Wuxiaworld > The Earth is Online > Chapter 81
Heavy footsteps were heard in the distance.

In the dimly lit supermarket, there was no electricity and all the lights were off. A white light show into the interior of the supermarket from the direction of the entrance. The footsteps were getting closer and closer. A huge turkey suddenly appeared in the light, a large bug stripped of its skin on the turkey’s back.

Her tiny eyes swept swiftly over the supermarket and found Tang Mo and the others. There was a strange smile on her face as she said happily, “My children, have you finally lined up? The big turkey’s greedy eyes swept across each player’s face. She couldn’t help swallowing the saliva in her mouth but also showed her love for her children.

This type of loving and greedy eyes made the big turkey look funny. She said, “Coo, are you hungry? Mother has brought you a delicious bug!”


The big bug was thrown to the ground and smashed in front of the players. The bug wasn’t dead. It was skinned by the turkey and desperately twisted on the ground. The big turkey stepped on its head, the pointed claws embedding in the bug’s flesh and causing it to scream in pain.

The two girls were unable to endure this scene and both of them turned to vomit. The blond boy was also pale and Ningning held out her hand to block him from looking.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo watched from a distance.

Xiao Jitong looked at the miserable bug before raising his head. “Mother, we already know how to line up.”

The big turkey was surprised. “Then hurry to line up and let Mother feed you this bug.”

No one in the supermarket talked anymore. The order of the queue had been discussed before the players separated. The first time they lined up would be the order in which they entered the instance. The two little girls were the first to enter the instance and the short-haired girl was the first. She trembled at the front of the line. Then there was the Xiao Jitong trio and they lined up in a row.

The short-haired girl was standing in front of the big turkey and she was so uncomfortable that she wanted to vomit. Tang Mo was the sixth person and he quickly walked over, with Fu Wenduo behind him.

All seven players were lined up. Tang Mo raised his head and looked at the big turkey. His gaze was on the turkey’s facing, trying to perceive a clue from the pointed mouth and tiny eyes. Tang Mo didn’t miss a single one of the turkey’s expressions whenever a player walked up. The same was true for Fu Wenduo who also carefully observed the changes in the big turkey.

Half an hour ago, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo had returned to the meats area. Tang Mo found Xiao Jitong and got straight to the point. “There are two possibilities. First, the turkey doesn’t know the correct order and only the black tower knows. When we stand in the right order, the black tower will speak. Second, the turkey knows the correct order. When we are lining up, we should look at her expressions and see if we can find any information from expression changes.”

Xiao Jitong showed a hint of surprise when he heard this and he looked deeply at Tang Mo. At this time, the short-haired high school student said, “Ah, Captain Xiao just said this. The turkey might become violent or expose information, so Captain Xiao told up to line up one by one and not to line up together.”

Tang Mo looked at Xiao Jitong who smiled back at him in tacit agreement.

Things were settled.

There were seven players and seven positions. If the turkey wasn’t on guard, she might show some special emotions when a player stands in the right place.

Tang Mo’s eyes didn’t move from the big turkey but unfortunately, the big turkey stared at the players with starving eyes from beginning to end, not showing any other emotions. Fu Wenduo stood behind Tang Mo and leaned forward to whisper, “There are no changes.”

Fu Wenduo received special training and his reconnaissance ability was very strong. Among the seven players, he was the most likely to discover any abnormalities in the turkey.

Tang Mo’s voice was calm. “It is likely that none of us are standing in the right positions. It is also possible that she doesn’t know the real order.”

Fu Wenduo said, “Or maybe she doesn’t care about players standing in the right position.”

The two of them exchanged opinions quickly. Once the turkey saw Fu Wenduo take his position, she made a strange cooing sound and lowered her head. The short-haired girl was in front of the turkey. She fearfully grabbed her companion’s hand behind her and stared at the strange turkey in front of her.

The next second, a sharp laugh was heard. “I told you to line up. You… why aren’t you lining up?”

The players’ expressions sank and they held their weapons. The two female students standing in front were scared and turned to run. Then the turkey raised her head. Tang Mo was surprised to see the big turkey’s eyes suddenly turn blood red. She was excited as she looked at the backs of the two running students and fiercely pushed off from the ground.

