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After a day of rest, the wounds on Tang Mo’s back and body were much better. Except for the few deep wounds that hadn’t healed, the other minor bruises had disappeared. In the afternoon, Tang Mo came to the clothing store and waited for Fu Wenduo.

Fu Wenduo looked at Tang Mo, his eyes pausing on Tang Mo’s shoes for a moment. He looked up. “Did you deliberately change to light clothing?”


Tang Mo got up early in the morning and went to the sports brand store. He found a personal sportswear outfit and changed into the store’s sneakers. He really wanted to learn stronger fighting skills and improve his strength. Otherwise, if he encountered another player like Bai Ruoyao and didn’t have the archiving function, he might be successfully attacked by the other party (in fact, Bai Ruoyao successfully attacked him).

Tang Mo asked, “Where are we going? I know there is a primary school two kilometres away where there is a standard track field.”

Fu Wenduo agreed. “I passed by there when I came to this mall.”

The two people didn’t speak any more nonsense and headed to the primary school.

A primary school didn’t have as many resources as a shopping mall and not many players chose to stay in a school. Even so, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo carefully inspected every building in the school and determined that no one was hiding here before entering the track field.

No one had cleaned up and the area was covered with weeds. Fu Wenduo moved to the centre of the field, where the fiercely growing weeds almost reached his knees. Tang Mo calmly followed him into the weeks. Then Fu Wenduo suddenly said, “In the past, the army would recruit all over the country every six months for training.”

Tang Mo asked, “You are responsible for the training?” He remembered Luo Fengcheng saying that Fu Wenduo was the youngest major in China and the captain of an ace special forces team.

“I’m not responsible for training new people.” Fu Wenduo stopped and looked at Tang Mo. He smiled and continued moving. But his eyes were dark and strange, as if he was thinking of something interesting.

Tang Mo lightly asked, “Why?”

“Because if I train them, they will be killed by me.”

Tang Mo didn’t answer. He just kept following the other person.

…This person was quite interesting.

After walking to the centre of the grass, Fu Wenduo stopped with Tang Mo. Tang Mo waited for the other person’s movements and Fu Wenduo whispered, “No abilities and no weapons. Just try to attack me.”

Tang Mo realized. “You want to test my base first?”

Fu Wenduo said, “This is a black tower game and I am your enemy. You need to…” Kill me.

The words hadn’t been said when Tang Mo moved like lightning and leapt towards Fu Wenduo. He formed a fist with his right hand. His fierce fist caused a blast of wind and smashed into Fu Wenduo’s face. Fu Wenduo moved his head to the side. Tang Mo expected this and kicked with his right leg.

The weeds bent down from the fierceness of the wind, while Fu Wenduo used his right hand to press his leg down. The two of them were soon entangled together.

Fu Wenduo dodged almost all of Tang Mo’s attacks.

Like Fu Wenduo said, Tang Mo didn’t use any abilities to fight against him. In fact, Tang Mo’s ability itself wasn’t an offensive ability. Apart from A Fast Man, which increased his chances of winning in close combat, spitting fire and the wind blast, he didn’t have any other combat abilities. He really relied on his strong physical fitness.

It was an extreme reaction ability and dynamic vision combined with his high speed and strength. Tang Mo wouldn’t fall behind even if he met the world’s boxing champion. As soon as he touched the other person, they would lose.

He wouldn’t be able to break down martial artists but he had the power to subdue 10 of them.

Every one of Tang Mo’s attacks were ruthless and aiming for death. He constantly attacked Fu Wenduo’s kill points such as the eyes and temples. However, Fu Wenduo avoided them every time. He would also block Tang Mo’s next blow. The two men exchanged dozens of rounds in the centre of the track field. The weeds were cut off and yellow dust covered the sky. Tang Mo glanced around and didn’t attack Fu Wenduo. Instead, his foot swept across the ground and dust flew up.

Surprise appeared in Fu Wenduo’s eyes for the first time. The sudden yellow sand made him close his eyes for a moment and he couldn’t avoid anything for a second. In this second, Tang Mo’s right hand formed a fist, his middle finger bulging as he punched Fu Wenduo in the temple next to his left eye. The moment it was about to hit, a palm blocked his attack and held his hand.

The surprised Tang Mo tried to withdraw his hand but Fu Wenduo grabbed onto it, moving forward to get a lock on his pulse. At the same time, he did a quick cross kick and Tang Mo’s body was pressed to the ground by him. Fu Wenduo’s left hand clasped his wrist while the right hand grabbed Tang Mo’s neck and pressed him to the ground.

