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The Iron Shoemaker casually hung the heavy chains on his should, hummed and harsh song and walked into the office in an imposing manner. When he walked into the office illuminated by the light stone, he saw that the new human player was sitting on the chair in front of the computer and watching him calmly.

As for the old player who spent more than three days in the instance…

The Iron Shoemaker glanced contemptuously at Xing Feng and firmly smashed the iron chain against the ground.

“Where is my shoe polish? How many chances have I given you untrustworthy humans. You just repeatedly use the inferior shoe polish to placate me. I will tell you this. The Iron Shoemaker won’t let anyone deceive him. If you don’t take out the real shoe polish or four drops of inferior show polish…” The Iron Shoemaker’s ugly face showed an excited smile. “I will replace it with your blood!”

The Iron Shoemaker’s voice was like thunder and the room shook slightly.

Tang Mo took out the shoe polish and placed it on the table. He looked at the Iron Shoemaker calmly. “I only have this much.”

Xing Feng tried to stretch out his neck. Once he saw only one drop of shoe polish on the table, he stared at Tang Mo with disbelief and blurted out, “You just killed three shoe polish wolves, there is one drop left from the last round and there is also the two drops I gave you. How can you have only one drop of shoe polish?”

Tang Mo glanced at him. “I said that I only have one drop. This is that drop.”

Xing Feng anxiously moved in the direction of them table. “You previously gave him only two drops of shoe polish and let him drain my blood. This is the second time. If blood is used to replace shoe polish two consecutive times, the Iron Shoemaker will go to the other side and drain the player’s blood! Aren’t you friends with that player? Are you going to watch him bleed to death?”

Tang Mo asked, “Are you worried about his safety or because you are worried about yourself?”

Xing Feng suddenly stopped.

Tang Mo smiled. “You just had 400CC of blood drained. If another 1,200CC is drained, you will definitely die.”

Xing Feng’s expression changed and he spoke in a low voice and shocked voice, “Do you think I still have shoe polish left? No, I really gave all my shoe polish to you. I really don’t have any extra shoe polish. I can’t make up the number this time. If you really want me to die, I can’t do anything. You would even kill your partner. You are definitely not an official player. You are actually a stowaway!”

Tang Mo didn’t pay attention to him and turned directly to the Iron Shoemaker. “Draw the blood.”

Xing Feng cried out, “You…!”

The Iron Shoemaker had been watching when interest when Tang Mo and Xing Feng spoke. He liked to watch this type of human killing. It was the most delicious feast. He had seen this feast three times. However, he felt that it was delicious and sweet every time. This ultimate pleasure stimulated his rough taste buds, making him feel that leaving the Underground Kingdom to come here was really worth it.

The Iron Shoemaker smiled slyly. He picked up the nail and couldn’t wait to go to Xing Feng’s side. He held up the long nail and it was about to descend when Tang Mo’s voice rang out. “Wait a minute.”

The Iron Shoemaker complained when he was interrupted. “What, did you find some shoe polish?”

Tang Mo asked, “Is the shoe polish really here?”

For a long time, the Iron Shoemaker didn’t understand his meaning. “I told you to find it, so it will definitely be here. The honest and lovely Iron Shoemaker won’t deliberately lie to you and lead you to a place where there is no shoe polish. How can you find shoe polish that doesn’t exist at all?”

Tang Mo suddenly asked, “In this room, how many people died in total?”

Xing Feng, curled up in the corner, suddenly became stiff at these words. The hand holding the Iron Shoemaker slowly stopped. He looked at Tang Mo meaningfully before giving a sinister smile., “Three people. You are the fifth person to enter this room.”

As soon as he stopped speaking, a sharp knife fell towards Tang Mo’s back. This person was extremely fast despite his injured leg. His right leg that looked atrophied slammed against the wall while the knife mercilessly stabbed towards Tang Mo.

The Iron Shoemaker laughed like it wasn’t the first time he had seen this scene. However, there wasn’t the sound of the knife stabbing into flesh. The Iron Shoemaker made a surprised sound while Xing Feng raised his head to look at the young man in front of him.

In the dimly lit room, Tang Mo caught the sharp knife between two fingers. The tip of the knife was only one centimetre away from his lower abdomen. But no matter how much Xing Feng struggled, he couldn’t move the knife firmly clasped between fingers.

Xing Feng roared. “You are seriously injured! You can’t even stand and can only sit!”

