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Once spring came, there was a large amount of spring rain in the Jiangnan area before the weather gradually warmed up. Tang Mo rolled down the window and looked at the signs on both sides of the road. His gaze rested on the signs of each building and he finally knew where he was.

“Turn left at the intersection ahead.”

Fu Wenduo turned the steering wheel to the left and they continued to drive west.

After finding clear road signs, Tang Mo didn’t need to use buildings to find his location on the map. He had grown up in Suzhou and was a man of the Jiangsu Province, but he had never been to Nanjing. He wasn’t a road idiot but he didn’t dare be careless in this strange city, always staring at maps and road signs.

Fu Wenduo drove very slowly because he had only been to Nanjing once.

The black off-road vehicle drove slowly on the spacious road. There were some cars blocking the road but they bypassed the cars and entered the bustling city. The buildings on both sides of the road became denser and there were more and more people on the roadside. Tang Mo gradually put down the map and looked out the window, watching those walking on the side of the road.

It was one o’clock in the afternoon. After entering the city, their speed of advancement was slower than when they were on the highway. Fu Wenduo saw Tang Mo’s movements in his peripheral view and said, “There is something wrong.” His tone was quite certain.

Tang Mo looked back at Fu Wenduo. He pondered for a moment before saying, “I can’t say that there is something wrong with the city, just… it is a bit strange. I didn’t see so many people in Shanghai.” Tang Mo paused and looked ahead, where three middle-aged men carrying large bags emerged from a building. “At night, no one was ever on the streets of Shanghai. Six in the evening isn’t game time. There is no need to be afraid of suddenly being pulled into the game but there are players who will rob and kill others. The danger at night comes from the human race so people never go out at night.”

Needless to say, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo also chose to recharge their batteries in the evening and wait for daytime to act again.

Fu Wenduo said, “There weren’t this many people in Beijing during the day.”

“Yes, Shanghai is the same. Everyone hides in buildings at night and there aren’t many people on the street during the day. The Nanjing players… they seem more daring and have the courage to go out casually. Their expressions don’t look like they are faking. They really aren’t worried about being attacked by stowaways or other players.” Tang Mo pointed to the three middle-aged men. The car passed the three men. Then Tang Mo said, “They are reserve players.”

Fu Wenduo raised his eyes and looked at the three people in the rearview mirror. His gaze wasn’t the same as Tang Mo. He looked at the postures of the three people walking, their speed, their back muscles and their waist muscles. After watching for a while, he said, “They haven’t experienced many battles and their physical improvement isn’t very high. They should be reserve players.”

Tang Mo agreed. “Among the official players, reserve players and stowaways, the largest number of people are reserve players. Luo Fengcheng once calculated that the proportion of survivors is 5% official players, 5% stowaways and 90% reserve players.”

Out of the more than 80 players living in the mall where Attack is based, only one of the 80 players are official players and one is suspected to be a stowaway. The rest are reserve players.”

Tang Mo continued, “Four months ago, there was a total of 490 million players in the world. At the beginning of this year, the black tower updated to version 2.0 on January 1st and there were more than 100 million players worldwide. Two months have passed and it is estimated that there are less than 100 million players left. Most of the dead should be reserve players but the reserves still occupies the majority. Their base is too big.”

Fu Wenduo was passing by a car when he suddenly slammed on the brakes. Tang Mo’s body shot forward but he fortunately had the habit of wearing a seat belt and he didn’t shoot out of the car. Tang Mo looked up and saw that two young girls had come out from out of nowhere. They obviously hadn’t expected people to be driving in downtown Nanjing and were shocked.

The two high school girls looked warily at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. Then a ponytail girl grabbed his friend’s hand and quickly ran away.

Tang Mo watched the two girls run away while Fu Wenduo started the car again.

Fu Wenduo’s fingers tapped on the steering wheel. “They dare to walk outside casually and aren’t wary.”