A clear child’s voice was heard at the same time.

“Ding dong! Players have lined up wrong and the big turkey will become schizophrenic, opening the side game ‘Eagle Catches the Chicks. The game time is one hour. After the beep, the countdown will begin.”

Beep! “3599, 3598, 3597…”

Xiao Jitong cried out loudly, “Run!”

The seven players had already turned and fled. Xiao Jitong’s trip ran in three different directions while the two little girls also scattered in different directions according to previous instructions. There was only one turkey so scattering was a way to ensure the player’s safety as much as possible. But Xiao Jitong had clearly underestimated the strength of the big turkey after the transformation.

The two little girls started running with the turkey first laughed. However, they had only run 10 metres when the timid girls started behind chased by the big turkey. The huge claws came from the rear and mercilessly struck the back of a girl. Sharp claws tore the female high school student’s clones and drew three deep scratches that revealed the bones.


The girl was slammed into the wall by the big turkey and two pieces of flesh fell down. The girl coughed up blood and the turkey watched her excited, uttering high pitched sounds. The next second, it turned around and chased the next person.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo hadn’t split up. After seeing this scene, Tang Mo realized a horrible thing and turned to look at Fu Wenduo.

The two of them looked at each other and nodded. They rushed up the electric staircase to the second floor of the supermarket at the fastest speed.

The big turkey was about to catch up with the second female student. The short-haired girl was running in horror. She was a little calmer than her companion and kept throwing knives behind her while running away in order to slow down the turkey. However, the turkey was faster than her and caught up in three seconds.

At this time, cheerful music was heard in the supermarket.

“Lalalala, I am an expert at selling newspapers…”

The actions of the big turkey momentarily paused and she looked down at her feet. She saw a yellow newspaper that her huge feet had stepped on. Then the newspaper exuded a faint white light. Suddenly, the newspaper tore apart and the bloody red eyes of the turkey immediately looked up. She saw countless brick-like thick newspapers fall from the sky. In the blink of an eye, the big turkey was buried in the newspaper pile that pushed down three shelves.

The short-haired girl rushed to escape.

The black tower was still counting down in a pleasant voice, “3539, 3538…”

One minute had passed.

Tang Mo saw countless newspapers bury the big turkey. He and Fu Wenduo hurried to the second floor of the supermarket. The two men directly ran to an employee’s office that they had previously found, locked the door and hid.

One minute was enough for seven players to split up and escape. Tang Mo panted quickly as he said, “Just now, it was a prop.”

Fu Wenduo agreed. “It was a one-time prop. Before the newspapers fell down, the newspaper that the big turkey stepped on disappeared.”

Tang Mo nodded. “However, it bought time. The girl deliberately went there because she knew the position of the trap that the little boy had laid. If the turkey hadn’t stepped on the prop and fell into the trap, the girl would be as badly wounded as her companion.” Tang Mo stopped and turned to Fu Wenduo. “…How bad do you think it is?”

Fu Wenduo was silent.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo had played many games together. Whether it was Pinocchio or the Iron Shoemaker, Fu Wenduo didn’t react much. But this time was a bit different. Fu Wenduo said, “The big turkey is very weak, much weaker than her cousin. If there wasn’t the lightning strike, we could kill her at any time even without our abilities. But after she turns into an eagle… she is very strong. Her speed isn’t slower than Pinocchio and she is much more powerful.”

Tang Mo recalled the situation he had just seen. “The eagle state might not be weaker than the Iron Shoemaker. The most important thing is that our abilities are blocked and our physical fitness has declined. I feel that my speed and strength are only one half of what they previously were. What about you?”

“I am almost the same.”

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo fighting together might not necessarily beat the Iron Shoemaker. They had a big change when combined with Xiao Jitong, Ningning and their props. However, they had no abilities and their physical strength was limited by this instance. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo cooperating might save their lives but it was impossible to kill the big turkey.

The black tower’s countdown was still continuing.

