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The big turkey was physically strong but not bulky. It was like a bomb exploded as she screamed and slammed into Fu Wenduo. Fu Wenduo avoided this charge and two rows of shelves were knocked over by the turkey. In the billowing smoke, the big turkey turned her head and attacked again.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo looked at each other before dividing into two opposite directions, striking the big turkey.

The small parasol opened and blocked the sharp claws of the turkey. Fu Wenduo held the dagger and raised it from the bottom of the small parasol at a speed that was hard for the naked eye to follow. It tipped upwards and cut the chest of the big turkey. The big turkey already knew about the power of this dagger and one claw seized the dagger.

The red turkey claws collided with the black dagger, causing sparks to fly.


The big turkey waved her wings angrily and it was blocked by the small parasol, causing Tang Mo to take three steps back. The big turkey shook off Tang Mo and attacked Fu Wenduo again. Fu Wenduo was stunned and immediately retreated. In the dim supermarket, the two people and one turkey were separated by five metres and stood in an isosceles triangle. The big turkey’s sullen gaze lingered on Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo.

The next second, the three of them attacked at the same time.

Bang bang bang!

While Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo fought with the big turkey, Xiao Jitong and the little boy ran to a corner and carried the short-haired girl somewhere else. Xiao Jitong said, “Look for a safe place where you can prepare the Banana Wine.”

The little boy nodded.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were containing the big turkey on one side while Xiao Jitong and the short-haired girl quickly disappeared into the supermarket. They headed to the manager’s office on the first floor of the supermarket. As soon as Xiao Qiao entered the room, he quickly locked the door. He took out a yellow boxed drink from his pocket, similar to the banana milk sold in the supermarket. The yellow carton had blood-red font on it in big characters.

[Banana Wine]

It started in crooked small print: The underground person’s favourite wine, with annual sales equivalent to 100 laps around the black tower!

Xiao Jitong took this box of Banana Wine, ripped open the straw packaging and put the straw into the mouth of the short-haired girl. At this time, the short-haired girl’s companion secretly ran over. She had watched as the big turkey attacked the short-haired girl and didn’t dare approach. Tears flowed down as the long-haired girl witnessed the misery of her companion. She held her companion and sobbed.

The Banana Wine in the box decreased and the face of the short-haired girl became rosier.

Outside the office, the fighting never stopped. The speed of the big turkey was becoming faster and faster. This time, her strength was higher than the previous Eagle Catches the Chicks game. Her claws swung towards Tang Mo and Tang Mo moved to the side to avoid it. Three deep scratches were drawn on the wall, revealing the steel bars inside.

The turkey skin was hard and the small parasol couldn’t penetrate it. Only Fu Wenduo’s dagger could deal damage. After the last lesson, the big turkey was already wary of Fu Wenduo’s dagger, not giving him the opportunity to attack. She was keenly aware that Tang Mo was the weaker of the two and constantly attacked Tang Mo, forcing Fu Wenduo to pursue her.

The two people and the turkey hit every corner of the supermarket. Fu Wenduo’s bullets were all used all and the big turkey seized this chance to attack Fu Wenduo, sharp claws aiming at his head. Fu Wenduo rolled on the ground to avoid it. Who would’ve expected the big turkey to suddenly turn and fly towards Tang Mo?

Tang Mo had been preparing to save Fu Wenduo. Things abruptly changed, causing him to open the small parasol with horror. However, the big turkey was faster than him. The sharp claws were about to pierce Tang Mo’s chest! A silver light flashed past Tang Mo’s face. The big turkey immediately stopped attacking and dodged the arrow. She turned her head to look.

She saw that on top of the automatic staircase, a woman in black stood on the second floor of the supermarket, staring at the turkey coldly. Ningning was holding a silver crossbow and it was the arrow she fired that the big turkey was forced to dodge. Tang Mo took this opportunity to run to Fu Wenduo and met him.

The big turkey let out a dull cry and her tiny eyes looked back and forth between the three players. Suddenly, she roared and rushed towards the lone Ningning.