Tang Mo were deeply immersed in contemplation after hearing this. His mind replayed every scene he had seen since entering the city. In fact, they hadn’t encountered many players. They added up to only 30 people. However, it was impossible to see this number of people in Shanghai. He could walk for three people on the most prosperous Nanjing Road during the day and couldn’t even meet 20 people.

Tang Mo thought for a long time before coming to a conclusion. “Nanjing’s reserve players are protected by something.”

Fu Wenduo raised an eyebrow and looked at Tang Mo in the mirror. Tang Mo’s expression was calm and he seemed to be speaking casually, but Fu Wenduo could tell by the tone that his speculation wasn’t so simple.

“Are you that certain?”

Tang Mo smiled and leaned back in his seat. “No, I just have a feeling.”

Chen Shanshan’s super-intellectual thinking was contained in Tang Mo’s body. Every time he made a judgment, he had a 10% accuracy rate. Tang Mo didn’t mention this. After all, it was just his feeling and he couldn’t guarantee certainty. He explained, “Most of the people we have seen on the streets should be reserves. The reserve players are walking so easily on the streets and aren’t afraid of two strangers driving past who are obviously from the outside. It means they are relying on something. There must be something or someone who is giving them security, allowing them to be so relaxed.”

Tang Mo himself felt it was a bit far-fetched. It was just a guess that the 30 or so players that Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo met were reserve players. Right now, they had just entered Nanjing and it was only a guess that something here was protecting the reserves. There still wasn’t enough evidence and more information was needed to prove it.

At this time, Fu Wenduo said in a low voice, “I think so as well.”

Tang Mo was stunned and turned to look at the man beside him.

Fu Wenduo drove the car with one hand and looked at the road signs in the distance. “Both official players and stowaways must have an ability, while it is possible for reserve players to have abilities. The reserve players who clear the black tower’s first floor will definitely have an ability. If there is a reserve force that is very strong and dominates Nanjing, they can protect other reserves. Even if they didn’t do this, other reserve players could take it as an example and would no longer be afraid to walk in the city.” Fu Wenduo suddenly stopped speaking as he reached out and touched Tang Mo. “What about the map?”

Tang Mo was listening to him and suddenly felt something hot on his legs. His eyes flickered and he looked down. Fu Wenduo continued to drive while his right hand stayed on Tang Mo’s thigh, the fingertips touching the map that was placed on the legs. The hot temperature passed through the jeans, too close to a certain place. Fu Wenduo touched him so carelessly that Tang Mo felt awkward.


Tang Mo moved his legs back, licked his lips and handed the map to Fu Wenduo. He asked, “Did you want the map?”

Fu Wenduo looked at the detailed map of Nanjing on the map. He looked at the road sign above him and made a 180° turn at the next intersection. Tang Mo frowned and asked, “What is it?”

Fu Wenduo put aside the map and turned to look at Tang Mo. His lips twitched slightly and he pointed to a huge company logo next to him. Tang Mo followed the direction of the finger and was surprised when he saw the logo.

Fu Wenduo laughed and said, “It is here.”

They parked at the door of the company before entering the long abandoned high-rise building.

This was a 43-storey office building. In front of the building was a dry fountain. Without the electricity to maintain it, the water inside had become cloudy and green. There was no one in the company. Fu Wenduo opened the small book on the front desk and looked inside for the company information. He looked for a moment before stating, “It is on the 42nd floor.”

Tang Mo nodded. The next moment, he suddenly realized. “…Do we have to go up the stairs?”

Fu Wenduo stared at him with no expression. “Do you want to take the elevator up?”

Tang Mo, “…”

Fortunately, his physical fitness had a huge upgrade after the earth went online. By the time Tang Mo climbed to the 42nd floor, he only had a little shortness of breath and his calves were a bit tight. He never could’ve climbed such a tall building before.

Fu Wenduo muttered, “…Fu Wensheng.” He seemed to think it was too similar to his name and changed it. “My cousin’s grandfather started in Nanjing from scratch, with his one son and one daughter. I don’t know where their family lives but I know their company. We will look in my uncle’s office and maybe find his home address.”

