Wuxiaworld > The Earth is Online > Chapter 79
The fat and big turkey happily led her two chicks into the supermarket.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo followed behind the big turkey. They were very cooperative and move forward with their own initiative. Tang Mo quietly looked at Fu Wenduo and couldn’t help asking, “Why?”

Fu Wenduo’s hands were in his pocket. When he heard this, he turned to look at Tang Mo. He understood Tang Mo’s meaning and thought for a moment before answering. “It just said that it had seven children. You are the sixth and one hasn’t broken out of the shell yet. This is a seven player game. Apart from you, there are already five players waiting in the supermarket. In any case, you need a seventh companion.”

It was just like the Iron Shoemaker game the two people had participated in. In the reality instance of the Iron Shoemaker, the players were divided into two groups. One group needed to participate in the Happy Q&A’ to get clues about the shoe polish while the other group had to find the shoe polish. The former could be carried out by only one player so one player was the minimum number needed. The shoe polish was the fusion of the player’s blood so the latter team needed at least two players to carry out the game.

The big turkey’s instance was similar. There must be seven players before the game could start. However, Fu Wenduo hadn’t triggered the branch mission and didn’t need to take the initiative to enter the game.

Why did he come in?

Tang Mo asked this question and the answer made him feel a little touched and for him to question himself. If Fu Wenduo was drawn into the big turkey game, Tang Mo had a 50% chance of not following him. They were teammates but an unknown black tower game was too dangerous. Tang Mo couldn’t easily enter. But after thinking for a long time, he might enter. After all, he had the King’s Gold Coin.

If it wasn’t possible, he had a way to abstain from the game. However, Fu Wenduo didn’t have any such life-saving means.

Tang Mo gazed at Fu Wenduo and the latter was also watching him. A moment later, Tang Mo laughed. “Come on!” (Basically jiayou= a cheer in Chinese)

Fu Wenduo showed a hint of surprise because he hadn’t expected Tang Mo to say these two words. Then he said, “Good.”

Once they entered the supermarket, the big turkey swayed through a row of checkout counters and entered the interior of the supermarket. The supermarket was too big. There were at least 100 checkout counters and the end couldn’t be seen. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo followed behind the big turkey. After entering the game, both of them could no longer use their abilities but they could use their props.

Tang Mo held the small parasol and watched the big turkey in front of him in a vigilant manner.

The big turkey walking in front happily swung her wings. “My lovely children, we can finally go home!”

Two people and one chicken walked through the frozen food area and walked into the meats area deep in the supermarket. Tang Mo’s footsteps slowed slightly. His nose moved and he suddenly turned to look at Fu Wenduo. Fu Wenduo’s eyebrows also furrowed as he carefully sniffed the air. The two of them smelt the strange smell at almost the same time. The two of them were silent.

They walked for a few minutes before the dead bodies and blood on the ground came into view.

Tang Mo’s throat was filled with a sour taste and he felt a strong desire to vomit. Fu Wenduo’s situation was much better than him because he had probably seen many corpses on the battlefield. Horror flashed on his face for a moment before his calm was restored.

In front of the two men, the passionate white turkey seemed to have seen nothing. She just kept stepping forward. The turkey’s big feet crushed an eyeball, causing blood to splash all over the turkey and on the ground.

After the earth went online, Tang Mo had seen many bodies and even saw scenes of monsters eating people. However, he had never seen such a bloody scene. The meats area of the supermarket was full of blood. The bright red colour on the ceiling, on the freezer and on the ground was extremely eye-catching. In the middle of the pool of blood, there were many pieces of meat. They seemed to be torn apart by something and were torn into countless small pieces. There were loud sounds as the big turkey stepped on it.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo stood in the meats area for a long time without going forward.

The big turkey twisted her body and cocked her head. “Coo, children?”

Tang Mo took a deep breath before stepping on the blood, keeping up with the pace of the big turkey.

