 I'll Find Her Even If I Have To Turn B City Over
479 If You Like Her So Much, Why Don't I Give Her To You?
480 How Did Gu Jingze Find This Place So Quickly?
481 Gu Jingze Really Mobilized All The Police Forces In The City To Locate You
482 It Was All Because He Was Too Charming
483 Letting Her Move In Was Really A Mistake
484 The President's Personal Car
485 Having Hotpot With Mr. Presiden
486 In The First Place, These Are Things That Married Couples Do
487 We'll Barbecue Some Dog Food For You Single Dogs
488 These Rich People are So Hedonistic
489 The Movie Premiered To Competition From Qin Wanwan
490 Meeting Qin Wanwan During Role-Casting
491 She Performed Very Well During The Audition
492 Prince Is Too Fat. He Should Lose Weigh
493 Going For A Walk With Their Puppy
494 Showing Love While Making Dumplings
495 Mr. President's House Is Next Door
496 The First Lady Is Still Not Used To I
497 Madam President Is Really Invincible
498 Lin Che You Are Really Fully Fledged
499 They Were Fearless With Gu Jingze As Their Backing
500 All Because I Dote On You
501 She Doesn't Know This Is A Plo
502 A Complaint Filed Against The Company
503 Yang Lingxin Was Chased Out Of The Gu Residence
504 I'm Already Very Grateful To Be Famous Now
505 The Person Who Redeemed Lin Che Is So Capable
506 Situ Qiong Turned Out To Be Her Master
507 Lin Che Was Confessed To
508 People Are Enjoying Themselves In France
509 The Gu Family Goes To An Opera Together
510 He Really Did Not Give Face To Girls When Rejecting Them
511 I Like It When You're Happy
512 The Woman Who Ran Away Is Inside
513 I Won't Let You Off Here If You Don't Release Her
514 Lin Che Was Really Unfortunate
515 Still Counting Money Despite Almost Being Sold Off
516 Returning To The Country To Accept Punishmen
517 Who Asked Her To Be So Famous?
518 That Dog Called Prince
519 He Came Over While They Were Ou
520 I'll Wait For You Upstairs
521 I Helped You And You Want to Kill Me
522 At Least You Shouldn’t Have Any Guilt In Your Hear
523 Making You Happy Is Worth All This Money
524 It Was Not Her In The Romantic Scene At Glazed Tile Palace
525 The Man With The Cold Worried About Her
526 Madam President's Prestige
527 The Man Behind Her Must Be Very Capable
528 She Did Not Care To Compare With Others
529 So Many People Liked Her
530 It's Time For A Random Vacation
531 I Want To Have Children With You
532 Public Displays of Affection In The Small City. He Was So Sweet To Her
533 Gu Jingze Was The King Of The Claw Machine
534 He Was So Handsome That Everyone Was Smitten
535 Of Course I Believe You, Gu Jingze
536 Blame Yourself For Having So Many Unresolved Relationship Problems
537 Gu Jingze, You Old-Fashioned Man
538 This Is What Becoming One Truly Feels Like
539 I Won't Let Any Of You Be Happy If I'm Not Happy
540 Love Is A Matter Only For The Two People Involved
541 Three Women Make A Market, Four A Fair
542 She Hit Someone After Getting Drunk
543 What Are You Afraid Of? We Can Just Pay For The Damage
544 The Child In Her Womb Cannot Be Mine
545 None Of Us Agree With You
546 All Of Us Are On Your Side
547 It's So Tough Being Your Employee
548 No Wonder Second Brother Likes You So Much
549 The Two Of Them Were Really Going Hard At I
550 Gu Jingze Was Too Treacherous
551 The Both Of Them Care About Each Other
552 The Charity Gala Must Be Attended
553 I Don't Have Any Feelings Toward Fashion
554 Lin Che's Item Was Snatched Up
555 People Still Suspected Lin Che Faked I
556 Taking Lin Che As The Breakthrough Poin
557 She Was Taken Away
558 Can This Woman Be Any More Stupid
559 That Celebrity Who Was Filming Was Kidnapped
560 She Was Stranded In A Small Village
561 Should Think Of A Way To Leave This Place
562 Let's Fight With Our Own Abilities
563 I Owe You In My Past Life
564 I Must Move In With The Gu Family
565 I Don't Want To Leave My Bed
566 Director Praised You Till The Heavens
567 The People Beside Yu Minmin Are Presidential Guards
568 Come On I'll Take You To Work
569 This Is President Gu's Beloved Dog
570 Looks Like You Were Really Well-fed
571 There’s A Little Place For Her In The Presidential Palace
572 Dared To Treat Madam President This Way
573 Couldn’t Tell That Mr. President Is So Passionate
574 I’m Here To See You Workou
575 Enchanting People With Her Beauty
576 You Will Have A Wealthy Fan Wanting To See You
577 I Came To Ask You For Help
578 I’m Really Too Ugly And Hideous
579 If You Want, We Can Start Making Babies Now
580 He Pulled And Kissed Her At The Hotel Entrance
581 Everybody Surrounded Madam President At The Class Reunion
582 Was It Mr. President Who Picked Up The Call
583 Lin Che Said Thank You For Giving Me A Makeover
584 This Is Why Lin Che Gets Treated So Well
585 Her Little Fan Was Quite Interesting
586 Lu Beichen Stood On Lin Che's Side
587 I'm The One Who Hit Her, What About It?
588 Lin Che's New Style Is Really Stunning
589 This Young Lady Was Noisy
590 Everyone Respects You Because You Are Capable
591 Alright, I'll Bathe You
592 I Just Knew That Madam President Was Secretly In Love With Me
593 I Want A Boyfriend Like That Too
594 Did She Run Off On Her Own?
595 He Came Especially To Console Her
596 Does She Dare To Offend Even Them?
597 They Stopped Someone From Entering The National Banque
598 We Finally Found The Man
599 Lin Che Fell Down The Stairs
600 Who Instructed You To Lure Lu Yunshi Away?
601 Now You Know Yunshi's Identity
602 A Gift Of Thanks From Mr. Eric
603 Mr. President Suddenly Arrived At The Western Restauran
604 They Were In The Washroom While He Was Outside
605 She Looked Extremely Satisfied
606 He Had Unexpectedly Brought Her Here For This