On the way to Nanjing, Fu Wenduo became aware of a crucial issue. He didn’t know the address of Fu Wensheng’s home.

According to his previous speculation, Fu Wensheng came to Nanjing during the holidays. It might’ve just been for the weekend but the earth unexpected went online, forcing him to stay here. If this was the case, Fu Wensheng was likely to be in his grandfather’s home.

Before leaving home, Li Wen’s mother had the idea to leave a note to her son, telling him she was still alive and where to find her. Fu Wensheng was very clever so he should also think of this. Combined with his cousin’s fame that had spread all over the world, Fu Wensheng should’ve left a message at home in case Fu Wenduo came to find him.

Tang Mo said, “Perhaps there will be good luck. The child might guess that you don’t know where his grandfather’s home is and will leave information at the company.”

Fu Wenduo opened a drawer, looked at the data and said casually, “He might not want to see me.”

Tang Mo was stunned. “Why?”

Fu Wenduo closed the drawers. Then he looked up and smiled at Tang Mo. “I was ignorant when I was younger and bullied him.”

Tang Mo, “…”

Tang Mo couldn’t imagine Fu Wenduo bullying Fu Wensheng.

The longer he spent with Fu Wenduo, the more Tang Mo felt that this person was… twisted. Unlike his purely strong and reliable appearance, Fu Wenduo wasn’t always reliable and he would make some strange jokes. He gave a performance of a strong male, making Tang Mo feel like a girlfriend showing cosmetics to her boyfriend.

In the past, there were many videos on the Internet and Tang Mo’s university roommates also suffered several times because of their girlfriends. When the girlfriend showed her boyfriend the cosmetics, the boyfriend’s performance would be too bad.

Tang Mo felt that Fu Wenduo had such a temperament and was very good at killing a topic.

As he thought about this, Tang Mo searched through a folder and said, “How do you get along with girls?” How could girls endure him? However, Tang Mo reacted to his words before Fu Wenduo. He stopped his actions and turned, “I didn’t mean anything by it. I was just speaking casually.”

“Why should I get along with girls?” Fu Wenduo righteously asked as he stood at the window.

Tang Mo didn’t expect this to be the answer and was stunned. “Huh?” Wait, what did that mean?

“The only people in my generation are me and Fu Wensheng. My father’s generation also has no women, they are all men. I haven’t needed to get along with girls since I was a child. After entering the army, there were no women.”

It turned out to be this, not the meaning that Tang Mo thought.

He thought that Fu Wenduo was saying that he didn’t need to get along with females.

Tang Mo sighed with relief and explained, “I didn’t mean that.”

In order to end this strange topic, Tang Mo picked up a thick binder and opened it to view the data. As his mood gradually calmed down, Tang Mo felt that he was a bit strange today. He had been with Fu Wenduo for a long time and was infected by his strange air.

The two of them continued to look for clues. Unfortunately, they turned the entire office over and didn’t find any information about the address.

Fu Wenduo said, “If there is nothing on this floor, the other floors probably won’t have anything. I’ll look in the deputy general manager’s office outside.”

Tang Mo stated, “I will go to the secretary’s office.”

The two men split up.

One hour later, Tang Mo moved quickly and returned first after searching the secretary’s office. He waited for a while before Fu Wenduo came back. The two people looked at each other and didn’t need to speak. They already understood the other person’s meaning.

After remaining silent for a while, Tang Mo asked, “What do we do if we can’t find it?”

“Let’s search for a few more days.” Fu Wenduo’s voice was calm. “If we can’t find him, we will go to Beijing.”

Tang Mo didn’t refuse. It couldn’t be helped if they couldn’t find Fu Wensheng. Nanjing was too big. Even if the population was reduced after the earth went online, there was no guarantee they could find a single person in the vast Nanjing. Not to mention they didn’t know if Fu Wensheng was still in Nanjing.