Fu Wenduo opened his eyes. “Just now, I closed my eyes and the biggest flaw exposed was the left temple. You shouldn’t have hit there because you know it is my biggest flaw. I also know it and will be on my guard.”

Tang Mo worked hard for 10 minutes and there wasn’t a good point. Fu Wenduo relaxed while Tang Mo gasped. The other person let go of his throat.

Fu Wenduo released him.

The two people rested for a while before Fu Wenduo said, “Come again.”

Tang Mo didn’t say anything and attacked again.

From afternoon to evening, Tang Mo felt what was called despair for the first time.

Fu Wenduo really wasn’t lying. He didn’t train new recruits for a reason. Tang Mo was really beaten to death by him. If Tang Mo didn’t block it, he felt that he really would be killed by this person. Strong physical fitness and a terrible awareness, this person was simply invulnerable. It was really difficult to kill Fu Wenduo unless his pure strength was combat power was higher.

After all, this was a real close combat fight. Fu Wenduo left a lot of bruises on Tang Mo’s body. Tang Mo wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and rose again. The two people stared at each other and attacked the next moment.

Fighting was the best way to learn.

After an afternoon of struggling, Tang Mo continued to learn from his failures and his muscles developed a certain reflex. His body acted before his consciousness as it remembered a lot of movements. Fu Wenduo exposed a flaw and Tang Mo took advantage of it. Fu Wenduo easily blocked the blow. This was just Tang Mo’s fake action as he slammed his foot towards Fu Wenduo.

Fu Wenduo’s eyes narrowed and he used both hands to grab the leg. At this point, he had already fallen into Tang Mo’s rhythm. Tang Mo had learnt his own set of moves, using his fists and legs successively. Fu Wenduo tried to move backwards and Tang Mo punched at his head. Fu Wenduo was forced to bend over to escape.

Tang Mo was already prepared. He raised his right foot and kicked up. But at this moment, he felt something cold buckle around his ankle, pulling his feet forward. Tang Mo couldn’t react and was pulled to the ground. Fu Wenduo raised one hand to his neck while the other hand was at his ankles, folding his right leg up. His whole body suppressed Tang Mo’s actions.

The other person had broken through his strikes.

Tang Mo’s brow tightened. Fu Wenduo asked him, “Did you wear sneakers for the sake of movement?”

Tang Mo didn’t understand why this question was suddenly asked and nodded. “Yes. It is more suitable for sports. Is it wrong?”

“Sneakers really are more suitable for sports. This is why they are called sports shoes.” Fu Wenduo explained. “But when fighting with people, wearing this means you are half dead. Fu Wenduo’s left hand pressed against Tang Mo’s ankle, the cold temperature making Tang Mo frown. Fu Wenduo told him the reason. “The ankle is a vulnerable party of the human body. If I used a knife to cut here, would you be able to stand up?”

Tang Mo looked at him with dismay.

Fu Wenduo released his hand and got up from Tang Mo’s body. “We usually wear combat boots to protect our ankles while preventing other things from entering the shoes. In any case, it is impossible to wear sneakers.” He paused before turning to look at Tang Mo. “It is dark. Will you come tomorrow?”

Tang Mo was silent for a moment. Then he got up and patted the grass and dirt off his body. “I will come.”

“Good. I will see you in the afternoon at the clothing store.”

In the dark night, the two of them returned to the mall before separating.

Tang Mo looked at Fu Wenduo’s figure disappearing into the night and slowly narrowed his eyes. Once he confirmed that the man was gone, he twisted his aching wrist.

…Damn, he hit this person and the person wasn’t hurt. Instead, his own hand was shocked.

Tang Mo wanted to learn fighting skills but he didn’t think he would be beaten up for a whole afternoon by Fu Wenduo. If the two of them used abilities and props, it was uncertain who would win (Tang Mo was very confident in the A Fast Man ability). However, the difference between the two of them was too big when abilities couldn’t be used.

Based on fighting skills alone, Tang Mo couldn’t beat Bai Ruoyao and Bai Ruoyao couldn’t beat Fu Wenduo.

As a result, Tang Mo was simply beaten into the ground by Fu Wenduo. This didn’t make him discouraged. He returned to his car and thought for a long time, recalling some of the moves he learned from Fu Wenduo. He ended up staying up all night. The next afternoon, he went to the clothing store.

Fu Wenduo had been waiting in the store for a while. He looked down and found that Tang Mo had changed into a pair of thick boots. Fu Wenduo smiled and asked, “The track field?”


“Let’s go.”