607 She Was Wearing The Romantic Wedding Dress
608 Budget Traveling While Taking Photographs And Walking
609 A Romantic Date Just For The Two Of Them
610 "Combating Terror with Terror" In The Guesthouse
611 He Was Seriously A Man That Left Them No Way Ou
612 Inviting Them To Her House For A Meal
613 They Said That The Photographs Of The Two Of Them Were Grea
614 A Woman With A Boyfriend Is Just Differen
615 I Will Definitely Teach Her A Lesson At The Birthday Banquet In A Few Days
616 You Must Have The Air Of A Celebrity To Be One
617 Now She Had A Wrap Party Too
618 Who Dares To Speak To Gu Jingyu Like That?
619 Lin Che Herself Asked For Trouble
620 It Seemed Like Lin Che's Status Was Being Threatened
621 Gu Jingyu Appeared At The Entrance Of The Gu Residence
622 It Seemed That Lin Che Was The Popular One
623 It Turned Out That Everything Was Gu Jingze's Doing
624 He Was Going To Be The President, So He Would Not Be The Head Of The Family
625 Their Relationship Is Actually So Intimate Now
626 Borrowing Yu Minmin's Name
627 Don't Know If I Should Take Up This Scrip
628 Mo Huiling Kicked Prince To The Ground
629 He Is Injured Now And Might Need Surgery
630 It Was Caused By Someone Kicking I
631 Get Out Of My House Now
632 I'll Make You And Gu Jingze Regret This
633 The Rumors She Spread Were Really Too Ugly
634 Her Fans Started Arguing With Mu Feiran's Fans
635 Why Are These Playboys Standing On Her Side
636 Acting Skills Are A Strength That Cannot Be Changed
637 The Culprits Should Be Them
638 You Need To Settle Your Issue With Mo Huiling
639 I Came To Tell You That We Are Going To Have A Wedding
640 Afraid Of Ruining You In My Hands
641 Going Abroad Together
642 Mr. and Mrs. President Displayed Their Affection
643 The Most Handsome President Was Eye-catching
644 A Woman Blocked His Path
645 Mr. President, Madam Is In Trouble
646 On A Video Call With Gu Jingze
647 Wow You Guys Are Actually ****
648 Causing Trouble In Hollywood Is Asking For Death
649 Offended Someone She Could Not Afford To
650 Didn't You Say You Were Going To Abort The Child
651 It's No Big Deal To Go And Ask For Forgiveness
652 Mr. President called for Yin Suya
653 It Was Not Clear If Mr. President Is Dead Or Alive
654 Lin Che, Did You Know That Gu Jingze Lied to You?
655 You Are Just Picking Up The Things That I Do Not Wan
656 The Trafficker Whom I Met At France Is Here
657 I Want To Look For Gu Jingming
658 Gu Jingming Was Seriously Injured
659 The Young Lady Said This Is My Friend
660 Gu Jingze Has Also Came To Los Angeles
661 You Actually Came To U.S. Without Telling Me
662 Really Regret Not Resisting Temptation
663 It's All This Man's Fault For Being Too Sexy
664 He Is Just Anxious About Government Affairs
665 Let’s Not Move Back For Now
666 Men Need To Be Educated If They're Dishones
667 Dare To Threaten Me With Prince
668 A Pitiful Thing Picked Up By Lu Beichen
669 The Three Of Them Went Out Together
670 They Went To The Restaurant That Gu Jingze Had Reserved In The Pas
671 Mo Huiling Shouted Loudly That She Was Pregnan
672 I Must Teach Him A Lesson
673 Sure, Then I'll Stay At The Lu Residence For The Time Being Too
674 Must You Be So Angry?
675 Gu Jingze's Romantic Proposal
676 How Could They Think Of Holding Their Wedding At A Time Like This?
677 Boohoo, She Had Offered Her Body In Exchange For This
678 I Will Deal With Mo Huiling Once And For All Before The Wedding
679 They Were Actually Taking Such Great Pains For A Wedding
680 How Dare He Extract The DNA
681 Photos Of Him Begging For Forgiveness Went Viral
682 I Didn't Expect Lin Che To Be Worth So Much Money
683 She Could Not Believe The Results Of The DNA Tes
684 She Said That The Child In My Womb Was Gu Jingze's
685 I Should Have Shot You Dead Earlier
686 Li Mingyu Finally Revealed The Truth
687 Had Mo Huiling Gone Mad?
688 Madam President Returned To B City
689 Are You Here To Torture Us Single Dogs?
690 This Couple Really Gave Them The Goosebumps
691 Because I Want To Give You The Bes
692 Minmin, I Know That You Like Me
693 Don't You Feel Lonely?
694 She Was With A Man Like Tha
695 This Can Be Your Newly-Wed House Now That So Much Time Had Passed. Was It Time... For Her To Check?
696 You Must Keep An Eye On My Second Brother
697 If I'm Not Good Enough, Neither Are You
697 If I'm Not Good Enough, Neither Are You
698 Mu Feiran Is Getting Married
699 There Were Many People At The Wedding
700 Marrying Someone You Want To Marry Is Blissful
701 The Man On Her Wedding Night Was Not Him
702 Lin Che Bumped Into Mu Feiran In This State
703 You Are Pregnant What Else Do You Think
704 Yes She Was Really Pregnan
705 She Seemed Very Fragile At That Momen
706 Going To Hospital For Prenatal Checkup
707 I’m Biased Towards You Not The Child
708 Became A Prisoner In An Instant?
709 Please Be My Guest For Only A Few Days
710 His Target Had Always Been Gu Jingze
711 Show Me Your Sincerity If You Want Lin Che
712 The Conflict Between The Grandfather and Grandson
713 No One Is Allowed To Interfere With I
714 She Was On The Same Plane
715 Li Mingyu Has Many Women Here
716 Sir, Gu Jingze He...
717 What About Gu Jingze
718 It Is So Difficult To Catch Him
719 This Man Is Too Powerful
720 I Would Surrender For Lin Che
721 She Had Fallen Into The River
722 Gu Jingming Is Going To Save Her Himself
723 No Matter How Powerful You Are, You Are Now Captured By Me
724 He Was Hung By The Rope and Beaten Up
725 Bring Me To Gu Jingze
726 Gu Jingze Said I Love You
727 Kill Me First If You Want To Kill Him
728 Why Was He Hugging Her?
729 Escaping From Danger
730 He Finally Regained Consciousness