Tang Mo couldn’t spend all his time in this place since he wanted to go to Beijing to find his friend.

Fu Wenduo said this but he continued to rummage through the office quietly. He overturned the trash bin and carefully searched for clues. However, the trash bin was just a pile of waste paper without any information.

Tang Mo looked at him before also continuing to search. The two men turned over the office again and by the time they finished, the sky was completely dark. Tang Mo proposed, “Nanjing shouldn’t have many rich residential areas. Tomorrow we can go to those places to search.”

Fu Wenduo stood at the huge mahogany table, staring at a photo on the table. Tang Mo glanced at the photo and saw it was Fu Wensheng’s family portrait. Fu Wensheng looked different from the child Tang Mo saw. He was only eight or nine years old and the cute little boy showed a bright smile. The man and woman standing next to him were probably his parents. An old man with white hair was in the middle of the photo while a middle-aged man with a warm smile was to the right.

Tang Mo thought that Fu Wenduo was touched by the scene. After all, it was his family. It wasn’t incomprehensible for Fu Wenduo to be touched.

Tang Mo asked, “That is his grandfather… and his uncle?”

Fu Wenduo was silent.

Tang Mo wasn’t good at comforting people so he didn’t talk again. At this time, Fu Wenduo suddenly reached out and placed the photo in front of Tang Mo, pointing to a skyscraper in the background of the photo. “Have you seen this place?”

Tang Mo was stunned. Since the sky was dark, he took out a flashlight and carefully examined the photo. Then he became surprised. “It is a bit familiar. I seem to have seen it somewhere.” Tang Mo had never been to Nanjing. The only way he could recognize this building in the photo was…

A light flashed in Tang Mo’s head. “The map book?”

He quickly took out the map book from his bag and opened it to the map of Nanjing. He turned one more page and cried out, “New Century Plaza! This is one of Nanjing’s landmark buildings and there is an introduction on the map.” He quickly reacted. “This photo was taken at the door of your cousin’s house. There is a villa and New Century Plaza behind it. Then the house is near New Century Plaza or is in a place where you can see New Century Plaza.

He hadn’t expected to get a clue from a photo. Tang Mo understood that Fu Wenduo wasn’t feeling touched when he looked at this photo. He wasn’t looking at Fu Wensheng but the background of the photo.

With this clue, today’s work wasn’t in vain.

It was dark outside and the two people had been searching the company for the whole afternoon. Now they could finally rest.

Fu Wensheng’s uncle’s office was very big. Tang Mo lay on the soft and looked at the black ceiling, recalling everything he saw today in Nanjing.

The atmosphere in Nanjing was better than Shanghai. Reserve players dared walk the streets despite the horror environment of the black tower. This showed that the city had a certain order. It might not necessarily be a government agency or an organization, but there was definitely an order.

Tang Mo thought about the Wang brother and sister that he met on the way to Nanjing.

The Wang siblings were reserves and Nanjing’s reserves were unique.

“What is the connection between the two…”

“Which two?”

Tang Mo paused a moment before replying, “It is nothing. I was just thinking about some strange things. It is best not to drive when we go to search tomorrow. New Century Plaza isn’t far from here and the car is a relatively large and conspicuous target.”

“Yes, walking on foot is good.”

Fu Wenduo was resting on the couch next to him. He and Tang Mo were separated by a small coffee table. The two people’s breathing was smooth and orderly, sometimes almost fusing together. In fact, this office had a bed but it was a single bed. It wasn’t suitable for two people to sleep in. Tang Mo wasn’t interested in being the only one sleeping on a bed and Fu Wenduo didn’t mention this matter. To make it fair, the both of them rested on the sofas.

It was just like the three days in the car. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo didn’t speak to each other when resting. They had a very tacit understanding when playing games. Even when they weren’t playing games, they could understand each other’s meaning with one look. However, they didn’t know each other and had no idea what to talk about.

Tang Mo was quietly looking at the ceiling when he suddenly opened his mouth. “How old is your cousin this year?”