For half a month, Tang Mo felt the natural gap between a professional and amateur. The most terrible thing was that Tang Mo couldn’t even be considered an amateur. From childhood to adulthood, he only fought a few times. But Fu Wenduo was a professional among professionals. Tang Mo was beaten by Fu Wenduo until even his mother wouldn’t be able to recognize him. Although the two people weren’t really serious about killing each other, Tang Mo started to gradually doubt if his physical fitness had improved.

His physical fitness really had improved but it was the same for Fu Wenduo. In other words, the two of them fought and no one suddenly had an advantage. It was equal to an ordinary librarian who neglected exercising suddenly having to fight with the captain of the ace special forces team. Fu Wenduo had a few tricks and Tang Mo’s speed and strength were too strong, exceeding the limitations of his lacking skills.

On the afternoon of the 15th day, the two of them had already fought dozens of rounds. Tang Mo once again threw dust, Fu Wenduo closed his eyes and Tang Mo aimed a punch at his temple. Fu Wenduo’s lips curved and he calmly blocked the blow. His hand had just touched Tang Mo’s fist when his lips fully stretched into a smile. Fu Wenduo raised his other hand and blocked Tang Mo’s leg coming from the other side.

At the same time, Tang Mo bent down. One hand placed against the ground while the other hand grabbed Fu Wenduo’s hamstrings.

Fu Wenduo was wearing a pair of black combat boots. Tang Mo didn’t bother with his ankle, moving his hand to the knee to hold the hamstring and lift Fu Wenduo’s leg.

The two of them feel together. Due to the posture, Tang Mo’s knee was on Fu Wenduo and he let out a sound.

Tang Mo used the opportunity to press against Fu Wenduo’s chest to stop him from standing up while his other hand grabbed Fu Wenduo’sneck.

Fu Wenduo couldn’t escape and stopped grabbing his hand.

The two men looked at each other.

Under the yellow sunset, Fu Wenduo was on the ground. Tang Mo had one knee pressed to Fu Wenduo’s chest while his other hand held the neck.

After a few seconds, Tang Mo laughed. “Master Fu, according to your statement, your hamstring… it was picked up by me?”

Fu Wenduo gazed at Tang Mo. Some time passed before he released the hand on Tang Mo’s fist and confessed. “Yes, it is broken so I only have on foot left to stand up on.”

Tang Mo loosened his hands and lay down to rest.

It seemed like Tang Mo won this time but Tang Mo knew that if Fu Wenduo really wanted to win, he could.

The fights between them was never about who wins. It was to let Tang Mo learn real fighting skills. After half a month of training, Tang Mo no longer had no knowledge of fighting. For now, perhaps he still couldn’t beat Bai Ruoyao. However, Bai Ruoyao wouldn’t succeed so easily if he attacked. At the very least, Tang Mo would strip off a layer of skin.

Tang Mo knew that this wasn’t a victory against Fu Wenduo but he was still in a good mood. Anyone who had been beaten up for half a month and finally successfully counterattacked would be in a good mood. Tang Mo was no exception.

It was dark and according to common sense, the two of them should go back to end today’s training.

Tang Mo lay on the ground to rest. His breathing calmed and he was ready to leave. At this moment, a low voice was heard in his ears. “Will you come again?”

“…” Tang Mo quickly replied. “I will come again tomorrow.”

Fu Wenduo, “…”

He finally won a game and still wanted to come back? It won’t happen again tomorrow.

The two people cleaned the weeds and dust on their clothes and returned to the mall together. Tang Mo went to the underground parking lot. He hadn’t reached the car he normally rested in when he saw Tang Qiao standing in a corner of the staircase. She seemed to be waiting for him.

Tang Qiao said, “Dr. Luo is looking for you.” She paused and looked behind Tang Mo. “Mr. Fu isn’t with you?”

Tang Mo asked, “Luo Fengcheng is also looking for him?”

Tang Qiao nodded. “Dr. Luo told me to tell the both of you as soon as possible. Mr. Fu isn’t here so I can only forget it.”

“I am meeting him tomorrow.”

“Then you should go to Dr. Luo first.” Tang Qio said before turning to leave.

Since Nie Feng and Ye Yuanze had died, Tang Qiao became more reticent. She knew Tang Mo but once she finished Luo Fengcheng’s message, she left without saying one word to Tang Mo.

Tang Mo watched her before heading to the third floor of the underground parking lot.

Luo Fengcheng had been waiting in his office for a while. Once he met Tang Mo, he asked, “Major Fu isn’t with you? I thought you were together these days.”