731 Who Exactly Were The People After Them
732 They Were Finally Rescued
733 Gu Jingze Suggested Going Overseas To Prepare For Pregnancy
734 You Are Jingze's Only Weakness
735 Shen Youran Said That She Was Getting Married
736 They Purchased Property For The Child Even Before It Was Born
737 It Was Their First Time Ever Meeting Such A Generous Son-In-Law
738 Are We All Rushing To Get Pregnant Together
739 This Was What They Meant By The Mother Receives More Honour Because Of The Child
740 She Collapsed In The Washroom
741 It Is An Unexpected Child
742 You Will Be Expelled From The Board Of Directors
743 I'll Send You Abroad In Advance
744 I'll Meet You When I'm Done With Matters Here
745 The Old Man At Gu Family Is Scary
746 Which Family Does This Little Imp Belong To?
747 Lin Che Returns
748 Gu Jingze, Your Son Is In Trouble
749 That's Gu Jingze's Son?
750 Lin Che Threw Him On The Floor Right Away
751 This Woman Even Dared To Lay Her Hands On Him
752 I Know That I Let You Down
753 None Of Them Are Better Than My Dad
754 If You Don't Care Why Would You Still Wear The Things I Gave You
755 Gu Jingze Told Us To Come Here
756 I Would Like To See Who Dares To Poke Into My Family Matters
757 Alright, Let's Not Bicker Anymore
758 Alright, I Will Stay
759 He's Now A Superstar
760 If You Still Want To Continue Being An Actor
761 This Father Is Very Doting On His Son
762 Gu Jingze, Are You Here To Sell Your Body?
763 It Looks Like You're In A Good Mood
764 It Still Feels The Same On Se
765 Lin Che Was Actually That Wealthy
766 Let's Go Visit Shen Youran
767 Gu Jingze Is Everywhere
768 Are You Going To Give Me A Kiss?
769 The Unexpected Sweet Gestures
770 Something Happened to Mu Feiran All Of A Sudden
771 I Promise That I Won't Do Anything
772 Mu Feiran Returned To The Country
773 She Must Still Come Back And Earn Money For Me
774 Where Exactly Is The Child?
775 Whose Child Is This?
776 Don't Mention Other Men In Front Of Me
777 Take Mu Wanqing There For A Look
778 Proof Of That Child's Status
779 Mu Wanqing Looked At Her Full Of Guil
780 She Was The Only One In His Eyes
781 These Officials Fawned Upon The Rich And Powerful
782 Marrying This Woman Was Truly Worth I
783 Miss Yun Is Surely Not As Good As Madam
784 She Was Completely Unable To Resist Him
785 I Prefer It When You're Willing
786 Even Mr. President Suddenly Appeared Before Them
787 A Public Display Of Affection By The Presiden
788 Are You Sending Niannian To Kindergarten?
789 An Important Person Has Come To The Kindergarten
790 The Actress You're Recommending To Me Is Lin Che?
791 Taking The Children On A Camping Trip
792 The Camping Team Suddenly Grew So Big
793 Mr. President Finally Said His Thoughts
794 He Confessed To Her That He Wanted To Be With Her
795 Gu Jingze Apologized To Her In The Ten
796 Displaying Affection Just After Breaking The Ice
797 These Two Are Destined To Be Together
798 Some People's Relationships Are Destined To Be Rocky
799 This Woman Actually Appeared Again
800 A Small Appearance Made A Big Impact Before Her Comeback
801 This Newbie Is Just Too Inexperienced
802 Are You Criticising Me Blatantly Before Me?
803 All Of You, Kneel Down Now.
804 Shall We Go And Ride Bicycle?
805 I Just Want To Tease You
806 Who Asked You To Tease Me On Purpose
807 He Had Very Special Feelings For Her
808 Did You Forget About What You Did That Year
809 I Can Help You Have A Daughter
810 Gu Jingze Had Already Decided On Her Status
811 Are You Hurting, I Am Sorry
812 Only She Can Tease Him
813 This Man Who Kisses Is Too Handsome
814 I Said I Would Hold You To Account Today
815 Such A Loud Sound, Of Course, It Was Heard
816 An Unyielding Man's Tender Love
817 Mr. President Gets Along So Well With Madam Presiden
818 Charming Father And Son Duo
819 Lin Che, Someone Took A Photo Of You
820 All Wealthy Businessmen Are So Fat That Oil Leaks From Them
821 Why Don't You Managers From The Same Company Compete Against Each Other?
822 Right Now, They Were Behaving As If They Were Serving Their Ancestors
823 For Some Reason, She Was Very Confiden
824 Such Simple Tricks, Yet You Still Want To Go Up Against Me
825 I'm Just A Washed-Out Actress
826 She Was Too Smart For Her Own Good
827 An Exciting Turn Of Events
828 This Man Was Definitely Very Rich
829 Black Hawk Said That He Had To Fulfil His Promise
830 This Man Is A Black Eagle
831 Gu Jingze Why Are You So Good To Me
832 I Will Definitely Be Goo
833 You Are More Than Enough For Me to Play With My Whole Life
834 Even Lin Che Had Tricks Up Her Sleeves
835 This Incident Was Scary If You Think Deep About I
836 This Incident Targeted Yu Minmin
837 Gu Jingze Said He Wanted A Child Now
838 The Longer You Stay Together The Larger The Friction
839 He Was Actually Her Cousin
840 Are You Guys Trying To Start A World War?
841 You Betrayed Me For A Woman
842 The Two Wealthy Families Began Tearing Each Other To Pieces
843 This Was Her Enemy
844 Who Is This Old Man?
845 Dirty Old Man, Stay Away From Us
846 Did I Embarrass The Gu Family?
847 He Had Actually Returned After Disappearing For Many Years
848 I Just Came Back To See My Grandson
849 I Want You To Help Me Look For Someone
850 The Fang Family Must Be Removed
851 The Gu Family Had Always Kept A Low Profile
852 She Was Using Gu Jingze's Name To Swindle And Chea
853 All These People Would Be Her Personal Guards
854 If You Don't Agree, I'll Withdraw From The Production Immediately
855 Gu Jingze Was Here To Pick Her Up
856 The Direct Insult Was So Infuriating
857 Take Your Child Back Quickly
858 Apologize To My Child Right Now
859 Her Bodyguards Were Still Quite Helpful
860 You Nearly Made A Huge Mess