Ningning raised the bow and a silver ray of light appeared on it as she pulled back the bowstring. The next second, she quickly fired and three silver lights shot at a very fast speed towards the fire turkey. The fire turkey avoided them and rushed to the second floor of the supermarket.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo immediately took the stairs and pursued the turkey.

Time passed and the black tower’s delighted countdown rang through the supermarket. Dead silence filled the first floor of the supermarket. On the second floor, three powerful players competed with the big turkey. Without the deadly blue water droplet, Xiao Qiao’s traps could only delay the turkey a little big and couldn’t cause real damage.

The Tang Mo trio joined hands. The big turkey couldn’t hurt them but they also couldn’t hurt the big turkey.

Fu Wenduo cried out, “Be careful!”

The big turkey attacked with her claws. Tang Mo turned to avoid it but he wasn’t fast enough, a thin wound appearing on his cheek. Red blood slowly seeped out.

Fu Wenduo’s face was solemn while Tang Mo placed one hand on the ground as support, raising the other to wipe the blood on his cheek. He solemnly looked at Fu Wenduo and Ningning. The three people nodded. No one spoke but they had reached an realization.

Their speed had dropped.

Their hunger wasn’t obvious at first and Tang Mo hadn’t paid attention while fighting. But this hunger didn’t disappear. As they continued to fight the big turkey, hunger gradually filled their body. Tang Mo realized that his speed had slowed down and his strength decreased. Otherwise, he would’ve been able to escape from the big turkey’s attack just now.

Tang Mo quickly said, “They have saved the person. Withdraw!”


The three people immediately split up while the big turkey chased them.

In the supermarket, the black tower’s countdown continued:

“…60, 50, 58…”

There was only one minute left. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo ran down from the supermarket’s second floor, Tang Mo ran west while Fu Wenduo ran east. The turkey looked at Tang Mo before turning to chase Fu Wenduo. Tang Mo hesitated for a moment. Then he gritted his teeth and turned to help Fu Wenduo. For a time, the big turkey chased Fu Wenduo while Tang Mo chased the big turkey. The two people and big turkey ran back and forth in the supermarket.

Once the countdown reached the last 10 seconds, the big turkey caught up with Fu Wenduo. She knocked over the shelves next to Fu Wenduo, blocking the way. Then she rushed towards Fu Wenduo. At this time, a pink parasol appeared in front of her.

Tang Mo cried out, “Fu Wenduo!”

Fu Wenduo immediately understood what he meant. Tang Mo stood behind the big turkey, blocking her head with the small parasol. Fu Wenduo no longer ran away, turning to attack instead. The black dagger was like death as it moved up from under the big turkey’s wings. The hard wings were split into two halves, as if cutting tofu.

The big turkey’s angry roar echoed in the supermarket while the black tower reported the last two numbers.

“…1, 0.”

“Ding dong! The Eagle Catches the Chicks game has ended.”

The big turkey’s scream echoed in Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo’s ears. But the sound stopped as soon as the black tower spoke. The big turkey’s right wing was only attached to her body by a thin layer of skin. Tang Mo put away his umbrella while the turkey stared at Fu Wenduo with red eyes.

Slowly, her eyes turned black. The big turkey turned her head stiffly and moved to the meat foods area, lying on the ground and sleeping.

At this point, the second round of the Eagle Catches the Chicks game official ended.

Tang Mo finally felt relief after the game was over. He had a sharp adrenaline rush when struggling with the big turkey and hadn’t felt any pain or tension. Now that everything was over, he felt a terrible pain from his arm. Tang Mo pulled up his sleeves and saw a deep scratch from his wrist to his elbow, revealing the white bone.

Fu Wenduo also suffered some injuries. His thigh was mercilessly hit by the turkey and the leg bones somewhat broken. He hadn’t shown it when running away but now he limped to Tang Mo’s side, looking down at his arm.

Fu Wenduo asked, “How is it?”

Tang Mo rolled up his sleeves to prevent his clothes from touching the wound. He shook his head. “It is nothing. Just now, the big turkey wanted to scratch me beyond the small parasol. What about you?”

“It doesn’t matter. I should be able to walk normally after an hour.”