Tang Mo asked warily, “How do you know?” They deliberately looked for a track field where no one was present.

Luo Fengcheng laughed. “I don’t know what you are doing after you leave the mall but both of you will meet in the mall every day. It is easy to find out. Are you attacking instances together? This isn’t a big possibility. The two of you together will make the game difficulty soar. It isn’t worth the loss.”

This time Luo Fengcheng was wrong. Compared to the increased difficulty of the game, Tang Mo believed that his cooperation with Fu Wenduo would cause the team’s strength to improve. But there was no need to say this to Luo Fengcheng.

Tang Mo spoke casually, “You are thinking too much. I just asked Major Fu to teach me some fighting skills.”

Luo Fengcheng was stunned before he said, “Now I am thinking even more.” Then he changed the topic. “In fact, the matter this time is related to Major Fu. He isn’t here so you can inform him.”

“What is it?”

“Jack met a player from Nanjing yesterday and confirmed that Nanjing is China’s 6th district.”

Tang Mo never thought it would be this matter. In addition to fighting with Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo had been clearing some simple S-type instances in his own time. He thought for a moment before saying, “Okay, I will tell Fu Wenduo tomorrow.”

Luo Fengcheng said, “After all, it is his surviving younger cousin. Major Fu might go to Nanjing to find him. However Tang Mo, can you also tell Major Fu that he might consider the assembly instance before leaving for Nanjing. It is a very interesting instance. Perhaps Major Fu will be interested.”

Tang Mo asked with a strange expression, “What instance?” What instance would make Luo Fengcheng so sure that Fu Wenduo would be interested?

Luo Fengcheng smiled. “It seems you didn’t hear the notice from the black tower this morning? It is a very interesting instance.”

The next afternoon, Fu Wenduo arrived at the clothing store where Tang Mo had already been waiting for a long time.

Fu Wenduo was keenly aware that something was wrong and asked, “Is there something?”

Tang Mo got straight to the point. “Luo Fengcheng found me yesterday and told me that China’s 6th district is confirmed as Nanjing. You cousin should be in Nanjing.”

Fu Wenduo didn’t bat an eye. “Okay.”

Tang Mo wondered, “Are you going to leave Shanghai for Nanjing?”

Fu Wenduo looked at Tang Mo. “I originally intended to attack the black tower’s third floor in one month and then leave Shanghai. Not it seems I might have to leave earlier.” This was likely Fu Wenduo’s only family member alive in the world. Despite not being familiar with Fu Wensheng, they were still cousins. It was impossible to let his 11 year old cousin to survive along in the dangerous game world.

There was another meaning to Fu Wenduo’s words. He would leave Shanghai and couldn’t team up with Tang Mo to attack the tower.

Tang Mo smiled. “Are you going back to Beijing?”

Fu Wenduo pondered the question before nodded. “I will go to Nanjing first. If I can’t find him, I will turn back to Beijing.” He would rather stay in Beijing than the unfamiliar Shanghai. It was just like Tang Mo. If things hadn’t happened, he would’ve already returned to Suzhou.

Tang Mo said, “I am also going to Beijing.”

Fu Wenduo was surprised.

Tang Mo’s words were quiet coincidental. Fu Wenduo just said he wanted to go back to Beijing and now Tang Mo said he would go there. Normal people would think that Tang Mo was following Fu Wenduo. However, Fu Wenduo knew that Tang Mo wouldn’t follow him all the way to the distant Beijing due to a verbal agreement.

The relationship between the two of them wasn’t that good. If Tang Mo was really going to Beijing, there must be a bigger reason.

Fu Wenduo’s eyes narrowed and he asked in a calm tone, “Why?”

Tang Mo explained. “I have a university friend who is in Beijing. I’ve told you this already.”

Tang Mo had spoken about this to Fu Wenduo the first time they met. Yet Fu Wenduo wondered, “Just for this?” Going to a strange city thousands of kilometres away just for a friend?”

Tang Mo said, “Major Fu, why are you looking for your cousin? You haven’t seen him for over a year.”

“He is my cousin.”

Tang Mo smiled. “He might be your last relative in the world. Similarly, my university friend is probably my last good friend in the world.” It wasn’t a friend but a good friend. In Tang Mo’s heart, his affection towards Hao Zi and Lao Wang wasn’t any worse than a relative. His parents died early and his two friends accompanied him during this time.

Previously, Tang Mo felt he wasn’t strong enough and was worried about the dangers along the way. Now that he had the strength to go to Beijing, why couldn’t he go?

Fu Wenduo took a deep breath and looked at Tang Mo. “Should we go together?”