861 We Will Definitely Settle This Matter For You
862 I Can Give Up The World For The Two Of You
863 Who's The Boss In Our Family?
864 I Will Make Sure Anyone Who Crosses Me Dies
865 I'll Show You What Acting Skills Are
866 I'm Not As Good As You Think I Am
867 I Love You No Matter What You Do
868 No Matter What You Do, She Will Not Love You
869 Scheming To Lure Him Ou
870 You Die Or She Dies
871 He Was A Complete and Utter Tragedy
872 Do You Want A Boy Or A Girl
873 Rest Assured, Provide For The Baby And Leave Everything To Me
874 This Man's Gaze Is A Little Weird
875 I Will Always Ignore You From Now, Hmph
876 Only You Can Bully Him
877 Let Me See Who Dared Invade My Privacy
878 He Is That Illegitimate Child
879 Now Is Your Only Chance
880 Why Was Gu Jingze So Angry
881 I Believe You Can Definitely Handle I
882 I Can Help Him
883 I Beg You To Let Gu Jingze Off, Alright?
884 You Can Insult Me But You Can't Insult Lin Che
885 Release The News And Wait For Them To Take The Bai
886 They Captured Black Hawk Easily
887 I Want To See Yunyun One Last Time
888 I'm The Illegitimate Son Of Your Family
889 I Won't Kill You For The Time Being
890 Doesn't That Mean They Can't Be Together Anymore?
891 Get Someone To Investigate Yunyun's Matter
892 She Could Not Believe They Had Actually Added A Scene For Situ Qiong
893 You Even Have A Scene Together?
894 I Really Wish She Could Live In This Dream
895 What Are You Doing Instead Of Filming Properly?
896 This Program Is Way Too Low-Budget, Don't You Think?
897 Dongzi Unexpectedly Became Famous Too
898 Help Me Investigate Yang Lingxin's Matter
899 Since You're Not Killing Me, It Means That You Believe Me
900 Get Los
901 He Really Behaved Like A Man
902 He Came To The Film Se
903 He Could Only Get Comforted At Her Place
904 What You Think Of Me Is A Huge Misunderstanding
905 The Little Shinian's Birthday
906 This Child Is Truly A Prodigy
907 Birthdays Must Be Spent Together
908 All Actors Are Bad People
909 He Really Couldn't Bear To Let Her Leave For Filming
910 It's Little Yunyun's Birthday
911 All Of Them Were Here To Celebrate Yunyun's Birthday
912 If Only He Were My Father
913 Is M Nation The Yun Family's Territory?
914 Who Is This Arrogant Young Man?
915 They Just Met Like Tha
916 This Person Is Here to Pick a Figh
917 Overweening Attitude
918 This Woman Looks Familiar
919 This Woman Turned Out To Be His Wife
920 He Wants To Avenge Su Cen...
921 The Reality Show With A Surge In Viewership
922 Gu Jingze Said I Will Handle My Own Affairs
923 You Could Care Less About This Matter
924 The Nation Celebrated Yu Minmin's Pregnancy
925 Xue Yang Was Suddenly of Great Stature
926 Xue Yang Actually Hit Someone
927 Ah Bi's Identity Is Not They Way They Think
928 Solving Things Will Do
929 The Servants Thought Lin Che Was Too Insensible
930 Let's Go To M Nation For A Holiday Together
931 You're In Charge Of Holding My Hand
932 Is This Dark Cuisine?
933 She Actually Was Willing to Put In Such Effort For Him
934 Seeing Fang Zichen Again
935 You're The Only One Who Knows Her True Identity
936 Forming An Alliance Against Him With Numerous Businessmen
937 They Were Going To Conspire Against Gu Jingze
938 Opposing The Yun Family
939 Defeating The Yun Family
940 I'm Sorry, Zichen
941 I'm The One Who Hypnotized Her
942 The Family Of Three Finally Reunited
943 That's Right, You're His Daughter
944 The Entire Truth Was Revealed
945 I Will Make It Up To You In The Future
946 We Even Have A Family Now
947 It Feels Quite Good To Have Family Too
948 Bullying Her While Gu Jingze Was Not Around
949 We Don't Have So Many Rules In Our Household
950 The Disparity In Status Was Frightening
951 It's So Terrifying To Be Black Hawk's Younger Sister
952 So What If I Hit You?
953 I Just Want Everyone To Know
954 The Yun Family Won't Let You Off
955 Madam, You're Pregnan
956 If You Can't Tolerate It, Then Sign The Divorce Agreemen
957 What Else Is There To Say To Such A Person?
958 Mu Feiran Caused A Miscarriage
959 They Finally Signed The Divorce Agreemen
960 Releasing A Statement Through Lin Che's Studio
961 There's Nothing I Dislike About You
《The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage》 Text
962 His Expression Changed Because Of Her
963 I Can't Believe Gu Jingze Dared To Be So Arrogan
964 Everyone Trusted Gu Jingze More And More
965 If You Are Not Good-Looking, I Will Be Ugly With You
966 Niannian Disappeared At This Time
967 I Came To Find Uncle For New Years
968 This Little Imp Is As Bad As His Dad
969 Lucky To Have Met You
970 Quickly Get This Brat Away From Here
971 Look At The Way They Educate Their Child
972 Look At How The Gu Family Celebrates New Year's Eve
973 I Only Treat People Well If They Are Worthy Of I
974 We're Together On This New Year's Eve
975 Yu Minmin Said It Was Better For Her To Come Back To Work
976 How Dangerous, She Nearly Fell
977 It's Unavoidable
978 I Can't Bear For You To Have Such A Difficult Time Controlling Your Urges
979 Only Madam Had A Way With Sir
980 She Won't Be Laughing When She Doesn't Get The Award
981 First Time Meeting Such A Person
982 Their Intimate Looks Were Photographed
983 The Box Office Is Amazing
984 This Is The First Time I Saw Such A Shameless Person
985 You Treat Me Like A Pig
986 Clothes Shopping Crisis
987 I Am Not To Be Bullied By Anyone
988 This Man Was Here
989 How Can You Say You Are From A Wealthy Family If You Don't Know Gu Jingze
990 The Award Ceremony Was So Grand
991 The Crowded Award Ceremony
992 She Finally Rushed Over
993 How Could Anyone Dare To Dress So Boldly?
994 Was He Here To Accompany Her?
995 She Was The Winner For Best Female Lead