Tang Mo’s grip on the small parasol tightened. In front of him, the big turkey passed by a large freezer where a broken arm hung. She smiled, pulled down the arm and chewed on it.

The big turkey chewed on the arm and said, “My children are finally born. Mother has prepared delicious bugs for you. They are particularly delicious bugs. My children, do you like eating bugs?” She turned to look at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo replied with no expression, “I like it.”

The big turkey bit a finger on the arm and chewed. “You really are a good child. Just wait until we reach your older brothers and sisters and you an eat coo.”

He didn’t have his abilities and could only rely on his props and physical strength, but his physical strength also plummeted. He had to rely on Fu Wenduo. Once something happened, the two of them would take care of each other. The big turkey finished eating the arm and threw the broken bone aside. She twisted her head again to watch Tang Mo, looking very satisfied with this child. She said, “My good baby, what type of bug do you like to eat? Mother will…”


The big turkey reached the junction of the pork and beef areas when the change suddenly happened. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were surprised. The next second, the two people moved back at an extremely fast speed, escaping 10 metres away in the blink of an eye. A bomb exploded at the foot of the big turkey. The fat turkey was hit by a terrible shock wave and flew towards the ceiling.

She slammed into the ground, twisted her buttocks and angrily got up again. “Coo, who dared to attack me?”

As she spoke, the turkey’s wings flapped against the glass of the beef freezer, causing glass to break. Countless tiny silver needles shot out from under the freezer towards the big turkey. The turkey was startled and raised her wings in front of her. The silver needles struck the wings, causing the sound of a metal collision.

There was no time to breath. As the turkey was forced back by the silver needles, a small toy truck emerged from under the pork freezer. Tang Mo stood in the distance and looked at the toy truck with astonishment. It really was just a toy car, exactly like the small trucks that preschoolers often played with.

After the bombing and the silver needles, Tang Mo already guessed that this type of attack wasn’t something that a monster or underground person could achieve. They were the actions of a player. But he couldn’t think of an effect that the toy truck would have. Then a voice answered his question.

“Beep-beep—please pay attention to reversing, please pay attention to reversing…”

The headlights of the truck suddenly lit up and familiar sounds filled the supermarket. The big turkey fumed angrily at these sounds. “What is this… ah!” Tang Mo saw the big turkey suddenly stiffen and back away.

She obviously wasn’t in control as she walked step by step towards the wall. At the same time, the small truck started reversing and rolled over a red button. The button was pressed and a sharp knife popped out of the wall, aiming straight at the big turkey’s chest.

The big turkey fluttered her wings but her feet weren’t under control. To the sound of ‘please pay attention to reversing’, she slowly walked towards the way and the sharp knife aiming at her.

It happened so fast. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo had just entered the reality instance and now they were watching the big turkey dying.

In the quiet supermarket, only Tang Mo’s group and the big turkey standing there saw what happened.

Just as the sharp knife was about to pierce the big turkey’s chest, a clear child’s voice was heard.

“Ding dong! Player George Edward has triggered the ‘Crazy Matricide’ effect and will receive the punishment of a lightning bolt.”

“Fuck!” A curse was heard from the depths of the supermarket.

Lightning fell from the sky through the ceiling of the supermarket, striking behind the freezer. Silver electric currents flowed like a silver snake, dancing in the supermarket. It was a pain that could be seen with the naked eye, causing Tang Mo to look in that direction. On the other side, the knife still stabbed the big turkey’s chest. But when this knife descended, the chest was as hard as steel and the knife was bent.

After escaping the area of the small truck, the turkey’s body was loosened and freed. She angrily placed her hands on her hips and moved towards the rear of the freezer, picking up a blond boy.

The big turkey glared resentfully at the little boy and asked, “My child, what do you want to do? Do you want to kill your mother?”

The blond boy glared at the big turkey and spoke in a mix of fluent Chinese and English. “Who is your child, fucking turkey!”

The big turkey raised her wings and slammed the boy with great force into the wall. The 10 year old boy slipped down the wall, blood oozing from his mouth. He stubbornly wiped off the blood. He knew that he shouldn’t say anymore and hurriedly said, “I was wrong Mother.”