Tang Mo replied lightly, “I didn’t lie to you. It is true that my injury is serious. But I can still deal with your despite this heavy injury.”

A variety of complicated expressions flashed across Xing Feng’s face. Then a light flashed in his eyes and he smiled viciously. Tang Mo detected something wrong and there was a faint sound of wind in his ears. In the dark room, he couldn’t see what was coming. He used his powerful hearing to identify the direction of the sound and tilted his head to avoid it.

A sharp needle flew quickly in front of Tang Mo’s eyes and slammed into the bookshelf behind the table.

This was just the first one.

Xing Feng showed a hint of surprise when he saw Tang Mo avoid the needle, but he wasn’t worried. He hurried to the side and three needles shot from three directions at the same time. These needles were shot from the bottom of the computer desk. Tang Mo was sitting on the chair. As soon as he saw this, he kicked the chair to the side and avoided the three needles.

The next moment, the fourth needle shot out from the middle of the bookshelf.

Tang Mo’s area of movement was limited while avoiding the first three needles and he could no longer escape this one. The sharp needle was stained black and Tang Mo’s eyes narrowed. He reacted quickly and his right hand pulled the computer display on the table. Tang Mo waved the screen and his enhanced dynamic vision allowed him to find the needle in the dim environment. He hit the needle and caused it to fly around.

“Ah!” A pained sound was heard.

Tang Mo looked around in surprise.

The Iron Shoemaker saw the situation clearly and laughed loudly. “Hahahaha, you killed the first two players using this method. This time you are the one dying from it? Haha, this is so funny. Being killed by your own trap. I can’t find such a funny joke in the Underground Kingdom.”

The needle deflected by Tang Mo had shot straight into Xing Feng’s arm. This was just a small wound and couldn’t be fatal. But once the needle entered, Xing Feng’s arm turned black at a speed visible to the naked eye. He fell painfully to the ground and held his arm.

Tang Mo hurriedly approached.

The Iron Shoemaker thought he wanted to save Xing Feng. Xing Feng also saw Tang Mo coming and thought Tang Mo would help. Yet Tang Mo directly grabbed the other arm that wasn’t darkened, took out a knife and forcibly cut the wrist.

Bright red blood flowed from Xing Feng’s wrist.

Half of Xing Feng’s face was black. He looked at Tang Mo’s cold and indifferent expression and struggled to speak. “You… you aren’t…”

Tang Mo took 400CC of blood and looked at him. “The needle is poisonous?”

Xing Feng didn’t understand his meaning but nodded with all his strength.

Tang Mo said, “I have no antidote.”

Xing Feng stared at him.

“Thus, I can’t save you.”

The black poison crawled through Xing Feng’s body to his last remaining arm. Tang Mo released his hand before the arm was completely blackened. He held a small bag that was filled with blood. It was all Xing Feng’s blood.

Xing Feng turned black all over and his eyes stared at Tang Mo. But he was already dead.

From the needle entering to the complete poisoning, everything took only 30 seconds.

Once Xing Feng’s breathing stopped, cracks started to appear on his skin. Like a drought affected land, dense cracks crept over his body. Tang Mo looked at this strange scene while the Iron Shoemaker laughed with interest. He moved forward and stepped on Xing Feng’s face.

Xing Feng’s body seemed to have become broken pottery. Once the Iron Shoemaker’s foot descended, Xing Feng’s body shattered. The Iron Shoemaker ground the smashed pieces like a playful child, until only black powder remained on the ground.

Tang Mo looked at the black powder with complicated eyes., “…Is it an ability?”

Tang Mo had never heard of such a powerful poison.

After the earth went online, a player’s physical quality took a qualitative leap. Yet in the face of this poison, Xing Feng could barely say a sentence before turning into powder.

Since the ‘Find the Iron Shoemaker’s shoe polish’ appeared, Tang Mo couldn’t use any props or abilities. Xing Feng would certainly be the same. But suppose Xing Feng made a batch of poison needles in advance with his ability. After the game began, he couldn’t use his ability again but it had already been completed. The poison needles wouldn’t disappear and could still be used.

This poison might be Xing Feng’s ability.

The Iron Shoemaker said, “Ability? How is it an ability? Hahaha. This is the black poison from the big centipede’s tail on the black tower’s second floor! I don’t know where this kid got the poison but it is fun to step on it, just like stepping on sand.