996 She Was Destined To Be The Female Lead
997 Everyone Was Looking For Her
998 This Woman Was Truly Enthralling
999 Could These People Even Be Considered People?
1000 It Was Quite Good For Her To Have An Older Brother
1001 He Was Always So Thoughtful When Giving Her Surprises
1002 I'll Give You The Romance You Desire
1003 When Did You Prepare All This?
1004 Such A Vicious Person
1005 They Would Be Punished
1006 You Are Really Siblings!
1007 She Is His Weakness
1008 Madam's Grandmother's Organs Failed
1009 These People Came Straight To The House
1010 Finally Passed Away
1011 My Mind Is At Ease With Gu Jingze So Nice To You
1012 Just So Brazen
1013 You Guys Offended The Wrong Person
1014 The Matter Was Finally Settled
1015 I Only Want To Treat You Better Forever
1016 Forever His Silly Girl
1017 Endless Troubles
1018 Hope You Can Take Over The Matriarch Position
1019 Was There Ever A Change In Matriarch In History
1020 Mu Feiran Is Ready For Comeback
1021 The Security He Gives Her
1022 Pacing Around In The Room
1023 How Did You Two End Up Together
1024 Arrival of Distant Relatives
1025 Have Not Met This Woman Before
1026 Better To Keep Her By His Side
1027 The Rules Are Not Meant To Bind You
1028 Why So Exhausting
1029 Let's Go Watch The Concer
1030 Public Displays of Affection Even at the Concer
1031 Attacked By Brainless Fans
1032 So What If You’re A Second-Generation Tycoon? We’ll Kill You!
1033 You Dare Offend Just Anyone?
1034 That’s What You Call True Deterrence
1035 You Could Call This A Surprise For Her
1036 A Song For Her
1037 She Was So Infatuated With Her Husband
1038 Meeting A Friend Over The Phone
1039 Who's The Female Lead?
1040 Socializing Was Unavoidable
1041 Help Arrived
1042 Bullied My Woman
1043 Do You Always Take Care of Women Like This
1044 Showing Off In Kindergarten
1045 Don’t You Know What Your Own Child Is Like?
1046 Teacher, I Want To Perform
1047 Child Geniuses Actually Existed
1048 What Devious Idea Had She Come Up With This Time?
1049 Who Had She Chosen To Marry?
1050 Meeting Like This Was So Awkward
1051 He's Just Afraid That You'll Hold Him Up
1052 The Company’s Annual Gathering
1053 She Was Truly Of High Status
1054 Did Lin Che Still Have Lingering Feelings For Qin Qing?
1055 The Gifts Sent Here Were Such A Surprise
1056 How Dare You Hit On My Woman
1057 It Was Really Like A Blockbuster Scene
1058 Gu Jingming’s Biggest Crisis
1059 She Was Taken To M Nation
1060 Either You Die Or She Dies
1061 I Can’t Guarantee That I Won’t Turn This Place Into Hell
1062 He Wanted The Beauty And Not Power
1063 So It Was The Yun Family Who Had Done All This
1064 Bringing Her Along To Insult Her
1065 Make Sure To Serve This Woman Well
1066 Bring Her Back Here And Punish Her Severely
1067 I, Li Mingyu, Had Never Been Scared of Anyone
1068 Who Was This Crazy Woman
1069 Just Ask the Yun Family To Come To Get Her At The House
1070 Why Not Work Together With Yun Family
1071 Yu Minmin’s Situation Was Very Differen
1072 That Pregnant Woman Killed Someone
1073 I Am Going To Give Birth
1074 This Is My Wife and Not A Murderer
1075 The President Arrives Personally
1076 You’re Fine, The Baby Is Fine, We Are All Fine
1077 Lin Che’s Life Was Much More Comfortable
1078 How Did This Kid Get In Here
1079 Whose Little Devil Is This?
1080 Like Father, Like Son
1081 This Is What They Call A Turkey Shoo
1082 Taught Yun Luo A Lesson
1083 A Pity He Was Born In The Gu Family
1084 Without You, Everything Is Meaningless
1085 Everything Had Its Turmoils
1086 Because I Discover Something New Of You Every Day
1087 It's Very Tough Being A Celebrity Too
1088 Her Father Had Come For Her From Abroad
1089 I’m Willing To Go Back With You
1090 I'm From A Wealthy Family, So I Have No Freedom
1091 I Know That We're From Two Different Worlds
1092 Why Do I Need So Many People To Follow Me Around Because I’m Pregnant?
1093 Organizing A Full Month Party for Yu Minmin
1094 Was She Trying To Take Her A Notch Down?
1095 Our Young Miss Does Not Have To Show Anyone Respec
1096 You Did A Very Good Job
1097 Still Couldn’t Put It Down
1098 I Gave Out All The Invitations
1099 When Did She Have So Much Authority
1100 The Entire Family Was High-Valued
1101 Wealthy Life Was Actually Like Tha
1102 Is This The Kind Of Life You Can Give Her
1103 What Went Wrong
1104 They Headhunted Him Openly
1105 They Finished Up Cleanly
1106 This Secretary Is Very Trustworthy
1107 Go Out to Ea
1108 Bad Intentions
1109 Does She Fancy You
1110 Do You Not Believe Me
1111 Madam Has Lef
1112 Why Are You Taking These Photos
1113 Do You Know Why I'm Angry
1114 They Even Got Ripped Off When They Went Out To Ea
1115 What A Bustling Place
1116 No Way, No Way, I Want To Call The Police
1117 Why Did So Many People Like Gu Jingze
1118 It’s Alright, We’ll Do It More Gently
1119 He Sent Her So Much Food
1120 Good Gracious, You’re So Intimate with Each Other
1121 This Was Way Too Ridiculous
1122 Killing Two Birds With One Stone
1123 We’re Here To Apologize
1124 I Spoiled Her Rotten
1125 Li Mingyu Suddenly Paid Them A Visi
1126 The TV Show Is About To Hit The Stage
1127 Producing A TV Show Is Too Difficul
1128 The TV Show Blew Up
1129 Why Do Only Men Like To Hang Around Lin Che
1130 Going Out For A Walk Is Advantageous For Labor
1131 So You’re Actually Pregnan
1132 How Dare He Do This To Me
1133 Qin Qing, What’s Your Relationship With Lin Che
1134 In That Case, Don’t Blame Me For Being Rude
1135 Why Are You In My Room
1136 Who Exactly Is The One Who Did This
1137 She Was Literally A Little Punk
1138 I Can’t Believe You’re Praising Me
1139 I Never Take Back What I’ve Given