The big turkey was buried in the newspaper hill for two minutes. There was no sound in the supermarket as all seven players found hiding spots and avoided appearing. A minute later, a dull voice came from the supermarket floor. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo walked to the door, placing their ears against it.

It was as if heavy objects had hit the ground. The turkey had clearly pushed away the newspapers that had hit her.

Suddenly, “Coo! Where are you? I will eat you, eat all of you!”

There was a loud noise and the newspaper hill was completely pushed away by the big turkey. She screamed angrily and frantically searched the supermarket. The supermarket was very big but the big turkey was fast. She was like a lightning bolt, huge but not cumbersome as she ran through the first floor of the supermodel.

Once she ran to the supermarket’s bakery, she had run two metres when she suddenly stopped.

The turkey stopped at the shelves and didn’t move. Two seconds later, she let out a slow chuckle. Then she turned and looked into the dark bakery. A second later, a shout was heard, “Fucking turkey!” A small figure came out of the bakery. The blond boy ran out of the bakery with the sinister big turkey behind him.

The little boy’s physical fitness wasn’t as good as an adult and his ability was also restricted. He only ran two steps when he was caught by the turkey, a nail cutting his throat. At this moment, a silver ray shot from a distance. The turkey leaned her head back to escape the knife, causing the knife to slam into the wall.

In the study supplies section on the first floor of the supermarket, a woman in black stood and stared coldly at the big turkey.

One human and one turkey looked at each other like this. The next second, the two moved and rushed towards each other.

The banging sound constantly rang out on the first floor of the supermarket and soon reached the second floor. Ningning waved a slender silver knife to block the claws of the turkey. However, she was smashed by the strong force and flew into a wall.

There were no wounds on the turkey while Ningning was covered in blood. She panted as she leaned against the wall but the turkey didn’t give her time to rest, directly rushing over. Ningning quickly moved to the side to avoid this blow. The big turkey smiled and unexpectedly waved the huge wings towards her head.

Ningning’s eyes widened. She couldn’t dodge so she placed her knife in front of her, intending to block. At this moment, the big turkey suddenly stopped her actions and stepped backwards. The sound was slower than the bullet. There was a gunshot in the supermarket as a bullet pierced the wall. This shot was so accurate that it forced the big turkey to stop. The big turkey turned her head, red eyes staring fiercely into the depths of the supermarket.

The next moment, two figured broke through a door and flew out of the room.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo took two different directions as they attacked the big turkey. Ningning froze for a moment before soon recovering and wielding the long knife to join the team attacking the big turkey.

The speed of the three people were extremely fast, with Ningning’s speed unexpectedly being the fastest. She was like a fish, relying on her flexibility to attack the big turkey. Fu Wenduo was the main attack force as he constantly sealed the movements of the big turkey with his gun. The turkey angrily stretched out her claws towards Fu Wenduo, while Tang Mo read a spell and the pink parasol appeared in front of Fu Wenduo. It opened and blocked the front of Fu Wenduo’s body.

The claws of the big turkey struck the small parasol. Tang Mo was shocked and fell backwards. Fu Wenduo grabbed his hand and pulled him back.

The two people glanced at each other and understood their meaning.

Then Ningning shouted, “Go to the first floor. Xiao Qiao is ready!”

Tang Mo closed the small parasol and stabbed the big turkey. Fu Wenduo moved behind him and attacked from the other direction. He stepped on the wings of the big turkey. The big turkey avoided Tang Mo’s parasol while waving her wings to keep Fu Wenduo away.

Fu Wenduo cried out, “Tang Mo!”


Fu Wenduo waved his fingers and a dark dagger appeared in his hands. He held the dagger and pointed it at the big turkey’s wings. At the same time, Tang Mo opened the parasol. The big turkey stared at Fu Wenduo’s dagger with horror and tried to avoid it. But Fu Wenduo was too fast to be avoided.

The seemingly ordinary black dagger marked the wings of the big turkey. Tang Mo’s small parasol hadn’t caused any injuries to her yet this dagger easily cut the wings of the big turkey, causing her to scream in pain and anger.