“He is 12 and in the sixth grade.”

This was similar to what Tang Mo guessed but he was more curious about something else. “Isn’t he much younger than you?” How did he bully a person when he was so much older?

Fu Wenduo recognized the meaning of Tang Mo’s words. His lips curved in the darkness as he explained, “He is 14 years younger than me. I enlisted at the age of 18 and he was 4 years old. That is enough time.”

“You enlisted at the age of 18?” Tang Mo remembered that when he was 18, he was in his third year of high school and preparing for the university examinations. At that time, his parents were still alive and he was like an ordinary person preparing for university.

Fu Wenduo’s low voice was very pleasant in the darkness. “It was quite late. I officially enlisted when my father died.”

Tang Mo was silent.

Fu Wenduo didn’t say anything else.

Neither of them liked to talk about private affairs. Tang Mo didn’t talk about his past with Fu Wenduo and similarly, Fu Wenduo’s story was only known from Luo Fengcheng’s mouth. Therefore, Tang Mo knew a bit about Fu Wenduo’s past but Fu Wenduo didn’t know anything about Tang Mo.

He had slept a few days ago so he couldn’t sleep now. After 10 minutes, Tang Mo stood up and walked to the window, looking at the black tower suspended over Qinhuai River.

The black tower was the same as the ones above Shanghai and Suzhou. It weighed heavily on the earth and pressed on top of everyone’s heads.

Tang Mo heard Fu Wenduo’s steady breathing but he knew that this person wasn’t sleeping. Tang Mo thought for a moment before saying, “I used to be a librarian at Suzhou’s city library. Our city library was next to the city centre, near a famous commercial street called Guanqian Street. It is similar to Nanjing Road in Shanghai.”

The breathing sound stopped and there wasn’t a response for a long time.

Tang Mo didn’t care as he looked at the black tower. After a long time, the low male voice was heard behind him, the tone a bit strange.

“…You were a librarian?”

Tang Mo smiled. “Yes, the career preparation was also hard. The exam wasn’t easy and I had to graduate with 211 points. After the test, my life became like this. I didn’t expect that after only half a year, the black tower would appear. One black tower appears every 10,000 square kilometres and there are 1,021 black towers in China. It appears in the most bustling location in every city. The black tower in Suzhou was just next to my library. It was around 200 metres away.”

Fu Wenduo was silent, as if he was thinking about something. “Beijing’s black tower is suspended about Tiananmen Square.

“Shanghai’s black tower is above Huangpu River. It is almost always in the most prosperous place. In the half a year, I used to pass by the black tower every time I took the bus to work. The black tower was a phantom but before the earth went online, I saw one thing. I’ve told this to Luo Fengcheng but the night before the earth went online, I saw that the black tower seemed to become solid for a moment. I thought I was mistaken.”

Fu Wenduo said, “Maybe you didn’t see wrong.”

It didn’t make sense that Tang Mo was mistaken. The earth went online and there were only tens of millions of people left in the world.

Tang Mo stared at the distant black tower before returning to the soft to rest. He just turned around when he saw that Fu Wenduo had sat up at an unknown time. His back was straight and he was staring at Tang Mo from the soft. The dim moonlight and starlight entered the office behind Tang Mo, causing him to slightly shine. Fu Wenduo’s face was hidden in the darkness and it wasn’t clear. Only his eyes could be seen gazing at Tang Mo’s body.

Tang Mo’s footsteps stopped as he stood at the floor to ceiling window, looking back at Fu Wenduo.

The two people watched each other for a while before Tang Mo smiled and asked, “What is it?’

Fu Wenduo shook his head. “Nothing. I just didn’t expect you to be a librarian.”

“Are you looking down on librarians?”

Fu Wenduo looked up at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo’s lips curved as he spoke in a calm tone. “Do you know who the greatest librarian in China is?”

Fu Wenduo thought for a long time. Just as Tang Mo was about to say the answer, Fu Wenduo raised an eyebrow and asked, “…The chairman?”