1140 They Were Really Angry With Each Other
1141 We Can Work Together
1142 So Precious To Be Pregnan
1143 Who Is Watching This Mushiness
1144 Don’t Try To Slander Me
1145 Stomach Suddenly Hur
1146 I Want To Be With Her
1147 Strangle Her and Her Child
1148 She Is My Wish
1149 It Was A Little Sister
1150 I'll Give You Anything You Wan
1151 Don't Disturb Me When I'm Playing Games
1152 So Stingy Of You To Bring Such A Small Gif
1153 A Miserly Couple
1154 Lin Che, Why Did You Kill Me
1155 Alright, I Want To Make A Comeback And Get Rid Of Starligh
1156 Perhaps She Is Just Playing Around
1157 What Time Is It To Still Be So Passionate
1158 Bad Luck Meeting Lin Che
1159 He Came Of His Own Accord. It Has Nothing To Do With Me
1160 Black Eagle Was Your Brain Kicked By A Donkey
1161 A Stay-at-home Dad Was Indeed Handsome
1162 What A Love Sage
1163 I’ll Dig Out The Eyes Of Anyone Who Dares To Look
1164 Do You Still Love Me Even Though There Are So Many Other Young Beauties
1165 I Didn’t Kill Anyone, I Didn’t Kill Anyone
1166 I’m The Actual Devil
1167 They Kissed Just Because Of This
1168 Love Is Dangerous To Begin With
1169 Gu Jingze Is Truly Surrounded By Concealed Talen
1170 Lin Che Helped to Solve the Problem
1171 Now That is Our Boss
1172 Director Gu Changed My Life
1173 Working With Such A Big Company
1174 I Absolutely Believe In Your Ability
1175 The Kindergarten Was Going On A Trip
1176 Jump Down Together With Me
1177 How I Wish I Had A Daughter Like Her
1178 Brother Niannian Is Our Big Brother
1179 Stop Arguing, Alright?
1180 This Little Imp Was Quite Good
1181 I Only Want to Treat You Well
1182 I Already Have A Boyfriend
1183 A Joint Venture Between The Three
1184 Lin Che Was Ready to Start in Full Swing
1185 Everybody Rushed To Look Her Up
1186 Let’s Go To The Beach Next Time
1187 He Would Fulfill Her Every Dream
1188 It Turned Out So Well Done
1189 Does That Guy Like You
1190 She Was An Idiot When It Came To Romance
1191 Unexpectedly, He Was Not Angry
1192 You're Making Me Want To Do Something Criminal
1193 She Was Criticized For Being Arrogan
1194 I’ll See What You Can Do About This Now
1195 Provoking Anyone Else Would've Been Better Than Provoking Him
1196 The Male Lead Is Here
1197 To Think He Had Made A Comeback
1198 Let’s Set Off Rent Against Your Remuneration
1199 I've Met Your Boyfriend
1200 Let Him Come Over
1201 You Guys Offended Him
1202 Suddenly Barged In
1203 You Can Be The Ambassador
1204 Internet-addicted Youths
1205 I Want To Meet A Girl Like You
1206 I’m Really Very Sorry For What Happened Yesterday
1207 The Luxury Car Drove Straight Into The School
1208 How Dare She Make Him Jealous
1209 He Returned For A Blind Date
1210 What Kind Of Pretense Was He Trying To Put Up
1211 Are You Going To Stand With Lin Che
1212 He Died In Her Hands
1213 We Need An Answer From Her
1214 The Funeral Started
1215 Such Favoritism
1216 Xue Mengqi's Attempt To Buy Over
1217 Why Avoid Him
1218 Be My Woman
1219 Purposing Looking for Trouble
1220 What An Unforgiving Woman
1221 Alright, I Agree To I
1222 Unfinished Business
1223 Something Had Happened
1224 It's Not For You To Elect The Master
1225 I Call The Shots Here Now
1226 I Won't Betray His Trus
1227 I'll Be Your Woman For A Hundred Days
1228 Someone Actually Dared To Disobey
1229 A Child's Threa
1230 Where To Find Such A Good Man
1231 Yunyun Was Still Legally Theirs
1232 Don't You Mind I
1233 Because I Love That Woman
1234 Gu Jingze Was So Amazing
1235 He Had Actually Escaped
1236 Where Is He
1237 They Found Him At Las
1238 This Is My Husband
1239 Was This Their Sir?
1240 Newly Wedded Couple
1241 Torment Others When They Go Ou
1242 Return the Child To Me
1243 I'm the Law Here
1244 I'm The Man from That Nigh
1245 Prove to You That I Love You
1246 I Beg You to Forgive Me
1247 Going to Be Driven Crazy by Him
1248 I Beg of You, Quickly Forgive Him
1249 This Is How He Spoils His Wife
1250 To Think That She Dared to Headhunt Her Employees
1251 Who Is The Spy?
1252 It Really Is You!
1253 You Can’t Surpass Gu Industries
1254 Gu Industries Isn’t That Scary
1255 The Frightening Black Eagle
1256 This Is My Brother
1257 Dare To Bully My Younger Sister
1258 We Shall See
1259 To Think That She Was Related to the GU Family
1260 Isn't That Gu Jingze?
1261 Two B*tches Got Together
1262 The Children's World
1263 Doted A Lot On His Younger Sister
1264 We Know About Gu Jingze's Matter
1265 Had He Regained His Memory
1266 I Don't Want The Position Of Master Anymore
1267 I'm No Longer The King From Now On
1268 The Gu Family Is Nothing Without Gu Jingze
1269 Gu Jingze Came For An Inspection
1270 Gu Jingze, The Jealous Lover
1271 I Really Take My Hat Off You
1272 We'll Hold A Wedding In A Few Days' Time
1273 Especially Made For You
1274 For Your Dowry
1275 She Has A Lot of Dowry
1276 The Wedding Really Cost A Bomb
1277 A Romantic Wedding Descended From the Sky
1278 No Matter Who You Marry, You're Still My Friend
1279 Black Eagle, Move Away
1280 You Are My Mrs. Gu
1281 You’re Just The Lapdog of The Gu Family
1282 The Gu Family Cannot Hold a Candle to Gu Jingze
1283 Right now, Glorious Star Is Having A Strong Momentum
1284 Never Seen Such A Thick-Skinned Person Before
1285 Clashing of Television Drama
1286 She Can’t Hold A Candle to You At All
1287 We Will Not Take Part In The Activity
1288 We Will Not Compare With Them
1289 Tomorrow Would Be The Last Day of The Agreemen
1290 Here Comes Two Kids
1291 Were These Her Children?
1292 Lin Che's All-Round Developmen
1293 Bringing Forth Another Round of Commotion
1294 Fans Changing Sides
1295 Such A Turn Around
1296 The Woman Who Had Left Gu Jingyu
1297 You Don't Want My Money