“Let’s go together.”


Travelling together wasn’t a game and the danger wouldn’t increase. It would only make both people safer.

Before going to Beijing, Tang Mo remembered another thing. “Ah yes, Fu Wenduo, there is an assembly instance tomorrow morning. Do you want to participate?”

Fu Wenduo raised an eyebrow. “A new assembly instance?”

Sure enough, the reason why this person started the fight training in the afternoon was because he would go to instances in the morning. Therefore, he didn’t hear the black tower’s announcement.

Tang Mo explained. “Luo Fengcheng told it to me. The new instance that the black tower released yesterday morning is very interesting. The time will be 8:31 a.m. on February 1st, the location is the Nanpu Bridge in the Huangpu District, the game reward is unknown and the game boss is the Strange Circus’ leader.”

Fu Wenduo seized the keyword. “Strange Circus?” He thought the ‘interesting’ that Tang Mo was referring to was the Strange Circus that both of them had contact with.

Tang Mo saw his speculation and denied it. “It isn’t just because of the Strange Circus. It is the precondition for the players who want to enter this assembly instance.”

Fu Wenduo realized that the condition was the real point. “What is the condition?”

One day ago.

A crisp child’s voice rang out all over Shanghai as the second assembly instance was released to all players in Shanghai.

“Ding dong! The assembly instance is open for a limited time. The game location: the Strange Circus of the Underground Kingdom. The game reward: Unknown. The game BOSS: the head of the Strange Circus. On February 1st at 8:31 a.m., players are invited to Huangpu District’s Nanpu Bridge to participate in the game!”

“Please note! Only players who have successfully cleared the black tower’s first floor can enter the game.”

“Please note! Only players who have successfully cleared…”

8:31 a.m. on February 1st, next to Nanpu Bridge.

Two black shadows quickly crossed from a building and hid behind an inconspicuous area under the bridge. Tang Mo raised his wrist and looked at the watch. “There is one minute left.”

Fu Wenduo said, “Be careful not to make any noise.”

Tang Mo nodded.

Their eyes were locked on the majestic bridge, wary of new enemies. But when the black tower prompted that there was one second before the game began, they didn’t see anyone on the bridge.

A dazzling white light flashed in front of their eyes and Tang Mo calmly thought, ‘There aren’t many players in Shanghai who have cleared the 1st floor. Therefore, only a few players will have a choice to attack this assembly instance.’ However, a cheerful voice soon interrupted his guessing. It had a pleasant tone with a hint of gloating.

“Ding dong! Players Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo have successfully entered the assembly instance ‘Strange Circus’ Surprise Night.’ As of 8:31 a.m. on February 1st, a total of 23 players have successfully entered the dungeon. 21 players have cleared the black tower’s 1st floor and 2 players have cleared the black tower’s second floor. The ‘public enemies’ effect has been triggered. Players Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo’s code names are Mr. A and Mr. B. Opening the public enemy mode.”

Tang Mo’s eyes widened and he didn’t have time to react when a louder voice rang in the ears of the 23 players who entered the game.

“Ding dong! You have entered the assembly instance ‘Strange Circus’ Surprise Night’. Tip: Two months ago, the head of the circus captured three monsters and opened a magical monster show for them. It is still unknown who but someone let go one of the monsters. The monster show was reviled by the audience and the head of the circus almost became bankrupt. The poor leader is very angry and personally captured the escaped monster. In seven days, he will hold a ‘surprise night’ where he tears the monster apart in front of millions of viewers. This time, the head of the circus won’t lose it again. It is because he hired the best detectives in the kingdom to escort them all the way.”

“Releasing the main mission: All players, please take away the poor little monster from the hands of Mr. A and Mr. B. Bonus: If you kill the evil Mr. A or Mr. B, you can get a King’s Gold Coin. Kill both of them and you can get two gold coins. Friendly reminder: The King’s Gold Coin can be used to abstain from any black tower game.”

Tang Mo’s scalp tingled.

The public enemies effect.

21 players who passed the black tower’s 1st floor.

Killing them to earn a King’s Gold Coin…

Tang Mo slowly turned his head to look at Fu Wenduo. He could almost hear the sound of his teeth gritting. He calmed down and stared at the letter hanging above Fu Wenduo’s head. “Mr. A?”

Fu Wenduo stared at the top of Tang Mo’s head. “…Mr. B.”

The black tower’s voice was heard in the two people’s ears.

“Ding dong! Releasing the main mission: Mr. A and Mr. B, stop the circus leader’s newly recaptured monster from being stolen by the bad guys for seven days.”