The Iron Shoemaker had a ‘I won’t let you step on it even if you want it’ expression on his face and Tang Mo remained silent.

He wouldn’t step on a human body for fun. Xing Feng had been turned to powder and Tang Mo couldn’t step on him even if he wanted to.

At this time, Tang Mo finally knew why none of the players who died in the factory had bodies left behind. Their bodies were destroyed by Xing Feng with this black poison.

As long as there was a corpse, the newcomers could see how the other person died.

Rather than being killed by the Iron Shoemaker, they were killed by their own companions. After seeing the cause of death of the corpse, the new player wouldn’t believe Xing Feng’s words. Tang Mo always distrusted Xing Feng and didn’t relax his guard. He didn’t expect that Xing Feng would place traps in the room. At least two of the three players had died like this.

There was no light source in the room and Tang Mo only had the glowing stone. Xing Feng’s traps were hidden, with four needles under the desk and one in the bookshelf. The direction of each needle faced the chair in front of the desk. According to normal behavior, the player would be injured or tired after fighting the shoe polish wolves. At this time, most of them would choose to sit in the chair to rest.

In addition, they had to be in front of the computer to talk to the person on the other side of the video call. The best resting place was the chair.

Xing Feng’s injuries were real. His injuries were too bad to be fake. He started acting the moment the new player entered the game, pretending he was in a weak position. If the new player couldn’t clear the game, he would kill the new player in order to keep himself alive. As to why he must kill the new player and be left alone…

Tang Mo raised his head and looked at the Iron Shoemaker.

The Iron Shoemaker seemed to have seen enough of the show. He placed the chain on his shoulder and said, “Now you are alone. If you can’t give me four drops of shoe polish, your game is over for the moment. Hey, there isn’t enough shoe polish. Now it is time for me to find the man in the groceries room. I will drain his blood and make the most beautiful specimen in the Underground Kingdom!”

The Iron Shoemaker held the nail and walked towards the door of the office.

Tang Mo said, “When there is only one player left, the game is terminated. You won’t insist that I give you the shoe polish?”

The Iron Shoemaker stopped and looked at Tang Mo. His eyes were filled with ridicule and contempt, as if he was seeing Tang Mo as a new Xing Feng. The Iron Shoemaker said, “You would’ve learnt it from the human just now. Even if you can’t find my shoe polish, you won’t die if you can live to the end. Let me think. The computer is broken. Where should you place your traps? How about a trap in the ceiling?” The Iron Shoemaker was actively giving advice to Tang Mo. “No one can climb high enough to observe the ceiling. If you place a trap there, you will certainly kill your new companion.”

Tang Mo’s heart became cold.

This was the hardest part of the game. It wasn’t finding the shoe polish or engaging in the bizarre Happy Q&A game. It was having a companion who wanted to kill you all the time. They would try every means to find the shoe polish but they knew that as long as they killed the other person, they could live.

Even if they couldn’t pass the instance, they would live if the other person died.

In this way, the likelihood of finding the shoe polish was infinitely close to zero.

The Iron Shoemaker still spoke sarcastically as he gave Tang Mo advice to kill his new companion. Then a cold voice was heard.

“Who says I didn’t find the shoe polish?”

The Iron Shoemaker looked Tang Mo up and down. Either way, it didn’t matter. “Okay, you still want to save that human. If you give me four drops of shoe polish now, I won’t drain that human’s blood. But if you can’t give me five drops of shoe polish next time… I will drain the blood of that human.”

Tang Mo didn’t speak. He pulled out the fruit knife and raised his left hand. His arm was cut and blood flowed down his arm into the plastic bag that contained Xing Feng’s blood.

The Iron Shoemaker’s face sank and his smile vanished.

Red blood flowed down Tang Mo’s arm and the small plastic bag was soon filled. This blood wasn’t a problem for Tang Mo. The injury he received when fighting the four shoe polish wolves was 10 times more serious than this injury.

He stared at the little plastic bag and watched his blood mix with Xing Feng’s blood.

The blood of the two people mixed together and there was no telling who was who. Tang Mo stared at the blood in the plastic bag. Once a certain amount of his blood flowed down (400CC like Xing Feng), a dazzling white light lit up the plastic bag. This light stabbed at Tang Mo’s eyes but he didn’t look away. He kept staring straight at the plastic bag.