1298 Are You Trying To Ruin My Life
1299 I Don't Want To Be Lonely
1300 How Should She Give Him A Surprise
1301 I Want To Try Being An Actress
1302 Two Lovers
1303 Can't Really Giver Herself to Him
1304 It's Not That Easy To Be A Star
1305 You Didn't Say That He Was This Good-looking
1306 If You Want It, Then Keep I
1307 What Was She Going To Do About Her Surprise Then
1308 Because She Can't Be Together With You
1309 She Didn’t Tell You About Our Relationship?
1310 Can’t Go Back In Time For Qixi Festival
1311 The Woman Who’s More Beautiful Than Anyone
1312 Do You See Yourself As A Gift?
1313 I Have A Gift For You Too
1314 You're My Only One
1315 The Relationship Amongst the Royalty Is Very Complicated
1316 Wife Is Meant To Be Doted On
1317 Gave A Golden Chair
1318 To Be Considered Back Home
1319 Pay Attention to Su Wan
1320 Nobody Can Touch My Woman
1321 Just Because I'm Gu Jingyu
1322 This Child Was Too Intelligen
1323 I Just Want To Be A Celebrity
1324 Can She Or Can She Not Do I
1325 The Arrival
1326 Be My Concubine
1327 The Gu Clan Found Them Here
1328 The Prestige Is Always There
1329 Get Lin Che Out Of The Way By All Means
1330 Leave A Small Matter Like This To Me
1331 There Will Be A Day When You’ll Beg Me
1332 He Never Had This Before
1333 Spending Quality Time With You
1334 Actually Sabotaged The Kids
1335 Let's Settle Scores With The Gu Family
1336 The Two Of Them Were Pretty Much Joined At The Shoulder
1337 Let's Hide From The Rain Together
1338 Unless You Go Next Door To Confess
1339 It's Fine Even If They Know
1340 Must Go Apologize
1341 Courting One’s Own Death
1342 Get Rid of Them
1343 You’re Not Allowed To Film
1344 Lin Che Is With Li Mingyu
1345 Gu Jingze Go Makeout With Black Eagle
1346 Of Course I Can Understand You
1347 What Are You Doing Here?
1348 Xue Yang Exploded
1349 Is She Helping
1350 A Blessing In Disguise
1351 The Audacity To Offend Just About Anyone
1352 Lin Che Being Close
1353 Entranced By His Beauty
1354 Gu Jingyu Was Frightened
1355 You Actually Play Such An Important Role
1356 Just Won’t Let You Off
1357 The Most Special Guy In The Drama Team
1358 Aren’t You Going To Go Through Terms With Me?
1359 I Am The Male Lead!
1360 Caught On Camera
1361 Lin Che's Kissing A New Artist Passionately
1362 If They Find Out, Then So Be I
1363 She Had Admitted It, She Had Admitted I
1364 They Even Have Children
1365 Truth Revelation
1366 Truth Revelation 2
1367 Display Of Affection In The Company
1368 They Are Making Baseless Guesses
1369 Gu Jingze Is On Weibo
1370 Aren't You Going To Attend the Parent and Child Program?
1371 This Is The Gu Family's Little Princess
1372 A Fair Maiden Is Afraid of A Persistent Guy
1373 Dominating In the Show
1374 Encountering Disturbances During Filming
1375 How Dare You Bully My Younger Sister
1376 A Mystery Guest, A Little Mr. Perfec
1377 He Simply Deserves To Get Beaten
1378 The Programme Trended Upon Its Premiere
1379 Gu Shinian Became Famous
1380 Dad Carried Mom and Fough
1381 Xue Yang Got An Oscar Nomination
1382 Here Comes Gu Jingze In Person
1383 Rare Chance For The Two To Be In Sync
1384 Buying A Row At Once
1385 The Nature of Mrs. Gu
1386 To Think That This Is The Place They Were Going
1387 You Didn't Tell Us You Know the Prince
1388 Why Are the Roads Sealed
1389 Just Let Me Leave
1390 Offended The Great Prince
1391 Gu Jingze Had Been Concealing His Power
1392 Not Staying To Celebrate For Me?
1393 Finally Able To Head Back
1394 Who Will Have Black Eagle As His Father-in-law?
1395 These People Are Actually Friends
1396 Change Them All
1397 Lin Che Is My Younger Sister
1398 An Abandoned Celebrity
1399 Two of Them in Couple Wear
1400 The Ones Who Dare Challenge Them
1401 It’s Easy For Them
1402 We Would Not Get Bullied That Easily
1403 Gu Jingze Said, Buy Buy Buy
1404 The Top Company In the Trade
1405 Definitely Prettier Than Her
1406 It's Better To Teach A Man To Fish Instead Of Giving Him A Fish
1407 I'm Worried That Something Might Happen To the Children
1408 To Think That She Was the One Behind This
1409 Then You Guys Can Die Together
1410 What's The Point In Living
1411 Don't Fight Like Children
1412 In The Future, You Must Always Bring Me Along With You
1413 Showing Affection On Television
1414 Here's A Present For You Guys
1415 Isn’t It The Beginning When It Ends?
1416 Get Lost, Lu Beichen
1417 Exposing My Past Upon Arrival
1418 So You Guys Know Each Other
1419 You’re Going To Get Beaten Up If You Don’t Start Moving
1420 The Rascal Is Leading Jingyan Astray
1421 You’re So Brutal For A Girl
1422 There Is No One More Beautiful Than Gu Jingyan
1423 I'm Not A Profligate Son
1424 Why? Are You Concerned About Me?
1425 Don't Think of Seducing Lu Beichen
1426 Yours Are so Small so of Course, You'd Be Envious of Someone Else's Big Ones
1427 Use The Gu Family’s Power To Search
1428 This Is Gu Family’s Young Mistress
1429 What An Arrogant Young Master and Young Mistress
1430 They’re Actually Together
1431 Someone’s Going After Gu Jingyan
1432 A Beautiful Display
1433 They Started Arguing
1434 You Guys Really Love Bickering
1435 Got Hit On Like Tha
1436 Relying On Clothes
1437 He Quickly Appeared At The Acciden
1438 Being A Guest At Gu Jingyan’s Home
1439 Taking A Peek Of Her In Her Room...
1440 Gu Jingyan Is So Good In Studies
1441 Why? Do You Feel Bad Because Someone Gave It To You?
1442 Take A Friend With You
1443 Let's Play Basketball Together
1444 How Can You Bully Him Like This
1445 Jingyan, I Genuinely Like You
1446 Look At Yourself, Are You Worthy Of Her
1447 Gu Qinyu Saw Fu Chenxi
1448 It’s Your Family’s Kid That Got A Beating
1449 Still Dared To Have Designs On Her