At this time, Tang Mo completely opened the parasol and arrived in front of the big turkey. He looked at Fu Wenduo and Fu Wenduo looked at him. Fu Wenduo reached out a hand and grabbed the parasol’s handle with Tang Mo. The two people pushed hard, mercilessly pushing the big turkey down from the second floor of the supermarket.

There was a bang as the big turkey fell from the second floor to the first floor.

Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo and Ningning held the stairs with one hand and jumped down.

Far away in the frozen foods area, a blond boy waved his hands. “Here, over here!”

The Tang Mo trio glanced at each other and rushed to attack the big turkey who was gradually recovering.

The big turkey appeared more cautious after having her wings cut by Fu Wenduo. She was no longer careless and always paid attention to Fu Wenduo’s dagger, not giving him the opportunity to attack. The three people fought the big turkey, pushing her towards the little boy.

The turkey became aware that something was wrong, realizing that it wouldn’t be good if this continued. She suddenly turned to look at Ningning. The blood red eyes stared at Ningning, causing her heart to tighten. She no longer attacked the turkey with Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, turning to flee.

But how could the turkey let her run? “Coo!”

The turkey pursued Ningning with Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo chasing behind her.

Tang Mo cried out, “Run to that place!”

“Okay!” Ningning nodded and ran to the blond boy. With her speed, she would surely be caught by the big turkey before she made it. The blond boy discovered the problem and his expression changed. He picked up a piece of red jade from the ground and shouted, “Captain, come and help!”

The little boy ran to Ningning and the big turkey. The big turkey was just about to overtake Ningning when the little boy threw the red stone, smashing it into the turkey’s body.

The moment that the stone landed on the big turkey, the place where it turned turned to stone. The turkey had a big palm-shaped place on her chest that became stone, but this stone was soon returned to its original state.

The little boy shouted, “Captain!”


Tang Mo saw a black figure slipping across the ground, a dark object in his hand. Looking closely, it seemed to be a kite wheel. Xiao Jitong moved from the second floor to the first floor. Before the stone on the big turkey’s chest completely returned to normal, he ran to the position where the little boy just stood and threw the kite wheel forward.

There was a sound and a slender kite rope flew out from the wheel, tying to the wings injured by Fu Wenduo. The turkey was momentarily astonished and didn’t understand what this rope was meant for. The next second, she was tied up by this rope and finally understood the players’ intentions.

“Coo!!” The big turkey roared anxiously but it had already entered the Xiao Jitong trio’s chain trap.

Like falling dominoes, the traps didn’t stop once the first one fell. Tang Mo watched the poor turkey being tortured by various traps in succession. She was cut by a thousand knives and her flesh wasn’t hurt at all. She was roasted by fire and she was unharmed. Like the big mole said, ordinary fire couldn’t burn the turkey.

The black tower was still counting down happily as Tang Mo watched the big turkey being tossed by the traps. Nothing could hurt this big turkey. She seemed to be a wall of iron. She might be screaming angrily but there was no fear on her face. This lasted until she was pushed to the centre of the supermarket by a red puppet, where a blue transparent drop slowly fell towards her head.

For the first time, panic appeared on the big turkey’s face. She looked at the drop of water and screamed.


Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo stepped forward with surprise, while Xiao Jitong, Xiao Qiao and Ningning also looked shocked. This drop of water was about to fall on the body of the big turkey. Two centimeters, one centimeter, when—

“Ding dong! Player George Edward has triggered the ‘Crazy Matricide’ effect and will receive the punishment of a lightning bolt.”

The water droplet evaporated before touching the big turkey. The blond boy had been looking ecstatic and now her expression distorted. A variety of emotions crossed his face before settling on hate. He bitterly cursed in English, “Fuck you!”


Silver lightning fell from the sky towards the boy’s head, throwing him backwards.

The turkey got free and roared at the players. She stretched out her claws and slammed into Ningning. This time her speed was twice as fast as before, not giving anyone time to react. She struck Ningning with the claws, causing Ningning to cough up blood. The turkey was just about to act again when a voice full of regrets sounded.

“…1, 0.”

“Ding dong! The Eagle Catches the Chicks game has ended.”