10 seconds later, Tang Mo saw the contents of the bag. He closed his eyes and his lips curved. He breathed a sigh of relief, revealing a faint smile. “Now… are you still going to drain his blood?”

In the groceries room on the other side of the factory.

Fu Wenduo looked calmly at the four options in front of him.

Wang Xiaotian held her cute cartoon face and shook her head. “Player Fu, choose quickly. Miss Turkey has already done her warm up exercises and can’t wait to tear you apart. There are only 10 seconds left. You have to choose and not waste Miss Turkey’s precious time.

Fu Wenduo looked at question in the suspended frame in front of him, which stated:

“Question 13. What is the name of Miss Turkey’s cousin?”

“A. Fire Chick, B. Fire Chick Two, C. Turkey Cousin, D. Turkey Chick.”

Fu Wenduo’s gaze lingered on four options. Wang Xiaotian was impatient and Fu Wenduo waited until the last second to press an option.

Wang Xiaotian smiled happily. “C. Turkey Cousin. Congratulations on answering the question wrong! Player Fu, please challenge the punishment of ‘Survive Miss Turkey for three hours.’ Now Miss Turkey, you can enter the reality instance… Eh, Miss Turkey, are you that anxious to go?”

Fu Wenduo held his dagger as a giant turkey appeared in front of me.

“Coo, Fu Wenduo! I’m going to rip you to shreds!”

The two metre tall turkey flapped her big wings and rushed to the man in front of her with dexterous movements that didn’t match her body shape. Fu Wenduo quickly avoided but the big turkey was faster than him. Hatred and anger had swallowed the turkey’s sanity. She only had eyes for this damn stowaway who stole her turkey egg. She couldn’t wait to reach the stowaway!

“Coo, rip you to pieces!”

The turkey flapped its wings and Fu Wenduo ran to the wall, flying through the air to avoid the l=blow. At the same time, his wrists moved and military dagger formed a beautiful knife flower between his fingers. The blade moved and aimed at the big turkey’s neck.


There was a sharp metal collision sound and the turkey was unscathed. Fu Wenduo stepped back and stabilized his body.

The giant turkey sneered. “How can this type of weapon hurt me? Stupid human, coo coo!”

The big turkey rushed forward again. She didn’t need any extra movements. Fu Wenduo’s knife couldn’t hurt her and he could only evade. There was soon a collision and the big turkey scratched Fu Wenduo’s cheek. The big turkey gave a sinister smile and pursued Fu Wenduo to kill him.

Fu Wenduo crossed his arms in front of him and blocked the big turkey’s blow. He was thrown back into the wall with a mighty force. Fu Wenduo fell to one knee. His dagger had fallen into the distance when he was just struggling with the big turkey. He placed a hand on the ground and looked at the dagger.

The big turkey kicked the dagger behind her. She smiled and said, “You have nothing. You can only use your hands to block my claws next time. Fu Wenduo, this is retribution for stealing my turkey egg!!!” She stopped speaking and rushed again.

At this moment, a loud child’s voice rang in the room.

“Ding dong! Mission two ‘Find the Iron Shoemaker’s shoe polish’ has been completed.”

The big turkey paused mid-action while Fu Wenduo raised a face that showed traces of surprise. The next second, his lips curved and he stood up. Fu Wenduo held his wrist and twisted his neck. He felt the power gradually returned to his body and slowly raised his head, looking at the big turkey in front of him.

The crest feathers were all standing up. “Coo… cuckoo?”

On the small TV, Wang Xiaotian made a surprised sound. “Ah, this episode of Happy Q&A is over? This is too fast. Miss Turkey, please finish your personal vendetta with Player Fu. This reality instance will close in 10 minutes. The program team will ask the Iron Shoemaker to bring you back with him so please take advantage of this time.”

The giant turkey flew towards the TV screen. “Cuckoo, help me coo…!!”

Fu Wenduo had nearly killed the turkey once and now two months had passed.

Fu Wenduo smiled and looked at the swaying turkey. He held his right hand and the lower half of his arm instantly turned into a sharp weapon. He said in a low voice, “You are called Miss Turkey, why isn’t your cousin called Turkey Cousin? It is impossible to return Momo to you. However, you still have 10 minutes of…revenge.”


10 minutes later, Tang Mo stood in an open space in the food processing factory and saw Fu Wenduo approaching in the distance.