1450 Gu Jingyan You’re Really Like A Princess
1451 Lu Family’s Banquet Is Really Of Nobility
1452 Admiring Nobody Else But Gu Jingyan
1453 Are You Just Toying With Me
1454 Chenxi, Are You Dating?
1455 Fu Chenxi Lef
1456 Lu Beichen Had Captured Everyone’s Attention In School
1457 Get Lost, All Of You
1458 She Knows Lu Beichen
1459 Gu Jingyan Instantly Became A Prominent Figure
1460 Gu Jingyan, Is There Anything You Can’t Do
1461 Someone Who Was Thought To Not Be Seen Again
1462 Fu Chenxi Said She Deeply Regrets
1463 Lu Beichen Said He Had No Hold Over Her
1464 The Two Were Extremely In Sync
1465 Both of Them Gained Fame
1466 Who Dares Touch Lu Beichen’s Person
1467 But Gu Jingyan Isn’t Your Girlfriend
1468 Gu Jingyan Was Lifted and Thrown Ou
1469 Why Exactly Did Gu Jingyan Fight With Him
1470 Chapter 147-: Two People Dead Determined to Save Face
1471 He Caused Trouble While Driving
1472 Play A More Open Game
1473 We’re Good Friends, What Are You Thinking Of?
1474 What They Should Do and Should Not Do, They Have Already Done
1475 They Have Already Slept Together
1476 Why Don’t We Be Together
1477 A Few Years Later, Getting A Divorce Or Not?
1478 Why Should I Listen to You
1479 A Divorce It Shall Be, No Crap
1480 Gu Jingyan, I’m Regretting
1481 Would You Dare to Go to the High School Reunion?
1482 Fu Chenxi Felt Very Sad
1483 Lin Che and Jinyan Are Still My Children
1484 Black Eagle, He is Your Father No Matter Wha
1485 Black Eagle Said, Let’s Get Married
1486 Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy Whatever You Wan
1487 You Can’t Ditch Me, Mu Feiran
1488 Nobody to Go Through Thick And Thin With
1489 Black Eagle Thought What Yunyun Said Was Righ
1490 Everyone Deemed Fu Chenxi As the Mistress
1491 How Did Gu Jingyan End Up in the Hospital?
1492 It’s Me Who Let You Down, Come at Me
1493 We’re Too Alike, So We’re On This Long-winding Road
1494 Perhaps I Was Too Careful in the Pas
1495 Look at Who We Are Before You Provoke Us
1496 The Country’s Most Famous Little Kids
1497 Lu Beichen You Are Making Use Of the Child
1498 A Happy Family of Three
1499 Marrying You is Not Thing I Regret Mos
1500 He Might Not Wake Up Again
1501 Looks Like It Was Not Easy to Get I
1502 Old Fox Gu Jingze
1503 Did Lu Beichen Got Hijacked?
1504 It’s Up to You to Save Him Or No
1505 Giving Him A Chance
1506 If You’re Not An Old Fox, Who Else Could It Be?
1507 There’s A Reason Why Gu Jingze is So Powerful
1508 Let’s Find the Person Together
1509 Xue Yang is Doing Very Well
1510 You’re the Most Wanted
1511 How to Lure Ah Bi Ou
1512 Lure Her Ou
1513 Black Eagle, We’ll Need To Depend On You For Help
1514 Just A Little Scare and He Doesn’t Dare to Come, Is He Even Worthy?
1515 Fine, If You Two Are Together, She’ll No Longer Be A Wesley
1516 We’re Married
1517 Are We Considered Idol Chasers?
1518 Almost Offending the Royal Family
1519 One Who Truly Loves You, Will Not Make You Unconfiden
1520 You'll Know If You Meet the One
1521 Just A Tease and I Want Your Hand
1522 Untitled
1523 Maybe One Day, We Would Be Able to Have A Family Reunion
1524 The Operation Must Go On
1525 You Can't Go Back On Your Words
1526 It's Just Being Acknowledged Into the Family, Why Make It Such A Big Deal
1527 How Can They Get Into the Presidential Office's Intrane
1528 I Want A Cute Brother Too
1529 Someone's Infatuated At Home
1530 Young Master, Checking On Them Might Not Be Impossible
1531 Wouldn’t the Presidential Office Be in Danger If It Had to Do With the An Family?
1532 Mr. President is Your Suppor
1533 Something Happened With the Yu Family, Damaging The President’s Reputation
1534 Aren’t You Going to Criticize Those Murderers?
1535 Your Debt of Blood Must Be Paid in Blood
1536 Do Me A Favor, Sign Her On
1537 There Must Be News Regarding An Lan
1538 This Must Be a Conspiracy
1539 The War Is Inevitable
1540 Why Did They Not Believe His Words
1541 To Go to War or Have Peace. That is the Question
1542 We Must Work Together to Cheer Mama Up
1543 It’s Very Hard to Get to Meet Lin Che
1544 How Could Sister Feiran Be the Poison to the Box Office?
1545 Who Dares Not to Give Her Any Acting to Do
1546 An Lan Got Caugh
1547 Lin Che, I'm Afraid I'm Going Into Labor
1548 There Must Be a Traitor
1549 I'll Choose to Resign
1550 All I Want to Do Now is to Grow Old With You
1551 We Don’t Have Vigor, But We Have A Life of Peace
1552 Focused On Preparing Every Detail For The Wedding
1553 The Wedding Ceremony Had People’s Attention
1554 Mr. President Wants to Express His Feelings to His Bride
1555 This Is What Marrying Your Love Should Look Like
1556 Into The Nuptial Chamber
1557 Where Are the Guys’ Principles?
1558 Reaching the Destination Without Desire
1559 An Autumn’s Tale
1560 A Love Scene
1561 I’ll Eat You Up
1562 I Know I’m Not Good Enough For Him
1563 We’ll Help Her to Eradicate
1564 I’m Leaving. I Will Leave Everything to You
1565 See You Again, Or Never Again
1566 Everything Became Insignificant Now That I’ve Met You
1567 Because Of You, Everything is Meaningful
1568 This Was the Last Indulgence
1569 Untitled
1570 I’ll Always Love You and Make Your Dreams Come True
1571 I’ve Never Been Through Thick and Thin With You
1572 It Was Not A Difficult Thing From the Star
1573 Taking the First Step Into Society
1574 She Hadn’t Forgotten About All the Schemings
1575 She Had Seen These Moves Long Ago
1576 Mu Feiran is Really Amazing
1577 There Are Other Shows We Can Attend
1578 He Won This Great Gamble
1579 You Mustn’t Go, It’s Too Dangerous!
1580 The Beginning of a Rising Fortune
1581 I Am Black Eagle
1582 Let’s Get Married
1583 Our Encounter is Destined By Fate