At these words, the turkey froze in place. Her eyes slowly turned back to black and she stiffly walked to the side of the green bug. Her wings folded and she lay down on the ground, actually sleeping.

After waiting a while to make sure the turkey was no longer moving, all players felt relieved. Tang Mo closed the small parasol, supporting himself with the tip against the ground as he wiped the blood from his lips.

After one hour of fleeing and fighting, Ningning and the girl initially attacked were the most seriously injured. Tang Mo was slightly injured while Fu Wenduo didn’t have any serious problems.

The turkey was sleeping and the two girls hiding in the dark finally dared to come out.

The short-haired girl was carrying her companion, weeping as she emerged from the darkness. The companion on her back had already passed out. She was covered in blood and the wound on her back gaped open, revealing red internal organs.

“Save her, save Yuanyuan. I’m begging you, please save her…”

Xiao Jitong checked the injured before taking out a bottle of mineral water and pouring it on the girl’s wound. Once the mineral water was poured, the blood from the wound gradually stopped. Xiao Jitong explained, “Her physical fitness isn’t high enough and is being limited right now. Her life has been temporarily saved and the wound should heal after one hour. However, it will be hard to save her again if she is seriously injured one more time.”

The seven individuals checked their injuries and handled them.

There was a cut on the back of Tang Mo’s hand that was caused by the turkey’s claws. Due to the decline in his physical abilities, his healing was weakened and the wound wasn’t completely healed. The flesh was open on both sides, exposing blood vessels and white bones.

There were still two chances to use the earthworm’s tears. Tang Mo didn’t want to waste it on this little injury.

A low male voice rang out, “Is that a prop?’

Xiao Jitong turned and looked at Fu Wenduo. “Are you talking about this?” He shook the bottle of mineral water that was half empty. “Ah, it is a prop that can treat small wounds. Do you want it?”

“Thank you.”

Fu Wenduo took the bottle of mineral water and came to Tang Mo’s side. “Do you want it?”

Tang Mo wasn’t too polite and reached out his hand.

Fu Wenduo poured the mineral water on Tang Mo’s hand and then on his own arm. Once the water was poured, their wounds healed at a rate visible to the naked eye. This healing rate was too fast, faster than Ningning’s speed. Xiao Jitong saw this scene and narrowed his eyes.

A moment later, he smiled and asked, “The black tower’s second floor?”

Tang Mo looked at him. He knew Xiao Jitong’s meaning and didn’t refute it, asking instead, “What about you?”

Xiao Jitong said, “The black tower’s second floor, the black tower’s second floor.” He pointed to himself and Ningning. Finally, he pointed to the little boy. “Xiao Qiao and his teammates went to the first floor two days ago. I am very grateful that in a reality instance, the difficulty of the instance doesn’t really change according to the players’ strength. Otherwise… I don’t know what type of game we would encounter.”

The short-haired girl wondered, “I… Yuanyuan and I haven’t cleared the black tower yet. Is it possible that the order of the line is related to the number of floors we cleared in the black tower?”

This proposal gave Xiao Jitong an idea and he was preparing to speak when a yawn was heard from behind them.

The group looked at the rear with vigilance. The green bug still wasn’t dead. It was wriggling and trying to move to the door. The big turkey lazily opened her eyes and a wing shot out towards the bug. She scolded, “Idiot, you still want to run?” Then she looked up at the players and started to scream.

“Ahhh! Who is it? Who made my lovely children like this?!”

No one cared about the big turkey’s posturing. Her poor acting was like a taunt to the players. The turkey wiped the tears that didn’t exist and said, “My children, are you okay? Oh, are you dead?” She went to the unconscious girl’s side.

The short-haired girl angrily moved in front of her friend. The big turkey gave her a strange smile. The short-haired girl didn’t dare speak. She could only glare at the big turkey.

The big turkey raised her wings, pretending to wipe at her tears. She planned to say something full of motherly love with a magnetic and low male voice interrupted her. “The second round of questions has begun. The first question, what is the special meaning of the Eagle Catches the Chicks game?”

The turkey stiffened while wiping her tears and turned to look at Fu Wenduo.