Once the Eagle Catches the Chicks game finished, the turkey fell into a deep sleep. Ningning, who was hiding on the second floor, and Xiao Jitong’s group of four, who were hiding in the office, all came out. After seeing the big turkey that had fallen asleep, the long-haired girl was so angry that so wanted to go up and kick the turkey, but her companion stopped her.

The short-haired girl’s health had been restored by the Banana Wine. She previously had the appearance of death and now she was just a bit pale. She hated the big turkey. She always wanted to tear the turkey to pieces but she knew it was useless.

The short-haired girl took a deep breath and looked at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. “Thank you.”

Tang Mo raised his eyebrows and said lightly, “They are the ones who saved you.” He glanced at Xiao Jitong and Xiao Qiao.

The short-haired girl’s eyes were resolute. “But you delayed the time and allowed Xiao Qiao and Captain Xiao to save me. I heard it from Captain Xiao so thank you.”

The other person said so, not giving Tang Mo room to refute it. He just looked at Xiao Jitong.

The turkey wasn’t away but the seven players didn’t look very good. Xiao Jitong saw that Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were injured and took out a second bottle of mineral water. He gave it to Ningning to heal her wounds before handing the bottle to Fu Wenduo. Fu Wenduo wasn’t polite and took the mineral water to heal himself and Tang Mo.

With their body’s recovery, they could move normally in one hour but the wounds wouldn’t help completely. Using a prop to speed up the recovery was the best option.

After ensuring that everyone’s injuries were dealt with and making sure that the big turkey wasn’t awake, Xiao Jitong’s expression gradually sank. He looked at the players present and spoke in a serious tone. “We lined up in the wrong order.” The big turkey might lie but it was absolutely impossible for the black tower to deceive them. The order they lined up in was indeed wrong.

The short haired girl thought, “Captain Xiao, should I switch places with Yuanyuan? Next time I will line up in Yuanyuan’s spot.”

Tang Mo said, “Perhaps it isn’t that simple.”

The whole group looked at him.

Tang Mo’s brain worked quickly as he carefully recalled everything that happened in the last hour. Finally he said calmly, “In the last Eagle Catches the Chicks game, we noticed that the big turkey was attacking one target… Ningning. The turkey has a fixed target. She might hurt other players but she can only kill the last player. But this time, the big turkey didn’t try to catch her.”

Xiao Jitong then spoke. “Yes, we speculated that the big turkey must follow the ‘Eagle Catches the Chicks’ rules and only kill the last player. Therefore, we thought that Ningning was ranked last.” Xiao Jitong looked at Fu Wenduo. “…But this time, the turkey tried to catch Mr. Tang Ji in the Eagle Catches the Chicks game.”

The long-haired girl didn’t understand. “Why? Shouldn’t she be catching the last player?”

Tang Mo pondered on it and Xiao Jitong also didn’t speak.

Their previous reasoning was based on ‘Ningning is last while Xiao Qiao is second.’ If Ningning wasn’t last, the order of ‘official players, reserves and stowaways’ that they speculated on was likely to be wrong. Things would return to the original point.

Fu Wenduo speculated in a low voice. “She can only catch the player who is ranked last the first time. Once the player successfully escapes, she can move forward in the sequence and grab the second-last player.”

Xiao Jitong said, “This is possible but this rule isn’t the same as ordinary Eagle Catches the Chicks games.”

Tang Mo also thought of Fu Wenduo’s speculation and his line of thinking was the same as Xiao Jitong. However, there were also two answers to explain the difference in the big turkey’s actions.

Tang Mo guessed, “The first possibility is like Tang Ji said. She can only catch the last chick the first time, then she will move forward to catch the second and third last. But this speculation is a bit farfetched.” Tang Mo thought about it before continuing to speak. “This doesn’t meet the normal Eagle Catches the Chicks game.” There is a second possibility…”

Fu Wenduo spoke for Tang Mo. “The order has changed?”

Tang Mo looked at him and nodded. “Right, the order has changed. Suppose the big turkey really can only catch the last player. In the first game, Ningning was really ranked last. The next time we lined up, Tang Ji is in last place. It is possible that the queuing order has changed. However…”

“That probability is less than 20%.” Xiao Jitong shook his head with a smile.

The group looked at him.