However, the big turkey still approached and lifted him up by the neck. “You actually want to kill your mother, I’m really disappointed!”

Tang Mo’s eyes narrowed while Fu Wenduo pulled a black knife out of his pocket.

At this moment, a male voice was heard from behind the freezer. “Mother, Xiao Qiao didn’t want to kill you. Did he want to kill you? It is just a misunderstanding.”

Everyone looked at the source of the sound.

They saw a gentle-looking young man stand up from behind the freezer. He had been hiding in the same place as the little boy and after he stood up, two young girls and a long-haired woman also stood up. Tang Mo’s eyebrows raised with surprise when he saw the two little girls. The young man gazed at the distant Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, his eyes narrowing.

After a moment, he returned his line of sight to the turkey and helplessly smiled. “Mother, Xiao Qiao was just playing with his toys. You see, that is his favourite toy truck. We couldn’t wait for our two younger brothers to break out of the shell and were hungry and bored. Therefore, we let Xiao Qiao play for a while. Mother, are they our brothers?”

While talking, the man’s hand touched the big turkey’s wings. It seemed that the big turkey really was persuaded as she muttered, “My child, you are really hungry.” Then she let go the little boy who almost died.

The little boy stood behind the man after being rescued and didn’t dare speak.

“You’re all hungry, coo. All my children are here so let’s hurry up and eat. Coo coo, my children can’t be hungry.” The big turkey waved her wings and flew to the back of the meats cabinet, looking for something unknown.

The young man used this opportunity to take the foreign child and the long-haired woman to stand in front of Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. The two little girls shook as they followed after the woman. They saw Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo and one of them cried out with surprise, “Ah, you are the ones yesterday…”

The two little girls were the people who Fu Wenduo almost hit with the car yesterday.

Tang Mo looked at the two women and then the young man. He lightly asked, “You are the captain?”

The man carefully observed Tang Mo and then Fu Wenduo. A trace of wariness flashed in his eyes when he looked at Fu Wenduo. He didn’t answer the question, asking instead, “Did you come from outside Nanjing?”

Fu Wenduo spoke from beside Tang Mo, “Yes.”

The man nodded. “It is no wonder you came here. You didn’t know about the blockade order. I originally thought that we couldn’t gather seven people but now it has come together. Then we have to enter the game. This instance can only be cleared by passing the game.”

He just finished speaking when the big turkey’s surprised cry came from behind the freezer. “Cooo, I found a bug! It is one that my children likes to eat the most!”

The big white turkey flew from the freezer towards the seven players. Her mouth was holding a strange worm. The green worm was squirming, as if trying to escape from the big turkey.

The big turkey threw the worm to the ground and raised her head happily, looking at her seven chicks. She clapped and shouted, “Coo…Children, you can start to line up!”

“Ding dong! The main mission ‘Obedient children have to eat bugs’ has been triggered.”

“The rules of the game—”

“First, players must queue in the right order and not jump the queue.”

“Second, if the sequence is wrong, the effect ‘Furious Big Turkey’ will be triggered. The big turkey will have the split personality of an eagle, opening the side game ‘Eagle Catches the Chicks.’”

“Third, the queuing time is one hour, the ‘Eagle Catches the Chicks’ game is one hour.”

“Fourth, before lining up, the player can ask the big turkey two questions. The big turkey must answer at least one question and it can’t be a lie.”

“Fifth, once a turkey child dies, the ‘Heartbroken Big Turkey’ effect will be triggered and she will be temporarily released from her schizophrenic state.”

“Sixth, apart from in the eagle state, the turkey won’t kill her own children.”

“The lovely Turkey Cousin originally didn’t want to come to Earth to hatch her eggs. Who knew that her cousin would be beaten up by someone and Turkey Cousin could only bite the bullet and come here. Every monster in the Monster World knows that her temper isn’t as good as her cousin’s.”