Fu Wenduo didn’t show any traces of injuries on his body while Tang Mo himself was injured. But these injuries weren’t serious and were just skin injuries. Tang Mo didn’t need to use the Earthworm’s Tear. Now that his abilities had recovered, his body’s self-healing ability also returned to normal. It would only take these injuries 30 minutes to heal. Apart from some bites of the shoe polish wolves, which would take around two or three days to recover.

Fu Wenduo looked at the injuries on Tang Mo’s body and frowned slightly, his eyes resting on the left arm.

Tang Mo said with a smile. “This is a cut I did myself. The shoemaker’s shoe polish is human blood. I had to get some blood to win the game.”

Fu Wenduo asked, “Didn’t you try it before and the answer wasn’t human blood?”

Tang Mo explained. “At the time, I let the Iron Shoemaker draw the blood of another player. That player is now dead and his blood really wasn’t the shoe polish.” Tang Mo didn’t say how Xing Feng died or who killed him. But Fu Wenduo read the truth from Tang Mo’s cold words and didn’t ask anything.

Tang Mo continued. “There are four clues. First, every human has seen the Iron Shoemaker’s shoe polish. Second, the shoe polish wolves love the shoe polish. Third, the shoe polish either has a fusion or hard characteristic. Fourth, the shoe polish is obtained from humans.” Tang Mo looked at Fu Wenduo and smiled. “Every human has seen their mother’s blood at the moment of birth and blood comes from the human body. To be exact, the shoe polish wolves love to eat flesh and blood. Previously, I deliberately dripped some blood on the ground when fighting with four shoe polish wolves. They couldn’t wait to rush to the blood. Finally, the shoe polish has a fusion characteristic.”

One person’s blood wasn’t good. Fu Wenduo wondered, “Then it is the blood of two humans combined together?”

“Maybe it is.” Tang Mo nodded. “Perhaps the real shoe polish should be a player’s blood. 400CC of human blood is equivalent to a drop of inferior shoe polish. It is possible that the blood of two players, i.e., two drops of inferior shoe polish, will become the real shoe polish. That is what I just did. Before the other player died, I gathered some of his blood and added my blood to make real shoe polish.”

Fu Wenduo asked, “Then the real shoe polish is a player’s blood?”

Tang Mo said, “The shoe polish is a fusion, A player’s blood can’t be made into shoe polish. But it is also possible that combining my blood with the blood of another player will make it so that it isn’t a ‘player’s blood’.”

Fu Wenduo accepted it. He didn’t participate in Tang Mo’s game but he understood the meaning with a few short words.

Tang Mo said, “The blood of one player is a player’s blood. The real shoe polish is the blood of a player and the blood of one person isn’t good. This is the second possibility.”

Xing Feng probably didn’t even think of it when he died. Tang Mo didn’t think about taking Xing Feng’s life. He had no need to kill Tang Mo.

Tang Mo didn’t know Xing Feng killed two players but he didn’t have a sense of justice. He wouldn’t kill Xing Feng to punish him for killing two strangers. The earth went online and there were few people whose hands were still clean. Even Tang Mo had killed more than one person.

Tang Mo was going to try and combine his blood with Xing Feng’s to see if it could be made into shoe polish. He asked the Iron Shoemaker if the shoe polish was only in this factory to determine something. If he couldn’t get Fu Wenduo’s blood, he wouldn’t be able to make shoe polish due to a lack of blood.

The Iron Shoemaker gave him a definite answer so he decided to take the risk.

Even if this wasn’t the case, he still had a chance. He would give four drops of shoe polish to the Iron Shoemaker and allow Fu Wenduo to preserve his life. He and Fu Wenduo had one last chance. Tang Mo wouldn’t use the King’s Gold Coin to escape unless it was a critical moment. First, this prop was too precious. Second, once he left, Fu Wenduo would almost certainly lose.

Tang Mo had long guessed that there were more than two people who died in the factory, unlike what Xing Feng said.

Fu Wenduo was by himself while Tang Mo’s side had two people.

The basic requirement for this instance was that one side had a minimum of two people while the other side had a minimum of one person. Fu Wenduo stated that there were three bodies on that side. It meant there couldn’t be two people who died on Xing Feng’s side.

As long as the game failed, the lone player would die and have their blood drained. One person for one person, plus Xing Feng, the factory should always have one more player than the groceries room.