Once Tang Mo spoke his two possibilities, Xiao Jitong was immediately aware of his concerns. He spoke what Tang Mo suspected, “If this is the case, the game is very unfair to players. In every black tower game, the games are mostly fair. There is no absolutely fairness in this world but the black tower will try to be as fair as possible and ensure that both sides don’t get too much advantages. Unless a single game person is too powerful, the black tower will make restrictions in the game itself. This reality instance has placed restrictions on the players, not the big turkey.”

Xiao Jitong looked at the big turkey. “Players can’t kill the big turkey. When the big turkey turns into an eagle, she can be wounded but not killed. When she isn’t an eagle, subjective injuries aren’t allowed. There is only one restriction on the big turkey. In her normal form, she can’t harm his children. In contrast, players are limited a lot. But the black tower must be fair.”

Fu Wenduo grabbed the opening. “There is another restriction. In the Eagle Catches the Chicks game, she can only kill a fixed player.”

Xiao Jitong suddenly stopped speaking and looked at Fu Wenduo. It wasn’t just him. Ningning also turned to look at Fu Wenduo.

The two girls didn’t understand Fu Wenduo’s meaning. The long-haired girl asked, “Isn’t that what we knew before? The turkey must kill the last player, it must follow the rules of the Eagle Catches the Chicks game. Why are you saying it again?”

Fu Wenduo didn’t speak and Tang Mo spoke for him. “We will continue and not pay attention to this.”

The two girls were confused while the little boy looked at the adults with strange expressions. His eyes suddenly brightened and he was about to speak when he covered his mouth.

If the main game ‘lining up to eat insects’ had restrictions on the players, then the side game ‘Eagle Catches the Chicks’ actually had restrictions on the big turkey.

First of all, the big turkey could only kill a fixed player in the game i.e. the player who was last. She could injure other people but could actually only kill the last person. This was a fact that everyone had discovered in the first round of the game. But what Fu Wenduo just said was something more brutal.

In this round of the Eagle Catches the Chicks game, the turkey hadn’t expected the short-haired girl to die from a random wave of her wings. This was also unexpected for the big turkey. She hadn’t attacked too much. If the short-haired girl died, it would definitely be an accident. The big turkey was stunned for a few seconds and her first reaction was to find Fu Wenduo.

She almost exhausted all efforts to kill Fu Wenduo. Fu Wenduo must die before the short-haired girl died.

It was different from the first round of the game, where she only exposed her desire to kill Ningning at the end. This time, the short-haired girl was dying after just 10 minutes, making the big turkey try wholeheartedly to kill Fu Wenduo.

If the short-haired girl dying would trigger the ‘Heartbroken Big Turkey’ effect, the big turkey would immediately be released from her schizophrenic state and the Eagle Catches the Chicks game would end. There was no need to be so urgent when the game would just end. At that time, the anxious behavior of the big turkey wasn’t the mentality that ‘since a player is already dying, let’s kill more players.’ It was more like she was grabbing at a lifeline.

Before the short-haired girl died, the big turkey must killed Fu Wenduo.

In the Eagle Catches the Chicks game, the eagle was asked to catch the last player. What if the eagle caught someone who wasn’t the last player?

The eagle would violate the rules of the game.

The fifth rule seemed to be a hint to the players, suggesting that the players could end the Eagle Catches the Chicks game by killing their companions. But it was actually a restriction on the big turkey. She could hurt any player at will but she could only kill the last chick. It doesn’t matter if the chicks in other positions dies at the hands of the players. It was only when the big turkey killed the players in other positions that the rules of the game was violated.

This was the biggest limit on the big turkey.

Tang Mo’s gaze slipped over the body pieces on the ground. He couldn’t help thinking, what did the players who survived after killing their companions finally see? When there was only one person left, what did they encounter?

Tang Mo thought helplessly that perhaps when the last person was left, the big turkey would hand over the bodies of the six dead people to them and tell them that they still had to line up.

This was all just Tang Mo’s speculations. But there was no doubt that at least half of the previous 150 players had killed each other. It was just a pity that none of them found the real restrictions on the big turkey. Suppose they discovered it and rather than killing their companions, they found a way for the big turkey to kill the players.