Both of them laughed at the words.

Tang Mo felt that his joke was much more interesting than Fu Wenduo. There was a basis and it wasn’t cold at all. After a pleasant night of conversation (Tang Mo thought this), the relationship between the two people seemed to have become closer and was no longer a cold teammates relationship. In order to be a great team, a tacit understanding wasn’t the only thing required. The intimacy of the relationship could also increase future cooperation between the two people.

Early the next morning, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo took their things and the photo before leaving the company.

It was approximately three kilometres from here to New Century Plaza. Tang Mo speculated, “Based on the perspective of the photo, it was taken to the south of New Century Plaza. We are currently to the north so the search might take a while.

Nanjing was a city with ‘many’ players on the road. Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo weren’t conspicuous as they walked while carrying bags. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo walked extremely quickly under the dense sycamore trees and arrived at New Century Plaza in 15 minutes.

Tang Mo looked at the map while Fu Wenduo looked at the photo. The two of them circled New Century Plaza before finding the most similar angle.

Fu Wenduo said,” New Century Plaza is around 8 cm high in this photo while the villa behind them is 6 cm. It is a long way from New Century Plaza.”

“It should be fairly easy to find if we look for a villa area but it will probably be a long walk.”

Without further ado, the two people picked a direction and set off to look for Fu Wensheng’s home.

There were many players like Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo in Nanjing and no one noticed them. Fu Wenduo subconsciously took the outside of the road while Tang Mo walked on the inside. The leaves of the sycamore trees were scattered on the ground, forming a thick leaf carpet that made noise every time they stepped on it.

They had just arrived at an abandoned shopping mall when Tang Mo’s footsteps gradually slowed and Fu Wenduo’s eyes narrowed at the empty shopping mall. It was a three-storey shopping mall covering a large area. It was only a bit smaller than the one that Attack occupied in Shanghai.

Tang Mo carefully observed the mall and didn’t find any abnormalities. They continued to move forward. Next to the mall was a Suguo supermarket. It was a very large supermarket and due to its size, it was separated from the mall.

Tang Mo stepped towards the supermarket door when he suddenly stopped and looked at Fu Wenduo. “How long as it been since we’ve seen anyone?’

Fu Wenduo replied, “19 minutes ago, we met a man and woman at the intersection.”

Tang Mo’s expression changed. “We will walk around.”

Fu Wenduo also guessed there was something strange and he turned to leave. However, they only took two steps when there was a crisp sound. Tang Mo lifted his feet and looked at the place where he had just stepped. There were many tiny white fragments on the stone road. Looking closer, it seemed to be the fragments of a crushed egg. Once Tang Mo stepped on it, the egg shell fragments became smaller and more difficult to find.

Tang Mo’s heart already knew there was something wrong. He looked at Fu Wenduo and Fu Wenduo looked back at him. Before they could speak, a cooing sound was heard from behind them. “Coo coo, my child, where did my child go?”

Tang Mo turned and saw a huge white figure flying from the supermarket straight towards him. He wasn’t careless and took out the small parasol from his backpack, reading the spell to block this terrible white thing.

The big white turkey slammed into the small parasol, making a deafening sound. Tang Mo was forced back half a step from the impact, his force showing a hint of shock as he looked at the turkey. The thing that really shocked him wasn’t the turkey’s sudden emergence but…”

Tang Mo turned to Fu Wenduo and quickly said, “I can’t use my ability and my physical fitness has decreased.”

Fu Wenduo was startled and tried it. “I can still use mine.”

The white turkey wasn’t angry after being blocked by Tang Mo. She moved to the side of the egg shell that Tang Mo had just stepped on. Tang Mo’s heart stopped. Was the egg shell that he just stepped on the child of this turkey? But the shell was already broken before he stepped on it and there was no chick inside. In addition, it was an ordinary egg, not a turkey egg.

However, no matter what, the black tower decided that this egg had been crushed by Tang Mo.