Perhaps at first, Xing Feng didn’t know the rule that ‘only one player can live.’ He was fortunate that he and another player were the first to enter the instance. The player died in front of him and the Iron Shoemaker said, “You can’t die. As long as you kill your companion, you can live.” From then on, he started to kill.

Xing Feng was dead and his thoughts buried. No one knew the truth.

Tang Mo no longer thought about it as he looked at Fu Wenduo. He rarely relaxed and just experienced such a thrilling game. But Tang Mo felt happy.

It was only when you truly experienced death together that you could become friends.

—That time with Pinocchio didn’t count.

Tang Mo joked, “You seemed to have it easier than me.” He was referring to Fu Wenduo’s absence of wounds.

Fu Wenduo found that Tang Mo had slightly lowered his vigilance. He looked thoughtfully at the young man and said, “I had injuries that weren’t lighter than yours. But my ability is related to this aspect. Once my ability was restored, my injuries quickly recovered.”

Tang Mo thought about it.

He could recover from such serious injuries in 10 minutes?

Tang Mo looked quietly at the tall man in front of him and started to wonder what this person’s ability was. By the way… was it possible to get this person’s ability?

The Iron Shoemaker dragged the heavy chain and entered the door of the factory. He had a nail in his left hand and there was a small black shoe polish suspended on the tip of the nail. It mysteriously floated there and moved with the Iron Shoemaker’s slow pace.

The Iron Shoemaker went to Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. He looked at them and said casually, “Well, I am a hardworking and lovely Iron Shoemaker. Since you helped me find the shoe polish, I will certainly give you a reward. Let me repair your shoes as a reward.”

“Ding dong! Triggered the main task ‘Watch the Lovely Iron Shoemaker repair shoes.’”

Tang Mo, “…”

Fu Wenduo, “….”

Why did they feel that something wasn’t right?

As Tang Mo’s bare feet was exposed to the air, the Iron Shoemaker started banging on his shoes with the nail. Tang Mo finally realized what was wrong.

…Why did he do such a childish thing like switching from one feet to the other?

Fu Wenduo’s shoes were repaired second. The Iron Shoemaker seemed to see Tang Mo’s uncomfortable mood and remembered their enmity, making him decide to repair Tang Mo’s shoes first.

Tang Mo was really uncomfortable. Fortunately, he didn’t have athlete’s foot and his feet didn’t stink. Otherwise, he would smell strange to Fu Wenduo, which was worse than losing the game. However, the Iron Shoemaker seemed to deliberately aim for Tang Mo. He pinched his nose and cried out, “Smelly!”

Fu Wenduo let out a low laugh.

Tang Mo’s face completely darkened.

His feet really didn’t stink!

The Iron Shoemaker banged for a long time while Tang Mo felt that Fu Wenduo’s gaze stayed on his bare feet for a while. He was wearing socks but he still felt strange. He could only put it aside and watch the Iron Shoemaker repair his shoes like the mission stated.

10 minutes later, the Iron Shoemaker completed Tang Mo’s two shoes and turned to Fu Wenduo.

The Iron Shoemaker’s grabbed Fu Wenduo’s boots and quickly pinched his nose. “Oh, so smelly, smelly!”

It was Fu Wenduo’s turn. “…”

Tang Mo can’t help laughing. The two people’s eyes met in the air. Fu Wenduo’s eyes were deep while Tang Mo smirked calmly.

“Well, your stinky human shoes have been repaired. My Iron Shoemaker’s workmanship is a household name in the Underground Kingdom. No one else would dare say they are first. I fixed your shoes for you this time. You should remember this for the rest of your life.”

The Iron Shoemaker had banged his nail against the shoes but Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo’s shoes didn’t look different from before. At this moment, the black tower’s voice rang out.

“Ding dong! The main task ‘Watch the Lovely Iron Shoemaker repair shoes’ has been completed. The reality instance ‘The Lovely Iron Shoemaker’ has been cleared and the reward ‘Magic Shoes’ have been received.”

[Prop: Magic Shoes]

[Owner: Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo]

[Quality: Excellent]

[Level: 2]

[Attack: None]

[Function: If you wear these magic shoes, you can ignore gravity and walk freely on any plane, such as the ceiling, the water surface, etc.]

[Restrictions: Can only be used once a day for one hour.]

[Remark: Come on! I won’t be pressed by Newton’s coffin!]