The big turkey violating the rules of the game meant that even if the players didn’t win, the big turkey had lost. The end was still the same.

Among the seven current players, including Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, they weren’t interested in using the ‘big turkey killing the wrong person’ as a method of clearing the game. At least for the last moment, Tang Mo thought he wouldn’t do that.

…Unless there was no other choice.

Things finally returned to the starting point.

Xiao Jitong said, “I believe that the order of the queue is fixed. In the fourth rule of the games, players can ask the big turkey a question and the big turkey can’t lie. Assuming that the order has changed, the correct answer given by the big turkey should also change. For example, I previously asked him if Xiao Qiao is in first place. She told me that Xiao Qiao was ranked second and next time he should be ranked third etc. But she didn’t say that.”

The short-haired girl thought, “Maybe it just spoke the order in one round and this isn’t considered a lie?”

Xiao Jitong said, “In this case, the game is more unfair to players.”

The short-haired girl thought for a while and didn’t say anything else. She also agreed with Xiao Jitong’s view.

“If the order of the queue changes, even a regular change, would have an impact on the player’s questions. The answer to the question can’t be guaranteed to be a clue and the player’s right to obtain information would become a great disadvantage. This isn’t fair to the players.” Xiao Jitong paused before continuing. “It isn’t impossible for the order of the queue to change but the probability is less than 20%. I think that the order should be fixed.”

The little boy raised his hand. “I feel the same way.”

Ningning said, “I have no opinion.”

The two little girls nodded by default.

Xiao Jitong eyed Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. Tang Mo stood to one side and didn’t speak. Fu Wenduo stood next to Tang Mo and didn’t interject. It was clear that everyone’s opinions were unified. Xiao Jitong laughed. “In this case, next time we will follow the same order but the two of you will change positions.”

The two little girls nodded. “Okay.”

Tang Mo asked, “Then what questions should we ask next?”

Xiao Jitong was turning his head to say ‘We have to discuss this’ when a yawning sound was heard. Everyone stiffened and turned to see the big turkey waking up from a deep sleep.

After five minutes of sleep, the blood on the big turkey’s wings had dried up and the wounds gradually scarred. She had a terrible resilience. Fu Wenduo had just cut off her wings but now the flesh was growing at a speed visible to the naked eye. It was estimated that the wings would grow back but they wouldn’t be as strong as before.

She turned her head and saw the seven chicks.

The big turkey giggled. “Coo, my lovely child…” She seemed to be laughing but the voice was mixed with hatred and anger. She suffered from such a serious injury and almost accidentally killed the short-haired girl. The big turkey was no longer in the mood to play the loving mother. She stared angrily at the seven players while her mouth spoke concerned words. The big turkey gritted her teeth. “My child, mother is going to find a bug for you again. What do you want to eat this time?”

When she said ‘what do you want to eat’, the big turkey’s voice became heavier and her eyes stopped on the players. It seemed that as long as the black tower gave permission, the turkey wouldn’t hesitate to jump up and eat all her children.

Tang Mo had already thought about what questions to ask and stepped forward. “She…” His voice stopped. Tang Mo thought about it. “From the beginning to the end of the game, Yuanyuan is ranked first.”

The long-haired girl never thought that her name would come from Tang Mo’s mouth. She looked at Tang Mo with astonishment and felt strange.

The big turkey stared at Tang Mo with narrowed eyes. She couldn’t forget that this human worked with the other one and almost cut off her wings. The big turkey sneered and looked at Xiao Jitong. “My lovely child, what question do you have to ask this time?”

Xiao Jitong laughed. “From the beginning to the end of the game. That is good. I would also like to ask. Mother, from the beginning to the end of the game, is Xiao Qiao ranked first?”

The big turkey stared at Tang Mo and Xiao Jitong with cold eyes. After a long while, she said, “These are two really good questions. Mother will tell you, of course he is in second place. The big turkey pointed to Xiao Qiao. Then he turned to the girl with long hair. “She is ranked fifth.”

Xiao Jitong nodded thoughtfully. He wanted to speak when the big turkey suddenly said, “Mother will go and catch a bug for you. When she turned to leave, her angry feet seemed to crack the ground. She was clearly in a hurry and no longer wanted to talk nonsense with this group of players. She couldn’t wait to become an eagle and to tear these players into pieces.