Tang Mo guessed, “This is probably a reality instance. I crushed the turkey’s egg, crushing her child. I can’t use my ability now but you can.”

Fu Wenduo grabbed his wrist, his eyes staring dangerously at the big turkey looking down at the ground for her broken eggshell.

The big turkey poked her sharp mouth at an eggshell and tried to smell it. She seemed to be feeling the breath of her dead child, as if she could bring the child back. Tang Mo watched her movements and held the small parasol, prepared to fight.

The turkey raised her head, the small black eyes starting at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo.

Fu Wenduo looked coldly at it, ready to start. It didn’t react to Fu Wenduo so it didn’t seem to be the big turkey beaten to death by Fu Wenduo.

One chicken and two people watched each other. The next money, the big turkey suddenly fluttered her wings and flew to Tang Mo.

“Coo My child!”

Fu Wenduo took a step and his right hand became a dark weapon in the blink of an eye. Tang Mo closed the small parasol and stabbed the tip towards the turkey’s chest. Fu Wenduo was faster than him and appeared in front of the big turkey. His hand was 10 cm from the big turkey’s neck when there was a banging sound and in invisible barrier appeared in the air, blocking Fu Wenduo and preventing him from touching the big turkey.

Fu Wenduo stepped back in surprise.

Tang Mo was more vigilantly. He moved sideways to escape the turkey’s attack and moved to the rear at the same time. He was just about to stab the big turkey when the barrier reappeared and a crisp child’s voice was heard in Tang Mo’s ears.

“Ding dong! Player Tang Mo has triggered the ‘Crazy Matricide’ effect and will receive the punishment of a lightning bolt.”

A silver lightning fell from the blue sky and mercilessly smashed into Tang Mo.

Tang Mo reacted too late and could only subconsciously raise the small parasol above his head. The lightning fell on the small parasol and moved downwards. The intense current moved through Tang Mo’s body, causing him to stiffen. He swallowed the blood in his mouth.

The turkey took the opportunity to pick up Tang Mo and hug him against her chest.

“Oh my child, you finally came out of the shell. Mommy missed you.”

Tang Mo was struck by the lightning and had no strength to pull himself free from the big turkey’s embrace. He could only remain emotionless as he was held tightly. The big turkey held Tang Mo like he was a chick, bringing him into the supermarket.

“Coo my lovely child, your brothers and sisters have been waiting for you for a long time. Of the seven siblings, you and your brother are the laziest. Now you have finally come out.”

Tang Mo had already recovered. He propped his hands on the ground and used force to break away from the turkey.

The big turkey twisted her body and looked at him with a confused expression. “My child?”

Tang Mo looked at her deeply. After a few seconds, he accepted reality and determined that he had been pulled into a strange reality instance. He hadn’t crushed the turkey’s child just now because he was the turkey’s child. He crushed the egg and became the young turkey from the broken egg. He couldn’t use his abilities and he couldn’t even hit the big turkey or he would be hit by the lightning.

Tang Mo took a deep breath and declared. “Let’s go. I will walk by myself.”

The turkey twisted her buttocks and cooed happily, leading the way for Tang Mo.

Suddenly, a sharp breaking sound was heard behind Tang Mo. Tang Mo’s body stiffened and he quickly turned his head. He saw a tall and handsome man looking at Tang Mo with a smile. He raised his foot from the broken egg shell and looked at the big turkey. “Do I now count as your child?”

The turkey froze for a second before passionately rushing at Fu Wenduo.

“Coo, my child!”

“Ding dong! Players Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo have triggered the branch mission ‘Small Turkey Emerges from the Egg’ and officially entered the reality instance ‘A gold or silver nest isn’t as good as your own nest.’ Please follow the enthusiastic turkey to enter your nest and formally start the game.”

The author has something to say:

Tang Tang: …I was really moved by Old Fu. Old Fu, you shouldn’t have a solitary life!

Old Fu: Guess why I took the initiative to enter the game [Smile].