The sudden departure of the big turkey surprised the players for a moment but they soon stopped paying attention.

Everything must be well prepared. Xiao Jitong said, “As I guessed, Xiao Qiao is still in second place. She doesn’t seem to be lying. She is lying about the fifth place. The correct order should be fixed and unchanged. The reason for the change in the people she chases has nothing to do with the order of the queue. This time, there should be no problem with the order and we will end this absurd game.”

The group nodded.

After a while, the long-haired girl suddenly thought. “Wait Captain Xiao, if… if the order isn’t right, won’t the turkey start catching players again?”

Xiao Jitong was silent for a moment before nodding.

The long-haired girl’s eyes widened. “The first time was the last place and then the second last place. The next time is me…” Her voice stopped and the long-haired girl turned to her companion. “No, I’m not fifth place. Fifth place is… Xiaoyun?”

The short-haired girl paled and she bit her lips without talking. His bitten lips quickly started bleeding.

In this game, no one could help her. Under normal circumstances, Tang Mo wouldn’t watch the short-haired girl die and he would save her. But if the short-haired girl was being hunted by the fire turkey, he could only help her while protecting his life. The same was true for the other people.

They could help the long-haired girl but they knew they weren’t the opponent of the big turkey.

The short-haired girl didn’t say anything.

In the quiet supermarket, everyone was busy with their own things and no one took the initiative to comfort her.

At this time, no one expected Ningning to suddenly speak. “This game obviously has a trap. It is to mislead players into killing each other and to gain survival opportunities. However, more than 150 people died and no one cleared the instance. Therefore, killing a companion definitely isn’t the final method of clearing the instance and the reduction of people might even have an impact on the queue.”

The short-haired girl quickly looked up at her.

Ningning had no expression on her face but her words just hinted that at the very least, everyone wouldn’t just watch her go to her death. This game obviously wasn’t about killing companions and the death of their companions might lead to another trap. As for whether she became injured, it was her own problem. No one was obliged to help her.

The two girls didn’t pester the other players to help them. They searched through the supermarket and took out the few props they owned to increase their own chances of survival.

Everyone was ready to line up and the seven players gathered together. Tang MO took out a pack of biscuits and handed one over to Ningning standing beside him.

Ningning looked at Tang Mo with no expression and didn’t say anything.

Tang Mo said, “I found it in the corner of the supermarket and hasn’t expired. Eating something might reduce your sense of anger.”

When Ningning had fought side by side with Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, they found that due to this strange hunger, their speed and strength dropped. She didn’t refuse and took two biscuits to eat. Xiao Jitong and the others also ate the biscuits.

This feeling of hunger didn’t diminish but at least everyone would be comforted psychologically.

Xiao Jitong wondered, “This hunger might be the chicks’ hunger. The chicks should’ve eaten the bugs long ago but we haven’t found the right order and couldn’t eat. This hunger will become stronger and stronger, causing our strength to drop and it will be harder to escape the big turkey. This game couldn’t be dragged out to the end. The strength of normal players meant it was impossible for them to survive three rounds without killing their companions. It was impossible to continue and their spirits would collapse as the big turkey kept teasing them.”

The only answer was the sound of Tang Mo biting his biscuits. Fu Wenduo also took a biscuit from Tang Mo and ate it.

Xiao Jitong smiled and shook his head, not saying anything else.

Knowing the reason wouldn’t be any use. They would still be hungry and their strength would fall.

One hour passed and the big turkey came back. This time, she was empty-handed. After careful observations, Tang Mo found a tiny green bug. The big turkey was too lazy to even pretend this time. She just throw the bug on the ground and sneered. “Line up my lovely children.”

The group didn’t waste any time. Tang Mo ate the last biscuit and stood in first place. Then it was Xiao Qiao and Xiao Jitong.

The seven players stood in their positions, staring warily at the big turkey.

Once Ningning stood in the last spot, the big turkey laughed strangely. She didn’t waste a second as she madly rushed towards Tang Mo. Tang Mo might’ve been prepared but he still got a deep scratch on his hand. A clear child’s voice was heard like a death horn.

“Ding dong! Players have lined up wrong and the big turkey will become schizophrenic, opening the side game ‘Eagle Catches the Chicks…”

Despair inevitably came. The short-haired girl’s eyes became tearful and she ran without looking back. Fortunately, Tang Mo was standing near the big turkey and she took the initiative to attack him, giving the short-haired girl time to escape. Tang Mo used the small parasol to block several attacks, found and opportunity and fled.

In the huge supermarket, the seven players once again hid. The big turkey stood in the middle of the meat foods area and a pair of red eyes looked around. The next second, she ran wildly. There was a terrible laughter and the sound of two feet running in the supermarket. The big turkey laughed like a madman while looking for the players. “Come out, give yourselves to me. Kill you, I’m going to kill you!”

In the Eagle Catches the Chicks game, a hide-and-seek game suddenly started.

The big turkey searched the first floor of the supermarket for 20 minutes without finding someone. She quickly ran to the second floor of the supermarket.

Players couldn’t leave the supermarket but they could walk anywhere in the supermarket. The short-haired girl trembled with fear as she squatted in the air duct of the supermarket, fear sweeping through her brain. After hearing the turkey run to the second floor, she sighed with relief, a drop of sweat falling from her forehead and down the duct towards the ground.

She waited for the sound of the sweat hitting the ground, only to stiffen and slowly lower her head.

Beneath the vent, the large and bloody turkey was standing, grinning up at her. The turkey raised her claws and caught the sweat. Her mouth slowly widened as she gently said, “My child… Mother is here.”


The turkey hit the ceiling with her claws and the short-haired girl fell to the ground. She didn’t have time to hesitate or feel fear, instantly getting up and running. The big turkey played with her prey, chasing behind her. The short-haired girl ran away with all her strength, the big turkey following one metre behind her. The turkey kept this distance while attacking with her claws.

The short-haired girl knew that the turkey was playing with her but didn’t dare slow down.

She was chased by the big turkey for half an hour. Her spirit was on the verge of despair and she was going to collapse at any time. Once there were only a few minutes left, a greedy light flashed in the turkey’s eyes and she whispered, “Coo, I will eat you…” The turkey swung her claw again. This time it wasn’t a casual attack as she aimed to split apart the short-haired girl’s head.

The short-haired girl shouted with horror. “Help me!”


A silver glow came from behind towards the big turkey’s claws. The big turkey smiled and turned to see Ningning holding the bow. Immediately afterwards, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo attacked from the left and right sides. The little parasol opened and Fu Wenduo fired bullets.

The bullet was the fastest, rubbing against the small parasol and forcing the big turkey to take a step back. The big turkey couldn’t hide and the small parasol hit her body.

Tang Mo quickly ran up, picking up the small parasol from the ground while his other hand pulled Fu Wenduo forward, flinging Fu Wenduo into the air. Fu Wenduo flew three metres up towards the ceiling. He pushed against the ceiling and fell, the black dagger flashing from his sleeves and piercing the chest of the big turkey.

“Coo!!” Blood flowed from the big turkey’s chest.

The black tower was cheerfully counting down.

“…198, 197, 196…”

Time was running out. The big turkey turned to look at the short-haired girl and shouted, “Kill her!”

Tang Mo hurriedly opened the small parasol. Like the last time, he opened the parasol from the rear to pull back the turkey, not letting her go forward. He never thought that he only pulled the small parasol for two seconds when he noticed that the big turkey was no longer using strength.

Tang Mo’s heart had a bad feeling but he didn’t have time to say anything when he saw the big turkey use the force of the small parasol to rush to Fu Wenduo.

Fu Wenduo frowned and quickly responded. However, the attack of the big turkey was too sudden and his chest was cut by the big turkey, causing blood to flow down. His bone seemed to have been cut. Fu Wenduo kneeled on the ground, his eyes cold as he raised his hand to wipe the blood flowing from his mouth.

The big turkey stood beside the shelf and said with a sinister smile, “Coo, kill him… kill him!:

The big turkey rushed forward again, her target being Fu Wenduo.